Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 3, Episode 2 - Wow Me - full transcript

Lieutenant Severide returns to Firehouse 51, but he is clearly not his usual self. Dawson counts down the weeks until she gets started as a candidate at the Austin Firehouse. Meanwhile, Mills learns more about his father's family and Herrmann asks the potential Molly investors to come up with new ideas to turn the business around.

- Coming back to 51?
- Nothing but misery and heartbreak there.
Come on, shay. Fight for me, shay.
Come on, shay!
- Gabriela dawson?
- Sylvie brett. I'm your new paramedic on 61.
- I got a lead on your paternal grandfather.
He's living outside of chicago.
- Um...Wow.
- Our past experience with a female firefighter
Wasn't real positive.
- He's not gonna break me, matt.
I can promise you that.
- I can't stay here, man.
- Why don't you stay with us for a while?
- Hey, come on in.
- Hey, kelly. - Hey.
Wow, uh... New place is nice.
- Ah. - Come on.
Guest bedroom's this way.
- Hey, uh... Thanks for this.
- Yeah, no worries. I'm glad you're here.
- Yeah, so here's your room and...
Spare sheets and blankets.
- Uh, thanks. It's just for a little while.
- Long as you need.
- All right, i'll see you after work?
- Yeah.
- It's good he's here.
Makes all the difference when you have someone to talk to.
- Mm-hmm. Or drink beer with.
- Ah-ah! Hands off.
[low chatter]
- Hey, guys.
- What's this?
- Zombie dust pale ale.
I got it when the distributor came by my bar.
Thought i'd pass it on to you guys.
- Why?
- [chuckles]
To be honest i'm just trying to kiss some ass,
'cause chief boden put my paperwork through,
And i will be starting here at 105 next rotation.
So i'll see you in two weeks.
- All right, you were honest, so i'll return the favor.
If nobody here is jumping for joy it's 'cause
The last candidate we had, there was a little hazing.
She got up in arms about it.
Caused some serious problems.
- Oh.
I've worked at a firehouse a long time.
Bring it on.
- Top shelf.
- Yep. Well, enjoy.
See you soon.
[overlapping chatter]
- Yeah, i'll take six right here.
- Gimme one of those.
- If the doctor is concerned,
We should be able to get an appointment soon.
Well, then you let me talk to her.
All right, fine.
If you think that's best.
Uh, i'll--
I'll check in on you later.
Yeah, love you.
- Hey, chief.
- Kelly, how are you doing?
- I'm good, thanks.
- You ready to be back at work?
- If i wasn't, i wouldn't be here.
- Kelly, listen.
You do know that there is grief counseling available?
- I'm good.
[alarm sounds]
- Ambulance 61, truck 81,
Squad three, boat accident, 22nd and canal.
- Hey, look who finally came down from the mountain.
- Oh, i've never seen him before.
- Are you sure you remember how to do your job, lieutenant?
- Forgetting is better than never knowing, cap.
- [chuckles]
- All right.
[siren blaring]
[men shouting]
[man groaning]
- Oh, help! Oh, please save them!
- [groaning] - hold on, honey!
- Stand back, ma'am. Give us some room.
- It's all my fault. I left the truck in drive!
- You have to give us room so we can lift this trailer up.
- You don't understand! My daughter is in there!
My daughter!
- Mom! Help me!
- What's your daughter's name? - Elena.
- Elena, some fire fighters are on their way.
Stay as still as you can. - Okay.
- Mills, wrap a sling around this frame.
Cap, get the winch cable ready.
Let's go!
- Come on, chop-chop!
- All right, tony, take the winch cable back slowly
Till we get some tension in the line.
Okay, we're good, case.
- All right, cruz, let's go.
- I'm through.
- One, two, three.
- [groans]
- Watch his head.
[sirens approaching] - that's gonna be the ambulance.
- Elena, we're coming down to get you.
- Down on severide.
- All right, down.
- Down on newhouse.
All right, all right.
Newhouse, see if you can kill the engine
Without moving the truck. - Right.
- Okay, elena, i know you're scared,
But i need you to trust me, okay?
- Okay. - Okay?
Okay, lock eyes with me.
You good? - Uh-huh.
- That's good. Slowly give me your right arm.
That's good. Real good.
Okay, work your way up.
You're doing great.
I want you to lunge into my arms, okay?
- Okay. - Okay, ready?
One, two, three.
Haul up!
All right, nice work. You're doing great.
All right.
- Mom! Mom.
- [crying] elena.
- Welcome back, lieutenant.
- Most of the people you track down at your second job--
Not too happy to see you, huh? - Nope.
- What about long lost family members?
How does that usually turn out?
- Well, i guess it would depend
On why they're long lost to begin with.
[phone rings]
I got my daughter a cell phone.
Now she's calling me every five minutes.
[both chuckle]
- Hey, lieutenant.
I just wanted to formally introduce myself.
I'm sylvie brett.
- Kelly severide.
- Yeah, i've heard a lot about you.
I just want you to know i'm really honored to be on ambo 61.
- Uh-huh.
Well, welcome aboard.
- The more i think about it, the more i like the idea
Of you two guys getting in on molly's ii.
- Terrific. - All right.
So now i got an idea how to convince the partners,
Mainly me.
And it came from this show
That cindy and i used to love to watch, the apprentice.
- You're fired!
- Right.
So how about this?
I give you and cruz the rights to the name molly's ii,
And you guys have to come up with a way
To make money using that name.
- Like a tryout?
- Like a challenge.
- Works for me.
- Let's do this.
- You're on.
- It's gonna be very weird leaving here.
I'm ready for this, right? I can do this.
I'm ready for austin.
- You're more than ready.
Bet the first thing walsh puts you through as a candidate,
Stair drills.
- You think? - Mm-hmm.
How about a training session tomorrow after shift?
- Sure, i mean, i did pretty well on stairs
All through academy, but-- - yeah, but--
- Yeah, i'm always up for more training.
- Good.
- Hey.
Glad you called.
- I, uh...
I went off the grid for a while.
I didn't reach out to anybody.
- You don't have to explain anything.
Kelly, i'm so sorry about shay.
- Yeah, thanks.
- How you holding up?
- I'm good.
I just wanted to let you know
That i was back in town.
Maybe you want to get together sometime.
- You want to grab a drink after shift?
- I can't tonight.
I told cap and some of the guys
That i was gonna get together with them but...
- All right. - Soon.
- You just let me know.
I got to head back.
[dog barks]
[muffled arguing]
[dog barks] - can i help you?
- Uh, yeah, maybe you can.
- So what do you want?
- I'm looking for a leonard mills.
- Cody, lock digger in your sister's room.
Go ahead.
- I'm peter mills.
Leonard is my grandfather.
- What are you talking about?
- Henry mills is my dad.
- You got the paperwork to prove that?
- No. No, not on me...
I just want to talk to leonard if he's here.
- He's not.
- Look, i'm telling the truth,
But if you want to check it out, be my guest.
Just give my information to leonard.
Tell him i came by.
Thank you.
- Here's the drill.
I want you to hustle up those stairs to the roof,
Grab the roll of hose,
Bring it back down, fast but secure.
I'll be timing. - Okay.
- All right. - Got it.
- Ready? Go.
Let's go, let's go!
Move it!
- Oh, my god.
[doorknob clatters]
- Gabby...
Will you marry-- - yes!
Yes, yes, yes!
- Morning.
- Check it out.
Some crazy guy proposed to me last night.
- Hmm, really? - Mm-hmm.
- I hope you took some time to think about it.
- Oh, my god. - What?
- There is no way that severide didn't hear us last night.
- Oh, he didn't. Never came home.
Bed wasn't slept in.
- Well, do you think he's-- do you think he's okay?
- He said something about meeting lindsay yesterday.
Probably stayed at her place.
- I'm really glad.
I'm really glad that that's still a thing,
So he doesn't have to... Deal with everything solo.
[whispers] i'm sorry.
I'm sorry, it's just--
It's just nuts the way this wave of it just suddenly hits me.
- Hey, hey.
You got to talk to me when that happens.
What do you think this thing's about?
It's not just the free sex, lady.
- Okay.
Just the thing is
This morning when i woke up,
My first thought was i can't wait to tell shay.
- She helped me buy the ring.
She was really happy for us.
- Hey, who we got here?
- Oh, this is my daughter. - Naomi.
Nice to meet you. - Hey...
Glad to have someone with manners in the house.
- Baby, go do your homework, okay?
Chief, my daughter's school is off this week,
So she's gonna be hanging out here, if that's cool.
She's been around firehouses.
She knows how to stay out of the way.
- Well, i hope so. This is a workplace.
- Don't worry. He'll be fine with it.
Something's been going on with him the last few days.
- Yeah.
- Looks like you and lindsay had a late night.
- Something like that.
Hey, um...
What happened at the academy?
- Me and dawson are officially engaged.
- Aghh!
Congrats, man. - Thanks.
- That's great. I'm happy for you.
- Yeah.
We're--yeah, we're trying to keep it on the qt
Till her transfer comes through.
- Yeah, no, i won't say a word.
- Thanks.
- What concerns me is i don't see anybody's nose
To the grindstone.
I made it clear that i wanted to hear the proposal
No later than thursday.
- Can we do friday?
- We will be ready on time.
- I hope so. Or else i'll have to
Reach out to other interested parties.
- Roomie, you gotta help me and mouch put this thing together.
- Why would i get in the middle of it?
- Because you're a molly's owner and you got stake in it too.
Come on, man, be our rabbi on this.
- I guess, you know, on a purely advisory capacity.
- Guys, i'm working on a presentation
That's gonna knock herrmann's socks off.
- [scoffs] yeah.
- Trust me, it's taken care of.
- What?
- It's just you've been smiling
Since we got on the rig this morning.
- Casey and i got engaged last night.
- [gasps]
Shut up!
- Uh-huh. - For reals?
- For--for reals.
- I had no idea that you were--
Wow, congratulations.
- Thanks, brett.
Yeah, we're not telling anyone yet,
Since married couples can't work together.
But as soon as i get to austin, we'll spill.
- I am great with secrets. Don't worry.
- Main to 61, truck 81.
Man down, corner of ashland and 17.
- I know exactly where that is.
[siren blares]
[dogs barking]
[background chatter]
I live right over there.
- Are you serious? - Yeah.
What do we got?
- He's cyanotic. Barely breathing.
Pinpoint pupils.
- Does anyone know what this guy's on?
- Most likely heroine or oxy. I'm gonna prep the naloxone.
- Hey, hey, hey, get your hand out of there.
- Don't you touch me. - Hey, hey, hey.
Take it easy. Back off, give us some space.
Hey, hey, hey!
- Hey, what's in the needle?
- Give me some space or this guy's gonna die.
[horn blares]
- Hey, beat it!
- Let's go!
[dogs barking]
- [gasps]
What the hell? - You're all right.
We gave you a shot of naloxone.
- Hold up, what?
I want my high back. - Okay.
Let's go to the hospital and get you checked out.
Let's go, come on.
- [groaning]
- Well, i'm certainly not gonna chase him down.
- You really live around here?
[rescue vehicle radio chatter]
- The landlord just wanted one month's rent
For a security deposit, which was key for me.
[dogs barking, background chatter]
Hey, hector, do me a favor
And don't urinate in the entryway anymore.
Use the alley.
Okay, thanks.
- Come on, brett. You can't live here.
Oh, this is great.
- Right? - Yeah!
Hardwood floors, original detailing.
- Come on, i'll give you the tour.
- Wow, you must, uh, must really trust your neighbors.
- I still need to set up a checking account here.
[clears throat]
Here, see the kitchen.
- Casey, dawson, can i talk to you two, please?
- Chief tiberg of cfd headquarters just called.
Wants to see you after shift.
- You're getting your shield. - When? Now?
I thought that was happening in two weeks.
- Well, maybe he's pushing your start date up, so...[snaps]
Go get 'em.
- Hey, lieutenant.
[knock knock]
Hey, chief tiberg, good to see you.
- Good to see you, dawson. Have a seat.
I'm afraid i have some bad news.
The transfer to 105 didn't go through.
- What?
- There's nothing personal about this,
But 105 has filled their candidate slot.
- I don't understand.
I-i was told that they were holding the slot for me.
- Apparently they found somebody they felt was a better fit.
- Let me guess--a guy.
- The department does not permit gender
To be a part of these decisions.
Lieutenant welch is well aware of that.
As long as there are no problems, your hat will go back
Into the ring for a candidate position somewhere else.
Are there any problems?
- No, sir.
- Good.
But you should know it might be some time
Before a slot opens up.
- I understand.
Thank you, chief.
- Tiberg should've told me that this was coming.
- Mm-hmm.
- I feel responsible.
I asked you to stay at 51 longer.
- Chief, staying at 51 after losing shay--
I wouldn't have had it any other way.
The truth is welch was never gonna let
Another woman in that slot.
- You dodged a bullet not going to austin.
- I am going to talk to some of the chiefs.
I'm gonna reach out,
Shake up some trees and maybe something else will come up.
- We'll see.
Thanks, both of you guys.
[indistinct chatter]
- Uh, lieutenant?
Can i ask you something?
- Yeah, what's up?
- How come my dad isn't in any of these pictures?
I mean, he's been here for a while now.
- Uh...
There he is, front and center.
- Oh, yeah.
- Ma.
- I got your message.
You went to see your father's family?
- Yeah, i tried. It wasn't the warmest reception.
- I wish that you had come to me first.
- Why would i do that, ma?
Every time i mention them, you just me shut me down.
- These are not people that you want to know, peter.
Your father chose to put all this behind him years ago.
Why do you want to dredge it back up?
- Because, ma, i want to know.
- All right.
As soon as your father's family
Found out he was marrying a black woman,
They tried to stop it.
Henry's parents, the way that they treated me,
The things that they said...
I think they were just trying to hurt me badly enough
I would run away from your father.
- I'm sorry. - No, don't be.
Just...Try and understand.
Your father and i, we didn't want that poison
Anywhere near us or our children.
- Come here.
I'm sorry.
- Daddy.
- Look, you promised me you'd sleep, naomi.
- I will.
But i've decided
I'm not going to go on the d.C. Trip with my class.
- Yeah?
And when did you decide that?
- Today. - Hmm.
Well, there's still another couple of months, okay?
We can think on it.
- But if i go,
There won't be anyone here to keep an eye on you.
- [chuckles]
Well, maybe i was looking forward to a few days
Without your prying eyes, huh?
- Yeah, right.
But...If i wasn't here
To remind you to be careful on the job,
You might forget.
- I would never forget that.
I promise.
Maybe i will stick around for a bit.
Move over.
- Suit yourself.
- Oh, here we go. - Don't worry.
I'm not here to get all hysterical on you.
I just wanted to let you know that you just
Made the biggest mistake of your career,
Because i am a great firefighter.
And i would've worked my ass off to make sure that austin
Became the best damn firehouse in chicago.
But i'm gonna go do that for another house instead.
Your loss, welch.
- Hey, hey! Knock it off!
- Hey, we're just playing around.
Hey, you know, i got a question for you.
You are making a killing on this place.
You know something i don't understand--
Fill the damn snack bowls to the top.
What are you doing? Fill these things up!
- How many has he had?
- Many. - Wow.
- There's no pretzels. There's just peanuts.
You could put cashews,
All other kinds of treats to eat at the bar.
There's lots of--
Hey, there she is.
- Hey. - Come on over.
- Uh, herrmann told me to come by, so...
- I bet. Grab a seat.
Make yourself at home.
- Hey, brett, thanks for coming by.
- What are you-- what are you drinking?
- Vodka and cranberry, please.
- No, no, that won't-- she doesn't want that.
Uh, uh...
Two scotch and sodas.
- What?
- It's crazy, right?
I mean, come on.
Hey, herrmann, i'm not the only one who sees it, right?
- See what?
- Herrmann, what the-- i ordered some drinks.
Where are the drinks?
- I think you had enough.
- What? Come on, man, what are you talking--
I'm not driving. Don't worry about it.
Don't worry about it.
- I'm your friend,
And i'm telling you i think you had too much to drink.
There's people that you work with here.
- What are you talk--her? What are you talking?
I'm just busting-- i'm just playing around.
I'm just having fun. I'm just getting to know her.
- Let me find, uh-- let me find you a cab.
- That's funny.
[laughing] that's funny.
Are you guys-- you putting me on?
Guys, i'm sitting down. I'm having a drink.
I'm gonna enjoy myself,
And all of a sudden it's an intervention?
- No, no, no, no, come on.
It's just your buddies wanting to make sure
You get home safe.
Come on, kelly, let's go.
- You know-- you know what?
Brett, come on, you and me, we're going over to game day.
It's at the end of the street. We're gonna go.
We're gonna have a blast.
- Game day burned down, men.
- Oh, yeah. Um...
Town lounge.
All right, fine.
- All right.
- How you doing, lieutenant?
- Good.
- Hey. - Hey.
- Severide still staying at your place?
- Yeah. Why?
- Eh, he was in molly's last night,
Ten sheets to the wind.
He say anything about it?
- No, didn't see him.
Figured he's been crashing with lindsay.
- Yeah, guys on first watch
Said he came in last night after bar time.
Went to sleep in the bunk area till shift started.
Second time this week.
- Hmm.
I'll check in with him.
- Yeah.
- Thanks, herrmann. - Yeah.
[low chatter]
- This game is ridiculous...
- Guys, heads up.
Presentation will be at molly's after shift tomorrow.
- Sounds great. We'll be there.
- Hey, we're gonna hear that pitch first, right?
- Oh, i'd--i'd rather keep it fresh.
- Fresh?
No, i'm the rabbi on this.
I want to hear what the pitch is.
- All right.
Fair enough.
Follow me.
And that is how we will cross-pollinate,
Bringing these dual tracks together
To form a single potent revenue stream
Whose synergy will enhance both the status
And the financial base of the molly's brand.
- I didn't understand a damn word you just said.
And i don't think you did, either.
- I have a glossary in here. - Oh, the humanity.
- We're cooked. - Hold on a minute.
What--what i presented was a blueprint
For success in any entrepreneur--
Worships donald trump. - Mouch...
All herrmann wants is a cool idea
About how to sell more beer and burgers.
Do you have a plan for that?
- No.
- Hey, you want to get some dinner
Tomorrow after shift?
- Let's do it another night.
I'm meeting up with lindsay again.
[alarm blares]
- Ambulance 61, squad three, truck 81.
Victim injured in utility vault.
[sirens blaring]
- Fire department!
- Where's the victim?
- Who called it in?
- Let's spread out, take a look around.
[radio chatter]
- Hey, over here.
Guys, can you hear me?
- The victim on top is breathing.
I can't get a read on the one under him.
- There's not enough room to get down there and carry them up.
Mills, we can lower you in upside down,
Get the victims handcuffed to some webbing,
We'll pull them up. - Got it.
- Casey, right there. Check it out.
- Top victim's holding a cell phone.
He must be the one who called for help.
- But if he was okay when he called,
How is he now unconscious?
- Hey, they could've hit a gas pocket.
They could be asphyxiated.
- Let's mask up. - Yeah.
- I'm gonna need a hazmat and two backup ambulances
At 8922 65th street.
- It's up.
- You ready? - Yeah.
[respirator hissing]
- Winch line comin' down!
- We're good to go!
- Okay.
- Get him on oxygen and the monitor.
Make sure his o2 sats are good.
- Got it.
- Hang on, mills, okay?
- Take it up!
- Okay, second victim, ready to go.
- No pulse. He's not breathing.
- All right, mills. We're bringing you up.
- Pull him up fast.
- Get him up, damn it! Go!
[engine cranking]
- The line's stuck.
- Mills!
- Come on, pull harder! - Mills!
- If his mask gets knocked loose and the gas gets to him...
- Here, i'll try and unsnag him.
- Hold him, hold him, hold him!
- [groans]
- Come on, case.
- He's loose.
- Pull him up!
- Hang on, mills.
- Mind his head.
- We got him, got him, hold on.
- All right, i got his feet.
All right.
- Mask was secure. Breathing normally.
- What the hell happened down there, mills?
- I don't know, i...
Started getting hard to breathe, i...
I must've blacked out.
- Maybe his scba malfunctioned because he was upside down.
- Whatever it was, his vitals are stable.
He's okay.
- Glad you're all right, mills.
- Yeah.
- Cap. - Yeah.
- Check out that equipment
When we get back to the house.
- Okay, so how do i get that color here?
- You need to click on that guy there,
And that's where the paintbrush is.
- It's time to go. - Oh, oh, cool.
Oh, no, no, please brother, please.
You're killing me. Just--just let her
Stay a little longer. - I'm sorry, cruz.
We got to hit the road.
- Fine.
- Pack up your stuff, baby. - Okay.
And don't hit exit without saving.
- Chief, look,
I wanted to thank you for letting naomi stick around.
- She seems like a very nice girl.
- Bye. - Bye.
- Yeah.
Well, there's nothing better.
You'll see.
Let's go, baby. - Let's go.
- You had a good day? - Yeah!
- Yeah? You like the station?
- Hey.
Thank you for emailing those apartment listings.
- Oh, yeah, i thought i'd give it a shot.
- I'm good where i am.
Hector's actually a better neighbor
Than most i had back home.
- I was looking out for you. - Thank you.
You're my first friend in chicago.
You know that?
- Hey, you do a check on the scba?
- Yeah, i couldn't find anything wrong with it.
- Wanted to let you know i talked to the old man.
He's willing to see you.
- He's willing to see me?
- Mm-hmm.
- All right,
You go tell leonard mills-- in fact, you tell anybody
In joliet with the last name mills--
They can go to hell.
- Okay.
Wow me.
- I would like to take you through a quick proposal
I put together.
The most successful new segment
Of the food service industries today--
Food trucks.
All right, food trucks
Are much cheaper than restaurants to start up,
So upfront costs are much lower.
Oh, and i did a little research, um...
Total revenue for food trucks was $804 million in 2013,
And it's projected to grow to $2.7 billion by 2017.
- Low initial risk,
Always a solid investment strategy.
- Now our plan is to turn molly's ii
Into a mobile go anywhere business
That can supply everyone
From tailgaters at soldier field to students at uic.
So while we're making tons of cash
We are letting everybody know the name of the best damn bar
In the city.
- Oh, my god.
He's giving you the move...
The rarely seen double overhead shacka!
- What? Yeah?
You like it?
- I love it! - Cruz!
You did it!
- Oh, hey, look at that. Oh, boy.
Jeez louise.
Holy smokes!
- Um...Um...
Um, excuse me, i'd just like to understand
Why our baby has been put on the high risk category
And what we can do about it.
- Your wife's age,
Medical history are the primary reasons.
And there are some markers that we need to keep an eye on.
- What--what does that mean?
How are we going to move forward?
- Honey, let the doctor finish.
- The most important thing to understand
Is this doesn't mean that anything is wrong.
Today's ultrasound will give us
A clearer sense of how things are developing.
Here we go.
[heart beating]
Well, so far, so good.
All these measurements are right where we like them to be.
- Look at that.
- Already an active little one.
- Erin, hey!
Listen, i--
I messed this one up.
My bad. I was on my way.
I stopped at the bar to watch the cubs.
Ugh, i just lost track of time.
- It's okay.
- Yeah?
- Look, kelly,
You and me,
We're cut from the same cloth, all right?
I've been where you are,
And i know how hard it is,
And i know you got to do whatever you got to do
To deal with it.
So i will be here for you as a friend,
But i will not be the girl
Sitting alone in a restaurant waiting for you.
- She was my--
She was my best friend.
- I know.