Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 3, Episode 14 - Call It Paradise - full transcript

An ice storm hits, forcing a citywide lockdown. Mills and Brett are left stranded in the elements while searching for a teen, and the firehouse members babysit a newborn. Elsewhere, Severide receives a job offer, and Chief Boden clashes with his father over his treatment.

I mean, what the hell
is a couple more months

if I'm too sick to enjoy it?

Pop, you have got to
keep taking your pills.

I'll go out on my own terms.

We're gonna throw a party.

Do you mind if I borrow Kelly for an hour?

- What for?
- Intimidation.

Please accept my condolences
on the loss of your paramedic.

Her name was Shay, right?

Unfortunately, OFI has decided

not to pursue Adrian Gish at this time.

But we found the guy, and
he all but admitted it.

I wish I could give you a
different answer, but I can't.

Hey, Lieutenant, Captain Cunningham here.

Call me. I need to talk to you.




Cold enough for you, Lieutenant?

Yeah, I just saw a penguin.


Engine's busted. Or froze.

Anyway, Fleet Management's jammed up,

so I asked Capp to take a look.

Let me guess... he upgraded
you to the full-service package.

He started going on about the air filter

and then the fuel intake.

And next thing you know...

Ah... damn it!

What the hell was that?!

Relax! I've got a handle on it.

Roll call in five.

You hear that, Cooter?

Dukes of Hazzard.

You guys suck.

We have a bona fide weather emergency.

Temperature's are down to below 15.

Windchill brings that to under 40.

Cold weather has knocked out
the servers at the alarm office.

911 is down.

It is war out there

and we have got to be prepared.

Motorized tools, silver bullets,

anything that can freeze
needs to be protected.

Ten minutes exposed is
ten minutes too long.

It is us against the raving
bitch side of Chicago.

I expect us all to hold our own.

You all are dismissed.

Hey, come on, Cruz. Up and at 'em.

40 below with the windchill.

That means that as cold
as it is at 0 degrees,

and that's pretty damn cold,

it is 40 degrees colder than that.

Are you okay?

No. I'm not.

Human beings shouldn't live like this.

Well, actually, when Baba was
growing up in Yakutsk, it...

I am not taling about your Baba.

I barely survived my last Chicago winter.

One more might kill me.

Got room for this?

Take that, and start salting the driveway.

Yes, Sir.

You don't need to call me that.

Are you gonna keep calling me "candidate"?

Only if you royally screw up.

Fair enough.

All right, keep covered.

We've got a frostbite warning
in effect. It's no joke.

All right, equipment's protected.

Compartments are dry,

and we've got enough salt
to melt the polar ice caps.


Call Brett and Mills!

We gotta check her for hypothermia.

Check who?

The baby I just found outside.


She's warming up.

Heart rate's stable.

No signs of frosbite.

She wasn't out there
long... where'd you find her?

On the apron, under the "safe haven" sign.

Any sign of who left her?

It doesn't matter who left
her. Safe haven means just that.

No questions asked. Right, Chief?

Absolutely. What matters
is she is here with us now.

Our job is to get here the
best care that she can get.

So let's bring her over to
Chicago Med... I'll call DCFS.

Although I don't know if
we'll be taking her anywhere

anytime soon. That ambo's laid up.

I'm making some serious headway.

Get it done. Now.

In the meantime,

I have some diapers,
wipes, formula in the truck.

Bring it over.

Will do, Chief.

Oh. All right.

Uh-oh, our little guest smells kinda ripe.

Might need a change.

I'll do it.

You sure?


I used to help my brother with his kids.

I could change a diaper
blindfolded if I had to.


Good morning.


You got a minute to talk?


Briefing room.

I hear Police Intelligence
took down your arsonist.

Head shot, right?


Must be one hell of a story.

Are you fishing for
details, or are you just raw

that someone did the job
you weren't willing to do?


I need your eyes on something.

Electrical fire

sparked by a short in a computer server.

Ceiling collapse nearly took out
the first company on the scene.

Yeah, I heard about it.

Fire suppression system malfunctioned.


Figure there's something in these boxes

that someone wanted to burn,

but deadline to file's coming up,

and I've got nothing more to go on.

This is...

this is unbelievable.

Are you seriously asking me to
help you out of a jam? Again?

I get that you don't
want to do me any favors.

You're entitled to that anger.

But out of respect for the firefighters

who almost lost their lives,

maybe you can pull your
head out of your ass

and help us out.


Well digger's ass out there.

Pops, what... what are you doing here?

Terrance is napping.

And cold or no cold,

I don't want to spend my
last few days in Chicago

staring at the same four walls.

So I thought I'd come
to where the action is.

Pops, I'm glad you came.

There's something I need you to see.

Come on.

"Advanced T-Cell Replacement Clinic."

30 subjects. 12 of them
went into remission.

Yeah, I see that.

Those are fighting numbers, Pops.

Now, I've already sent
your charts, and they say

that you are an ideal
candidate for their next study.



this is a chance

for you to see little
Terrance walk on his two feet.

This is a chance for him to know your name.

A chance, a chance, a chance.

Just stop, okay?

I was a cop for 30 years.

Fought for my life

more times than you could know.

But I'm on the other
side of all of that stuff.

It's down to my terms now.

You know how rare that is?

Especially in our lines of work.

What are you saying to me, pops?

Just gonna give up?

No. No, no.

I just want to cut loose.

Celebrate. Live.

Which reminds me.

What's going on with the party planning?

Pops, please

- look at the thing.
- No!

I won't do it.

Now, if you've got a problem with that,

I'm very happy to jump back
on the plane to Orlando.

It's all right.

It's okay.

Here, this will warm you up.

Has anyone seen Newhouse around lately?

Yeah, he had a few weeks furlough accrued.

Took his daughter to San
Diego to meet some relatives.

Are you serious? He really did it?

He actually got out of this icy hell?

That's my understanding.

See, that is boldness.

That's a hero right there.

You okay, Cruz?

What are you doing?

I am looking for flights out of here.

- To San Diego?
- San Diego or anywhere

where your spit doesn't freeze
immediately inside your mouth.

There she is!

Fresh as a daisy.

Oh, look at that face.


What kind of person
abandons their baby outside

on a day like this anyway?

Well, she's safe now. Aren't you, cutie?

I'll be right back.

Okay. Try it again!

How's it going?

I'm gonna assume that
question is rhetorical.

Have you guys tried
turning the key really slow?

I know whenever we had a big
cold front in Fowlerton...

Brett, I pulled the
whole damn engine apart,

and it's not gonna be
a quick flip of the...

Oh! Hey!

What the...

Ah ah ah.

I told you. There's a child in the house.

If you're gonna swear, go outside.

- Up and running?
- Yeah, good to go.

All right, I'll grab some extra blankets.

Let's get this baby over to Chicago Med.

Ambo 61, Ambo 61.

Come in. Come in, Ambo 61.

Go for 61.

I'm getting too much interference.

Everybody's relying on
radios with 911 down.

Probably overloading the channels.

Chest pains. Diversey and Kenton... report.

What's he saying, Diversey and Kenton?

It's chest pains.

I mean, it should be a quick grab, drop.

We can transport the baby afterwards.

- Yeah, hit it.
- Yeah?

I'll tell Boden.

Yeah, we got this, Main. 61, on our way.

Copy, Ambo 61.


Excuse me, excuse me., you work here?

Yeah. Everything all right?

No, no it's not.


Oh! Oh, my God, Grace! There she is!

What's going on?

That's my baby. I...

I want her back.

Take a seat.

We're gonna work this out, okay?

What's going on here?

This woman is claiming that this is her...

Oh, I'm not... I'm not claiming nothin'.

I'm telling you that that's my baby girl.

How did your baby end up
outside of our firehouse, ma'am?

Her father, Miles, who's a deadbeat,

he came by my place this morning,

and he tried to say that Grace wasn't his.

Dropping her here,

this is his way of trying
to get rid of her for good.

What's your name?

Um, Toni. Toni Jessup. You can look it up.

I... I knew Miles was
tripping but I never thought

he'd try something like
this. I mean, she is my baby.

He has no right giving her up like that.

What color was the blanket
Grace was wrapped in?


It was blue with... with gray checks.


and she had these mismatched
socks on this morning

because it was too cold
to go to the Laundromat.

Well, we're gonna need approval

from the Department of
Children and Family Services

before we can release
this child back to you.

But that's not right.

I mean, she's... she's my baby.

I understand your frustration, ma'am.

The system exists to
protect you and the child.

My best advice, you come back
with some proper documentation.

We'll go from there.

Okay, I'll be back then.

Can I... can I see her please?

That's my baby.


Okay. Mm-hmm.

I'll call the DCFS, give them an update.


Who's to say this boyfriend

won't try to ditch the baby again?

What if he tries something worse next time?

That's not our call.

Hey! Over here! This way!


This way!

He needs help.

You call this in?
Somebody with chest pains?

Chest pains? I don't know, maybe.

Seems like that's the least
of this kid's problems.

Please, someone, you gotta help
me get these bugs out of here!

Sit down, buddy. Come on.

What's your name, huh? What's your name?


Okay, Chris.

Please hurry!

Okay, we're gonna do our best,

but you gotta help us out.

What was it you took? PCP? Molly?

No, no, no. We just smoked some weed.

Hold on. What do you mean "we"?

Hey, Brett, look.

Okay, Chris, I need you to focus.

Who was with you?

It was my girlfriend!

- Hey, hey.
- My girlfriend Celia.

She and I were sharing a blunt,

and then she freaked and she ran

and I tried to stop her, but I
can't... it's these damned bugs!

Look, the footprints
are leading into there.

This building's not heated.

That girl is going to freeze to death

if she doesn't have the right gear.

61 to Main. We've got a second victim

at Diversey and Kenton.

We're gonna need a second
ambo here for assist.

Hey, Brett! Wait, where are you going?

Well, you take care of him.
I'll... I'll look for the girl.

Come on.




Can you hear me?!

How's Grace?

Good. What's the latest?

DCFS is tied up.

911 being down has brought
everything to a standstill.

They told me they'd call back in an hour.

Well, I guess that's a blessing.

The firehouse is probably
the most stable environment

she's ever known.


You want to hold her?


Sure? Just watch the back of the head.

Like this?

Yeah. There you go.

Yeah, Captain Cunningham, please.

Main, this is ambulance
61 checking in again.

Please confirm that backup is on
its way to Diversey and Kenton.

Confirmed... 61... at Divers... Kenzie...

No! Not... not Kenzie! Kenton!

Hey, Brett, do you copy?



Brett, can you hear me? Brett, come in.



Oh, shoot.

Stay there! What do you want?

I don't want anything!
I'm just trying to help!

What happened to your face?

The girl, she attacked me.

Wait, which direction did she go?

Okay, here, take these hand warmers.

Go outside, find the
ambulance that's waiting there.

Tell my partner where I
am. He'll take care of you.

And hurry.


Dawson, this is Dr. Pierson.

She's our pediatrician.

She was kind enough to come
on by and check on Grace.

She's a beautiful girl.

Would you mind bracing her a bit?

Oh, sure.

Let's take a look.

We checked her vitals earlier. 68 over 36.

Heart rate 123.

Well, she has labored breath,

but not too bad for a preemie.

How can you tell she's a preemie?

From this scar right
here by her belly button

from the umbilical catheter.

This little girl is a survivor.

Yeah, she spent her first
few weeks fighting for life.

She's made it through the worst of it,

but still she is gonna
need some extra care.

Can you tell if she's getting that care?

At home?

Well, I'm not seeing any signs

of physical abuse or malnourishment.

But beyond that?

Your theory is wrong.

Computer servers nowadays,

they're all backed up on a cloud.

There's no real point in torching it.

You trying to tell me that the
server wasn't tampered with?

Because if you look...

No, no, no, I'm not saying
that it wasn't messed with.

I'm just saying that
that wasn't the target.

It was just the... it was just the fuse.

Here, look... look at this.

This ceiling debris,

the deepest char is on the top,

not the bottom where the fire started.

So whoever engineered this,

they packed the above
floor with accelerant.

So my guess is that someone

really wanted to burn
these billing folders.

So they paid off or leaned on the IT guys

to get access to the server room

and the utility space
in between the floors.

That's what I think.

This is why we need you in Arson.

Is that what this was about?

Six firefighters nearly died

in this collapse.

A matter of inches, and
they would have been gone,

just like Shay.


Don't use her name like that.

All I'm saying is that a person like you,

with your talent and your dedication,

you can help change the way OFI operates.

You can make sure important cases like this

never fall through the cracks again.

At least consider it.

Main, this is 61. We need backup!

Hey. The lady, she said call for help.

The lady? Where is she?

She's downstairs by the assembly floor.

Okay. Stay inside, no
matter what, all right?

Where are you going?

Just stay inside.

Saw the doctor was heading
out. What's the prognosis?

"Healthy for a preemie."

Doc said she spent the first
month in the ICU, poor thing.

Eight weeks in this world,

and she's already been to hell and back.

My mom spent 38 hours in labor with me.

I almost didn't make it.

Or she was ready to jump out
a window to get it over with.

The story tended to vary when she told it.

She's gonna be fine.

Attention, we have a Level 1 hazmat,

corner of 37th and Vernon.

Waste container dropped from
a semi. No victims reported.

It's a level 1 hazmat.

If you stay, no one will think less of it.

Okay, I will then. Thanks.

Oh, God, sorry, you scared me.

I'm sorry.

I brought these papers like you asked.

Right. Right. Um...

Well, you can take a seat.
DCFS will be here soon.

She's an angel, isn't she?

That's why I called her Grace.

All the doctors at the hospital,

they said that she was a miracle...

the healthiest, most beautiful
baby they'd ever seen.


The doctors said that?

Easiest birth. She never cried once.

So then she didn't spend long in the NICU.

Neonatal intensive care.


Not long.

Can I see those documents you brought?


This is her sonogram

and some papers... medical papers I had.

You don't have the birth certificate?

No. Miles, he, uh, he took all that.

Can you hold on a sec? I
need to talk to the chief.

Why don't you, uh...

you let me hold her while you do that?

You need to move. Now.


Not until you give me that baby.

You need to get out of here.

You need to turn around
and walk out of here.

Shut up and give her to me.

That's not gonna happen.

Hand her over right now or I will
put you the hell down, I swear.

Please, Toni, or... or...
or whatever your name is,

you're not even gonna get 2 miles

before the Amber Alert goes off.

I mean it, bitch! Right now!


Stay right there.

Toni, that is the sound of firefighters

about to fill this room.

You are out of time.

Why don't you leave
right now while you can?

I don't care what you
say, or what anybody says.

You can live, you can die.

Either way, she's coming with me.

No she's not.

Careful, everyone, she's got a gun!

Otis! Phone CPD right now!

Matt, no!

I don't want anyone in this house

chasing a lunatic with a gun.

You okay?

Yeah. Yeah, I'm okay. I just...

Oh, God.


Celia, is that you?!

Celia, listen to me.

I want you to stop moving
and stay perfectly still.

Can you do that?

Attagirl. I'll be right there.

Just hang in there. I'm gonna get you home.

No. Not... not home. Not like this.

No, no, no. Celia, wait. I'm serious.

You... you need to stop moving.


I am not here to get you in trouble.

Thank you.

Okay... okay.




Go slow.



I just got off the phone with the police.

They've put out an
investigative alert on the woman.

What are we supposed to
do if she comes back here?

We gotta get this baby out of here.

We have an ambo en route for the infant

now that we've upgraded the
situation to an emergency.

Have you heard from Brett and Mills?

If there are any more
updates, you'll be informed.


Ambo 61, report.

Ambo 61, this is Station 51, report.

Brett, where are you?! Call out!

We're here! Help!

Help! Somebody help!

Brett, I'm coming!

Mills, quick! We're in here!

I can't hold on much longer!

Here, I got her. I got her.

What do we do?

Oh, okay.

Check in your jump bag, grab me anything,

wraps, straps, tubing, anything
we can use as a makeshift rope.

Come on, stick with me.

I got you, okay? All right.

Ambo 61. Brett, report!


Just give me a sign that you're okay.

Anything at all.


Who... who is this?

This is Abe. Who's this?

Hey, I'd like to go to
the hospital with her.

Make sure she stays in good hands.

Of course.

Thanks, Matt.

I know today's been kind of, um...

confusing, maybe?

But I hope I didn't come across as...

Not at all.

There's my ride.

You're gonna make a great mom.


What's going on with you and Dawson?

Just old habits, I guess.

Maybe it's time to put
yourself back on the market.

Cut the ambiguity.

You know what, I think you're right.

'Cause I'm kind of
chasing my tail right now.


Brett and Mills are in trouble.

Mouch, Herrmann, stay with the ambo.

Everyone else with me.


We're here, quick! Over here!

- Sylvie
- Cruz!


I'm okay! Help us hold her!

Everybody watch their step!

We rigged this to keep her
from falling in any deeper,

but it's not gonna hold too long.

The barbs are digging into her torso.

She's losing blood.

We'll take it from here.

Otis! Tie a girth wrap.

What do you think? Mini-lite cutters?

Cutters could cause too much of a jolt.

That rebar's in there pretty
good... I need to go slow.

- Right. Capp!
- Yeah.

Whizzer saw.




No, no. No, no, no! No, no, no!

Hey, hey. Calm down!

Hey, sweetie, listen.

I'm not gonna be able
to cut through this rebar

unless you calm down, okay?

- I need her to calm down.
- No, no, no.

Celia! Look at me. Look at my face.

Right in my eyes.

Do you feel my hand?

Feel the texture of my skin?

Okay, that's definitely real, right?

Do you believe me?

Can you trust me that much?

Then trust me when I say
we are here to help you,

okay, but we need you to stay still.

Okay? Okay.

All right, I'm done!

All right, let's get her up!

One, two, three.

We got you.

- Got her?
- Yep.

Watch the harness.


That was incredible.

I think I am finally with you on the cold.

Hey, Brett. Let's get her to Chicago Med.

I'll see you back at the house.


Hey. I heard what happened.

Did they ever find that woman?

Cops caught her about a mile away from 51

trying to escape on foot.

She's in ICU now,

battling hypothermia.

I guess she has some psych history.

Admitted a couple times.
I don't know. I don't care.

And the real mom?

En route from Indiana.

Baby was taken straight
from their house, apparently.


How about the girl you saved?


Trying to locate her mom.

I guess the dad's not
really in the picture.

What a job, huh?


Oh. Oh, ho ho ho, yeah.

What the hell?

Welcome, son, to the Wallace Boden

not-so-annual-anymore winter luau.

Always, I mean always, a big hit

whenever I'd throw one.

Come on, live a little.


Hey there, Detective!

Is this what you were looking for?

Looks like you nailed it, kid.


Okole malu.

Sure, I'll take your word for it.

Thank you.


Hey, give me your number, I'll...

You're gone?

Fun party, huh?

Mmm, I needed this.

Hey, we're doing kamikaze shots, you in?

I so needed this.


I'll check on you later.

Excuse me.

You're stalking me now?

Oh, don't flatter yourself.

It's too late.

You thought about my offer?

Yeah, I have.

And I'm... I'm... I'm good where I'm at.

Well, when you change your mind...

and you will...

call me.

Fair enough.

You know, I don't think
I ever got to say it

during all this craziness...
I'm sorry about Shay.

I really am.

Yeah, you...

she would've loved this.

There's a Hawaiian expression

for the men in the canoe who were paddling.

It's been a while, I might butcher this,

but here goes.

United we move forward.

It's a toast I used to give my fellow cops

every year at the luau.

But it applies to you as well,

for all you go through, the
things you have to handle,

the people you've lost.

You can't go it alone.

United we move forward.

Amen to that.

Thank you, Pop.


Two kamikazes down on the end?


They're here.

- They're here.
- Oh.

I know they'd love to meet you.

I can tell them that you're here.

Oh, uh, no.

No, no, it's fine.

Honestly, Wallace, thank you. Thank you.

It was everything I wanted and more.

You're welcome, Pop.

And we're gonna do it again next year.


Let's not wake Donna.

No, no, no, Pop. No, I got it.

You sure?

Yeah, yeah. Absolutely
I'm sure. Go on, sit back.

All right.

Oh, hey.

It's freezing!

So who'd you know at the luau?

No one, really.

I mean, I know a few firefighters.

That's how I heard about the event.

My girlfriend was supposed to meet me there

and her car froze to death, so...


And then you came along.

I'm just getting out of a relationship.

Me too.

So can I get you a drink?



He went down, Pop.




Oh, Pop.

Wait, so what's Cinco de Mayo for?

Is it like their Fourth
of July or something?

Yeah. I don't know. Sure.

Is it or isn't it?

I don't know. It's not like
Mexican Independence Day.

I think it's just, like, a day
for celebration, that's all.

Hmm, all right. Well, I'm all for it.

All right, here we go.

What's in it?

Secret recipe.