Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 3, Episode 4 - Apologies Are Dangerous - full transcript

Dawson tries to strike a balance with Casey during her first day as a candidate. Meanwhile, Mills ponders an uncertain future; Severide faces his demons; and a city inspector visits Molly's.

- Boden and i have been talking about making you our candidate.
- Yeah! Yes!
- Welcome to truck 81, baby! [all cheer]
[emotional music]
- Mils. Mils! Hey!
- I can't clear you for squad duty.
- If dawson's moving over to truck,
It means there's an opening for a paramedic.
- Correct.
- I ordered some drinks. Where are the drinks?
- I think you had enough. - All of a sudden,
It's an intervention? - You do know that there
Is grief counseling available. - I'm good.
- Ready? Go.
All: Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!
- I kicked your ass. I kicked your ass!
- Yeah! Thank you, mick.
Put this down towards a round for everyone.
- All right, all right.
- [sighs]
- Come on, kelly, you got to take it outside.
- What are you talking about?
All the money i put away here, i can't enjoy one smoke?
- Take it up with the mayor.
- Maybe i will...
Take it up with the mayor.
- You're six irish car bombs in.
When i buy that ride of yours, i want it in once piece.
- You're a real pal, mick.
- All right, dinner options: Greek or italian?
Barely engaged and she's already trying to lose the ring.
- Oh. It's better than realizing it's stuck on there
Before roll call tomorrow. - We got tools for that.
- Don't even joke.
I already feel like i'm under the microscope.
- Because you are, like any candidate
Should be on their first day.
- Oh... - That being said,
You're going to kick ass tomorrow.
- Thanks.
But is that my lieutenant,
Or fiance talking?
- Well, you're my candidate at work,
But at home, i'm all yours.
- Hm...
Then it wouldn't be insubordination
If i were to say...
[whispering] thai food.
[brakes squeal]
- Oh! Somebody's shooting!
- Out of the way! - [grunts]
- Why did you do that?
I told you to stay put!
- Sir, you need to go back. Go back now!
- You ain't going nowhere.
- [whimpering]
- Ma'am, just put pressure on it.
- You talk to me, not her! - Okay.
Relax. You're the man in charge.
- It's her own damn fault,
Trying to stop me from doing my business!
- You did what you came here to do.
Nothing's holding you here.
- It ain't that simple!
- Boy, why don't you listen to the man?
- You don't get it! You already seen too much!
[gun clatters]
- Let me see. - [whimpering]
- The injury's right below the clavicle.
No exit wound. How's your breathing?
Okay, good.
Put this on. Keep pressure on it.
C- forget 911, there's no reception this far underground.
I got a radio in my cab. - Hey, hey!
The more you move, the more you bleed. Okay?
I'll get the radio.
- He wasn't alone. The other one went in the back.
- Just keep pressure on it.
Yeah, this is train...
2509, we have gunshots fired. One dead, one wounded.
- Copy 2509, units are being dispatched.
Stand by.
- All right. Tell them to hurry up,
She's losing a lot of blood.
We need paramedics.
[gunshot] - copy that 2509.
- Hey, come on! Come on!
- [groans] [gunshots]
[gunshots] - where's the next platform?
- Washington station's the last one open this time of night.
- Keep moving! Is there a closer station?
- One, but it's off-line, no street access.
- All right. You can do this. Show me, come on.
You can do it, come on.
Right over there.
So why the hell did you jump in front of a bullet?
- These gangs been ruining lives in my neighborhood
For as long as i can remember.
The only way to survive is to keep your head down
And pretend it's not happening.
I just got tired of pretending.
- Yeah.
- You're no different.
You ran into my car like some kind of maniac.
- Yeah, well,
You either gotta move forward or backward, right?
The bullet's close to your lung.
We're gonna need to seal it so no air gets in. Okay?
- Okay.
- You're doing great, you're doing great. Okay.
Hold that there, put pressure on it.
- I got it. - You got it? Hold it there.
Okay? - Mm-hm.
- The cops aren't gonna know to look for us here.
I'm gonna try and make a signal, all right?
- You a doctor? - No.
I'm a firefighter.
- Maybe you missed your calling.
- My best friend was a paramedic.
She drilled this kind of stuff into me.
- Amen to her.
- Okay.
Okay, there we go.
All right, we just need enough smoke to trip this alarm.
The cops will be here in no time. Okay?
Hey! Hey! Come on!
Hey, hey! You gotta stay with me!
Hey, you gotta stay with me. Okay?
- Well...
Lookee here.
Finish this, andre.
Do it.
[fire alarm rings]
- That ain't gonna help either one of you, fool.
[fire alarm ringing]
- Come on, man. Do it!
- They ain't g! - They're witnesses!
- Andre, you're the one with the gun. Okay?
You can walk away from this still.
- Stop talking to me! All right? Stop talking!
- Give me that gun! If you won't do it, i will.
- Get on your knees! - Drop the gun! Drop the gun!
Drop the gun! - Get on your knees!
- Drop the gun! - Let me see your hands!
Get down! - I need an ambulance here now!
- 2113 emergency. Roll an ambulance to belmont station.
We've got a victim with a gunshot wound to the chest.
- Severide.
That fire alarm was good thinking.
- Hey. How about we give you a ride home?
- No, i'm good. Thanks, i'm...
- Actually, we can't let you go yet.
Not until homicide gets your statement.
- Three months suspension from driving
Is like a death sentence.
Who doesn't roll through a light?
- Hey, you were cleared of the wreck.
Could have been worse. Huh?
- Yeah, says the guy who gets to drive while i'm in purgatory.
- I feel for you, man. Really, i do.
Oh! What do we have here? This a new candidate?
- She's all yours, fellas.
- Hope you're ready to finally get your hands dirty.
- Oh, absolutely. Just as soon as i drop--
- That can wait.
Could you do me a favor and grab a spanner wrench
From compartment three, would you?
- Uh, yeah, okay.
- Oh!
Hey, come on, you were supposed to--
- Scream like a seven-year-old,
Like you did on your first shift?
- That is not quite what happened.
- Yeah, it did.
- You wanna prank the new girl, you better
Come at her with more-- - is that smack talk
Coming from the candidate?
Yeah, i do believe it is.
- Okay. All right. Let's start over. Okay?
I'm really happy to be here. And i know that i have
A lot to learn and i do not expect any special treatment.
- Yeah, yeah. What's in the bag?
- Oh! Lunch.
It's an old family recipe: Arroz con--
- Don't let us stop you on your way
To your new work station.
- That would be the kitchen.
- So your emt-p license is still valid
And medical has cleared your request.
- So i'm good to go then, right? - Yeah.
This choice that you've made,
It's commendable.
But i feel compelled to tell you
That other firefighters have gone down this road,
Only to find themselves chasing ghosts.
- I know what you're talking about, chief.
- I know you've always felt that firefighting is your legacy.
What i need right now is a great paramedic.
- Then you have one.
I'm here to do the work.
- Good.
- Chief, did lieutenant severide mention my situation?
He... He said that he was gonna do what he could
To try and find a way around the situation,
Keep me on the squad.
- No, he did not.
Sorry, peter.
Kelly severide doesn't seem to be in a place
Where he can offer much help.
- Yeah, of course.
- Done deal? - It's official.
Two of you are now partners. - Nice!
I've never had a guy before.
Um, in an ambo.
I mean, as a partner in an ambo.
- Mm-hmm. Yeah, we... We got it.
- Hey.
- If crashing here is your way of skipping out on paying rent--
- No, i lost my key. I didn't want to wake you guys up.
- How'd you get the shiner? Hit on the wrong woman?
- Something like that.
- This looks great. - Thank you.
- Hey, the green salsa is for the eggs.
- Hey. I'm looking for sylvie brett.
- Who's this?
- Harrison? - Hey, sylvie.
Guys. - What are you doing here?
- Well, truth be told, i came to apologize.
- Maybe we should talk about this in private.
- Nope. This is as good a place as any.
I blew it. I looked at our coming wedding
And i had doubts about whether i wanted to marry
The only girl that i ever loved and i let my cold feet
Get the best of me.
I'm sorry for that.
And i'm sorry i called off the wedding and i want you back.
Please come home.
- Wait.
So, like, in runaway bride,
I thought-- [alarm blaring]
- Truck 81, squad three... - Saved by the bells!
- Person in distress. - I have to go.
Hey, candidate, give 'em hell.
So this harrison, he left you?
- Um...Yeah. I kinda lied about that.
[sirens wailing]
[horn honking]
[sirens wailing]
- Over here! Over here!
Tom was prepping an suv for the crusher
When our forklift hit the pile.
Whole thing came crashing down on him.
[man gasping]
- Help! - He's alive!
The ford is slipping! Hold it!
Hold! [man groaning]
Hold! [man groaning]
Hold! [man groaning]
Hold! [man groaning]
Hold! [man groaning]
Hold! [man groaning]
Hold! [man groaning]
Hold! [man groaning]
Hold! [man groaning]
Hold! [man groaning]
Hold! [man groaning]
Please, don't let me die like this.
- We're not gonna let that happen.
We need struts and cribbing, right now!
- On its way! Let's go!
- Herrmann, dawson reports directly to you.
- Yeah. Copy that.
All right, have the bottle jacks standing by.
You're trained for that, right? - Yeah, at the academy.
- Yeah, yeah. Good. Go, get on it.
- Watch the front end! Watch it!
- Newhouse, i need a strut on this side!
- Hey, tom! Tom, hey! Look at me!
We're doing our part, you do yours and stay awake, okay?
- Mills? - Yeah? Oh.
Yeah, backboard. I got it.
Sorry. - It's okay.
- Capp! - Set!
All right, casey, cribbing's set.
Let's get this thing lifted. - Herrmann!
Where are my jacks?
- Jack handles are missing! Not where they're supposed to--
- Come on!
- I got it.
- Capp! Get that in there!
With me, dawson.
- Dawson!
Back up.
Dawson, get on the left side. - Watch his head.
- Okay, we're doing this together now.
Ready? Go!
- Watch his head, guys.
- Stay with me! How we doing?
That's it.
Got it? - All right, let's board him.
I'll board him. - No, i can slide right--
- No, it's too unstable. I'll bring him to you.
All right, he's clear, let's get him out.
[suspenseful music]
Easy, easy.
One, two, three. Go.
- I got $20 on it.
- I'm in.
- What's the bet?
- Pool on how you got the black eye.
- We'd ask if you'd want in,
But you probably remember how you got it.
- You do remember, right?
- Good luck with that.
- Mouch! How's that eye coming?
- Doc said i'll be back on duty by next shift.
- You selling bibles in the meantime?
- Actually, it so happens
The cfd code inspector is coming by today
To sign off on our molly's ii permits.
- You sure you're ready for an inspection?
No offense, but she's still looking a little rusty.
- I believe that's called patina.
- We checked the regulations,
We gave the kitchen a good power wash.
She is good to go.
- Hey, lieutenant, can i see you for a second?
- Yeah. - Actually, if you don't mind,
Lieutenant, i could use dawson to help me off-load the rig.
- You got it. Catch me later.
- Come on.
- What you're trying to do, it's not a good idea.
- I'm just trying to apologize for the--
- Calling out your mistakes with the lieutenant
Is not gonna do you or me any favors.
See, apologies are dangerous in a game of inches.
- Understood.
- All right.
- Give me a minute.
- Sure.
- What's up, chief?
- You haven't chased off dawson already, have you?
- No. Typical rookie jitters, but we'll iron 'em out.
- I have no doubt.
That lieutenant position that you applied for at house 48...
- Yeah? - It's been filled. I'm sorry.
- Ah! That's the second time this month i got dinged.
- A lot of variables involved.
You'll get the call. Be patient.
- I got a lot of practice with patience.
- Severide. A word in my office.
I got a courtesy call from cpd brass.
Turns out one of my lieutenants
Saw a lot of action on the l train last night.
- You know what? You should get in on that black eye pool.
I think they're up to 90 bucks.
I'm fine, chief. It's handled.
- Oh, like you've been handling things since you got back here?
Dragging into my house right before roll call,
Looking like you got your ass kicked by a bottle.
- Chief, i get the job done, day in, day out.
- It is not just about showing up!
Trust me.
I know that losing shay was hard.
But do you really think that this is how
She would want you to get past it?
- Please, don't.
I'm telling you, i'm fine.
- Kelly.
Get beyond this.
Or there's no place for you in this house.
- Oh! Seconds, huh?
I must be doing something right.
- It's not for me.
Thought i'd make a plate for trudy.
Her appetite for all things is insatiable.
Little more.
- Cruz, mouch, there's an inspector
From headquarters outside. - Oh! Showtime!
Tell you what. Why don't i get in there,
Fire up the burners, cook us up a couple brats,
Show you what she can do. - That won't be necessary.
- Of course, we don't want to waste your time.
- I'm afraid you're too late for that.
- Say what? - There's no way
I can permit this vehicle.
You're missing a wastewater retention tank,
A designated hand washing sink,
Even an integrated fire suppression system.
- Inspector, we pored over the regulations.
None of those were on the list.
- New regs.
The city's cracking down on rogue operators.
Your best course of action is to address the violations
And resubmit.
- This could cost us, like, 30 grand easy.
- Good luck, gentlemen.
- I owe you an apology, about my wedding.
- Oh, hey, woman to woman?
You gotta do what you gotta do to survive.
I get it. - Thanks.
- So what are you gonna do, huh?
- Well, i have to see him,
Because i--
I kinda stole his car.
- Stole? As in--
- Full-on grand theft auto.
Mine was in the shop and i needed to get out, so...
- Wow.
- Doing a hell of job with that liner, candidate.
- Oh, well, i'm just, you know,
Trying to take pride in my work, lieutenant.
- Mm-hmm.
What did you want to talk about?
- Oh, uh...
[clears throat]
Well, i just thought it was important for you to know
That the delay with the jacks, that was on me.
- Don't apologize. Just get it right next time.
- You powerwashed, my ass.
- These new rules are insane.
- And to make sure you do,
Your truck company will help you drill on every tool we have
Until you get it right. Starting now.
Report to me on her progress by the end of shift.
Come on! Let's move!
- Listen, i'm prepared to put a 20 into the black eye pool
If you give me a hint.
- Not now, matt.
- You know, how you spend your time off shift,
That's your business.
But people in this house count on you.
- You know what i can count on?
Nothing. No one.
So why don't you and everyone else in this house
Just leave me alone.
- I don't know. Did it seem like that inspector
Really had it out for us?
- It's not us, it's me.
I asked around headquarters. It turns out his boss,
Chief hale, he has some sort of vendetta against me.
- What'd you do, herrmann? - I don't know!
But i'll bet it's also why i get passed over
For every lieutenant position in the city.
- Okay, well, you're gonna have to make it right.
- How? - Apologize.
- For what?
Normally, when i cheese somebody off,
I know what i did. - Okay.
But mouch and cruz both sank their own money into this.
Not to mention newhouse's 20 percent.
So, hey, if this goes south,
It's on you.
- Found it while packing up our apartment.
- [laughs] freshman sadie hawkins.
- Happiest day of high school when you asked.
You have to stop sending me money.
I can't accept it. - I'm not going to carry
Old debts into my new life. Once the car is paid for--
- I don't care about the car, sylvie.
I care about you.
You know that house on darlington?
The one you always loved?
I put an offer on it.
A place for us to live, and be married, and start a family.
Please just come home with me.
- I'm starting something here, harrison.
I like it.
- I know you better than anybody,
And i know that this place is not for you.
- [clears throat] a toast to your first shift.
- Thanks.
To your first day as a firefighter.
- And yet, i almost got a guy killed
And my lieutenant yelled at me.
- [laughs] oh, you think that was yelling?
Go ask welch at 105 if that was yelling.
- [chuckles]
- So how was your day?
- [sighs] lieutenant problems.
- How bad is it?
- He's slipping away.
- You, of all people, know what it's like to lose someone
Close to you, baby.
What pulled you out?
- Hey, kelly. - Kendra.
Hey, uh...
I'm looking for a woman.
A gunshot victim who came in night before last.
L train operator?
- She was discharged earlier tonight.
- Oh, that's good news, right? She'll be okay?
- She got some very good pre-hospital care,
Probably saved her life.
I just want you to know
We all miss leslie so much.
- Yeah.
- Hi, may i help you?
- Yes, you can.
My name is christopher herrmann,
And i'm here to see chief hale.
- Christopher herrmann. Firehouse 51?
- Yeah. How'd you know--
- I'm sorry, the chief's in a meeting.
- Oh. It's okay, i can wait.
- It could be a long time.
Like, really long time.
- Right.
Would you mind seeing that he gets those?
- I'll do what i can.
- Man, it's good to be back.
- You were here every day.
- I checked in periodically.
- Yeah, every shift, right before chow.
[laughter] - okay, breakfast is up.
Fresh eggs, sausages from bari's.
- Hey, dawson, do us a favor, huh?
Take a seat, relax.
- Sit down, candidate. That's an order.
- Okay.
Oh! Yuck.
I totally forgot to brush my teeth.
I'll be right back. - Yeah, do that.
[indistinct chatter]
- Christopher, this just came for you
From headquarters.
- You gotta be kidding me. - Whoa, cigars from hq?
You're finally getting that promotion!
- No! That is not--
You know what? Here. Enjoy 'em, guys.
- Okay.
[sniffing] mmm!
- Dawson.
Truck 81 meeting. Have a seat.
Pouch! Damn it!
I forgot to feed the dog.
- Oh! For the love of all that's holy!
♪ ♪
- Oh, my.
So glad i didn't sit down. [alarm sounds]
- Engine 51, truck 81, squad three, ambo 61,
Structure fire. - You coming or not, rookie?
You only get one first fire!
[sirens wailing] [horn honking]
- Battalion 25 to main, we have a five-story,
Boarded-up structure, fully involved.
[coughing] brett, mills, out here now!
Casey, severide, we're going to lose this building.
Engine 51, hold back the fire so the truck and squad
Can search the first floor. - On it.
- All right, i want a full primary search,
Nothing goes unchecked. Herrmann, you got dawson.
- Dawson, stay back, get yourself a supply line
Over to the hydrant before the engine's reserve runs out.
Okay? - Loud and clear.
- No, honey, just breathe.
- The others... - I know.
They're looking for them right now.
- The basement...
There are 15 more.
- Chief, we got 15 more in the basement.
- Squad three, truck 81, redirect to the basement.
We have 15 civilians. 25 to main, new deal, new deal.
We're gonna need an ems plan two.
- Copy that battalion 25.
- Chief, hydrant's been vandalized!
- Find some water, dawson. Before that engine runs dry!
- Engine's losing water!
We need that new line!
- They're all stripped!
- People are dying for a five-dollar part?
- We're losing pressure! - Okay. Water's almost gone.
Everyone pull out. - Chief, we're almost there.
- Not without water you're not. Pull out now!
- Hey!
Grab a horseshoe, follow me!
- Dawson, where's that water?
I'll make the run, open it when i call for water.
- Okay.
- Where's our water?
Reid, send the water!
- Here we go!
- Truck, squad, resume search and rescue.
- Damn, girl.
[girl mumbling]
- Have you found them? - They're trying, honey.
They're coming out now, alive.
- I got her from here. Thank you.
- Take a seat for me, okay? Hey, brett, i need oxygen.
- That was a brave thing you did.
- [coughing]
- Sit them down, take her right there, okay?
- [coughing]
- The basement door was chained shut.
The first girl must have squeezed out to warn everyone.
- Trafficking? - I'm thinking sweatshop.
- Hey, herrmann, we need all hands.
- Dawson, mask up.
You're coming in.
Keep one hand on the wall at all times.
You stay glued to me. You conserve your air.
You got it? - Copy.
- Take a seat. - Damn it.
Come on, girl. You can't do this!
One, two, three, four, five...
- Brett. - Seven, eight.
Come on, breathe! Nine...
- Brett, we got more on the way.
- The ambulance is almost here!
Just let me--
Come on, let me-- - brett.
Brett, come on.
- [coughing]
- Brett, there's more coming out.
- I can take her.
- She'll take care of you.
- Hey, dawson, let's go! One more trip in!
- Okay.
- Okay. Confirmation just in.
Today's fire was a sweatshop operation.
We lost one.
But 15 others got a chance at a new life.
And that is something to be proud of.
- Also, i think it's worth mentioning
That today was our candidate's very first fire.
And, in light of that, there's an old tradition
That i think we should bring back to 51. Come on.
Lets' go. Come on!
Now, it used to be
That when a rookie excelled at their first fire,
They were given the privilege
Of putting the truck to bed at the end of shift.
So gabby dawson...
You made us proud today.
And i say we give her the honor.
All right! [cheering]
- I mean, if that's an order?
- You bet your ass! Get in there!
- Come on, girl! What you waiting for?
[air hissing, horn honking]
[all cheering, laughing]
- Okay. All right, yeah, you got me good.
- Bup-bup! Hey! Where you going?
You think this mess is gonna clean itself?
- Mwah. You were amazing.
Now, get to work.
- Kelly. Can i talk to you for a second?
You made me listen to you when hallie died.
Now it's your turn.
I loved hallie.
I thought we'd be together forever.
I still think i'm gonna bump into her in a store,
Or she's gonna call me out of the blue or something.
As screwed up as that is, i love that feeling.
- Listen.
This house needs you.
And whether you like it or not,
You need this house.
- Look, i really want to make this work, you and me.
- I thought it was.
- This isn't some small town in indiana, this is chicago.
- Yeah, no kidding.
- You're gonna see things
That you could never imagine,
And people in situations that make you sick to your stomach.
Okay? But i need to know that you're gonna be able
To stay with me through anything.
- I-- - we save who we can.
If you get attached or lose focus,
A rescue becomes a recovery in a blink.
I'm just saying this for your own good, sylvie.
You know, usually, when first watch rolls in,
That's our cue to go home.
- Thought i'd pick up a second shift.
Hey, listen.
I'm still working on things,
And i'm sorry if i dropped the ball.
I appreciate what you did, what you're doing for the house.
I'm glad you're still here.
- Thanks.
And for now, i'm good where i am.
- Sylvie.
[sylvie sobbing]
- Hey. Chief hale.
My name is christopher-- - herrmann.
I know who you are. - Listen, hey!
All right, listen, i get it.
All right? You got a beef with me.
Sandbag my career, fine.
But don't take it out on molly's ii.
You're only hurting some good guys who are trying
To start an honest business.
Look, i don't know what it is that i did to piss you off...
- You really don't know?
There's a reason my car is parked on the street.
- Energy water.
- Or as you pitched it two years ago at the cfd picnic,
"it's a guaranteed nest egg."
- Oh, boy.
- Hey.
- [laughs] hey.
How are you feeling? - I was shot, you know.
It hurts like hell. - What do you got there?
- Just a thank you.
You can pretend they're fat-free, but they're not.
- I'm glad you're okay. - Thanks to you.
- Nah.
- I need to meet this paramedic friend of yours.
- Uh, she's actually, um...
She's dead.
- I'm sorry.
She's here. I can feel her.
[wolf howls]