Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 5, Episode 13 - Trading in Scuttlebutt - full transcript

A superior comes after Boden for making a split-second decision in an accident that overrides him.

Hey, have you heard from Antonio?

No. Why?

Laura Dawson just showed up here.

You've never been married.
Stick to what you know.

You didn't tell me that
your ex-wife was gonna

take your problems out on me.

I really don't need this right now.

I got enough going on with her,

and now I got to hear it from you.

You know what? You're
not ready, Antonio.

There's a battalion chief position

- open in Springfield.
- Yeah?

You sure as hell know
how to do your job.

I can tell the respect you carry around.

And from what I hear,
there might be a girl

that you have something with.

We'd love to have you. I'm
guessing she would, too.

Hey, sorry, but we're closed.

Yeah, I know.

Hey, listen, buddy.

- I don't want any...
- Look...

I know you're not gonna believe me,

but I have a job interview at
First National Bank tomorrow.


The thing is... I don't have a suit.

I was hoping to borrow a
couple of hundred bucks

to buy a new one.

And what if I don't lend you the money?

I'm sorry about this.

You're right. Have a good night.

Wait. Wait!

What's going on?

I just really need this job

so I can get my own place,

see my little girl more.

Ugly divorce, you know?

Good luck.

You know you're never gonna
see that money again, right?

Of course! Give me a little credit.

So, you don't mind getting scammed?

It's only getting scammed
if I believed his story,

which I didn't.

'Tis better to give than receive.

- Exactly.
- Said every sucker

in the history of the world.

Hey, as long as it's
coming out of your cut.

- Hey.
- Trust me.

I did a good thing, okay?

Whatever he's using that money for,

he needed a helping hand.

- I helped him.
- Drugs. Using it for drugs.


Look, I got your text last night,

but I didn't see it till this morning.

It's nothing.

Look, I know it wasn't a booty call,

so what did you want to talk about?

- I got a job offer.
- In the CFD?

Battalion chief in the
city of Springfield.

- Stella?
- Yeah?

Um, I need you.

We're not done.

- Hey.
- Hey, what's up?

Hey, Brett?

Honey, what's going on?

Maybe I could stand to
be in better shape.

Maybe you two could encourage
me instead of gawking at me

like a couple of bitches.

Truck 81, ambulance 61.

Vehicle accident at Irving Park,

Cicero and Milwaukee.

Okay, I'll call you back.

All right, now get it over the truck.

Chief, what do we got?

Just hang back in case I need you.

You heard him. Hang back.

Get the Hurst in there.

Let's do this nice and easy.

I see her!

128, get ready.

Nice and easy.

Chief! Tell your men to hold off.

Clock's ticking.

No. Stop lifting. Stop lifting now!

We got her.


Stop lifting!

That top pipe is not secure.

81, grab some webbing.
Secure that pipe.

Copy that.

Come on. Let's go!

- You got it?
- We're good.

Not sure how long it'll hold it.

Chief Anderson, we're clear.

You heard him, 128. Let's get her out.



Turn around.

Hey, wait. Easy.

- Got her?
- Set her down.

Okay, we got her.

- Everybody back up.
- Come on. Okay, guys. Clear.

- Clear.
- All right, back out of there.

- Back out. Back out.
- Okay.

- Everybody clear?
- You can let it go.

Pack it up and clean it up, 81.

- All right, let's go.
- Good work.

Hey. Hey, Herrmann.

You Chalmers and Kolvair
from headquarters, right?

No, I don't believe I have. Hey.

- How are you? Hey, bud.
- All right, so,

- this is really weird...
- Yeah?

But they just got an email
from a Nigerian prince,

and they were wondering if they can get

your banking routing number so
that they can make a deposit.

He put you up to this?


Nice friend.

Hey, Chalmers, Kolvair,
you got my O2 tanks?

- It's right inside, Chief.
- Thanks.

Hey, you missed a crazy call.
Boden saved Anderson's ass.

Wait. Deputy District Chief Anderson?

Well, it wasn't nothing, really.

I'm just glad I caught it when I did.

Still, would've been
blood on the pavement.

Enough of that.

Let's get inside, get some lunch going.

Thanks, boys.

- Springfield?
- Yeah.

Isn't that where Anna lives?

That's not what this is about.

Right, right, you just got tired

of the hustle and bustle of Chicago

and figured you'd move
to the countryside

and raise some chickens.

Springfield is the sixth
largest city in Illinois.

You're actually considering this.


I'm gonna go visit. I think
the smart thing to do

would be to see what they're offering.

So, why are you asking my opinion?

Because you're my friend.

I care what you think.

I think...

ten minutes in Springfield,

you'll be hightailing it back
to Chicago as fast as you can.

Or I just don't know you at all.

You wanted to see us?

Yeah. I have three questions.

Are you going to Kenny
Fallwell's cocktail party?

If so, are your wives going?

And what are they wearing?

You wrote those down?

I just hung up with Donna.
She wanted me to ask.

Well, yes, yes,

and we will have Cindy
and Trudy text her.

- Mission accomplished.
- Yeah.

I do have one more thing.

Let's keep a lid on what
happened at the sewer pipe call.

Chief Anderson just got that promotion

and he's a little...
sensitive about his image.

You got it, Chief.


I saw some makeup tutorials online.

I'm thinking about making some changes.

Maybe some smoky eyes or something.


I saw on the side of
Facebook there are these

professional makeup classes
you can take if...

I think those are if you want to work

in the movies or something.

Hey, you guys okay?

Yeah, why?

Heard about this new big-shot chief

nearly got you all killed.

- Who said that?
- It's going around.

CFD gossips more than nurses,

which I didn't think was possible.

Main to 61, are you available?

Yeah, we're back in. What have you got?

Injured victim at 200 South LaSalle.

On our way.

It's an office party for their CEO.

For the record, no one told us.

She's tacky. About 140.

Just so you
know, this is a one-time deal.

We don't condone this
type of party at all.

And yet here we are.

- Let's roll her over gently.
- Yeah.

Can you hear me, sweetie?

What's her name?

I believe she was going by Lucky.

Can you hear me, Lucky?

- She's responding to pain.
- Pupils are dilated.

Did she do any coke? Snort something?

- Let's push Narcan.
- Yeah.

Hey. Hey, can you hear me?

My chest hurts.

- Whoa. Hold her.
- Yup.

Easy. Easy.

Narcan wakes her,

and then she goes into
cardiac arrhythmia?

All right, I need to know right
now if she took something.

Spit it out!

I saw a dude in the bathroom
giving her a speedball.

We need to cardiovert her.

Charging at 100. Clear.

Sinus rhythm.

I want to go home.

You're gonna be okay, honey. We got you.

Here. For your troubles.

Men suck.

What are you doing?

In Mouch's haste to get to his
stash of peanut butter M&Ms,

he broke the cabinet door.


Hey, I know you got the Alderman thing,

and that pretty much
keeps your hands full,

but you ever wanna be a chief?

Not gunning for it, but
down the road, sure.


I don't know. Lot of responsibility.

Yeah, we're learning
from one of the greats.

Anytime I see Boden step in
with a split-second decision

like he did today, reacting like that.

Will you hold this up for me?

Why are you asking?

Just thinking about the future.

That's how you get in trouble.

Tell me about it.

The hell are you doing?


I thought I would learn a new language,

just 'cause it might be useful.

German is useful... in Chicago?

- Well...
- Brett, what's going on?

Okay, look. I am batting about
a zero with men lately.

Good men, bad men, all men.

I'm either pushing them away,
or they're pushing me,

and then I look at you, and I think,

"Wow, what she has is perfect."

You know how many guys I had
to date before I met Casey?

There was Jake, who cheated on me

with his high school girlfriend,

and Logan, whose parents could
not approve of a Latino.

And finally Dr. Mike.

He was about as romantic
as a German teacher.

Look, the point is there were a lot

of really bad breakups before Casey.

Your Casey is out there,

but you don't have to change
who you are to find him.


How is Antonio?

Not so great, from what I can tell.

Stay close, make
sure he's all right?

Of course.

- Whatever.
- Hey, do you guys want

to come over for a movie marathon?

We're gonna watch "The Sting,".

"Spanish Prisoner"...

- Ooh, Thomas Crown.
- "Thomas Crown Affair."

I know you're making fun of
me, I just don't know how.

They're all con movies.

You know, instead, maybe...

you should read "The Giving Tree."

It's a very sweet story about a tree

that gives away all of its branches.

What happens to the tree?

It gets cut down to just a stump.

- That's horrible.
- It's a lesson!

Don't be a sucker?

You, too, now? You know what? Forget it.

You know, me and my giving
heart will see you later.


- Boden?
- Yeah?

Chief, what can I do for you?

You've been talking about
me behind my back.

Come again?

There's scuttlebutt going all
over the CFD that you had to

jump in and save my ass
on that last call.

I have discussed the
call with others, yes,

but I certainly didn't say
anything disparaging about you.

It's true what they say
about you, isn't it?

You're a real wild card.

No respect for the chain of command.

Looks who's trading in scuttlebutt.

You see something on a scene,

you bring it to the attention
of the incident commander.

- There wasn't time.
- There wasn't time?

Or you just decided you could
handle it better than me?

Maybe you thought you
should've got the bump

for Deputy District Chief.

Chief, you have every right to be upset,

but I didn't intend to
undercut your authority.

I had a different vantage point.
I saw something.

I acted. Simple as that.

You don't want to make an
enemy out of me, Chief.

We are in agreement.

Think there's gonna be any
fallout from Anderson?

I'm hoping he got it
all out of his system,

but then again, he can be tricky.

Got a very fragile ego.

For good reason. Did you remind him

that he almost got some
firefighters killed?

You know that's not how I operate.

Sometimes when you're a chief,

you just got to suck it up and nod yes.

Doesn't sound much different
than when you're a lieutenant.

Maybe not.

- See you, Kelly.
- See you.

That is the Scott X3 snap-change SCBA

with the sight mask.

Every firefighter gets
a new one every year.

They're nice.

So is the pay and the furlough time.

I know you can see the rigs
are all top-of-the-line.

Now all I need is a new battalion chief

to take us to the next level.

The hard sell.

We want to make Springfield
the best fire department

in the world.

And I got 300 firefighters
who believe it.

Hey, come on.

Let me introduce you
to some of the guys.


What was that alderman's name

from the breakfast thing
we did last month?

There were 30 aldermen.

The tall one with the cute hair.

Cute hair?

Kyle something?

He said he was single,

and I thought maybe we could
set him up with Brett.

Well, probably not the best idea

to mix my government work with
someone from the firehouse.

Yeah. No, no. You're right.
You're right.

What about that waiter from
the restaurant Tuscany?

The young one they just hired.

What are you doing?

She was with my brother,

and she's not really taking this well,

and I want to help.

Okay, I'm gonna get up, go
to the fridge, get a beer,

come back, and watch hockey.

At no point in this am
I gonna talk any more

- about Brett's love life.
- Got it.

- They seem great.
- Yeah.

They're smoke eaters, every one of them.

Yeah, I can tell.

So, you'd have about
40 to 45 firefighters

under your direct command.

How you command is up to you.

You want to run into burning
buildings, you still do that.

You want to hang back and call
your shots from the street,

that's your decision.

And then I want to throw
this on top of the cake.

That's your official offer,
including compensation.

- Wow.
- Look, think about it, okay?

I'm gonna run to my office,
check on a few things,

give you some time.

Yeah, I'm just gonna get out
and check out the city.

- Talk to you later.
- Yeah.

I'll tell you what, Augie.
I will bet you $1 million

that I will beat you this time.

You don't have
a million dollars.

You don't know that
unless you play with me,

so bring it on, kid.

Who's that?

That is... Mr. Cool.

What the hell are you
doing in Springfield?

You said someday.

Today is someday somewhere.

I've thought about you every day.

I've thought about calling you.

- I would've loved that.
- Kelly...

I mean, I will be forever grateful

for what you did for me.

I mean, this is my life, here.

I have a job offer

to run my own battalion
here in Springfield.

- You're kidding.
- No.

Please don't do this for me.

I mean, I would love the chance
to get to know you better,

but if I thought that you were
giving up Chicago for me...

Stop doing that, please.

Well, I mean, not, like...
not yet, you know.

If I do this, it'll be
for the right reasons.

What are those?

That's what I'm trying to figure out.

So, we grabbed all the gear we could,

and we hiked it up the stairs ourselves.

Yeah, here we go.

Now Christopher's the first one up.

- I was bringing up the rear.
- Yeah, as usual.

Wait, I have heard this story.

You said the candidate had
to carry all the gear.

Wouldn't that be nice.

Yeah, well, actually what I said was...

Don't... don't believe
a word this guy says.

Hey, Jim. Good to see you, too.

That's not what you were
saying earlier today

when I was chewing you a new one.

No, not at the time. No.

I thought we were all good, Jim.

You damaged my reputation.

I went through a hell of a
lot to get that promotion,

crawled a lot of hallways.

- I know that, Chief.
- So, no, we're not all good

when someone lower in
command tries to tell me

- how to run a rescue.
- Okay.

When your house is the one
with all the problems.

I pulled your file, Wallace. I
see how you manage your house.

Just this year, you got a candidate

filing a complaint against you,

one of your men was
arrested for hit-and-run,

and then you go and get suspended

for conduct unbecoming.

Now, you add gross insubordination

to that list,

that could be the end of your career.

Excuse me?

This is supposed to be a party, guys.

- We should probably go.
- Yeah? Why's that?

- Hey, Jim.
- Chief...

How are you gonna like it
when I describe in detail

and on record how
firefighters nearly died

due to your negligence?


No, it's all good.

And Annabelle has her teeth cleaning.

- She can't be late.
- What? They're baby teeth.

- They're gonna fall out anyway.
- Dad, pass the butter?

- Please?
- Please.

Who's picking up Max from
hockey practice today??

I can... Wait, no I can't,

because I don't have a car.

Get some straight As,
then come talk to me.

- Christopher.
- Don't forget my class.

What class?

You're Dad of the Week, remember?

He signed you up.

Yeah, hey, buddy,

I didn't know that,

you know, we landed on a date

and I got to work.

You know, you've heard
most of my fire stories.

The other kids haven't.

Boy, I'm just letting people down

- left and right these days.
- Hey...

- Hey.
- Hey.

How'd it go?

Did you know they have an
actual drive-in movie theater

in Springfield, along Route 66?

And the fire department?

They're trying to build
something good there.

It's a decent offer.

Okay, look,

Kelly, you barely know this woman.

I told you it's not all about her.

Okay, then what is it about?

Lately I've been staring
in the mirror a lot,

and every day, the person looking back

looks more and more like Benny,

and I don't want that future.

Maybe this is the chance
I've been looking for.


But if you go, I'll miss you.

'Cause like you said, we're friends,

and, um...

we're good together.

Hey, did I hear that Chief and Anderson

went toe-to-toe at Kenny
Fallwell's place?

That's kind of a dramatic way to put it.

Everything I hear, Anderson is somebody

- you don't want to mess with.
- Neither is our chief.

Can we talk about something else?

What are you so sensitive about?

What, did you loan Anderson a
couple hundred bucks, too?

- I'm sorry.
- No, it was funny.

"Don't beat yourself
up." It's my new motto.

You're obviously not Catholic.

Hey, Lieutenant, um,

is it okay if we go for a ride?

It's kind of important.

We've had a change of schedule,

so we can spend more time on fractions.

Not so fast.

- Dad!
- What? You didn't think

I was gonna make it to
Super-Duper Dad Day?

Come on. May I go?

- Yes.
- All right.

Come on. Okay.

Hey, you guys want to
learn about firefighting?


Okay. Who knows what this is?

Besides my handsome,
young son there.

Yes, bright young lady?

It's a gas detector,

for, like, toxic smoke you can't see.

Darn close! You know, we definitely have

a device that can detect gas,

and the thing goes off all the time

on hot chili night.

This actually is a
thermal imaging camera.

Anybody knows what this does?

- Yes?
- Detects heat?

Exactly right. Check this out.

All right, look. There's your teacher!

Doesn't it look crazy? See it? See that?

What's it mean when there's
a four-alarm fire?

You know, that's a great question,

and the Lieutenant here
can answer that one.

Yeah, it means the more alarms,

the more vehicles and
firefighters responding.

One time, a kid pulled the fire alarm

and the whole fire department came.

- Ooh.
- You know what?

This is the thing about false alarms:

As firefighters, we don't know
whether or not it is false,

so we need to assume that it's real,

and we have to go help the people

even though those people may be

just playing some big, dumb joke.

See, we always help people,

whether they deserve it or not.

- What is this?
- Routine inspection.

Those floor drains been
cleaned out lately?

I'll have a look.

Is this how you're playing it now, Jim?

Your ego is so bruised,
you're gonna dig around

till you find something else?

Where are you coming from, Lieutenant?

I didn't hear any calls for 81.

Carmichael Elementary,
doing a demonstration.

You file paperwork for that?

On my way to do it now.

Help you, Chief?

As you were. Pretend we're not here.

Jim, will you step into my office?

I'll get there in due time.

Squad 3, ambulance 61.

Man down from unknown causes.
341 West...

When I get back, we are gonna talk.

We'll come with you.

- What's going on?
- Our friend Calvin was trying

to jump up and pull down
a fire escape ladder.

He grabbed it, but it,
like, shot down on him.

Okay. People, move out.

- Back up. Back up.
- Out of the way.

Back up!

Back it up! Get out the way!

No, no, no, don't touch it.

Hang on. We're gonna
take good care of you.

We have full and clear
bilateral breath sounds.

No tracheal deviation.

What is this? Six Flags?

Get them out of here.

You heard the chief, Cruz.

All right, everybody. Come
on, back to the street.

Let us do our work. Let's go!

Looks like the ladder
went straight through.

I know. I know. I know.

Hang in there.

We should get him on the monitor.

Hey, Capp, you're gonna
want to cut right here.

Running a line.

We need more pressure.

The ladder may have nicked an artery.

His BP's dropping fast.

All right, Cruz, Tony,
stabilize the ladder.

Capp, when you're ready, go for it.

Whizzer saw would be faster.

This is fine, thanks.
Capp, when you're ready.

I'm telling you get the whizzer.


Give me that.

Do your men not recognize an
order when they hear one?

Chief, are you taking over
as incident commander?

I'm observing.

Then back off and let
my men do their job.

Excuse me?

Look, you want to take me on? Good.

I will take this as far
as you want to go,

but right now, back off my scene.

All right.

He got in his buggy and drove off.

Not another word.

- Good for you, Chief.
- Is it?

He had no cause to come at you.

Just took a while to drum
that through his thick skull.

Yeah, but I answer to Anderson,

and he and I need to find
a way to work together,

for the good of the department.

I'll catch up with you.

Hey, you seen Stella?

She and Dawson were
taking Brett out tonight.

A "forget your troubles" thing.

I wanted her to blow off some steam.

I just didn't know she'd
have so much of it.

Come on. She's fine.


Hey, guys!

- Guess what!
- Hi!

- What?
- I'm getting married!

You see... see Jacques?
The one with the face?

He's from Canada.

And he needs his green
card so he can stay here.

And so... We're out of here.

- We could go to City Hall.
- No, no, we'll go.

See the Justice of the Peace.

Even if it's uncomfortable after, like,

just because they're, like, you know...

- Yeah.
- They'll expect one thing.

- It means you should take stock.
- Definitely.

Hi. I'm looking for the owner.

Found him.

No, a different guy?

Told you I was gonna pay you back.

It's Greg, by the way.

Greg. Christopher.

Yeah. Nice to meet you.

I got the job.

- That's great!
- Yeah, I'm so excited.

All right, well, thanks.

You have no idea how much
your gesture meant to me.

Listen. Not so fast.

You're drinking free tonight.

Come on, what do you want?


Greg got a job!

All right, Greg!

All right, what are you drinking?

Wow. Someone's riding high this morning.

Just the goodness of my
fellow man makes me smile.


I want to thank you for
helping me realize

I've been going about things all wrong.

You'll have to forgive me.
I'm new to the job.

I understand now I can't
just snap my fingers

and get rid of you,
but there are actions

I can take that I don't
have to justify to anybody.

Firehouse 51, after a careful
review of second shift,

the department has found
room for some improvements.

Officers will remain in
place for the time being,

but as for the rest of you,
here are your new assignments:

Next shift, Stella Kidd, you
will report to Firehouse 27.

Joe Cruz, you'll report
to the 911 call center.

Christopher Herrmann
and Randall McHolland,

you will report to Firehouse 90.

Brian Zvonacek, Morningside.

Sylvie Brett, you will
now be at Firehouse 27.

Make sure to report
promptly for all shifts.

I expect everyone to be on time
and with a smile on your faces.

You have a problem with this,

take it up with the fire commissioner.