Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 4, Episode 8 - When Tortoises Fly - full transcript

Patterson confronts Boden about his ability to lead the firehouse.

Patterson, the warpath
you're on against Severide...

is this Riddle's bidding?

My loyalty's to the job.

When I change the way
Boden's doing things,

I want to make sure that
you're ready to step up.

Yes, Chief, I am.

The nature of your relationship

with Ms. Holmes, run it by me again.

She rented the apartment next door.

- She asked for my assistance.
- Thank you.

Or you kicked down her door,
figured you teach her a lesson.

Just can't figure out why she's doing this.

Maybe it's someone who's
got some kind of gain

- if you go down.
- Such as?

- Chief Riddle.
- If you're behind this,

- I swear I will find out...
- Excuse me?

- What are you talking about?
- You are setting me up.


- [baby whimpering]
- Shh, shh, shh.

Is it his earache still?


Doctor said he should start
feeling better by tomorrow.

Hi. Hi, what you doing?


Is that Serena?


don't do it, Wallace.

That woman is trying to ruin me,

and I'm gonna find out why.

No, you wait here.

I'll find out.

There's no restraining order against me.

You got nerve.

I just came to pick up my stuff.

I'm not looking for trouble.

Honey, you are trouble.

Why are you spreading lies
about my husband, huh?

He is a good man.

He beat me up.

You know that is not true.


Serena, is somebody paying you to do this?

Please, just tell us who it is.

Just get out of my way and let me go.

Serena, let's go.

[dramatic tones]



There was somebody in there with her.

Okay, okay. Calm down, calm down.

What's going on?

Sorry about the disturbance, okay?

- Okay?
- Mm-hmm.

I'm sorry.


- Hey, Sylvie.
- Have you seen Chili?

Not yet. What's wrong?

She's not here, and she's not responding

to any of my texts.

She's really late, and she's never late.

Why isn't she answering?


I'm sure she'll be here.

Yo, Chili, it's Jimmy. Where are you?

Did he really say those exact words?

"I'll have Boden's head on a stick"?

I don't know. I'm getting this third-hand,

but think about it.

Riddle tells Boden to
stay away from the gal,

and not only does Boden show up,

he accuses Riddle of
framing him for assault.

You okay, Daws?

Captain, hey, uh...

is it true that Riddle's
all bent out of shape

over what Boden said to him?

Wouldn't you be?

A paranoid accusation like that?

Yeah, it was my paranoid accusation.

I'm the one who got Boden
all wound up about Riddle.

It's not the end of the world.

I explained Boden's state of mind,

and I calmed Riddle down for now.

You were just trying to help.

Don't beat yourself up about that.

It's better to do nothing
than to make things worse.

Hey, he's our chief.

We're not leaving him to
deal with this on his own.

It's not your problem.

Just do your jobs, got it?

[dramatic music]

Got it, Chief.

Dawson, I have a problem.

Chili hasn't shown up for shift.

Well, she definitely chose
the wrong day to cross Boden.

I know.

Okay, get the off-going PIC
to put you out of service

- so that Chili isn't AWOL...
- Okay.

- And you better do it before...
- [siren]

a call comes in.

Truck 81, Ambo 61, Vehicle accident

Sacramento and Ohio


- Chili, what the hell?
- I overslept.

What, it happens.

- [sirens wailing]
- Relax, it all worked out.

[sirens wailing]

Just one in the car. His leg's trapped.

- Any injuries in the RV?
- Nobody in the RV.

I was tagging it for impound
when this guy comes along and...

Wham. Lucky he didn't hit me.

51, drop a line.

81, grab extinguishes.

This could flash on us.

- Hey, what's your name?
- Austin.

Okay, Austin, we're
gonna get you out of there

as quick as we can.

- Herrmann, get this door open.
- Copy, Lieutenant.

- How's he doing?
- He's alert.

Laceration to the face.

Looks like he's pinned.

How is it you managed

to crash into a parked vehicle?

I looked down at the radio
to change the station.

It was an emergency. They
were playing Justin Bieber.

Say no more.

I knew you'd understand.

Your eyes are incredible, by the way.

I think you must've hit your head.

Lock down those flames, 51.

- Dawson...
- Yes, Chief?

Cover the victim. Mouch, Jimmy,

get another line ready just
in case that cab engulfs.

All right, here.

- Herrmann, need a backboard.
- Got it.

Got you, man.

- Grab him!
- All right!

All right, easy, easy, easy.

Get out of here, Otis. It's gonna go!


Fire got in the RV. Anyone inside?

- It's abandoned, Chief.
- Did you verify that?

Herrmann, let's get on it.

I think there's somebody
inside, a kid or something.

[dramatic music]

Mask up, Herrmann.

[dramatic music]

I better call for a second ambulance.

Go check it out.

All right, I'll get the
intubation kit started.

Who leaves their child unattended in an RV?

[breathing through respirator]

Hit it, Mouch.

What do we got?

I think it's a... a robot.


Oh, sweet fancy Moses.

[laughing] A robot.

Well, I didn't know what it was.

That's the biggest turtle I've ever seen.

It's not a turtle. It's
a... it's a tortoise.

Must be somebody's pet.

I'm gonna go back to the human victim now.

[radio chatter]

Okay, Officer, he's all yours.

I'm not touching that thing. Get diseases.

Aren't you gonna contact
the owner of the RV?

They want their RV or what's left of it,

they can find it at the impound lot.

Shouldn't you call Animal Control

about the turtle... or tortoise?

Toss it in the lake. What do I care?

We're not gonna toss it in the lake.

Just take care of the damn thing.

You heard the man.

[truck beeping]

One of these days,
you'll get it right, Otis.

I am confident.

Come on, it's not that crooked.

Yo, candidate,

can't you tell the difference
between the Squad table

and a bike rack?

Yeah, yeah, sorry about
that. My car's in the shop.

Can't you lock it up?

I swear, you Truck guys think

you can bring whatever
you want into this house.

[dratic music]

[dog whines and barks]

Okay, okay, the Animal Control facility

says that they're over capacity,

so they can't take the
little guy right now.


That thing better be out
of here by the end of shift,

or I'm selling it to a Chinese restaurant.

Mouch, call Trudy and see if
PD can pull the registration

off the camper and track down the owner.

Hey, Freddie, check it out.

Whoa, that thing real?

Yeah, we pulled it out of a fire.

Herrmann thought he was rescuing a robot.

Yeah, uh, could you elaborate on that?

Did you think it was,
like, R2-D2 or something?

No, I... I thought it was a vacuum cleaner,

you know, like a Roomba.
Whatever, get off my back.

Chili, can I see you a minute?

Um, that's strike one.

I'm sorry. I don't... what's strike one?

You were late to shift.

Yes, that... like five minutes.

25 minutes. I can tell time.

You're right.

I'm sorry.

There was just construction on my street,

and I was parked behind
this big steamroller thing.


That's strike one.

[tense music]

Chief, there's a Steve Kot

from the State's Attorney's
Office to see you.

[dramatic music]

- Chief Boden...
- Hey.

Assistant State's Attorney Steve Kot.

I'm handling the Roger Maddox arson case.

Oh, I thought you were
here for something else.

The aggravated battery
charges pending against you?

- There you go.
- Yeah, I'm here about both.

The latter could compromise
your ability to testify

in the former.

What do you want me to testify for?

You need Gabriela Dawson.

She's the arson investigator

who first linked Maddox to the fires.

We'll put Miss Dawson
on the stand absolutely,

but remember who we're dealing with here.

Maddox is a take-no-prisoners type.

He employs an army of lawyers

to help him kick old
ladies out of their homes,

but you're a decorated
battalion chief in the CFD.

You're a voice of authority.

You can gain the trust of the jury

and help us frame this
case in plain language,

but only if you dispel these
accusations against you.

Those accusations are unrelated

and invented from whole cloth.

Doesn't matter. If you don't clear them up

before the Maddox case goes to trial,

you're worthless to us as a witness.

Does Maddox know that
I'm supposed to testify?

I assume so.

I'm required to disclose the
witness list to his lawyers.

[knock on door]

Sorry, Chief, it's Donna.
She says it's an emergency.

- Donna?
- Wallace...

you better get home right now.

[dramatic music]

- Wallace.
- This is insanity.

- You okay?
- No, I'm fine,

but... but you need to talk to Wheeler.

Tell him Serena got
into a car with some man.

- He won't listen to me.
- Okay, okay.

Wheeler, you don't need to do this.

I asked the prosecutor and a judge

to sign this search warrant,
so I'm definitely doing this.

Listen to me, Roger
Maddox is setting me up.

- Who?
- Roger Maddox.

He's charged with arson.

I'm supposed to be testifying against him.

This is nothing more than
an attempt to discredit me.

Chief, when were you gonna
tell me that you got into

a confrontation with Serena Holmes

early this morning?

Wheeler, you're not hearing me.

I need to know what happened with Serena.

My wife and her... she exchanged words.

She drove away. That's all.

- Is it?
- Yeah.

Because now she's MIA.

- She's missing.
- That's right.

My witness has vanished.

You and your wife are the
last people seen with her,

so step aside.

Let's go.

[dramatic music]

- Unbelievable.
- I guess if Maddox is willing

to torch a building to close a deal,

he'd have no qualms about
hiring someone to set you up.

Is this Wheeler guy gonna follow up on it?

I have to bring him something
more than just my suspicion.

I need to find a hard link
between Serena and Maddox.

I'll call Antonio and see if he can do

- anymore digging for you.
- I'll talk to Riddle.

If you're being targeted
over an arson investigation,

CFD needs to have your back.

I should reach out to Jaime.

That's your lawyer friend who
went to go work for Maddox?

If she could shed any light on this...

I didn't bring you all here hoping that you

would solve this mess for me.

Of course not, Chief, but
we're gonna do all we can.


It's a silly policy,

and you can tell your supervisor I said so.

RV is registered to a
rental company in Denver.

They won't tell me who rented it...

Sensitive customer information.

Let's name him Leonardo.

[dog growls and whines]

I don't know much about reptiles,

but something seems wrong with him.

Guys, Boden said to
take care of that thing.

If it dies on our watch...

I got food for the big boy.

But the tortoise is acting super sluggish.

Well, anybody give him
water? He could be dehydrated.

[mellow music]

Okay, I'll get it some water.

Dehydrated, okay, that's not so bad.

We'll get him some lemonade.

What's happening, Freddie?

Oh, yo, what up?


Hey, buddy, you thirsty, hmm?

I appreciate what you're doing for Freddie,

the example you're setting,

but he's making himself a
little too at home around here.

I'll talk to him. No problem.

We need some ground rules:

shorter visits only when you're here,

only if he doesn't get in the way,

and at some point,

little bird's got to leave the nest.

But the other day, you said he was welcome.

I did, and now I'm saying
we need ground rules.

Sure, got it.

- Yup, okay, sure.
- Thank you.

I'll have Denise send it all over.

Yup, thanks, Elliot.


you like to surprise a girl, don't you?

Still mad, huh?

Please, sit.

Carrying around a grudge
that big must be exhausting.

- This won't take long.
- Kelly...

It's good to see you.

Did you get your rank reinstated?

Not yet, I will.

My big promotion... making partner,

they had to do it after I landed Maddox,

but they don't give me
any more responsibility

or show me much respect, so
it's pretty insulting actually.

- So why do you stay?
- The money.

- I need your help.
- Name it.

My battalion chief is in legal trouble,

some woman accusing him of assault.

It's obviously a set-up,

and we're pretty sure
that Maddox is behind it.

Her name is Serena Holmes.

I need to find out if
Maddox is paying her off.

I don't know anything about it.

- I honestly don't.
- But you can find out.

Kelly, you are asking
me to dig up and disclose

personal information on my client.

That is a serious breach of ethics.

I can't do it.

I'm sorry.

You know, it's funny.

You'll do whatever it takes to get ahead.

Someone else asks for a hand,

suddenly you're all about ethics.

Hell of a life you've made for yourself.

[dramatic music]

Hey, can I get a female perspective

on something?


Okay, when a girl says, "I had a fun time.

We should do it again," does that mean

that she had a fun time and
she wants to do it again,

or does that mean that
she had an average time

and really couldn't care less
if she ever saw your face again?

One more time.

Brett, night of the gala:

"I had a fun time. We should do it again."

What am I supposed to do with that?

Okay, did you have a fun time?

Do you think you should do it again?

- Yeah.
- Then ask her out again

and stop being a dope.

Hey, guys, the tortoise is getting away.

Mouch, you... you gonna stop it?

What's the rush?

Okay, guys, this is getting old.

Let's just clear a spot
out on the apparatus floor,

and we'll rig up an enclosure for him.

Come on. Before he gets away.


[mellow tones]

Over here. Looks like a good spot.

How'd it go with Boden?

[muffled music from headphones]

Hey, Brett, I wanted to ask you something.

There she is.

It's the miracle worker
with the big, blue eyes.

Oh, my God, I love Gerber daisies.

I had a feeling.

Wow, really? How... how did you...

I said something to my partner about it

when we wheeled you past
the hospital flower shop.

You got me.

- Um, Austin, right?
- Yeah.

How's... how's your leg?

Oh, they did an MRI. Just a muscle tear.

It's no biggie.

I just wanted to thank you for
taking such good care of me.

Did you bring flowers for my lieutenant?

'Cause he's the one that
pulled you out of a burning car.

[alert beeps]

Ambulance 61, person collapsed.

- Sacrament and Walnut.
- I got to go.

Thank you for the flowers.

I never got your name.

Oh, um, Sylvie.

Sylvie, I would be over the moon

if you let me buy you lunch sometime.


[engine turns over]

[siren wailing]


[dramatic music]

I came in to do clean
up... found him in the corn.

He's dead, isn't he?

- Blood pressure's low.
- Body temp is really low too.

He must've been lying here for hours.

Maybe he has some medical ID in his wallet.

- No wallet.
- Well, he's probably homeless.

They come in here and steal our food.

Pupils are equal.

I don't see any sign of head trauma.

All right, I'm gonna bolus him,

get his pressure up. Hopefully he comes to.

Whoa, blood sugar's only 20.

All right, amp a D50.
That'll help him come around.

[dramatic music]

It's up to 120.

Bolus isn't working either.

Pressure's still low.

Let's get him on the backboard
and trauma him to Med.

When mystery man wakes up,
tell him he ruined our corn bin.

Yeah, we'll be sure to do that.

Not your typical John Doe.

Hey, Jimmy said Boden pulled
you aside this morning.

Everything go okay?

It was nothing.

What's up with hot victim and the daisies?

- He ask you out?
- He gave me his card.

I mean, he's definitely cute.

Very... you gonna call him?

I don't know. Does he
seem too smooth to you?

Like he's kind of a player?

Brett, you looking to get married?

Player's what you need.

All I'm saying is,

we collectively assumed
responsibility for this animal,

but somehow I'm the one who had
to take him home between shifts.

Mouch, would you shush. Relax.

Now Trudy won't spend
the night at my place.

- She says it smells like turtle.
- Yeah?

Help you guys?

Uh, yeah, we're here
about that burned-out RV

- you got over there.
- You the owner?

No, we're trying to locate
the driver who abandoned it.

We're hoping you can
let us poke around inside

for any personal affects
he may have left behind.

You don't own the thing,

but you want me to let
you root around inside.


[radio chatter]


Hey, pal, we're the firefighters

who put out that fire.

We have some property
that belongs to the driver,

and we just want to give it back to him.

I think I can help you out.

Guy left his wallet in the console.

Who abandons a camper in such a hurry

that they leave behind a wallet?

Here you go.


I supposed it was empty when you found it.

- No, I took all the cash.
- Okay.


Can I come in?

Hey, uh, yeah, sure.


It's my maid's day off.

But she stopped by for a drink.

Well, hopefully you didn't
have to pay her for that.

You must've been missing me pretty bad

to swing by out of the blue.

Yeah, but that's not
the only reason I'm here.

Last shift, it seemed like maybe

something was going on with you.

- Everything okay?
- Mm-hmm.

Everything is fine.

Chili, I know that we're keeping it casual,

but I care about you.

That's really sweet,

but I'm fine.

I swear.

[romantic music]

Oh, you're really gonna fight me on this?

I never heard what happened with Jaime.

You get a hold of her?


Dead end?

She stonewalled me for sure,

but when I said Serena's
name, she definitely reacted.

Like she knows about it?

Like she knows something,
but I can't pry it out of her.

She's a professional at that game.

Just need to play right.

You should see her up
there in her corner office.

All she had to do was find an inside angle,

and I bet she got a kick out of it

when I told her I hadn't
gotten my rank back.

You think so?

I don't know.

See, I always got the impression

that girl really liked you.




What is it?

Nothing, I'm fine.

The hell you are.

Donna, come on.

All the police activity and, you know,

the fight with Serena in
the middle of the night.

Some of the neighbors...

They canceled the mom's group
that I joined, and, you know,

the looks that they
are giving me... it's...

Which neighbors? Who's
treating you like that?

You can't blame them,

considering everything
that they have heard.

Okay, Donna.

[dramatic tones]

Don't worry about them.

The truth is gonna come out, okay?

I hope you're right.

I don't know how much longer I can do this.

[dramatic music]

Excuse me!


It ends now.

I'm sorry, Mr. Maddox.

- He just barged in.
- What do you want?

This whole business with
Serena Holmes, it ends now.

I don't know what you're talking about.

Cheryl, call security.

What kind of man are you, Maddox?

Houses burn. People die.

You are destroying families!

All so you can turn a profit?

What's the matter, Chief, trouble at home?

You have messed with the wrong man.

You did what?

I had to do something.

I'm glad I did,

because after looking in that
man's eye, I swear to God,

there was no doubt in my
mind Maddox was behind it.

Chief, you got to stop making
things worse for yourself.

What is your buddy Wheeler
doing about all this anyway?

Apart from digging through my drawers.

He's looking for Serena,
who still hasn't turned up.

But is it obvious what's going on?

Serena knew that Boden was
on to her, so she ran off.

Wheeler's doing what any good cop would do.

I mean, if I'm handling a case
and my witness goes missing,

I'm taking a hard look at the person

who benefits most from her disappearance,

and that's you, my friend.

[dramatic tones]

Best advice I could give, Chief,

you got to keep it
together, whatever it takes.

I'm keeping it together.

Antonio says you won't get far on Maddox.

He has to let Wheeler's
investigation play out.

You talk to Severide?

Jaime's a dead end too.

Maddox can't get away with this, can he?

The driver of the RV

and presumably the owner
of our little friend

is one Jeremy Green of Denver, Colorado.

Well done.

Did you track him down?

We're trying.

We found a number in Denver.

We left some messages.

Apparently he's not checking his voice mail

when he's on the road.

There's no other contact
information in there?

Hey, Chili, is this our John Doe?

Oh, yeah.

We picked him up the other day.

He was unconscious, diabetic shock.

He didn't have an ID on him.

You know, that garden was only, like,

1/4 mile away from the RV.

He probably felt his blood sugar
getting low, and he pulled over.

Got disoriented and wandered off.

That's how he ended up napping in the corn.

We should call Med.

[breathing heavily]

Hey, Chief.


Just wanted to let you
know I talked to Riddle,

told him it's possible Roger Maddox

is behind all of this.

Appreciate you going to
bat for me, Patterson,

but to be honest, at this moment in time,

I don't much care about
what Riddle says or does.



If you need to step away
from your duties for a while,

take some furlough time
to deal with the situation.

I have an obligation to be here.

I'm saying if you feel you can't fully

meet that obligation,
I'm happy to watch over

the house in your absence.

I'm sure Riddle would be okay with that.

You had that conversation with him?

Like I said, I... I went to bat for you.

And offered to do my job for me.

Patterson, you're very
good at playing both sides.

Sooner or later,

you're gonna need to make
a stand for what's right.

[dramatic music]

Um, okay, well, thanks for the update.

Jeremy Green is still in the hospital.

They found a brain bleed he
probably sustained in the fall,

and they're keeping him sedated
and intubated until it clears.

Do they think he'll make it?

Should we try animal control again?

We are not putting Leonardo in a shelter.

- Oh.
- [siren rings]

Truck 81, Squad 3, Ambo 61, person trapped.

1390 West Randolph.

[sirens wailing]

[dramatic music]

[overlapping voices shouting]

- Where's the victim?
- Get this.

Lady's taking a shower inside
the women's locker room.

She looks up at the ceiling.

There's this dude staring at
her from inside the heating vent.

The guy's inside the duct?

Yeah, can you pull him out for us?


We got a Peeping Tom
trapped inside the air duct.

- For real?
- Yeah.

There's been a handful of
sexual assaults reported here

over the last couple of weeks.

Sounds like this is our guy.

How'd he gain access to the HVAC system?

Mechanical closet in the back,
but I got a man posted there.

He hasn't come out that way.

Garcia, you got a bead on this guy?

Backed himself out of ladies' shower.

I'm not sure where he's gone to now.

- [dull metal banging]
- Shh.

Over here.

Get the thermal camera.

Herrmann, eight-foot ladder and tools.

Fire Department,

call out so we can help
get you out of there.

This way.

[dramatic music]

Ugh. Oh, God.

What happened up there?

Are you hurt?

Think he's right here.

Nope, he's right there.

I'm caught on something.

It hurts like a bitch.

Hang in there. We'll get you out.

Yup, think you got snagged on a screw.

Think we need to cut into the duct.

Severide, belay that thermal camera.

- Get the sawzall.
- Copy that.

Please, help.

Hold on.

All right, I'm gonna back the screw out.

- Damn it.
- Almost done.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, stop moving!

Son of a bitch, he's trying to get away.

It's going!

Casey! Matt, you okay?

Herrmann, grab him!

He's back in the ducts.

I think he made it to a roof vent.

Suspect might be on the
roof. Keep an eye out.

Hey, pal, where you going?

[suspenseful music]

Hold it, come here.

[man groaning, moaning]

[cheers and applause]


[dramatic music]

[truck beeping]

Come on, Otis, straighten it out.

- It's fine.
- Whoa, Otis, stop!


- Ugh, uh-oh.
- Leonardo.

I can't look.

Where is it?

I put him in there. I know I did.

- It must've escaped.
- Oh, thank God.

Otis, Otis.

You... you need to get your eyes checked.

We'd be better off letting
the candidate drive the truck.

I'd love to. I've got my CDL.

Forget it.

We're not letting the
candidate drive the truck.

Guys, where is the tortoise?

You know, it's really
too cold for him out here.

Maybe it went inside seeking warmth.


Hey, everybody,

this is Debbie Green and her son Zack.

Hi, yeah, you rescued my husband Jeremy.

Yeah, the paramedics found him.

We had no idea he was coming to town.

I took a job here in Chicago
and brought Zack with me,

but Jeremy stayed behind in Denver.

With my tortoise.

We think that he was
driving out to surprise us.

Um, how is he doing?

We just came from the hospital.

He's still sedated, but they seem hopeful.

That's good to hear.

We found him!


I guess we had the wrong Ninja Turtle.

There you go.

I'm gonna miss that
thing. He's very likable.


[sentimental music]

[indistinct chatter]

Oh, your former John Doe

is conscious and talking to his family.

That's great.

Thanks for the update, Sarah.

Did that earn me a free drink?

When tortoises fly, kid.

She thinks I'm kidding.

Know what's crazy?

We've never been away
on a weekend together.

That is crazy.

Where you thinking?

Maybe I'll surprise you.


Uh, Donna went out with some girlfriends.

Figured I'd best stay busy.

Get you a beer?

Appreciate that.


That kind of recognition is a big deal.


Commands real respect around here.

Well, it'll carry weight with Chief Riddle.

Might be a good time to talk to him

about having your rank reassessed.

I'd write a recommendation in support.


[ominous music]

Look, come on, let's talk about chess.

Wallace Boden, you're under arrest.

Turn around, put your hands on the bar.


[dramatic music]

Under arrest for what?

This will be the last
time I give this order.

Turn around, put your hands on that bar.

Why am I under arrest?

You guys out of your minds?

Herrmann, Mouch, call Donna.

Tell her to call my attorney.

We'll figure it out, Chief.

We got your back.

Look at me, Chief, 'cause this
is my favorite part of the job.

You have the right to remain silent.

Anything you say can and will be used

against you in a court of law.

You have the right to an attorney.

If you cannot afford an attorney,

one will be provided for you.

Do you understand these
rights that I've read to you?

Keeping these rights in mind,

do you wish to speak to me?