Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 3, Episode 13 - Three Bells - full transcript

More clues emerge about the fire that killed Shay, leading Severide to a former nemesis; Shay's sister visits; Cruz is faced with a surprise; Boden tries to help his father.

How long are you staying, Pop?

- Depends. - Depends on what?

I'm Stage IV.

Just gave me about four months to live.

Look, Leslie Shay wasn't just some victim in this fire.

She was my partner and his best friend.

No guarantees, all right?

But let me see if I can take a look.


Oh, my God. This was arson.

Which would mean the Shay was murdered,

and whoever did it is still out there.

So where on the scene did you find this?

Buried into the ground

between the burn pattern and the propane tanks.

Under some debris.

Did you get pictures?

So you removed this from the scene

without documenting its original location?

You said you couldn't investigate further without evidence.

I just brought you evidence.


You're right. Thank you.

So what now?

Now, let me do my job.

You wait to hear from me.

Joey, can you get it?

Yeah, sure.

Uh, hi.


Crotis! Cro-tis.


This is my grandma!

This is your grandma?

Yes, man. She's staying with us.

I texted you this.

You did not text me this.

A month ago. I texted you.

A month requires an email.

Does she even speak English?

Not a word.

I can't believe it.

What if we hadn't gotten called to that storage unit?

We never would've known.

Things happen for a reason, fellas.

I believe that.


Megan. Hey.

I got on the first plane.

Guys, you remember Megan, Leslie's sister.

Of course. Welcome back to Chicago.

Really glad you could make it out.

I can't believe this is really happening.


Looking more and more like it.

So Leslie was murdered?

Office of Fire Investigation--

they're... they're looking into it.


Welcome back to 51.

Thanks, Chief Boden.

Kelly, you have a phone call in my office.

It's Kevin Hadley.


What's that son-of-a-bitch want?

It's collect call from Stateville Penitentiary.

He'll only talk to Kelly.

What do you want, Hadley?

Aren't you going to ask me how I'm doing?


Well, I'm doing fine.

Thank you.

And I want to invite you to come visit me.

See for yourself.

I'll pass, thanks.



that fire that killed Shay?

You're just realizing it was arson, aren't you?

Got your attention now, huh?

Come see me in person.

Just you.

Well, get on with it.

You never did have any patience.

You're out of your mind.

Am I?

Or did I get something in the mail

that you're gonna want to see?

But first...

I want you to get me a new mattress.

They got special mattresses for people

in chronic pain.

And the warden won't order me one.


I don't know the warden.

And I'm not the district attorney,

looking to make a deal.

That came out of the blue.

I don't know who.

There was no name on the envelope.

On the envelope...

there is a return address

and a nice clear postmark.

Where is it?

You get me the mattress...

and I'll get you the envelope.

Okay, Gabriela, full disclosure.

I wanted no part of this.

But my parents insisted that I get out here

and come home with some answers, so...

I always had it in my head that it was the job that killed her.

This house...

I could barely walk inside.

Hey. Brett.

This is Shay's sister, Megan.

This is Sylvie Brett.

She's the new paramedic on 61.

Great to meet you.

I didn't know your sister,

but everyone says she was one in a million.

That's true.

My assistant said the hotel lost my reservation.

You guys don't know of a place nearby

that doesn't have four locks on the door?

A hotel? No.

- You're gonna stay with us. - Yeah.

You guys are living together?

What happened to you and Matt?

Umm, we gave it our best shot.

Don't say another word.

It's done. You're staying with us.

You sure?

Without a doubt. Come on.

How'd it go?

He--he said someone sent him something from Shay's fire.

- What does that mean? - I don't know.

The Warden is tossing his cell right now.

Truck 81, Squad 3, Ambulance 61.

Structure fire. Randolph and LaSalle.

Find out if there's anyone inside.

Sometimes these places

lock their cleaning crews inside at night.

On it, Chief.

Capp, Newhouse. Get the arc air torches.

Herrmann and Mouch, load up on spare rods for 'em.

- Fire Department! Call out! - Hey, door's locked.

Anyone's inside, let us know where you are!

Sir! We need access.

On your side of the door,

there should be a panic bar that you can press.


How much longer?

Another five minutes.

That is not good enough.

Chief. This is bulletproof glass.

The arc torch would cut the glass in the window.

If I take off my gear, I can fit through that frame.


Severide, Newhouse, I need you on the window.

- Come on. - Let's go.

Pass it to me once I'm on the other side.

You got it.

Locate the janitor; get him to the door; hit the panic bar.


I got the victim! He's alive!


Casey. Report.

Ceiling came down, Chief.

Okay, can you get through?


He's over here.

I'm fine. I'm fine.

You took a couple of good lungfuls of smoke.

Take a deep breath.

Hey. Good job in there.

Okay. You're good.

Damn, baby, don't scare me like that.

As if she's confessing to me,

"I want you to treat me like a donkey."

You didn't.

Yeah, yes. Yes.

- She smacked you? - Yes.

Oh, my God. I love it.

Hey, listen.

So Saturday is the three-month anniversary of Sylvie and me.

Yeah, when you become the beast with two backs.

Our first date. Look, whatever.

When is grandma leaving, all right?

'Cause Dawson's still at Brett's place

and now Shay's sister's there too,

and I want to invite Sylvie over to our place.


She's not what?

Baba's moving in with us, dude.



I texted you this.

You can't text something like that!

That's a discussion.

It's not my fault you don't check your texts.

Joe, you know what?

When I wanted to be a firefighter,

my parents flipped out.

They wanted me to become a doctor like Vlad and Dimitri.

Now, my grandmother calls me from Russia

and she says to me,

"Your mother moved to America to follow her dreams.

Now you follow yours."

I'm here because of my grandma,

so if I have to share a room with her,

I will.

I'm looking for Kelly Severide.

Yeah, right here.

I got a delivery from Warden Aynesworth

at Stateville Penitentiary.

Hey, Chief.

So I already looked up the return address.

It's just a-- just a vacant lot.

I think Hadley is messing with us.



There's no way that Hadley could've known about that address.

What do you mean?

That is the fire where we lost Henry Mills.

It's the fire where I got burned up myself.


So these are connected?

It would seem so.

If the same guy set both fires,

he's been flying under the radar for 20 years.

Why try to get our attention now?

You found his storage unit and interrupted him.

Meticulous planners like this

don't do well with exposure.

So what's gonna be his next move?

That's the million dollar question.

But I know he's going to want control back,

however he has to get it.

So what do we have here?

Well, there's no way this guy only started two fires,

20 years apart. Or three.

All signs point to a serial arsonist.

Which is why we're mapping out

any suspected but unsolved arson fires

during the time period

that used a similar methodology.

Next we'll check the buildings for common ownership.

Then we'll look at geography and calendar groupings.

I think the geography speaks for itself.

Yeah. It's a start.

You wanted to see me?

Yeah. Come on in. Have a seat.

Someone, we don't know who,

sent Kevin Hadley a copy of an article

about the fire that killed Shay.

It was one of the same articles

as was found at the storage locker.

The return address on the envelope

was the site of the McFarland fire

where your father died.

We don't know anything else.

Arson Investigation are looking into it.

So it's the same guy?

My dad's fire was an arson?

Someone certainly wants us to think so.

The arsonist.


So--and that's it?

You bring me in here, you drop this on me,

and you give me a "They're looking into it."

What the hell am I supposed to do with that information, Chief?

Nothing. For now.

But please understand how important it is

that you keep a clear head.

Keep your distance. Let everybody do their jobs.

Are you serious? I-I--

Peter, I promise you, if this is true,

I will not rest until justice is served.

I will serve it myself if I have to.

But I need you to trust me.

That is so her.

It reminds me of Amy-Lou Schmeckle.

That's a real person?

Oh, hand to God. Leslie's first love.

She was the girl who knew about bands you've never heard of

and movies that only play at one theater.

And my sister was a knockout, of course,

and every guy in the school

was just falling all over themselves to date her.

So one day, I come rushing home,

excited about who knows what,

and I burst into Leslie's room, because that's what we did,

and there she is, Leslie with Amy-Lou Schmeckle,

both their shirts off, kissing.

All I could think of was screaming "Mom"

at the top of my lungs.

She pulled me into the room,

and she just looks at me and she says,

"Sister, we got to talk."

She just laid it all out.

"I like girls." Simple as that.

That was Leslie.

God, I miss her.

Hey, Dawson in? I need to talk to her.

Yeah, of course.

Megan, you wanna help me

with the finishing touches on a pear tart?

I want to hear this.

All of these fires were set by our guy?

Right now it's just a theory, but the MOs match.

How many had fatalities?

Four more.

If he's an excitement arsonist,

then he's in it for the chaos.

He doesn't set out to kill, but he doesn't care if he does.

So what do we do?

Cunningham said she's on it.

Which one killed Leslie?

That one.

You better find that son of a bitch and make him pay.

She's got this...

I don't know if "Innocence" is the right word,

but earnestness about the way that she does her job.

And not everybody was crazy about her at the beginning,

trust me,

but it wasn't Sylvie's fault.

She was replacing Shay,

and how's anybody supposed to do that?

It's like God looked down on me and he said,

"Joe, you've been through enough.

You deserve more."

What are you doing?

Talking to Baba.

You know she doesn't understand a word you're saying.

I know.

It's perfect.

Okay, Baba.

Okay, Baba.


Oh, hey, Megan, you should ride with Brett and Mills today.

You can see what your sister's world was about.

Oh, tempting,

but I actually should do some work on some client files.

Ambulance 61, man in distress...

Not a second thought. You're ours.


Police! Police!

Police! Police!

Hey, I don't wanna hurt anybody.

Ma'am, did you call 911?

He's been standing out here for 20 minutes.

Kept telling me to call the police, which I did.

So they sent an ambulance.

- This city... - Police!

Why do you need the police, sir?

He's got mental problems, obviously.

Sir, are you injured?

I'm telling you that I don't want to hurt anyone.

And I told her to call the cops

before something bad happens!

I'm calling in a 10-1.

Wait, just hold up.


What's going on with you?

We're calling the police,

but if there's a way that we can help, let us know.

You can help me by calling the cops!

Okay, are you on any medication?

Police! Police! Police!

Hey, Dispatch, we need police here at 1200 Hastings.

We got a man here with mental distress.

Why is nobody listening to me?

I'm so, so sorry.

I know you don't want to hurt me.

No, but I have to.

Come on.

Tell them I'm armed and dangerous.

Say it just like that.

Armed and dangerous.

All right, nut job. I got it.

Hey. What'd he do?

He came at me with a knife.

- It's right there. - Got it.

Yeah, he's armed and dangerous.

Thank you.


It's a parole violation.

I'm not cut out for the outside.

Come on. Let's go.

All right, people, nothing to see.

Hey. You okay?

Yeah. You?

Yeah, of course.

Megan, you okay?

I-I'm fine, really.

That was par for the course.

Not even in the top ten of scary calls; trust me.

That's what she did.

She went through that every day,

and she never said anything to me.

I'd ask her how her day was,

and she would just make some inappropriate joke

to get me laughing.

I had no idea.


That is the way that Shay was.

I mean, she never wanted anyone to waste any time

worrying about her.

She just wanted to make everyone smile.

Yeah, yeah. She did.

Let's go back to the house,

get some hot chocolate.

I'm glad I came.

Come on.

I don't even understand where Baba's sleeping.

I have bunk beds.

You put the babushka on a bunk?

She grew up sleeping in a barn.

And it's not like I make her sleep on the top bunk...

most nights.

Look, I'll admit that Baba has her certain charms,

but you gotta take her out to dinner

or something tomorrow night, all right?

Sylvie's coming at 9:00 p.m.,

and you will not ruin this for me.

I'm telling you, it's zero problem, man.

Baba goes to sleep at 8:00 p.m.

You won't even know she's there.


Have you guys seen Kelly Severide?

Yes, Captain.

I think I saw him in Boden's office.

Head inside and hook a left.

Okay, thanks.

- Captain. - Afternoon, Captain.


Come on, now. Don't get nervous.

You got nervous.

You've played this before, right?

Come in.

I've pulled a bunch of photos of arsonists

we've suspected over the years

but haven't been able to prosecute.

Do you mind if I borrow Kelly for an hour?

What for?


None of these guys have rented a storage unit from me.


That guy looks crazy, but nope.

Okay. I'm gonna need you to concentrate.

Any faces that look even vaguely familiar

might help us to narrow this down.

Sure, sure.

Look I show 'em a space,

get a credit card, and forget 'em.

It's not like there's a lot of personal--

Hold on.

This one?

This guy...

he's a... he's a customer here.

His chin is stronger, like maybe he gained some weight.

But I recognize that guy. No doubt.

You're sure?

He rents a space here. I'm sure of it.

Adrian Gish. 47.

Twice accused of arson.

Cleared both times.

And he lives right in the middle of the hot zone.

My predecessor had him in twice for questioning.

He came in voluntarily.

But there wasn't a sniff of proof

and the department decided not to pursue.

Last we heard, he works here.

So we arrest him.

We ask him to come in again,

have a conversation with him.

See if he'll go on the record.

- You let me do the talking. - Yeah.

Excuse me.

I'm sorry to interrupt your conversation,

but are you a firefighter?

Yeah, I am.

I thought I recognized you from the news.

Terrible collapse a few months ago.

Another firefighter was killed, right?

A paramedic?

Horrible, horrible tragedy,

just...just awful.

Lunch break.

What's your name?

You already know that.

Okay, fine. Adrian.

You mind if we ask you some questions

somewhere more private?

Oh, man. I wish I could.

But my break's almost over. So...

Did you start the fire?

Let me ask you a question, hmm?

What'd you have to do to become a firefighter, huh?

Have to take a lot of tests?

Hold your breath a long time?

I can do that.

Maybe I can get an application.

Yeah, sure, come on by 51.

We'll get you one.

- Then we'll talk. - Kelly.

No, he wants to get something off his chest, let's let him.

Huh? Right, Adrian?

All done.

It was nice meeting you two.

Please accept my condolences

on the loss of your paramedic.

Now that I think about it, her name was Shay, right?

She was really pretty.


No, Kelly.

Not like this.

It's not like we get a lot of sleep on shift,

but this is the place.

It's nicer than I pictured.

Trust me, you get 20 guys in here

snoring and blowing gas all night,

it's a different story.

This was Leslie's.

I... I don't need to--

First day, she waltzes in here,

drops her stuff,

strips down bare-ass nude

and walks to the shower.

No one knew what to do.

We miss her, Megan.

She was the heartbeat of...

We all move on, right?

But you never forget.

Not a girl like Shay.

I'm doing a bang-up job of making you feel better, huh?

Actually, you are, Chris.

Thank you.

Hey, guys. It's time.

Time for what?

You're gonna want to see this.

I have a love-hate relationship with these ceremonies.

Each one is a reminder

that we've lost a member of our family.

Leslie Shay was a great paramedic.

There are no words that can fill the hole that she left.

The woman who rode alongside her

from her first day to her last, Gabriela Dawson,

would like to say some words.

A lot's changed at 51

since losing Shay.

We've welcomed in new friends,

we got a new rig...

and, uh...

and a dream of mine came true.

But here's what hasn't changed:

this house,

this family...

it's all as strong as it ever was...

stronger even,

because I think, um...

I think that deep down in the quiet moments

we think to ourselves:

Shay would want us to be better.

She'd want us to lean on each other.

And she'd want us to represent her, every time we go out.

You had an amazing sister, Megan.

And I'm so lucky to have been her friend.

51 will always be Leslie Shay's home.

The people in it will always be her family.

Detail! Attent...

Present arms!

Order arms!


I really appreciated what you said today.

I'm sure Megan did too.

Hardest thing I've had to do in a long time.

I thought you handled it brilliantly.

Did we blow it?


Or I did. I don't know.

I just--I wanted to be a candidate so badly.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry too.

But, you know, you're a hell of a firefighter

and I'm not sorry I'm the one who gets to lead you.

And I get to look out for you too,

if I'm being honest.


Can we just put us on hold?

Maybe we can see where we are, with work, with life

down the road?

Maybe then we can start new.

Yeah, I'd like that.

Oh, hey, did you--

Wait, hear that Otis's grandma moved in with him?



And she sleeps in the bunk bed.

On top?

I mean, he says no,

but you know Otis and his small bladder.

Come in.

I brought tequila.

I usually bring wine.

But I thought,

why not mix it up?

And the guy from the liquor store

said this was the good stuff.

Yes, it is.

Let me take your coat.

So I thought we could watch a movie or something.


Bad idea.

It is our three-month anniversary, Joe.

We can officially drop pretending to watch movies.


It's Otis's grandmother.

She's staying with us.

Baba, it's really late.

Don't you want to go to bed?

Um, I'm gonna go find some glasses.

Now this, this is a good place.

Yes, it is.

Another round?

What's that?

Medication time.

Nah, forget it.

Forget what?

This one makes me sleepy,

this one keeps me awake,

and this one twists up my stomach,

and I just can't-- I can't do this anymore.


I mean...

I mean, what the hell is a couple more months

if I'm too sick to enjoy it?

I wanna go out on my own terms.

You ain't going anywhere.

- You know what I'm thinking. - What?

We're gonna throw a party.

A party like I used to throw.

We're gonna throw you a party.

We're gonna throw you a party.

But you have got to keep taking your pills.



Trust me when I say I need to do this near a toilet.

TMI, Pops. TMI.

Don't go halfway on this, Son.

I won't, Pops.

I won't.

Chief. How's he doing?

It's gonna take more than cancer to take him out,

that much I know.

What's going on?

I have some bad news.

Unfortunately, OFI has decided

not to pursue Adrian Gish at this time.


It wasn't my decision.

I'm sorry.

But we found the guy.

The storage unit dude identified him,

and he all but admitted it.

All it does is tie Gish to the storage unit.

We can't prove it was his or he was there.

It was full of accelerants and stuff about Shay.

Believe me, I wish I could give you a different answer,

but I can't.

My boss has been doing this for a long time.

He knows what cases will stick.

This one won't.

At least not yet.

What does "Not yet" mean?

The case is still open.

Gish is on our radar.

We'll have to wait and see.

Yeah, until he kills somebody again.

Until he makes a mistake.


I'm sorry.

What does this mean?

Hey, it's Gabby.

I need your help.

We all do.

Sure, Sis.

Whatever you need.