Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 3, Episode 7 - Nobody Touches Anything - full transcript

During a house fire, Firehouse 51 rescues the owner from the cellar clutching a suspicious box, leading Lt. Severide to bring in Sergeant Voight and Detective Lindsey for further investigation.

- Do you wanna go to vegas with me?
- I'm not sure how great of an idea that is.
[all cheering]
- We'd have to put the wedding on hold
Until you've completed your first year as candidate.
- We acknowledged that, that this kind of arrangement
Could put a lot of pressure on us.
- I got a job coming up after shift.
I could use a second set of eyes.
- What kind of job?
- Hey, 'sup, newhouse? - 'sup?
- Yo. Yo, man, what happened?
- Ah...Come on, man, it's nothing.
You know, a misunderstanding.
- And i thought you said
You were going to get this window fixed.
- It broke again.
What can you do?
Look, i have two crates of chocolates in here
That can't walk themselves inside, so help me out, man.
- Hey.
You would tell me if you were jammed up, right?
- Hell, yeah.
We're boys.
- Okay, i need a volunteer. - Nope.
- No way.
- You guys, molly's ii is almost up and running.
Do we have a menu? No.
Do we have a cook? No. At least i'm doing something.
- Listen to your colleague here.
I was very specific about the time table afforded.
Eight weeks, okay,
And you've burned through half of it already.
- Yeah, yeah, we'll be ready. We'll be ready.
We just-- we just need a signature dish.
- I'll try it.
- Sylvie!
- No!
- No.
- Tangy.
- Dominican sausage and peppers.
- Dude, if you keep calling your food "dominican,"
I'm going to have to kick your ass
On behalf of an entire country.
- All right, fine. Who's gonna be the cook?
- Hey, listen, i got a cousin, you know.
A really nice russian girl.
- No more cousins from you.
- Hey, it's a totally different cousin.
- No more with the cousins.
- Oh, newhouse.
What's the thing with the face?
It's starting to be regular with you.
You got a secret fight club or something we don't know about?
- Yeah, man, you want to join?
- What, and endanger this work of art?
I'll pass.
- Finally, something edible.
- 3.00 bucks.
Naomi's academic decathlon team
Has made it to the finals in d.C.,
And i need to raise $1,500 for her travel expenses.
- Hey, your kid is in the academic decathlon finals.
You must be doing something right.
- Yeah.
- He's alive! - Hey, hey! Look at you!
- Hey!
- How was vegas? - It was great.
It was really great. Uh, is boden around?
- In his office.
- Okay.
- I can't get the image out of my head of you.
- Well, i didn't even finish with the details--
- Chief--mouch, great, you're here too.
Do you got a minute?
- Vegas!
- Yeah, man! Yeah.
- So, you look good.
Looks like the trip was good for you.
- Yeah. Yeah, vegas was great.
You know, played a little craps, hit the pool, got some sun,
And, uh, oh, yeah.
I got married.
- Congratulations. - Yeah, yeah, sure, of course!
Congratulations. - No, thank you, guys.
And, mouch, i wanted to ask you about helping me
Sort out my insurance, pension, getting her name on it--
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa--
You're serious?
- Yeah. I got married.
- Uh, okay.
Well, then there's a considerable amount of paperwork
To be gathered, in that case.
It'll take me some time.
- Cool. Thanks.
- Yeah.
- Her name's brittany baker.
She's a graphic artist from tallahassee.
I met her at the craps table.
We hit it off. 24 hours later, boom.
Silver bells wedding chapel.
She's coming by later in the shift.
You're gonna love her. You're gonna love her.
- All right, yeah, okay, ha, ha, ha, ha.
All right, you got us all set up.
Where's the punch line?
- I got married.
In vegas.
Her name's brittany.
- Okay, great. Mazel tov!
- Thank you!
- Here you go.
- Congrats, man.
- So you had to bail on the vegas trip.
See, this is what happens when he's left to his own devices.
- I told you.
My mom had a yard sale, and i had to help.
- Whew. Hey.
Just think, you almost went to vegas with him.
That could've been you.
- Mm. Yeah.
- Hey, you all right?
- Yeah.
- So, this wedding thing.
Legit? - Legit.
Look, i'm telling you, once you meet her, you'll get it, okay?
You're really gonna like her.
- You don't need to convince me.
If you're good, i'm good.
- And she's out looking for places right now.
We're gonna end up staying at a hotel until we find something--
- Wait, wait, what are you talking about?
You have a place to live.
- Nah, dude, i--we can't--
- Our home is your home,
And that makes it her home.
- You sure you don't want to check with dawson first?
- Dawson's gonna say the same thing i am.
- Thank you.
- Sure.
So, uh, you got a photo?
- I just got this one of her at the pool.
- Congratulations.
[alarm sounds]
- Truck 81, squad 3, ambulance 61.
Single vehicle accident. Passenger trapped.
[sirens wailing]
- Well, that ain't good.
- Guys, get the extinguishers.
[indistinct radio chatter]
Trench is too narrow for side access.
Dawson, get down there and see if we can get him out in front.
[shouting in background]
- Hey, my name's gabriela.
We're gonna get you out, all right?
What's your name?
- Allison.
- Allison, you feel any pain?
- My--my head.
- Yeah, i can see you got a-- you got a cut there.
Do you think that you lost consciousness?
- [screaming] [seat belt clicking]
- Allison, look at me.
Do not try to take off your seat belt.
We're gonna extricate you safely.
- People--people lose air in situations like this.
I can't stay in here!
I can't!
- Allison, i know that it's scary,
But we know what we're doing.
I just need you to give me a couple slow, deep breaths.
In and out, in and out.
- Yo! - Dawson!
- [screaming] - dawson, get back!
- Can we get in there? - Nah, it's too tight.
We got one female trapped.
- Go in from the bottom?
- We don't have any other options.
- Okay, we're gonna crack the frame.
- What does cracking the frame mean?
- It's a technique we use to take off the bottom of the car.
- Hey, tony, grab the hurst.
Newhouse, capp, grab sawzalls.
We need to disassemble the exhaust.
- Dawson!
- Just--
- Herrmann, dawson, cruz, and otis,
Hook two come-alongs from the front of the frame to the back.
Mouch, build a high point in the middle with cribbing.
[alison whimpering]
- Hi. Allison, right?
I'm sylvie.
[saws whirring]
- Set.
[allison screaming]
- Hey, hey, i know it's loud. That sound is normal, i swear.
- No, i smell gas!
- Casey, severide!
- Yeah, we know! Keep going, keep going.
- All right, hold, hold.
[indistinct radio chatter]
- Hey, nice work, brother.
Good stuff.
Nice work, man. Nice stuff.
Awesome job. Good job.
Hey, nice job.
- You got a minute?
- Yeah, sure.
- Before i get you that paperwork,
I would be remiss if i didn't say something.
You ever throw a pot?
- What?
- You know, like, pottery on a wheel.
- No.
- Trudy and i took a class.
That whole ghost thing, very sensual.
Anyway, you throw a pot, see,
And it looks pretty good,
But you only have a short while
To make adjustments before it dries.
Is it really the pot for you?
Maybe you're looking for something rounder.
You got to decide quick,
Before that pot dries
And it's yours forever.
- So you're saying marriage is like a pot?
- Yes.
And nothing's dried yet, kelly.
Do you follow what i'm saying?
- Mouch, you ever been married?
- Not personally, no.
- All right, thanks, man.
Psst, lieutenant.
How long you got?
- How long i got to what?
- Till this severide marriage flames out.
- Otis, don't be a dick.
- Okay, if you don't want in on the action...
- All right, just give me 5.00 bucks on six weeks.
- There it is.
So, lieutenant,
Why don't you tell us a little more
About this crazy wedding of yours, huh?
Start at the beginning.
We want every detail.
- Who are you, my aunt ruth?
We said, "let's get married," we got married.
- When is she gonna be here already?
- She'll be here, all right?
She'll be here. Don't worry.
- Well, you got to admit, he's happy.
- "she's a graphic artist. "we met at the craps table.
Her name is brittany, and she's from florida"?
You know what that adds up to?
- What do you have against florida?
- Are you seriously accepting all this as normal?
I mean, when has he ever high-fived anyone?
Let alone the entire house?
- Gabby, he's happy.
Who cares how he got there?
- I am asking you to find out what is going on with him.
- And i'm telling you, i saw the look in his eye,
And when kelly gets like this he don't listen to nobody.
- Who has his ear?
Who can get through to him?
- Shay.
- God, these calls are wiping me out.
I need to get back into shape.
- Yeah, you're looking like you're in trouble.
- I'm serious.
Back at home when i was planning the wedding,
I used to do spinning mondays and wednesdays,
Power yoga tuesdays and thursdays,
And box-blaster on fridays, and--
- Oh, box-blaster? - It's a kickboxing workout.
- Yeah, odd name.
- That's really all i did.
Working out and making sure dinner was ready
By the time harrison got home.
- You know, we got a heavy bag
And some weights at the house, if you want to--
- Oh, do you guys have zumba classes in chicago?
- I do not know what that is.
- Never mind.
I'll figure it out.
So is this like a regular thing with severide?
The running off and getting married deal?
- As far as i know, this is the first.
- Just curious.
- Ambulance 61.
Two-vehicle accident, corner of jackson and rose.
[sirens wailing]
- Thank god you're here.
Right this way.
- Let me take a look at that bump.
- Were you hurt, sir? - Nah, nah, it's all good.
- Look, the only injury he has is the brain cells
He killed with whatever he drank.
- No way, dude. Totally sober.
I told the lady, let's just exchange information.
- But i know the police don't come to a minor accident
Unless you report an injury.
That's right, the police are on their way now.
- Just--why don't you go ahead and take a seat?
- All right. - Relax. What happened?
- So i see the light's red,
And i come to a complete stop like good drivers
Are supposed to do.
- Hey, hey, sylvie.
- That act won't save you.
- That's crack.
- [grunting] - okay, hold on.
- He's seizing. - Take that off.
- Oh, god.
- Could you--
- De-fib. - Charging.
- Oh, god, oh, god, oh, god, oh, god, oh, god--
- Clear. - Oh, god.
[slow beep resumes] i got rhythm back.
- What does that mean? Is he okay?
- Ma'am, can you please just step back, give us some room?
Thank you. - He's still really tachy.
Can we push midazolam?
I mean, i know it won't stop him from metabolizing the crack,
But-- - yeah, but it will--
It will slow down the seizing. Yeah, let's do it.
[rapid beeping]
[slow beeping resumes]
- Oh, look. He's waking up.
- Guess he's not metabolizing it anymore.
- Hey, mills. - Hey.
- How's it going?
- It's good, you? - [laughs]
Hey, listen, man, i need a favor.
Can you help me out with something tomorrow?
- I'm not gonna be target practice again, am i?
- No, that was like a one-in-a-million thing.
I just need you to stand by the car
And wait while i go see someone.
- And that's it, just stand by the car?
- Yeah, that's all.
- What the hell is going on with you, man?
- Nothing-- it's nothing, all right?
It's like i told you-- it's a little minor thing
I need to straighten out.
So can i count on you?
- Yeah, sure.
- Thanks, buddy.
- Oh...
Whoa, what happened here?
- Oh, come on, admit it.
You miss this.
- Yeah, yeah, the jealousy is just overwhelming.
- Hey, excuse me?
Hi, i'm brittany.
I'm, uh, i'm looking for kelly severide.
I'm his-- - oh, you're his wife.
- Yeah. - Hi, i'm gabby dawson.
- Hi, wow.
Oh, dawson.
You're the roommate, right? - Uh, sort of.
- Yeah, kelly told me about you.
Said you're shaping up to be a hell of a firefighter.
- He said that?
Oh, sorry. This is sylvie brett.
She's one of the paramedics on ambulance 61.
This is brittany-- - baker.
Or, uh, or baker-severide.
We haven't quite worked that out yet.
- Uh, i'd shake your hand but i'm, uh--
It was a patient.
I wasn't out partying or anything.
Obviously, i mean.
We had an ingestion o.D.,
Which basically means a guy ate a whole bunch of crack,
And it was-- suddenly i'm realizing
You don't want to hear any of this.
I'm gonna go and shower now.
But, you know, welcome.
Congratulations and all.
- Thank you.
- So, come on in.
Guess who i found.
- Hey! - Hi.
- Hey, everybody, this is brittany.
All: Hey!
- All right, welcome. What have you got here?
- Well, i read an article that said when
You come to a firehouse for the first time,
Come knocking with your elbows.
- What?
- Because your arms are full of food.
- You know, most people overthink it.
They get those fancy popovers and muffins with frosting--
- Cream puffs.
Now, i myself enjoy the occasional puff,
But en masse-- - they get soggy.
- Exactly.
- Oh, wow. Hi!
And who are you? Who is this?
- Oh, that's pouch. - Well, hello.
- Hey! That's the official
51 seal of approval, right there.
- I am honored.
So i'm guessing you guys heard,
"vegas wedding,
Met at the craps table," and thought--
- Stripper. - Hey, capp, not cool.
- No, no, no, actually i don't blame him.
It sounds crazy to me and i was there,
But, uh--
But it's been really great.
- Well, this calls for a celebration.
Friday night, molly's.
- Oh, yeah. Hell, yeah.
Friday night at molly's.
And i tell you what, 15% off all the drinks
In honor of the happy couple here.
- This is so bizarre.
- Hi. Brittany. - Hey.
- Hey, um, thanks for letting brittany move in.
We won't take long to find a place.
- Yeah, of course.
- Appreciate it.
[greetings continue in background]
- She's moving into our house?
- Remind me to tell you that brittany is moving in with us.
- What--we don't even know who she is.
He doesn't even know who she is.
- What, you think he married a serial killer?
- Why are you so okay with this?
- Severide's a big boy.
He can do what he wants.
Look, however this plays out, good or bad,
He's gonna need me on his side.
So you can do what you want,
But that's where i'm gonna be.
Hi. - Hi.
- Matt casey. - It's nice to meet you.
- Hey, congratulations again.
- Thanks.
And thanks for letting her crash for a while.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah, i'm better than okay.
I'm great.
- It just seems like ever since--
Ever since shay died, you've been avoiding--
- Why can't you just be happy that i'm happy, dawson?
- Because i'm not sure that you are happy.
I think--i think maybe that you're hiding,
And i know that shay wouldn't want that for you.
- Yeah?
You think she'd want you putting your wedding on hold forever?
- No, that's completely different.
- Look, some people,
They get married when they know it's right, however quick it is,
And some people, they put it off.
Maybe you're doing what's right for you and matt.
Just, before you accuse anyone of hiding...
Check and make sure you're not doing that yourself.
- I'll just be a minute.
[dog barks in distance]
[knocking on door]
I just came by to tell you i'm done.
- You're done?
- Anybody can see the only way this goes is south, so i'm out.
- Why are you putting a tracker on this guy's car?
- You worry too much.
Get in the car.
- Mm-hmm. - [laughs]
- So...
I told my mom.
- And?
- She cried.
- Like, good cried or bad cried?
- Half "sad i wasn't there" cry
And half "happy at least my daughter is married" cry.
- We should fly her up.
When we get our place.
- Like, have a little reception?
- Yeah, just family.
- Yeah.
Yeah, for family.
- Hey.
- Hey.
So are we nuts?
- Maybe.
- Hi. You're new here, aren't you?
- Oh, i've taken a couple of zumba classes,
But this is my first class here.
- Well, the instructor is awesome.
You're gonna love it.
[all cheering]
- All right, ladies!
Who's ready to sweat?
Here we go!
Row those arms!
[energetic dance pop music]
We going this way.
♪ ♪
- Hey, tina, can you take over for a second?
New girl!
Can i see you over here for a moment?
There you go, ladies!
- Whoo! - Make it happen!
Looking good! - Yeah!
- Who sent you?
- Nobody. - Who knows?
- Nobody.
- You mean to tell me that you just came to a zumba class
In pilsen on your own?
- I live here.
- Well, you're just gonna have to leave, right now.
- But this is the best rated zumba class on yelp.
- How you doing, ladies?
- Well, what's it gonna take to keep you quiet about this?
- Let me teach you to cook. - What?
- You have a food truck that needs a cook.
I have skills i have nowhere to use.
- So--so cook for the house.
- No, i want to cook when i say.
I do not want anyone asking me,
"when's dinner ready?" ever.
But for molly's ii--
- Wait, hold on, let me get this straight.
In order to keep you from outing me,
I have to allow you to cook for me?
- Yes.
- You are--
You're like--
Like, perfect.
- Deal?
- Absolutely.
All right, ladies!
One more time, yeah!
Oh, oh!
Here we go again, yeah!
- Pass the cheese? - Mm-hmm.
- Thanks.
- Want some hot sauce?
- Nah.
There they are.
- Hey.
- How's it going? - Good.
- Is that all you have?
- Yeah, i came straight here with the bags
I packed for vegas.
I'm gonna get my friends to send me some more clothes.
Otherwise, i'm gonna be wearing a lot of bikinis.
- Welcome. - Thank you so much--
So much for letting me stay here.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, back here.
[door closes] [laughter]
- I'll give them a week and then tell severide they got to find--
- I like her.
- What?
When did this happen?
- Like you said,
He's happy.
What do i know?
You want a beer?
- Sure.
[brittany chattering from room]
I think--i think part of me is a little jealous.
I mean, he gets to do what he wants.
Meet a girl, get married, put it all out there for the world.
I just get tired of all the sneaking around
And pretending.
- Have you been talking to severide?
- No, why?
- Nothing, i just--
I mean, you know i hate it too, right?
- I know.
- As long as you and i are both on 81, what--
- No, no, this isn't your fault.
It isn't anyone's fault.
- It just sucks.
- Yeah.
And sometimes i wish we could just fly off to vegas
And get the rest of our lives started.
- You know i would in a second if i could.
- Me too.
[indistinct shouting and laughter]
- So the first thing we need here
Is your marriage certificate.
- Got it right here.
It's got a little margarita spilled on it,
But everything's clear.
- Okay, we can make a copy of that.
So these two are for your non-major benefits,
Prescriptions and the like.
This one goes to personnel,
And this one goes to the insurance company.
Then these two are life insurance and pension forms,
And they both go to the pension benefits department.
Then for major medical--
You know what?
Let me get these filed for you.
- Really?
- Consider it my wedding gift.
- Congratulations, severide.
May you know only happiness from this day forward.
- Hey, how many weeks you have us down for in the pool?
- Three.
- We're gonna prove you wrong, chief.
- I hope you do.
- Thanks, chief.
- Three, huh?
- How many did you have?
- Yo. - Yeah.
- Come here for a second.
- All right.
- Your misunderstanding struck again, man,
And this time it left a note.
"i see you again, and you're dead."
- Mills-- - yo, this is happening
At the house. If boden finds out about this,
You are gone, and it's-- - i hear you, man, come here.
- What the hell is it with you and this guy, man?
- His name is jake williams.
Okay, he has outstanding warrants for larceny and assault
In wisconsin.
Okay, if i can tail or track this guy back across state line,
I can pick him up and clear $2,000.
- You are messing with this felon for 2 grand?
You have a daughter, come on.
- I have a daughter who has worked her ass off
To help her team get to finals
And a trip to d.C. That's gonna cost me $1,500.
I can't let her down.
- Hey, better you let her down than get yourself killed, okay?
I'm telling you this face-to-face,
You end this now.
[alarm sounds]
- Engine 51, truck 81, squad 3, ambulance 61.
House fire, 871 carver drive.
[sirens wailing]
- You have to get andrew. Mr. Lewellen.
- Is he the resident? - Yes.
He lives by himself with his dog, paco.
I saw him bring paco out and then go into the cellar.
It's right down here. - Ma'am, ma'am, go back.
We have to find a new entrance.
- Hey, chief, got a window! - Go!
- Newhouse, tony, i need ladder and entry!
- Come on, hustle.
Help him out!
Come on, hustle!
Newhouse, go through.
Keep it back.
- Call out!
Call out!
Hey, chief, i found the resident.
He's pretty badly burned.
Hey, bud!
- [coughs]
[indistinct radio chatter]
- Oh!
- Hey, come on.
All right, i'm sending him up!
- Severide?
Everything all right down there?
- Negative.
I'm okay, chief, but we need to seal this room off.
- Why, what'd you find?
- Make sure everybody knows
Nobody touches anything,
And get the cops here now.
- What do we got?
- This fell out of the guy's hands
When he was being hauled up.
I'm pretty sure this is what he came down to get.
- Guy's hand? What guy's hand, homeowner?
- I don't know if he owned the place,
But i'm pretty sure he owned the box.
- Where is he now?
- My guess, halfway to chicago med.
He was pretty banged up when they loaded him into the ambo.
- Hey, call dispatch, get a twenty on that ambulance.
I want somebody with that guy when they roll into chicago med.
So you didn't touch the box or its contents?
- No.
- Didn't open it?
- Pretty hard to do without touching it.
- We just have to ask these questions for chain of evidence,
- I didn't open the box.
[police radio chatter]
Those kids look pretty young.
- Hmm.
- Oh, god.
- Hey, lieutenant.
- You don't work for me anymore, mills.
- Hey, matt.
- There you go. What's up?
- We need to help out newhouse.
[banging on pot]
- What is that?
- That is oven-fried ravioli
With crispy sage and pancetta.
- You made those?
- Hell, no, brett did, but she's showing me how,
And it's a perfect molly's ii signature dish.
Portable, delicious. It's a lot like bar food.
- But with a sophistication all its own.
- It doesn't smell half bad, i'll give you that.
- And brett's got these things down to a science.
We can knock these out in the truck to order, no problem.
- Okay.
I'm going in.
Ladies and gentlemen,
We have a new house chef!
- Wait, what?
- You think we're gonna eat the swill these chuckleheads make
When we have someone who can cook like this?
- Yeah. - All right.
Brett, when's dinner?
- Oh, uh...
You know, guys,
We don't use the fine china every day.
- We would if it tasted like this.
- We need to keep brett's genius focused on molly's ii.
- What's wrong with you?
- Just trust me on this one.
- Yeah, okay, brett.
No chow duty for you.
- Put some money on here!
Give me your credit card.
Yeah, you.
- Newhouse!
- Hey, you came! - Hey!
- Come here.
Tell naomi to have a great time in d.C.
- What's this?
- We passed the boot.
- Are you serious? - Yeah.
Well, it was either that
Or have the guys eat 500 candy bars.
This seemed like the better plan.
- Wow.
Mills, this your doing?
I don't know what to say.
Thank you, all of you.
- Hey, we're 51.
We take care of our family, man.
- 51.
- Sorry. [sniffles]
It just hits me sometimes.
- I know.
Me, too.
- You saved my life, you know that?
- We saved each other.
Come on, let's go home.
- No, no, your friends threw a party for us.
Let's go inside. - You don't have to.
You don't have to. - I want to.
- You sure?
- Sure i want to celebrate marrying you?
Yeah, yeah, so badly it's not even funny.
- This is grim.
- Yeah.
- So the federal kiddie porn databases,
They search for the kid and for the background
So that they can identify the work of different offenders,
So i figured we'd do the same thing.
Oh, my god.
- What?
Oh, my god.
My god.
When's the last time you heard from him?
- Ten years?
- You know how old he is in that photo?
- I mean, 15, maybe.
He took off for new york not long after that.
- Come here, come here.
We'll send that off to manhattan svu.
- Yeah.
- We'll see if they have anything on him.
- Yeah, mm-hmm.
[line ringing]
- Rollins. - Did you get the files i sent?
- Um, yeah, thank you.
Did i hear right?
You've got history with one of the vics in the photos,
Um, a ted courtney?
- Yeah...
He's my brother.
- Erin, i'm sorry.
- It's okay.
- No, it's...
It's not.
Well, listen, we got database hits on a couple
Of the other vics in the photos, all new york missings.
I don't know how your brother got mixed up in this,
But we're gonna get to the bottom of it, okay?
- Listen, i'd like to come and help out.
I've already cleared it with my boss,
So if it's all right with you--
- I guess we'll be seeing you soon.
- All right.