Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 4, Episode 5 - Regarding This Wedding - full transcript

Boden offers to host a wedding at the firehouse after a fire ruins the ceremony, but Chief Riddle is against it and his political aspirations cause friction among the firefighters.

- How's everything going with Severide?
- Whoa, hold on, Patterson. You'll wreck my squad.
- Who's squad?
It's up to Severide to find his place in the mix.
Or not.
- The only reason why Riddle was up in everybody's business
is because he thinks he's got a shot
at making Fire Commissioner. Everybody knows that.
- Careful.
- Something's wrong.
- There's nothing anyone could have done.
It just...the baby never had a chance.
- [cries] - Hey.
- In my mind,
we were gonna be this family.
We would find a house together,
fix it up together,
grow old in it together, and we would...
But that's not the way that it worked out.
And I know better than anyone that life doesn't--
life doesn't line up into these perfect straight lines.
But it would be nice...
it would be nice if every now and then
I didn't get the curveball, you know?
[somber music]
¶ ¶
- Philippians, fourth chapter, 13th verse.
"I can do all things through him who strengthens me."
Believe it, Gabby. You are strong.
- I know.
And I know that I do have a family.
The one that I grew up with,
and the one that I get to see every shift.
¶ ¶
- That's right.
Rely on them.
¶ ¶
- Gabriela Dawson.
- Is she fit for duty, Wallace?
- Yes.
The doctors have cleared her.
Glad to have her back. She's a top-notch firefighter.
- Well, you can understand my concern.
She jumps to arson,
presumably because she got herself pregnant,
then she loses the baby, and then she jumps
right back onto truck, serving under the officer
who may or may not have fathered the child,
if I'm gonna listen to gossip.
- I beg your pardon?
- Relax. I don't listen to gossip.
All I care about is whether or not
this woman's ready to go back to work.
- Well, she is. Trust me on that.
Gabriela Dawson has been a part of this 51 family
for as long as-- - Now, I'm gonna stop you
right there, Boden. You see,
this isn't a family. This is a workplace.
And that's your problem right there, Boden.
You're too soft on your people, and this is why
we've got so many headaches involving 51.
- Headaches?
- The entire Kelly Severide issue?
- Oh, come on.
- The questions about your response time?
- We were vindicated on that. - You mouthing off to the press?
- Oh, there it is.
Pardon me, Chief. I have to ask.
Your sudden interest in 51 wouldn't have anything to do
with your rumored political aspirations, would it?
[tense music]
Not that I listen to gossip, either.
¶ ¶
- Okay.
You want to put our cards on the table?
- Yeah, let's.
- Was I pleased when a little birdie from the Mayor's Office
confirmed I was on the short list for Fire Commissioner?
You bet I was.
And what they're looking for, Wallace, is someone
who's going to keep the machine humming quietly along,
but I have one squeaky wheel in my district: your house.
So, yes, I have taken an interest.
Does that help clarify things?
¶ ¶
Now, I want you to put this Gabriela Dawson
on modified duty until I have a little
face-to-face with her later today.
I'm gonna personally verify that she's fit for duty.
[door opens]
- Man, Bobby.
They don't make 'em like that anymore.
Take note, candidate.
Bobby Dunbar? He was the real deal.
- How'd he go?
- Cardiac arrest. In his sleep.
- Guy crawls hallways for 30 years,
barely makes it six months into his retirement.
Any way you slice it, it's a raw deal.
- There you go, Bobby. Rest in peace.
- Yeah.
- Hey! - Oh, hey! Look who's back!
- All right, guys. Okay, please, stop.
You can take the kid gloves off.
I, uh...what happened happened,
I've been cleared for duty,
I'm ready for work, and I am happy
to knock anyone's teeth out who treats me like a snowflake.
- [laughs] - Anyone want to try me on that?
- No! - Hmm?
- She's back! Look! Poom-poom-poom!
Welcome back, tiger.
- Dawson?
Can I talk to you for a minute?
- But the doctors already said-- - I know, it's insulting.
If you want to get the union involved,
I'll back you 100%.
- No, that'll just provoke him.
Riddle's trying to show everyone what a tough commissioner
he's gonna make.
Better to just go. Take the meeting.
- You sure? [bells chime]
- Engine 51, Truck 81, Squad 3, Ambo 61.
- Yeah, I'm sure. - House fire.
- I can handle it. - 4738 South Calumet Avenue.
[siren blaring]
- Oh, my God!
- I'm not gonna go all the way in there!
I'm not gonna go all the way in there.
I just need to check.
Let me go! She's still in there!
- Hold on, hold on. Hey!
What happened? Who's inside?
- The bride, the pastor, the maid of honor.
They were getting ready in back.
- Chief, we got a fully involved structure fire.
Multiple victims inside.
- 51, we need lines in there now.
- Herrmann, Borrelli, with me.
- Hey, hey! - No, David, stay back!
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Hey! - Stay back!
- David, stop! - Stay back. Stay back.
Guys, let's go.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, stay back!
- Calm down, move away. - Everybody needs to stay back.
- Fire department, call out!
- Keep your right hand on the wall!
You stay within an arm's length of the Lieutenant at all times!
- Copy that.
- [coughs]
- Hey! Come on! I got you.
- She's in there. - Don't talk, let's go.
- Come on! - Let's go!
- [coughing]
- Stay low!
- Come on. - [gasping]
- Clear away.
[dramatic music]
Calm, steady breaths.
Hey, is this everybody?
- Uh-huh.
- David! David!
- I got him.
[panicked breathing]
- Whole hallway's engulfed, Chief.
We're trapped in the northwest corner bedroom.
- Copy that, Casey. Hold tight.
We're gonna get you out.
- We got another problem, Chief. Security bars.
Every single window.
- Pry 'em off. - Cruz. Severide.
- On it. - Let's go.
¶ ¶
[indistinct shouting]
- [screams]
My dress! My dress!
- It's okay. You're okay.
It's out now.
- Got it.
¶ ¶
- Get up. - Put your leg up, you got it.
- Lean back. - Got it.
- We got you. - All the way back.
Got him? - Careful.
- [coughing]
- Let's go. Turn around.
There you go.
Got it. You're okay, we got you.
Lay on back, lay on back. You're okay.
- Same thing. - All the way up.
- Got her? - Lean back, I got you.
- Got him? - Yeah.
- Lay on back.
- All right, go.
- [coughs]
¶ ¶
- Come on.
- I'm okay, Becca.
I'm gonna be fine. - What were you doing?
- What we got? - Smoke inhalation.
O2 stats are fine, but he's coughing up
black sputum and getting more hoarse.
- How do you feel, sir?
- Like I smoked a couple packets of cigarettes.
- April, let's draw up a carboxyhemoglobin and an ABG.
- Got it.
- He'll be okay, right?
- We don't have to intubate him yet,
but we gotta draw up some blood and check his numbers
before we can make any decisions.
- How soon could he get out?
- He's being admitted. One step at a time, okay?
- [coughing]
- Hang in there.
[indistinct PA announcement]
- Chief, you get a chance to tell Riddle
that I graduated my leadership class?
- Uh, got a meeting this afternoon.
We'll get your bugle back. Don't worry.
- Good, 'cause I know my five Hows,
my efficiency keys-- - This afternoon, Severide.
- Okay, yeah.
Got it, Chief.
- Hey, Chief, you got a second? Brett has a really good idea.
- Okay, so, the bride and groom, Becca and David?
Well, I talked to her at the hospital,
and her parents are flying back to Atlanta tomorrow at noon.
- Becca's father works two jobs, and he can't afford
to lose either of them.
The family poured all their money into that wedding.
- They're holding David overnight at Chicago Med,
for observation--discharge is 7:00 a.m.
So, we were thinking...
we could host the wedding here.
First thing in the morning.
- Here? - At the firehouse.
Just, like, a simple thing, we could get flowers donated,
put folding chairs on the apparatus floor...
- Should I invite Chief Riddle?
Just in case you have failed to notice,
Riddle has made 51 his pet project.
Right now, we need to keep our heads down,
our nose to the grindstone.
- Chief, we get it, but this family,
they just lost everything.
- I feel for this family. I really do.
Our job is to protect them. We did that.
Speaking of Riddle, you need to get over to headquarters.
Make your case. Now.
- I thought you of all people would appreciate
a firehouse wedding.
[stirring music]
¶ ¶
- Wedding would've lifted spirits around here, I bet.
- I know--the vows, the music, a little cake...
- Yeah, and two smitten kids with a wide open future
ahead of them.
- [snorts] Yeah.
I'm sorry, was that out loud?
- You got something against marriage?
- I mean, I'm sure for plenty of people
it's all sunshine and roses.
- Then why so down on it?
- Well, after they got married,
my parents pretty much tried to kill each other every day.
Then my mom got hooked on heroin and abandoned the family.
So, not a big believer.
- Trudy's been leaning on me to pop the question.
Might share that story, if you don't mind.
- Mouch. - It's fine.
I share it all the time. It's a cautionary tale.
- Sorry you went through that. Sounds rough.
- Don't be sorry.
Just don't ask me to marry you.
- Yeah, I feel 100%, and I have full clearance from my doctor,
as you can see there.
- Well, I'm glad to hear that you're feeling better.
But it's not just the physical aspects of the job
that I need to be worried about.
- Oh, I feel good on all fronts, Chief.
- A firefighter's emotional condition
is just as important as any other aspect
of their fitness for duty.
- Like I said, I'm both physically and mentally
cleared for duty.
I'm sorry, I'm not exactly sure what your concern is.
- My concern is keeping drama out of the firehouse.
Am I hearing right--your Lieutenant fathered this kid?
- Uh...[coughs] That's a personal matter.
And I'd rather not discuss it.
- The fact that you're becoming distraught right now
speaks directly to my concern.
In my opinion, you are not fit for duty at this time,
and I'd advise you take additional leave.
- Okay, I'm not distraught.
I'm angry. Okay?
Are you this worried about male firefighters'
emotional condition when they return from medical leave?
This isn't fair, and I am happy to detail to the commissioner
and whoever else will listen to exactly how unfair it is.
[tense music]
¶ ¶
- I said additional leave was advised.
It's not an order.
- [sighs] Then, respectfully,
I decline your advice, and I will be going
back to my shift now.
¶ ¶
[door shuts]
- [sighs]
- Hey.
You okay? - I'm fine.
- What'd Chief Riddle say? - You cleared for duty?
- [clears throat] Yeah, I am.
- Gabby, what'd he say?
- He kind of...came at me.
The guy's an ass.
Doesn't matter, I-- the point is that I'm cleared.
- Oh, that guy's just trying to make a name for himself.
Get some attention.
- What's going on?
- Riddle got on her case.
- It's nothing. I'm over it.
[dramatic music]
¶ ¶
- Hi. Hope we're not interrupting?
- No, no, come on in. Welcome.
- We just wanted to say thank you
for everything you did.
- My fiancé, David?
He's...alive because of you.
This is such a small gesture by comparison,
but we wanted to do something.
The bakery where we got the wedding cake
makes really good sweets.
- So how's David doing?
- Getting better by the minute.
And already trying to reschedule the wedding
whenever we can get everyone back into town.
- Hey. - You okay, Dawson?
- Yeah, yeah, I'm sorry about that out there.
It's just...there's this old way of doing things
I'm never gonna understand.
It's chiefs like Riddle who...
He brought up the baby.
- No. - Yep.
Under the pretense that he was gauging my fitness to return,
but I know he was just trying to provoke me.
- Give me five minutes with that guy.
I don't care what color his shirt is.
- No, just because he's--
- We are having the wedding here.
I'll be damned if Chief Riddle or anyone else
is gonna change my way of running this house.
He wants to fight.
Then let's fight.
- Okay, people, we have a lot to do
and not much time.
We're doing this tomorrow morning,
so let's get to it.
Um, I put us in charge of flowers.
- We can totally do that.
- Okay, the family's pastor can't be there,
so we need a preacher who can perform the ceremony.
- Chaplain Orlovsky'll jump at the chance.
I'll call him. - Great.
And we need music. Of course, a wedding march.
And something for the reception.
- Just need an iPod, right? - Um, no, nice try.
It's a wedding, not a slumber party.
Think you can do better than that.
- Back in high school, I was part of an a cappella group,
if that helps.
- You serious?
- See for yourself.
[clears throat]
¶ Love, my love for you is so...¶
- Cap, let's just keep that in our back pocket.
We'll see what else we can come up with, all right?
- Great, squad's on it.
Um...okay, people, let's...let's get to it.
- Hey.
- Uh, Chief?
Opening our doors like this for a wedding?
Making a big scene?
Any chance you're doing this just to spite Chief Riddle?
- My philosophy is that our firehouse
is a part of the neighborhood.
Our doors are always open.
- Chief, you've burned through quite a bit of political capital
over the past few weeks.
Maybe it's time to start laying low,
making calculated decisions.
- You're starting to sound just like him.
- Hey, I am not the enemy.
I'm just looking out.
- Duly noted.
[bells ring]
- Ambo 61, person in distress, 215 West Belden.
[siren wailing]
[suspenseful music]
¶ ¶
- They're in there. I heard screaming.
- You two stand by.
- [grunts]
¶ ¶
- Paramedics, up here, quick!
In here, hurry!
- Help!
Help! Help!
Get him off!
I can't breathe! [groans]
- Uh...
- Help us untie her.
We got you.
- All right, guys. We need your help.
On three. One...two...three.
[all grunting]
One more time. One...two...three.
[all grunting]
- Thank you.
Oh, my God, is he dead?
- No, he has a pulse, but it's weak.
[suspenseful music]
¶ ¶
BP's 60 over 40. Let's get the IV going.
¶ ¶
- Either of you familiar with Wild Stallion Romantic Enhancer?
- [laughs softly] Tadalafil, sildenafil,
Holy crap, what isn't in this?
- Is your husband on any medication?
- I don't know. He's...not my husband.
- All right, he's responding to the fluids.
Sir, can you hear me?
How do you feel?
- Oh, no. - Yep.
That's about right. 61 to main.
I need manpower assist.
I think I pulled a muscle on that last call.
That's definitely going in my tell-all memoir.
I'm calling dibs. [laughs]
- All yours.
I do not get how someone could skip out on their husband
for that.
- It's pretty cute how outraged you are.
- Just because I can't make romance work
doesn't mean it doesn't exist.
Hey, Dr. Halstead.
How's David Franklin from the house fire this morning?
- His carbon monoxide levels were very high,
but they're coming down with the oxygen.
We also gave him a cyanide kit.
- You still expect to release him in the morning?
- Hope so, all he keeps talking about
is the wedding and his bride-to-be.
- Oh, see, a man runs into a burning building
to save the woman he loves.
That's romance. - Aww.
- You want to hit up the florist across the street,
see what we can get?
- You know what? I've got a better idea.
- Hey, guys, give us a hand?
- What you got?
- Ta-da.
- Whoa, jackpot.
- "With deepest sympathies."
- Courtesy of Shady Pines Mortuary.
They were just gonna toss this out!
- I see--so you hate weddings, but you'll find any excuse
to hit up a funeral home.
- You know it. - My kind of girl.
- We need to take a ride.
- Where to?
- I found Chaplain Orlovsky.
- Who is this we're picking up?
- So Walt goes running out there, and sure enough,
Bobby's taken an acetylene torch
and cut the roof clean off of Walt's car.
[laughter] - Hey, good to see you.
- Walt drove that thing around for two whole weeks.
In February!
- Hey. - Oh, hey, Matt Casey.
- How are you? - Yeah.
You knew Bobby Dunbar, right? - I did, yeah.
- Hey, Gary, a round for my friends here.
We're gonna drink another toast to Bobby D.
He was one of a kind.
- Look, another time, Padre.
We're on duty. - Yeah.
- Oh. - Wish we could.
Listen, Chaplain, we need your help with something.
- Oh, yeah, sure. Anything for you guys.
Anything at all. Wait, I just gotta--oh!
- I got--oh, whoa, whoa. - All right, hang on, whoa.
Hang on, pops. - Who moved the floor?
- Uh, quick plan B, there's like a hundred places
online I can get ordained overnight.
- Otis, get the door.
- [snores]
- Do I want to know?
- [mouthing "no"]
- Make sure he's tucked away in the bunk room
before Riddle arrives.
- Sure. [chuckles]
Oh, and Chief?
- Yeah?
- What you're doing here, with this wedding?
- Uh-huh.
- Not the smartest move you've ever made.
- Well, better to die on your feet
than live on your knees, Connie.
- [snores]
- [sighs]
- You can knock, you know.
- So are you gonna help us with the flower arrangements?
- Yeah, of course.
I grew up working in a flower shop.
- Really?
- Are you kidding me?
A family of firefighters
who drank testosterone for breakfast?
- [laughs]
- So, what you said earlier.
You got no family in Chicago?
- My sister moved to Kansas City.
I've been trying to call her,
but...she's a mess.
- Oh, she's the mess?
[both laughing]
- Yeah, she just
goes where the wind blows.
But...must run in the family.
- So, let me get this straight.
You're never gonna settle down, that's the game plan?
- Damn right.
- Honestly, I can't tell whether I'm doing
a good job or a bad job here.
- Mm-hmm. You know what?
Why don't you stick to taking the condolence cards off?
- Heads up. It's the Riddler.
- [exhales]
[tense music]
¶ ¶
- Why isn't Patterson here?
Would you go get Captain Patterson for me?
- Yes, Chief.
- What's with the flower shop in your common room?
- Family lost their home day of their wedding.
I'm offering 51 as an alternate venue.
- An alternate venue, Wallace? This is a firehouse.
It's not the champagne room at the Radisson.
- I'm aware of that.
I know it's a little unorthodox, but I thought I would offer it.
- Well, then, maybe you should pull the plug.
- That would be a very big blow to the bride.
The groom is laid up at Chicago Med.
[knocks on door] - Sorry, I didn't realize
I was expected at this meeting.
- Come on in, Patterson.
We're here to discuss Kelly Severide's lieutenancy.
Did you pass your course, Severide?
- With flying colors, sir.
Your office is getting a copy of my final review.
- Congratulations.
Why don't we put your leadership skills to the test?
As a reinstated officer, would you support
the use of a firehouse for a private event?
- Depends on the event, sir.
- Well, I think you know that I'm referring to
this specific event, this wedding.
[tense music]
- If I thought it would help people?
I'd support it, sure. - Mm-hmm.
- And I do.
- I think we'll let Severide stay right where he is
for a while. We'll reassess down the road.
- Wait, what? - Kelly.
- Down the road? No way.
I passed your class. I kept my head down.
I did my job, like you asked. Ask Patterson.
- You don't think I already have?
- If he didn't give me a positive review,
then he's full of it.
- Severide, I'm happy to discuss this with you later.
- I'm not talking to you. - Kelly, that's enough.
- You know, it's no surprise to me
that your people--Dawson, Severide--thumb their nose
at authority and backtalk their superior officers.
I know exactly where they learned that behavior.
- Riddle, you got a problem with me,
don't take it out on my men.
That wedding was my call, and I am happy to bring
this discussion up before the Commissioner,
because he is not retired as yet.
¶ ¶
- All right, you do whatever you think's best
regarding this wedding, Chief.
And as for you, we will review down the road.
¶ ¶
- Chief?
I apologize for that, Chief Riddle.
I am embarrassed on Severide's behalf.
And, as far as this wedding goes--
- Look, just don't let yourself get dragged down
into this mess, Patterson.
There may be a Battalion Chief slot
opening up very soon.
- I'm so sorry, Severide.
I did not mean for you to become collateral damage.
- To hell with him.
He was never gonna give me my bugle back anyway.
Shove it up his ass, Chief.
- Uh, we got some jalapeno poppers,
we got some wingdings, got some mini-quiches,
slightly freezer burned.
- Not exactly Gibsons Steakhouse, is it?
You know what?
You take yourself down to the grocery store
and you get some nice, big platters and, uh...
and a cake.
- You got it, Chief.
- Anything left over, you drop it in Bobby Dunbar's boot.
- Chief, we got a text from the bride, Becca?
- The groom took a bad turn.
- Well, you report back when you know anything.
Go get the food, candidate. Good thoughts.
Good thoughts.
- Hey, what happened?
- Increased inflammation in his airway.
Not uncommon for inhalation injuries to get worse
before they get better.
That's why we're keeping an eye on him.
- Hey, Becca, how you doing?
- I'm okay.
Dr. Halstead said the wedding's giving David
something to fight for.
He's gonna pull through.
And when he does, he'll want to celebrate.
- Good. - Good, we'll be ready for him.
[monitor beeps]
- Oh, God.
- Becca...
- I'm here, David.
- He's in SVT. Heart rate's 200.
- David, I need a big cough from you.
- [coughs]
- Oh, come on, you can do better than that.
A lot harder, come on. - [coughs]
- Give me six of adenosine.
Okay, folks, everyone needs to clear out.
- But--but he's awake. - Please, step outside.
- Come on, honey, let's give 'em some space.
[machines beeping]
- Hang in there, David.
- Adenosine given.
Still in SVT. BP's 90 over 60.
- Bolus him 500 of NS, another 12 of adenosine,
and put the pads on.
Let's get him set up for a cardioversion.
Start with 50 joules.
- Midazolam? - No, Ketamine.
One milligram per kilo. David?
Can you hear me?
We're gonna shock your heart. Okay?
We'll have you sedated, but it's gonna be intense.
Are you ready?
All right, he's ready.
Let's go. - 50 joules.
Clear! - Clear.
[volts shock] [machines beeps]
- Still in SVT. Heart rate's 180.
BP's still 90 over 60. - Bring it up to 100 joules.
- Clear.
[volts shock] - 100, again.
- Clear.
[volts shock]
[sustained beep]
[beeping slows]
Heart rate's dropping.
- All right, get me a 12-lead EKG, stat.
- Hey. - What do you think?
- I think ol' Bobby D'd be proud of you guys.
- I'm begging you. It's zero hour.
We have no other choice.
- No, Cruz, there is no way. I can't even sing.
- Yes you can. I've heard you.
- Oh, karaoke doesn't count.
I'm usually two sea breezes in when I go up.
- I'm just saying, consider the alternative.
- ¶ And we will see it through ¶
¶ A love you are so ¶
- Oh, I see your point. - Mm-hmm.
[alarm buzzes] - Truck 81, Squad 3, Ambo 61.
Structure collapse, 4332 North Parkside Avenue.
[siren wailing] - Bill, where's Mitchell?
Find Mitchell. Where is he?
[dramatic music]
Help, please! My son, he's in there!
- What happened?
- They were running stair drills, the thing just snapped.
My boy, Mitchell, he fell down through the middle.
At least 30 feet. He's hurt bad.
- Guide the victims off slowly.
One wrong move, and the whole thing collapses.
- Severide, go with him. - Yeah, on it.
- Main, we're gonna need an EMS Plan One.
- Copy that. - Triage the victims
as they come down.
¶ ¶
- [coughs]
- There he is.
- We're with the victim.
He's trapped under a heavy bleacher,
having trouble breathing.
- Copy that, Severide.
- Ah, damn, can't get any torque in this mud.
- Use this for leverage.
- Hang in there, kid.
- Whoa.
Casey, this thing's gonna come down any minute.
Let's get this kid out.
[dramatic music]
- Hang on, bud.
- Here, this'll give us some extra leverage.
- Aah!
- There.
- You're gonna be okay.
Let's get you to the ambo.
- Hey.
How you feeling?
- Like a lucky man.
- She looks very beautiful.
- Thank you.
- All right, you guys.
We struck out on the music, so
it looks like we're gonna have to go with what we got.
- Ha!
- Okay. I'll do it.
I just, I can't do it alone.
I need some kind of accompaniment.
- I-- - Uh-uh.
- I'll be right back.
[Bach's "Air on the G String"]
¶ ¶
- Who the heck invited the news?
¶ ¶
["Sweethearts in Love"]
- ¶ The stars in your eyes ¶
¶ When we first met ¶
¶ ¶
¶ Told me that we ¶
¶ Somehow would be ¶
¶ Sweethearts in love ¶
¶ I try to forget ¶
¶ The stars are there yet ¶
¶ ¶
¶ They say come on ¶
¶ We won't be wrong ¶
¶ To be sweethearts in love ¶
- Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today
for a truly special union.
A reminder that life's hardships and uncertainties
are no match for the love
between two people with open hearts
and undaunted dedication to one another.
So, it is with deep joy and appreciation
that we bear witness to the joining
of David Franklin and Rebecca King
in the bonds of holy matrimony.
- On me.
I nearly forgot to toast your first fire.
- Not gonna turn that down.
- You did good.
Do you know how I know that?
Never heard your name on the radio,
which means you weren't cowboying,
you were just doing your job, like you were trained.
- Thanks, Lieutenant. - Yeah.
Cheers. Keep it up.
[rock music playing]
¶ ¶
- First fire, huh?
- Here you go, guys. On the house.
- Thank you so much. - You got it.
- Wait, she couldn't just wriggle out
from underneath the guy?
- Did you not hear the part about the leather straps?
- Guy's lucky he pulled through.
Those pills are banned in several states.
Chili looked it up.
Chili, what's the quote from the article?
Where is she? She was just here.
- Nothing can prepare you for that real thing.
When you walk into a real fire, it''s chaos.
The heat, the smoke, you can't see anything,
your mask feels like it's too tight.
Then there's Lieutenant Casey, and he's calm,
and in control, and that makes me feel calm.
- Why are you still talking?
- You asked me about being in my first fi--
So you don't want to know about the fire.
- No. Not even a little bit.
[poignant music]
¶ ¶
[rock music playing]
¶ ¶
- Who, hey, Herrmann, Herrmann. Turn it up.
- A firehouse is called a house for a reason.
It's a part of the community it serves,
and that's what today is all about.
These folks aren't just nameless faces.
They're our neighbors.
- Like it was his idea all along.
[tense music]
¶ ¶
- They stuck a microphone in my face.
I mean, what am I supposed to do?
¶ ¶
[sighs] Seriously?
- What the hell was that?
- That was me saving your ass from Chief Riddle.
- Oh, is that a fact?
- I convinced him that a little human interest story like this
would reflect well on the entire department.
¶ ¶
You need to learn to get along with Chief Riddle.
The man is going places.
But he's not going away.
- I think you're right about that.
All the politicians in the department are rising up.
All the Bobby Dunbars are going away.
CFD is worse off because of it.
- Ready for his close up. Sure enough.
- Well, there's one thing that's become
crystal clear in all this.
- What's that?
- It's either him or me.
I'm not going anywhere.
[dramatic music]
¶ ¶
[wolf howls]