Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 4, Episode 21 - Kind of a Crazy Idea - full transcript

When the team responds to a fire at a house, Dawson finds a boy and he's hesitant to go with her but he eventually goes with her. And he refuses to let her go so she goes with him to the hospital and she finds out that he's a foster child and his guardian is seriously injured so he ends up in a state facility and Dawson is worried about him. Severride was nearly trapped in the house because he thought someone was in the house but there wasn't so he tells Boden if they have a new type of mask they can tell if there is someone in a fire. But Boden says the Chief says it's not in the budget, so Casey tries to find a way to get it. Stella and Hermann have a dispute about the ice they use at Molly's. And when Cruz learns about Otis avoiding getting tested, he decides to turn to the one person Otis can't say no to.

Hey, Doc. Everything okay?

I went to check on your blood work

and there's no record of you signing in.

This isn't the sort of
thing you wait around on.

Otis, you need to get the test.

I don't want to know.

Let me manage Molly's for you.

I will get your percentages back up.

I got great vendors to
bring to the table.

This could really work out.

"Casey with his wife by his side."

I hope nobody at headquarters
saw that caption.

That why you two haven't tied the knot?

But truth is, I like
things the way they are.

I'm happier than I've
been in a long time.

You're amazing.

What's wrong with us?

We should do that all the time.

We used to spend mornings like this,

then stop at Over Easy
on the way to work.

Want to go now?

Get some Dream Pancakes?

Hell, yeah.

Let's' do it.

Ah, wait.

I can't. I've got that
youth center proposal.

Maybe after?

It's, um...

It's probably cutting it
too close, work-wise.


Kick some ass. Get that center approved.

Over Easy another day.


I'm telling you, Herrmann,

all the best bars are
moving in this direction.

It is the future.

Uh, we already got an ice maker.

Yeah, but that's for...

That's little chunks of frozen slush.

What I am talking about,
are artisanal ice cubes.

Look, Severide knows.

Severide, you ever order
a scotch on the rocks,

and they bring you one, giant,
perfectly clear ice cube?


So it's pretty awesome, right?

Yeah, it keeps the drink cold.

If that's what you mean.

A ringing endorsement.

Ha! Artisanal ice cubes.

Hey, thanks. Thanks a ton.

What happened, you lose your clothes?

No, they're right here.

Well, I'm gonna go,

so don't feel obligated to keep

this little show of yours goin'.

Truck 81, Squad 3, Ambulance
61: structure fire.

Top floor's in bad shape.

Okay, let's clear the building.

81, Squad 3, give me a primary search.

51, let's get a line inside.

Cruz and I'll take the top floor.

We'll search the rest.

Fire department!

Can't be from smoke inhalation.
The smoke's too light in here.

Well, there's the problem.

Ah, jeez, she's got a kid.

Fire Department! Call out!

Ma'am. Ma'am, can you hear me?

Okay. Everything's clear.

Let's get her out of here.

One, two, three.

- All right.
- You good?


Herrmann! I found the kid!

Severide, report.

No one's on 3 yet. Still looking.

Smoke's thick.

I want everyone out of there.
That roof isn't gonna hold.

Come on, sweetie.

Chief, we're cut off from the stairs.

Cruz and I are moving to the windows.

We need a ladder on the top
left corner of side A.

Mouch, put the aerial on that window.

One, two, three.

Herrmann, where's Dawson?

She's bringing a little kid out.

Hon, the building's on
fire and we gotta get out.

I don't want to scare you,
but if you don't come to me,

I'm gonna have to come after you.

Hey, hurry up! This place
is gonna flashover!

Chief, I can't raise Dawson!
She's still inside.

Dawson, report.

Come on, honey.

Dawson, report.

Come on, sweetie.

Come on!

I got you, Cruz.

Everyone okay?

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

There she is!

Hey, you okay?


Hey, you. Good eyes, Dawson.


Is he hurt?

No, he's just scared.

How's the mother?

Weak pulse, shallow breathing,
but we pushed Narcan.

She should be okay.


This is my friend, Sylvie.

She's gonna take good care of you, okay?

That's a serious death grip he's got.

Doesn't want to let go of you.

Yeah. He was hiding.

Took some convincing getting him out.

Why don't you go along to Med?

We'll finish up here, meet
you back at the house.

- You sure?
- Yeah.

Hi, honey. What's your name?

I'm Gabby.


Want to tell me what happened up there?

We felt what we thought was a victim

trapped between the bed and the wall.

Smoke was really thick, Chief.

We pulled the bed out, turned
out to be a false alarm.

By that time,

the fire cut off our exit route.

What'd it turn out to be behind the bed?

It was a life-sized bust of Darth Vader.

Great save, guys. Obi-Wan
taught you well.

- Yeah.
- Uh-huh.

Chief, we wouldn't have wasted that time

if we had those next-gen
SCBA face pieces.

You seen these things?

Built-in heads-up
display, thermal imaging.

It's real cutting edge.

- I'll talk to headquarters.
- Thanks, Chief.

Otis, what is wrong with this picture?

- Don't take the bait.
- Well...

Air bubbles. That's what's wrong.

'Cause, look, normal
ice cubes get cloudy

because they got air bubbles
trapped inside of them.

You got air bubbles
trapped in your head.

We should be serving
giant, perfectly clear

cocktail ice cubes at
Molly's, don't you think?

She calls them "artesian ice cubes."

Nope. No, she doesn't.


They make 'em in special freezers

that cost thousands of dollars.

But my friend Gary, who is some
kind of engineering genius,

modified a commercial ice maker
to do the same exact thing,

and we can have it for just $500.


You gotta be kidding me. No way.

That's not gonna happen.

Hey, Otis, you got a second, buddy?

Hold on, Cruz. You mind?

We're just in the middle
of something, real quick.

What do you say, Otis? Hmm,
sound good, thumbs up?

I guess, Herrmann and Dawson... ow!

- Ow!
- Kind of important.

Okay, okay.


Otis is onboard.

He did not say that!

What's the deal with you
chickening out of a blood test?

And why do I have to hear
about it from Brett?

You can't come to me?

Brett's blowing the whole
thing out of proportion.

It's not a big deal.

So you took the blood test?

I didn't need to.

The bruises went away on
their own; it's all good.

But next rash or sniffle I get,
you'll be the first to know.

All clear.

You're in good shape, buddy.

Hey, way to go!


I want blankie.

We don't have your blanket, remember?

I bet we left it at your home, buddy.

Mom's still coming down.

She's not in any shape to see him yet.

Dawson, DCFS is here about the boy.

Louie was being fostered by Gina Waters.

She's not his mother.

Now I know your name! Louie.

That's a good one.

He's not going back there, is he?


I just saw his file.

Neighbors had called with complaints

and we were planning to investigate,

but unfortunately the agency is
a little overwhelmed right now.

Where will he go?

I'll take him to the
Stevens Center Group Home

while we try and find him
a new foster family.

He was asking for his blanket.

Probably left it at the apartment.

We have plenty of
blankets at the center.


Okay, Louie.

It's time to go with Miss Cantrell now.

Louie, you and me are going
to go play together.

It's gonna be okay, Louie.

Dawson still isn't back?

No, not yet.

Hey, Severide, I put in a
call about those new masks.

You didn't tell me they
cost over 2 grand apiece.

I didn't know that.

All the same, they'll save lives.

They're telling me there's no
money in the budget for 'em.

CFD already spent their
budget for the year?

No idea.

You trying to get the new
thermal imaging masks?

Those things are incredible, Chief.

Look, I'm just telling you
what Chief Barr told me.

Barr is the chief of
Apparatus and Equipment??

That guy earned his rank riding a desk.

He needs to talk to somebody
who eats smoke for a living.

And what can go wrong?

- Hey.
- There you are.

How was it?

Whole thing turned into a
DCFS mess at the hospital.

The boy, Louie, he was a foster kid.

Poor guy.

Hey, you did great with
him at the scene, Dawson.

You kept him nice and calm.
Ain't easy to do.

I tried.

He kept crying for his blanket
he left back at the apartment.

Kid's been moved around so much,

it's probably the only
real belonging he's got.

Let's take a ride.

Come on, guys.

We dive out onto the aerial,
a couple seconds later,

boom, the roof gives way.

The whole top floor is toast.

I'm lucky to be sitting here right now.

What was behind the bed?

The point is, we would
have got out of there

a hell of a lot sooner if
we had had these masks.

Look, I know you guys like to
have the newest, shiniest toys,

but those things cost an arm and a leg.

Chief, I'm talking about technology

that's gonna save lives...
firefighters and civilians.

I understand.

But I'm telling you that
the money isn't there.

How can the budget be maxed out?

We're not even halfway through the year.

I haven't heard of any major
new equipment allocations.

Well, Lieutenant, there's
a lot you don't know

about how budgets and allocations work.

Why don't you help me understand?

You got an alderman in
your house now, don't you?

Why are you breaking my balls?

Get him to explain it to you.

Thanks for your time, Chief.

You got it, Kelly.

So listen, Herrmann, I
think that it's something

you should at least be considering.

I read an article, and
the thing is, I mean,

have you seen the stats on U.S.
beer consumption?

It's way down, whereas
cocktails are way up!

Read about that. It's confounding.

Hey, you're gonna need a tiebreaker.


Come on, Dawson, help a sister out.

Yeah, sure. Sounds good.

Say hey to Louie for us.

Dawson's onboard.

She didn't say that.

This is so thoughtful of you.

Well, Louie seemed pretty attached.

I noticed.

He didn't take his eyes off of you.

Oh, I...

I meant to the blanket.

Oh, yes.

Well, I'll make sure he gets
it for bedtime tonight.



he doesn't have any family?

None on record.

Birth mom was an addict,

gave him up when he was an infant.


Kid can't catch a break.

Because of what he's been through,

he's going to need special attention,

so he might be difficult to place,

but he's still young
enough, he's got a shot.

We'll do our best.

Hope so.

He deserves that.

Okay, wait a minute. I-I'm sorry.

I'm not understanding the metaphor.

What did we do wrong?

Okay, we tried to handle
this the easy way.

We sent in our drones.
They missed the target.

So now it's time to put
boots on the ground.

If he said the bruising has gone away...

I don't buy it.

Otis gets a hangnail, he doesn't
shut up about it for a week.

This he says is nothing?

Okay, how do we put the
boots on the ground?

We bring in the Green Berets.




No, no, Baba.

I think we may have gone too far.



Thank you, Baba.

I'm going to Dr. Halstead after shift.

Ambulance 61: man down.

1111 Lakeview Avenue.

It's Damon, inside.
He's really messed up,

Like he has rabies or something.

Make way, guys.

What was he doing before this happened?

We just found him like this.
No one knows.

All right, let's get the
cardiac monitor on him.

He's tachycardic.

Hey, if you guys know
something, you gotta tell us.

Tell us what happened now,
or your friend could die.

Aaron, tell him.

It was just a dare.

We were gonna post it on YouTube.

But we didn't think drinking
a bottle would hurt him.

A bottle? What type of alcohol?

It wasn't alcohol. It was soy sauce.

This much.

It's 20 ounces.

That much sodium, he
could be hypernatremic.

We need to get fluids going fast.

Will that fix him?

There's no way to know.

Sodium overdoses can be fatal.

We wanted to call 911 as soon
as he started throwing up,

but he told us he was fine.

The way I understand it,

a certain amount of money is
allocated for fire and police,

and anything left over gets
diverted to political funds.

So maybe Chief Barr is under
pressure from Alderman Hilbert

not to spend all of his budget.

Alderman Hilbert?

Chairman of the Police
and Fire Committee.

So money for Fire and Police

ends up getting used for
something else altogether.


So that's it?

No masks, no matter how
many lives they might save?

I don't know.

I'm putting together a
youth center proposal

with a guy on Hilbert's committee.

Maybe he can help me put
pressure on Hilbert,

get him to spend that money
where it should be spent.

Hi, this is Alderman Casey.
Is David available?

Yes, David. How's it going?

Good, good. Listen...

Alderman Casey.

- Hey.
- Hey.

So Otis hasn't even looked at
me since we brought Baba in.

You know, we had a call today.

A college kid drank a bottle
of soy sauce on a dare.

By the time we dropped him at
the hospital, he was in a coma.

I don't think he'll make it.

Wow, that's rough.

His friends waited too
long to call it in,

'cause the kid kept saying he was fine.

We did the right thing.

Ha ha, here we go.

Batch number one.

Like diamonds, right?

If diamonds were worthless.

Herrmann, these are not worthless.

People pay extra for these.


Like... how much extra? A dollar?

No, maybe on Rush Street, but here?

We could probably get 50¢.

50 whole cents?

Let me break it down.

So we sell about 100 cocktails
a night on average.

Pop one of these in each glass,
that's 50 extra bucks a night.

Herrmann, this machine pays
for itself in two weeks.

From then on?

Pure profit.

Looks pretty damn good.

Yeah, melts slower so
your drink stays cold,

doesn't get watered down.

Yep, that's cold.

Okay, so how much extra
would you be willing to pay

for a premium cube like that?

Uh... a quarter?


Yeah. Yeah, 50¢.

Kidd, I'm glad I brought you on board.

You did good.


You owe me one.

Wait, I owe you?

Mm, I figured you were
just paying me back

for pulling your ass out of that fire.

Is that what happened?

Hell, yeah. I saved your life.

Don't forget it.

Brian, I'm glad you finally came in...

Is it leukemia?


Because of your concern,
we tested for that.

But we're dealing with
a serious condition,

called Immune thrombocytopenia,
okay, or ITP.

It's a platelet disorder.

Never heard of it, so how
serious can it be, right?

Your body is low on platelets,

so your blood isn't clotting properly,

hence the bruising you saw.

You're very lucky it hasn't
caused any real damage.

When untreated, it can lead
to bleeding in the brain.

What's the treatment?

Well, we have a couple
options going forward,


and/or intravenous infusions
of immune globulin.

We're going to determine
what works best for you.

"Immune globulin"?

Sounds like a villain from "Star Trek."

But he can still report to work, right?

Not right now.

No, we need to get that
platelet count normalized.

But I'll be back on the job soon, right?

We can't know that for sure right now.

We'll see how the treatment goes.

- Thanks, Will.
- You got it.


Sorry that went so late.

Looks like we've got the votes

to push this youth center through.

It's actually gonna happen.

That's fantastic.

Yeah, neighborhood council is
throwing a party to celebrate.

It's on Saturday.

I said we'd both be
there, hope that's okay.

Yeah, absolutely.

How's the game?

Uh, we're down by one, I think.

I don't know, I wasn't
really paying attention.

You weren't paying attention
to your Blackhawks?


I have kind of a crazy idea.


Yeah, um...



What would you think...

about us becoming foster
parents to Louie?

I can't get him out of my head, Matt.

The way he jumped into my arms

and he held on with all his might...

I have a feeling this was meant to be.

That everything that happened
this year, with us...

maybe it all led us here,
to this little boy.

You know?

I understand that...

I mean, he seemed like a-a great kid.


And he's been through so much already.

That boy deserves a real family.

Yeah, he does.


Gabby, a few weeks ago you said,

now's not the time for
us to get married.

I've got my hands full
with this alderman work,

both our schedules are crazy...

and much as I didn't want to hear it,

you were right.

We barely have time for each other.

How are we going to
have time for a child?

I want to have a family with you.

But rushing into it now,

with everything else going on...

It wouldn't be fair to Louie.

Or to us.


Yeah, I told you it was
a crazy idea, right?

I've been so distracted
these last couple days,

I left a total mess at my apartment.


I promised Brett I'd come by
tonight, get the place in order.

I'll call you in the morning.

Wait... I'll get my
stuff, come with you.

No, I'm good. I'm good. Thanks, though.


So the prognosis is good?

That's what Doctor Halstead says.

You know, I just hope my
body responds to therapy,

so I don't get a spontaneous
brain bleed or...

Take your time. Get healthy.

Your spot will be here
when you're ready.

If I'm ever ready.

You will be.



So my dad died of leukemia...

And it was scary...

And painful...

And slow.

I don't want to be sick.

It's okay to be scared.

You know, I walk into
a burning building...

and I know what I'm up against.

But this?

You know, I'm in over my head here.

I'm sorry for, you know,
dumping that on you.

It's okay.

That's what I'm here for.

Thank you, Chief.

Hey, I was just looking for you.

I wanted to apologize for the way
things went the other night.

No, I'm the one who should apologize.

Running out like that,

I guess I was more
upset than I realized.

I get it. Completely.

And I get... I get your schedule,

and the whole alderman thing.

It's not the right time for
you to take in a child now.

I get that.

But I've been thinking about
it pretty much nonstop, and...

it's the right time for me.

So I'm going to do it.

On my own.

I have a meeting with Tina at DCFS,

to apply to be a foster mom to Louie.

There's no guarantee I'll be approved,

but I'm gonna do everything in my power

to help this little boy.

I have to.

Well, maybe I can figure out a
way to scale back the work...

No, no, no, no. See, that's the thing.

You can't force yourself
into wanting this right now

just because of how much I do.

It wouldn't work, Matt.

I need to do this alone.

Ambulance 61, Truck 81: structure fire.

1925 West Wolcott.

Hey, did they just say
1925 West Wolcott?

For the love of God, tell
me this ain't happenin'.

- Hey, move that cart back!
- Got it!

Hit it, Dawson!

It's inside the wall.

Get out of the way!

Okay! Okay, that's good!

All right, it's out.

We got it. It's out.

Holy moly.

Oh, my God.

Electrical fire.

What is this thing?

That's our...

Artisan ice maker.

Herrmann, I am going
to take care of this.

Okay, I'm gonna make this right.

Wait... how?

You gonna pay for all
the lost business, huh?

We're gonna be shut down
for days, maybe weeks.

I'll get it done fast.

I'll cover the cost,
plus building materials.

I'll fix the wall.

I'll do everything, Herrmann.

Okay, you don't even
have to think about it.

You can repair the wall and
fix the wiring yourself?

Yeah, I got some guys.

I've seen what your friends can do.

She made a mistake. She gets it.

Give her a chance to make good.

I thought the ice cubes were kinda cool.

Come on in.

You gotta be kidding me!

Being distributed to all
the busiest houses.

Thanks to you.

You got some serious mojo, man?

Wow. Crazy.

Look at this.

"Augmented reality heads-up
display shows you temperature,

thermal imaging camera..."

Let's go fire one of these bad boys up.

You know, Casey...

I gotta admit I wasn't crazy
about you going into politics,

but you're really hitting
your stride with it.

Seem to be opening up a lot of doors.


Closing some too.

Yes. Yes.

Okay, no. All right.

Yeah, I love you. Good-bye.

I call Cindy to tell her about Molly's.

She yells at me. Believe that?

- Yelled at you for what?
- She says I overreacted.

It's just a building, you know,

and nobody got hurt,

and sounds like Otis is gonna be okay,

and I should consider myself lucky

because us and the kids,
we're all happy and healthy.


Smart lady.

Herrmann, you once told me

that you thought I would
make a great mom.

Yeah. I remember.

You really think so?

I mean, at the time you were...

you were just trying
to cheer me up, so...


I don't think so, Dawson.

I know so.

Hey, Otis, buddy, what are you doing?

Throwing out all the junk food.

Oh, hey, man! Not the Dingers!

Especially the Dingers.

I'm not gonna take this
thing lying down, Cruz.

I'm gonna beat this thing.

Well, I'm right there with you, Otis.

We're gonna beat this thing together.

Awesome, man.

Grab your Nikes. We're going for a run.

Ooh, we are gonna beat
this thing together

as soon as you get back
from your run, huh?

Okay, cool.

I love you, brother.

Love you too.

I appreciate your passion.

But when you apply to
be a foster parent,

it takes four to six months
just to get approved.

We can't let Louie stay in
a group home that long.

We need to find him a family now.

Isn't there some way I can...

I don't know, speed up the process?

I'm a firefighter, my
brother's a policeman.

He knows tons of people at DCFS.

Maybe that'll help?

I'm sorry.

If you want to put in an application,

there are always children
in need of homes,

but realistically,

there's no way you'll be
able to foster Louie.

I'm not really good at
taking no for an answer.

Can I pay him a visit now?

Go ahead.

Hey, Louie.

I'm Gabby, remember?

Okay if I hang out with you a little?

"Corduroy"? I love this book.

Will you help me read it?

"Corduroy is a bear

"who once lived in the toy
department of a big store.

"Day after day he waited with
all the other animals and dolls

"for somebody to come
along and take him home.

"The store was always
filled with shoppers

"buying all sorts of things.

But no one ever seemed to want a
small bear in green overalls."

That's a bear right there.

Yeah, there is!

All right.

Come on.

Come on, you bastard.

Come on!

Where are your guys?

Smoke break?

Yeah, yeah, I mean... you...
you know how it goes.

Union regulations.

Use a hand?

No, I-I got this.



You are something.

How so?

'Cause you act like you
don't give a damn,

and then you're the one who
goes and yells at CFD brass,

or comes and helps a
damsel in distress...

Yeah, well, you got me all figured out.

Yeah, I know.

Except one thing.

What's that?

When I'm married, you
break into my house

with flowers and champagne,
and then I'm solo,

and you just keep a nice, safe distance.


I was thinking that we could
put the first coat of mud,

and let it dry...

- Next coat tomorrow?
- And then... yeah, exactly.

- Mm-hmm.
- Yeah.

You know, assuming I can
ever get this sheet up.

Well, between the two of us?

Come on, piece of cake.