Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 4, Episode 4 - Your Day Is Coming - full transcript

A member of Firehouse 51 requires the support of the whole team to recover from a near disaster.

I started looking into
the crack house fire.

The building owner is Roger Maddox.

If he's not setting the fires himself,

that's a hell of a coincidence.

This is slander with no
basis, pure and simple.

- Is that?
- Jamie Killian.

They were going to fire me.

We're gonna need to reexamine
all the other old files.

They're gone.

- Gabi?
- Something's wrong.

Come on. Come on!

Gabi? Baby?

First trimester pregnancy,
collapsed on scene.

We're having trouble keeping her sats up.

Call OB.

Warm blood, level one transfuser.

Call the OR.

- She just...
- Yeah, she grabbed her stomach

and then she folded
and then she passed out.

- She just passed out?
- Yeah.

Sats are coming up.

- Belly's full of fluid.
- Matt? Matt?

- Hey.
- Hey. Hey.

I'm right here.

Gabi, I'm not seeing an IUP.

Damn. It's abdominal.

- What does that mean?
- The fetus is implanted

outside of her uterus,
somewhere in her abdomen.

- Somewhere?
- I won't know where until I go in.

The placenta leeches off the blood supply

of whatever it attaches
to and when it tears,

so does that site.

We need to stop the bleeding.

You can save the baby.

OB's in route.

She'll be in the OR with me.


I'm not even worried.

We'll do great.

We didn't even get to find out

if it's a boy or a girl.

Baby, hey, hey. You're the
strongest person I know.

You're gonna be fine, both of you.


I love you.

I love you too.

It's time.

Let's get her into the OR.


do everything you can for the baby

but if it comes down to a choice,

- you save my girl.
- Matt, truth time.

When I'm in there, she's the
only one I'm trying to save.

How is she?

Dr. Halstead and the obstetrician

are working to stop the bleeding.

It'll be a few hours
before we get any news.

You're acting truck lieutenant this shift.

You got it, Chief.

I gotta stop by OFI.

Riddle'll come down on you in a second

if we don't have those files.

Let's not worry about me right now.

Chief, Dawson went to the mat

trying to nail Maddox for those arsons.

There's no way I'm gonna let her wake up

and have those files still missing.

I'd like to come along.

See if I can help.

- All right.
- District says Antonio's undercover.

They can't reach him right now.

I'm gonna stay here with Casey.

- Chief, you don't have to...
- Look.

I'm just going to update
the house with news.

Moment it comes in.

Hey, listen,

she's gonna make it, okay?

They both will.


Holding at 110.


- Suction.
- Suction.

Hold this. Suction.


When you find the placenta,

you're gonna wanna gently peel it away.

The placenta's implanted on the cava.

- Two sponge sticks.
- Sponge.

Gimme your hand. Here, push down.


Hold that. There.

You move, she bleeds to death.

- Got it?
- Got it.

I don't get how files just walk outta here.

You see a lot of security?

Severide, what about
that girl you been seeing?

The lawyer. She's already mixed up in this.

I don't see Jamie breaking and entering.

We'll have to rule her out.

I'll talk to Jamie.

If she knows anything,
I'll get it out of her.

Still in surgery.

Okay, here's how it's gonna be.

All right, first, we're
gonna have a great shift.

All right?

Focused, top of our
game, a 100% solid team.

- Uh, Herrmann...
- Second,

when Dawson comes through
this with flying colors,

we're gonna throw a huge
party for her at Molly's.

- Herrmann.
- One second, please.

All right? Thank you, Otis.



Molly's just got closed.

Shut down.

We got a code violation.

I... I... I don't think...

I don't think I just heard what you said.

Those Portland jackals. They...

they must have reported us.

It says the building is
too close to the curb.

The ordinance says we need
15 feet and we have 13.

We're shut down.

- Mr. Severide.
- Yeah.

Good morning.

Nice office.

Nice assistant.

Guess it all worked out for you, huh?

This is my job, Kelly.

Dawson's files on Maddox went missing.

Somebody broke into OFI and stole them.


If you want to accuse me of something,

do it.

Are you asking if I stole those files?


Information fell into my lap.
I handed it off to a client.

That is a hell of a lot
different than stealing.

What about computer forensics?

- What?
- We use them all the time.

Even after a files been deleted,

a guy who knows what he's
doing can usually find a trail.

So you're helping me now?

I just wanna show you that I
don't have anything to hide.

Eventually, you will realize

this was all just business.

And when you do...

you have my number.


Gabi's in the ICU.

We controlled the bleeding
and she's looking good.

But we still need to keep an eye on her.

And, um...

the baby?

For all intents and purposes,

there never was a baby.

I'm sorry, this just
wasn't a viable pregnancy.

Now, when Gabi wakes up, do you...

I can... I can talk to her.

I'm around if you need me.

Thank you.



I'm so sorry.

Hey, need some help?

Do you ever just wanna hit something?

Everything is just so messed up.

Hey, Dawson's in good hands.

Yeah, I know. I know, it's just...

there's nothing we can
do about it except...

wait and pray, I guess.

I don't know, I just
feel like there should be

something that we can do about Molly's.

Dawson shouldn't have to come
out of this and deal with that.

I could call my cousin Anthony.

He's in construction.

If there's a way around a
building code, he'll find it.

All units call.

Downed power lines. Person trapped.

3300 West Carpenter.

My son, Kevin, he's in there all alone.

- You gotta get him out.
- Tell me what happened.

The bouncy house... The wind blew it up.

It hit the power lines and came back down.

Okay, okay. We're on it.

Alarm office, notify
ComEd we need a shutdown,

and gimme an ETA.

And then Gary went in to try to help,

and all of a sudden, he just stopped.

Hey, sir, are you all
right? What's going on?

I can feel my feet tingling.

All right, that ground's electrified.

Everything in there's hot, the whole yard.

Hey, get back. Back up away from the wire.

- Hey, Kevin.
- Yeah?

My name's Kelly.

We're gonna get you out
of there in a few minutes.

I just need you to sit
tight for a little bit, okay?

- Yeah.
- You're being really brave.

Power company ETA 15 minutes.

Another flash like that,

the whole house is gonna collapse.

The power line's gonna
come down on that kid.

You don't got 5 minutes, let alone 15.

Cruz, Capp, get the father out.

On it.

Hey, we need to build a bridge.

Everything I got on my truck is metal.

We need to rig something up.

Jimmy, Otis, listen,

I need you guys to go house to house

and find me a wooden ladder.

Bust in some garages if you have to.

- Okay, let's go.
- Mouch, get me a Stokes basket.

- Hey, Tony, I need cribbing.
- Got it.

Hey, sir,

I'm gonna need you to start
moving back slowly, okay?

Dragging your feet.

Keep them on the ground.

Just shuffle, slowly.

Capp, Cruz, get ready for him.

Nice and slow.

I don't feel a tingle anymore.

- Good? You good?
- Yeah.

All right, good job.

Hey, Kevin, we're gonna be
right in there for you, bud.

Okay? You're being really
brave. You're doing great.

Broke into a shed up the block.

We owe 3226 a padlock.

Posts lashed to the ladder,
ladder lined up at the house.

Let's go. Let's go. Clove hitch knots.

Let's go!

Okay, let's go. We're running out of time.

One, two, three, lift!

All right, Stokes basket... bring it in.

Just hold on, Kevin.

Hurry... please!

All right.

All right, buddy, hang on.

See? Told ya.

Outta here in no time.

Climb in. Climb in there.

Oh, my God... Kevin!

- Now!
- Got it... pull!

All right.

- Here, Cruz.
- I got him.

Come on, bud.

Thank you so much.

Just glad he's okay.

You did great.

Hey, yeah. Chief.

Uh-huh, yeah.

Aw, that's great. Really great.


Aw, jeez. Yeah, okay.




Gabi's in the ICU.

She's doing great.

The baby didn't make it.

The important thing is Gabi's doing okay.


Boden's there, so...

it means 51 is there.

They know that we're thinking about them,

and when the time comes,

we will be there for them. Okay?

Hey, I just got a call that
PD's computer guy's available.

- Hit it. I got you covered.
- All right.

Well, your girl was right.
The files have been wiped

- from the whole system.
- Can you tell who did it?

Well, all I got is a time stamp,

so it could have been anybody in the system

at the time of the wipe.

What I can tell you is
that whoever did this,

they knew what they were looking for.

Surgical strike.

- So, what? A hacker?
- No, the opposite.

What I'm saying, and I
am not accusing anybody,

but this person... they're
familiar with your system.

You're looking at an inside job.

You have any idea who
knew about these files?

Well, Dawson, of course, and Susie,

but she called in sick.

What is Susie's last name?

- Wilder.
- Hmm.

- Wait, what're you doing?
- Oh, I'm calling the district.

Susie's gonna have to
account for her whereabouts.

Okay, but sending the cops after her...

Yeah, hold on. You're talking about

theft of city records and
a criminal investigation.

What, you wanna look the other way on that?

Oh, no, of course not.
It's just hard to believe...

- Okay. Uh-huh? Yeah.
- Susie would...


Kelly, I'm really sorry you
got pulled into all this.

You hear from this Susie
chick, you give me a call.


Hey, Sylvie.

- Hey, Chief.
- Hey.

How's she doing?

Just woke up a few minutes ago.

The doctor said the
baby never had a chance.

There was nothing anyone could have done.

It just wasn't meant to be.

I'm just so grateful you're okay.

Is that Boden and Brett in the hallway?

Yeah, but you don't have to...

They can come in.


How is she?

I, uh... think she's still in shock.

Well, she's been through a lot.

She needs time to process everything.

You both do.

I know.

Anyway, she's asking for you both.

- Really?
- Yeah.

Go on.


Hey. Thanks for coming.

We're just glad you're all right.

- How you feeling?
- Okay, I guess.

- Is the doctor coming soon?
- Are you in pain?

- Do you want me to get a nurse?
- No, I just want an update

on how the baby's doing.

Um, Casey, why don't you pop out

and ask the nurse when
the doctor's gonna be by.

I need Dr. Halstead to Gabriela
Dawson's room right away.

Code blue to ICU.


Her pressure just bottomed out.

Something broke loose. She's rebleeding.

Call the OR. Start pounding those fluids,

and call for blood.

- Bag her. Let's intubate.
- Right away.

She's crashing.

A piece of the placenta
was hidden behind the bowel.

When it broke loose, Gabi
started bleeding again.

What? They just...

miss stuff?

Rebleeding is really
common in cases like this.

A lot of the time, the
docs have to go back in.

Well, what kind of odds
are we talking about here?

I think she's gonna do great.


We just have to keep a good thought.



Hey, look who it is.

I heard Dawson was back in surgery,

so I thought... I'm
just gonna drop this off,

and I gotta go back.

You know, I heard from PD.

- Susie checked out.
- Really?


That's great.

Yeah, they cleared her.

What? You sure?

She was sitting with friends
when the files got wiped.

Bunch of people saw her.


Well, that's great.

I guess.

I mean, I know you wanted to
get to the bottom of this, and...

I just hated the thought that
a nice girl like Susie would...

Hey, you think this plant's okay?

I was gonna get one of those
arrangements with the...

stuffed bear, but I thought
a stuffed animal might be...

What's going on Duff?

I'm just worried about Dawson is all.

And this thing with the... files.

Hey you don't think...
I mean, those doctors,

they didn't... did they say anything about

stress playing a part at all?

Because she was really
worried about this case,

and, uh, I mean, I... the
last thing I would want is...

Duffy, there's a reason
why I sent Dawson your way.

It's because I knew that
you would take care of her.

It's no secret that Benny
was a better firefighter

than a father, I get that,

and you... you took that place.

I can't repay that.

If there's ever anything
you wanna talk about,

anything at all, I'm here.

I didn't get rid of those files, Kelly.

I'll talk to you later.

Give Gabi my best.

Who's hungry?

Come on, guys.

You gotta eat.

Just have a little something?

Grab a nibble, guys.

- Thank you, Cindy.
- Of course.

- You're amazing, you know that.
- Mm.

I think it's more the power
of a church phone tree.


It's you.

- Lieutenant.
- Yeah?

I got something I need to look into.

I know that this is a bad time, but, um...

could these guys give me a ride?

If there's a call, we'll
totally get him there.

Yeah, sure... just keep
your ear to that radio.

Go on.

Thank you for the sandwiches.


Hey, Anthony. Thanks for coming.

No problem. How's your pop doing?

Eh, you know Dad. This is Chili and Brett.

Hey, how you do...

Ladies. Hello. Very pleased to meet you.

Any friend of Jimmy's is a friend of mine.

Anthony, what's the story?

I don't know what to tell you.

Code says you have to
be 15 feet from the curb.

That's 13. 13 ain't 15.

Oh, hey, you happy now?

Oh, I'm sorry if you're
upset about your little pub,

but the laws are the laws.

We just care about the neighborhood.

Yeah? Just keep walking.

Oh, my God!

- Chili.
- What?

- Anthony.
- Sorry, buddy,

I wish I had a different...

How old is this structure?

Oh, I remember Herrmann saying something

about it being around since Prohibition.

Jimmy, grab me one of the
baggies I got in my toolbox.

You ever hear of Joliet-Lemont limestone?

Ambulance 61,

man down from unknown causes.

2129 W. Harrison.

Is that...

County morgue.

- Come on.
- Yo, we gotta go.

Stick around. I'll give you a ride.

This has never happened before.

I mean, I heard stories, like,
in Poland or Brazil or China...

- Sir.
- Lionel Flowers.

I'm just an assistant. I'm not the M.E.

I'm really not trained to
deal with this sort of thing.

Okay, Lionel, just take a deep breath.

I'm supposed to take 'em
from the gurney to the tables

so Dr. Wu could do the autopsy,

and the son of a bitch moved.


Sir, do you know your name?

- Did he say anything to you?
- If he talked to me,

I'd be passed out next to him,
not standing here with you.

Ugh, he's out.

Lionel, I need you to tell me

everything you can about this man.

Um... uh...

Noah Arkin, pronounced DOA in the field.

Untreatable Fine V-Fib.


Heart rate's 30 beats a minute.
Does he have a heart condition?

Um... uh...

History of Wolf-Parkinsons-White Syndrome.

I wonder if that's why
they called it in the field.

Bradycardia's super rare in WPW.

These patients usually have
a rapid ventricular response.

Nobody would suspect a low heart rate.

Pushing atropine.

Heart rate's up to 65.

Oh, he's dropping.

Pace him.

- 70?
- 70 joules.

Pace him at 80 beats per minute.




Heart rate's up to 80.


You're just gonna still keep shocking him?

Can I get a hand?

He's not dead.

The defibrillator's acting as a pacemaker.

It looks weird, but it's
actually keeping him stable.

Ready? One, two, three.

Dawson's outta surgery.

And the date?

November 3rd.

Good. Follow me.

Could you tell me those words
I asked you to remember earlier?

House, pencil, ball.


She's neurologically intact.

An OB will be by later to check on her too,

but she's looking great.


And, um... does she remember?

I thought you'd wanna be the
one to talk to her about that.

I'm a text away if you need anything.



It's all right.

"The unique materials qualify the structure

as historically significant."

Molly's officially can't be
torn down or altered in any way.

Wait, wait, wait. How
is that even possible?

Joliet-Lemont limestone,

and cousin Anthony.

Does that assemblage of
words mean anything to you?

It's the bricks on the
front of Molly's, Mouch.

Apparently, it's rare.
Serious old Chicago stuff.

Used to be everywhere, but
most of the old buildings

with it got destroyed, so Anthony...

Who's in construction. Legitimately.

Helped me get the application

for historical status to the committee.

They approved it right away.

Molly's can reopen tonight.

Wow, kid,

you're amazing.

I knew you could do it.

How's our girl?

Will says she's completely
out of the woods.

For good this time.

Well, when can we go in and see her?

The doctors say she's gotta rest right now,

but, uh... I told her
how you've all been here,

and she can't wait to see you
when she's a little better.

Uh, okay, well, come on, guys.

Now's not the time.

Let's let them have their space,

besides we got a couple
hours left on shift.

Back to the house, everybody.

- Out.
- Thanks, Herrmann.


See you all at the house.

Hey, courier dropped them off.

They're addressed to you.


Hey, it's Kelly. I got the files.

Give me a call back as
soon as you get this.


You, uh...

you thinking maybe you
wanna do a welfare check?


Let's go.

Hey, Tony, he lives just a
few block up here, all right?

Hey, we got a problem.

- Duff!
- Suit up.

What're you doing, man?

I needed money, Kelly.

It's okay.

It's all right. Just get down from there.

Talk to me over here.

There's no going back from this.

I made mistakes I can't fix.

Those boxes have everything
you need to close the case.

I put back every piece of analysis.

Every evidence log.

Everything Maddox paid me to whitewash.

That's great.

Now you gotta do the tough part, man.

You gotta stick around for the fallout.

Please, Duff.

I know what kinda man you are.

Show me that I'm right.

I'm sorry, Kelly...

But you're wrong.


- Coming through!
- Move, move, move.

Got him!

- You all right?
- Yeah. Yeah.

It's up to you now.

Excuse me?

Sorry if we're interrupting.

They said it was okay if we come back here.

Yeah, sure. Come on in.

Kevin made you something.

You did?


I could make a better one.

You kidding me?

I, uh...

I had a really bad day today,

and you just made it
a heck of a lot better.

- Really?
- Yes. Really.

I like how tall you made me.

Hey, check it out.

Thank you, Kevin.

Thank you.

I've seen a lot of chiefs talk a good game

about how they turned
their house into a family.

Truth is, a lot of the times

I don't really get the way
you run this place, but...

I have never seen a house
come together in a crisis

like yours did today.

I'm honored to be a part of it.

Thank you, Captain.

Ladies and gentlemen,

today we almost lost two
really important things to us...

Our home away from home, and a person...

who's the heart of this home.

And as much as I love this joint,

if it came down to choosing

between this and my friend,

I'd give up a million
Molly's for one Gabi Dawson.

And luckily, God in all his wisdom

decided to bless us twice.

So let's say a few cheers
for our beloved Molly's,

and way more important,

our friend, Gabi.

Hear! Hear!

- Yes!
- Yeah.

- Your speech was great.
- Ah.

I wish Dawson could have heard it.

Yeah, she don't need to hear
me rattling on about the bar.

She don't care about that right now.

What is it?

I just feel really bad for them.

I know there's no magic thing

to say to make 'em feel better, but...

Oh, Herrmann.

I mean, you're better at

getting to the heart of
things than anyone I know.

I'm sure you have

the perfect thing to say already.

Hey. No, no, no. She's good.

Antonio's case finished
up, so he's with her now.

Yeah, sure.

No problem.


You got something from Herrmann.

Hey, Gabi.

I been trying to think of
the right thing to tell you

to make you feel better,

but I know it don't work that way,

so, here's the thing.

When Cindy and I got married,

she got pregnant right away,

but, uh...

we lost the baby.

And I just thought,

"What'd we do to deserve this?"

I was so angry...

but me and Cindy,

we just held on to each
other as tight as we could,

and so, here we are,

five kids later, and...

I got a family I never imagined,

including uh...

one more girl that I didn't expect,

and she came to me full grown.

She's strong and brave

and courageous and really special,

and I love her like my own,

and someday she's gonna make a great mom.

So, I guess all I'm trying to say is

hang on, Gabi.

Your day is coming.

Take a look at it...

I think in the Great Barrier Reef...


can we... can we talk...

about what all this means?

I mean, we got back together
because I was pregnant.

We got back together
because we love each other.

Hey, Matt, it's me. Okay?

I know how hard this must be for you.

You've wanted kids your whole life.

I want you.