Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 4, Episode 2 - A Taste of Panama City - full transcript

Internal Affairs investigates Firehouse 51 following a complicated call to a fire.

Your buddy Jack Nesbitt...
he's into some nasty business.

These guys traffic Eastern European women

against their will.

They killed Katya.

She gathered information
on the whole operation.

What happened at the club

when that guy put his gun to my head...

I've been spinning out.

I don't ever want to let
you out of my life again.

I'm pregnant.

What's going on?

Severide, we're stripping you of your rank.


Captain Patterson will
be taking over Squad 3,

effective immediately.

We're sticking to the plan, right?

Definitely. We're not saying a thing.

Hey, hey, what can I do for you?

So I... I know this is all of a sudden,

but I want to be detailed to Arson.


I support the decision 100%.

Severide already made a call on my behalf,

and there's a spot open at OFI,

and I need to jump on
it if I'm gonna get it.


You unhappy?

No, no, Chief, no.

I'm gonna hate losing you off 81,

after everything you did
to become a firefighter.

I'm pregnant.

Gabriela Dawson, get your ass over here.

Oh, my God. Oh, my God!


- Thanks.
- To both of you.

I mean, that's the
greatest thing in the world.

- Thanks, Chief.
- We're not going public yet.

- Yeah, of course.
- Yeah, yeah.

We thought we'd wait at least six weeks.

We're not telling anybody?


Hey! Look at that! Oh!

Hey, remember, people,

the outside world is
on a need-to-know basis.

Not a word goes beyond
51, right, Lieutenant?


That goes especially for you, Connie.

Hey. Congratulations.

Thank you.

Oh, thanks for hooking
me up with Nick Duffy.

He seemed great on the phone.

Yeah, Duffy's the best.

He's like family, just without the drama.

There's no need to hide, Lieutenant.

We're just an ordinary couple, for once.

You're gonna do great.

Keep your badge off the wall.

I will.

Hear me out.

You and I are on the same side.

You got to believe that.

We got in this thing for the same reason...

to put an end to it.

- Why are you here?
- Katya's notebook.

What about it?

If we are gonna nail these bastards,

we gotta find it.

Now, what exactly did she
say about where it was?

I already told the cops.

Oh, I know, but if there's
any detail you remember,

even something about the way she said it...

I have everything written down.

- Let me see them.
- I don't have it with me.

Truck 81, Squad 3, Ambulance 61.

Vehicle accident.

Hey, Capp, go check out the front...

My bad, Captain, how do
you want to work this?

Severide, check the rear
of that truck for stability.

Capp, Tony, struts, front and rear.

Cruz, chain that frame
to the Squad's tow hook.

Hey, I got a guy in here, looks critical.

Got another guy in the front.

Mouch, short roof ladder.

- Got it.
- Let's get him out.

Okay, what do we got?

Got two victims, one in
the cab, one in the back.

How long to get inside?


Doors are reinforced. Could take a minute.

We may not have it, especially
if that railing fails.

What about the other car?

Herrmann, get the roof off that car.

- Take Jimmy with you.
- Okay.

Help! Get me out of here!

Damn it. Otis, get the K-12.

Got it.

Hey, uh, Chief? We got company.

Okay, people, step back
from the scene, please.

Step back, please.

Thank you.


Coming, Casey!

I'm sorry!

It got away from me
before I could hook it in.

- You got it?
- Yeah!

You got this. You can do this.

Come on. Come on.

Don't let me go. Come on.

- Ah!
- Come on!

Give me your arm. Give me your arm.

Come on! Come on!

Okay, great. Come on, come on.


Capp, Tony, lock those struts in.


It is locked in for now,
but it could go at any time.

Let's get him out. Get me out of here!


Ow, ow, my leg!

All right, Capp, Cruz, give
Tony a hand with that door.

Go, go.

Hey, hey, hey, you heard what he said.

Stay back. Stay back. Back.

You don't own this street, man.

Hey, there a problem here?

Hey, need a hand in here.
This guy's bleeding out.

Go ahead.


Stay down!

Hey, don't even think about it.

Hands! Let's see your hands!

Down on the ground. Get down.

Stay down.

Here we go. Here we go.

There we go.

Up to your knees.

Check out the floorboard.

He was gonna "Mad Max" this thing.

Hey, you're kidding me, right?

For the love of God,
will someone get over here

and arrest this moron?

- Dawson, yeah?
- Oh, Commander Duffy.

Hey, it's great to meet you.

Skip the Commander bit.

- Duffy's fine.
- Okay.

Severide told me you were like an uncle.

'Cause I taught him how to
throw a split-fingered fastball.


His old man wanted him to run track.

Can you imagine?

I don't know if he mentioned it,

but we worked on an arson
case together last year.

The victim was a friend of ours.

Paramedic, yeah.

Yeah, I remember.

He said you were a natural.

Well, I'm really grateful to be here.

Welcome aboard.


My one pearl of wisdom
for newbies: pace yourself.

We're not running into
burning buildings here.

It's a game of patience.

Hey, neighbor.

I hear congratulations are in order.

Oh, thanks, yeah, it's great to be here.

No, your baby.

How'd you hear?

Oh, I just got off with Connie.

We do SoulCycle together.

She is so excited.

Yeah, me too.

- Birthday party at four bells.
- Yeah, yeah.

See you there... Mama.


Riddle has summoned me to headquarters

for an inquiry hearing
into our response times.

We couldn't get through
the blockade any faster.

51 did nothing wrong at
that crack house fire, Chief.

Doesn't matter.

You know how this works.

As incident commander, it's
on me to explain our actions.

Everyone from squad will
have their story straight.

- Trust me.
- Don't talk to them yet.

I want to keep lid on it until...

until it plays itself out.


What the hell's Jack Nesbitt
doing at 51 without his handler?

I give up.

He's trying to get to Katya's
notebook before the feds do.

You know why?

'Cause it'll bury him.

It's their case.

He's running a game on all of you, Voight.

Girls are being trafficked.

Nesbitt's wiping his ass with your badge.

Maybe you didn't hear me.

I saw Katya get shot and
killed in front of me.

I did what I had to do to stay alive.

What you're telling me
you're doing is nothing.


I know what you went through,

but you got to back off.

You're gonna get yourself jammed up.

Either you do something, or I will.

What you looking at?

All right, tell me that
isn't the cutest little guy

you've ever seen.

You went back to the
hospital to check on the baby?


Brett, you can't do that.

We talked about this.

I know. You're totally right.

Excuse me. Kelly Severide... he work here?


He expecting you?

- No, I'm just dropping in.
- Oh, cool.

Well, I'm sure he'll be thrilled.

Where am I going?

Great, thanks.

- Hey, buddy.
- Hey.

I'm here to get you back on track,

you troubled manager, you.

- How are you?
- I'm good.

Do you have an office we can huddle up in?

I did.

Now I have a bunk.

Then we'll just have
to study our asses off,

so we can run this poacher out of here.


Or you can copy my
worksheet and owe me one.

My old man always warned me:

never owe a favor to a lawyer.

Well, then I'm going to
sue him for defamation.


Can I see you later?

If you play your cards right.

Like it's not bad enough
that 51's under siege.

Now they're gunning for Molly's?


The Portland jagoffs next door.

- The canoe people?
- Yeah.

They reported us for violating
the city's noise ordinance.

- Can you believe that crap?
- What?

They seem completely harmless.

Yeah, beneath those
beards and the baby Bjorns,

they're flesh-eating piranhas.

They want a war, they're gonna get a war.

Easy there, Crazy Horse.

Let's talk this one out, yeah?

- What's Molly's?
- Molly's?

It's the best damn refuge in the city,

a salt-of-the-earth kind of joint

where we serve cold comfort
to red-blooded Americans.

So a bar?

An amazing bar.

Just go clean some pots
and pans, candidate.


I don't think we go thermonuclear
on this one, Herrmie.

Why not?

Don't... don't take the Chicago to them.

Take the... take the Portland.

That's good.

I like that.

Thanks for coming. Only one.

Get them while the getting's good, Dawson.

Your license to get fat and
sassy only lasts nine months.

Looks delicious.

Borderline criminal... I'd have seconds,

but the Tums is duking
it out with the meatballs.

Is that the crack house
fire on West 24th Street?

Mm-hmm. 51 worked it, right?

Yeah, they're being
looked at for negligence.

May I take a look?

Go for it.

"Suspicious unknown."

Translation: looks a
hell of a lot like arson.

We just can't prove it.

Possible to do a walk-through?

What do you say, Duffy?

Do it.

Crack house was here,
north side of West 24th.

Blockade of abandoned vehicles
was at this intersection.

Truck 81 approached from the east.

Your 30 eyewitnesses...
where the hell are they?

Look, obviously, the neighborhood

is circling the wagons.

Nobody wants to catch the blame
for the death of the squatter.

And you can't produce a
single cell phone video?

You know as well as I do
this accusation is absurd.

Some neighbor probably torched that place

and then blocked the street.

That'll be all, Chief Boden.

Quite frankly, I think I deserve

a little bit more support
from my deputy district chief.

You know how things work, Chief.

I serve different masters.

Be that as it may.

We'll be in contact as
soon as Internal Affairs

makes its preliminary findings.

IAD is involved now?

Benny Severide's kid.

Graduated top of your class,

voted by your peers Gene
Blackmon award winner,

youngest guy ever assigned to squad.

- That it?
- One more thing.

The crack house fire. What about it?

Well, if this investigation
goes any further,

I don't want any surprises.

Anybody asks what happened,
I'll tell them, same as always.

Which is what?

We rolled up. Cars blocked it.

You hopped behind the wheel,
shoved them out of the way.

After I gave fair warning.

After you gave fair warning.

Ambulance 61, man down from unknown causes.

12th Street at Lake Michigan.

Excuse us.

Back up, please.

- Oh, thank God.
- I got it.

What happened?

I took his paddle board out.

When I came back, Mikey...
he was grabbing his chest,

and he collapsed onto the sand face-first.

He doesn't have a pulse.

Is he dying?

What, are you guys friends?

He's my fianc?.



Still in V-tach.

61 to Main, I need a manpower assist.

Keep doing compressions. I'll intubate.

I'm in.

Stop compressions.

- Still in V-tach.
- What does that mean?

We need an epi.

Pushing epi.

- Clear.
- Oh, my God, God, please...

Does she not know what "clear" means?

Stay on him. I got her.

61 to Main, we need a second ambo now.

Copy that, 61. Second ambo on the way.

- She's in V-fib.
- I'm gonna push an epi.

Do it. Charging.


She's got a rhythm.

I got him.

- Still nothing?
- Uh-uh.

Push another epi.

61 to Main, hold off on the assist company.

Copy that.

Accidental V-fib, shocked her one time.

How many epis have you given this guy?

- This is the fourth.
- Push one more and call it.

- He's not gonna make it.
- No, I'm not doing that.

I don't give a damn what the SMOs say.

- Last shot.
- Okay.

Pushing epi.


I got a pulse.

Praise the Lord. Seriously, thanks.

He's got a shot.

Excuse me, can we get help over here?

Cardiac arrest, five rounds of epi,

unconscious for at least 17 minutes.

Got him. Someone call respiratory.


Just this once?


Little guy is pretty cute, huh?

He's beautiful.

Yeah, he is.

You guys need help?

No, actually, we're the paramedics.

We saved the little guy.

Oh, yeah, right.

Has the family come to visit yet?

No, not yet.


We had a deal.

It's the last time.

Last time.

- Watch your step.
- Thanks.

Point of ignition was directly below us,

so the floor joists are weakened.


You can see from the burn patterns

how it spread to the upstairs bedroom.

That track with what you remember?

Oh, I was in the building next door.

Dawson, the fire's over here.

Well, what's that?


Let's check the basement.


Is that a kick hole?

Looks like someone booted
through the Sheetrock.

Open it up.

It must have been starved
for a lack of oxygen,

but it definitely burned inside this wall.

No, no, no, it doesn't make sense,

unless this was done by a professional.

Who torched both sides to
make sure that it burned.

I have everything written down.

- Let me see them.
- I don't have it with me.




How's it going with Patterson?

I don't know.

Maybe they're right.

Maybe I'm better off as
a smoke-eater than a boss.

Tell you one thing, I
don't miss the paperwork.

Forget that, man. It's all politics.

You're getting sucked into this Riddle BS.

Yeah, maybe.

Is that her? The girl that died?

Yeah, didn't even spell her name right.

Casey, Severide, these men

are gonna need statements
from everyone here at 51.

Give them your full cooperation.

What's the deal, Chief?

Just answer their questions.

They're from Internal Affairs.

You're aware that you're under oath,

that the following
interview will be recorded?


And would you like a union
rep or attorney present?


Where exactly was Truck
81 when the call came in

for the crack house fire on West 24th?

We were the first company on the scene.

In fact, we were closer
because of where we started.

Just answer the question, Lieutenant.


That's a strip club, is that correct?

It was an off-duty construction job,

and I was involved in an undercover
investigation for the CPD.

That can be verified.

We want to get the facts straight.

You fellas want to know what happened,

why don't you ask the guy
we pulled out next door?

Carl Nash?

I don't know his name,

but he said the place was "a
blight on the neighborhood."

That's a direct quote.

The city wasn't doing anything.

The people were pissed off,
so that's why they let it burn.

Nash is no longer at that residence.

You guys try the hospitals, his relatives?

We've canvassed the entire neighborhood,

and as of now, not a single
person's come forward...

Yeah, sounds like they're
covering their asses.

Perhaps Firehouse 51 should do the same.

This is a serious allegation.

If it's determined that
you slow-walked that fire,

Chief Boden will be charged
with dereliction of duty

and relieved of his command.

Anyone here?

- Hey.
- You lost or something?

No, I'm looking for the guy
who lives next door, Carl.

- Do you know him?
- What do you want him for?

I'm a firefighter.

We pulled him out of a
blaze about a week ago.

I just got a few questions. That's all.

Carl didn't see nothing,
and Carl don't know nothing.

That's not what I asked you.

Do you know where he is or not?

Step off, fireman.

My name's Kelly Severide.

Do you remember me?

Yeah, I remember.

Okay, well, I wouldn't be
here unless it was important.

We risked our lives
running into that house.

Now they're saying we were slow to respond.

We need someone to come
forward and tell the truth

that the neighbors were
blocking the streets.

Like the man said, I didn't see anything,

and I don't know anything.

Hey, got a minute?

What's up?

Whoever torched that
place wasn't an amateur.

- You put it in a report?
- Yeah.

Can I see it?


I've been at OFI, what,
coming on 12 years now?

I'm what they call a short-timer.

I applaud your get-up-and-go, Dawson.

Genuinely, I do,

but you need to understand
the reality of working here.

99 out of 100 cases get
stamped "suspicious unknown"

for a reason, because arson's
damn near impossible to prove.

And even if you catch a guy
holding a can full of gas

and a box full of matches,
it's tough to make it stick.

So you want me to drop the case?

Hell, no.


manage your expectations.


He slammed the door in the face.

It was all I could do to
stop from kicking it down

and just shaking him.

Well, you know what they
tell you in class, right?

Step back, take a deep breath,

scan your body from head to
toe for any signs of stress.

Personally, I find this
much more effective.

Come, sit.

Let's buckle down and take that
corner office back from him.

You know what works
even better than scotch?

No, tell me.

- Hey.
- Hey.

What's up?

Feds dropped off my tools.

Apparently, Stilettos is no
longer an active crime scene.

You okay?

I was just going through
them once more in case Katya

stashed the notebook inside.

No luck, huh?

I'm sorry.

I'm so ready to start this
life with you, me, and the baby.

I'm just trying to put this behind me,

and it hasn't been easy.

No, it's fine, it's fine. I totally get it.

Didn't even ask how your day was.

It was good.

I started looking into
the crack house fire,

and I found something interesting.



So the fire started here, right,

but I found a kick hole in
the basement on the other side.

When I pried it open, I found
the remains of a second fire

inside the walls.

It was framed up.

But there was no Sheetrock at the time.

What? No, there was Sheetrock.

Are you listening to me?

I'll be back in a bit.


I told you to stay out of my business.

Drop your weapon.

- You don't understand.
- Last time.

I'm a protected federal informant.

No kidding.

Now, get your ass against that truck.

Your boy Casey is jeopardizing
an ongoing investigation,

and he threatened my life.

You know how you drown a rat, Jack?

You just toss his dumb ass in the deep end,

and you wait for him to sink.

You're under arrest for human trafficking

and obstruction of justice.

Let's go.

Hey, you okay?


You were following me?

Oh! Congratulations, by the way.

There's nothing better than being a father.

Go for Voight.

- Hey.
- Look...

Athena, I'm here to apologize.

I mean, having a little
one... I know what that's like.

Those first six months can be murder.

Yeah, right.

You got my word, we're gonna
keep the noise to a minimum.

You can take that to the bank.

Oh, well, that's not so much what I had...

Can you hear me out, please?


This place, Molly's...

more than just a bar.

It's a beacon of hope for
every firefighter and cop

and paramedic in the city,

and when that sign says "open,"

no matter what somebody lived
through that day on the job,

they know that the beers are cold

and that the Blackhawks are on.

It's the beating heart
of this neighborhood.

So it's a token of our respect.

What is this?

Blueberry crumble. It's homemade.

My wife, Cindy, made it,

and it's for you and Ian
and your little guy, so...

That's got sugar in it, right?

It's what makes it so sweet.

My son is allergic to sugar.

I'm pretty sure it's impossible
to be allergic to sugar.

You telling me how to raise my kid?

As a matter of fact, I've
raised five of my own,

- but, no, I never would.
- Oh, boy.

No, I shudder to imagine
how they turned out.

- Excuse me?
- I think you heard me.

You're insulting my family?

Look, it's Chris, right?

No offense, but I just am not
interested in your wife's baking

or your tips about how to raise my kid

or your empty promises
about your obnoxious bar.

If you have something to say to me,

you can speak to my attorney.

Uh, lady.

You can take that high and
mighty attitude back to Portland.

This is Chicago.


First shift.

What do you have to say
for yourself, candidate?

- Best job in the world.
- Cheers.

And Herrmann was right.

To Molly's, best refuge in all of Chicago.

Aw, there's no need to suck up, Borrelli.

They're gonna bust your
balls no matter what.

You're the candidate, son.

For real. Feels like family.

Speaking of which, what
crimes against humanity

is your brother perpetrating tonight?

Danny's all right.

That was just big brother
little brother stuff.

- Everybody goes through it.
- You sure?

'Cause I have a little brother,

and I never toilet paper-mummied
him on his first day on the job.

It's cool. I got a handle on it.

Hey, you.

- Hey, look at you.
- What's up?

When did you get back?

Last week.

- So how was it?
- Amazing, amazing.

You know, there's only one
thing better than trekking

all over this big blue world:

coming home to Chicago.

Sorry to interrupt.

Severide, can I get a word?

Uh, sure, yeah.

Good to see you.

You too.

What's up?

Heard you went to see the old man

who lives next to the crack house.

Yeah, I tried.

The neighbors are
turning the screws on him.

He stonewalled me.

Told you I hate surprises, right?

This was off duty.

Look, I appreciate what
you're trying to do.

Next time you go making a
move that affects Squad 3,

be that on or off shift,
you clear it with me first.


All right, people, this
next round is on me.

How'd it go?

When the U.S. Marines stormed Panama

to run that crook Noriega out on a rail,

he was holed up in the Holy
See, so how did we smoke him out?

A little piece of something special,

psy ops called noise warfare.

These Portland pinheads are
about to get a little taste

of Panama City circa 1989.

It is karaoke night, everyone!

Man your battle stations!

Hit it, Mouch.

You know the tune.

♪ Hey, hey, hey, hey ♪

♪ Whoa, whoa, whoa ♪

♪ Whoa, whoa ♪

♪ ♪

♪ Don't you ♪

♪ Forget about me ♪

♪ Don't, don't, don't, don't ♪

♪ Don't you ♪