Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 4, Episode 16 - Two Ts - full transcript

A citywide propaganda attack against Casey's run for alderman makes him reconsider his candidacy.

Is this for real? You're leaving?

Yeah, I guess it is.

CFD's putting a
firefighter into Jimmy's slot.

I may have found a solution.

We can detail you on Ambulance 61.

I'm loving the idea already.

Guys, meet the newest
member of Truck 81, Stella Kidd.

- Welcome to 51, Kidd.
- Thank you.

So it's official. Casey
is running for alderman.

Danny Booker. You
want to win this thing,

you have to get the
community leaders behind you.

This guy runs the 24th Street Disciples.

We need you to get the police cameras

off the corner of Richmond and Augusta.

Hey, there, Matt Casey.

- Enjoy the pancakes.
- Thank you.

- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.

Hi, Matt Casey.

Hi, Matt Casey.

- Hey there, Matt Casey.
- Nice meeting you.

So nice to meet you, Mr. Casey.

- Expecting big things.
- Thank you. I hope so.

Well, you've been
busy since we last met.

Yeah, well, I have
you to thank for this,

or your incompetence, I should say.

A little free advice.

You're in Chicago politics now.

There's no shallow end.

What are you planning on
doing about the traffic lights

at Haverhill and Smith?

- Been broken for months.
- Oh.

Well, I... I guess I
can take a look and...

That's the difference between
me and my opponent.

I don't guess.

I'm gonna call the
regional transportation board

as soon as this event is
over and fix your problem, Mister...

Jankowski. Thanks so
much, Alderman Becks.

My pleasure, Mr. Jankowski.

Now, how long has this been going
on in your neighborhood?

Oh, I'd say seven, eight weeks now.

I am sorry I didn't know
about this sooner.

You should've called my office.

I would've taken care of it right away.

Well, those newfangled telephones.

I'm just saying, all right,

this is how bachelor
parties have worked since

the dawn of time, all
right? Drinks at your favorite...

How did the pancake breakfast go?


Then dinner at a
steakhouse of the best man's choosing,

and I vote for Johnny T's,

followed by a trip

to one of Chicago's
premier gentlemen's clubs such as...

- Scores.
- What about Stilettos?

- It's closed.
- What?

Okay, Scores it is.

Hey, maybe we mix things
up a little bit, huh?

Party bus to Indiana, hmm?

Open bar, open road, who
knows what'll happen?

Or if you want to
take your bachelor party

to the next level,


Uh, here's the thing, boys.

Trudy's half brother, Logan,


he's gonna be
planning the bachelor party.

Nope. No, best man is
the one who plans it.

Ah, well, you see,

this brings us to the point

where I tell you,


Logan is the best man.


I, uh... I, uh..

I been meaning to tell you,

but you see,

Trudy had...

All units, automobile accident,

18th and Indiana.

Is that a manhole cover?

Hey, we got a kid in here, guys.

Daddy, what's happening?

Strike. Strike. Strike.

I want to go to Mommy's house.

Let's get you out of
the car first, buddy,

and then we'll get
you to your mom's house,

- I promise, okay?
- Okay.

Damn it. We got to get that
cover off him, Casey.

Door's not budging.
Gonna need the Hurst.

- Otis?
- Got it.


Look out!

Get down!

Clear the streets, people!

Oh, my God. Hurry!

Main, we got an explosion down
here in the sewer system.

We need all vaults down
here turned off now.

- Jimmy, let's go.
- Copy, battalion 25.

We'll notify Command.

Loop it through this side.

Herrmann, take a
group, gather extinguishers.

On it. Dawson! Kidd!

- Ready?
- Pull!

All right, let's get this collar on.

Bring in the backboard.

Teddy. Wh... where's Teddy?

We've got him. He's good.

Come on.

Come on, come on, come on.

Okay, easy.

- Come on, people.
- Okay, guys, we're moving.

Okay, 51, listen up.

Teams of two, grab CO2 extinguishers.

Pick a manhole. Wait for my signal.

Let's go!

Move, move, move!

Let's go, let's go, let's go!

Main, I need the power on those vaults

turned off now.

Power is out. Repeat, power is down.

Fire those extinguishers.

- Talk to me.
- MVC, restrained driver,

positive for loss of consciousness.

- We're going to T3.
- Yes, ma'am.

I'm so tired. Can I
just sleep for a minute?

Sounds like you got
yourself a concussion.

Yeah, he threw up twice
on the way over here too.

I'm gonna need you to stay awake, sir.

What is your name?

- Rotate.
- Warren Todesco.

Hi, Warren. My name is Maggie.

We're gonna get you
a CT scan, all right?

- Where's my son?
- He is right here.


Is there someone we can call

to come and look after him?

There's nobody else. It's
just me and Teddy.

- What about his mom?
- She died when he was born.

- I'm all he's got.
- Let's transfer on my count.

One, two, three, transfer.

Okay, let's just relax.

We'll look after Teddy

while you get your tests, all right?

Let's get his clothes off and
get a CT scan, all right?

Right away, Maggie.

What's up?

He said his wife died
when his son was born,

so why was the kid telling
us he wanted to go

to his mom's house?

Kids say stuff.

It was an intense situation for him.

No, I know.

It was just so specific.

Hey, you know whose
locker this was before mine?

It smells like cologne.

Uh, yeah, this guy,

Scott Rice, friend of Severide's.

Well, sort of.

Didn't really end well.


- What?
- What? What what?

I said Severide's name,

and your face turned
all 50 shades of red.

- You guys know each other?
- My face got 50 shades of red?

- It... it did.
- Okay.



Do you mind if I have
a word with, uh, Stella?

Don't mind a bit.

Not a bit.

Hey. What's up?

I just wanted to come clean.

I've been meaning

to say something to
you since you got here.

That night is easily the
most embarrassing of my career.

I had no idea for the entire length

of that training
course... that you were married.

Yeah, it's something you
might have wanted to check

into before you let yourself in
my back door with a six pack.

Well, you know, I had a
few, and it seemed like

- a good idea at the time.
- God, my husband went nuts.

- He wanted to press charges.
- Not my finest hour.

You know, I don't
think he ever really believed

that nothing happened between us, but...

Well, I'm sorry,

and I'm glad you're here.

- Good talk?
- Good talk.

- Hey.
- Hey.

They said it was
okay if I came back here.

Yeah, of course. Come on in.

What can I do for you?

How's the campaign coming?

What's that expression
about swimming upstream?

Feel like...

some of that is the direction you chose.

Yeah, I can see where this is going,

Danny, and I get that you're looking out

for your community as best you can,

but as I told you before, I'm
not the candidate you want.

Have you thought
more about Dante's offer?

You mean keeping police
cameras off corners

so gangs can deal drugs on them?

Uh, no, I haven't.


You know, I hear,
um, Rich Corbin's people

have thrown in with alderman Becks.

That's a healthy portion of the vote.

Not willing to
compromise on what I think is right.

But that's what politics is, son.

You compromise here so you
can affect change there.

You take blind ideology out of it,

and you live with a
little of what stings

so you can grab a whole
lot of what doesn't.

Listen, I appreciate you coming by.

I really do, but maybe the real problem

is I'm not a politician.

I'm just a guy who
wants to help this ward.

You got to tell him, Chief.

I mean, this is a
betrayal on par with Cain and Abel.

We've been through the thick and thin

for going on nearly two decades,

and he's just gonna hand over, you know,

the most important night of his life

to some guy he doesn't barely know?

Trudy seem adamant about this, Mouch?

- Yes.
- Scale of one to ten?

Trudy's scale goes to about a thousand,

so, uh, the high end of that.

- He doesn't have a choice.
- Nonsense.

The man always has a choice.



I brought Logan to meet some
of your brothers in arms.

I thought maybe he could
get to know everybody

before the big shindig if that's cool.

Of course, of course.

Uh, everyone, this is Logan.

I just want to say to all of you

that you look mahvelous.

It's Bill Crystal.

- I got to bolt.
- Wh... wait, is he gonna... you...

No, no, he'll be fine. I'll
come and pick him up later,

and you all try and keep your sides

from hurting 'cause this guy

is gonna keep you rolling on the floor.

- You be good, brother.
- Okay, you be good.

You be good, brother. Bye, honey.


Hey, I have a question for you guys.

Do you know what side of the street

the Peterson Hotel is on?

- Uh, the south?
- Yeah.

No, my man, the inn-side.

With two Ns.

Yeah, it sure is.

Well, let's get these old yappers

talking about this bachelor party, huh?

Is everybody here in?

Mm, mm, yes, yes.

Uh, yeah, you know, yeah, Logan.

They're all in, and they
have some ideas too, so maybe you...

Oh, well, that sounds great.

You guys thinking Chili's or TGIFridays?

Uh, you're all gonna want to see this.

Oh, okay.

No, I know.

Yeah, no, it was great. Yeah, yeah.

My mother?


I'm gonna have to call you back.

Yeah, you got it.

What's this about?

It's about the
billboard where you slander me.

I have absolutely no idea
what you're talking about.

Oh, right, right.

Look, I have a lot of supporters,

and sometimes they take
matters into their own hands

and do outrageous things.

Outrageous doesn't
even begin to cover it.

I hear you,

and whatever it is, this billboard?

- Is that what you said?
- Mm-hmm.

I certainly don't condone it,

but I can't control every donor

that wants to see me win.

Billboard is down by
the end of the day, Becks,

or you and I are gonna have
another conversation.

Okay, you've said your piece, Mr. Casey.


get the hell out of my office.


Yes, sir?

Mr. Casey wandered into
the wrong office.

Could you show him the door, please?

This isn't over, Becks.

I think it is.

Just scoot over a little more.

There you go.

Just one second, okay?

I thought we were getting out of here.

- Hey, Maggie.
- Hey.

How's he doing?

Oh, he's a brave little guy.

We're keeping him distracted.

And, um, what kind of guy is his dad?

What's that supposed to mean?

- Anything raise a red flag?
- Not really.

His toxicology came back negative.

Could you look him up?

See if he or Teddy have
been here before?



I show his father in here.

Can I look?

Well, I don't mind, but
HIPAA won't like it.

- Come on, you owe me.
- For what?

New Year's Eve.

- Hmm.
- Hmm what?

His emergency contact
says "Patient refused,"

and his billing address doesn't match.

That's a little unusual.

Can I talk to him?

No, the doctor's in
there going over his CT.

Could you text me when
you guys release him?


Now where you going?

What are you doing?

Look, this guy has
got something going on,

and we have his
prints all over his collar.

Luckily, there's a police officer

who owes me a favor.

Not... not like that.

I mean, it's... it's not what you think.

I have no idea what
you're talking about.

Um, hand me one of those trash bags.

Maybe it's nothing, but
maybe it's something.

I'm not gonna be able to sleep tonight

unless I know one way or the other,

so I'm gonna ask
him to run these prints.

Say no more. I'm in.

Thank you.

It's all over, though.
It's all over the city.

Oh. Oh, I understand.

Oh, hey, what are these made out of?



- Hard.
- Mm.

Oh, my God, is that a lirpa?

A what now?

It's the Vulcan weapon that
Spock uses in a battle

- to the death...
- In "Amok Time."

- Yeah.
- "Star Trek" original series...

season two, episode one?

- It's actually episode two.
- Oh, no, it's episode one.

No, it's episode two.

- Hold on, use your mind.
- That's right.

You're right, it is episode one!

Yes. Takes a second.


About the bachelor party, Logan.

Oh, yeah, you guys are
gonna flip the F out.

- Oh, yeah?
- Two words,

"Matrix" marathon.

- Whoa!
- Yeah.

Wh... what?

All the movies, "The
Matrix," "Reloaded,"

"Revolutions," and all
eight "Animatrix" cartoons!

Get out!

Otis, can you take Logan
here into the turnout room?

Sure. Hey, come check this out.

Hell, yeah.

Tuk, tuk.

All right, you know what
this is really about,

Mouch, all right?

Trudy brought Logan in here as a spy.

That is not remotely
what is going on here.

He is here for one
reason and one reason alone,

to make sure that your bachelor party

doesn't turn into some
kind of debaucherous den

of iniquity-type situation.

It is a harbinger of things to come,

my friend.

Think about it.

- Luke, I am your father.
- It's impossible.

We're gonna go do this to everyone.

Yeah, good idea.

This guy's a hoot, right?

You wanted to see me, Chief?

Yeah, come on in.

Everything okay?

What do you know about

the Friends of
Firefighters benefit being moved?

First I've heard about it.

I just got off the phone with
the commissioner's office.

They told me that some
influential people,

some very concerned
citizens, called headquarters

asking for it not to be held here at 51.


They said it wouldn't be appropriate,

mentioned you by name,

certain billboards around town.

This is ridiculous.

They're moving it to Morningside.

Just... give me a
chance to make some calls.

Truck 81, Ambulance 61,

man down from unknown causes,

South Blue Island and West 13th.

That's our address.

- Over here, over here, help!
- Let's go.

- We were just walking along...
- I'll get the ambulance!

And this car was pulling
away, spinning its tires,

and the tire chain flew off

and whapped Todd right in the face.

Driver pulled off like
he didn't even know.


- All right, let's flip him.
- Flip him.

All right.

Hey, hold still. Hold still.

Dawson, will you
keep his head from moving?

Easy, easy, man.

The more you move, the worse it gets.

Okay, people, move back.

- Give us room here.
- What do we got?

We got multiple
lacerations, maybe some broken bones.

We got to get the chain off to see.

- Help me get it off?
- Yeah, let's do it.

Hey, will you bandage
him, and I'll start an IV?

- On it.
- Herrmann, Otis,

backboard and stretcher.

You guys ready?

- Let's do it.
- Yeah.

All right.

- Easy. Easy.
- Oh, God, get it off!


All right, here, let me
pack it. I need gauze!

Help me, please.

Hey, hey, we got to do
this the right way, okay?

Just look at me. Stay
with me, all right?

On three.

- Yeah.
- Hey, you're doing great.

You're doing great. All
right, one, two, three.

- Okay.
- All right.

You're okay.

Brett, are you in?

- Got it.
- Right, backboard.


All right.

One, two, three.

A new record, closest call we've had.

Can I help you?

Is this you?

It's on all the cars.


Okay, 81, let's go pick up some trash.

Hey. You all right?

Just trying to get some work done.

- Matt.
- What?

Becks is right.

Nothing gives him the right to
plaster it all over the city.

What does that have to do
with leadership, anyway?

It's got everything to do with politics.

This is not what I signed up for.

So what are you saying?

I'm saying I can see
exactly why no sane person

wants to subject
themselves to this process.

You run a clean
campaign, you get creamed.

You run a dirty one,
well, you might win an election,

but you lose your
soul. What's the point?

Even more reason why the city needs you.

It's affecting the house now.

They're moving the
Friends of Firefighters benefit

up to Morningside because
they'd rather not have

my name associated with it.

Okay, look, you want to quit?

Then quit.

Give him what he wants.

- Gabby.
- No,

I'm done talking about it.

- Vitals?
- Pressure's stable.

What happened here?

A tire chain puncture to the jugular,

bleeding controlled
with direct pressure.

Got it, we'll take it from here.

I need a nurse.

- Sylvie.
- Hey, Sean.

I stopped by 51. They
said you were here.

Yeah. What'd you find out?

How about you tell me
exactly why you wanted

those fingerprints run
through the system?

- A hunch.
- Well, the guy, Warren Moakes,

he has an AMBER Alert out on
him for kidnapping his son.

So, you know where he is?


Uh, what room do you
have Warren Moakes in?

Don't have a Moakes.

He came in with a concussion,

got a CT scan.

Moakes, Moakes, nope, nothing.

Had a little boy with him, Teddy.

Oh, yeah, Teddy.

That was, let me see,

Warren Miller? That who
you're talking about?

Yes, that's him. Do
you know where he is?

Looks like he was just discharged.

Excuse me.

Oh, come on, come on.

Taxi! Teddy, come on!

- Wait for me.
- Hey!


Open the door! Open the door now!

Let me see your hands! On the ground!

- Hey, on the ground right now!
- Okay, okay.

Let me see your hands right now!

- Dad!
- Get on the ground!

Don't worry, Teddy.


Put your hands behind your head.

It's gonna be all right, Teddy.

- It's okay.
- Dad, what's happening?

- It's all right. It's okay.
- Daddy.

You kidnap your son? That it?

You don't understand.

His mom's an addict.

She can't take care of
herself, much less him.

Yeah, you can tell
that one to the judge.

- You handle him?
- Yeah.

I love you, Teddy. I love you.

- It's all right.
- I love you!

- Come on, let's go.
- I love you!

It's okay.

I'll get Maggie to call DCFS.


Hey, Gabby.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Grant, hi, how you doing?

Yeah, you know, uh, hanging in there.

Is Stella here?

- Yeah, uh... sh...
- Hey, baby.


- I miss you.
- What's going on?

I'm sorry to bust in on you at work.

It's just I... I felt so lonely,

I thought I was gonna die.

- You're not gonna die, Grant.
- I can't help it.

I miss you. I can't survive without you.

You're doing great.

Could we, um...

you know?

Uh, yeah.

- Yeah? All right.
- Fine.

- Go in there.
- In there?

- Mm-hmm.
- Great.

Drop your pants.

- No, you did the right thing.
- Did I?

I mean, what if he's telling the truth?

Well, that's what the courts are for.

Well, my cousin Sheila went through
this whole custody thing

with her ex, and it was a nightmare.

I mean, always switching the days

and then accusing her of not showing up

and then running to the judge to
petition for reduced custody.

- That's awful.
- And I always thought,

"What if I was his
friend and not her cousin?

I'd probably believe all
those things about her."


You and Grant want to get
busy, that's your call,

but you can't do it in our turnout room.


Listen to me, you and I are friends,

but you pull that stuff in
front of the Chief or anyone else,

and they're gonna pink
slip you sooner than you...

I was giving him a B-12 shot.


He's scared to stick himself,

but he gets gloomy fast without it.

- Oh.
- Mm-hmm. Yup.

And don't tell me that you and Casey

have never gotten busy in the firehouse.

That's beside the point.


Your mission, should you
choose to accept it,

is to party and party hard.

With that in mind and
for your eyes only,

I present to you the
bachelor celebration itinerary.

These envelopes will self-destruct
in 0900 seconds.

I'm getting real skeptical, Mouch.

So can we open them or...

Yeah, yeah, yeah, open up, open up.

- Wow.
- Yeah.

And everything is taken care of

from the beauty of the
Willis Tower Observatory...

the Australian Outback.

What is that, 'mate? It's a koala bear.

No, it's a kangaroo. No, it's a dingo.

This is gonna be a night

you guys will never forget. I'm serious.

Hey, Logan?

Yeah, what's up, my
brother, my brother, my brother?

Maybe this...

Vehicle fire, Truck 81, Squad 3,

- Ambo 61, vehicle fire.
- Got to go.

Jackson and Kedzie.

That's okay, guys.

I'll just, uh, pre-order.

Casey, engine's delayed.

Get some extinguishers on
that. Move these people back.

Herrmann, Mouch, Dawson,
get extinguishers.

Kidd, Otis, clear the area.

- On it.
- Let's back it up, folks.

- Give us some room.
- Let us work here.

Move back. Come on, let's go.

Back to the sidewalk. Let's move.

Thank you. Thank you very much.

Hey, Chief,

I got someone inside!

What the hell?

Paramedics, we got a stab wound here.

Coming in, Chief.

Whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa. Stay back, please.

Stay back!

Stay out of the street. Let them work.

Hey, you know what happened here?

Looks to me like some dumb corner boy

tried to sell on a
corner that ain't his.

Come on, let's go.

- My God.
- Thank you.

Appreciate your
cooperation. Please stay back.

These are the ones who helped me, Mommy.

- I'm g-Hi. oss.
- Oh, if not for you two,

I don't know if I
would have seen him again.

Thank you both so much.

No, we're just glad it worked out.

Whole thing feels like

I'm walking through fog, you know?


Well, we were happy to help.

Okay, well, thanks
again. Come on, Teddy.

Let's get out of here, let
these guys get back to work.


Your boy's father,

he had some things to say about you.

I'm sure he did,

and he's
pathological, as I'm sure you...

Are you using?

Excuse me?

I'm asking you. Are you on something?

How dare you?

How dare you in front
of my son who was just

put through the most
traumatic experience of his life.

All right, ma'am. We're done here.

Go to hell, the both of you.

You know what?

Even better, what's your name?

I want to get you fired.

Sylvie Brett, two Ts.


Let's go, Teddy.

Damn it.

Damn it!

Boden said we're
supposed to drop the victims off

and forget them, move
on to the next call.

No, I can't do that, okay?

I can't leave my heart in the locker

at the start of shift and
just pick it up at the end.

I can't.

Maybe it'll break me
someday. I just don't care.

I just...

Let's get out of here, huh?

I know he doesn't want to talk,

but it's non-negotiable at this point.

You know, this corner is the most
important thing right now.

I've been doing some thinking

about the way things
work here in Chicago.


You want police cameras off

Richmond and Augusta, right?



I promise to do what I
can to make that happen

once elected if

you promise that
drugs will no longer be sold

on the two corners bordering
Anderson High School.

These are kids we're talking about,

14, 15 years old.

They need to know they're
safe when they go to school.

They shouldn't have to
walk past a war zone.

Who says I can make that happen?

I guess we'll just have to trust

each other's word is good.

I see you have learned a
few things, haven't you?

I have never seen it this quiet.

Yeah, I think it's kind of great.

You can actually hear yourself think.

I think it's kind of nice for a change.

- Yeah.
- Right?

Wow, place is really jumping tonight.

- Yup.
- Mouch's bachelor party.

- Ah, got it.
- Okay,

new lady on truck needs
a drink. I'm buying.

Thanks. Uh, Old Fashioned.

Mm-hmm, just like Mouch's
bachelor party.

Poor guys.

Aww, poor guys.

Apparently Logan reserved
the Sunflower Suite

for the night.

What? That wasn't on the itinerary.

I am so sorry for this, guys.

You're all the truest of friends

for not just running for the hills.

Hey, wouldn't miss it.

Yeah, nobody wants to miss a disaster.

It's like buying tickets to
watch two trains collide.

Oh, buck up, Herrmann.

We're here to celebrate Mouch.

- Exactly.
- All right, fine.

Let's get on with it.

What's wrong with you?

Nobody has to stay for all
three movies, seriously.

Just leave when you want to.

Eh, maybe there'll be some
beers in the mini fridge.

- This is unbelievable.
- Stop it.


Again, just go when you want.

You don't have to have
a code word or anything.

Whoo! Psyche!

Welcome to the Matrix, boys.

Ooh, ooh.

Okay, now we're talking.

- Got you!
- What?

Yeah, we've been
planning this forever, my friend.

- Trudy knows?
- What, Trudy?

Trudy came up with this.

Come on, let's go.

Hey, everybody, bachelor in the house!

- Whoo!
- He needs a drink!

- All right.
- Come on in, brother.

- Go to it.
- Hello.


What'd I do?

Put a boot in my ass,

reminded me why I'm doing this.

That? That was nothing.

Let's go say hello.

Mr. Becks.

Mr. Casey.

Are you here to concede,
save us all a little time?

Actually, I wanted to see your face

the first time you
realized you were gonna lose to me.

And there it is.

Hey, Matt Casey, thanks for coming.

I'm Matt Casey. This is Gabriela Dawson.

- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.

- Are you cold?
- Are you cold?

What the hell just happened?