Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 5, Episode 1 - The Hose or the Animal - full transcript

Severide and Stella are on the lookout for her unstable ex.

Susan Weller, political consultant.

You've got a national
future ahead of you,

and I can get you there.

I know you're going over
that day in your head.

Your brother made a
choice to go back in.

I made a choice to let him.

And it got him killed.

Be honest with yourself, Matt.

I want something that you don't.
I'm ready, and you're not.

I'm trying.

I'm gonna do what's right for Louie,

and that starts with giving him a home

where he feels incredibly wanted.

Now I know exactly what's going on.

I am done.

Leave! Get the hell out of here!

Kelly? Hey.



Good morning, sunshine.


You have no coffee.

I'm trying to kick caffeine.

How many cups a day do
you have at the station?

Well, it's right there.

So... what am I supposed to do?

I'm gonna sleepwalk my way in.

Stella, this is Dr. Charles
over at Chicago Med.

I would like you to be aware

that Grant left the hospital tonight

without being discharged.

I have no idea what
his state of mind is.

I don't want to alarm you.

I just want you to be aware, okay?


Aw. I don't want to leave him.

Yeah. He's amazing.

You're amazing,

changing a life.

We don't have to make
any decisions right now

about us.


- I know, I know.
- Let's go.

Come on, big guy.

Hey! There he is!



All right,

you ready to hang out with
a bunch of maniacs?

The only maniac is
leaving to go to work.

Come on inside, Louie.

I made you zoo pancakes.

I'll see you in just one sleep, okay?


Thank you.

- Of course.
- Good-bye.

- Good-bye.
- Go inside! Go!

Come on, kids.

Can you get the door?

Your wife's a saint for
helping us out, Herrmann.

Don't worry about it, no.

It's a great thing what you're doing,

fostering this little guy.


This family thing...

it looks good on you.

Brett, you seen Jimmy?

Um, he's in the locker
room, changing.

Hey, Jimmy.


You didn't show up for
the badge dedication

for your brother.

It was too much, too fast.


You just let me know if there's anything

that I can do.

Engine 51, Squad 3, Truck 81,

Ambo 61: school bus accident.

- School bus.
- 5103 West Pershing.


Swear to God, it wasn't my fault.

The truck... I smelled
something burning back here,

then, suddenly, boom.

Get silver bullets on this truck!

- On it.
- This way.

The piston blew and went right through

the side of this school bus.

Coming through!

- Make way.
- Please, please, hurry.

There're two boys stuck inside.

Get these kids out of the street.

Over by the sidewalk.
Out of the street... go!

Hang on. We're gonna
get you out of here.

What do we got?

Two kids trapped by a piston rod,

hydraulic fluid explosion.

Hey, look out!

Let's get some water on this!

You okay?

Yes. Yeah.

Extrication tools!

Cruz, Capp, grab the wizzer
saw and some cutters.

Let's go!

- And the Sawzall too.
- All right, on it.

Main, I'm gonna need at
least two more ambos here.

- How's he doing?
- Aah!

His clavicle's broken.

Hey-hey-hey, easy, easy.
You got to be still, okay?

- What's your name?
- Luca.

Cool name, Luca. You got to trust me

that we're gonna get
you out of here, okay?

But you have to stay
really, really still.

He can't breathe.

We need to slide this
thing backward to get him out.

Let's go.


- Stop, stop!
- What?

His clavicle's an inch
away from his carotid!

We need to do this, Gabby.

Be brave, all right, Luca?

Here, you take my hand.

You squeeze as hard as
you can, okay, hon?

Squeeze as hard as you can.


Otis, Cruz, Capp, on my count.



- three... up!
- Up!

Got him.

You're tough as hell, you know that?

Okay, Luca, we're
gonna cut you out now.

Put this on.

Over here!

- Take care of him.
- We got him.

Dr. Charles?

Stella, I got your message.

So you're saying that Grant
was in your apartment uninvited?

Yeah, I found his hospital
bracelet on the floor,

but he was gone before I got home.

Listen, just as a precaution,

I've contacted Chicago PD.

- Oh, I don't...
- Just a precaution, Stella.

Truth is, we don't know
how he's gonna behave

because he doesn't
know how he's gonna behave.

You know, delusion

can be a little unpredictable that way.


Thank you.

What is it?

Um, so...

Grant checked himself
out of Chicago Med and...

was in my apartment at some point.

While we were there?

I'm not sure, but I think so.

When were you gonna tell me?

I didn't want it to
be a thing between us.

I mean, he doesn't matter.

Stella, he's crazy,
and you're blind to it.

Maybe I am, but...

he's just a confused

junkie half-assed musician.

I mean, he wouldn't hurt a fly.

Maybe so, but you
can't just brush this off.

- CPD's looking for him.
- Good.

Can we just...

go about things normally, please?

Listen, you hear from him, you tell me.

Of course.


- Chief?
- Hey, Jimmy.

What can I do for you?

I'd like to be transferred
back to Truck.

Oh, I see.

- Well...
- I went to Ambulance

when I wanted to be
part of 51, but now...

I signed up to be a firefighter.

That's where I could do the most good.

That is where I belong.

Jimmy, look...


Chief, it's important.

Look, you mentioned earlier,

you weren't ready to
take your brother's badge.

"Too much, too fast," is what you said.

Now, I can't help but think that
what you're going through

might affect your
actions in a crisis situation.

So that's a no?

That's just my gut reaction,

but I promise you I'll consider it.

What you looking at?

Firefighting blog.

They have the
funniest true stories in here.

Send me the link.

There's one about a chief in California

who tried to get the whole
house to eat vegetarian.

Oh, yeah? How'd that work out?

They covered his office
in bacon, floor to ceiling.


Check it out:

firehouse fiction.

Oh, no.

- What's that?
- "Some Like It Hot:

bodice-ripping romance
stories set in a firehouse."

Yes, please. Let's read that out loud.

Let's not.

- Lieutenant Casey.
- Uh-huh?

A, uh, Susan Weller

came by while you
guys were out on the call.

She said she'd come back.

Thanks for the heads-up, Connie.

Who's that?

A political consultant working for Casey.

I think I left my iPad in the car.

I'm just gonna go grab it.


You all right?

Yeah, no, I'm... I'm fine.

I just, uh,

just left this in my car.

"Her hand grabbed the hose.

It was charged, ppened
pulsing with energy

like a starving animal,

barely contained by
its unbreakable chains."

The hose or the animal?

I'm gonna be sick.

"The firehouse was quiet except

for the beating of Genevieve's heart."

We really don't
have to hear the whole...

Shut up!

- Keep reading, Brett.
- "Just then,

Genevieve's lesbian ambulance partner,

Melissa Jay, arrived.

The temperature is scorching outside,

she said, dabbing her
sweaty brow with a lacy cloth."

Wait a second. What's
Genevieve's last name?



the paramedics

are Lawson and Jay?

And the lieutenant is banging

the chief's assistant in the coatroom?

Wait, that means that
someone in this house...


It ain't me.


"The steam in the shower began to rise."

You look lost, kiddo.

Tell me how you do it.


Do what?

Put your love for your kids aside

and run into a burning building.

That was different for me today;

having Louie just...

makes it different.

You just discovered the hardest part

of this job for any...

any of us, mothers... or fathers.

You want to know what I think on

when the bells go off?

That there's a family out there

and they're just like mine.

And they're counting on me

to help them.

It's what I signed up
for. It's why I do this.

But Casey and I are running
into the same burning building,

and... and sometimes things go wrong,

and if they do, then Louie's...

alone again.

I get it.

I mean, I got Cindy the rock at home,

no matter what.

I get it, trust me, I...

We're gonna do some drills.

All right, I'll be right
there, Lieutenant.

Come here.


you are a great firefighter

and you are a great mother.

You got this.

All right?

That's it.

Nozzle over the parapet
wall and spanner in.

Alderman Casey?

Hey. Susan.

Is there a place we can talk?

Yeah, yeah. Um...


Everyone re-bed the
hose and do it again.

Don't forget, three-point
contact at all times.

This way.

I just want to express to you...

To say to you... that I

really, really regret my
behavior in Springfield.

- Susan...
- No, it needs to be said.

I am both personally and professionally

embarrassed I let that happen.

It's forgotten. Really.

My biggest regret, though, is that

I might have
poisoned the water between us.

I think you have a very promising
political future,



I was confused.

I told you my future was up in the air.

I was wrong.

For now, I... I
think it's best if I just

concentrate on being a firefighter,

among other things.

Of course.

I understand.

I just got a text from Grant.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

"I want to apologize for
causing you so much pain.

I'm sorry you spent so
much time worrying about me.

My friend, Bill Arend,
said I can stay with him,

so I'm heading there
to get my life right."

Spelled correctly and everything.

- And you know him?
- I met him once.

But he's a great guy, solid dude.

He's on the wagon himself.

So this is good news.


Thank you, Connie.

You wanted to see me?

Yes, I wanted you to know that

I have given careful consideration

to your offer to move back to Truck 81.

And I've determined that

you're not ready.

You're just not, Jimmy.

I need you to prove that you
can handle following orders,

that your head is in the right space to

manage a life-or-death situation.

Now, I believe that you will
be a firefighter again,

just on my timetable, not yours.

- I love meatballs.
- Ugh...


I'd like to speak
with you again in my office.

Yeah, I'm gonna finish my dinner.

Don't push me.

- Maybe later, Chief.
- Damn it, Borrelli!

If you don't get in
my office right now...

You got my brother killed!

I'm gonna have your
badge for that, I promise you!

You are suspended until further notice.

I'm not taking orders from you.

Nobody should.

Walk out that door, Borrelli,

or I swear to God

I will put you through it.

You all know what he did.


He filed an official
grievance against me.

He's demanding an investigation
into how I handled the call

that claimed his brother.

He wants my bugles.

Kid's a little prick.

You handled it the only way it
could've been handled, Chief.


I'll be fine.

It's okay.

It's okay.

You love being a firefighter, don't you?


You love it, and you're great at it.

Yeah, I've always loved it,

and sometimes I'm pretty
good at it, yeah.


No reason.

You have a reason for everything.


You've worked so
hard to get where you are.

And that'll never be taken away from me.

You know I love you

and I'll support you
no matter what you do.

I know, Matt.

That's why I love you too.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- Hey.
- Uh...

I didn't wake the little guy, did I?

Oh, no. He's out like a light. Come in.

You can't have too many toys, right?


You want a beer?

No, I'm good, thanks.

Listen, I-I want to say something,

and, uh, I just want you to hear me out.

There's a better place for Louie.

Back at the apartment.

You guys can't be tiptoeing around here

for the next ten years whenever
he needs to take a nap.

You all need your privacy.

What are you gonna do?

I'm... I'm pretty resilient.

You took me in when I was on my ass,

and I've never forgotten that.

So I think it's time that
I returned the favor

by getting the hell out of there.

Thank you, Kelly.

Thanks, man.


The main firefighter's
nickname is "Manimal"

because he's half-man,
half-animal in the sack...

Not... that's not e... that...

That... that's ridiculous.



First of all, I'm pretty sure

"Manimal" is a copyright violation.

Second of all, he's
married to a police sergeant.

Keep your voice down.

Okay, fine.

I write under the nom de plume

"Cyrus Mayberry," okay?

What of it?

You have a great...
honesty to your writing.

I do?

Here's the thing, Manimal.

You need a feminine flair to your work.

Imagine if Genevieve

leaned into Manimal

and said something like, um...

Uh, yeah... yeah.

Uh... y... uh... yes.

Yeah, between you and me,

there isn't a trashy
romance novel I haven't read.


So what do you say

we write together

and go get published?

Think about it.



I think we found our author.

Chief, got a moment?

Sure. What's up?

I know you're short a
paramedic this shift,

and it just so happens
that I used to be one.

Truck will be fine a woman short today.

Let me on ambo till this
Jimmy thing blows over.

Well, I was afraid to ask.

I know what being on Truck means to you.

Well, you don't have to ask.

Thank you.

I hear tell tell that, you
know, you're moving out

so that Dawson and
Louie can move together

into Casey's place.

- No secrets around here.
- Eh.

All right, look,

the apartment above my
garage is all fixed up.

So, I mean, if you want, uh, you know,

you and I could work out a number

that could work for both of us and...

I think I'm gonna look around.

Suit yourself, all right?

But you'll never
need an alarm clock again,

not with my kids around.

Yeah, that's a hell of
a sales pitch, Herrmann.

Ambulance 61: man down from stabbing.

17 South Canal Street.

Are you kidding me? Brett
and Dawson together again?

Only if I drive today.

Shay wouldn't let me near the wheel.

Oh, have at it, sister.

- What do we got?
- Stabbed.

Of course, nobody saw anything.

- Out of the way!
- All right, back up!

Back up, guys! Back up! Back up!

What's your name?

Corey. Help... help me.

Yo. You gonna do something or not?

Hey, take it easy.

What you gonna do, drop me?

- Donut man?
- What?

All right, Corey, we're
gonna stabilize you, okay?

It's deep, but lungs sound good.

Abdominal pads.

- We need to stop the bleeding.
- Yeah.

- Yo, I said do something!
- Back up, mind your business.

You're just standing
there. Help him out.

- Step back!
- Man, help 'em out!

- Hey!
- I said do something!

- Step back!
- Do something!

He's crashing.

Hey, Corey, stay with me.

- Step back, mind your business.
- No, you step back, man.

- We got you.
- Help 'em out!

- Do something!
- Step back!

No, I ain't stepping back!

Yo, I said do something!

- You just standing there...
- Yo, yo, yo, back up!

Come on. Everybody take a big breath.

Back up.

- Antonio?
- Let 'em do their job.

- Thank you.
- No problem.

Antonio, help us get him in the rig.

Yeah. All right, back up.

Give 'em room. Give
'em room. Come on, guys.

Corey here is one of my CIs.

He's a good kid.

His heart rate is spiking.

He lost a lot of blood.

Um, open the second panel.

Grab the 14-gauge
needle, the orange one.

Listen, Corey, I know it hurts,

but you got to stop moving

or you're gonna rip this IV out.

- This one?
- Yeah.

Oh, man, oh, no!


Hey. Hey!

Listen, do you want to die?

Quit jerking around!

Be strong for me. I know you can do it.

There, that's it.


The union's between
a rock and a rock here.

There's what happened

and then there's the perception

of what happened.

Jimmy filed a grievance against you,

as is his right, and
then you suspended him.

For insubordination.

Yes, but... you can see

where it might not come across that way.

Chief, if it helps,

I can handle having Jimmy back on Truck.

I'll keep a tight leash on
him till this blows over.

He is not going back
to Truck. He's not ready.

He's not even ready
to come back to work.


You can take that
back to the union, Mouch.

I don't care.

Thank you.


Hey, load up, guys.

We're going for a ride.

It was really great seeing Antonio.


He's in really good shape.

Like in "he works out a lot"?

Sylvie, can I, uh, talk to you alone?

- About your offer.
- Yes?

There are certain conditions

that would have to be met

if we were to enter
into any kind of agreement.


Actually, just one.

- Discretion.
- Discretion?

Can you imagine the hellfire

of... of... of crap I'd get

if anyone around here found
out I was doing this?


Instead of... of "hellfire of crap,"

I think you meant,

"Manimal-sized slice of feculence."

That's a good rewrite.

"She'd always been a good girl

who was interested in
firefighters from afar,

but now she was about to
meet one in the flesh.

The door to the bar flung
open, making her heart flutter."

- Mm.
- "Through the darkness

she saw him, tussled
hair, chiseled chin,

face still smudged from
a day of saving lives,

his... eye patch

perfectly cloaking the eye

he gave to the job as a hero's gift.

She quaked inside."

That is great stuff. Whoo, yeah.

Yeah, almost like it was written

by a woman who was
around firefighters all day.



It's her.

Not a doubt in the world.

- Unbelievable.
- Hey, big man.

I am so sorry to do this to you,

but I... I have to go to
a homeowner's meeting and...

Oh, no, no. Are you
kidding? It's fine.

You've been helping us so much.

Hey! Louie!

Hey, I'll see you after shift.

Good-bye. Go. All right?

Want to help us get some lunch together?

Oh, I'll take care of it.

Hey, little man, I
got a question for you.

What's your favorite kind of Jell-O?

'Cause we got all kinds of
different kind of Jell-O.

You want to come with me?

Come on, let's go. Let's
get some Jell-O.

Yeah, all right, let's do it.

Okay, we got red...

I can't keep dumping him on Cindy.

Professional babysitter, a nanny.

It's only a couple days a week.

We'll make it happen.

I'll ask Cindy for some recs.

Oh! Jell-O.

It's gonna be like magic.

I really don't...

Shut up and listen.

You're hurting one of the greatest
men I've ever known.

- The greatest men?
- And...

you're cheapening your
brother's death in the process.

So let's stop all the nonsense,

and you go back to being the
man that I know you can be.

I'll handle my own affairs, thank you.

Squad 3: entanglement victim.

11 East Cedar Street.

Oh, good, the cavalry's here.

Where's the entanglement?

- Is that what they called it?
- Follow us.

All right!

Yeah, I told him not to go up there.


I can see my house from up here!


I can actually feel my IQ dropping

the longer we're here.

Really? I just feel overdressed.

Is this your party?

Yeah. Sorry about this.

You're welcome to leave him
up there, teach him a lesson.

Cruz, get them out of the pool.

Capp, call it in and have 'em
shut off the power immediately.

All right, kids, everybody
out of the pool, please!

Shut that music off!

What's your name?

It... it's... It's Carreker.

Okay, character.

- Don't move.
- Yeah, no problemo, bro.

All right, gimme the line.

Power's out.

All right, Capp, let him down.



You're Travis Brenner.

This guy's got, like, a
million Instagram followers.

He's always got a party going.

Real lifestyle celebrity, huh?

Yeah, is that what they're calling it?

I thought we were just
having a good time, huh?

Yeah, but seriously, thanks for coming.

I promise I won't let
any of my idiot friends

do anything stupid again.

Yeah, hey,

we'll come back any time you need us.

Open invitation.

- Kelly.
- Anytime, Kelly.

That goes for all of you.

Be safe.


Hey! Fellas,

load back up, okay?


Jimmy Borrelli's complaint
isn't going away anytime soon.

There will be a full investigation.

And, by suspending him,

looks like you actually
have something to hide.

That's ridiculous.

I have to make the
right judgment that affects

the firefighters serving under me,

not just for one confused,
grief-stricken young man.

Jimmy Borrelli will
be reassigned to Truck 81,

pending the inquiry.

You telling me how to run my house?

Put it however you want, Wallace,

but it's happening.

It was so great having
you back on ambo with me.

Yeah, it felt like old days.

I will take that as a massive compliment.

Any time you want to sub in,

I'm fine with it.

It's my guardian angels.

Well, I should say, my
CI's guardian angels.

Kid's gonna make a full recovery.

That's great.

Well, watching you work
a miracle back there

was something to see.

Oh, uh...

Magic hands.

I'll bet.

Uh... uhh...

Well, I mean... I didn't...

Oh, no, no, uh, I... I
appreciate the sentiment.

Um, I'm a regular David Copperfield.



You, uh,

figure out a place to stay yet?

Ah... I don't know.

I've always been more of a

reactor than a planner.

Well, I mean,

you're welcome to
crash with me for a while.

I'm not exactly the greatest

when it comes to monogamy.

Well, I am...

not trying to put a
ring on your finger, Kelly.

I've seen a lot of highway accidents

less horrific than how
you just handled that.


Hey, uh...

give me one of everything.

I'll make 'em doubles.

Gabby, thank you for filling in today.

Yeah, of course.

How about all the time?

Jimmy Borrelli's going back on Truck,

and, uh, I need some stability somewhere

in this damn house, so...


For the house.

Atta girl.

I saw you.

- Grant...
- I saw you.

- Grant...
- I saw you!

I saw you with him.

I see you.

Grant, please, you need help.

No, you need help.

You're a whore, a whore!

- You were everything.
- Grant...

You were everything,
and now you're nothing.

You understand? You're nothing.

You're nothing.

- Grant.
- You're nothing.

Put the knife down. Put the knife down.

- Shut up!
- I am not messing around.

- Shut up! Shut up!
- Grant! Grant!

- Listen to me now, okay?
- Shh... sh...

I want to help you. I
want to help you, okay?