Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 3, Episode 20 - You Know Where to Find Me - full transcript

Mills tries to save a driver who's been seriously injured in a car accident. Meanwhile, Casey has doubts about the owner of a remodeled strip club and Hermann, Otis and Cruz prepare for the peewee hockey championship.

Just had a phone call from a jack nesbitt
Looking for references for you.
(casey) it's a construction gig. They're renovating.
Here's my bid.
I like you, man. I trust you.
You got the job.
You scared me.
I don't remember any of it.
(mills) a restaurant in north carolina.
(elise) our grandfather left us this restaurant in his will.
What if we take a crack at opening it?
(otis) hey, milazzo's open!
20 seconds left! Don't let up, wolverines!
Hey, luke! Luke, what are you doing over there?
Come on! Pay attention!
Luke, the puck! The puck! No! Turn around!
No, no, no! The other way! The other way!
Turn around! Around! There you go!
That's my boy!
Come on, tripping! Ref!
He tripped over his own feet.
[cheers and applause]
Whoa! Milazzo for the win!
[cheers and applause]
We're going to the championship!
Hey, that was great!
Nice win, wolverines. See you next week for the cup.
Just make sure you get your boys ready
For the trouncing they're about to get.
Let 'em know it's okay to cry.
Put your money where your mouth is?
Oh, you wanna bet on a kids' hockey game?
Oh, suddenly you're not so cocky.
Come on, 500 bucks.
It's on!
See ya next week, sucker. [laughs]
There's ten seconds left on the clock
When luke gets the puck.
He's surrounded on all sides,
And he bobs and he weaves
And he gives 'em the slip!
Oh, yeah. Go, luke!
Yeah, i've never been so proud.
He gets the puck to the center, milazzo,
Who goes in, scores, and wins!
With an assist courtesy luke herrmann.
An assist?
(herrmann) hey, morning, chief.
Hey, chief.
Peter mills,
Are you ready to work squad?
Of course. Medical cleared me, so...
So gear up, then.
Yes, today. With severide out on medical,
Rice is stepping up into acting lieutenant.
Therefore i have a spot to fill.
Oh, wow. Uh, wait. Who's coming in to ride with brett?
I have a relief medical, you in or you out?
Oh, i'm in.
I am totally in.
Got your gear, mills?
Your shirt
That you lent me to, you know, wear home.
Um, i washed it.
You didn't have to do that.
Common courtesy. We agreed that what happened
Wasn't gonna change anything between us,
That we were still just friends.
And if a friend lent me a shirt, i would wash it.
Fair enough.
No special treatment, right?
Hey, um...
Great night, though.
Yeah, it really was.
Hey, what do you guys know about erik mcauley?
- [groans] - [laughs]
Mcauley the paramedic. He's the worst.
Mr. Doom-and-gloom.
(cruz) total bummer. Why?
Since mills is working squad,
Mcauley's gonna relieve him on ambo.
Oh, god!
No. No, he's not.
Chief, are you bringing mcauley in?
Yes, i'm short a medic.
No! No way. I'll go work on ambo before mcauley comes back here
And brings the whole house down with his eeyore routine.
Okay, good. Casey.
You willing to give up your candidate for a few shifts
Till i find myself somebody permanent?
Wait, what?
Thank you, dawson.
Hey, great.
Help me with inventory.
Yeah, okay. Great.
Hey. What's new, mills?
Well, my mom and elise are going down to north carolina
To sell my grandfather's restaurant.
Ought to pay off a couple credit card bills, you know?
What else?
Oh, what else?
Oh, yeah, i'm back on squad, baby.
[alarm blares]
[female dispatcher] truck 81, squad 3, ambulance 61,
Battalion 25, person trapped. Washtenaw and 19th.
[sirens wailing]
What the hell is this?
Rice, get up there, take his weight off that bracket.
Casey, give him an overhead anchor point.
Herrmann, mouch, otis,
Let's get a straight ladder up to him.
- Cruz, position the aerial. - Copy that.
Is he even alive?
He's alive! He's still breathing.
Well, let's get him down.
- I need a saw. - Got it.
Here you go.
Talk to me.
I can't get the bracket from this angle.
Mills, i need you to get it from above.
One second. Capp, grab the rope back.
(capp) good to go!
All right, i got him.
Got it?
Yep. All right.
Okay, he's free.
- Got it? - Yep.
Okay, easy, easy...
There you go.
He's got a broken femur,
Looks like a dislocated shoulder,
And multiple contusions.
This guy's been through hell.
Banana, banana, banana.
Did he just say "banana"?
I think he did.
Okay, let's go.
(dr. Givens) the surgical wound is healing pretty well.
I was hoping to get back on shift today.
We need to keep an eye on your breathing
For another week or two.
I can breathe fine.
No pain.
[exhales sharply]
Fine. I'll--i'll sit out this shift,
But 72 hours from now--
No early fatigue when you exert? No need to catch your breath?
I swear.
[clicks pen]
(severide) hey, what happened to you?
You get handsy with the guys on truck again?
Okay, this is your fault, all right?
Mills is filling in for the spot on squad.
The house was about to get mcauleyed, so i had to step up.
Oh, hey, that's great news for mills, right?
You just missed the craziest call.
Unconscious victim, multiple broken bones,
Impaled on a lamppost.
How in the hell did that happen?
Total mystery.
He did say something before he passed out, though. Banana.
Shay would have loved that.
Yeah, she would have.
Hey, i'm looking for april sexton.
Not here.
I thought she worked here tuesday mornings.
April's not on the schedule anymore.
Hit-and-run? The guy was 12 feet off the ground.
But think about it, though.
If he got hit by a city bus while he was crossing
The street, he could get launched pretty high.
Nah! To me, it smells like some kind of
Jackass- style stunt gone bad.
What does "banana" mean?
You know where they grow bananas?
These cartels get pretty creative with distributors
Who don't hold up their end of the deal.
You guys learn anything else?
I guess we'll know more when he comes to.
If he comes to.
What's stilettos? It sounds like a strip club.
Oh, god.
It is a strip club, isn't it?
Yes, i landed a construction contract
Expanding a club called stilettos.
Permits just came through.
[clears throat] lieutenant.
I've been meaning to ask you,
Do you, by any chance, need any strong backs
For your side business?
'cause i could use a little scratch.
You don't say.
Oh, are you looking for guys, casey?
Because i know my way around a toolbox.
[trills tongue] pah!
You know, maybe he was trying to tell us
That he slipped on a banana peel.
Could have been self-inflicted.
Hey, mills.
What are you guys doing here?
Peter, are you back on squad already?
Total surprise, actually.
Boden just sprung it on me. Come say hi to the guys.
Actually, is there somewhere we can go for a little privacy?
Sure. Yeah.
You could throw a stone and hit the water, it's that close.
I'm telling you, a little revamp, and this place could be
The beachfront hot spot.
Okay, so then we renovate it and we sell it.
No, no. We want to keep it.
- You're on board with this? - Mm-hmm.
[laughs] look, we--we all agreed
We're selling the place, okay?
This could be really good for us, peter.
It's better than just a cash buyout.
Mom, i know you don't want me to be a firefighter.
This isn't about that, peter.
It's a chance for us to build something of our own again.
You'd love wilmington,
The weather, the people. There's this guy, doc--
Doc? That's his name?
I guess. That's what everyone calls him.
He's sort of a character.
Anyway, he totally knows the place,
And he offered to help us start it up again.
Look, you guys are getting into business with some crazy local
Who you just met, named doc.
Forget about him, peter.
The point is we want to give this a try.
We're moving to north carolina.
Hey, i heard what happened with your mom and elise.
Are you okay?
What are you looking at?
Doc's facebook page.
Who is that?
He is the idiot that they're partnering with.
The guy's run four restaurants in the last six years.
Guess how many are still in business.
Why is he dressed like that?
Is he a civil war reenactor?
You know, i reached out to my grandfather
Trying to fix this family.
Now, i'm losing what's left of it.
So you're not gonna go with them?
No, of course not.
My whole life is here at 51.
Plus, i just made squad again.
[knock on door]
How are you feeling?
Like a million bucks.
Ow. Not so tight.
"like a million bucks." [laughs]
Did you quit the hospital?
I tried to, but they gave me paid leave instead.
That was a real wake-up call, kelly.
I'm taking a break.
I'm gonna go see all the things i've been missing out on.
All of 'em?
Yeah, all of 'em.
Because at any moment
A psycho with a grenade can come along
And ruin your whole day.
So i bought myself a round-the-world plane ticket.
I'm gonna start flying east and picking destinations as i go,
Wherever i feel like going.
That, uh...
That sounds amazing.
Let me take you out before you go.
I don't have a lot of time.
Come on, we just reconnected. Now you're gonna leave?
Are you hoping to take advantage of my carpe diem phase,
Try to get me in bed?
I was thinking more along the lines of dinner,
But that's interesting that your mind goes there.
I have--i have so many loose ends to tie up--
Packing, putting stuff into storage.
I can't.
But we'll get together when i come back.
I'm going to hold you to that.
So it's my sister-in-law's birthday,
I got a kid that goes to bed at 7:00.
I'm not dragging him out to wheaton.
So before i know it,
I'm volunteering to host this thing at my place.
I can barely make scrambled eggs.
What am i going to cook for nine people?
Tex-mex lasagna.
Okay, i have no idea what that is, but it sounds amazing.
It's super simple. 20 minutes prep time, pop it in the oven.
The one trick is you gotta remember the no-boil noodles.
You know what? I'll make it for you.
This guy can cook.
All right, fine, but only if you join us.
Ah, i got plans with my sister.
She's moving to north carolina--
Bring her along. I insist.
(orlovsky) psst! Cruz, otis.
Come here.
I've been catching an earful from all the hockey parents.
They feel that coach herrmann is playing favorites...
Starting his own son when there are other kids
That might do better in the position.
Yeah, it's a problem. But what do we do?
You gotta get herrmann to bench him.
[both scoffing]
Luke takes one step on the ice,
It's gonna cost us the championship.
And $500?
I'm thinking about the children here, brian.
Luke herrmann has got to ride the pine.
[alarm blares]
[female dispatcher] ambulance 61, person injured.
609 north union.
[siren wails]
[indistinct arguing]
(principal) this way, they're in here.
What's going on?
A rumble in the cafeteria, got the kids all worked up.
[overlapping shouting]
All of you, shut your faces now!
Okay, what do we got?
You touch my brother again, you little bitch?!
Huh?! Come on, you want some of this?!
He hit my little brother! Get the hell out of my way!
- Whoa! - Get outta my way!
- Come on, get him! - Do it!
Keith, put that chair down!
- Get him! - Come on now, keith!
He hit my little brother! Get the hell outta my way!
- Come on now, easy. - Get off! Get off me!
- We got him! We got him! - Get off me!
Stay down, kid. Stay down!
Got him?
Hey, i've got some details on your impalement victim.
You figure out why he ended up skewered on a lamppost?
No, but he ran some sort of import business out of miami.
He does a ton of international travel.
Last seen at a client meeting downtown.
Steps out to take a call, never comes back.
We're still trying to locate his next of kin.
Did he import bananas?
- Sorry? - I don't know.
That was the last thing he said before he passed out.
"bananas"? No, i didn't ask about bananas.
Okay. I'll be sure to look into that.
Where are the girls?
They're in the other room, working,
Which is what you're supposed to be doing.
Hand me that rafter square, huh?
Sure, you know your way around a toolbox.
It's the blue triangle.
Then why'd you call it a square?
Whoa! Look at all this progress already.
Hey, jack. How's it going?
How are ya? Jack nesbitt. You guys all work over at 51?
Yeah. Hey, i'm brian, but you can call me--
Great, really great.
I love throwing a little work to my cfd brothers.
I didn't want to keep you. I just wanted to say hi.
Hey, you guys want to see some strippers?
- Yeah. - Yeah.
Well, you should have gone to a strip club. Come on.
"my cfd brothers."
You know, i asked weathersby about this guy, nesbitt.
Do you want to know why he quit the cfd after only seven years?
- Huh? - Here we go, the town crier.
He worked a fire at a check cashing joint
And he torched open the safe during overhaul.
Yeah, they couldn't pin it on him,
But he agreed to resign.
Hi. Do you guys want something to drink?
Jack asked me to take good care of you.
We're good, thanks.
You're the boss?
More like wrangler.
[giggles] well, i'm katya.
Jack asked if you could come by the club on saturday
Around 8:00 pm.
Sure, i'll swing by.
Great. I'll see you then.
This job rocks.
What were you doing, managing a restaurant at 16?
I don't know, my mom was always cooking,
And who else was gonna do it, her?
I could have, i was just better at handling customers.
You know, hospitality?
Sounds like it was a blast.
Yeah, i guess it was. I didn't think so at the time, though.
I was always looking at the horizon.
You know, cfd.
Well, you make a hell of a tex-mex lasagna.
Logan would like another piece of cake.
Thank you, daddy!
(rice) you got it, buddy. You gonna go back there and play?
You got a great family, scott.
It's cool, you're so tight with your wife's parents.
You know, when angie died, they were really there for me.
It means a lot having them around.
Logan's memory of his mom is probably going to fade,
You know?
But he will know her family.
They'll always have that connection.
Yeah, i--
I used to really take family for granted,
But not anymore.
Hey. Aw.
- He's coming. - [screams]
(rice) i'm coming for you. I'm coming for your cake.
(elise) oh, no, he's getting your cake. Get him. Get him.
[rice groaning]
Oh, you're so strong, logan.
How sure are you that he said "banana"?
I heard what i heard, mouch.
Montana. Cabana.
Bad mamma jamma.
Hey, herrmie, you got a minute?
Yeah, i guess. What's up?
We gotta bench luke.
Look, we love the kid, obviously,
It's just that he--
A couple of other kids deserve a chance to start, too.
Like hill, corbell.
It's for the cup, and luke's skills are,
Well, for lack of a better word, lacking.
Get out of my bar.
Herrmann, man, come on. We're not--
Out! Now! Both of yous!
It's my bar, too.
[knock on door]
I got sick of packing. Needed a break.
That's your packing outfit?
I was trying things on as i went, had to make sure it fit.
It fits.
Do you remember summer after junior year,
When we went to steph's roof
To watch the lightning storm over the lake?
We always made time to get away from the crowd.
Not sure i would have made it through high school
Without that.
Do you remember how every time a bolt of lightning came down
I'd let out a yelp and grab onto your arm tight as i could?
Yeah, i remember.
The whole thing was fakery.
Just an excuse to get close to you.
I was curious
What it would feel like.
I still am.
Sorry to bug you so late.
Never mind that.
What's the matter, mills?
I don't know if my dad expected me to follow in his footsteps.
I do know that he would be proud that i did.
I also know that
He would have wanted me to live my own life.
Find my own path.
I can't keep chasing his ghost.
I want to be with my family--
My mom, elise.
I'm going to north carolina.
Peter, don't rush into anything.
Chief, please don't try and talk me out of this.
I made up my mind.
I'm moving on.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, back up a minute.
Is this some kind of joke?
Where's the punch line?
Believe me, it was a difficult decision to make.
I don't get it, you just got back on squad.
And i have expanded squad
So that mills can finish his last shift there.
So let's make it a good one, shall we?
Peter mills, it's been an honor and a pleasure to work with you.
I hope you know you'll always have a home here at 51.
Thank you, chief.
[light applause]
I'm going to miss all of you.
Hey, i guess if you gotta go,
We gotta have a going-away party, right?
Molly's tomorrow night, huh, what do ya say?
Hell yeah.
(dawson) hey.
You don't owe anyone an explanation.
Thank you.
I knew you'd understand.
Oh, no, i-i don't. [chuckles]
My point is that you're the only one who has to.
The guys, they're just--they're just gonna miss you, is all.
I'm going to miss you.
Then come with me.
Hey, mills, you got a sec?
"a," congratulations.
"b," don't carve anything in stone.
Meaning what?
You just got back on squad, mills,
Where you belong.
Use this last shift as a sort of cooling off period.
Don't make any decisions till the end of shift.
That is all we are asking.
Sure. Okay.
[alarm blares]
(female dispatcher) truck 81, squad 3, ambulance 61,
Battalion 25. Traffic accident.
Cermak and ashland.
[sirens wailing]
How bad is it?
The hatchback blew through the light at full speed.
Driver's in bad shape.
This one's a little banged up.
That one's bleeding pretty good.
(boden) battalion 25 to main, we need two additional ambulances
At ashland and cermak.
(boden) severide, check the hatchback for pin-ins.
- Truck. - Yeah.
Triage the other two.
Hey, you okay? You got a name?
Viri sanchez. Is my dad okay?
Guy wasn't wearing a seat belt.
He took it off. He said it was hurting his arm.
I told him not to. I told him to put it back on,
But he just kept holding his arm.
Why was his arm hurt?
I don't know, but that's why he took off his seat belt.
Is he going to be okay?
Hey, severide, we gotta get him out of there.
- He had a heart attack! - Daddy...
Hey, i need a backboard over here now!
(viri) please, you gotta save him.
Oh, my god.
I need a medic!
(severide) they're treating another victim.
How long ago was the accident?
I don't know, five minutes ago?
It's not too late. Come on.
Dad! Oh, my god...
Dad! Is he okay? Is he okay?
You see that guy working on him?
His name is peter. He knows what he's doing.
All right?
Dawson! I need a monitor!
Brett, you got this?
Yeah, go.
Rice, bag him.
He seemed fine. We were talking about our trip.
He's taking me to visit schools next week.
Hey, come on.
All right, mills, take a pause.
I got a pulse. He's breathing.
Brett! I need you over here.
Got it.
He's in a third-degree heart block.
We need to pace him at 70 milliamps, at a rate of 80.
(all) one, two, three.
Ready? Let's go.
You saved him, peter. You did it.
Good job.
Guys, are you kidding me?
(mills) the guy was on top of a truck
Or a semi or something.
Who's that now?
The impalement victim.
If--if he was on top of a truck,
He might have gotten bumped off when the truck hit the seam
In the middle of the drawbridge, landed on the lamppost.
What was a businessman doing on the roof of a semi?
Yeah, and how'd he get all busted up?
I don't know.
Maybe it was a suicide attempt.
He jumped off a building, truck broke his fall.
Driver didn't notice, he kept going.
Was it possibly a banana truck?
(cruz) i don't get it, mills.
How could you walk away from all this?
Cruz, man, i--
You saved that guy back there.
It takes a rare breed to do what you did.
You got the best job in the world here, man.
Don't you realize how lucky you are?
[indistinct television chatter]
What you readin', herrmie?
It wasn't banana. It was banan.
We just got back from chicago med. The guy woke up.
He told the nurses that he tried to kill himself
By jumping off a rooftop.
But he came to on the roof of a tractor-trailer.
No way.
- Unreal. Mills called it. - Yeah.
What does banan mean?
It's the name of a woman. He met her on a trip to syria.
They got married, and then the civil war broke out.
He couldn't get her out of the country.
They spent four years apart.
And then, just the other day, she was killed.
So that's when he did it.
Can you imagine, all that time, separated from a loved one?
(boden) so you're still going?
I am.
You're doing the right thing, mills.
We got your back no matter what, brother.
We just had to make sure you were sure.
You were a born firefighter.
You've been an asset to this house on every level.
I knew leaving here would be hard, but...
You are not leaving.
You are gonna carry 51 with you
Wherever you go.
I'm so proud of you guys.
You worked really hard to get here.
No matter what that scoreboard looks like
At the end of all this, you guys already won.
You got spirit. You got heart.
And nobody can ever take that away from you.
Now that said,
Get in here.
I want you guys to go out there
And kick some butt!
(cruz) there we go, boys! Come on, let's warm it up!
Let's go! Hey, zach.
Zach, you're gonna need a stick, buddy. There you go.
Let's go! Let's go.
- Whoo! - Hey, luke, buddy.
I gotta talk to you for a minute, okay?
I'm going to start zach at right wing.
But that's my position.
I know, buddy. I know.
I gotta keep you on the bench.
Hi, matt. Trish, remember?
Hey, trish. I'm here to see jack.
He's kind of tied up right now but--
I got it from here, trish.
- Hi. - Hi.
Let's get you a drink.
Jack will be with you in a moment.
Yeah, i'm good on the drink.
So what's going on? Who are those guys?
Jack will explain everything.
Listen, katya, i can't wait long, i--
There he is. Katya, a couple of scotches, please.
Matt, are you adverse to making money?
No, not at all.
See those guys over here?
I mean, they're not much to look at, but they are loaded,
And they want to open a whole chain of stilettos.
And i told them you're just the guy to build them.
They'd like to meet you.
Jack, i'm just here to do a little construction work.
I'm just offering you a lot more construction work.
Listen, i'm sorry. I hate to do this.
I'm late to a friend's party-- a really good friend.
I'm gonna get you out of here in five minutes.
[telephone rings]
Hey, molly's. Yeah.
What, you really think she's blowing off her flight?
Man, that's confidence.
Hey, a friend of yours just called from o'hare.
Said to give you a scotch and this.
Hey, where's mills? I didn't miss him, did i?
Oh, no, he's on his way.
You got some glitter right there.
Who wants to take a picture with the cup?
Yeah, baby! Come here.
No, no--oh, oh.
Oh, you look good. Hey, casey, get in here, man.
He's here! [cheers and applause]
(cruz) speech, speech, speech!
Man, i suck at these kind of things.
I just wanted to say thank you.
Working side by side with all of you, it--
I have learned a hell of a lot more than just
How to do the job.
I learned what it means to be a brother
And how you do whatever you can to be there for each other.
And the crazy thing is, now i'm leaving this family for another.
But i wanted you all to know
That these three years,
They have been the best time of my life.
No lie.
Don't think for one second i don't know how lucky i've been.
I will never forget that.
We're the lucky ones, mills,
Having you with us as long as we did.
[cheers and applause]
You probably think i'm crazy, huh?
Walking away from 51, right after i get on squad.
You figure out what you want, you gotta go for it.
I'm proud of you, mills. I really am.
Hey, quit hogging him, severide.
You ever change your mind, mills,
You'll always have a home here at 51.
I got something for ya.
Thank you.
Come on. Come on, don't do this.
Hey, peter mills.
You forgot one.
If things ever go south for you here,
Or you decide you're looking for a change...
You know where to find me.
Hey. Sit, pouchy.
Come here. Oh.
Oh, very good.