Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 3, Episode 11 - Let Him Die - full transcript

The firehouse receives unsettling news when two of their own come up missing following a routine call, prompting members of Chicago P.D. to lead the search. Meanwhile, Casey and Dawson have a hard time figuring how to juggle their personal and professional lives. Elsewhere, Chief Boden and Donna struggle with news that their newborn has potential complications and they receive a surprise out-of-town visitor

- Kelly really brings out the worst in you.
- What brings out the worst in me is you telling mills
You don't know if you want to be with me.
I'm trying to be a lieutenant and your fiancé,
And you can't respect either one.
- Request permission to leave shift, lieutenant.
- Aah!
- I got a little boy!
- The baby's turning blue.
- Wallace, what's going on?
- Anthony lullo was waiting for me outside this morning.
- I know you tried to save my son.
I regret my behavior the other day.
- What's that?
- Mills? Brett?
Thanks for coming.
Good to have someone we can trust on this.
- Absolutely. Still no word from your paramedics?
- No. - Dumb question--
Anybody try their cells? - Yeah. No answer.
- All right, give me their numbers.
I'm gonna get an order and start pinging them.
- Right.
- Were they dispatched to this location?
- Yeah.
- This could have been a setup.
- Lullo's got to be behind this, right?
- Yeah, i think we got to start with that assumption.
What the hell happened here?
- He's passed out
From blood loss.
Let's get him to chicago med.
- What's that?
- Hey, guys, we've got a medical emergency here.
We need you to move the vehicle.
- Hands in the air. Keep your mouths shut.
- Whoa.
- Turn around! - Keep it down.
Put your hands behind your back, no one gets hurt.
- This guy needs to get to the hospital.
- Brett. Brett.
- What is this?
- Don't hurt her, please. - Doesn't have to be messy.
Just do what we say.
- Would you let her go? I'm the one that he wants.
Come on. - He? Who's he?
- Where are we going?
- Brett, don't get in that car.
- [grunts]
- I will blow your head clean off.
Get in!
- Where are you taking us?
- Shut up.
- Where's your phone, hon?
- Left-hand jacket pocket.
- Turn around.
[tires screeching]
- Jason lullo--
He sustained fatal injuries long before we arrived on the scene.
- I don't know what you're talking about.
Just keep quiet now.
- At least let her go.
I was the one in the-- - shut your hole!
- You gonna kill us?
- You know everything, is that it?
- Brett. - Quiet.
- Brett, brace yourself.
- [grunts]
[tires screeching]
[both grunting]
- Aah!
- Okay, thanks. Let us know.
They pulled footage off some cpd pods
And id'd a black town car that was following the ambo,
But the plate was obscured.
- Hey, guys. Any sign of mills and brett?
- Cruz is giving us updates on the search,
But nothing concrete yet.
- Cruz is with the cops?
- Yeah, he refused to come back with us.
This whole thing has gotten really spun out.
- How's baby boden doing?
- Eh...
- What does that mean?
- Um...Baby's still not absorbing oxygen.
Doctors are working on him.
Bowden, he's holding it together,
But you can tell he's-- he's worried.
- All right. I got to call him, see what's going on.
- Does he know about mills and brett?
- No. I didn't think he needed to worry about that right now.
- All right. Good. Let's keep it that way.
- All right.
[cell phone buzzes]
- Christopher.
[continues buzzing]
- Don't leave him hanging.
He'll be worried.
- Herrmann?
- How is everybody?
- Uh...
- Yeah, severide said that there might be
Some kind of a...Problem?
- Little terrance... His lungs ain't working right.
Doctors are all over it, so...
They don't seem too worried.
It's just...
It's hard waiting, you know.
- Yeah, i get it. Uh...
Listen, is there anybody there with you?
- Not yet, but it's okay.
- All the same, i'm gonna send cindy over there.
You hang in there, buddy.
- Yeah, thanks, herrmann.
Um... How's everybody over there?
- Ah, good, you know.
Everybody's good. Don't worry about us.
I'm gonna go. Give my love to donna.
- Yeah, i will.
- Has anybody looped in dawson?
- No. No. I can.
- I got it.
- Finally.
- Gabby, listen, mills and brett are missing.
- What do you mean, missing?
- They went on a call hours ago and never came back.
We found the ambo and their victim,
But no paramedics.
It's looking like a pretty scary situation.
- Lullo.
- We don't know anything yet.
I'll let you know as soon as we do.
- Okay, thank you, matt.
- Okay.
- What the hell am i doing here?
- All we know is about six hours ago,
Cameras caught a black town car
Driving like crazy down fillmore.
They lost sight of it, so we're searching for it now.
- Whoa.
What's this?
- Hey, otis, let me give you a call back, okay?
- Oh, damn!
- Hey, hey, hey. Shh.
- This is detective halstead of intelligence.
I need to run an illinois passenger tag.
All right. Hey, what do you got?
- Nothing. Car's empty.
Looks like everybody made it out.
- Thank you.
The car was reported stolen yesterday.
- This happened hours ago.
If lullo's got them, they're dead.
- Don't assume anything.
- Well, where the hell have they been all this time?
- [breathing hard] - [man moans]
- Hematoma's recollecting. - I thought you fixed him.
- He needs medical attention.
- Isn't that your job?
- We're paramedics, not doctors.
You need to get him to an er.
- This is your fault anyway, that smart-ass stunt.
Fix him, or i'll put a bullet in your head.
- This lump on your buddy's neck is due to internal bleeding.
As it grows it presses on his trachea,
And that's what's causing the difficulty in breathing.
It's only gonna get worse. - So cut it open again.
- That's only a temporary fix. Look...
You're gonna die unless you get this bleed tied off.
You need to get to the hospital.
- We might as well waltz into a police station.
- No hospitals. [breathing hard]
[cell phone rings]
Don't answer it, not if we're giving him bad news.
- Can't you guys tie off the bleed?
- No. - Maybe.
- What? Mills, that's surgery.
- Look, if we do this, will you let us go?
- Okay. Deal.
- No, we are just paramedics. All we have is a first aid kit.
- All we do is make an incision and clamp the bleeding.
It's not gonna be pretty, but it's gonna save his life.
[cell phone rings]
- Yeah.
We know.
It's under control.
- No way he lets us go.
- He's not in charge.
You are, right?
- I just want to get out of here.
- Well, we have a deal?
- [whispers] no.
- Yeah, yeah, we have a deal.
- Whoa.
[emergency radio chatter]
- Reporting for duty, lieutenant.
- I actually took 81 out of service.
- Because i left you shorthanded?
- It's not just you, it's this whole mess.
Plus i sent herrmann to the hospital to be with boden.
- Why? What's wrong with boden?
- Uh...Donna went into labor.
The baby's in critical condition.
- Ah, no.
Well, what about brett and mills?
- We think they were inside this mess.
- Trunk's clear.
- Jay. - Hey, gabby.
- You gotta find them.
- We're trying.
- Hey, guys, i got some blood here.
- All right, at least one occupant is injured.
Maybe they didn't get too far.
Come here. Come here. Come here.
I want a tight perimeter, i want a canine unit,
And i want a door to door search of the entire neighborhood.
If you see anything you think might be out of place,
I want to hear about it.
- All right, let me have the knife.
Hey...Better set the gun aside.
This is gonna hurt, like, a lot, okay?
I'm gonna go quick.
- Uhh! Aah!
- Aah. - Aaaahhhh...
- That was the easy part.
- Aaaahhhh!
- Hey, what happened?
What did you do? - It's okay, he just passed out.
- Clamp it here.
- You do realize what that will do?
- It's called an ecmo machine.
It's drawing blood from terrance's carotid artery,
Oxygenating it, and then putting it back in
Through a vein in his leg.
- So basically it's breathing for him?
- Exactly.
It's doing the work of his lungs so they can heal.
- When can we see him? - We're still pretty busy
In there adjusting his anti-coagulant dosage.
- Don't let us hold you up.
- Look, i won't lie to you.
He's in a tough spot,
But we're doing everything we can for him.
- Thank you, doctor.
- Sounds like he's got a real good chance.
- My boy's a fighter. That much i know.
- Hey, everything okay?
You keep looking at your phone
Every six seconds since you got here.
You just got here.
- Oh, just keeping in touch with the firehouse.
- Why, what's wrong?
- Chief, you need to worry about one thing
And one thing only right now-- little terrance.
- Herrmann, don't keep anything from me.
Not right now.
Because i will not handle it well.
- We don't know where mills and brett are.
We found the ambo abandoned in an alley a few hours ago,
But the cops are on it. So are casey and severide.
There's nothing for you to do,
So i didn't want to say anything, all right?
- What exactly should we be looking for?
- I don't know, anything--
Blood, broken glass maybe, if they decide to steal a car.
- Hey. - What's up?
- Alcohol prep pad.
- The same kind we use?
- Brett's crazy about these.
She stuffs them in her pockets before every call.
Casey, we got something.
Casey: On our way.
- What's the holdup? - We're getting there.
- Why so quiet?
- We're...We're just clamping it off now.
All right, you need to find someone to suture him up,
But he's gonna live. - Good.
You, come here. - No, hey, hey.
- Hey! - I need her.
- What are you doing? We have a deal.
- I got to make sure he's okay first.
- [coughs] - hey, yeah,
You're all right, right?
- There. He's okay.
- We'll see.
- Hey, got another one.
- Okay, shh.
I need you guys to get back behind the door.
Get back behind the door.
- But the deal was,
We fix him up and you let us leave.
- I know what the deal was.
- Then honor it. - We got to go now.
Damn it. They're inside.
The door's bolted. Can you get us in?
- Severide, where are you guys?
Severide: On our way.
- Vic, you said you'd rein in your partner,
So how about it? - Will you shut up?
- I knew we couldn't trust you two.
Drop the gun.
I said drop it.
- [grunts] ah!
- [yells]
[thudding against door]
- We're trapped.
- Uhh! [kicking door]
- Stay--
- Door.
- Ready?
- Chicago pd! Don't move.
Drop your weapon! Do it!
Do it now! Get on the ground!
Put your hands up over your head.
- Mills? Brett?
[metal clatters]
- Yeah, in here.
- Anyone hurt? - No, we're okay.
- Sylvie.
- Boy, is it good to see you two.
- Uh...I'll let boden know we're here.
- Listen, about the other night,
I really did have to charge my phone.
Nothing happened.
- I know.
I mean, i believe you.
- So can we talk?
- We will.
- Hey, there he is, big daddy boden.
- Hey.
Where's mills and brett?
- Oh, they're tied up.
I mean, not literally, of course.
Not anymore. - They're at chicago pd.
What's the latest with terrance?
- Uh...
Still on the machine.
- Okay. - Yeah.
- Hey, uh... You want to hear
How dawson found brett and mills?
- Yeah, yeah i do.
- We have numerous witnesses saying they saw you
Make a serious threat against peter mills.
- My son was dead.
I was upset.
- Yeah, that certainly squares with the eyewitness statements.
"mr. Lullo was livid.
"full of rage.
Frothing at the mouth."
- Look, i went over there
And i apologized to peter mills, and he accepted my apology.
He's a good kid.
- So you no longer blame mills for the death of your son?
- I don't understand what's going on here.
I thought you caught the men that took those paramedics.
- Yeah, we caught two of them, yeah, so far.
- And you think it goes deeper.
- It always does, you know.
It's like an iceberg.
- You know, i don't want to tell you how to do your job here,
But shouldn't you be talking to the guys you caught
And find out what they know?
They're keeping their mouths shut, aren't they?
- What is going on in there? He's walking all over you.
- Maybe i should smack him around a little bit?
Mills, he's here on his own volition.
We don't have anything on him. - Those guys had a cell phone.
They had to be calling somebody. - Yeah, it was
A pay-as-you-go phone. It was registered to johnny cash
In the middle of the indiana sand dunes.
- If i could just talk to the older guy, vic,
The guy that we saved, i know--
- I already told you he refuses to see you.
Now, if you visit that guy in the lock-up,
He could get branded a snitch.
A guy like that, he's gonna gladly do hard time
Before he rats on someone of lullo's stature.
- So we can't do anything. - We will handle it from here.
- Did they get him? - No, son of a bitch
Is gonna walk.
Hey, brett, you okay?
- I'm fine.
- Hey, is everything okay between you and mills?
What's that?
- During the helicopter crash, i rescued this sketchy guy.
- Well, what is he, like a handyman or something?
- No, he's no handyman.
He had a gun and a bunch of fake ids and passports.
I'm gonna see if he can help us take down lullo.
- This guy? How's he supposed to help?
- Let's find out.
Can i borrow your phone?
Those guys threw mine out the window.
- You are not calling this guy, sylvia.
Let the cops do their thing.
- Cops can't do anything, but maybe we can.
- Look, i get it that you're upset,
But this is not the way that you want to go about this.
- Those guys were gonna kill us.
I had a gun to my head all that time, hours and hours,
Just waiting to die.
Anthony lullo is not going to get away with that.
Now, can i borrow your phone or not?
- You do not agree to see this guy unless i'm there, okay?
- Thank you.
- I'd much rather not make a connecting flight
With an infant.
Look, dad, i'm gonna have to run.
No, no, no, we'll talk later.
I love you too.
- What are you, booking a vacation?
- My dad.
He wants to fly us down as soon as the baby can travel.
- You haven't told him what's going on?
- Well, i guess i haven't conveyed
The full gravity of the situation.
I keep hoping things will improve, you know.
I don't want to worry him.
Now he's gonna book us a trip that we may never take.
- There is no question
That lullo is the one behind this attempt on our lives,
But the cops have no way of connecting him to it.
He's just gonna get away scot-free.
- Sounds like it.
- Well, you know people, right?
So maybe you could ask around,
See if anybody heard anything
About lullo putting a price on our head.
I don't know.
Look, i know lullo is a powerful man,
But you said if i got into any kind of trouble
That you could help me.
- So you're calling in your chit.
- My--my what?
Yeah, i am.
- I'll see what i can do.
- Anything new about the baby?
- No change.
- I can't imagine what donna and boden are going through.
- I'm heading back in the morning,
If you want to come with me.
- Matt...
- Gabby...
We can work it out.
- I don't know.
I shouldn't have walked off shift like that.
That was crazy and completely unprofessional.
And i abandoned two of our own when they needed us the most.
- You didn't know that.
Besides, i gave you permission to leave.
- You shouldn't have.
That's the point. - It all worked out.
You came back.
Hell, you're the one who found mills and brett.
- That doesn't change the fact
That the thing we swore would never happen, happened.
Our relationship got in the way of the job
And the job in the way of the relationship.
I mean, we don't--we don't even talk about stuff anymore,
And i feel like we can't.
- So you're leaving.
- I just think we need some space from each other,
And maybe...That's the only way
We can figure this whole thing out.
- Sounds like you've made up your mind.
- I just thought, as your friend and roomie,
You could have told me you and brett were a thing.
- I didn't want to speak too soon, okay?
We're still dipping our toes in the water.
- And how's the water?
- I'm optimistic.
I mean, she finally moved out of that pilsen hell-hole.
Found a sweet pad in wicker park.
Plenty of room for us to lay around
On lazy sundays, drink coffee...
- Nice.
- Hey.
Can you believe dawson and casey split up?
- Yeah, i don't know how real that is.
- I think it's real. I just offered to let dawson
Move in with me in the new apartment, and she said yes.
- Hey.
- Hey, so guess what.
Vic, the goon, is willing to see you.
- What? How did you do that?
- You can see him in the jail infirmary
First thing in the morning.
- Okay, yeah, yeah, i'll be there.
Wait, really, how did you do that?
- Really don't worry about it.
- It just sucks, you know.
But it's better to pull the ripcord now
While we can still salvage a professional relationship.
- Dawson, i don't like to get in the middle of these things,
But you sound like someone who's trying to convince herself
That she made the right call.
- I'm not deluding myself, herrmann.
This is obviously the right thing to do,
Otherwise wouldn't casey have said something?
Wouldn't he have stopped me from walking out the door?
It's just the way it's got to be.
- Wow, what happened here?
- I had an accident.
- You need to talk to her.
- I did talk to her. Right before she walked out.
- You need to put up a fight, casey.
You could have stopped her.
- Yeah, i could have.
But our situation was too hard on her,
And it couldn't have been easy for her to make this decision.
It wouldn't be fair for me to hold her back.
- And this is fair for you?
- How's everybody hanging in there?
- Hey. We're getting by, christopher.
We're getting by.
- I just came by to pick up cindy.
- You two get some rest.
I'll come back again tomorrow.
- Thank you for everything. - Thank you.
- Folks, we have started to wean little terrance
Off the ecmo unit,
And it does look like his lungs are improving.
- So he's out of the woods?
- Well, it means his lungs are recovering,
But once he's off the machine and no longer sedated,
We are gonna have to monitor him for neurological deficits.
He was oxygen deprived for quite a while.
- You're talking about brain damage.
- We'll just have to wait and see.
- Right in there. No contact, please.
- Sure. Thanks.
Not sure why you changed your mind.
- Look, i agreed to talk to you, but i'm not gonna help you.
I don't care who your friends are.
- How's your neck?
- Doc says you did good work given what you had.
He also says i'm very trusting.
One false move, you could have given me a massive stroke.
- Yeah, well, that's my job...
To help people, not hurt them.
You know, i tried to help anthony lullo's son,
But he was beyond help.
- I don't know anyone named lullo.
- That's what the cops are saying,
That you have no prior connection to him.
Why would be willing to pay hard time on his behalf?
- Look, kid,
Hypothetically speaking,
Let's say i talk and lullo gets locked up.
You think that's the end of it?
You think he can't reach you from behind bars,
A guy like that?
- So you do know him?
- You better leave.
- Look, if lullo shares in the blame,
Why don't you let him share in this punishment?
- Guard!
This man's bothering me.
- Okay, that's enough.
- You think this is honorable, what you're doing?
It isn't.
Okay, i saved your life. - Okay.
- What has lullo ever done for you, huh?
- Oh, sorry. You go ahead.
- Please, this is already my second cup.
- [clears throat]
What happened there?
- Oh, i had an accident.
- Did you see him?
- Yeah. Not that it did any good.
- Sylvie, sweetheart,
A patrolman dropped this off for you.
Found it searching your ambulance the other day.
- Thanks. - Totally forgot about that.
Never got a chance to open it.
- Yeah.
- I got it for the dashboard.
- Why a hula dancing shark?
- I guess i thought it would make you smile.
Look, i know that you're mad at me
For saving that creep's life, but i--
- I'm not. I'm not mad at you.
- Then why can't you look me in the eye?
- Because of what you must think of me.
I asked you to let a man die.
That's messed up.
- Those guys were gonna kill us. - Well, you knew that,
And you didn't let it cloud your moral judgment.
I mean, i am a first responder.
A thought like that is never supposed to enter my mind.
- You wouldn't be human if it didn't.
I gave you the chance to clamp off that carotid,
And you didn't take it.
That's all that matters.
[alarm blares]
- Engine 51. Truck 81.
Squad 3. - Cool shark.
- Ambulance 61. Structure fire.
[siren wailing]
[horn blasting]
- Oh, brother. Storage units are the pits.
- Because of all the locks?
- Yep, you got to bust into each unit,
And worse, you got no idea
What you're gonna find behind each door.
- There's smoke up on the second floor.
I have no clue where it's coming from.
- Let's knock this thing down before it spreads.
- Cruz, get the saw. - Right.
- Everyone else, silver bullets.
Spread out and find the source.
- All right, check for heat.
Yow! All right, we found it.
- Cruz, get us in.
[saw engine revving]
- Whoa! Whoa, whoa!
[high-pitched whistling]
Hey, propane tank!
Get back! [whistling increases]
- Hey, this place could blow any second.
Get back, all of you!
- Everybody fall back.
- Wait, he's gonna need water.
- Go!
- You're a madman, severide.
- Nice work, everyone. Hardly any damage.
- Hey, how'd that fire start?
- We'll find out when we overhaul.
Good hustle in there.
- Thanks.
See, it's much simpler, isn't it?
Lieutenant. Candidate.
We know where we stand with each other.
This is gonna work, matt.
- You think so?
- Don't you?
- I guess, yeah.
Okay, well, gather up your tools.
- It's halstead.
Hey, what's up?
- What?
- Okay.
Vic agreed to talk.
Just arrested lullo.
How'd you do that?
- I just got you in the door.
You did the rest.
- Okay, who wants to be the first to hold terrance boden?
- Ahh. - Oh, my god.
Look at this sweetness. Oh, my god.
- He's off the machine. - And breathing normally.
And preliminary neurological tests reveal no deficits.
- That's very welcome news.
- We're gonna have to monitor him for a long time on that,
But i'm hopeful.
- Then so am i.
[baby fussing] hey, little man.
Oh, boy.
[whispering] hey, little man.
Hey, little man.
[baby fussing]
- You gonna share the baby?
Oh, oh, hi.
- There you go. - Hi.
- There's your mama.
- Is that my beautiful grandson?
- Dad.
- Say hello.
- Looks like this pile of boxes knocked this can over.
Vegetable oil seeped into the rags.
Get how that works, dawson?
- If cotton or linen come into contact with vegetable oil,
Bacteria decomposes the fabric,
And if the heat can't escape, you get spontaneous combustion.
- Correct.
- Whole boxes of brake fluid, a dozen bags of cat litter,
And chlorine powder.
That's not what most people keep in their storage lockers.
This looks like the stockpile of an arsonist.
- All right, we'll get ai in here to have a look.
- Hey, guys.
- What the hell?