Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 5, Episode 19 - Carry Their Legacy - full transcript

Casey is reunited with an old colleague when the squad's rig breaks down in the field.

This is Anna.
She's my son's main squeeze.

Do me a favor and get this
young lady a cocktail?

Actually, I, um... I have to go.


Hey, I'm sorry. Look,
I know what you're thinking,

Benny's not me.

We're wrong for each other, Kelly,

and I think we've been idiots
not to see it.

He cracked a rib doing compressions.

You knew you were supposed
to observe only, correct?

It was my order, sir.

You've been ordered
to mandatory retraining.

Next shift.

Okay, so, you've done this before.

Are the quizzes open-book,

or should I invest in flashcards?

Um, I sort of erased
that experience from my memory.

Disciplinary training is
less like college

and more like traffic school.

Where are you going?

- Getting a seat.
- In the back?

Morning, folks.

These are fine.

Sorry to drag you all in here

on such a glorious day.

I'm Edgar Flores, and welcome
to Advanced Cardiovascular.

Wait. Is this 506 or 507?

It's 507.

All right. My bad.

Listen up. This is EMS Retraining A.

If you're here, it means
you already screwed up

or pissed someone off once,

so for your own sakes,
you better get wise right now.

There will be no talking, no texting,

no monkey business in my classroom.

You break those rules,

and it's back to IAS for the lot of you.




Welcome back. How was the trip?

It was fine.

Um, this is Marcy.

She was filling in while you were out.

Thought it would be good to keep
her around a little bit longer.

You know, many hands make lighter work.

Do they?

Good luck.

Hi. It's Anna. Leave me a message
and I'll call you back.

Yeah. Hey. It's Kelly.

Um, I just want to talk.

Just trying to understand what happened.

I'm on shift. Call if you can.

Hey. So, a few of us were talking

about hitting up the lanes after shift.

You and Anna want to team up?

She's not returning my calls.

You serious?

- What did you do?
- Wish I knew.

Squad 3. Vehicle pin-in.
1300 West Taylor.

There it is.

Damn it.

Transmission again?

Third call in a row
it's been doing this.

Just forget it.
Just pull over. We'll hoof it.

Cruz, you come with me.
Tony, Capp, jaws and tool bag.

Got it.

That thing electric?

It looks like the car's still energized.

Yeah, we'll approach from the side.

Those body panels could be charged.

Help me! I'm... I'm stuck!

Just hang in there, okay?
Just gonna make sure it's safe.

- We'll get you out.
- Okay.

- Whoa! Lieutenant!
- Hey!

Aah! Aah!

- Hey! Capp, Tony, let's move!
- Please!

- Coming in.
- Please help me!


How do we cut this guy out
without getting electrocuted?

We got to break the circuit
from the emergency shut-off.

Where's that?

Give me a minute and I'll tell you.

One wrong cut, body gets
charged, we all get zapped.

All right, hey, bud, you sit tight.

Okay, we got to cut
out the rear quarter panel,

find the main power cable,

and that connects the motor
to the battery.

How do we know when we see that?

- Should be orange?
- Beautiful.

All right. Let's go.

Is that it?

Yeah. Looks like it.

All right. Cable cutters.

All right, you guys, stand back
in case this thing pops.

All right, let's get him out of there!

All right, got it. We're clear.


All right.

Give 'em a hand!

- Hey, still no good, Tony?
- Nothing.

Squad 3 to main.

We're still on scene here
at 1300 West Taylor.

We got a busted transmission.
Requesting assistance.

Copy that, Squad 3. We'll
send a team to your location.

Hang tight.

Hey, Cruz? Will you do me a favor

and just give me a shout
when the service team gets here?

- I'll be back in a minute.
- Yeah, you got it.

Hey, guys,
I need your help with something.

- Shoot.
- Marcy.

If we don't do something,
Connie's gonna eat her alive.

The first moment I met that girl,

I gave her two shifts, tops.

- Exactly. That's why I think...
- Hold up. Come on.

Two shifts?
Give her some credit. A month.

How long she lasts isn't
really what we're talking about.

A month? Are you out of your mind?

I know Connie. No way she lasts a week.

- Guys, focus.
- You sure about that?

You want to put your money
where your mouth is?

Gladly. Ten bucks.

- Twenty.
- Done.

You know, somehow I feel
like we got off track here.

- Morning.
- Morning.

Sorry to crash your digs.

Got assigned a temporary
change of quarters

while Squad 3's tied up.

Good to have you.


What's up?

Good to see you, man.
You still floating?

Nah, pulled a permanent post
here on 6 back in July.

Had to lock him down once we realized

how much he sucks at Hold 'Em.

Guys, Jason Kannell. Came up
in the same neighborhood.

I bet you got some stories?

Ooh. Sworn to secrecy.

Matt was my inspiration

- for joining the CFD.
- Nah.

- Seriously?
- Once he snuck through

the academy, I knew I needed to apply.

Had to be around to clean up
whatever mess he makes.

Am I right?

Much appreciated.

Help you with something?

Yeah. I'm looking for Anna Turner.

- I'm a friend.
- She's not in.

Do you know when she'll be back?

She took leave yesterday.

Leave? For how long?

Didn't say.

Did she say why?

But if you see her,
can you do me a favor?


Becca's been asking about her.

They usually start the day off
with a story.

Do you mind letting her know
that she says hi?

Yeah. Will do. Thanks.

When we hand over our trauma victim,

we're gonna keep in our mind
the MIST protocol.

We're gonna describe
the Mechanism of the injury,

the extent of the Injury itself,

report the vital Signs of the injury,

and after that...


Gabriela Dawson?

- Sorry?
- The T in the MIST protocol.

What does it stand for?

Take 'em to the hospital?

- Is that a joke?
- No. It's just

we do 20 hand-offs a shift.

I mean, at this point,
we have a mind-meld

with the hospital intake staff.

There's no time for word games.

You can put your hand down now.

The T stands
for Treatments administered.

Turn to page 232. Sepsis.

Psst. Psst. Hey, Marcy. Marcy, hey.

Hey. Are you okay?

I'm great. I just wanted to swing by

and just pass along a few pro tips

when it comes to dealing with Connie.

I don't follow.

How do I put this?
There are ground rules, okay?

You don't ask questions, you know?

You avoid making eye contact.

She may perceive that as a challenge.

Brian, super sweet,

but I think you're overreacting
just a tad.

I... it's not an overreaction.
You just don't know her.

Is it too late to get in on the betting?

- No.
- Okay. Okay.

Truck 81. Ambo 97. Trapped person.

Corner of Bosworth and Greenview.

What have we got?

Tenant refusing to comply
with an eviction notice.

Dude's a nutball. He's been
given multiple warnings

the past few weeks.

Every time I broach the subject,
he becomes erratic.

Should've called you people sooner.

Not sure how we're supposed to help.

You'll see.

- Marvin.
- Go away!

Marvin, you have some visitors here.

Get out! I need to be here!

Marvin, want to tell me what happened?

I have to be here. I made a promise.

You're not looking so hot.

Crush syndrome.
The concrete's expanding,

restricting blood flow.

We got to get fluids in this guy fast.

- Otis, we need the chisels.
- Copy that.

Marvin, we're with the fire department.

The concrete you're in is killing you.

- We have to get you out.
- Get the hell away from me!

- Hey, hey, hey, hey.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Marvin, listen.

There's saline and bi-carb
in this, okay?

It's gonna save your life.

- No, no, no.
- Hey, Marvin. Look at me.

Whoever you made that promise
to, I'm sure they'll understand.

They don't think like us.

They're from another place.

I know you think I'm stupid,
but I'm not.

- I know what I know!
- No, no, no.

Casey, he's running out of time.

You're here.

Otis, keep the light on.


Marvin, hey.

Listen. Don't tell anyone.

We had to come in disguise. Okay?

Yeah. We're gonna get you out of here,

take you someplace safe, okay?

Yes. Thank you.

I got pins and needles all over.

That's part of the plan.
But you did great.

Didn't he, guys?

- Yeah.
- Yeah. Good. Yeah.

You did a great job, Marvin.

All right? You're good.

- Take a deep breath.
- Here.

We're good.

Look at me. All right?

Stay with me. Just keep
your eyes on the light.

- Okay. Okay.
- Okay?

There's gonna be a little noise, Marvin.

There we go.

Ready? Here we go.

It's okay. It's okay.

Just breathe. Just breathe.

You're okay.

Lift him up.

You got it?

He's lost consciousness.


Lost his pulse.

Come on.

Come on!

There we go.

Main, this is 81.
Victim is breathing, conscious,

waiting for paramedics.

Nice job.

Don't mention it.

Heard you caught a live one.

See the kind of fun we have?

You should come hang with us more often.

Might want to vacate that seat.

Wars have been started over less.


Kelly Severide, Jason Kannell, Squad 6.

- Nice to meet you.
- Heard a lot of good things.

Yeah, sure thing. Will you excuse me?

Yeah, of course.

Guess I should tell the guys
it's time to get out of here.

Glad we could have a minute, at least.

Yeah, absolutely.

Hey, drink tomorrow at Molly's at noon?

- You're buying.
- All right.



Are you all right?
You got that look on your face.

- Yeah, I'm good.
- Right.

Kelly, hey.

What happened?

I just stopped in
to Pediatrics at Chicago Med,

and apparently Anna took leave.

No warning. She just left.

What? Okay, how bad
was this fight you had?

It wasn't even a fight.

Okay. There's... there's no way...

there's no way she up and leaves
you and her career

just like that.

No. Something's up.

It's been real.

Time's up.

Shoot. Wait.

No waiting. Pencils down.

Pencils down!

Um, what does it take to pass?


And if we don't?

We're gonna get to know
each other real well.

Hey, hey!

Haven't been here since the early days.

I dig what they've done to the place.

So, how's life in Squad 6?
What's the vibe over there?

- Crew is tight.
- Yeah?

Real tight. Sunday dinners every week.

We all know each other's business.

Hell, we're like family.

Still get guff for being
the only single guy, though.

That'll never stop.

I hear you finally tied the knot.

Matt Casey!

Respectable guy.

Officer on the CFD, happily married,

and a damned alderman to boot.

Can't be entirely respectable.

I'm just saying.

You done good, brother.

Considering the homes
you and I came up in?

It wasn't necessarily in the cards.

Um, I... I just need

five minutes with your daughter, Anna.

That's it.

She's out.


I know what's going on.

Dad, it's okay.

What do you want, Kelly?

What's the prognosis?

My T-cell count is elevated.

It's off the charts.

The cancer's in my bones.
It's, like, everywhere.

The time frame's really hard
to predict, but...

doctors are talking management

rather than treatment, so...

it's gonna win.

- You can fight.
- Stop selling me this fairytale

about how things are gonna be
if I just fight.

Not while I'm doing everything I can...

- Anna.
- To wrap my mind around

what's real.

- Anna...
- Kelly, I can't, like...

I can't do this with you.

- You have to go.
- I'm not...

- I'm sorry.
- If you let me...

- You have to go.
- I...

There's someone looking for you.

- Hey.
- Hey, Lieutenant.

- Um...
- I'll be quick.

Sorry to barge in on you here

- at work like this.
- No, no, no. You're not barging in.

Anna... she has been so strong.

So much stronger
than even I've been able

to muster through much of it, but...

just because she's strong
doesn't mean she's right.

Do want a seat?

Do you mind?


She was at her best when
the two of you were together.

You gave her something.
You made her smile again.

And this latest turn caught her

And she is doing her best to handle it.

Whether or not she knows it,

she needs you to be there.


don't give up on her.

What did you put down on the question

about atypical seizures?

- Which one was that?
- Where we had to identify

the type of seizure based on symptoms.

You know what, Brett?
I just winged it.

That was fast. Results are in.

Ha! 98!

See, Dawson, you put a
little time and effort into it,

it really pays off.

That's... that's awesome.
Congrats. Truly.

That's great.


Tell me. Did you pass?

No, Dawson. Look, it's okay,

because I'm gonna be a really
good tutor, and next time...

Casey, I want you to take 81
to the shops.

After what happened to Squad,
we finally got a budget approval

for more frequent service checks.

You got it, Chief.


Sweet mother of God.

I should've put money on this.

Hi. I made you something.
It's just a little home remedy.

I have ginger to help
with your immune system,

turmeric to help with the blood,

and burdock just 'cause it's tasty.

You haven't put any of that
in the eggs, have you?

See, I'm very sensitive
to extreme flavors.

No. Don't worry.

I am not drinking that.

That's the cranky cold talking,

and I will not have it.

Tell you what. I am going
to put this on your desk

right next to the zinc lozenges,
and you'll thank me in an hour.


Hey, guys, let's pack breakfast to go.

Got to get to the shops. Chief's orders.

So, here's a question:

If Marcy doesn't make it to sundown,

does that technically count
as one shift, or two?

- One.
- Two. Two!

Hey, hey, hey, that's a human
being you're talking about.

Doesn't she at least deserve to...

Lieutenant, what's your take?

She makes it to lunch, it's two.

- If not, it's one.
- Baloney!

- I'd say that's fair.
- Ha!

- No.
- Squad 6 requesting assistance

on that construction accident
at Cermak and Troy.

Truck 63, do you copy?

Hey, we're right around the corner,

- you want to pick that up.
- Copy that.

Truck 81 to main. We're about two blocks

from Squad 6's incident.

Happy to take it in.

Take it in, Truck 81.

- Return to quarters, 63.
- All right.

Copy that.
Truck 63 returning to quarters.

Truck 81 on route.

Let's get to work.

Truck 81 is on the scene.

Copy that, 81.

Get masks ready just in case
they need some help.

The victim...

Repeat that, Squad 6.

Squad 6, repeat.

Damn it, I said...

Mayday! Mayday! Firefighter down!

- Firefighter down!
- Doyle! Kannell! Report!

Get a reading on that gas.

Truck 81 to main.
We've got a mayday emergency.

Gas explosion. Firefighters down.

I need an EMS Plan One.

Give me some rope bags. I'm going in.

No way. Not alone.

I'm not risking any more
lives! That's an order!

EMS Plan One en route.

Doyle! Kannell!

Ignition burned the gas away,
but LEL levels are climbing.

Something down there is still leaking.

- What's my window?
- Few minutes, tops.

Be ready for me then.
And anyone who doesn't have

to be here, keep back.

Squad 6! Doyle! Kannell! Call out!

Call out!

All right, come on, guys.
Let's get these ropes standing by.

Lower explosive limits are
still on the rise.

We're at 50% limit.

52%. Still climbing.

Okay. Casey!

How we doing?

Squad 6! Call out!

Squad 6! Call out!

I need help!

Who's there?

I need help!


Here we go.

- It's Doyle.
- Got him.

Hey! Kannell! Come back here.

Kannell! Kannell!

Casey! How we doing?

I need those ropes!

- Here.
- All right.

He's been secured. Take him up.

Up on rope.

We got him.

All right.

Watch that meter.

Those limits rise above 70%,
you clear out!

Where are you going?

Hey! Casey!

Hey! Hey.

Come on.

I could only grab Farage.

- Whoa. Wait.
- I've got to get Coleman!

Whoa! Hey! We can't go back
until we ventilate.

- I'm going back!
- Come on!

Limit's at 60%.


This is bad.

I'm going back. Come on. Come on!

Let's go! Let's go!

Here they come. All right,
let's go. Get the lines in.

Casey, we're at 70%.

- All right, take him up.
- Up on rope.

- Got him!
- Got him!

Kannell, we need the rope.

Bring the board in.

Herrmann, get this tunnel ventilated.

We have to send someone down there

to get Coleman and the worker.


Let's get that ventilation
in there right now!

His airway's compromised.
We need to intubate.

Looks like he's got epiglottitis.

Grab me a straight blade
and a 6 1/2 ET tube.

Got him.

- Doyle?
- No.

Three dead, one critical.

It's a damn nightmare.

God help that kid. I can't imagine.


What happened?

Squad 6 responded to a call.

Partial collapse,
construction worker trapped.

Turns out there were high levels
of combustible gas.

Rescue tools threw a spark,

Coleman and the worker were
killed instantly.

Kannell ducked down a side tunnel.

We just lost Doyle.
Farage appears to be hanging on,


Kannell was the only one to walk away.

How the hell did they get so deep

without taking a proper gas reading?

I don't want to see a single
detail missing in your report.


Yes, Chief.

So, what's the latest?

Farage is on a ventilator.

Respiratory burns, shattered bones.

Surgery's scheduled
for tomorrow morning.

It's a miracle that he
survived that blast at all.

According to Kannell, Doyle
covered him when the blast hit,

saved Farage's life.

That's a hell of a burden
to be walking around with.

We'll have a fundraiser
at Molly's tomorrow night.

Let's take care of the families.


Sorry, visiting hours are over.

Family can stay,

but everyone else needs
to come back in the morning.


Come on, guys.


Anna's friend, right?


Listen, I was wondering
if you could help me out.

Have they put this on anyone yet?

No one's talked about that.


I'm asking.

Are they calling it a command error?

It'll take time
to investigate, but, um...

it looks like one.

Man, I have something to tell you.

I know what you're gonna say.

- I screwed up.
- Naturally, you'd feel that way

but that's not how it went.


You ran head-first into danger

and dragged Doyle to safety.

Farage owes his life
to the risks you took.

You're not understanding me.
This isn't survivor's guilt

or second-guessing.

I deliberately broke protocol.

I wasn't watching the readings.

It's my fault that they're dead.

- Casey.
- Thanks for coming, Chief.

Yep. What's going on?

Not sure. Kannell said
he dropped the meter

so he could be a part of the action.

- Okay.
- The guy's no glory hog.

He's sharp, focused,
as steady-handed as I've seen.

Nevertheless, he made
a statement this morning.

He claimed full responsibility
for the explosion.

Any chance you could walk me through it?

Statement says he was just at
the entrance, taking readings.

Doyle and the others,
they were down below

clearing rubble from the collapse.

They found their victim
pinned in by rebar.

They sent Coleman back to
the rig to go grab some cutters.

But Kannell got the message first?

Says he set down the meter,
ran back to the rig.

Just made it back down below,
and the gas ignited.

The rig was parked right there.

I'm thinking, what, 50 feet?

Give or take.

And the gas levels rose that fast?

Does that seem right to you?

No. Not at all.

Is she here?

- Kelly?
- Come on in.

Good to see you.

I... I came to make a delivery.

This is from Becca Reed.

She's a cute kid.

Misses the stories
that you used to read her.

I didn't tell her what's going on.

Just that you weren't feeling good,

and there was no other place
that you'd rather be

than reading her a story.

And she said to give that to you,

and wishes that she could help you feel

half as good as you made her feel.

Just want you to know,
whether you like it or not,

you're loved.

You're not alone.


I'm scared.

- It's okay.
- I'm so... I'm really...

I'm scared.

It's okay.

- I'm scared.
- Me too.

Hey. So, I just signed up
on Thursday for a morning shift,

help the Colemans do some yard work.

Yeah. I took Wednesday.

By the way, that tea...

that awful-tasting tea...

it helped.

Thank you.

Well, easy come, easy go.

Aw, so sweet.

May I have your attention for a minute?

I just got back from Chicago Med.

They're saying that Sam Farage

has come through a successful surgery.

He's got a long road ahead,
but he is expected

to make a full recovery.

So I want to thank you all
for coming out.


Family, community,


those are the things that sustain us
through the hard times.

They are also the things that
make this department strong.

Raise your glasses.

To those that have fallen,

and to those that carry their legacy.



Here we go again.

Thanks for being with me.

Just promise me that you're
gonna keep your eyes open,

because my odds are not good.


I'm not thinking about odds.

I'm sticking with what I know.

And right now, I know
that I'm here, and so are you.

And that's enough.

Hey. All right if I come in?


I'm okay.

You talk to anyone today?

The other families?


Sam Farage had surgery today.

He pulled through. He's in recovery.

He's awake, with his wife,

breathing on his own.

Wasn't expecting that.

Sam and Aya...

if they need anything...

they never have to know it came from me.

I hear you, Jason.


I have to ask you something.

50 feet, right?

From the rig to where you were
standing with the meter?

I think. Give or take.

Jason, that's impossible.

As soon as we got on the scene,
we were monitoring LEL levels.

They were growing fast,

but no way they could've gone
from safe to saturated

in the time it took you
to run and grab that tool.

This isn't a review board, okay?
This is you and me.

What the hell happened?

You know what I think?

I think Doyle knew the LEL
levels when you went in.

I think he took a risk.
I think that risk went bad.

And now you're taking the blame
to protect his memory.

Am I right?


I'm asking you...

Don't do this, Jason.

You don't tell the truth
about what happened,

you'll never ride a rig again.

- Let it rest.
- Absolutely not. I'm not just gonna...

I said,

let it rest.

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