Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 4, Episode 9 - Short and Fat - full transcript

Clues to Serena's possible whereabouts are uncovered, while Captain Patterson has news for everyone.

I just wanted to say "Thank
you" for letting Freddie

spend some time in the house.

- Gang life?
- Yeah, he's stuck.

Sometimes people need a handout.

There she is.

It's the miracle worker
with the big, blue eyes.

Does he seem like he's
kind of a player?

A player's what you need.

Jamie, I need your help.

My battalion chief was setup

and I'm pretty sure that
Maddox is behind it.

You have messed with the wrong man.

Wallace Boden, you're under arrest.

Are you okay?

Not by a long shot.

The problems Chief Boden
faces are regrettable.

Our thoughts are with him

as he deals with his
private legal matters,

but those thoughts are
for outside these walls.

In here, we have sworn

to put our own personal troubles aside

and focus on protecting
the citizens of Chicago.

Now, in order to do that,

we have to have
unassailable leadership.

How'd you get the money?

I took a lien against the house.


I wasn't gonna let you
sit in a jail cell

one minute longer. I just wasn't.

Which is why it is my honor

to name Dallas Patterson
the new Battalion Chief

for Firehouse 51.

Come on up here, Chief.
Collect your bugles.

Thank you, sir.

I'm not blind.

I know all of you are unenthusiastic

about these circumstance.

I'm scared, Wallace.

They're saying aggravated assault,

intimidating a witness.

- Now that witness is missing.
- Hey, hey, hey.

We'll get through this. Okay?

I can't do anything about the past.

What I can do, is affect the future.

Professionalism, respect,
attention to detail.

These are the small things
that we can focus on

to get 51 back on track.

I'm asking you to trust me.

I can't do this alone.

All right, let's get out there
and have a great shift.

Chili, Jimmy, and Joe.

Can you stay behind, please?

Congratulations, Chief. Do a good job.

Thank you, sir. You know I will.

You two are on garbage duty
for the rest of the shift.

I want every can in the house
changed out and spotless.

Meetings don't start
whenever you decide

to grace us with your presence.

- Am I clear?
- Yes, Chief.

- Very sorry.
- Dismissed.

- Joe.
- Yes? Uh, Chief.

I'm afraid Freddie can't
hang around anymore.

- But before you said...
- Yeah, I know.

I feel badly about this, I do.

But Freddie came by when
First Watch was here,

and they had no idea
what to do with him.

Look, I can tell him
not to come here...

I'm sorry.

I've got a responsibility here,

and a lot of eyes on me.

Yes, Chief. Understood.

Truck 81, Ambulance 61,

vehicle accident, 828 West Cermak.

Everyone's fine.

Driver hurt her wrist but
is refusing treatment.

Let's sweep up the glass
and get this area cleared.

That sounds like a perfect job

for the candidate who's on trash duty.

Everyone help out.

Move the bigger pieces
over to the curb.

Come on.

We got a lady fireman over here.

What'd they do, honey?
Drop the requirements

- so anyone can get in?
- All right, sir.

Why don't you just step back
and let us do our job, okay?

It's a free sidewalk, babe.

Must have dropped the
looks requirement, too.

- Yikes.
- Look, asshole.

I'm not gonna say it again.

- Step back.
- Whoa.

They don't schedule you around
your little time of the month?

I got a good idea, honey.

How about you come
over here and suck it?

Hey! You want me to kick
your ass, you moron?

You want to go? We can go right here!
Come on!

Dawson! Come on, take it easy.
It's all right.

No! I'm gonna stuff this
halligan down his throat!

Hey! Move along, pal. Now.

Go on.

Come on.

The hell was that back there?

I don't know. That guy just
ripped into me for no reason.

Forget about it. Don't worry.

Hey. What's going on?

Ah, some schmuck was harassing Dawson.

What are you talking about?

We're gonna figure something else out.

This is where I want to be.

I don't want to be anywhere else.

Everything okay with Cruz?

Patterson told him that Freddie

isn't welcome here anymore.

- You serious?
- Yeah.

Hey, guys, it's the new 51.

He's a new chief with a bug up his ass.

There's nothing I can do about it.

But I've been helping out.
Never been in no one's face.

I know, Freddie.

You've been great and
it took a lot for you

to even come here in the first place.

- I mean that.
- So, what? This is it?

Back to Pulaski and Augusta and just...

No, that's not it.


Me and Otis, we've been talking

and we need some help over
at Molly's, you know?

Washing glasses, bussing tables.

8 bucks an hour.

Job's yours if you want it, Freddie.


Yeah, I mean, you're
gonna have to shower

a little more often 'cause we
run a really classy joint.

- Oh, yeah.
- Oh, hey, hey, hey, hey.

I'm busting your chops, all right?

Go easy. The job is yours.

You want to take it or not?

- Yeah.
- Yeah, sure, man.

That'll be, uh... sure.

- All right. Attaboy.
- All right.

Come by at lunch tomorrow.

We'll get you sorted out, okay?

Cool. Cool.

All right.

Come on.

Connie, what's all this?

Dough ornaments.

I paint them and bake them so
they harden, then I add hooks

- and you can hang...
- You can't have these here.

But Chief Boden lets me use
the bullpen every year.

My apartment's too small to...

Connie, of all the things
I have to deal with,

this is not one of them.

I understand, but there are children

- all over this city...
- All right, Connie.

End of shift, all of it gone.

Don't make me ask again.

Miss Connie.

Oh, thank you.

I need to pull my car
around and load these up.

There's about a dozen more
containers in the bullpen.

Actually, we have a different plan.

But Chief Patterson
said I couldn't use...

Yeah, we heard what he said,

but, uh, what he doesn't
know won't hurt him.

Kids are gonna have
ornaments this year...

- Yup.
- Hell or high water.

Come on.

My first year on the job, we
were at Jewel getting food

and this guy just started
screaming at us.

"What are you firemen doing
stopping at a grocery store

when we're paying your salaries?"

That's not even remotely
the same thing.

I'm just saying, you
have to have thick skin.

I'll be right back.

- Hey, Lieutenant.
- Hey, Jimmy.

Listen, with everything
going on in the house,

it might be wise to cool it with Chili.

I know I'm the last guy
to tell someone that,

but I'm also your lieutenant.

Chief Boden is counting
on some smooth sailing

- until he can get back here.
- Okay.

I totally get it, Lieutenant.

End of advice. For now.


- What you doing, bro?
- Nothing.

- Hey, it's nothing.
- Who's Austin Becker?

God, you know, you have
serious boundary issues.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Breaking
and entering at 22?

Dude, who is this guy?

It might be the guy that
brought Brett flowers.


- That was pretty smooth.
- Yeah.

For a convicted criminal, it turns out.

Otis, step away.

You think she wants you
looking into her guys?

Well, apparently she
needs me to do it, okay?

She's a good girl.

Yeah, I know.

I dated her.

I'm doing the right thing.

- Gabby.
- Hey, Suzie, what's up?

I... Is there somewhere we can talk?

Uh, yeah, sure.

You okay?

I heard about your Chief.

The allegations, that he was arrested.


Something's going on.

What do you mean?

Yesterday, I was hit with
two separate lawsuits

all saying I have unpaid bills
on credits cards I don't own.

And then this morning I got a third.

Now, I'm not normally a
conspiracy theorist,

but do you think there's a connection?

Dawson, come look at this.

And now, more of the
story from our newsdesk.

While answering the call of
a minor traffic accident,

one female firefighter appears
to have lost her cool.

Well, that's putting it lightly.

- Let's watch.
- Hey!

You want me to kick your ass, you moron?
You want to go?

- We can go right here! Come on!
- Hey, Dawson!

- Come on, take it easy.
- What's going on?

I'm gonna stuff my
halligan down his throat!

I mean, she just lost it.

Not a good representation
of Chicago's fire service,

I'll say that.

Let's see that again.

Stuff my halligan down his throat!

Roger Maddox is behind this.

I know it.

Suzie, Boden, Duffy, and me.

We're the witnesses you're
gonna bring in to the stand

to testify against him, right?

Okay, so, he paints me as unhinged,

Suzie as a con artist, Duffy
as a suicidal maniac,

and Chief as a woman-beater.

It's scorched earth.

Certain litigious religions
pull the same thing.

It's insane.

What can we do?

We need the police to find the
woman accusing Boden, for one.

As long as she's in the wind,

it doesn't look good for your chief.

And in the meantime?

Keep your heads down.

And if anyone provokes
you, do not retaliate.


Any word on the Chief?

I left him three messages
that we were buying.

Free drinks are usually catnip to him.

I'll keep trying.

Whoa, hey, hey. Hang on.

All right, listen:

These things are, like, $8 a glass.

So, try not to chip 'em,

drop 'em, or any other
kind of shattering, okay?

- 'Cause that would be bad.
- You calling my a klutz?

When I call ya a klutz,

it'll be after you drop
one of the glasses.

What I'm trying to do here

is prevent myself from
having to call you a klutz.

See? There's a difference.

Okay. 'Cause it's just
I don't go for getting

- called names, you know?
- All right.

Further incentive for you

to more carefully execute
your job, all right?

All right, stack 'em
in threes up there.

- Will do.
- All right.

- Oh, and jefe.
- Yeah?

Thanks, man.

Thanks so much for this.

I'm gonna do good.

Yeah, I know you are.

We're happy to have you here.

Hey, um...

I thought you should see this.

You checked out Austin online?

I had some time.

- Breaking and entering?
- Yeah.

Don't shoot the messenger.

- Hey, garbage man.
- Hey.

So, what do you say we steal
a bottle of vodka from here

and make trash can punch?

Interesting offer. I
should probably pass.


Do you want to get out of
here and go to your place?

Chili, I've been meaning
to say something,

and I-I didn't want to text you.

All right, what is it?

Okay. Seriously?

No, not like that.

Just a cooldown, because the Captain...

or the Chief has it
out for us right now.

All right, fine. Whatever.

- Come on, Chili.
- Nope.

Message received.

Have a nice night.

Wasn't sure if you
were gonna buzz me in.

Of course, Kelly.

Something to drink?


Let me ask you a question.

Why'd you want to be a lawyer?

Was it to allow people
you know are scumbags

not to take responsibility
for their crimes?

Boden and Dawson,

they don't deserve what your client

is doing to them.

And don't forget that
an innocent person

was killed in the fire that
started this whole mess.

It's just wrong.

Are you finished?

I think I'll take that drink now.

I appreciate what you're
doing for your friends.

I really do,

but I'm stuck here, Kelly.

I can't help you. Nothing has changed.

I can't share with you

any information regarding
my client's defense.

Thank you for the drink.

You know, I will say this last thing:

The woman I met who threw
an 11,000 page brief

through a glass window?

Kind of liked her.

We had an overstock of Milinac's.

Thought you could use a beer... or six.


Have a seat.


how you feeling?

Like I've got a rock
hanging over my head.

Rope holding it up is about to snap.


Pulling her hair out.

Well, I, uh...

I talked to Antonio.

Intelligence has agreed
to search for this woman

on their own time.

They all really respect you,

and they want to help.

Appreciate that.

Thank him for me.


I don't know who Roger
Maddox had to step on

to get to where he is in life,

but he picked the wrong
people this time.

We're the ones who run into the fires

when the rats are running out.

He's just another rat.

We're gonna step on him.

- Whoa!
- Shh.

- What...
- I don't care.

I don't care about
Patterson or any of them.

Just keep kissing me like that.

- This is so wrong.
- Yeah.


One, You're on trash duty
the rest of the month.

Including shining that
outside dumpster.

Two, Another stunt like that

on shift and you're out of here.

No questions.

Yes. I mean, sorry, Chief.

It was my fault. I apologize.

- It won't happen again.
- It won't.

This isn't funny.

This is exactly what
I was talking about.

I-I can't be...

Got to go.

All right, guys. Chicken
is in the coop.

You were right.

I didn't go to law school
to defend criminals.

My parents owned a
physical therapy practice.

They poured all of their time
and energy and passion into it.

One guy with a bad knee

reinjured it and decided to sue them.

They lost everything.

So, I went to law school thinking

I'd be able to stop this hell
from happening to someone else.

I was sitting in my car this morning

thinking about what you
said and wondering,

"How did I get from
that place to this?"

It's not too late.

Get back to doing this for
the reason you started.

I still can't help you, Kelly.

If I give you confidential files,

Maddox will end up with a
mistrial and this case

will wind its way through
the courts for years.

I will say one thing, though.

Check out Lake Carlyle,
especially the inn up there.

I think you'd like it.

You guys ever been to Lake Carlyle?

Excuse me. Hi.

You recognize this guy?

Oh, yeah. Mr. Maddox. He
comes here all the time.

Yeah? How about her?
You seen her before?

Of course. Room 11.

- That's convenient.
- Thank you, sir.

Room service.

Hey, Serena. You're a
hard woman to find.

I need a lawyer.

I said, I need...

You can absolutely
have a lawyer, Serena,

and I will hurry to make that happen,

but before we go there, I
just want you to know:

We have the credit card
receipts from the inn.

We have your bank transactions.

We have your cell phone records.

We have three witnesses placing
you and Roger Maddox together,

and we have the testimony
of a Jeffrey Mulkey

who says he drove you to the
inn on the orders of Maddox.

So, if you wanted to tell
me your role in framing

Wallace Boden, I'd be happy
to make a deal with you.

If you don't...

I'm going to arrest you for
conspiracy to commit fraud,

plus felony disorderly conduct.

Now, that's ten years
hard time minimum for,

I'm guessing, this $10,000
deposit on October 15.


Doesn't seem worth it,
but what do I know?

It's time to tell the truth.

We're not out of the woods,

but we're a whole lot
closer to the tree line.

Finding Serena Holmes was huge,

and faced with criminal prosecution,

she's had a lot to say
about her relationship

with Roger Maddox, about
setting up Wallace Boden.

So, what happens now?

I mean, that's the case, isn't it?

We're gonna use it to see
if Maddox will plea.

- Thank you.
- Yeah.

I'll update you as soon
as I know anything.

Some people may have
doubted Chief Boden.

None of us did.


I-I'd like to say some...

What the hell is all this?

Sorry. We just wanted to help...

No, don't apologize.

You guys keep working.


Listen, they're sticking up
for someone in this house.

- Okay.
- I say keep it up.

Truck 81, Squad 3,
Engine 51, Ambulance 61,

multiple vehicle accident,
2987 South Laflin.

- Idiot came out of nowhere.
- Severide, Cruz, get the car...

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

My payload.

- If it warms up, it'll blow.
- What?

I'm hauling liquid hydrogen in there.

Enough to knock down the
whole neighborhood.

Capp, let's get the cutters.


That valve is damaged.

As it warms, it expands.

If it reaches...

- How long before it blows?
- Minutes.

When the whistling stops, kaboom!

Hey, guys. I got kids at home.


Hey, this whole block, we'll
never evacuate in time.

River's only six blocks away.

Severide, you think you
can cut the tank free?

Capp! Every wrench we got. Now.

- Cruz! With me.
- Where to?

To boost a truck.

What do you know about jacking cars?

More than you think.

There we go. Cruz!

Come on.

Nice and steady. Nice and steady.

Slow. Here we go.

All right! Tank's free!

Here we go. Come on. Come on.

Everyone, let's slide the tank!

That doesn't sound good.

These should help keep it cool.


- Hey, Cruz! Drive!
- On it!

Go, go, go!

Hey! The jig is gonna go!

We got to bail!

Go! Go! Go!

Get down!


Good call, Chief!

- Yeah!
- You guys okay?

Excuse me, sir.

- Are you the chief?
- Chief Patterson.

Well, didn't take too long.

Chief Patterson, the driver
of this truck is telling me

without the quick-thinking of
the Chicago Fire Department,

we could have had seriously
loss of life here.

Take us through what happened.

I, uh...

Behind me,

you'll see the finest
firefighters in this city,

the men and women who
make up Firehouse 51.

And the reason they're the best
is the leadership of one man,

Battalion Chief Wallace Boden.

There is no finer chief in
the department, bar none.

And I think everybody behind me agrees.

Great to see the enthusiasm

and camaraderie from our fire service.

Great work. Thank you.

We'll send it back to you
in the studio, Cliff.

We'll take it back. Thank you.
I think we got this.

Come on, man.

You know what I love, Mr. Maddox?

I love the sound of a bird singing.

Know what I mean?

In the morning, you first wake up,

and there is this little tweedle-dee,

tweedle-dee out your window.

It just... it just warms you up inside.

Serena Holmes.

Serena Holmes is singing like a bird.

She's telling us how you paid
her to frame Wallace Boden,

how you stowed her away at a
fancy inn at Lake Carlyle,

how you told her to stay hidden

until you can get her
out of the country.

That sounds like the delusions
of a woman with an axe to grind.

No, sir, it doesn't. It
sounds like the truth.

Tweedle-dee, tweedle-dee.

That's what it's gonna sound
like to the jury too.

Pair that with the testimony
of one Paul Werner

and one Ralph Minter,

who say you hired them to
harass a female firefighter

while on duty, and we've got
a pattern established here.

You guys have about five minutes

to decide your next 30 years.


He's plea-ing.

What? What'd he say?

He said, no trial.

Full exoneration on me.

No more intimidation. It's over.

Oh, my God. That's amazing, Chief.

Boden's exoneration changes nothing.

This changes nothing.

You and I both know this
house was a mess before,

and it's still a mess now.

- If anybody thinks...
- I disagree.

You... you what?

This is Wallace Boden's house

and no one should get in his way.

Where's this coming from? What is this?

Is... is this, like, black
guys sticking together?

Is that what it is?

Oh, I'm sorry if you don't
like the way that came out.

I'm just trying to figure
out what's going on here.

You know, I was...

gonna wait to tell you this,

but I'm just gonna go ahead.

I spoke to Deputy
Commissioner Walgrove.

- You went around me?
- I went straight through you.

And I requested from him a
transfer to Firehouse 90.

See, I told him this is Boden's house,

and I'm happy to move
elsewhere so he can have it.

Why would you do that?

I did it, and it's done.

Not everyone above you
appreciates your style,

Chief Riddle. You should know.

You know, I took you under my wing

and I handed you the best
opportunity you ever had,

and you turn around
you spit in my face?

With all due respect, sir, go to hell.

That was the biggest mistake you
ever made in your life, son.

You messed with the wrong guy.

All right, it's just over here.

It's so nice of you guys.

All right, just right in there.

Oh, thank you. Thank you so much.

Hey, Connie, we're glad to do it.

Well, it's much appreciated,
I can tell you that.

- Uh, which charity?
- I'm sorry?

Well, you... you said children all over

the city count on these, I
figured you did this for...


I sell these for 12 bucks a pop online.

But, the children.

Love to hang these on their tree...

for 12 bucks a pop.

So, as a latchkey kid in Lake Forest,

every afternoon I would
make myself a PB&J

and I'd watch "Emergency,"
the TV show, on reruns.

I've never seen it.

It's about the two most badass
paramedics you've ever seen.

John Gage and Roy DeSoto from Squad 51.

Oh, 51. That's our firehouse.

I know.

- Um, Austin, not...
- Wait.

I have one more thing to
say if you don't mind.

I have a bit of a past

and it's important to me
that you hear it from me.



Like any kid whose
parents aren't around,

I started running around
with kind of a bad crew.

We did some stupid stuff.

It was all harmless, but one night

we got caught swimming
in this Alderman's pool,

and he pressed charges

and I got hit with a
breaking and entering.

You got arrested?

Yeah, as an adult.

I did some community
service and that was that,

but it's out there, you know?

And I really like you.

I'd hate for you to hear any
other version than the truth

from somebody else.

You... you
were pool-hopping?

- That's it.
- Okay.

To the badass paramedics
of House 51 everywhere.

Hey, guys.

- Hey!
- There he is.

- Hey.
- Hey.

How you feeling, Chief?

Like Lazarus, quite frankly.

You're looking about that old.

Oh, I'll give you old. Come here!

- Hey, Chief.
- Ahh, yeah.

Um, hey.

I heard what you did for me.

I want you to know I feel very touched.

I was just keeping your seat warm.

And congratulations
on the bugles, Chief.

Well, all I can
say is when Firehouse 51

plays 90 next summer in softball,

y'all better bring it.

- Oh, we're gonna bring it.
- Yeah.

Hey, you hear from Riddle?

Yeah, I have it on good authority

he's gonna be transferred
to District 6.

- Ooh.
- That's airport duty?

That's what I heard,

but guys like him, they
tend to have nine lives

- at CFD, so keep one eye open.
- I will.

And as my first official duty

as returning chief to Firehouse 51,

Kelly Severide,

I would like for you to be my
Squad Lieutenant once again.

- If that's okay with you.
- There he is.

- All right.
- Welcome back, Lieut.

Bring out the bottle of whisky.

Let's get drunk. Yeah!

- Yo, Freddie.
- Yes, boss?

One, don't call me boss, okay?

Uh, two, could you get me some

lowball glasses from the back, please?

- Which one is those?
- Short and fat.

You got it, boss.

Hey, what's up, Freddie?

Otis told me to grab
him some ball glasses,

but I don't know which be which.

Ball glasses?

Well, he said short and fat.

Oh, lowball glasses. Yeah.

Kind of like you. High on the left.

- Take that back.
- What? Hey, take what back?

You called me short and fat.

Oh, I'm just ribbing ya, kid. Come on.

- Take it back.
- Uh, no.

- I mean it.
- Hey, trust me, Freddie.

You're gonna be hanging out with
firefighters at Molly's Bar,

you're gonna have to get a
little bit thicker skin, okay?

Hey, it's what we do.
We insult each other.

We bust each other's balls, we...