Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 3, Episode 6 - Madmen and Fools - full transcript

Casey continues to battle his sister's husband over giving her a fair settlement. But he finds ways to keep Casey at bay. So Casey turns to Newhouse for help. Newhouse asks Mills help with a side job he has but someone shoots at them while he's doing it. When they save a boy, children's services shows up and takes the boy away from his mother. It seems like she has a history of abuse and neglect. The mother pleads with Brett to help her. Severide warns her not to get involved. But she convinces him they have to try and they learn she might be straight so they go to child services but the one in charge says he's too busy. Dawson finds herself being told by Hermann she needs to put in more and she does which causes her to feel like she's never going to be accepted.

- Go on; go canoodle with your lieutenant.
- This was my worst fear, herrmann,
That you guys weren't gonna treat me
Like any other candidate.
- You insisted on working under casey.
- Okay, so take me off of casey's hands,
And let me shadow you on calls.
- This cat jim has been playing a sort of shell game
To keep his assets out of your sister's reach.
- You can't let him get away with it.
Shut up and listen, jim.
I'll knock you flat on your ass.
You really think she'd knuckle under that easy?
You're gonna, what,
Run a game and then split with the money?
- No one's running any game, matt.
I'm leaving your sister, okay?
Now, this can go one of two ways.
We can have an all-out dog fight in court,
Or christie can take the offer on the table--
2 grand a month for the next four years.
- What about the house?
- It's still on the market.
- So you're okay with leaving your wife and daughter
With no home and not enough to live on.
- They can keep the apartment.
- For the past year,
You've been moving assets into a shell company
Owned by your little piece of ass on the side,
Keri hathaway.
What's this?
- The documents in your hand
Authorize the transactions you're talking about.
You'll note christie cosigned every one.
You're welcome to take those with you.
- You're not gonna fleece my sister.
All right?
Not without getting bloody.
- Can i add to my pass line bet?
- No, you have to back it up first.
- Can i press the six?
- You don't have any money on the six yet.
- Okay, start over.
- There's no starting over in craps, capp.
Come on, you're scaring me here, bud.
- How about i just bet what you bet?
- [laughs]
- Hey, it's not funny.
You should be going with us.
- Look, i have a kid.
I can't abandon her to roll with you degenerates.
- Fair enough.
Tony, that's a real excuse.
- What?
My sinuses can't take the dry heat.
- Hey. - Hey, how'd it go?
- Not so good.
Newhouse? - Yeah.
- You got a sec? - Uh, yeah.
Excuse me. Sorry.
- Know any divorce attorneys?
Heavy-hitter types? - Oh, yeah.
Use my name. Bankhead will take care of you.
- All right. Thanks.
- Hey, man. - Hey, roll out after shift,
Handle that thing we discussed?
- Yeah, you never told me what the job was, though.
- It's a little lookout thing, man.
We'll talk about it on the way.
- But anything special i need to br--
- Nope.
- Cool.
[alarm blaring]
- Truck 81, ambulance 61, squad 3.
Juvenile in distress,
3304 rosedale avenue.
[siren wailing, horn honking]
- Help!
I can't hold on!
Help! Please, god, help us!
It's falling!
I can't hold on! I can't hold him!
[overlapping shouting]
- That railing could give out any second.
- Mother won't be able to hold it for long.
Jump bag?
- Won't survive that fall with that thing around his neck.
- Boden's tied up on an accident investigation.
- You take a man.
- We'll throw the aerial; you fly up it.
Cruz, otis, go.
Herrmann, dawson, stairs.
Prep for a forced entry.
Dawson, on his hip means on his hip,
Not ahead of him.
- Understood.
- Let's go! Move it, candidate!
[woman whimpering] [metal creaking]
- Fire department! - Help!
I can't hold--
I can't hold him! - Hang in there!
- Archie, no.
Help us!
It's falling. He's falling!
[metal creaking]
He's fa-- aah!
- Oh, god! - I got you.
I got it.
Casey, herrmann!
- Dawson, hang back.
[metal creaking]
- Hey-- herrmann.
- Ow.
- Be careful of his neck.
- Ow! - Hey, buddy, buddy,
Hang on, okay? Hey, stop moving.
I don't want you to hurt your neck, okay, bud?
Herrmann, watch his neck. - Archie, please!
- Easy, easy, easy. We straighten it all the way,
[whispers] we could break the kid's neck.
Mother: Oh, god, oh, god.
- Hey...
You got a favorite animal, archie?
- Snakes.
- Snakes?
What do you like better, anacondas or pythons?
- Anacondas.
- Yeah, i'm an anaconda man, myself.
- Let's tie this off with some webbing.
- Yeah.
What about you, mom?
- God, no, i'm terrified of snakes.
- Take it.
Find an anchor point and tie it off.
- Right.
- Newhouse, sawzall!
- Hey, give me the sledge.
- Secure!
- The arc air torch is on its way up, depending.
- Hey, archie...
What are you in, kindergarten?
- Mm-hmm. I need you to be brave
And stay calm, okay?
You can do that for me, right?
- Mm-hmm.
- Ma'am, i need you to stand back.
- No, no, wait, wait, wait.
No, no, no!
- Hey, bud, stay calm.
- Easy, easy, easy.
[mother whimpering]
- Okay, listen, this is gonna be really loud, okay?
So i want you to cover your ears.
Can you do that for me?
Be brave; you're doing great.
Case, you ready? - Yeah.
- We got him.
- Come on.
- Baby. Archie!
- Come on.
- Okay, little buddy.
You all right?
- So, archie...
Guess which one of us
Raised a family of corn snakes when she was a kid.
- You? - You got it.
All right, lean forward for me, buddy.
The dad was called gus,
And the mom, her name was toothpaste.
You can turn your head for me, sweetheart?
I'll tell you all about how gus and toothpaste had babies
On the way back. What do you say?
- Mm-hmm.
- Thank you. Good lord.
Did my hair turn gray?
- No, you were great.
- Look, there's no reason to take archie to the hospital.
I mean, clearly there's nothing wrong with him.
- Well, it's up to the paramedics to make that call,
But it's standard procedure to--
- But, i mean, in his case, he doesn't have to, right?
I mean, he's fine.
- Like i said, it's not my call.
- He's perfectly fine. Aren't you, archie?
- [weakly] yeah.
- Ma'am, given that he's a minor,
I'm making the call to transport your son to the hospital.
Now, you're welcome to ride with us if you like.
- Fine. I--
- Can i have a word?
- Sure. What's up, candidate?
- I trained on sledge at the academy.
You didn't have to yank it out of my hands.
- You a baseball fan, dawson?
- Kind of. - Yeah?
- The academy, that's like t-ball.
This is the bigs.
Stick with me, i'll school ya.
- Your partner? - He's restocking the ambo,
But i was the primary.
- What i'm getting at is whether you detected
Any indications of physical abuse.
- Abuse? No.
I mean--no. - The reason i ask
Is because his file is flagged.
Three years ago, child protective services
Took him away from his mother
On suspicion of abuse and neglect.
- What are you doing? No, no, no.
No, no, no, please. Please don't take him.
Please--wait! Please don't take him, no!
- Mommy! Mommy!
- Archie!
Please don't do this.
Oh, my god. - Mommy, stop them!
- Oh, my god. - Why are they taking me?
- Oh, my god! - Mommy, help me!
[archie's voice fades]
- Gabby?
- Hey. - Hey.
- I can't make it.
- What? Why?
- Herrmann asked me to stay late.
He wants me to set up a practice station
For the sledge.
- Yeah.
Remember, it's herrmann.
He likes to go overboard.
- It's gonna be fine.
- Christie will be bummed.
She was hoping you'd be there.
- I know, but...
On his hip means on his hip, dawson.
- Fair point, candidate.
- See you at home, lieutenant.
- We appreciate you taking the time to see us,
Especially on such short notice.
- Anything for newhouse.
- Thanks.
So, as i explained on the phone,
My sister didn't know exactly what she was signing.
Jim kept her in the dark on most financial matters.
- Forgive me for being abrupt,
But i spoke with opposing counsel,
And bottom line is, i'd be happy to represent you.
I think you've got an imminently winnable case.
- That's great to hear.
- Clearly, there's more money than your husband lets on.
No question.
- All right. Where do we go from here?
- First, we file a preliminary injunction
To keep him from moving any more assets,
And then we hire a forensic accountant.
- That sounds expensive.
- I use the best firm in chicago,
So it won't be cheap.
But i'll take your case on contingency,
So it's not gonna cost you a penny up front.
Now, i need you to understand, however,
What you're about to get into.
What starts out as a financial battle
Often ends up as an all-out custody war.
It's not gonna be easy on anybody, least of all you.
Odds are, we can recover 50%, 60% of the assets,
Or you can take the deal they've offered.
That's up to you.
- You have to fight this, christie.
You can't let jim get away with it.
- I don't know, matt.
This has already gone way beyond what i was prepared for.
- I'll be there with you every step of the way,
Whatever you and violet need.
I promise.
- I need time to think.
Thank you very much.
- Mm-hmm.
- Thanks. - Take care.
- So...
Where we going?
- Nowhere.
We're here.
You ever work on cars at all? - Me? No.
- It doesn't matter, all right?
Just act like you're checking on the engine.
Main thing is, you keep it running,
And if anybody comes, you call me, all right?
- Okay, no prob--
[door shuts]
[dog whimpering]
- Go, go, go!
- All i'm gonna say is that that was...Insane.
- Yeah, well, there's nothing like a divorce
To make a man act crazy.
They met at the dog park.
- Toby.
My sweet little baby boy.
How did he take it?
- I got the impression he'd prefer the dog stay with him.
- Idiot.
It's my dog.
Personal checks okay?
- As long as it doesn't bounce.
Make it out to recovery services, limited.
- Morning.
- Mastering the tools of ignorance, i see.
- Trying to, practicing forcible entry.
- Allow me.
Your average lock is approximately waist-high.
Top hand is for control; the bottom's your fulcrum.
You start full wide.
You finish...Tight together.
Got it? - Was i not doing that?
- The art is in the details, dawson.
You see?
- Right.
- All right.
- What's up? - Herrmann is driving me crazy.
- I warned you.
- I appreciate what he's doing,
But i don't think that he understands
That i've already attended the fire academy.
- Correct me if i'm wrong, but...
The whole idea was to put a little separation
Between you and me at work, right?
- Yeah, i know.
- So if you've got an issue with herrmann,
Just...Take it up with him.
- Okay.
- What is this, the gabriela dawson
Anger management program?
- [grunting]
- That is a "yes."
- I got a fiance i can't marry...
And a mentor who's treating me like a child.
- You want to talk about it?
- No, i'm good.
- 7.
- [laughs]
All right, well, at least you're getting it
Out of your system before we hit vegas.
Tony, you're up. Clear the table.
- Maybe i-- - hey, don't--don't...
Even think about bailing on me.
- No way, dude, i'm in.
- All right, you better be.
That's good luck.
- Here. Do it again.
- Be back in a second.
- Can i please talk to you, just for two minutes?
- Yeah, of course.
- Look, i'm really sorry to bother you.
I know that you're very busy, but i don't--
I don't know where else to go.
I got married when i was 19, because i was pregnant.
And by the time i realized that he was an abusive alcoholic,
It was too late.
Oh, and i drank too.
I'm--i'm not gonna lie about it.
- We're not here to judge you.
- After they took archie, i got clean right away.
I filed a restraining order against my ex.
I proved myself to the state,
And i won back custody of my son.
Please, if there's--
If there's any way that you could put in a word for me...
- Ma'am, it's not our job to follow up
Once a call is over.
- Wait, ho-hold on.
Shouldn't we go after her?
She just lost her kid.
- Look, we all get invested,
But there's a line you can't cross, okay?
Don't get involved.
[alarm blaring]
- Ambulance 61.
Man down from unknown causes,
612 rex drive.
[siren wailing]
- Fire department, anyone call for the paramedics?
- Thank god you guys are here, man.
The guy in the back, he looks really hurt, so...
- It's really, really bad. He's right back here, man.
- Okay, i need you to sit down and stop moving, sir.
- 61 to main. We're gonna need
A second ambulance. - Copy that, 61.
- Carter's not gonna die, is he?
Tell me carter's not gonna die.
- I need you to take a seat, okay, come on.
- He's not breathing.
He's got a pulse, but it's pretty slow.
- That sounds bad.
Look, man, i didn't mean to kill him.
He said i was out of tune,
And i swear--
I swear i wasn't, man.
- Hey, hey, buddy.
I'm gonna check you out, make sure everything's--
- Don't touch me, man! Don't touch me!
- Okay, just take a seat. Calm down, okay?
- We need to intubate him before he goes into
Full cardiac arrest. - Go ahead, go.
- Oh, man.
- Whoa, daddy.
- What do we got?
- [hacking, coughing]
- Did you shove this down his throat?
- [gasping, coughing]
- Hey, buddy, come on. Come on.
- Bastard tried to kill me with a corndog!
- What do we have this time?
- Band practice.
- [coughing]
- That's good.
- Yeah! - There you go.
- Now what do i do?
- How much are you gonna back it up with?
- 50 bucks?
- There we go; we're getting there, capp.
We're getting there, brother.
We are gonna clean up.
- Can i talk to you?
- I'll take a break.
- That sucks.
What do you mean, don't get involved?
It's not like they stop being people
When the call ends.
- Shay got overly invested with someone she met on a call.
Guy ends up blowing his brains out.
You never know what's really going on.
- [sighs] well...
I just treated a meth head
With a tuning fork stuck in his eye,
And even that guy stepped up and called 911
To save his buddy.
You quit giving somebody a second chance,
They stop having one.
I need your help on this.
You mind if we come in?
- Sure.
- Just want to ask you a few questions.
- About what?
- What was archie doing on the balcony alone?
- He was spying on the apartment below ours.
- Why didn't you just say that?
- You have kids?
- Mm-mm.
- My mom used to take my brother and me to the bar with her.
O'henry's. When she'd get liquored up,
She'd shame us in front of whoever was there.
I swore i would never let that happen to my kid,
Not ever.
- You've been sober for a while, right?
- Two years, three months.
- Do you have a chip, by any chance?
And your sponsor,
When was the last time you spoke to him?
- It's a woman.
15 minutes ago.
- You mentioned a restraining order against your ex.
- Yeah.
- You got a copy?
- [sighs]
- You mind if i take a look in your fridge?
- Go on.
They're organic.
I feed archie right,
Which isn't easy to do
On 11 bucks an hour at a nail salon.
You have any other questions?
- Thank you.
We just needed to know who we were going to bat for.
- Let's go!
One way is life; the other way is death.
Make a decision.
Make a decision!
- Get down, lower down!
Let's go! Get down lower!
Flashin' over! Ten, nine, eight, seven...
All right. Listen, you're badly burned,
But you're probably still alive. - I know.
- You spent too much time reading the coupling.
Give me your hand.
Smooth butt, that's the female.
That's the way i'm gonna go.
Flip it around.
Big notch...
Uh-uh, christopher herrmann don't go that way.
Get it?
- Permission to speak?
- Permission granted.
- I know i asked for this,
And i know you're just trying to help,
But i already did all this-- - this isn't the academy,
Dawson. What you're doing here, now,
This is the christopher herrmann school of firefighting,
Learned from a lifetime on the job.
- I appreciate that, and i will do whatever you say, herrmann.
All i'm asking is that when we're on calls,
You let me do my job.
- All right.
I will.
- Thank you.
- Hey, where do you think you're going?
You're not done.
You got to finish these drills, candidate.
Helmet on. Let's go.
We don't stop till we can't get it wrong.
- Hey. You guys okay?
- Hi, uncle matt. - Sorry to bother you.
- You're not; what's going on?
- I'm on my way to take the teachers' test,
You know, to get recertified,
And i couldn't get a sitter.
Is there any way i could drop off violet
For, like, a hour, two, tops?
- Yeah, of course.
Want to say hi to pouch? - Sure.
- All right, i'll meet you inside.
So...What do you want me to do about bankhead?
- The divorce attorney? - Yeah.
- I'm not doing that, matt.
I'm gonna take the settlement offer.
- All right.
Good luck on the test.
- Thanks.
Voices: We miss you, violet! We miss you!
- What are you watching?
- My friends at the latin school sent me a vine.
[kids continue in background]
- Hey...
You okay?
- I miss my house...
And my school.
I don't know why my dad's doing this to us.
I don't know what i did.
- Hey, hey.
It's not your fault.
It's gonna be okay.
I promised.
I'll be right back.
- What? - I need more information.
There's got to be something else.
- On your brother-in-law?
I thought ruzek gave you what you needed.
- Not him, the mistress.
- You dig deep enough,
Sooner or later, you are gonna find a body.
Then what?
- Just do whatever it takes.
- Okay.
- Hi, there.
- What's this, a fire drill?
- Kelly severide. I'm a lieutenant with squad 3.
This is silvie brett, paramedic.
- We appreciate you taking a moment out of your busy day.
- Yeah, what can i do for you?
- Reason we're here is, a mistake was made,
And because of that, a mother and son have been split up.
- What's the name? - Keating.
The mother's name is katharyn. Her son is archie.
- Ugh, i inherited 26 new files
Since moira went on maternity leave.
Keating, keating...
Is that with an "a" or a couple of "e"s?
- E-a.
- Got it.
As firefighters, your word carries
A lot of weight around here, a lot of weight.
Rest assured i'll get to it as soon as i get a minute.
- Okay, well...
There's a number on here when you do.
It's important. - Every single one of them's
Important, especially the guy whose name's on the folder.
- Well, i look forward to your call.
- For real?
- Mad men and fools are in the game for thrills.
But wise men, we're all about the money.
- Yo.
You got my number, any time you need me.
- What exactly are the requirements
For participating in such a venture?
- I can't use anybody with an eye issue.
- Well, i'm available.
So consider me in the on-deck circle.
- I've made a full recovery.
Clean bill of health.
- Well, i will keep you all in mind.
- Yep.
- Curls suit you, girl.
- Oh, this is my wash-and-wear hair.
Didn't have time to straighten it this morning.
- Well, it looks good.
- Stop. - [laughs]
Okay, a fax come in for me?
Alabama pd?
- Um, let's see.
- What's up?
- I got something for you.
- We need to talk.
- If you'll excuse me.
Anything you have to say can be directed to my attorney.
- Four years ago...
Your little mistress
Married a man from montgomery, alabama,
Faked his will.
When the kids sued, she split.
That's a bench warrant for her arrest.
You're welcome to keep that copy.
I drop a dime, she's gone.
And given that your assets are in her name,
The money's gone too.
I'm sure you'll do what's right...
For your daughter.
- Truck 81, ambulance 61, assist the police.
5737 chase avenue.
[sirens wailing, horns honking]
- Hold it there.
Cpd executing a search warrant,
May need some help with a forcible entry.
- Hey, sergeant conroy.
Thanks for coming, chief.
- Wallace boden, how can i help you, sergeant?
- Well, we got a known drug dealer
With an outstanding warrant holed up inside,
And he may be armed, so i need you
To keep your guys back until we get the area secure.
Once it's safe, we could use some help getting in.
- Window or door? - There's a second-story window
In the back that might work,
But we'd prefer to make entry through the front.
Thing is, it's heavily fortified.
- Steel security door?
- Yeah, with a heavy-graded steel entry door behind it.
- We'll take two guys and a ladder to the rear.
You take the entry. - You got it.
Otis, mouch...
Grab the 20-foot ladder and go with the chief.
Cruz, get a chain ready.
Herrmann and dawson, grab a set of irons
And have a jack plate standing by.
Okay, cruz, take out the slack.
Go for it.
[engine revving]
[metal creaking]
Herrmann, dawson, go. - All right, let's go!
All right.
Just like the sledge.
All right. One more time.
Strike, strike, strike!
[gunshots] - shots fired, shots fired!
Be advised, we've got multiple gunshots fired...
[glass shattering]
- Put the gun down!
- Copy that--rolling additional units to your location.
- Dawson--now!
- Go, go, go, go, go!
Police! Search warrant!
- Down on the ground! - Nobody move!
[police radio chatter]
- Clear!
- Clear!
- Clear up!
[soft moan]
- Any of you guys paramedics?
We got a wounded hostage in here.
- Mills, need a backboard.
- Hey. Hey, hey.
We got you; you're in good hands.
Help me out and hang in there, okay?
I think it hit her lungs. She's starting to bleed out.
- Thanks. I got her, dawson.
- Here, i got it.
- Okay.
- Did you see that cut, lieutenant?
- Damn straight, i saw it.
- Gunshot to the chest. Pressure, 80 palp.
02 stats in the 70s. - Get her into trauma 1.
Call ct, and somebody get respiratory.
- She didn't make it?
- No.
- It was such a good save for dawson.
I just...Really wanted her to make it.
- You got her here alive; that's the job.
- Doesn't really count, though, does it?
- You did everything you could, all right?
- I need to make a stop on the way back.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, i get it.
We both work for the city, so can i toss you a bone?
Because this is personal for you.
- Personal for me?
No, no, no, this is personal
For a little boy and his mom who've been put through hell
Because the system, meaning you,
Is too jammed up to give a damn about them.
You have the power to make a difference,
And you are going to make that difference
By taking their folder off the bottom of your pile
And putting it on top.
And i'm not leaving until you do.
This will last me at least...
Five hours.
- Hey!
You ready?
Don't say it.
Don't even say it.
- You're gonna kill me.
- I knew you were gonna do this.
- I promised my mom.
She's having a blow-out garage sale.
- I don't want to hear about it.
- I can't make vegas.
- Seriously, capp.
I don't want to hear about it.
- Lieutenant severide...
- Hey.
- Hey.
They're bringing archie back home this afternoon.
I don't even know how to begin to say thank you.
- Well...
She's the one who deserves the credit.
- Thank you.
- Oh...Wow.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
- Huh.
- Hey...
Do you want to go to vegas with me?
- [laughs] when?
- Seriously, right now.
- Um...
- It'll be fun.
- I--
I'd love to.
I'm not sure how great of an idea that is, though.
- It's okay.
No sweat.
- Hey.
- You did good out there, dawson.
- Yeah. Ha.
Thanks, herrmann.
Got a hell of a coach.
- I mean it.
You proved yourself.
- I hope this doesn't mean
You're gonna quit breaking my balls, huh?
- It's my job as an old firefighter
To teach the young firefighters how to become old ones.
- Hey. - Hey.
- Well, if you'll excuse me,
It appears that the lieutenant
Would like to have a word with...His candidate.
- Thanks, herrmann.
Gonna check in on violet and christie.
- Can i come with you?
- As your fiance, i'd appreciate that.
- Hello?
- Be right down.
Hey. - Hey.
- Good to see you, gabby.
You will never believe it.
- What?
- Jim came by.
- And?
- He's doubling the child support payments,
Covering violet's tuition at the latin school,
And he took the house off the market.
We move back in this weekend.
- That's great.
- He's not a bad, man, matt. I told you.
He has a good heart. - Yeah.
Violet must be happy.
- She's waiting for you to tuck her in.
Hey, matt...
- Mm-hmm?
- Is there something--
I mean, did you do anything to make it turn out like this?
- Violet?
- Hi. - Hey.
- We're moving back to our old house,
And i'm going back to my old school.
- Yeah, that's what i heard.
- I'm so happy.
- Yeah, your mom is too.
- I know.
- Come on, i'll tuck you in.
- I knew you'd fix it, uncle matt.
- Turned out, okay, huh?
- Yeah.
- M'wah.
You know i'll always be there for you.
- Turn the ipad off, baby girl.
It's time for bed.
- Where you going?
- Nowhere.
Look, i left my phone in the car.
Bed. - Okay.
[car chirps]
[thud] ugh!
- Yeah.
You can find me,
But i know where to find you.
- 7 out.
- Hey. - Hey.
- You play craps at all?
- Nope.
Good luck.
- Hey, hey, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Wait, come back.
Come on, new girl luck.
It works every time; please?
- New girl luck?
- Come on.
- Place your bets.
- You're the shooter.
Just aim for the back wall.
- 8, easy. - There you go.
- Okay, what are we going for this time?
- Another 8.
- 8, hard.
[cheers and applause]
- Hey!