Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 4, Episode 10 - The Beating Heart - full transcript

While a member of Firehouse 51 falls victim to a near-fatal stabbing, the other firefighters rescue a woman who attempted to commit suicide.

As my first duty as returning
chief back in Firehouse 51,

Severide, I would like for you

to be my squad lieutenant once again.


Chili, you were late to shift.

- Like, five minutes.
- Chili!

This is strike one.

Something's going on with you.

- But I'm fine.
- Freddie, look.

You asked for my help, you got it.

Whatever it takes.

Hey, what's up, Freddie?

You called me short and fat.

Aw, I'm just ribbing you, kid.

- Take it back.
- Hey, it's what we do.

We bust each other's balls...

[heavy breathing]

Hey... hey.



[groans] Oh... so... som...

Somebody. Somebody.

I'm not using these in a Manhattan.

Where are the dark cherries?

Ah, Herrmann told me to stash 'em.

You know he said they're
for VIPs only, so...

Oh, my God. Otis!

I forgot.


Hey, don't do it.

- Don't do it.
- Out of my way.

Herrmann! Herrmann!

- No... I don't care.
- Listen, listen...

It's almost closing time.

I'm making myself a Manhattan, okay?

Hey! Hey, hey, hey. Well, they're hidden.

- So you're not gonna find 'em.
- Oh, my God.


- Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
- Freddie... Freddie knifed me.

Then he ran.


Call 911.

You'll be okay, Herrmann.

We got you. We got you, buddy.

Easy, easy.

- This is on me.
- No.

That kid is poison, man. I
should have seen it coming.

[tense music]

- I'm going with Herrmann.
- Good.

Be right behind you, Dawson.

I'll call Cindy.

Hey, Cruz.

Where's your little friend, Freddie?

Severide, don't.

You gonna help the cops find him?

I'm gonna tell 'em everything I know.

They'll find him.

[sirens wailing]

- BP's 70 over 40.
- No, that's too low.

We need to bolus him.

Hey, Herrmann, you're doing okay.

You just lost a lot of blood

so you're going into hypovolemic shock.

We're gonna give you some fluids, okay?

Dawson, step back, okay?

- Let me work.
- Not okay.

He's family.

I'm not gonna just sit here and watch.

Okay. Get the leads on him.

- I'll get a line going.
- Okay.

- April!
- What happened?

Stab wound to the right flank.

BP 80 over 50.

Let's get him to the shock room.

Call respiratory and blood bank.

Get me two of 0 neg and two plasma.

Right away.

We'll take good care of him.

Hey, you hang tough. You hear me?

Get him unbuckled.

Ready? On my count.

One, two, three.

All right, let's get the blood going.

[indistinct announcements on PA]

I'm gonna go find Dr. Rhodes,
see if we can get an update.

Well, here he comes.

We have given Herrmann
several units of blood,

and he's stabilized for now.

The knife went through his
liver, diaphragm, and lung.

So we've put a tube into his chest

to reinflate the lung
and to help him breathe.

We're hopeful that the
bleeding has stopped,

since we don't see anything on the CT.

When will you know?

Well, the next several hours are critical.

[dramatic music]

Cindy, you can come with me to see him.

Come on.

[somber music]

What are the cops doing about Freddie?

Trudy says Intelligence
is taking over the manhunt.

Have you talked to them?

Ruzek is on his way.

I'm on it, Lieutenant.

- I'm okay.
- I know that, my love.

I don't need to hear
you yammering right now.

Just breathe nice and easy.

Hey, guys.

Damn, I am glad to see you.


Randall McHolland, is
that an engagement ring?

No, no, no, no.

I just, uh...

Uh, yeah.

- Mouchie!
- You're proposing to Trudy.

That's wonderful news.

Thanks, but it's probably best
I just put it off for a while...

You are absolutely not putting this off.

It'll boost all of our spirits,
especially Christopher's,

to see you two engaged.



[beep beep]

Hey, Mouch,

let's leave Herrmann to rest up, yeah?

Sounds good. We'll be back, buddy.


You really have to go, Gabby?

Shift starts in, like, half an hour.

But I'm gonna come back
and check in again soon.

I promise.

Hey, you get healed up, okay?

I can't do my work right without
my mentor around to bully me.

Freddie Clemente, "C-l-e-m-e-n-t-e."

He lives with his aunt.

I forget her name. It's on North Hamlin.

It's a red brick house near Le Moyne.

Okay, just slow down. Just a little bit.

He keeps his car in a garage around back.

It's a... a dark red Malibu.

Early '80s.

Okay, and you said he's
affiliated with a gang, right?

The North Avenue Boys,
but he was getting out.

How was he doing that?

I, uh... I, uh...

let him come by the firehouse, hang around.

I was just trying to show him
there's another way to live.

That's a good thing. Yeah.

Hey, listen, this is a good start.

We got a lot to go on.

You got to bring him in, Ruzek.

You got to get this guy.

We will, all right?

These punks, they don't
know how to stay disappeared

for very long.

All right? I'll be in touch.

Okay, team, we'll stay close
to the folks here at Med.

Get back here first chance that we get.

But right now, time to get to work...

With Kelly Severide back
as lieutenant on squad.

All right, guys. Let's get out there.

Herrmann will be with us.

[somber music]


Yeah, Chief?

Is there any chance you could stay a while?

You know, to help Herrmann and Cindy.

Yeah, of course.

They don't have enough security
guards to drag me out of here.


He's the beating heart of 51.

Don't I know it.

[somber music]

We missed you at the hospital.

Oh, yeah. I couldn't make it.

I had a lot of stuff that
I had to take care of.

I'm gonna go later though.

Well, Herrmann's hanging in there.

It's, just, wait and see right now.

Yeah, I heard.

You okay?

Well, Herrmann's making progress, right?

So I'm not gonna get freaked out about it.

You looking for me, Chief?

I am.


I know Herrmann's on everybody's mind,

but I didn't want this to
get lost in the shuffle.

Good to have you back where you belong.

Thanks, Chief. It's good to be back.

First order of business as lieutenant.

I need you to back off of Cruz
with this Freddie business.

That kid should have never
been hanging around here.


If I'd have been in charge
when Cruz brought him in, I'd...

But you weren't, okay?

And Cruz, he feels bad enough as it is.

So get your boot off his neck.

[alarm blares]

Truck 81. Squad 3.

Ambulance 61. House fire.

5598 West Carroll.

- You got it?
- Got it.


[tense music]

[sirens blaring] [horn blasting]

[radio chatter]

Looks like a content fire.

Squad, primary search.

51, drop two lines to cover the squad.

81, throw some ladders.

Cruz, you're with me.

Tony, Capp, head around back.

Fire Department. Call out.

Call out.

[respirators hissing]


[woman coughing]

Let's get you out of here!


Get 'em both on oxygen.

Get an IV going on that one.

Excuse me, ma'am. How'd that fire start?

I smelled gas. [Gasping]

I went to tell Oscar.
He's the building manager.

He came out to check
and, man, it just went.

Okay 81, we need to shut
that gas off at the meter.

Copy that. Is the basement
accessible from outside, ma'am?

Yeah, it's around back.

Otis, Jimmy, help squad
finish their primary search.

Dawson, with me.

[coughing, gasping]

My boy! My son, he's inside.

- Severide.
- Yeah.

- Cruz, come on. Let's go!
- Alex!

- Hey, hey, hey, hey.
- Whoa, stay.

We'll get your boy. Let
her take care of you.

[dramatic music]


Fire hasn't gotten down here yet.

Casey, by the dryer.

Do not turn off your flashlight.

Do not key your radio.

We found the gas leak.

Suicide attempt.

The gas must have seeped
upstairs and ignited,

but it was too rich to burn down here.

Until we opened up that door. Come on.

Let's get her out of here.


Alex! Alex.

Dad! Dad.


Casey! Dawson!

Nolan, give me your pack!

[dramatic music]


- Hey!
- Over here.

- Let's get her out of here.
- Let's go.

- What we got?
- She's alive, barely.

Gas inhalation.

Possible suicide attempt.

[shouting in background]

Her pulse is really weak.

Pinpoint pupils.


You know her?

Jessica Pope. Apartment 2B.

We got to get her to Med, right now.

[Cruz coughing]

Cruz, you okay?

Yeah, I'm fine. [Coughing]


All right, you're coming with us.

- Let's go to Med.
- I'm fine.

Let's see what a doctor says about that.

Let's go.

[coughing and wheezing]

- Buddy.
- Put him on oxygen.

Hey, you have a female attempted suicide?

Yeah, she just came in.

Can I speak to the doctor
when he has a minute?

Like I said, she just came in.

So what is it about?

Attempted suicide nearly
burns down the whole building.

We need to be sure there's
nothing more going on here.

What we know is the patient's
name is Jessica Pope,

and she's in critical condition.

- Hey, Burgess.
- Hey, Cruz.

You guys find Freddie Clemente yet?

Uh, we're working on it.

Heard he's a friend of yours.

He's no friend.

I'm just the guy that
brought him to the house.

Worst decision of my life.

Hey, Voight's got the
Intelligence unit all over it.

Okay? I promise.

So... but nothing yet? No leads?

Come on.

You need to sit back down.


There we go.


Look at these grim faces.

You guys buried me already.


[scattered chuckles]

They've been giving him transfusions.

Boosting his white blood cell count.

But the bleeding hasn't stopped.

What did the doctor say about it?

Well, he's trying to stay positive,

but I can tell he's concerned.


Hey, Truck can go lean this shift.

You should stay with Cindy.

Thank you. Thanks.

That means so much to me. To Cindy.

Of course.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Your friend Joe Cruz, is he in here?

Uh, no.

- I thought he was in the ER.
- He was.

Then he took off without signing out.

- Check on you later, bud.
- Be back soon.

- You be good, Christopher.
- We'll see you soon, bro.

Hey, Lieutenant.

Joe left the hospital.

Yeah, I told him to take
a couple hours and rest up.

- Maybe he's walking it off.
- No, I don't think so.

He's taking this Freddie thing pretty hard.

[dramatic music]


- I need you to wait for me.
- $12.

Yo, fireman, you lost?

Now where you going?

What's up?

Ain't no fire here.

Step aside.

Man, you crazy?

I know you?

I'm looking for Freddie.

Freddie Clemente.

You got the wrong address.


Look, I know he used to roll with you,

and I know he'd come back
here if he was in trouble.

Which he is.

You know what?

Just tell him he better hope
the cops find him before I do.

[vehicle approaches]

Hey, gents. Sorry to bother you.

Just looking for a firefighter.

He's about yay big, bald, kind of nosy.

I don't know.

Ya'll see a firefighter?

[tense music]

There he is.

Cruz, let's go.

Hey, you want to end up
bleeding out on a gurney too?

I messed up.

Won't happen again.

[engine starts]

Hey, guys,

wanted to ask you about this
suicide attempt, Jessica Pope.

She's a bit of a mystery.

Has no relatives we can get a hold of.

No one in the building seems to know much.

Uh, yeah. Happy to help.

Well, she hasn't regained
consciousness yet,

and we're trying to figure out why.

Did you guys need to
sedate her to intubate?

We didn't mess up, if
that's what you're implying.

Not at all.

Just trying to make sense of her condition.

And if we sedated her,
it'd be in the paperwork.

Sometimes things fall through the cracks.

I'm just being diligent.

Yeah, uh, victim inhaled
a lot of gas on the scene.

Completely unresponsive.

We didn't have to sedate to intubate.

Got it. Thanks.

No problem.

Hey, what's going on with you?

Why are you jumping down my throat?

He's accusing us of
screwing up the paperwork.

He asked a question.

Okay, fine.

All good, then.

Okay, everybody.

This is the official Herrmann
kid-sitting help schedule.

Time slots are available
for every afternoon

we are not on shift.

Sign me up for any open shifts.

I love kids. Have you met Lee Henry?

Oh, Annabelle's the real terror.

Sweet as pie and twice as deadly.

Put me down for any slot after her bedtime.

Hey, babe.

Is everything okay?

Is Herrmann okay?

Uh, seems like he's doing better, yeah.

Good, good. That's great to hear.

There's no update on the Freddie hunt,

but the guys are all over it,

and I'm gonna go see
Herrmann, but I hear...

Yeah, good.

Hey, and I, um...

Cindy was saying...

she mentioned that she thought
it'd be good for him, uh...


- What?
- Uh...


- [gasps]
- Uh, this is a ring,

and, uh...


Cindy was thinking, and so was I.

Well, you know how I feel about you,

and I was hoping that
you would do me the honor

of being my wife.

Which would be a real boon for Herrmann

and just a real neat thing, I think.


a proposal is supposed to be

the most romantic moment in a woman's life.


[ring box snaps shut]

[indistinct announcements on PA]

Cream, no sugar.

Ohh... thank you so much, Gabby.

He was up for a minute.

I told him you were here and he said,

"Poor saps on 51 are missing
their two best firefighters."

[labored breathing]

Hey, Herrmann.

[gasping] Um... [murmurs]

What's wrong?

[machine beeps rapidly]

Nurse, get Dr. Rhodes in here!

- Dr. Rhodes!
- Come on.

Sats are falling. 80%.

Hey, Herrmann.

I need you to try and take some
nice, easy breaths for me, okay?

- [coughing]
- Hey, hey, hey.

Nice and easy, buddy.

He's crashing.

We need a BiPap in here

with an albuterol neb
and a racemic epi now!

Gabby, please. What's happening?

I don't... I don't know.

Get that BiPap on him now.

[rapid beeping]

Give me 125 milligrams
of methylprednisolone.

Right away.

Get a stat portable chest
X-ray and a blood gas.

Uh-huh. I'll call it in.

- [beeping stops]
- He's breathing better.

Sats are back up. 94%.

Take the O2 to 95%. Continuous...

[continues indistinctly]

[steady breathing]

Herrmann has developed what we call TRALI,

transfusion-related acute lung injury.

It's a reaction to the antibodies

in blood products, especially plasma,

and it sent him into respiratory distress.

Now, we can treat those
symptoms with steroids and BiPap,

but if it happens again,
we will need to intubate him

and put him on a breathing machine.

What about the liver bleed?

Is it stopped?

Right now we're still in
a watch and wait situation

with the bleeding.


Thank you, Doctor.

What if the bleeding doesn't stop?

Now, with Christopher's
respiratory distress,

won't surgery be too dangerous?

We'll worry about that then.

But there's no one who loves a good fight

more than your husband.

And we all know that Herrmann'll fight

to the end of the Earth
for you and those kids.

I'm gonna go update 51.

Dr. Rhodes?

So we're still just waiting
for the bleeding to stop?


But we've been doing that
since we brought him in,

and all this waiting
hasn't done him any good.

His reaction to the blood
products is unfortunate.



There has to be more that we can do, okay?

'Cause that guy,

he wouldn't just sit around
and wait if it was one of us.

He would rush in and he
would save us, no matter what.

I know it.

Right now, it's about trying to keep him

from needing intubation and
hopefully preventing surgery.

Now, we want to do everything we can

to get Herrmann back on
that truck as soon as we can.

Then do it.

[somber music]

- So how's everything?
- I'm all right.

Just sending good thoughts Herrmann's way.

Yeah, same.

Love life's good, though?


Uh, sorry, I just...

I know your thing with
Chili is none of my business,

but did you guys get in some kind of fight?

Yeah, sort of, but why?

She's on edge or something.

- Off the rails is more like it.
- Yeah.

Whatever's going on with her,
I don't think it's about me.

Or even Herrmann.


[cell phone rings]

It's Dawson.

How's he doing?

Lieutenant, what's going on?

Hey, just let him listen.



Keep us posted.

He had a bad reaction to the transfusions.

They got him stable for now,

but it looks like the
bleeding hasn't stopped.

So what are they gonna do?

They're not sure yet.

[alarm blares]

Truck 81. Squad 3.

Ambulance 61. Person trapped.

South Rockwell and 44th Street.

[sirens wailing]

What do we got?

Got an offender stuck on a fire escape

that's starting to come loose.

Whole thing's gonna give way real soon.

That's where you heroes come in.

Yeah, right.

Okay, 81, let's get
the aerial in the alley.

We got a victim on the fire escape.

- Otis, you heard the man.
- On it.

Mouch, get the ladder up to the victim.

Right away.

Capp, Tony, rope bags on the roof, now.

Got it.

[back-up beeping]



- Freddie?
- Yeah.

North Avenue Boys were hiding him.

You must have flushed him
out when you went down there.

You know about that?

Yep. We've been out
here beating the bushes.

Once he surfaced we were on him.

Chased him across couple
of the rooftops and then,

well, he ended up there.

Chief, let me go up. He knows me.

You're too close to it, Cruz.

Please, Chief, it's my mess.

Let me clean it up.

Get to it.

[tense music]

Keep going.

All right, Freddie, just stand still.

All right? You're gonna
be fine. I'm on my way.

All right, buddy, just give me your hand.

Come on, man, give me your hand!

No, no. Freddie, no, man. Where you going?

Freddie. Where are you going?

[metal straining]

Freddie, Freddie, you can't get away, man.

Just give me your hand.

You're gonna drop me, man.

I will not drop you.

You want me dead for what I did.

Freddie, I am mad as hell, yeah.

But I do not want you dead.


Oh, come on, man! [Whimpering]

81, I need you to lower me, please.

Negative, Cruz.

If the ladder bumps that railing,

the whole thing could come down.

Freddie, you're gonna shake
this whole thing loose.

Now, give me your hand
so I can pull you up!

I messed up. I messed up.

Now you want me dead.

- That's not true, Freddie.
- Yeah, it is.




[metal creaking]


Give me your hand.

Severide, too much weight.

Grab my hand.


Freddie, grab on to me.

It's gonna be okay.

[suspenseful music]

I got you.

I got you.

I got you, buddy. Take us down!

All right, Mouch, let's bring 'em up!

[machinery whines]

[dramatic music]

Come here, pal.

- He's all yours.
- Come on.

Hey, you're an idiot.

A big, beautiful idiot.

Come here.

Joe, Joe, yo.

What happened to Herrmann, bro...

I didn't mean to, man.

It just happened.

You let it happen, Freddie.

Don't ever forget that.

You let it happen.

- Get up!
- [whimpering]

Blood results just don't make sense.

Normally, fire and smoke inhalation victims

show a high white count
from stress demargination.

But Jessica, her cell
count's low across the board.

Well, the lack of oxygen
from the natural gas exposure

might have given her
an anoxic brain injury,

but there must be something else going on.

What else could it be?

Well, we got to keep digging.

If we can't find out more
about this woman soon,

we're gonna have a hell of
a time trying to save her.

That is one tight group.

Herrmann's continuing
to bleed from his liver,

and his hemodynamic situation
is becoming unstable.

Ideally, we'd take him to angio

and we would try to fix the
bleeding from the inside,

but unfortunately,

his blood pressure is too low to risk that.

So we have no other choice
but to take him into surgery.

Now, he's going to need
a lot of blood and plasma,

so the risk of TRALI is high,

but we will deal with that if it comes up.

Thank you, Doctor.

Well, we're gonna be out here sending

all the good mojo we got his way.

Take good care of him, Doctor.

I will.

Um, Herrmann's awake and
he wanted to talk to you

before he went into surgery.

You all right, Chief?

It's okay to be angry, Wallace.

You've been through a
lot lately, and now this.

All my recent troubles,

they pale by comparison.

You know the other day I
spent the night in a jail cell?

About the worst night of my life.

I would spend 100 years in there

if I thought it would
help Herrmann right now.

You're a good chief,

but you're an even better friend.

The love around here for
that guy is overwhelming,

and that's what's gonna
get him through this.

[somber music]


Herrmann is gonna pull through this.

I just know it. I sure hope so.

I'm sorry about that...

God-awful proposal.

Having Herrmann down and out like this...

The guy's my best friend, you know?

I do.

You know how couples sometimes
say, "That's my better half"?

That's Herrmann to me.

Friend version.

My better half.

Without that guy...

It's me that should apologize.

I mean, yeah, that... the proposal
was really messy and half-assed.

But then again, so are you.

But you are also the kindest

and most honest man I have ever met,

and I would be the luckiest
girl on Earth to call you mine.

Randall McHolland...

Will you marry me?

Trudy Platt,

marrying you would be my greatest honor.

[somber music]


He thought I was gonna let him fall.

That I wanted him dead.

But I don't want Freddie
to get off that easy.

I want him to rot for what he did to you.


just wanted to tell you...

it's a good thing you did.

Wasn't gonna let him get away with it.

I don't mean that.

I mean...

what you were trying to
do for Freddie, that's all.

He had a real screwy life growing up,


you were giving him a chance

to get away from that.

I'm not ready to forgive that kid,

no matter what that bastard Orlovsky says,

but I sure as hell don't
blame you for what happened.

Hey, I'm good.

You got to know that.


Hey... okay.

[shallow breaths]

Hey, you okay?

Cruz, what's happening?

- [rapid beeping]
- Dr. Rhodes?


Help! Hey, help!

Hey, nurse, a little help in here!

What happened? He was fine,
then all of a sudden...

Joe, I need you to step outside, okay?

- What do we got?
- I think a clot came loose.

His chest tube is dumping blood.

He's decompressing his liver

through his diaphragm into his chest.

We need to get him to the OR right now.

Joe, a little room,
please. Call the blood bank.

Tell them to trigger the
mass transfusion protocol.

What if he goes into TRALI again?

We will deal with that if we have to.

Right now we need to stop
him from bleeding out.

Package him up and let's go.

Come on, go!

Do you think we can get
enough blood here in time?

We may already be too late.