Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 4, Episode 11 - The Path of Destruction - full transcript

The city of Chicago braces for a tornado.

- Chili, you were late this shift.
- Like, five minutes. - Chili! That's strike one.
- Chili's on edge or something.
- Off the rails is more like it.
Whatever's going on with her,
I don't think it's about us right now.
- Oh, my God. - Herrmann!
Freddie knifed me.
- I brought Freddie to the fire house.
This is on me. - Hey.
I'm not ready to forgive that kid,
but I sure as hell don't blame you for what happened, okay?
- [crying]
- All right.
- You sure you're ready for this?
Maybe you should give it a few more days.
- Cindy. The doc said I'm ready.
You were there. - I know.
But Wallace told you to take as long as you need.
You don't have to rush right back.
- I'm not rushing back. I just...
Want to feel like myself again.
Come here.
I love you. - Love you.
- Hey, guys!
So I'm back. I passed my physical.
It's no big deal. It's just...
Not like I was on death's door--
[all yelling and cheering]
- Aw, you guys. You didn't have to.
- Oh, please. I saw your face just now.
Come here.
I'm happy to have you home.
- Good to be here.
- You were missed.
Welcome back, buddy.
- Chief, it's good to be here.
- Good to have you back, Herrmann.
- Hey, thanks, Lieutenant.
- Buddy. - So, hey.
When's your big day, buddy?
- Oh, well, we haven't exactly set a date yet.
We don't want to rush into anything.
- Yeah, of course, man. You're young.
You got your whole life ahead of you.
Why rush?
- I see your sense of humor's still intact.
That's too bad. - [laughs]
- Hey. - Hey!
Look, I just, uh--I wanted to say I'm sorry again,
you know, for what happened,
and bringing Freddie here in the first place.
- Listen, what I told you in the hospital, I meant it.
You and me, we're good.
- Thanks. - All right.
- Oh, just so you know.
I talked to Kot, and he's gonna
push for the maximum sentence for Freddie, all right?
Listen, Cindy, she's had me on decaf the last few weeks,
so I'm gonna get myself a cup of the real stuff before it's gone.
- Uh, yeah! Yeah, yeah, okay.
Hey, I'll let you know if anything else comes up.
- What is it, Chief? - I assume you two have heard
about the weather down south?
- Yeah, I got an aunt down in Carbondale.
She said a tornado hit couple hours ago.
- Well, I've just had an update from the district chief.
They have no idea where the storm is headed,
but the city's gonna be on tornado watch
- They think a tornado might hit here?
- We have to be prepared, just in case.
So make sure all tools are checked,
fuel is topped off, batteries fully charged.
- Yeah, we're on it. - Good.
- Hey.
- So.
Pretending like nothing ever happened between us?
- It's not weird for me.
- Okay, well, I know this is gonna sound like a line,
but I hope that we can still be friends.
- Yeah, sure.
Actually, no.
- Why would I want to be friends with you?
Just so you can feel better?
- That's not what I meant.
- I can't believe
that you actually broke up with me
just because your lieutenant told you to.
He just snaps his fingers and you do whatever he says,
like a little puppy?
- All right. You said what you needed to say.
- [scoffs]
So the conversation is just over, then?
- Yeah. Yeah, it is.
- You're not even worth it.
- Uh, you left your radio in the common room.
- Thanks.
- Everything okay?
- Yeah. All good.
- All personnel report to the common room immediately.
- Meteorologists and the National Weather Service
is confirming that the tornado that touched down here
at Naperville had sustained winds--
- What's going on? - Another tornado.
In Naperville.
- That's like 30 miles away.
the surrounding community has been utterly devastated,
and at least three people are confirmed dead so far.
- And we now have breaking word that the storm cell
responsible for these deadly tornadoes
is now headed directly for Chicago.
The National Weather Service has upgraded the city
from a tornado watch to a tornado warning.
Conditions for severe weather have gone from favorable
to imminent.
Again, Chicago is now under a tornado warning.
Residents are advised to seek shelter immediately.
- Okay, everybody, gather round.
As you've heard, we have a potential tornado on our hands.
We're gonna take every precaution to keep safe.
- Actually, there's this YouTube video of a tornado in Kansas;
sunshine in the west, funnel clouds in the east.
Pretty crazy, you guys. - Thank you, Otis.
Orders are orders, people.
No one leaves the house except on a call.
- Perfect. Jimmy's got his famous meat loaf on the menu.
- Actually, I didn't get a chance
to pick up the groceries yet.
[all complaining at once]
- Okay, everybody stay on your toes.
This thing comes for us, we're gonna be ready.
- I'm gonna call Trudy, make sure she's okay.
- Yeah.
[phone ringing]
- Hey, Austin.
Uh, yeah, we're fine.
Just on lockdown till this thing passes.
I know. Okay.
Yeah, I'll talk to you later.
- Whoa. Hey, you okay?
- Yeah, yeah. I'm fine.
I'm from Indiana, so been through my share of tornados.
- Right.
- Looking good, Otis.
- Am I?
Did you know that Brett was still seeing that Austin guy?
- Ah, he's picked her up from the apartment a few times.
I don't know what she sees in him.
You're still hung up on her.
- No, I'm not. That's just it.
It's not even about Brett.
Every girl does the same thing.
I'm a nice guy. I got a good job.
I can bench 200 pounds.
- Otis. - Okay, 150, regardless.
Without fail, the girl always picks the other guy, always.
- So shake things up. Make a change.
- You want to help?
- Huh? - Give me some advice.
Tell me what I need to do to make women pick me.
- [chuckles] - Come on, Dawson.
You're my only female friend.
- [sighs]
On one condition. - Name it.
- What I say, goes. No back talk.
And I hate whiners.
- Yeah!
- Yeah, take the kids down to the basement.
Tell them that it's an indoor picnic, you know?
They love that crap.
You got bottled water? - Yes.
- Supplies? - Yes.
- Okay.
- And if they figure out what's really going on?
- Then you tell them everything's gonna be fine,
because it is.
- They'd rather hear it from you.
- I'll be home in the morning, okay?
- I love you. - I love you too.
[phone beeps]
Hey, Lieutenant. - Herrmann. How you feeling?
- Good as new.
- It's awful soon to be back,
after everything you went through.
- Hey, listen, you know,
this line of work, we face death every day.
I'm not gonna let some little--
- Stab wound?
- I'm fine.
[alarm blares]
- Ambulance 61, woman collapsed,
121 South LaSalle Street.
- All right.
- Be safe, ladies.
[siren wails]
- God, it's like everyone vanished.
You know, I had this boyfriend in high school
for, like, five minutes, and he was obsessed with zombie movies,
like, Romero stuff.
Scared the crap out of me; it was just the thought.
You can just wake up one morning
and the world as you know it is just...
- Hello?
Fire department! - Back here!
- Call for an ambulance? - Yeah. Come on.
- Everybody back. Come on, give us some space.
- [gagging, convulsing]
- How long has this been going on?
- Uh, on and off for about ten minutes.
- Was anybody with her, know her medical history, anything?
- No, no, she was alone.
The news said to take shelter, so we all just came back here.
- All right, she doesn't have a medical alert bracelet,
I'll start the IV, you drop the Valium.
- Got it.
All right, ready?
- She's not breathing.
How much did you drop? - 10 milligrams.
- Is this what you gave her? - Yes.
- It's morphine.
[dramatic music]

- She's still not breathing.
- The morphine suppressed her respiratory drive.
Pushing Narcan.
[tense music]

- [inhales]
- Respiration's up to 14; let's get her out of here
before she starts seizing again.
- Is she gonna be okay?
- She'll be fine.
What the hell just happened?
- I swear I grabbed the valium.
I always put it in the right place.
- You check the label. You always check the label.
- Relax.
Everything turned out fine.
- Are you sure you're ready? - Let's do this!
Good-bye, friend zone. Hello, end zone!
- That doesn't make any sense.
- It's like a sports metaphor...for sex.
- That's why you're not getting any.
- What's that?
- Little present for you.
It's time for a clean start.
- Hell, no.
I'm not getting rid of my mustache.
- And that weird little thing on your lip.
- Nope, no way. Not doing it.
- Oh, okay, well, then, I guess we're done here.
- Wait, wait, wait.
You can't just quit.
I still need your help. Just not with this.
- This is exactly why you're in a rut, Otis.
You can't even make one tiny superficial change.
- How about a little trim on the sides?
- [sighs] Okay.
I've known you for seven years, Otis,
and in all that time, you have never changed your look.
Not once.
It's your call, Friend Zone.
- Ugh.
- Cruz, you're up.
- Oh, uh, I'm up.
- Hey, is that the last bag of chips?
- You can thank your boy Jimmy for that.
psychically predict when we're gonna be on lockdown?
- I swear, if we run out of food, I am eating you first.
- All right, hey, knuckleheads.
Let's triple-check these ladders and equipment
and make sure everything's in order, all right?
The storm's coming.
- Hey, Herrmann.
I just got a message from Ruzek over at 21,
and he said that Freddie is in no way gonna--
- Listen, whatever you're gonna say,
I don't want to hear it.
- I'm just trying to help. - I know you are,
but I got to put this thing behind me,
so whatever news you got, I don't care.
And I never want to hear his name again, okay?
- Yeah.
- We need a restock request for Ambulance 61.
- Okay.
- Morphine. Patient's paperwork doesn't list that anywhere.
- We, uh-- - She was seizing
in the ambulance ride over here,
and I was reaching for the valium and I accidentally
knocked over the morphine and broke the seal.
Why is everyone so suspicious around here?
- Be back with these in a minute.
- Thanks.
- Wow. Tower duty, huh?
- Payback for running out of food.
[phone ringing]
Firehouse 51. Candidate Jimmy Borrelli speaking.
Can I help you?
Yes, sir, we will be.
- Tornado touched down in our district.
West Lawn neighborhood.
What's wrong with him?
- That's Herrmann's neighborhood.
- Damaged structure. Must be the tornado.
- Let's go.
[alarm blaring]
- Truck 81, Squad 3, Ambulance 61, Engine 51.
Damaged structure, 7439 South Whipple.
[sirens wailing]
[tense music]

[siren wailing]
[indistinct radio chatter]
- Cruz, Severide, 360 that building for stability.
See if we can get inside.
The rest of you, sweep the area for survivors.
Someone called 911.
[indistinct chatter]
- Fire department, call out!
Fire department, call out!
- Hello? - Is anyone here?
- Fire department, call out!
[tense music]

- I need a paramedic!
- Check his vitals. Make sure.
- No good.
- Sir, sir, are you in charge?
I called 911.
- You did good, kid. Now let us do our job.
- My parents are in there. I came as quick as I could.
- How'd you get here? - My bike.
I rode it from school.
- Severide, any update? We going in?
- Negative, Casey. - My mother's in there,
- Okay, okay, listen. We're gonna get everyone out.
Okay? Thank you.
Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hold on.
Hold still.
I need a medical assist!
- All right, what's your name? - Lucas.
- Okay, Lucas, you got to hold still for me, okay?
Must've hit him in the storm.
Broken window or something.
- Hey, I'm Chili. What's your name?
- You have a piece of glass in your back.
You're in shock--your body's protecting you from the pain.
- I don't get it, I don't-- - Hey.
- Hey, you made it through that storm to get here, yeah?
You can handle this.
- Kerlix and tape. - I got it, relax.
- Chief!
Doorways, window frames are all out of square.
There's plaster, siding falling.
There's no sign of anyone, but there's a basement downstairs.
Probably took shelter in there.
Building's too unstable to use the front door,
but I did find another entrance back behind that.
- You move it with your bare hands if you have to.
- Okay.
- Chief!
- Come on, squad, let's get that door open now.
Jimmy, Otis, get that aerial in place.
- Let's go.
- May be electrical. Severed wires.
- Let's just hope that the gas lines haven't been cut.
- Hey, guys, give us a hand with this.
On my count, ready?
One, two, three!
[all grunting]
- Push!
[men grunting]
- One more!
[men grunting]
- Okay, okay, good! Got it!
- Okay, come on out, guys.
You all right? All right.
Walk nice and easy. Get out to the street.
Watch your step.
- Come on, folks. This way.
Away from the structure.
[machinery whirring]
- Get clear of that house, folks.
Watch your step.
- Where's my husband? I can't find my husband.
- There's more people down there, just hold on.
- He wasn't with us! He went back for the dog.
- Okay, well, they got to be around here somewhere.
- He was wearing a yellow raincoat.
- Ah...
I'm not sure, ma'am.
- Guys, please step back over there.
- Hey. You okay?
- Yeah.
- Hey.
Whatever you're feeling right now,
I want you to put that energy into this call.
Nothing else exists.
- Yes, sir.
- All right, guys, let's move.
- I don't see my parents anywhere.
- Okay, hold on.
- What if they're still in there?
- Which one's their apartment?
- That one.
- Okay.
Guys, we got two possible victims
in the apartment upstairs.
This building's a collapse waiting to happen.
I'm only taking one of you with me.
Herrmann, let's do it.
[tense music]

[respirators hissing]
Fire department! Call out!
- Let me see your face.
Crawl on out!
Put your hand on it! Compress it!
Crawl out!
To the window!
[oxygen hissing]
- Two, three. - Three.
- Nice and easy. There you go.
There you go, yeah.
Keep going, you got it. I'm with you.
Go ahead.
We got you.
- Mom. - Oh!
- Careful. - Lucas.
- Hey.
Check out the husband's head. It could be serious.
- Okay.
- I'm so glad you're okay.
- Nice work up there, Herrmann.
You get ahold of Cindy?
- Nah. Not yet.
Hey, guys, mount up. Let's take a ride.
Herrmann's house. Turn on the siren.
They're gonna be fine.
- Yeah. Yeah.
[siren wailing]
Hey, hey, hey. It's okay.
All right, all right, all right.
- Oh, I was so worried.
- I know. Me too.
- Annabelle flushed my damn phone down the toilet.
- They said that thing touched down less than a mile from here.
- Yeah. - Were you?
- It's not good, but I'm okay.
Hey, I'd better get back. You all right?
- The National Weather Service has lifted the tornado warning.
- Copy. Hey.
City gave the all-clear. Warning's been lifted.
- All right.
- Some day.
- Hey.
- Thanks.
- Yeah. So...
Big plans after shift?
- Ah... [laughs]
Hot date with Netflix.
[cell phone buzzing]
[sighs] You were right about that Austin guy.
- Really? - Won't leave me alone.
I told him I just wanted to be friends,
and he keeps calling me.
- Ah, so, you're not-- you're not seeing him anymore?
- He's a boy, not a man.
Wasn't going anywhere.
Some people are just incapable of change.
- What happened isn't your fault.
- You think I don't know that?
I wasn't the one with the damn knife, was I?
I'm sorry, Lieutenant. You didn't deserve that.
- No, forget it.
This isn't about me...
or Herrmann.
It's you I'm worried about.
- Excuse me.
I'm looking for Wallace Boden.
- You found him. - Chief Boden, nice to meet you.
- And you are? - Alex Ward.
Homeland Security.
[knocking on door] - Come on in, shut the door.
Kelly Severide. Agent Alex Ward.
- Department of Homeland Security.
I was just asking your chief for some assistance
on an ongoing investigation.
- What kind of investigation? - It's a domestic threat assess.
We've been tracking a residence here in Chicago for some time,
trying to gather enough evidence for a warrant.
- What's that got to do with the CFD?
- The residence is less than a block from
the apartment building you responded to today.
I asked your chief if there was anyone
who'd be willing to go down to the scene,
see if there's any structural damage, a safety concern,
anything that could get us inside the building,
under the radar.
- You want me to kick down a door, I'll kick down a door.
- Hey, where's Chili?
- I wouldn't know.
- Everything okay between you two?
- Yeah, yeah, sure.
- 'Cause you were staring over her shoulder
on that tornado call today.
- You can't tell anyone else.
- Stays with me.
Back when I first started,
I had a kid with a severe asthma attack.
I was so eager to help,
I didn't even look at how much epi I drew up.
I ended up pushing three times what he needed.
I cried in my chief's office for half an hour afterwards.
Confessed everything. - Was he okay?
- Yeah, yeah. I was the wreck.
See, that's what scares me.
Everybody makes mistakes.
But if Chili doesn't take this seriously,
she has bigger problems.
- She's been erratic,
emotional for weeks now.
Maybe it's the Jimmy stuff, I don't know.
- You say anything to Boden yet?
- No. Why?
- You two are out there on the streets alone.
You don't think your partner has your back,
you can't do your job.
- You got a second, Lieutenant?
- Of course.
- Funny thing about tornadoes, they just drop out of the sky,
like some random act you got no control over.
- A lot of things do that to us.
- Yeah, they sure do.
Hey, um...
thank you for today.
Going into that home and pulling that family out,
that's exactly what I needed.
- Herrmann, you're the heart and soul of this house.
Men here look up to you as much as any chief in the CFD.
Don't ever forget that.
No kid, no knife...
not even a tornado can take that away.
None of us are the same when you're not you, Herrmann.
Hey, go home. - All right.
- Kiss your wife and kids.
- Yeah, that's a great idea.
- Hey, uh,
what did you come in here for?
- Exactly what I got.
Good night, brother.
- Hey.
- Oh, hey. Just one second.
- Um, do you want to go get a sandwich?
The tornado warning's been lifted,
and Jimmy's making meatloaf.
- No, I'm good.
- Chili, I'm trying to talk to you.
- About what?
- That woman almost died today.
- Yeah, but she didn't.
It was over in, like, 30 seconds.
- You put her life in danger, and then you lied about it.
- It was a mistake, and we handled it.
- I handled it. You froze.
- Okay, if you want the credit, it's all yours.
- [scoffs]
with a couple of guys from River North.
You want to come?
One of them's kind of your type.
- I'm good. - [chuckles] Okay.
Your loss. Two-for-one margaritas, just saying.
- Sure you got the right place?
- We don't believe this was the primary residence.
More likely used for storage.
- For what?
- If what this guy's planning goes off,
we're talking a lot more casualties than a tornado.
[knocking on door]
- Fire Department. Anyone home?
- These hinges look bent to you?
That window, it's sagging.
- Makes this a public safety concern.
[foreboding music]

This paneling look off to you?
[ominous music]

This is fertilizer.
It's the beginnings of a binary explosive device.
- You study bomb tech?
- I know the basics.
- Hey, it's Alex.
We're here at the residence.
- What's up, Mouch?
- Eh, nothing much.
- What's going on?
- I blew it today.
- What do you mean?
- At the tornado call.
This woman...
She's looking for her husband, who I knew was dead.
Just pretended I didn't know.
- It's not your job-- - The hell it isn't.
You know that.
I know that.
- Here's what I know.
We see heartbreak every day.
And we live our lives imperfectly as a result of that.
You're a human being, Randy, and there is no shame in that.
- I should've told her.
- Next time you will.
- Hey, Leon. It's your big bro.
Just wanted to hear your voice, man, see how you're doing.
- Hey, you guys. How you doing?
- Uh, anyway, call me.
Crazy days around here, as usual.
- All right. Come on.
Let's go, get in the car.
Hurry up.
- I love you, brother.
- Lieutenant.
Need some help?
- Yeah, I had a call earlier.
Not supposed to do this, but--
- Right. What's the name?
- Lucas Hicks. - The kid got lucky.
Glass was inches from the spine, missed the lungs.
He's gonna be fine. - Okay. Good to hear.
- Dad...didn't make it, though.
Subdural hematoma. Died in the OR.
I'm sorry.
- No, no.
Thanks. - Sure.
[dramatic music]

[buzzer blares]
- What's going on?
- I don't know.
I don't even know why I'm here.
- Yeah, well, it's good to see a familiar face.
You thought the old hood was hard; this place is just--
- Don't talk to me about the hood.
- What do you want?
- You and I are not the same.
We're from the same streets, but that's it.
I took a chance on you, Freddie.
You know that?
I brought you into that house.
I vouched for you!
- Yeah, I know, man-- - I told Herrmann
that you were a good kid!
And now I'm the reason that he was in that hospital!
I'm the reason!
- That's not what happened, man.
I'm the sick one.
I'm the one who messed up.
All you ever tried to do was help me.
All you ever tried to do was help me!
You came for an apology, Joe.
I'ma give it to you.
I'm sorry.
[gentle dramatic music]

- What you saw today-- - I get it.
Don't worry.
- Thanks for your help.
You gave us a real advantage.
- Hey, you need anything else, let me know.
- Thanks for the ride.
- You got this, buddy.
20 bucks says he bails.
- I'll take that action.
- Guy was impaled by a stop sign?
You didn't tell me that. That's messed up.
- Oh, yeah. Stuff hanging from the trees.
- Said on the news hundreds of people were displaced,
putting them in shelters all over town.
all: Whoa!
- Yeah? - Otis, yeah!
- Aah!
- Oh, my God, you look great!
All grown up, yeah!
men: Whoo!
- You okay? You seem a little off.
- Uh...
House drama.
I'm worried about Chili.
She's been acting erratic lately.
I'm not sure how much longer Boden's gonna put up with it.
- Really? Think he'd cut her a little slack,
after all she's been through.
- What's that mean? - Jelly Bean.
Chili's sister.
They found her body a few weeks ago
in a flop house in Kansas City.
- I'm--I'm not a rat.
- You did the right thing.
- Did I?
- I'll take it from here.
- I--I wasn't trying to get Chili in trouble.
I just want to-- I just want to help her.
- Sometimes we have to bear the consequences of our actions
to get the help we need.
- And what are the consequences?
- That'll be all, Brett.