Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 3, Episode 5 - The Nuclear Option - full transcript

Lieutenant Casey (Jesse Spencer) deals with the fallout of his sister Christie's (guest star Nicole Forester) impending divorce. Meanwhile, Dawson (Monica Raymund) and Mills (Charlie ...

Gabby is gonna be one
hell of a firefighter.

Can the two of you separate
your personal feelings

from your professional responsibilities?

If you didn't think this was
a good idea would you tell me?

I'm looking for Sylvie Brett.


I'm sorry I called off the
wedding and I want you back.

Please come home.

How you spend your time off
shift, that's your business.

The people in this house count on you.

You know what I can count on? No one.

So, why don't you and
everyone else in this house

just leave me alone?

Hi, I'm looking for my
niece and her mother.

The little girl's 12
years old... never mind.

I see her.

Hey, there she is.

Hi, Uncle Matt. Thanks for coming.

Where's your mom?

Violet, you said your
mom was gonna be here.

What's going on?

Hey, look at me.


My mom doesn't know I'm here.

- What happened to you?
- I had a fight at school.

I can't tell mom because
I'm already in trouble.

Can you sign it for me?

What happened to the Latin school?

I had to switch when we moved.

You moved?

Can you sign it or not?

Yeah, I'll sign it.

Come on, Sylvie. Come home with me.

I told you. I just...

I need to think about all of this.

You know how I feel.

I do.

I just...

don't know why.

I mean, what changed?

These last few months without you...

It's not something I
ever want to get used to.

I have to go back to Fowlerton today,

take care of a few things.

Maybe close a deal on the Darlington house.

You really made an offer on it?

I can back out any time.

I'm just hoping I don't have to.

Oh, I'm late.

Hey, hey, how was breakfast?

Get this... Christie and Jim

have jammed Violet into
some huge public school

in Logan Square where they now live.

When did all this happen?

It must've been recently,

but Christie never said anything about it.

I should know this stuff.
I'm a terrible brother.

Hey, no, you're not.

You're definitely not.


Let me guess. Bad clams?

Hung over.

Truck 21, Squad Three, Ambulance 61,

structure fire at the 1400 block
of Ogden and Washington Avenue.

Aw... jeez!


Sorry, my bad.

How long until you can drive again?

- Ten weeks.
- Oof.

- This is my building.
- You got to do something.

- Anybody inside?
- I don't know.

There were men working
on the upper two floors.

Primary search on the
sixth floor. Let's go.

Main entrance is around the corner.

We'll check out the fifth floor.

- Cruz, extend the aerial.
- On it.

All right, I'll take
Dawson and vent the roof.

You clear the fifth floor.

Dawson and I will vent the roof.

Whatever you say, Lieutenant.


Damn it!

Casey, Dawson, are you clear on the roof?

We got to move this aerial.

Herrmann, you got a victim
on the fifth floor balcony,

north side. Can you get to him?

That's a negative.

Hallway's obstructed.

We can't get past the middle.

Casey, you two good on the roof?

I got to move this aerial.

Copy that. We're good.

Are you okay?

Squad 3, Truck 81 report.

Fifth floor is clear. We're coming out.

North end of the building
is flashing over, Chief.

- We got to pull back.
- Copy that.

Where's Lieutenant Casey?

He's venting the roof with Dawson.

Casey! Dawson!

I want you off that roof, now!

Copy that, Chief.

Cruz, get that aerial back up there, now.

Copy, Chief.

Situation is deteriorating, Chief.

We can't get to the aerial.

Can you make it to a safe location?

Negative Chief. We're gonna
have to use our bail-out gear.

Relax, you've trained for this.

It's no different than at the academy.

- You good?
- Yeah.

Okay, can somebody please tell me

why our truck lieutenant
is venting the roof?

Hang on!

- You okay?
- I'm okay.

Keep moving.

I got a... I got a problem.

What is it?

This cable is stuck in my DCD.

- I can't move.
- All right, don't panic.

- You got your cutters?
- Yeah.

Okay, I want you to cut the black cable.

And with your right hand

I want you to pull as much
of your weight as you can

onto the rope

and yank the cable out of
your DCD with your left.


It's not working.

- It's not working.
- Come on, Gabby.

You can do this.

Pull your weight onto the rope

and just pop that cable free.

I got it!

Good job.


You okay?

Yeah. Yeah, I'm good.

Hey, Mills? Hey, look.

I got a job coming up after shift.

I could use a second set of eyes.

- What kind of job?
- Nothing you can't handle.

And it pays well.

You can ride a jet ski, right?

You know what? Thank
you for thinking of me,

but I got a lot of stuff going on, man.

It's an open invite, all right?

You just let me know
when you're ready to make

and extra three bills.

Wait, how much?

- It won't be long.
- Okay.

Herrmann. You want to fill in

as acting lieutenant for half an hour?

I have a little personal business.

Yeah, sure. I guess.

- Good luck.
- Thanks.

Watch out, boys.

Severide's looking for drinking
buddies for tomorrow night.


My liver's still mad at me for Friday.

That guy ought to spend a
quiet night at home for once.

Yeah, well, get your excuses ready.

Yo, Truck 81, that bathroom's
looking like a warzone.

Yo, Cap. We're not on bathroom duty.

- It's Squad's month.
- Says who?

Says me, acting lieutenant of Truck 81.

Guess that settles that.

Joe Cruz, see you a minute?

Chief, I know I put Dawson and Casey

in a tight spot up there but I...

No, no, no, no, Joe, what you did out there

was exemplary work.

Your quick thinking saved that man's life.

Thank you, Chief.

Just glad I saw him when I did.

It was good running that truck again.

Even if it wasn't from the driver's seat.

Hey, Christie.

Matt, what a surprise.

Come on in.


So, uh...

What happened to the house?

We just had to do a little belt-tightening.

How did you find us?

I got your address off
Violet's detention slip.

She got into a fight, Christie.

That damn school.

They're supposed to be keeping
an eye on the situation.

This isn't the first fight?

We're on top of it.

Jim and I have been down there.

We're gonna go again. Believe me.

What's going on with you guys?

It's nothing.

Just a few bad investments.

I really need to call the school right now.

I'm worried about you, Christie.

You don't have to be.

But I'm your brother.

Let me help you.

Just don't worry about us.

We're gonna be fine.

- Hey.
- Hey.

A bunch of us are going out
tomorrow night if you want to come.

Oh, wait, don't you have a
friend in town or something?

My fianc?.

Or ex... my ex-fianc?.

Actually I'm not real sure
what he is to me at the moment.

I slept with him.


You just got more than you
bargained for, didn't you?

Does that mean you guys

are back together?

Well, he lives in Fowlerton.

You going back there?

No, no, no, no.




What... what are you doing?

I'm wiping it down like you told me.

It's not polish, Dawson.

It's wax.

You got to let it dry to a haze first.

Then you buff it out.


You can move to another
section while you wait.

Then I'm gonna talk you through the rims.

They got to shine like
the day they were made.

You're relieved, Lieutenant.

I need to borrow Dawson for a minute.

I'm in the middle of something.

Herrmann, finish up will you?

Yeah, sure. Absolutely Lieutenant.

Take as much time as you need.

- Christie and Jim...
- I'm...

Are basically broke.

They've got to get their
act together, you know?

- I know, but...
- I tried to offer help,

money or something but
she's... embarrassed?

Proud? I don't know.

Maybe you can talk to her?

Can we deal with this another time?

I didn't always have Christie in my life.

Her mom brought us back together,

because she wanted us to
be there for each other,

and I don't feel like I've
held up my end of the bargain.

Okay, um, well, if Christie's too proud

to take the money, give it to Jim.

Thank you.

Uh... Herrmann?

Maybe it's none of our business,

but how is it that you're
waxing the chief's buggy

and not Dawson?

I got busted down from acting lieutenant

all the way to candidate in one fell swoop.

Hey, I'm sorry about that. I can take over.

Don't worry about it. I got it.

Go on, go canoodle with your lieutenant.

81, in the truck.

We're taking a ride.

- Matt?
- Hey.

Hey, what are you doing here?

Uh... listen, I was
speaking to Christie earlier

about Violet's school situation.

I don't want you to
take this the wrong way,

but if there's any chance

of getting Violet back into her old school,

I'd be happy to pitch in.

That's a nice offer, but you know what?

I think things are gonna level out a bit.

Once we're done with mediation

and the divorce is, you know, finalized...


What, she didn't tell you?

Jim, what happened?

Well, lots of little things
piling up over the years.

And financial problems
certainly take their toll.

We have got to find a
new coffee place, babe.

That line is just...

Jim, is everything okay?

Why wouldn't everything be okay?


You're a real piece of work.

She called him babe.
I think it's a safe bet

they're sleeping together.

I mean, you're probably right,

but maybe Christie already knows.


I don't like it.

Baby, I wouldn't read too much into this.

Divorce makes people act crazy.

That's my point. Something's up.

And what do we really
know about Jim anyway?

I want to check this guy out.

Let's get Antonio involved.

He and Laura are...

They're going through
the same thing right now.

- I'd leave him out of it.
- Wait,

what about what's his name, Halstead?

Mm, better idea. You know, um, Adam Ruzek?

Antonio trusts him.

I'll reach out.

Oh, uh-oh, it's not gonna work.

Look, Joe...

We need to have a talk, okay?

Before this turns into a thing.

Now, I know how important
driving the truck is to you...

No, Otis...

But I didn't ask to be
your replacement, right?

Now, when the starting
quarterback gets hurt

and the coach has to put in the backup QB,

that's just the way it is.

There's no time for bruised egos, Cruz.

We're all one team, man.

I say this as a friend.

The engine needs to be running in order

to get an accurate level
on the transmission fluid.

Incredible, she did it again.

She left the flipping
compartment door open.

So say something then.

What's the point? Casey's
just gonna tell me to close it.

Can all those involved with
Molly's please follow me?


Approximately how long can I
expect my beautiful firehouse

to be defiled by this atrocity?

Sorry, Chief.

It's not exactly running at the moment.

We'll get it out of here, soon.

I hope so...

or you'll have bigger problems
than a few parking tickets.

160 bucks.

I can totally take care of these.

I got those forms for you, Chief.

- Perfect, thank you.
- Chief, you got a sec?

Connie, may I?

Chief, uh...

You know how I don't like going
outside the chain of command.

But this situation with Dawson...

Go on.

You're gonna make me say it?

Oh, God.

Chief, it ain't working.

I mean, you saw it, all right?

Casey's venting the roof
so he can look out for her?

I mean, how many candidates has he had?

You ever see him vent the roof with one?

May I remind you what
it was like around here

in the wake of Shay's death?

A big reason we're getting
past that is Dawson's decision

to stay on at ambulance.

We owe her.


But when you rewarded her with a spot

on 81, you didn't ask any of us

how we felt about having a
candidate date our lieutenant.

And we're the ones that
got to deal with it.

I have absolute faith that you
will find a way to deal with it.

Got it, Chief.

Message received.

What do we got?

Guy could use some medical attention.


Get ready.

- What is he on?
- You're the medic.

So what, you call us here

to help cut down on your paperwork?

Can't click a guy up for
rocking a banana hammock.

Chicago's finest, huh?

You got a name, big fella?

Whoa, hey, hey!

10 milligrams of versed to help him sleep.

Ha. Against regulations.

Nice and easy. We're gonna
take care of you, okay?

The hell with regulation.

Oh, man.

Good lookin' out.

What do you got going on today?

Nothing, man. I'm gonna go
home and sit on the couch...

Hey, guys.

You coming tonight?

Tipsy Tuesday at McGillicuddy's.

Tonight, uh?

- What's today?
- You know what?

- I got this thing.
- Whatever, you guys suck.

Hold on.

Oh, yeah.

My nephews are gonna come
visit the house next shift.

Hmm, that's exciting news, apparently.

Oh, they get to see me
drive the truck. No offense.

They're gonna lose their minds!

Yeah, good for you, bro.

Well, look at this.

It must be Christmas or something.

Hiya, Trudy.

Morning, Sergeant.

I'm meeting Adam Ruzek down here.

That's him right there.

Thank you.

What's the deal? He need a grown-up

to hold his hand on the walk down here?

Aw, no, I just thought
I'd pop by to see you.

That's nice.

I like that.

Oh, and then there's this
bit of unpleasant business.

Oh, parking tickets.

- The worst.
- Right?

I thought I could get a little
assistance dealing with these.

Sure, just go down the stairs,

take a left and the
cashier's at window five.

Oh, okay.


You come by anytime.

I realize this is a big
ask and you don't owe me

anything, but my sister isn't
thinking straight right now.

I just need to know what's really going on.

Well, fair enough. What's
Jim's last name again?

Jim Jordan

- of Jordan Development.
- Jordan Development.

All right, okay, I will
do some poking around.

I can't run a wire or anything like that,

but I can figure out a lot
without getting too dirty.

All right, thanks.

- I owe you.
- All right, man.

I'll get back to you, all right?


Thanks for seeing me, Chief.

How's Gretchen doing?


Working at some fancy store on Mag Mile

while she finishes up her degree.

Oh, good for her. Give
her my best, will you?

I want to talk about Joe Cruz.

He had a hell of a save yesterday and...

I'd like him back behind the wheel.

He's on three months' suspension.

I realize that. But you and I
both know he was not at fault

in that crash. He really stepped up,

and I believe he should
be rewarded for that.

So, put in for a commendation.

Driving's what really matters to him.

There's nothing I can do.

Okay, but you do know I
may... take this upstairs.

Rattling cages like that
takes a toll on your career.

You ready to risk that
just because your guy

really wants to drive the truck?

I do my job. I do it well.

When I punch out, that's my business.

It most certainly is.

Everybody's on my ass for the drinking,

but I don't bring that to work.

My point is I do my job

and the day I show up to work
drunk, I'm telling you, Connie,

and I mean this, you can fire me.

All right.

I will.

- Cheers.
- Cheers.

No, no, no.




Give it back. The little white gold ring

that was in that wooden box.

It's my grandmother's.

Give it back.

Get out! Leave!

Hey, Mouch, did you get those
parking tickets taken care of?

You know it.

My girl, Trudy, she takes good care of me.

Awesome. 'Cause we got three more.

I'll handle it.

Hey, Ruzek.

Matt, hey, you got a second?

We should talk in private.


Well, your instincts were spot on.

This cat Jim and his receptionist

are definitely hanging out.

It gets worse, man.

You said that he and Christie are broke?

- Yeah?
- Yeah, no.

By the looks of it, his
company is doing just fine.

For the last year at least
he's been playing a sort

of shell game to keep his assets
out of your sister's reach.

He can't get away with this.


He can.

He relinquished control of
the company to a third party,

Keri Hathaway. Do you know who that is?

The receptionist.

So, bottom line is if your sister

signs off on any sort
of mediation agreement,

this jackass will get all of the assets,

and there's not a damn thing
anybody can do about it.

All right.

Sorry, man.

Listen, if you need anything
else I got your back, all right?

- Let me know.
- Okay.

- Sylvie?
- Hey.

I'm sorry I couldn't get here sooner.

Oh, it's okay.

- I'm okay.
- Really?

You sounded pretty upset on the phone.

- I was, but you know...
- I've taken care of everything.

I've already reserved the u-haul,

and I can start packing
your things up right away.


Harrison, I haven't decided to leave.

Someone broke into your apartment.

They almost attacked
you. You can't stay here.

You can't handle this kind of life.

But I did.

I did handle it.

I mean, I actually picked up a baseball bat

and yelled at the guy, and he freaked out.

That's nuts.

Yeah, I guess it kind of was.

It's funny...

I came to Chicago to escape what happened

with you and me, but now,

I think this is the right place for me.

But that doesn't mean we
have to stop being together.

Sylvie, I hate to say this,

but I don't think you're dealing

with the reality of all of this.

I mean, sooner or later, this
is going to be another one

of those things that
you just... give up on.

But this time you could really get hurt.

Everyone sees it.

We're all worried about you.

There it is.

There what is?

That feeling.

I haven't felt it since I left Fowlerton,

since you left me. I
almost forgot about it.

That pit in my stomach that I get

when you try and cut me down

and make me feel like I'm crazy.

- Sylvie...
- I think you should go.

Come on, Sylvie.

Truck 81, Squad 3, Ambulance 61.

Sylvie, you walk out that door...

198 West Roosevelt road...

And I'm not gonna be
here when you get back.

Excuse me, thank you.

Coming through, coming through.

I've never seen anything like it.

Something went wrong with the system

and sent the elevator flying
to the top of the building.

- How many people inside?
- I don't know.

Maybe five or six.

Okay, we're staging at the top.




Help, help us.

This is Lieutenant Severide

with the Chicago Fire Department.

Just hang tight. We're
gonna get you guys out.

Otis, you're up.

Get us out of here. Hurry!

- It's not moving, Lieutenant.
- Damn it, it's jammed shut.

See if you can pry it
open just a little more.

No, that's not gonna go.

Please, get us out.

Hey, guys. Hang in there.

We're coming.

I think we can squeeze someone through...

maybe Dawson or Herrmann.

Have them go down and try to
force the doors from the inside.

All right.

I got this, Lieutenant.


- You got it?
- Yeah.


It looks like they're two stories down.

Move, now!


You all right in there?

We're okay! But we got a lady in here

with what looks like a
serious spinal cord injury.

So you better have a backboard
and a collar standing by.

Copy that. You work on the inner doors.


There's no keyhole.

This is an older elevator.

They only have drop keyholes
in the top and bottom floors.

Well, forcing these outer
doors is gonna take time.

Which we don't have.

Cap, go to the squad and grab a drill.

Anybody have a piece of paper?

- Anything?
- Here.

All right, Cap. On that dot right there.

Straight through.

Otis, try it.

Oh, yeah.

- Nice to see you guys.
- Come on.

All right, come on.

Stay put, don't move.

Brett, Mills, you stabilize her

and you get her out of
there as soon as possible.

Hope this isn't going anywhere.

Only one way to find out, right?

- Right.
- Don't worry, ma'am.

We're gonna get you out of here.

You're good.

Okay, on three.

One, two, three.

We're fine. We're fine, go!

Gentlemen, for the second time now,

I'm gonna ask about the
status of Molly's truck.

There won't be a third time.

The thing is, Chief,
we can't get it started.

And if we can't start it...

Mouch, that an excuse I'm hearing?

We'll get it running, Chief.

Chief, you have a phone call.

How are we gonna do that?


I think we have to go
with the nuclear option.

Which is?

Hey, Cap?


Will you repair the food truck

if 81 takes over Squad's bathroom duty

- for the rest of the year?
- Mouch.

Hey! Mouch!


Hey, Joe. I got some good news for you.

- You are back on the wheel.
- Say what?

Your driving suspension has been withdrawn.


You go to church or something recently?

Sometimes you got to believe, brother.

Hey, Otis!

Coach Bowden called me into his office!

Are you guys ready for
the ride of your lives?

Hey, Joe.

Man, what are you doing?

I'm so sorry, Otis.

Ha. Nephews, meet Joe Cruz.

Joe loves to pretend he drives the truck.

- Okay.
- Na zdorovie.

All right, get in there.

Really? You're really
not gonna say anything?

Why do you keep letting
me get away with that?

You mean...

you were doing it on purpose?

For days now, yeah.

And you haven't said a word.

This was my worst fear,
Herrmann, that you guys

weren't gonna treat me
like any other candidate.

Dawson, if you wanted to be
treated like any other candidate

you would've cooled your heels

and waited for a spot
to open in another house.

- Now we're gonna do this?
- Yeah, we are.

'Cause you insisted on working
under Casey and now here we are.

I want you to succeed, Dawson.

I want to see that. I really do.

But you got to admit

that the dynamics of this situation are...


Okay, so, take me off of Casey's hands

and let me shadow you on calls.

You want to be on my hip?

Yeah, I think I could learn a lot from you.

- Okay.
- Okay.

You can start by closing
your compartment doors.

Copy that.

And this has been going on for a year?

At least.

Maybe longer.

I thought we could work it out.

- I know.
- He allowed me to believe that.

You don't have to go
through this alone, Christie.

I'll be right by your side.

We're gonna get you a good lawyer.

No, I'm... I'm tired of fighting.

I just want to settle
this and be done with it.

Chrissy, you can't let
him get away with this.

Matt, it's my life and I
just want to get on with it.



Listen, I've been where you are, Violet.

It's gonna be okay.

I promise you that.

Come here.

You sure you're okay?

I'm fine.

Don't beat yourself up.

You can't fight this
battle for her, you know?

- Hey.
- Hey, Chief.

Don't act so damned surprised.

I have been in a bar before, Lieutenant.

No, I know. Just, don't see you here much.

Donna wanted some time to herself.

She's been a little...

unpredictable lately.

Chief, can I ask you a question?

What did it cost you to
get Cruz off his suspension?

I won't be included in the
next round of promotions.

That much I know.

But we got to stand up for our people.

Even if it's a tough fight.

All right, boys. Chop, chop.

You know what we need?

All of us?

A Vegas weekend.

What weekend?

Next weekend.

Come on!

I don't know. You need
a little more lead time,

or you get crushed on the airfare.

Oh, never mind.

Come on, all right, this
is a squad trip only.

We're going to Vegas.

That's an order.

Yeah, sure. Good.

Hey, look who it is.

- Hey.
- What's happening, Sylvie?

Hey, guys.

How you doing? You okay?

Yeah, yeah, I am.

That's good. Cheers. Grab a seat.

- You want to get down on this?
- Come on, girl.

I'm gonna make a firefighter out of you.

That's exactly what I want.

Shut up and listen, Jim.

I'm gonna come to your
office at 8:00 A.M. sharp,

and we're gonna take a long
hard look at your books.

So, Keri...

Why don't you have those ready, huh?

I don't know what Christie told you...

One more word, and I'll
knock you flat on your ass.

8:00 A.M.

Don't make me come find you.