Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 3, Episode 3 - Just Drive the Truck - full transcript

Truck 81 goes out on a call and Truck 66 also goes. Knowing that whoever gets there first will be in charge, Cruz wants to step on it but Casey tells him no. But when they and the other truck crash, one of the other team's members is in critical condition. An initial investigation hints that Cruz was careless. And Walsh and his men are blaming Cruz for the man's condition. When Mills has a fainting spell, Severide tells him to see the doctor. Boden tells Mills that it was his father's wish to reunite with his family. Boden tells Casey there could be a way for Dawson to join the squad but will require a sacrifice on their part.

Kelly, I'm so sorry about Shay.

She was my best friend.

I know.

You went to see

your father's family.

These are not people that you want to know.

I want to know.

How's what's-her-name doing... Dawson?

- Be sure to send her our love.
- Truck 81.

First truck on the scene's in charge.

Do not want to get there behind these guys.

There's nothing personal about this,

but 105 has filled their candidate slot.

I feel responsible. I asked you

- to stay at 51 longer...
- Truth is,

Welch was never gonna let
another woman in that slot.

[Cell phone ringing]

Hey, Chief, what's up?


I know how we can get Dawson on the truck.

You sure about this?

Answer the question.

Do you think it's a good
fit? Are you kidding?

Gabby is gonna be one
hell of a firefighter.

No doubt, but you know what I'm after.

Can the two of you separate
your personal feelings

from your professional responsibilities?

Are you really prepared to
overlook the fact that...

I am not required to know

all the details of your personal lives.

It is only strictly
prohibited if you are married,

which you are not.

So you take some time, you mull it over.

Decision's in your hands.

All right, boys.

Feast your eyes.

- Not bad.
- Huh. Not bad!

Yeah, it was a burger truck,

so it's already got most
of the equipment we need.

Look, fryer, gas grill, refrigeration.

"Built-in napkin dispensers."

- Snazzy.
- Mm-hmm.

Can't you just picture our logo

on the side of that thing?

Molly's II.

Cruz, how much does this thing cost?

That's the best part; It's only 12 grand.

- That's not possible.
- Give me the phone number.

Joe, where's it say $12,000?

Right there... 12k.

That's 12,000 miles.

The price is...


So, before you pitched
Herrmann this great idea,

did you do any research at all

on how much it costs to get
a food truck up and running?

The vehicle, the license,
the registration...

All right, all right, I get it, Mouch!

You want to point fingers,

or you want to help me find a truck?

[Alarm sounds]

Engine 51, Truck 81, Squad 3, Ambulance 61.

Structure fire, 16th and Wabash.

[Honking, siren wailing]

I can already see the smoke, boys.

Looks like it's rolling.

Oh, boy. Hey, Casey,

we're neck-and-neck
with your old pal, Welch.

Don't worry, Casey, I got this.

I'm not interested in a pissing contest.

If Welch wants this fire, he can have it.

Cruz, forget him.

Just drive the truck.

Great. Welch is gonna get there first.

We'll be taking orders from him.

Ah, I don't see 'em.
Maybe they got held up.

See? It all works out

- in the end...
- [Horn blasts]

[Siren wailing]

Whoa, Severide!

Mayday! Mayday! This is Squad 3 to main!

Truck 81 and Truck 66 have collided

on the corner of 24th and Wabash.

We're gonna need ambulances...
as many as you can get!

This is bad!

Oh, Dawson, that's, like, five blocks back.

- What do we do?
- 61 to main.

We're closer to the accident
than we are the fire.

Do you want us to take
the accident instead?

Stand by, 61.

Should I keep driving?

Affirmative, 61. Take in the accident.

Okay, turn around! Go, go, go, go, go!

[Siren wailing]

[Tires screeching]

Confirming that Ttruck 81
and 66 are out of action,

requesting that Squad 3 stay.

Please reassign other
units to the structure fire.

Mills, Capp, Tony... check 66.

Newhouse, you're with me.

[Radio chatter]

You guys all right? Any injuries?

Hey, Case, you okay?

- [Man groans]
- Mouch is hurt.

Oh, hell. This is bad.

- Otis, you okay?
- Yeah, but Mouch is bleeding.

- Mouch, talk to me.
- It's my eye.

I hit something... door
frame, I don't know.

Let me see, bud.

All right, don't worry.
We're gonna take care of you.

Herrmann, grab your jump bag.

Newhouse, go down, put pressure on that.


Cruz, you okay?


We'll get you out.

- What do we got?
- We got a whole lot of injuries.

Driver's not responding.

He's pinned in there pretty bad.

Hey, Welch, what's his name?



Hey, Molina, can you hear me, bud?

Tell me he's okay. He's okay?

I can't find a pulse.
Can... reach in there.

Ah, okay, I feel something, barely.

We got to get him out of here.

[Men shouting]

- Hey.
- Aah!

- You all right?
- Easy, man, we got you.

Don't worry about me.
Parish has got a busted leg.

- The bone showing and everything.
- I'll take care of him, okay?

Take a seat over here.

Why don't you guys learn how to drive?

I mean, damn, Lieutenant, what the hell?

- Let's get out of the way.
- No, I'm not going anywhere.

Seriously, you look a little pale.

Come on, take a seat.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Slow down!

- Hey, hey, hey...
- I'm fine.

- Hey, slow down.
- I'm fine!

Parish, hang in there!


[Siren approaching]

- Hey, Gabby.
- Matt.

I'm okay, but we got a
lot of guys who need help.

He's got a possible broken
arm, multiple lacerations.

Guy in the back has a broken leg.

Driver's unconscious, real bad shape.

Mouch got banged up.

I'll go check on Mouch.

All right.

Hey, McFarland, you okay?


Mouch, what happened?

Let me have a look.

I can't see.

Aw, jeez, I c... can't see!

I don't know what happened.
He came out of nowhere.

Cruz, are you okay?

Why don't you sit.

Put me to work, Lieutenant.

Grab a side.

What about the fire?

They're dispatching more companies.

Don't worry about the fire.

Ah, ah, ah, ah!

We got you, Parish. You're gonna be okay.

Hey, nice driving, genius.

- Hey, man, I...
- Hey, Cruz.

Now's not the time.

You got room for one more?

Oh, my God.

I know, I know.

What happened?

Oh, real simple. 81 blew the light.

We did not blow the light.

Oh, yeah? Which way does your seat face?

- Backwards, but...
- Yeah, so you don't

- Really know, do you?
- Listen...

[siren wailing]

[Tires screech]

- Casey.
- Yeah.

Are your men okay?

All but Mouch. His eye's messed up.

Dawson's taking him to Chicago med.

- Is it serious?
- I don't know.

He's alive. He's in one piece.

I'm just thankful for that.

What about Molina?

He's non-responsive, losing blood.

His legs are crushed.


What happened?

I don't know, Chief.
They came out of nowhere.

- Who had the light?
- We did.

You sure?

If it wasn't green, then it was yellow.

There's no way it was red.

You don't know what color it was?

Cruz, did you see the light?

I must have. I know I did.

Chief, it just all happened like that.

Watch his arm. You're too close.

I see his arm. I got it.

All right, Mills, go ahead.


Mills, hey! Mills!

Damn it. What the hell happened, man?

I don't know, I just...
I wasn't paying attention.

Capp, you relieve Mills on the roof.

- Mills, you take a breather.
- No, no, I got it.

- Let's do it!
- Can't you do anything right?

- Hey!
- I got a guy dying here!

Hey, they're giving it their all, Welch.

- We're trying like hell.
- That's my best friend

- in there.
- Yeah, I know.

We're going to get him out.

Who was driving this one?

Right here, Joe Cruz.

Cruz, you want to step aside with us?

Now? We're in the middle of a rescue.

It's okay, Joe. Go with them.

All right, Capp, you ready?


- Come on!
- [Metal creaking]

All right, give me a backboard!

Hang in there. Hang in there.

Come on!

Come on, get in there.

Blow, please.

Get in there. Get in there... easy.

Hang in there, Molina.

Hold him up. Hold his head up.

Hold his head up.

Three, get him in.


[Murmuring] Jesus Christ.

You did this, you son of a bitch.

You did this!

I guess they were trying

to cut across from Michigan,

but they had to know we
were coming up Wabash, right?

Either way, they got to
slow down and have a look.

Everyone knows that.

Unless they had the green.

Please. They didn't have the green.

What the hell, Newhouse?

Are the cops still all over Cruz?

Yeah, now they're demanding piss and blood.

Standard procedure.

Is that Molina's wife?


Poor kid.

Can I see him?

[Low chatter]

You've got a lot of debris in there.

I'm going to have to clean that out.

But the injury didn't penetrate the cornea,

and that tissue heals quickly.

So I'll be able to see out of that eye?

Vision should be fully restored, yes.

Oh, thank God.


I'm not denying there's been some bad blood

between Lieutenant Welch and myself,

but it didn't play a
role in this accident...

not on our end, anyway.

Are you sure that 81 had the right of way?

I didn't see the light myself,
but I trust Joe Cruz implicitly.

Even though he doesn't remember

seeing the light either?

If the light was red,

he'd have come to a controlled stop.

He's good at his job.

Here's the problem, Casey.

The cops still haven't found
a credible eye witnesses.

There's no traffic cam
at that intersection.

And, of the two drivers involved,

one can't remember what
color the light was,

and one might not live through the night.

I stand by Joe Cruz.

That's all for now.


Wait, wait, sorry, not here.

[Clears throat] Um...

Good news on Mouch.

He's still gonna be able
to watch TV with both eyes.

Good. That's really good.

I'm going to check in on him.

Okay, everyone from 51... let's move out.

Nothing more we can do here.

- Hey.
- Hey, what's up?

Pretty nasty spill you had back there.

What happened?

Yeah, just got sloppy, I guess.

You don't get sloppy, Mills.

It's nothing, I, um... I'm getting dizzy.

Since when?

Since the building collapse, I guess.

It's all those pain meds for my leg.

It's just taking a while to go away.

Go see a doctor.

Yeah, I will if doesn't clear up soon...

Before next shift.

We should have a spare truck
here from the shop pretty soon.

That old beast with the bad clutch?

We gonna get anybody to fill in for Mouch?

I'm rehiring the whole crew.

You guys are done with your shift.

Chief, that's not necessary.

You've been rattled.

Go home and rest.

I've seen a lot worse.

You're lucky you didn't
break that leg again.


I'll just be more careful, huh?

I understand that you, uh...

reached out to your dad's family.

I know Newhouse didn't go

shooting off his mouth about that,

so my mom must have called you,

asked you to get involved.

Yeah, I ran into her in the bank.

Either way, um...

you can tell her that I'm over it,

that it was just a passing interest.

Yeah, I told her I thought
it was a great idea.

See, your dad, he always talked
a lot about his family, and...

He wanted to patch things up.

Why didn't he?

Something always came up,

always some reason not
to take the hard road.

But I know that he regretted it.

He died with that hanging over him.

He wanted his children to
know where they came from.

You know what? I think I found out

all that I need to know.


Um... pardon me, Chief.

Chief Tiberg is here to see you.

Thank you, Connie.

Do I have clearance to hug you now?

You do.

Man, when that mayday came through...

I know.

But I'm okay.

Boden's sending you guys home, huh?

Yeah. He looks out for his people.

In fact, maybe you
should sit down for this.

So, uh... [Ahem]

Boden and I have been
talking about making you

our candidate on Truck 81.

He's willing to turn a blind
eye to our relationship.

So if this is something
you're interested in...

Yeah... yes.

Yes, absolutely yes.

Okay, well, great.

[Alarm sounds]

Ambulance 61. Chest pains.

Polk and Clinton.

We can talk about the details later.

This... this is amazing.

We should take turns
standing watch for Molina.

Make sure somebody from 81 is
at the hospital at all times.

All right. I'll go straight there,

if someone can relieve me tonight.

Cruz and I are going
to run down to Roseland,

take a look at that old hot dog truck.

But then we'll swing by.

Casey, Cruz...

Over here now.

What's this?

I thought there was no traffic
camera at 24th and Wabash.

This is four blocks south.

And there's 81 racing through a red light,

30 seconds before the collision.

- That was a controlled stop.
- Controlled stop, my ass.

You blew that light at 20
miles an hour, at least.

Chief, everybody breaks
the controlled stop rule.

- You pretty much have to.
- That's your defense?

"All the kids are doing it"?

Chief, you want to back me up here?

I would stop talking now, Joe.

We were on our way to a fire.

If we made a controlled
stop at every light, there...

Then Molina would be back at his firehouse

instead of on life support.

Cruz, you should talk to your union rep

before you say another word.

Better yet, a criminal lawyer.

If Molina can't pull out of this,

you're looking at manslaughter charges.

- Hey.
- Hey.

How was the rest of shift?

More restful than your
evening, from the looks of it.

How's Cruz?

He's a tough guy, but, man...

This isn't fair.


Listen, um... I realize
that I was pretty quick

to respond yesterday about joining 81.

You were excited.

Yeah, I still am.

But I also get that maybe there needs to be

more of a conversation.

There's a lot to it, that's for sure.

We're not actually gonna
be able to get married, huh?

As long as I'm working under you?

Well, we'd have to put the wedding on hold,

at least until you've completed
your first year as candidate.

Then you'd have to transfer
to another shift or company.

This would really affect us,

professionally and personally.

And I feel bad because
I'm the one who benefits.

We'd both get something out of it.

You'd be willing to put me in harm's way?

I'd assign you any task
I think you're capable of.

And if I stepped out of
line, you'd discipline me?

With great enthusiasm.

If you didn't think this was a good idea,

would you tell me?

Of course.

[Phone alert dings]

Everyone's meeting at the hospital.

Yeah, we should go.

What's the upshot on that hot dog truck?

Oh, guy sold it before we could get there.

I was busy arranging a sit-down

between Cruz and a criminal
lawyer friend of my brother's.

- That's probably a smart move.
- Except Cruz never showed up.

I don't need a lawyer. I
didn't do anything wrong.


What's the word?

Molina's out of surgery,

but they're keeping him
under due to brain swelling.

It doesn't look good.


Hey, I'll be right back.

- Lieutenant Welch.
- Yeah?

I just wanted to let you know

that I feel awful about the accident.

Yeah, I should hope so.

Okay, look, I just came by to say

if there's anything that I
can do for Molina's people,

or for you and your guys... sure, there is.

Get your eyes checked.

You know what?

I feel for Molina.

I do.

But this wasn't my fault.

Molina is ten times
the firefighter you are.

Hey, come on.

- I didn't do anything wrong.
- Hey, hey.

I'm sick and tired of getting
the stink-eye everywhere I go!

I know.

C'mon, guys, why hash this out now?

Let's let the white shirts handle this.

Just keep that bald-headed
douche away from me,

or I'll put him in a coma.

Hey, hey, hey!

- Welch.
- Joe.

We're all here for the same reason.

We want Molina home, safe and sound,

and then God willing,

be back on the job as soon as possible.

Back on the job? The
guy could be brain dead.

All right.

Look, what are you guys
doing for his family?

You got anything planned?

We're still figuring that out.

Let me offer up Molly's.

We'll host a thing, both houses.

You guys in?

Is he gonna be there?

Everybody's invited.

You want to help Molina out or not?

Of course.

Listen, you should go.

What? No.

I got every right to be here.

I leave now, I look guilty.


You look like the bigger man.

Come on.


Sorry, Lieutenant.

Everybody's inside.

I know.

So what are you doing out here?

Molina wake up yet?

I can't do another funeral
for a line-of-duty death, man.

I just can't.

Yeah, I hear that.

All right, now just keep your eyes open.


And hold this position.

Still holding, still holding.

And there it is.

You feel that?


All right.

Now, that eye movement is called nystagmus,

and what it tells me is

you've got benign paroxysmal
positional vertigo: BPPV.

Yeah, that's what I thought.

I've been trying all those
rehabilitation exercises...

the... the Epley Maneuver
and a couple others...

for the last month or so.

Still no improvement in your equilibrium?


The vestibular organs in your right ear

probably suffered blast trauma
in the building collapse.

I guess we were so focused
on your leg, we didn't notice.

[Chuckles] Yeah.

Well, now that we know, what do we do?


The main thing I need you to understand is

I can't clear you for Squad duty.


Dr. Bachman, come on.


I just got back to work.

What about medication?

That'll only mask the symptoms.

I still can't let you climb ladders

or do rope work or scuba dive.

What the hell do I do? I mean...

You're just telling me that I'm done.

Peter, this condition is mild.

There are lots of careers
you could still perform.

Yeah, just not this one.

I'm a firefighter, okay?

And if I'm not that, then what am I?

You were right, Cruz. They gave us
the old beast wwith the bad clutch.

I think they did it to punish us.

Ugh, this thing is a bitch to drive.

Yeah, well, uh... about that, um...

Your driving privileges
have been suspended,

pending the investigation.

Otis, you're driving for now.


This is a total crock, dude.

Don't worry... it's all
going to work itself out.

Hey, Joe... Molina's going to make it.

Somebody's gonna come forward,
testify you had the light.

[Laughs] Oh, boy, look here!

Argh! Argh!

- Hey, boys.
- Mr. Mouch.

Why aren't you home resting?

I need to be around my brothers.

Ow. How's your peeper?

Well, you know,

I'm, uh, dealing with a fairly
serious corneal abrasion,

and all that that entails, so...

What does that entail?

Eyedrops, mainly.

- Hey.
- Hey, Chief.

Is Mills out sick or something?

I'm missing a man.

You haven't spoken to him?

He left me a message or two the other day.

I guess I forgot to call him.

Severide, when you go off shift lately,

you go into a 48-hour black hole.

Why is that?

Chief, I'm just trying to find Mills.

Peter Mills failed his medical examination,

and he is off Squad.


Maybe you should reach out to him.

Right, yeah.


[Line trilling]

Hey, this is Pete. Leave a message.

[Beep] Mills, hey, it's Severide.

Boden told me the news. Um...

Must've been something wrong with my phone.

I didn't see your messages until now.

Anyway, uh, give me a call.

Hey, Chief.

Casey told me what you were
willing to do on my behalf.

Yeah, well, I was appreciative

of what you did for me and for this house.

Oh, yeah, of course.

But I know how you feel

about officers and
firefighters commingling,

and I just want to let you
know that Casey and I...

We get it.

- The job comes first.
- Right.

And we acknowledge that
this kind of arrangement

could put a lot of pressure on us,

but I feel confident
that we can deal with it.

We're taking this very seriously.

Good to hear.

You tell me what you decide.

Okay, will do, Chief, thanks.


So our beer distributor

is going to donate a couple kegs of beer,

and my cousin Mikey is
gonna loan us a P.A. system,

which, knowing Mikey, is
gonna be a karaoke machine.

It's your funeral, Christopher.


No, no, don't you get up.

How are you, hon?

- Eh, you know.
- Ohh...

- Are those brownies?
- I'm sorry.

Were you blinded in one eye?

Do you want to put your feet up, hon?

- I do.
- Hey, uh, Mustache,

you want to get him a pillow?

Hey, hey, hey, get back here!

You think this fundraiser
is going to plan itself?

Oh, for that poor fireman?

Hey, you know who throws a great party?

Atwater. You want me to tell him

- you guys need a hand?
- Yeah we already talked to him.

- He's busy.
- He'll be there.

Yo, pillow?

Isn't she great?

Mouch, Cruz... Newhouse wants you.

Ask, and you shall receive.

Where'd this come from?

Guy I met during a thing.

That's not an explanation.

Is that a bullet hole?

Yeah, well, I can throw in a can of Bondo.

Newhouse, who owns this thing?

Say the word, and you do.


For how much?

Let's say, 20% of Molly's II.

You want to be a partner?

That's Leonard Mills, in the wheelchair.

What's wrong with him? Is he sick?

Yes, he's stage four.

Thank you.

Excuse me, Leonard Mills?

I already told the other
one, I'm not hungry.

You're not an orderly.


No, I'm not.

You're a fireman.

You look just like your mother.

Yeah, you're damn right I do.

So I guess I'm your grandfather.

I guess so.



I sure am glad to know you.

I mean, he trotted out the
usual excuses, you know?

"Times were different, blah, blah, blah."


I saw a lot of my father in him.

He asked me if I was
a firefighter like dad.

I couldn't bring myself to admit the truth,

that... I'm not anymore.

Mills, I don't get how this
thing is ending your career.

I mean, it's not keeping you
off the basketball court, right?

It's fine as long as I'm upright.

But firefighting is out of the question.

So there's no chance that this
thing could clear up someday?

Yeah, someday.


Newhouse, when I was a kid,

I used to think it was okay to say

that I'm gonna be a firefighter someday.

I ain't a kid anymore.

You know, this is my life's calling,

and it's just... flushed down the drain.

What the hell's that even mean?

I don't think you understand.

My dad was a firefighter...

Your dad lived his life, right?

Now you're living yours.

Hell, I get it.

It's a fine thing to honor
your pops by filling his shoes,

but if those shoes don't fit,

it doesn't mean you have
to go through life barefoot.

Hey, where does Herrmann want this thing?


Up here by the door.


- I guess we're done here?
- Yeah.

I'll see you later, right?

Yeah, maybe.

Aren't you coming to the fundraiser?

You didn't even want me at the hospital.

That was different.

Really? What's changed?

Well, a few days have passed.

Your drug tests came back clean.

I'm still getting a bunch
of sideways looks, Casey.

I don't want to deal with it.

To hell with them.

We all know you didn't do anything.

Do you know that? 'Cause I don't.

I keep replaying it
over and over in my head.

What color was the light?

Did I check the cross
traffic? But I don't know.

Cruz, listen to me.

Welch thinks you screwed up.

Who cares?

He doesn't know you.

But everybody at 51 does.

None of us have doubted you
for a single second, all right?

So don't you dare start doubting yourself.

- [Music plays]
- [Background chatter]

Thanks, man.

Whoa, $20 cover tonight.

I already paid.

I just stepped out to feed the meter.

- Is that right?
- I already paid!

- [Laughs] Come on...
- Oh.

What's up, man? You're good, bro.

- Thank you, man.
- Hey!

Hey, Mouch.

Come here.

I got some bad news for you guys.

Oh, no, what?

Casey and I...

we're splitting up.


Get out of here.

Yeah. But, um,

on the bright side,

I'm free to join you on Truck 81.

[All cheering]


- Yeah!
- [Laughter]

I know this could be tricky,
but it'll be worth the trouble.

You're the best lieutenant I've ever seen.

And you're going to make
me into a better firefighter

more than anyone else could.

Hell, yes, I am.

Hey, to Gabby Dawson.

Welcome to Truck 81, baby!

[All cheering]

- Whoo!
- Yeah!

Hey, uh, listen up, everybody.

I just got off the phone with Chief Boden,

who's at Chicago Med right now,

and I'm happy to report that Jason Molina

is awake and talking with the doctors.

But, um, he's got a long
recovery ahead of him,

and his family's counting
on us for the help.

So keep that money coming in, all right?

- Yeah!
- [Cheering]


We heard Molina was awake.

Got a little something for him.

Yeah, he's up.

And he's come clean.

He says Lieutenant Welch gave him the nod.

A signal Molina understood to mean,

"beat 81 to the scene,
come hell or high water."

Molina and Welch are taking
the heat for this one.

You're off the hook, Cruz.

Casey, while we have Chief Tiberg,

do you have an answer on Dawson?

Uh, yeah, yeah.

We'd like to have Gabriela
Dawson on Truck 81.


I thought there was some reason
you didn't want to do that.

Personal issues. It's resolved now.

Great. The spot's hers.

Chief. Quick question:

If Dawson's moving over to Truck,

that means there's an opening
for a paramedic, correct?





How are you feeling?

I'm hanging in there.

This is Daniela, my wife.

Dani, this is Lieutenant
Casey, of Truck 81.

Welch and I got the two houses together.

Hopefully this is enough to get
you by till Jason's on his feet.

Thank you.

He will be, too. You watch.

Thank you.

We heard about your statement.

Took balls.

Yeah. But we reap what we sow, right?

So they say.