Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 3, Episode 9 - Arrest in Transit - full transcript

Dawson and Casey's relationship is tested as the team responds to a truck leaking hydrochloric acid in a busy intersection. Severide learns about Brittany's past. Mouch has dating troubles.

Let me teach you to cook.

You're, like... like, perfect.

I'll give them a week and then
tell Severide they gotta...

- I like her.
- What?

He's happy.

What do I know?

Losing my sister...

and experiencing the pain of that loss,

no one understands what
it's like but you, Kelly.

A long weekend every now
and then wouldn't phase.

- Yeah, of course.
- Awful.


You okay?

Oh, I think I heard something pop.

Hey! Hey.

You faker.

Go back to the apartment? Come on.

[Cell phone rings]

Why don't you ever answer your mom's call?

I talk to her plenty.

Hey, I have Thanksgiving off.

Why don't we go to Florida
and meet her and your dad?

No, I don't want to go
home for Thanksgiving.

You don't? Well, I just figured...

I got to meet the in-laws sooner or later.

I mean, my parents aren't even there.

They go on this carnival cruise
thing every year with their friends.

Let's just stay here.

Just you and me.

- Okay.
- Good.



Before we transform into
candidate and lieutenant,

give your girl a kiss.

Morning, lovebirds.

- Morning.
- Hi.

I love this stuff.

Never had it before I got to Chicago

- and now I am obsessed.
- Yeah, I...

I actually looked up a
bunch of sriracha recipes.

You can make extra spicy
buffalo wings with it,

and that sounded really good.

And you can use it to make ice cubes

in margaritas and bloody marys.

How cool is that?

Pretty cool. So...

See, this is why I love cooking.

You get creative, you
can go anywhere with it.

Speaking of going anywhere, how about we,

uh, grab some drinks after zumba tomorrow?

Sure. We can meet up at Molly's.


I was actually thinking just...

you and me.

A date, uh...

I'm asking you on a date.

Cruz, I... Joe,

I don't...

you're one of my only good
friends here in Chicago.

Let's not mess that up, okay?

- [Alarm blares]
- Engine 51, Truck 81,

Squad 3, Ambulance 61.

Vehicle accident, 6000 West 18th Street.

I don't know why the
safety shut-off didn't work.

I didn't even know about the leak

till some drivers started honking at me.

What are you transporting?

Hydrochloric acid.

I put down some sandbags
to try to contain it, but...

all right, clear the area, right away.

Get these people back. Let's get back!

We have a hydrochloric acid spill.

We're gonna need
level-two Hazmat response.

Set up a decontamination area.

Fog line, scrub brushes,

- and containment pools.
- Hey guys, suit up.

Gonna have to block off these
sewers with an earth dam.

See what you can dig out from
around those trees, all right?

- All right.
- We need to set up a hot zone

extending to the far sidewalk.

No one goes inside the zone

without SCBA and protective gear.

[Valve bursts]

We have to enlarge the containment zone.

Dawson, what are you doing?

Check out that dump truck.

Hey! Hey!

Hey hey hey hey!

Casey, Hazmat will be here in five.

Hold on a minute.

Is that Dawson driving that truck?

Yep, it is.

Almost there!

All right, Chief, we got
the valve closed shut.

It should be good until the
chemical company gets here.

Copy that.

Looks like you guys
have this under control.

Uh, yeah, uh, area is isolated,

we've contained the spill.

We're gonna stay on scene

until the response team
neutralize the acid.

Shouldn't your candidate
be in protective gear?

The driver raised the chute for me.

He showed me how to release the sand...

We'll talk at the firehouse.


- Hey.
- What brings you here?

Came to dognap this thing.

She's kind of the greatest.

You came for the dog? Really?

No. 24 hours is a really long time.

- Yeah, tell me about it.
- And you guys

were gone a long time and I
think I've looked at pretty much

every picture and plaque on these walls.

You guys like to memorialize everything.

Yeah, firefighters love to get nostalgic.

I don't think I saw any pictures of Shay.

Down at the end of the hall.

Will you show me?


Come on.

Was Dawson following orders

when she drove through the
hot zone with no gear on?

- No, sir.
- The other chief at the scene,

he asked me why you were going
easy on your... Candidate.

I know you don't want those
kind of questions raised.

If you are not comfortable
talking to Dawson

about her actions today,
I am more than happy

to have that conversation with her.

I'll take care of it, Chief.

- Wanted to see me, Chief?
- Yeah, I was notified

this morning that you never

got your final follow-up
exam with your eye injury.

No worries... this baby
blue's working just fine.

Yeah, the department,
they need the paperwork.

Otherwise they're gonna sideline
you, so go see the doctor now

and get it done.

You got it, Chief.

You never talk about her.

You never talk about Kathleen.

I kind of thought that was the deal.

Yeah, I guess so.


I want to show you something
later, if you're up for it.

Sounds mysterious.

I'm in.

I know I should've run the
dump truck by you first,

but you were on the radio
and I had to act fast.

If you can't get my go-ahead,

you don't do it.

You ignored my order.

No one in the hot zone
without protective gear.

Well, I was more on the
perimeter of the hot zone...

Gabby, it's one thing to go off book

when you're the P.I.C. on ambo,

but you're part of a team now.

Under my command.

Following orders is not up for debate.

I understand.

But I did keep the acid from spreading.

That was pretty cowboy.
Give me that at least.

That is exactly the kind of attitude

that could get us in serious trouble.

Already might have, considering
another battalion chief

was there at the scene,

saw it all go down.

Would you have ignored Boden's
orders like you did mine?

- Matt, come on...
- Gabby.

What you did today crossed the line

and made fools of both of us,

and if it ever happens again,

I'll be forced to kick
you off truck for good.

Do you understand that?

Yes, Sir.

Everything okay?

Yeah... Yeah, yeah.

I was just, uh... Yhinking about
if I wanted to take a shower.

Can't really make up my mind.


I'll leave you to it then.

You guys still using glass eyes these days?

No, last 50 or so years

most artificial eyes are
made out of high-tech plastic.

Can you look up for me?

They look as good as the glass ones?


Hard to believe.

That Peter Falk, you know, Columbo?

Can you look down, please?

Sharp-looking guy and he had a glass eye.

Well, looks like your eye

healed up very nicely, Mr. McHolland.

- You are good to go.
- Thanks, Doc.

As my pops used to say,
I owe you a steak dinner.

I'd love that. How about Friday night?

I can get the paperwork
done, I'll bring it with.

There is that new place on Rush, Leone's?

I... Oh, no.

What's wrong, Mouchie?

They didn't clear you for duty?

Guys, I don't know what happened.

I was just being friendly,
asking about glass eyes...

which is a bona fide interest of mine...

and all of a sudden...

- I have a date.
- What?

I was simply expressing gratitude

for how well she fixed me up

and I said, "I owe you a steak
dinner," and then she says,

"let's go out Friday."

So you asked her out to dinner.

It's an expression!

It is?

- Is she attractive?
- Herrmann, Mouch is spoken for.

You can't blame Mouch for this.

- Yeah, why not?
- 'Cause he's got momentum

on his side. Nothing succeeds like success.

Oh, so nothing fails like failure?

- Is that what you're saying?
- What? No, no, I'm just saying,

now that Mouch is a taken man,

he's like catnip to other women.

I'm a taken man,

I ain't got no lady doctors
throwing themselves at me.

Trudy will rip my head clean off

if she finds out I got a
date with another woman.

I got to get out of this.

Joe Cruz.

Talk to me.

About what?

About the rain cloud

that's following you around.

I got put in the friend zone.

By who?

[Alarm blares]

You don't know her.

Ambulance 61, injured
male, Cordova High School,

3317 South Garfield.

Well, maybe, whoever she is,

she'll turn out to be a really good friend.

Over here! Hurry!

Make him breathe, please!

Please, make him breathe!


Come on up. You're all right.

You okay? You all right, Jason?

It's all right, just sit
there, catch your breath, okay?

- What happened?
- You went into the pool

and then suddenly stopped moving.

You were, like, floating.

Pressure's good.

Lungs are clear.

How you feeling, Jason?

I'm okay, I guess.

Okay, um... we're gonna get
you up nice and slow, all right?

- Right onto the stretcher.
- Okay.

There we go, buddy.

Is he gonna be okay?

That CPR you did saved his live.

I was lifeguard this summer.

Alexis... just please don't tell my father.

Danny already called him.

Dude, we thought you were dead.


Sir, he was unconscious for a few minutes.

Seems to be lucid now.
Breathing fine on his own.

We're gonna take him to the hospital

where they can do a full exam on him there.

- You okay?
- I'm fine, Dad.

- Really.
- What hospital?

- Chicago Med.
- [Coughing]

Your friends didn't waste any
time calling your dad, huh?

They know.

Family is everything to him.


Easy on the talking.

Breathe nice and slow for me.


Hey, I'm hearing rales.

I'm gonna take his blood pressure,

do what you can to get us there fast.

Copy that.

I'm not getting a blood pressure.

We're five away, mills.

Damn it, secondary drowning!

Call back Chicago Med,

let them know he's going
into respiratory arrest!

Chicago Med, this is ambulance 61.

Our patient just coded and
went into cardiac arrest.

Our ETA is a minute out.

Copy that, Ambulance 61.

We'll prep for your arrival.

He's arresting!



I'm pushing epi.

Come on, buddy, come on.

Come on, Jason.

Come on, buddy.

Come on, Jason!

Pulmonary edema, he's in
P.E.A., been about six minutes.

He was resuscitated at the scene

but went into arrest in
route. We gave him one epi.

We've got it. Three, on my count.

One... Two... Three.

Check for a pulse. Got nothing.

Continue compressions.

Check respirations.

Got nothing yet.

Stop compressions.

Let's get another epi in here.

Pushing it.

Come on.

- Is there a pulse?
- No pulse.

- Is there a pulse?
- No pulse.

Still no pulse.

I'm calling it.

Everybody agree?

- Yeah.
- Yeah.


There was no more you could do.

- What happened?
- Stand back.

[All speaking at once]

Yo, what's going on?

Guess the kid that got brought in

was Jason Lullo,

"Papa" Lullo's son.

Who is that?

Papers call him the John Gotti of Chicago.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Tomorrow night. Get a bite to eat with me?

I thought you were working at Molly's?

Right, you're right. I am.

I could ask Herrmann to close out for me.

All right. Well... let me know.

Yeah, I will...

This is pointless.

We all know she likes me
best. I'm her soul mate.

25 bucks says she comes to me first.

Okay, ready?

Three... two go! Pouch!

[All calling the dog at once]

What happened?

We lost a kid.

Sorry to hear that.

Come here.

The boy's girlfriend was so...

relieved when he was all right.

I told her she saved his life.

I picked up some wings.

Thought we could try out that recipe?

Happy to help out.

You know I make a great sous chef.

Do we have butter?



You've heard about the great fire of 1871,

- right?
- Mm-hmm.

They teach you that in Tallahassee?

Yeah, something about a
cow kicking over a lantern?

Yeah, Mrs. O'Leary's cow.

The fire burned for an entire
day and it leveled about three

and a half square miles of Chicago.

It was like the end of the world,

and it all took place right at this spot.

Right here?


The academy is actually built on
the site of Mrs. O'Leary's barn

but the cow part...


Chicago had to totally rebuild.

Now fire's a part of its DNA.

And this is where I learned
all about firefighting.

I learned as much about
protecting people from Shay

as I did from any
instructor at the academy.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

That's her badge.

Shay was intense.

She'd do anything to
protect the people she loved.

I wish I had known her.

Me too.

Thank you. For sharing all of this.

You kidding me?

I wouldn't be here at
all if it wasn't for you.

I couldn't even come down
here to see this until now.

I was driving the car.

When my sister got killed I was...

I was driving the car.


My parents aren't on a cruise...

I just couldn't go home and face them.

- It was an accident.
- I just keep thinking

about seeing the lights coming at us

and wondering why they were
on the wrong side of the road.

It's not fair.

I walk away with six stitches...

and Kathleen dies.


We see this kind of thing all the time.

One random moment or move

and this person lives or that person dies.

You can play "what if" all you want,

"what if it was two inches to the left?"

Or "what if it was a split second later?"

You'll drive yourself crazy wondering.

Your parents can't blame
you for what happened,

and neither can you.



You son of a bitch!

Hey. Hey, just... come on, man.

- You killed my son!
- Hey, Mr. Lullo!

- Just hold on!
- My son!

I understand, Mr. Lullo, that you're upset.

You understand nothing!

I just came from the morgue
identifying my only son!

What can you possibly
understand about that?

You're... you're right. I cannot comprehend

what you're going through, but I do know

what your son went through.

I was with him the entire time, all right?

All I know is he went
into that ambulance alive

and he came out dead
and that's on your ass!

That's... that's secondary drowning, okay?

A pulmonary edema.

I heard it all from the doctors,

I don't want to hear your pathetic excuses!

- Hey, hey!
- Mr. Lullo, hey!

Mr. Lullo, you're upset.
Why don't you get back

in the car. Mr. Lullo, I'm sorry.

I can't let you do this.
I'm sorry, Mr. Lullo.

I tried everything to save your boy

and I wish that I could have saved him.

I'm... I'm sorry.

You're dead.

Lullo is the real deal.

You've got to stay on
your toes for a while.

If you want to press charges...

No, no, look, he's a grieving father.

Who can blame him for losing his cool?

Mills, this is not the type
of threat that you let go by.

I would really rather
just talk to him, you know,

- wait until he calms down...
- Bad idea.

Mills, I'm not asking
you, I am telling you.

You let Detective Halstead deal with this.

You stay away from him.

Uh, you never showed up
to Molly's last night.

Oh, I had to go back to the Porter site,

get that balcony finished up.

It was a long day.

I was wiped out.

Totally, yeah.

Sorry I got home after you crashed.


I was hoping we could talk
about what happened last shift.

I'm not sure that's a great idea.

Well, I don't mean boss-to-candidate,

I mean fianc?-to-fianc?e.

That was a pretty rough shift.

I messed up... badly...

and was told that if I did
it again, I might lose my job.

It would be nice to talk
about that with the guy I love.

In theory, I get that.

But it's not like I can change the way

I feel about your behavior on shift

just because we're at home.

This is tough for both of us.

I know it is, but Matt, it's...

if we can't talk about
things when they get tough,

how is this ever gonna work?

Guess I'll see you later.



Yeah, I... I'm sorry about that...

Things have just been a
little crazy here and...

I know...

I really miss you too, mom...


First I had to get myself
appropriately psyched up

for the conversation, which I did.

Then I called her office up

and said, "may I speak to Dr. Lu?"

Which made me realize,

I don't even know her first name.

- Cut to the chase, Mouch.
- Right.

So she finally gets on the line

and I am ready to tell her "I
can't have dinner with you!"

Why do I get the feeling
that never happened?

Chief, I couldn't get the words out.

She sounded so excited,

I didn't want to send her
on some downward spiral.

Apparently, doctors have a
very high rate of depression.

Optometrists do?

Oh, I believe she's an ophthalmologist.

Mouch, you have got to cancel.

Trudy is not the type of
woman who can be trifled with.

I know. You're right.

Wait, hold on a sec.

Mouch is a grown man.

Trudy's got no right to tell him

who he can and cannot break bread with.

There's a certain amount of logic to that.

I told you not to get Chief involved.

You don't need to add this
to your plate of concerns,

just forget the whole thing happened...

Mouch, I outrank him.

When I say that you have to
cancel, you have to cancel,

and that is an order.

When you're right, you're right.

You know what? The two of you,

get out of my office. Now.

Trudy did not put a ring on you.

I know, you're right.

[Alarm blares]

Truck 81, Truck 66, Squad 3,

Ambo 61, structure fire,
2000 South Pellerton.

Hurry up! Hurry up! Hurry up!

Hurry up, my wife! She's
still in the office!

Just your wife? No customers?

No, just... just her! Please hurry!

She was in the office!

- Where's the office?
- It's in the back!

- It's all the way in the back!
- What do we have here?

We got one victim inside,
probably in the back office.

We don't have long before
that truss roof comes down.

Cruz, Otis.

- Try and enter from the back.
- On it.

No, but... but the... but...

but the office is straight back!

It's not far! I'll show you!

Sir! Sir, you can't go in there.

The roof is about to collapse.

They'll get her from the back entrance.

But what if she's not there?

What if she tried to come back this way?

Chief, let me take a man in and see.

I don't like it, Casey.

Please, man. Please, please.

Please, help my wife, Michelle.

- Please.
- I'll go with you.

Chief, let us go halfway
in. We'll turn right around.

30 seconds, tops.

Cruz, Otis. What have you got?

Can't get in yet.

Having trouble with the door.

Let's get a saw back here.

Got it, Chief.

Hey, hey! Hey, sir!

- Hey!
- Hey!

Go get him.

Herrmann! Thermal cam.

Got it!

All right, Dawson. You and me.

Stay close, within arm's
reach. You got that?

Got it.

He didn't get far, I
can tell you that much.

Hey, buddy! Where'd you go?

Hey, look for footsteps.

Got it.

Fire department. Call out!

I got something!

Casey, I think got him!

Dawson! Where the hell'd you go?

Hey, I found him. Next aisle over.


Hey, I got him.

Come on. Right here, buddy.

That was a bad move, pal!

You got to let us do our job.

I don't want to live without her.

Don't speak, buddy.
Just take a deep breath.

No, I don't want to live without her!

Just come on.

Breathe in.


- Come on.
- Michelle.

- Michelle! Oh, baby!
- Malcolm.

Guy must have lost his
mind, running in like that.

Ah, that's marriage, brother.

I'd do anything for Cindy,

no matter what might happen to me.

I need to go home.

Yeah, you do.

Was kind of hoping you'd
fight me on that one.

Before I met you, I was doing...

whatever I could to
keep Shay out of my head.

Went out drinking and partying every night.

That was my escape.

But then I met you.

And the thing I realized is...

I'm your escape.

And as long as you're here with me,

you're not gonna go home
and face your family.

But that's the only way
you're gonna get through this.

I really liked being here with you.

I'd keep you here forever
if I could, I really would.

But that'd be for me.

Not for you.


Trudy, I can explain.

I'm not supposed to be here.

I mean, I am, but it's... it's
all a big misunderstanding.

Maybe you shouldn't record
your misunderstandings

in your filofax, hon.

I know how it looks,

but when Dr. Lu gets here,
you can ask her yourself...

Kim's not coming.

Her name's Kim?

I paid a visit to her office.

What... did you tell her?

I told her it was all
a big misunderstanding

and she gave me your CFD clearance.

See, this is why we're perfect together.

You can make the calls that I can't.

You are buying me a very big
porterhouse steak tonight.


Mm, Dawson!

Next round's on me.

Fine by me.


I've dated a lot of jerks my whole life.

I'm sorry to hear that.

Well, not as sorry as I am.

I've never been out with someone

who was actually nice to me.

That's crazy, huh?

I... I'm not one to judge.

I never really had the best instincts

for this kind of stuff.

I think you do.

I think you and me going out on a date

could be a really good idea.




Keep it.

I know impulsively marrying a hot guy

that you meet in Las Vegas
is pretty crazy but...

considering all that, I think...

I think we made it work.

I don't regret it for one second.

And I'm not sure if I'd
be in one piece right now

if I didn't come home with you from Vegas.

I know I wouldn't be.

Then I'd say we had the most
successful marriage in history.

I love you, Kelly.

It feels so weird to say that
when we're saying good-bye.


I love you, too.


Hey, thanks for staying late.

Yeah, no problem.

- It's a weird day, anyway.
- Yeah.

Not really sure I want to go home yet.

I don't blame you. I'm gonna have a beer.

You want one?


Oh, for the record, I thought
you handled Lullo really well.

I felt for the guy.

How are you handling things?

I don't mean to pry, I just...

seeing you sitting in that shower stall,

knowing that you're upset...

it's hard, you know, not being
able to talk to each other,

like we used to.

Things between me and
Casey are... it's tough.

It's... it's tougher than
I thought it would be.

Yeah, it's a lot of
pressure working together.

- I don't know how you guys do it.
- That's the thing,

it's not the work part that's tough.

It's... it's the...

it's the home part.

I honestly don't really know what to do.

Hey, Matt.

Matt. Matt!