Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 5, Episode 17 - Babies and Fools - full transcript

When similar car accidents uncover the fact that someone may be targeting innocent people, a determined Dawson takes matters into her own hands to help push things along, meanwhile Casey tends to his Alderman's duties.

You came all the way up here
to check on me?

I heard about this opening
for a pediatric nurse.

You're the one who took the job at Med.

Glad she's back.

Yeah, she's good for you, Kelly.

I'm rooting for this.


Hey, Otis, you hear of this thing,

the, Drunken Mile?

Yeah, it's the pub crawl. Why?

Yeah... well, there's one
this Saturday coming up,

and there's an open spot.


Why not?

Because I've done the Drunken Mile

and it's a bunch of rowdy morons

puking in the back booths.

Trust me, it's not the kind of crowd
you want at Molly's.

Matthew Casey, where you at?

Who the hell is that?

Alderman Casey, I'm calling you out!

- Excuse me, sir...
- Whoa!

You don't sneak up on a man
that's trained in hand-to-hand combat.

Easy there, friend. No need for that.

What's going on in here?

Tell Alderman Casey

Max Schlottman is here to see him.

Mr. Schlottman.

Friend of yours?

How come you don't
return my calls, Alderman?

You too good for me?

I'm very sorry, Mr. Schlottman,
but, listen, here's the thing.

I don't handle ward business
when I'm on shift.

Yeah, but I call your office,

- you won't call me back.
- I get lots of calls.

Tell you what.

Put your concerns down in a letter

and I'll read it, I promise.


We'll try it that way.

It's good to see you, Mr. Schlottman.

- I won't be ignored!
- I understand.


So another satisfied constituent?

Sorry about that, guys.

Marcy, you okay?

- Yeah, I'm good.
- All right.

Squad 3, Ambulance 61.

Pin-in accident.
5200 block, West 26th Street.

Hey, Cruz, grab the Hurst.

Copy that.

What happened?

I found 'em like this.

Driver's pretty messed up.

- I tried to open the door, but...
- All right, hey, just hang back.

All right, everybody back up!

- Driver's pulse is thready.
- You okay, honey?

All right, we have a child in the back.
We need a second ambulance.

Main, this is 61, we need
an additional ambulance.

We got two victims,
one child, one adult, both red.

Roger that, 61.
Second ambo's on the way.

Something came through the windshield.

Yeah. Concrete.

Must have hit her in the head.

Maybe a truck
kicked it up or something?

Something that big, I don't know.

Brett, how's the driver?

Ma'am? Ma'am, can you hear me?

Checking for anisocoria.

My name's Kelly. What's your name, bud?

I'm Zach.

Hold on, Zach, we're gonna
get you out of there.

How old are ya?

Where's Layla? She was right here.

Who's Layla?

She's my baby sister.

Where'd she go?

Okay, people, we need a hand.

There was a baby in the backseat.

- We need to find her.
- Dear Lord.

Brett, you good with the driver?

Yeah, I got her. Go.

Looks like the car
started rolling over there,

and the baby could have been thrown out
at any point along the way.

Can I help?

No, you stay here, bud.

I'm gonna stay right here with you.

Hey, Dawson.

Maybe the concrete fell off the bridge.

Yeah. Maybe.

Anybody else hear that?

Hey, quiet!

My God!

We got her! She's alive!

Hey, Capp, grab a pry bar!

- Got it.
- Nice work, bud.

Can't believe she's alive.

Hey, sweetie.

You're gonna be okay.

You're gonna be okay.

- Heads up, Dawson.
- Yeah.

She's okay.

She's okay!

It's a miracle.
It's an honest-to-God miracle.

She's okay.

You saved her life.

Give me some space, people.
Give me some space.

Okay, folks, let's move it out, come on.

Where's Mommy and Layla?

They'll be here soon, bud.

My friends Gabby and Sylvie
are taking care of them.

Rollover accident.

Contusions to the chest and stomach.

Possible rib fractures.
Pressure is 110 over palp.

Okay, call for X-ray.

Hey, Kelly, who's your friend?

This is my buddy Zach.

Hey, Zach, I'm Anna.

Hey, Zach, I gotta get back to work,

but this is my friend Anna.
She's gonna take care of you.

She's pretty good at this stuff.

Nah, don't listen to him.
I'm really good at this stuff.

See ya, bud.

Bye, Kelly.

Not a mark on her.

Laying there like she was taking a nap.

Never heard anything like it.

- Hey.
- It's amazing.

So we heard about your call.

What's the upshot?

Boy's a little banged up,
but he'll be okay.

Mom, not so much.

She has severe head trauma.

But it will be a while
before we know how bad it is.

What about the baby?

Baby's perfectly fine.

They didn't believe us.

Thrown from a car,
landed in a storm grate,

not a scratch on her?

Her harness wasn't tight enough.

Car started rolling,

centrifugal force just flung her out.

It's incredible.

God looks after babies and fools.

You hear that, Capp? You're in luck.

Hey, the cops say anything
about how the accident happened?

Don't know.

We just swept up the glass,
came back to the house.

You tell them about
the chunk of concrete?


They gonna do anything about it?

Don't know. I assume so.

Hey, Chief.

Sorry about that
little intrusion earlier.

- Won't happen again.
- What was the issue?

One of my constituents,
looking for me.

What'd he want?

Name it, it's a
different complaint every time.

Last month, he asked me to do something

about Daylight Savings Time.

Guy's a crackpot.

The prevailing wisdom
among council members is

guys like him you just
gotta keep at arm's length,

otherwise they'll never leave you alone.

Well, I would like you to keep him

a bit more than arm's length
away from my firehouse.

Understood. Won't happen again.

Thank you.

Wow, this is some high-end work here.

It's a big event, I'm telling you.

All right, so where
would the Molly's logo go?

- Okay, okay, okay...
- Hey, hey, what's all this?

Hey, check it out.
It's pretty fancy?

I... I thought we weren't
doing the bar crawl.

No. Kidd's all for it.

Kidd is not an equity partner.

Look, it's a great way
to bring in new business.

Plus, we'll make
a ton of cash in one night.

I mean, what's not to like?

The massive amounts of vomit,

the out-of-pocket expenses,

just to name a few things.

Hey, Dawson.

You don't want Molly's involved
in the Drunken Mile crawl, do you?

Whatever you guys want.

- Yeah, good, 'cause we're doing it.
- Yep.

Finally tracked down the cop
investigating the 26th Street accident.

He says that none of the
witnesses saw anything weird

so he put it at the bottom of his pile.

You believe that?

I'm sure he'll get to it.

Yeah, I hope so.

All he wanted to talk about
was the miracle baby.


Want to go back out to the scene?

For the purpose of?

I want to take another look around.

If the concrete struck the car
as it passed under the bridge,

would've continued on a ways

before it hit the curb
and started rolling.

Think a piece might have
fallen and hit the windshield?


Or somebody threw it.

I have a dimmer view
of humanity than you.

Son of a bitch.

Hey, Brett...

Cruz, don't!

Get out of the way!

What? What the hell!

You see what I mean?

Yeah, I do.

What are you doing?

I mean, look at it.

Compare this to the chunk that
came through the windshield.

Do you guys even have that one?

Yes, we have that.

But you can't pull prints
off a rough surface like this.

This is beyond messed up.

It's awful.

Chief, Marcy said you're looking for me?

Lieutenant Kelly Severide,
lead firefighter on the scene.

Lieutenant Rosin.

Luke Rosin, Major Accidents.

What's going on?

That crash wasn't an accident.

Somebody dropped a chunk of concrete

onto the car from the overpass.

On purpose? You kidding me?

We're not sure about
anything yet, all right?

Look at this.

You can see he was practicing his shots,

trying to get his timing right.

He just waits for a car
to come by and then he...

Look, I agree
it looks that way, all right,

but we need more to go on.

Did you guys talk to anyone on the scene

who actually witnessed the accident?


Most the people came out of their houses

when they heard the car crash.

I know the driver's in an induced coma,

but did she say anything on the scene?

She was unconscious when we arrived.

What about the, um... gosh...
there was a little boy.


Gosh, Sean, or...

You mean Zach?

Right. Sorry.

Sean's a different incident.
I got three open cases right now.

Did Zach... did he see anything?

He was in the back reading a comic.

He... he said he heard
a loud noise and...

suddenly the car was rolling.

Officer Rosin,

these other accidents
that you're investigating,

are they really
more pressing than this one?

This just became my priority, all right?

And I'm gonna do my best
to catch this individual.

Does it still qualify as a miracle baby

if the whole thing
was caused by some sociopath

that's attacking
innocent people at random?

Of course it does.

Heck, it's even more
of a miracle, considering.

Poor mother.

Ambulance 61. Sick person.
9570 Paulina Street.

Paulina Street?

Sounds like Gerald forgot
to take his medication again.

If that's all it is, fine.

I can't handle another
rough call right now.

Knock knock.

Tamara. Hey.

You're not here to yell at me
about that school bus again, are you?

- I thought it was delivered already.
- It was, last week.

Thank you very much.

No, I'm here about a gentleman
named Max Schlottman.

You know him?

I sure do.

Well, he keeps coming by
the community center,

asking me why you won't
respond to his calls.

Tamara, when you
badgered me into politics,

how come you didn't warn me
about people like Schlottman?

What kind of people
are we talking about?

You know.

The crazies.

Matt, when you're an alderman,
here's the thing.

You don't get to pick your constituents.

They pick you.

Listen, I don't know what
the guy's issue is this week,

but whatever it is,

I'm sure there's nothing
I can do about it.

Well, all I'm asking is
that you hear him out first

before you make that determination.


I'll reach out.

Thank you.


So, these just need
your awesome signatures.

You got it.


We're really excited, you know.
Thank you for looping us in.

Cool, cool, you guys are
making a super smart investment.

So are we locked into these drink deals

where we have to
offer everyone half off?

That's how we draw a crowd.

But you'll get so many customers,

you'll make it back in spades, trust me.

And how many people
are signed up so far?

Don't worry about advanced sales.

Everybody just signs up same day.

So all I need is
to collect that buy-in fee.

Okay. 500 bucks, right?

Yeah, you got it.

Plus, everybody chips in
for marketing costs,

which is an additional 2,200.


Well, that's pretty steep.

Marketing is everything in bar crawls.

I mean, you've seen the posters.

We do it up right.

- They are great posters.
- Yeah, plus we put ads

on all the best
Chicago nightlife websites.

That's good thinking.

- Herrmann.
- What?

Hey, it's a great event.

I think it's worth it.


It's an investment, like the man says.

I say we do it.

You in?

Come on, Otis.

Come on.


All right, trust me, this is going to be

the biggest Drunken Mile yet.

It's gonna be great.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

- Here you go.
- Thank you.

- Awesome, awesome.
- Yeah.

It's funny, I... I feel okay now.

Well, we came all the way here,
so you're getting looked at.

Gerald, what's the matter, hon?

Hi, Doris.

He was complaining of chest pains.

We did a 12-lead.
Everything checked out okay.

Still, he thought
better safe than sorry.

Can never be too cautious.

Let's get you in a room, Gerald.

Hey, Dawson.

Catch a good run?

Not really.

We had one of our frequent flyers
who was complaining of chest pains.

Think he just wanted a free ride
to fill out his prescriptions.

It's Like we're
Uber drivers or something.


What about you guys?

Nasty car wreck. Girl might lose a leg.

But she could have died.

Good Samaritan

stopped the bleeding till we got there.

Hey! You!

- Hey!
- Sir, wait!

Whoa-whoa-whoa, what's wrong?

It's him. The guy who found the baby.


It's the same guy
from this morning, no question.

Tell me that's a coincidence.

He happens to witness
two terrible accidents

in the same day? No chance.

You didn't get his name?

Well, I was busy
trying to save a patient.

I don't understand.

He kept that girl alive
till we got there,

then he followed us here
to make sure she was okay.

It doesn't seem like
the kind of guy who'd

try to hurt someone on purpose.

You know, sounds a lot
like "hero syndrome" to me.

There are a lot of documented cases

of individuals who create
these desperate situations

so they can come along and fix them.

You know, a nurse
who arrives just in time

or a night watchman
looking for his 15 minutes.

So I'm just saying,
if it turns out to be

your friend in the...
in the motorcycle jacket

who's causing all these accidents,

funnily enough from his perspective,

it's got very little to do with malice.

You know, he just wants
to save the day, be a big hero.

That is really demented.


Not really the expression
that we shrinks like to use,

but, um, I hear ya.

Moto Stars.

What's that?

It... it's a patch he had on his jacket.

It said "Moto Stars," I'm pretty sure.

I'll add that to his description.

"Moto Stars patch."

Okay, I'm gonna check
the security tapes,

and, let you guys know what I find.

Check the parking lot tapes too.

If he parked his bike out back,

maybe you can get the tags.

Smart idea, Dawson.

Thank you.

My God.


You okay?

That miracle baby.

She didn't just miraculously
tumble into that sewer.

He put her there.

To make sure he was
the only one who could find her.

He caused the wreck,

saw that little girl
thrown from her car seat,

and for all he knew,
she could have had spinal trauma

or... or... or who knows what.

But he just
picked her up and dropped her

into some filthy storm sewer.

I swear to God, Brett,

when they find this guy,

they're gonna have to
keep me away from him.

You hear that?

That's what I'm dealing with
all day long.

Non-stop construction
going on for months now.

It's not right, Matthew.

It's making me crazy.

Trucks show up at the crack of dawn.

Knuckleheads yelling at each other,

banging things around.

This goes on all day long.

Their trash blows into my yard.

They set up a porta-toilet right outside

of my bedroom window,
for crying out loud.

Okay, okay.


Damn right.

Gulf War.

7th Marine Expeditionary Brigade.

What about this menace outside, Matthew?

This isn't a way to live.

What time do they
start up in the morning?

8:00 A.M. every day.
Can you believe that?

Well, city noise ordinances

say that's when
they're allowed to start.

- They're allowed?
- I... I'm afraid so.

It's construction, Mr. Schlottman.

It's annoying, but it...
it's just a... a fact of life,

for all of us.

You gotta shut 'em down.

Mr. Schlottman,

if they're following the law,

how can I shut them down?

Well, there we have it.

The little guy takes it
in the shorts once again.

All right.

Tell you what,

how about I go over there
and try talking to them,

see what I can do.

Hey, excuse me! Looking for the foreman!



Hi. Hey.

My name's Matt Casey.
I'm the alderman of this ward.

I'm here on behalf
of one of my constituents.

- That guy.
- Yeah.

This ongoing construction
is distressing him.

And if there's any way your men can be

a little more considerate
about the noise...

Let me stop you right there.

He's a head case, and I don't have time

to talk to him or to you.

Hey, pal, I'm not
looking for an argument.

Good, then get off my job site,

I got work to do.


I think we're good
on glasses there, buddy.


Crawl started like
an hour ago, didn't it?

Listen, we're like fourth on the list.

All right, they
just haven't made it in yet.

Hope you're right.

Thanks. Half price today, right?

You a Drunken Mile patron?

No, I'm your friend.

Not when I'm on this side of the bar.


Hey. Drunken Mile?


Hey! Come on in.

Come on in.

This is gonna be a disaster.

If I'd known it was gonna be like this,

I would have signed up years ago.

No kidding!

- Two more.
- Just a sec.

Hey, Otis! How incredible is this?

It's incredible.

We have already doubled our investment.

Now, when you guys are
done congratulating yourselves,

you mind giving me a hand
serving some drinks?


So I'm gonna go drink at home.

Hey, Mouch!

Leave the glass here.

I'm the only one in the place
that paid full price!

Well, Zach's got a couple fractured ribs

and a nasty bump on the head,
it's non-concussive,

and six stitches in his left forearm.

Mom still in the ICU?

Yeah, but she's stable.

And the baby?

We kept her around for observation,

but nothing showed,
so Dad took her home.

What's up, little man?

Kelly, I got stitches!


What, probably only like
four or five, right?


Six? Wow. Are they giving you pudding?

This place is supposed
to give you pudding

when you have more than five stitches.

Zach got his pudding and then some.

Good for you.

This place has the best pudding
in the whole world.

I should know, I got lots of stitches.

Am I going to have a scar too?

Well, I wouldn't worry
about it; Scars are cool.

You know, I'm not liking
the sound of that cough, bud.

Does your chest hurt?

Joanna, page Dr. Richards!

Zach? Bud?


We need to intubate.

Hey, buddy?

You're still here.

How is he?

It was a hemothorax.

We put in a chest tube
to drain his pleural cavity.

Poor little guy was
drowning in his own blood.

It's a good thing you caught it.

Yeah, well, he's not
out of the woods yet.

Thanks, Joanna.

Can you just, like...
just give me another minute.

Listen to this.

The apartment complex going up
next to Mr. Schlottman,

they never got proper zoning approval.

So how are they building it?

The developer just plowed ahead,

figuring if they moved fast enough,

stayed under the radar long enough,

city wouldn't have a choice
but to rubber-stamp it.

That works?


- That's infuriating.
- Yeah, it is.

But I'm not gonna
let them get away with it.

I'm gonna get this
whole project shut down.

Really turns me on when
you get all fired up like that.

While you're at it,
can you get more cops

assigned to accident investigation?

They still haven't found
your rock-thrower?


I bugged Antonio about it.

He says Rosin's a good cop,
just overworked.

But I did figure out was Moto Stars is.

This bike shop in Brighton Park.

And Rosin's gonna go check it out,

but first, he's combing
through a few hundred hours

of traffic cam footage.

He's trying to tie our guy
to other accidents.

I'm sure he'll find the guy.

I'll see you at the firehouse.
I'm gonna make a pit stop.




You didn't need to do that.

You okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.

I have these friends back home.

And whenever the job gets heavy,

we, you know, we go out, we grab a drink

and go dance, maybe.


we go out and we have fun.

I guess I just

miss my people.

Didn't think I would quite so much.

I get it.

And I... I love this job.

And I love Chicago

and being with you, it's just...

I wish I could help.

Kelly, you do.

Come on.

I just can't rely on you for everything.



Can I help you find something?

Actually, yes, you can.

Um, I know this is kind of a long shot,

but I'm looking for a guy

with one of these patches
on his riding jacket.

Will any guy do?

Or you looking for someone specific?

A very specific one.

You a cop?

I'm a paramedic.

You recognize this guy?


His name's Scott.

What am I looking at?

It's an order form from that bike shop.

Our guy is definitely a customer.

He special-ordered a muffler.
That's his address.

I told you I was gonna
hit the bike shop, right?

You're busy. I'm just trying to help.

And I got you this address, so...

Okay, yes, thank you. I'll check it out.


I don't have to be at work
for another 20 minutes.

Dawson, you're not coming with me.

Okay. Let's go.

You know, he ordered
this muffler six months ago.

The address might not be current.

So you're giving up
'cause the guy's not answering?

No, I'm just pointing out,

it still might take a bit
to track him down.

And we don't even have a last name yet.

Excuse me, ma'am?

Do you know a Scott who lives here?

About my height, dirty blond?

Thank you for your help.

People don't like talking to cops.

But paramedics? They open up to us.

Okay, let me do some digging.

I'll park a uniform out here,
keep an eye on the place.

We're gonna get this guy.

Count on that.

Let me know if you find anything, okay?

That's easy.

Every time I turn around,
you're right there.


Why you eating lunch in here?

Just wanted some
peace and quiet, I guess.

Okay, so what's with the sour mood then?

Molly's made a fortune last night.

Now we can afford to do the repairs,

- we can get the new plumbing in...
- What about the mechanical bull?

We gonna get one of those?


It was, um,

just a suggestion I made last year,

but you shot me down,

just like you shoot down all my ideas.

All right, what are
we talking about here?

And disco night?

Hermit crab racing?

Um, free flu shot
with every tequila shot?

Hey, those are all terrible ideas.

Yeah, well, how would you know?
You never tried them, did you?

Herrmann, we've been partners
in this bar for five years.

Friends for a hell of a lot
longer than that,

and you've never
given my suggestions a chance.

And suddenly Kidd comes along,
she has an opinion,

you're forking over
thousands of dollars.

Because it was a good idea.

You know what, forget I said anything.

Truck 81. Ambulance 61.
Car accident. Ogden and 53rd.

What's the cross street again?

53rd street.

Should be just up ahead.


where's the accident?



Did you see that?

Gabby! Are you all right?

- Brett, you okay?
- Yeah.

Come on!

He's right up there! Stop him!

I see him.
He's heading down the on ramp.

I got him!

Hey! Hey, get off me!

There's been an accident!
I was just going to get help!

Yeah, lucky for you, help has arrived.

- Otis, call for backup.
- Copy that.

Easy, Gabby.

It's over.

You're going down.

- Get up.
- Come on.

Hey, so there's this radiology tech

that I met at Med the other night.

Very cute girl.

Think Anna might do some recon for me?

Ask her next time you see her.

All right, fine.

How's she, liking Chicago?

She misses home.

Can't blame her if
she decides to go back.

Well, you gotta show her around.

Chicago's the greatest
city in the world, come on.

Mr. Schlottman.

Matthew, come in.

How goes the battle?
You shut 'em down yet?

I wish I had better news for you.

I can't get the construction
halted just yet.

But... but they're
in violation, you said...

Yeah, I know, and I filed a complaint.

But there's an appeals process
that has to play out.

And in the meantime,
they get to keep building.

The problem is this
developer's very well connected,

so I have to find allies in the council,

and that's gonna take time.

And they might even finish the project

before I can get any traction.

But I'm gonna fight this
to the bitter end.

I promise you that.

I'm very sorry, Mr. Schlottman.

Matthew, what are you
beating yourself up for?

No-no-no, I... I've let you down.
You came to me for help and...

politics happened.

I guess

if I move my bed

down here into the dining room,
away from that porta-toilet,

I'll be okay.

Wait, hang on.

That's the real issue here?

Just... the toilet?

It's right outside
of my window, Matthew.

It's no way to live.


You need to use the facilities?

What'll take to move the porta-potty?

I'm sorry, what?

What'll it take to move it away
from Mr. Schlottman's house?

60, 80 bucks?

A hundred ought to do it.

- Hey, Carlos!
- Yeah?

Grab a couple guys and move
this john around back,

- would you?
- You got it, boss.



It's your first time here, right?

Yeah, but, I mean,
I've heard a lot about it.

I figured she should get to know
the best bar in Chicago.

Damn straight, okay.
What do you want?

Okay, let me see,
I guess I'll have, um...

Hey. Here he is.

Get ready.

- Okay.
- Hey, Otis, hey!

Sorry, service is usually
a little better.


Hey, hit it, Kidd!


Welcome to Disco Night
at Molly's, right?

So you go whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo, right?

So, listen, I figure,

first Monday every month,
we get this baby spinning

and then we turn
a little Donna Summer music on

and we start serving
Pink Ladies, what do you say?



- Really?
- For you, absolutely.

- Hey, hey!
- Yeah?

Will you turn the sparkles off?

- Hey.
- Wow.

Let's get out of here.

You know, ice skating
really isn't my thing, you know?

I know you said that like four times.

Three... times.

Said it three times.

All right, well, come on, man up.

This'll be fun.

Okay, but you... you've
done this before, right?

Like you're... you're stable...

Yeah, I... I played hockey
when I was a kid.


I don't know, you're looking
a little shaky there, pal.

Hey, it's been a few years.

I'll get it back.

I've already dodged death once.

Come on, give me your arm, woman.

Hold on.



This is not so bad.

Impressed, aren't you?

Yes. Very much so.

There you go.

Now check this out.


That's your city now.

It's pretty great?

It's really great.

I'm glad to hear that.

Thanks for letting me know.

Bye. That was Maggie at Med.

Zach's getting released
from the hospital today.

His mom's improving too.

And Dad brought Baby Layla in
to see her today.

She got to hold her for the
first time since the accident.

So you saved a family
and caught a psychopath.

All in a day's work?

What about you?
Don't sell yourself short.

It's true. It's true.

I got the porta-john moved

15 feet away from
Mr. Schlottman's window, so.

Nice work, Alderman.

Yeah, not really.
I paid off a construction foreman.

You listened to a man's problems
and you went to bat for him.

That's all that matters.

Moving a toilet, saving a family,

basically the same thing.


Are we ever gonna be a family?

I... I just keep thinking
about it since Louie left.

We are a family.

Synced & corrected by kinglouisxx