Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 4, Episode 13 - The Sky Is Falling - full transcript

Mysterious threats begin to emerge throughout Chicago and the situation gets worse when news of a mass shooting brings Firehouse 51 into a dangerous scene.

- Lieutenant Casey.
- Alderman.

I got word the shelter was closing.

My understanding was we
raised more than $50,000.

Look, I don't want to
bore you with the details.

Where's the money?

That is two strikes, Chili.

I know that I have to get my act together,

and I know that I've got to sober up.

Well, we're here for you.

Well, only so much we can do.

What we busted in on today,

you mind telling me about what we found?

Don't worry. I got it covered.

This is why I like the fashion show.

It's like every time...

If I could have your attention.

I would like to announce next week

Antonio's Boxing Gym,

Trudy and I are hosting an old-fashioned

battle of the badges...

Yeah, yeah!

- Between the heroes of 51...
- Oh-oh!

And those blockheads down at
the 21st police district...

- Boo!
- For beer and bragging rights.

I love it. That's the
best news I heard all week.

50 bucks a head for a good cause.

What's the cause?

Ah, it's to be determined at this time.

All right, let's not get bogged down

with the whys and what-fors, all right?

All I care about is who's fighting for 51.

Capp, are you in?

Can't. My mom says I
have a deviated septum.

Actually, I already volunteered.

Antonio sorted it out.

My brother set it up? Do
you even know how to box?

Kind of.

Danny and I used to go to
this MMA gym down on Diversity.

Dude, MMA is not boxing.

Enough with the nay-saying.

All this kid needs is the right trainer,

and he's gonna be ready
to bust that cop open

like a donut-filled pi?ata.


I'm the man for the job.

All right, come on, Candidate!

We are gonna start with some combos.

I'm gonna go grab the steaks.

- Steak?
- Yeah.

Engine 15, Truck 81, Squad 3, Ambulance 61,

structure fire, 1410 Museum Campus Drive.

That's Soldier Field.

Hey, is that smoke purple?

Battalion 25 to Main,

start a Level One
Haz-Mat at this location.

Copy that, Battalion 2.

You can get assistance and aid down there.

Walk away from the smoke.

- Capp, Tony, Level A suits!
- Copy that!

Hey, Chief, it's gonna take them

five minutes to get their gear on.

Cruz and I can mask up. We'll
get a jump on evacuations.

Truck will go with and take readings.

Okay, take one man each. No more.

You get a bad reading, you pull out.

Still don't know what
we're dealing with yet.

- Cruz, let's mask up.
- Right away.

All right, Herrmann, with
me. Bring the gas meter.

Let's go to work.

- Let's go!
- All right.

Come on.

- Go with the medics.
- All right, we got you.

Come on.

A lot of smoke in there.

No heat. No visible fire.

Readings are all normal.

- I need a paramedic!
- Yeah, come on.

What's your name?


Have you had asthma before, Remy?

Got the nebulizer prepped?

Yep, right here.

I think we need to give an epi.

No, just give it a minute. He's good.

- Brett, I said no epi.
- Look, he really needs it.

Who's the PIC?

Remy, relax, man. Take a deep breath.

Anybody hurt?

Gas inhalation, asthma,

A few people injured in rout.

Hey, Chief!

Smoke grenade.


There's a bunch of them in there.

Can I see that?

Take photos of everything.
Bag and tag it all.

Have it to the lab within the hour.

You mind telling us what we're looking at?

I can't.

Look, if there's anything we
need to be made aware of...

We'll be in touch, Chief.

Long night last night?

What happened to drying out?

Brett, why don't you just do me a favor

and get the Albuterol replacement

and meet me in the ambulance.

Ambo 61, right?

House 51?

Yeah, Sylvie Brett.

Jen Brenner, Ambo 98.

Oh, right.

My partner, Chili, used
to be assigned there.

She was first shift. I'm second.

But she was known.

Burned through three partners

before the chief finally scraped her off.

I... I'm sorry.

Scraped her off? I
thought the houses merged.

Yeah, the houses merged,
but the ambo details didn't.

- Anyway, gotta run.
- It was nice meeting you.

Good luck with that one.

What's that all about?

Another bomb threat.

This time in Logan Square.

Another one.

Two other hoaxes already today.

Suitcases filled with phone books.

Hey, what's going on out there today?

Nothing good, I'm sure.

Thinking about donating?

How could Becks not know he was partnering

with a charity-for-profit scheme?

You said yourself, it's for the PR.

Or he was getting a cut.

And you think Antonio
would be willing to...

Investigate a sitting alderman?

Who's skimming money off a charity?


let's say you poke this guy
and come up empty-handed.

How will you feel when Becks retaliates?

I can handle it.

Against the house.



I need to run an errand.

30 minutes, tops.

Feels like one of those days.

I hear you.

Chili, hey.

We need to talk.

Brett, I really don't
want to get into it again.

It was a judgment call, okay? We disagreed.

I forgive you.

I ran into somebody from your old house.

Jen Brenner, second shift on 98.

I saw her at the ER.


Were you forced out of your last house

because of a drinking problem?

Well, I wouldn't say I was forced out

as much as I was asked to leave.

Why didn't you say anything?

Because it's embarrassing.
Why do you think?

Besides, it's in the past.

Why are you even bringing this up?

Is it?

Look, if drinking was an issue before,

you really have to take it seriously now.


I can handle this myself.


Come on in.

- Chief.
- What's going on, Chili?

Oh, not much.

Other than I need a new partner.

What exactly is the reason?

Personality clash.

A personality clash.

It bubbled over when
we were on a call today.

We were treating a patient,

and Brett contradicted a direct order.

Can't have that.

Doesn't sound like Sylvie Brett.

Listen, if there is an issue,

we can all sit down
together and discuss it.

All due respect, Chief,

I don't really care to
hear how we're all a family.

Brett is not my family.

She's a subordinate.

I would really appreciate your support.

I'm just letting you know
before I call Chief Hatcher.


Headquarters is on line one.

This discussion is not over.

And thank you for your donation too.

It's been really good to see you.

Hey, and thanks for coming again.

I really appreciate it.

Alderman Becks.

You haven't returned my calls.

Uh, Gary, it's fine.

We're fine.

Uh, would you excuse
us for a minute, please?

Lieutenant, I, uh, owe you an apology.

I called your charity
partners this morning.

Century Philanthropy International.

Ring any bells?

Let me guess, the line's disconnected.

You had no involvement in their actions?

Why? What are you suggesting?

I'm suggesting you come
up with a better answer

while it's still me asking the questions

and not the press.

Let's be careful what we say here.

You made a promise to those victims.

You make good on that, we're square.

If not, well...

one thing I learned
from my speech last week,

it's the power of a firefighter

standing in front of the cameras.

Just a little something to keep in mind.

You needed me?

Sylvie, come on in. Shut the door.


Complaint has been made.

By Chili.

She's claiming insubordination.

Said you contradicted a
direct order this morning.

An order?

No, we had a disagreement
about a treatment.

Be that as it may, she
wants you detailed out.


You know what this is really about, right?

I just found out that her last house

handed her a pink slip for
the same sort of behavior

that she's exhibited here,

the drinking, the arguing.

I pushed her to get help,
and now she wants me gone.


We need to convene all
the officers in the house.


Follow me.

This is Steven Grimes,

Head of Intelligence and
Analysis at Homeland Security.

Chief, we're tracking a situation

and wanted to brief a few key firehouses.

In the last 24 hours,

we're seen a dramatic
increase in terror threats,

like the ones you witnessed this morning.

All hoaxes. It's not a coincidence.

So what is it?

We believe that someone
is intentionally dividing

the city's resources in
preparation for an attack.

What are we talking about, a bomb?

Chemical weapon?

Well, we feel like we
dented this group's resources

when we found their lab,
thanks to you, Lieutenant.

Ultimately, it's impossible to know

what their plan might be now.

We've prepared a few tactical scenarios.

Unfortunately, there are too many targets.

So we're asking for local
first responders to help us out.

Eyes and ears kinda thing.

All right, come on.

Feel that dead meat! Come on, hit it!

Go! Oh!

Jab, jab, right cross.

There you go. Left cross.

Hit it!

Break those ribs, break those ribs.

Uh, there's no ribs in sirloin, Herrmann.

Body shot, go. Uppercut.

You talk to Chief yet?

Speed bag.

Come on, we're gonna lose.

Come on, come on, hit that meat.

Hit it, hit it, hit it!

Who the hell do you think you are?

After everything I've done,

all the times I've stood up for you.

Brett, relax. Just take a deep breath.

What, you have the balls to pretend

you haven't just stabbed me in the back?

Stabbed you?

Who's going around
gossiping about who here?

It has nothing to do
with talking about stuff!

- You bring it to work!
- Hey! Hey!

- It affects me!
- Hey! What's going on?

She's the one you're protecting?

What's up?

Message from the alderman's office.

He wants to grab dinner
to talk about options

for the tornado victims.

Higher ground worked.

We'll see.


I'm sure you're here about Jessica Chilton.

Yes, I am.

That young woman's business

has monopolized my afternoon on a day

when no one has time.

Is it true?

Was she removed from Ambo 98?

There were accusations made on both sides,

so we chose to resolve the matter quietly.

What made you think it
was okay to use my house

- as a dumping ground?
- Hold on, Wallace.

I made the move because 51 has a reputation

of being a tight-knit house,

and I figured that was
exactly what Jessica needed.

That may well be,

but I should have been made aware of this

so I could get ahead of it
before it got to this point.

You gave her two strikes

in a three-strike system
of your own design.

Am I correct?

Did you report any of this to IAD?

The union?

Or did you give her a clear
directive for staying on track?

How'd you know about all this?

The union emailed me a list
of grievances against you.

They're garbage, of course,

but the union's compelled
to fight this and you,

and it will be ugly.

Want my advice?

Give her what she wants.

You need to decide whether
this other paramedic

is worth the ramifications here.

Let's go! Work off the jab!

Set up with the jab!

You see?

We gotta work on your speed!

Hey, Cruz, you know where we could get

a live chicken this time of night?

Why would you think I would know that?

Did you know he couldn't box?

Ha, it's all in good fun, Sis.

How come you're not in his corner?

Eh, I tried to volunteer,

but apparently boxing's a man's sport.

Did I hear that right?

He say you were a Silver Gloves?

Silver, yeah. High school.

Undefeated, by the way.

What do you say?

All right, first thing
is you gotta open up, man.

You're too rigid.

No, no, no, no.

Hey, if he stands like that,

he's gonna open himself up to abuse.

Come on, I'll show you.
Stand over here, Jimmy.

All right, come on, Powder Puff.

All right, see, you stand like this,

you're less exposed, right?

- Oh, jeez.
- Oh!

I'm sorry. Herrmann, you okay?

- You...
- Yeah.

Yeah, yeah.

You still want me to get that chicken?

Shut up.


Oh, thank you so much, Mateo.

Have you ever had Dingles Bay Oysters?

Tastes like the ocean.

I'm here to talk about the tornado victims.

I know you are.

Fortunately, I was able
to pull some strings,

and those friends of
yours, Dawn and Lucas Hicks,

we managed to get them a
handsome FEMA settlement.

They're set.

That's a good start.

What about the rest of the victims?

That's a work in progress.

But here's what I'm thinking.

Am I right that you have
three weeks' furlough saved up?

How do you know that?

My wife and I are members of the
Saginaw Resort on Lake Geneva.

It's a beautiful place.

Take my car.

Bring your girl.

We'll hash it out.


Ah, damn.

Hash what out exactly?


Uh, they sprung this vote on me.

Uh, please, continue.

Dinner's on me.

We're not done.

Absolutely not.

My aid will handle all the details.

Enjoy the lake.

You okay to be seen with me?

I'm not so sure.

Maybe your boss is hiding
out there in the bushes.

I'm sorry for the cold shoulder.

You can imagine the
pressure we're all under.

Of course, I understand.

We, uh, traced the smoke
grenades and the suitcases

back to a motel room in Bronzeville.


And all we found there were
empty fast food containers

and a rambling anarchist manifesto.

They're one step ahead of
us, and they're ready to act.

It's just a matter of when.

What the hell is this?

A conversation.

Yeah? Well, I want my union rep here.

Right here.

I don't know what kinda stories

she's been telling you about me.

Let's get one thing straight,
no one is telling any stories,

and no one is being detailed out.

Now, that's not you,

and that is not Brett either.

Chief Boden and I are unified on this.

This right here,

this is where your road splits, Chili.

Now you can either see me as the enemy

or as an ally.

One who's making every effort he can

to offer you one last chance.

I'm ready either way.


Just talked to Burgess over the 21st.

What's this I hear about the boxing match

being for yours and Platt's wedding?

Technically, the reception's been paid for.

It's more about recouping the costs.

Uh-uh. No way.

I am not gonna throw away 50 bucks

so that you and Platt can
have your dream wedding.

I want a refund.

Hey, nothing doing, all right?

We still need you in the corner.

This is a team effort.

Hey, guys, there's something
going down near The Loop.

We're looking at a lot of law enforcement

on the western edge of The Loop right now,

in response to reports of
at least four abandoned vans

parked around the Willis Tower

that police are calling suspicious.

There's a massive
evacuation effort underway

as the bomb squad begins
its work on those vehicles,

which we can only assume
means that police suspect

those vans are loaded with
some sort of explosive agents.

And both CPD and the Fire Department

have sent a massive amount
of manpower to the area

to help with the evacuation

of the over 10,000 workers and tourists

who are in the tower.

My God.

Station 51,

Box Alarm, 2050 Kinzie Avenue.

Wait, that's not Willis Tower.

- Got a whole city to serve.
- Let's move it, Candidate.

Chief, 81 is in the building,

and we're not seeing anything.

No smoke. Let's go.

Take no chances today, 81.

Ambo's on the way in.

Copy, Chief.

Otis, Dawson, now. Fan out.

Casey, report.

Chief, still no sign of
smoke in the building.

Checking to see if it was a faulty sensor.

Have the paramedics look for
a wall-mounted defibrillator.

That could have set it off.

Rescue Squad,

hang tight, stand by.

Chief, there's a security guard here.

Gonna see if I can get an occupancy count.

He says there's about 15
people in the building.

Let's go ahead, start moving
those people toward the exit.

81, continue your sweep.

I'm heading down into the
basement to check the alarm.

You got it, Lieutenant.

Hey, Chief, we got a guy on the roof.

Mayday, mayday!

We have an active shooter. Need rescue!

Hey, stop! Hey, go back!

- No! Stop!
- Go right!

- Right!
- Get down!

Take cover!

Go! Go!

- Grab his arm!
- I got you.

Truck 81, confirm!

Don't let anyone leave the building.

We have an outside shooter.

Hold your positions until further notice.

81, do you copy?

Brett, Chili, do you copy?

Yeah, we're here.

Find a safe position and stay there.

Copy that.

This room isn't secure.

We need to go somewhere better.

Help! Somebody!


We had to kill our radios.

We found a secure spot. Come on.

Cover me.

There are at least two
shooters, plus one on the roof.

I have a truck company stuck
in there and two paramedics.

Where's SWAT?

They're still extricating themselves

from that mess downtown.

It was a hoax, engineered
to draw manpower away.

This was the target all along.

Lieutenant, Chief!

Go, go.

When I go, you go.


Second floor, second window from the left.

I see it.

Chief, we can get up there.

No, SWAT's on its way.

Chief, the shooter can't see
the sign from where he is.

We approach from the east
side. He won't see us.

I can go and cover 'em.


Anyone that goes wears a vest.

Yes, sir. Cruz, you good?

- Let's do this.
- Grab a ladder.

It's me.

Chief, this is Casey.

I'm back with Truck and some civilians.

Everyone's okay.

Casey, thank God.

We're on the third floor, B, C corner,

but have to stay radio silent.

Okay, hang tight. SWAT is on its way

We're gonna get you out.


No, please!

Please stop! Don't do it!

No, no!

Please don't! Please don't!

Son of a bitch.

I've lost sight of the shooter.

I repeat, I have lost sight of the shooter.

Take a breath, take a breath.

Take it easy.


Go, Severide, go!

Come on.

Here you go, come on.

- Cruz.
- Yeah, got him.

I got you.

Hang in there, okay? I got
you, I got you, come on.

Come on.

I need a medic!

Anyone else smell smoke?

They disabled the
sprinklers to start a fire.

We gotta move.

The man said sit tight.

Those shooters are still out there.

We'll stand a better chance against them

than we will against a fire.


Everyone, listen up.

I know everyone here is scared.

That's okay.

But I promise,

you will not be alone.

We'll surround you every
single step of the way,

and we'll survive together.

You're gonna be fine, okay?

Thank you, Kelly.

What do we got?

At least two shooters in the building.

One dead up on the roof.

No firm head count on civilians.

Let's move. Let's go.


Son of a bitch.


- Go, go.
- Come on. Come on.

We've got one shooter in the first level,

northwest corner at the exit doors.

Copy that. We're moving into position.

- We're clear.
- Target's down.

Anyone else in there?

Our paramedics.

Do you hear that?

She's alive.

We have to help her.

You ready?

Hold still.

You're gonna be okay.

Suspect is down.


Thanks, Chief.

Is it over?

Yeah, it's over.

Four dead.

Seven wounded.

It would have been much worse
without you inside, so...

Good job, Lieutenant.

By everyone.

I love you too, Mom.


Talk soon.

I don't expect for you to forgive me.

I just wanted to tell
you that you were right.

Do you know what it's like
to be doing and saying things

and not really know where it's coming from?

I thought it was my family.

'Cause they were the
ones that were messed up.

I was just there.

But none of them are here anymore.

It's just me.

I'm the one that's messed up.

And I need help.

I'm so glad that you're okay.

And I'm really sorry.



Deputy Director, you remember
Lieutenant Kelly Severide

of the Chicago Fire Department.

He was on the scene.

Hell of a job, Lieutenant.

Agent Ward was telling me all about it.

Yeah, well, uh...

just doing my job.

This here's from everyone at 51.


Can't tell you what it means.

Pleasure meeting you, Lieutenant,

but we still have work to do.

Yeah, same.

Okay then, as soon as you
have medical clearance,

we need to set you up in Miami.


I'll never forget you.

These are well-deserved after today.

Four dead and seven wounded.

Families torn apart.

For what?

Hate, ignorance.

No explanation for it.


Oh, God, I was so worried.

Ah, it really wasn't...

Yeah, me too.

All those families today.
I saw all the reports.

They... they didn't
have much to begin with,

and, honey, it got me thinking...

Yeah, I agree.

Just a quick announcement.

Trudy and I want to donate the funds

from the battle of the badges

to the families that lost something today.

If that's okay with everyone.

Hear, hear.


See that?

There's always hope.

As long as there's good
people in this world

willing to step up and lend a hand.

- Here's to the victims.
- Yeah.

Here's to hope.