Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 2, Episode 9 - You Will Hurt Him - full transcript

Battalion Chief Boden prepares to counterattack McLeod in a final effort to save the firehouse from closure and the romance between Dawson and Casey escalates. Leon is making progress in the gang murder investigation, but Cruz cannot stand being left in the dark by Voight, fearing for his brother's safety. Meanwhile, Severide and Katie bond to make up for lost time and Otis feels uncomfortable living with Severide and Shay after Devon's latest escapade.

Shay has transferred out of 51.

Previously on
Chicago Fire...

- You should talk to her.
- She shuts me down every time.

She'd rather ride around
with that Devon chick.

- The TV's gone.
- What the hell's going on?

I gave Devon a key.

I'm going to shut down 51.

Let's talk about you
and P.D.


Maybe Leon could help us.

You want Leon
to go back into the gang?

- They'll kill him.
- Not if he plays it right.

The truth is,

I don't know where
I'd be without you.


You hungry?

You want me to...

want me to fry up some eggs
or something?

- Hmm.
- I mean, not that we have to.

If you have somewhere to be...



Gabby... [chuckles]

I had a chance at this
a year ago, and I blew it.

I've been regretting it
ever since.

So, I'm not about
to grab my things

and make up excuses
to get out of here.

As far as I'm concerned...

it's our time now.

- [boys chatting]
- [boy] I'll see you later.


- You can't be here, Joe.
- I know. I know.

I just wanted to see
how you were doing.

- I tried calling.
- I'm okay.

- Just busy.
- Listen, Leon...

I'm getting married.

Married? To who?


Who's Zoya?

Hey, man...

Yo, man!

Get in there!

Detective Olinsky.
You can't be here.

What, I can't walk down
a public street?

Not here, not this street,
not today.

Well, I wouldn't even be here
if your boy Voight

knew how to work
his voice mail.

Don't worry.

Leon's in good hands.

Yeah, sure he is.


That's right.

Hey, have we heard
anything at all

from the police
or an insurance company or...

That's a good question.

I'm on it. I'm on it.

I filed the claim.

And, you know,
I'm gonna check back in

with the cops today.

But right now
I got to get to west town.

I'm gonna be late
for my shift.

Hey, did you even tell
the cops that it was Devon?

You think I'm protecting her?
She ripped me off too.

Shay, why don't you
come back to 51?

Everybody's asking about you.

You got to graduate
high school sometime, you know.

- Where's gung ho Joe?
- I don't think he's coming back.


Aw, man.

I was just getting used
to chout.

Hey, Dawson.

What's the deal?
Shay sick?

I bet she's got that nasty bug
that's going around.

She is in for a bad time.

- You want a skim latte?
- Sure.

the lid's not really...


That's great.
This is great. This is great.

One minute into my shift,
I'm already covered in gak.

This is never gonna
come out.

My wife's gonna freak out on me.
[phone chimes]

We're going to have
a good day today, McAuley.

Think positive.

Don't "catastrophize"


Oh, my God.

You're crazy.

A little, yeah.

Casey, we can't...
we can't do this.

Not with that attitude.
Come on.

You're out of your mind.

You're amazing.

[alarm blares]

[over P.A.] Truck 81, ambulance 61...

Officer in distress,
Bishop and Huron.

[engine turning over]

First call of the day,
my P.I.C.'s M.I.A.

What are you waiting for?

[sirens wailing]

I told them
to tell you no sirens.


A lady called us 'cause her cat
got stuck on the roof.

Ah... funny-looking cat.

He climbed up there
to get the cat.

But it ran back inside.
Now he's stuck.

You're dead, Becerra!

I'm going to kill you
in your sleep!

Yeah, whatever you say,

He didn't want me to call it in.

Hang tight, Tackett!
We'll have you down in no time.

- I don't need your help!
- You heard the man... Let's go.

Hey, that's enough.

- Let's raise the aerial.
- All right.

- This is a new one.
- Get ready for the splat.

Shake a leg, guys!

We got to rescue Reno 911
up there.

[aerial clattering]

[radio chatter]

I'm fine.
I can get down by myself.

I'm right next to you,
so hold on.

- Just hold on...
- Aah! Aah! Aah!

[metal groaning]

[electricity crackling]

Help! Please help!

Chicago Fire S02E09
"You Will Hurt Him"

Sync and corrected by Gianluca Belfiglio

Help! Hurry!

Mills, rope bag.
Bring in that forklift!

Herrmann, Otis, Mouch,
get up on the turntable.

We got a live wire.
Don't move the aerial.

[tackett grunting, metal creaking]

Tackett, stop moving!

Tie me a handcuff knot.

- Seconds away.
- Got it.

- Yep.
- Tackett, I need you

to feed your wrists
through those loops.

- Can you do that?
- I think so.


Oh, this is bad.
No way this turns out well.

He's dead,
paralyzed at the very least.

Okay, McAuley,
we can't do this all day.

Acknowledge reality?


Hold on.

Come on.
You can do it.


All right,
let's lift him up!

[electricity crackles]

We got you.

- You hurt anywhere?
- No.


- Thanks.
- You got it.


Uh, I... I haven't watched TV
in days.

Please let me pick
the channel.

This is not a precedent
I'm eager to set.

Yeah, well, moving in
with Shay and Severide

- so find a new place.
- Yeah, but what do I tell them?

Shay feels bad enough

about her gal pal
robbing us blind.

I'm not gonna pile
more guilt on her.

Well, you know,
there is another way.

I had
a bad living situation once,

but I knew if I walked out,

my roommate would keep
my security deposit.

So I simply adopted
a number of,

some might say,
irritating habits.

Before long, he was practically
paying me to leave.


Come on, get it, get it!
[dog growling]

Come on!

She's got you trained
pretty well.

Uh, nope, I'm just trying
to dodge Casey

so I don't have to fix
the toilets.

- Ah, smart.
- Yeah.

- What's new with you?
- Me?

Nothing, nothing at all.

Actually, I sort of have
to talk to you about something.

It's just kind of awkward.

Oh, boy.

Um, I spoke to Isabella

And she told me that you guys
sort of hit a sour note.

- She told you about that, huh?
- My unsolicited opinion...

You're overthinking this.

That is what Boden said.

If enough people tell you
you're drunk, lie down.

You should give her a call.

Yeah, you're right.

And, yes, thank you.
This is awkward.

- Hi.
- Well, somebody's lost.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Can I help you?

Yeah. I just need to drop
this off real quick. Um, can I...

Oh, that is
a good-looking beet salad.

Are you sure
you're in the right place?

Oh, I'm sorry.
I should have introduced myself.

I'm Katie.
I brought lunch.

Cool. Hi, Katie.

Are you sure
you're in the right place?

I'm Kelly's sister.

Now, the lasagna
is vegetarian.

Is that okay?


What if none of us
are vegetarian?

Ah, I'm just messing
with you!

It smells delicious.

So, Severide,
walk me through this.

Your dad and Katie's mom...

You see, Mouch,

when a man and a woman share
a special hug...

I understand the plumbing.

I'm just trying to figure out
why Benny would keep

this delightful young lady
a secret.

I don't know.
You'll have to ask Benny.

- Hey, how's the food, guys?
- Oh, it's great.

The food is magnificent, Katie.
Thank you.

- Thank you.
- Delicious. Thanks.

[softly] Good job.

Whoo. [giggles]

[knock at door]

- Paperwork, huh?
- Uh-huh.

Maybe you should
take a break.

Think anybody would notice
if we draw the blinds

- and lock the door?
- I don't know.

Let's ask Cruz.

Cruz, we're trying
to figure out

whose clothes are
in the washing machine.

Uh... not mine.

I'll keep asking around.

See you.

[door closes]

I don't know what to do.

- Leon?
- I can't go see him.

I can't call him.

Voight refuses
to keep me in the loop.

I'm going out of my mind here.


Maybe Antonio can help.

Maybe I can get Dawson
to give him a call.

You'd love it.

It's this little neighborhood
place over on Wolcott.

Bring your friends by sometime.
I'll hook you up.

It's called Molly's.

- That sounds cool.
- Yeah.

Who's Molly?

Now, that's actually
a very interesting story.

So, when we bought the place up,
we discovered

this old safe hidden
in the wall.

- Ooh.
- Yeah, and, uh, so...

we open the safe,
and we discover

these old war medals inside.

And, um...

they ended up belonging
to this old guy

who asked us to name
the place Molly's.

- There you go.
- [both chuckle]

I love that story.

See, that was annoying.

You'll be out of that apartment
in no time.

[chuckles awkwardly]

I never had a big brother

put the death stare
on someone for me.

Oh, he's harmless.

- Hey, thanks for doing this.
- Yeah.

All right,
I better get moving.

- I'm gonna be late to class.
- Well, go. We'll clean up.

I can drop this stuff
by your place tomorrow morning.

- Are you sure?
- Yeah.

Thanks. And thanks
for convincing me to do this.

Bye, everybody.

- Bye, Katie. Thank you.
- Bye-bye.

Ugh. Ugh.

[chuckles] Elbow-deep
in the pisser... Nice.

Yo. What is up, Antonio?
[liquid bubbling]

I got to talk Joe Cruz
off the ledge,

but I wanted to come
say hi first.

Yeah, well, I would shake
your hand, but...

- I'm good. Thanks.
- Yeah.

What, uh...
What's going on, Antonio?

So you completed
the written and physical tests

- for the police department...
- Yeah.

Wich got your name on a list

of pre-qualified candidates
for the open positions

they're going to announce
on the first of the year...

Positions to be filled
by lottery.


Well, guess
who just won the lottery.

Smile, Mills.
You're gonna be a cop.

Hey, Devon.

Uh, it's Leslie again.

Um, look, I...

I don't care
why you did it. I...

[breathes deeply]

I don't care about my things.

But... But my roommates,
you know, I...

I need their stuff back,
so, uh...

you know, if I meant...

if I meant anything
to you, um...

at all, uh...

just please, please,

please get me
their stuff back.

All right?

[sniffles] Thanks.

- Severide.
- Yeah, Chief.

Just got a call from 25.

Shay still hasn't shown
for her shift.


Well, you know,
she's still getting used

to that bus route.
She could be...

You ever get tired
of making excuses for her?

- I'll call her now.
- Thank you.

[line trilling]

Hey, it's Leslie.
Sorry I missed your call.

[voice mail beeps, phone beeps]

After Flaco died
in that fire,

his cousin stepped up
to fill his shoes.

- Doc?
- That's right.

He's calling the shots now
for the Insane Kings.

And before your brother
can become an associate member,

he's got to meet with Doc...
you know, kiss the ring.

And you don't think
that Doc is gonna care

That Leon quit the gang
once already?

If it gets dicey,
we'll be nearby, listening in.

This is our chance
to get Doc on record

admitting that he was

behind the shooting
that killed Yvette.

Antonio, I grew up
with these guys.

Doc is worse than Flaco.

He's always itching
to prove himself.

That's why we got to stop him

before any more kids get caught
in his cross fire.

- When's the sit-down happening?
- Within the hour.

- Let Cruz listen in.
- I can't let him in that van.

You brought me along
when you took down Voight.

Yeah, well, the guy wearing
the wire that time

wasn't your brother.

- Didn't that guy end up dead?
- Unrelated.

That's why
we can't bring him along.

You're too close to this, Joe.

Just let us do our job.
We'll take care of Leon.

Will you at least
let me know how it goes?

I'll call you
the minute it's over.



You... You heard
from Shay today?

No, I don't hear
from Shay, period. Why?

Um, she didn't show up
for work at west town.

She's not returning my calls.

I don't know what to tell you.
It's the new Shay.

[alarm blares]
[over P.A.] Truck 81,

squad 3, ambulance 61,

person trapped,
Superior and Sangamon.

[sirens wailing, horn blares]

[cell phone rings]



[whistles] Come on.

Antonio, it's Casey.
How'd it go?



Leon's fine.

But I guess it got
a little squirrelly.

They didn't get
what they need.

- Oh, God.
- He's fine.

Yeah, you told me.

[sirens wailing, horn blares]

It's running! It's running!

- You have to stop it!
- What's... What's running?

The trash compactor!
Make it stop!

My husband...
He dropped his cell phone

down the trash chute.

He climbed in after it.

[man shouting, muffled]

- Someone help me!
- Where's that Halligan?

Aah! Help!
[loud banging]

Someone, please! [muffled shouting]

Sev, did you figure it out?

No, I can't reach the ratchet
binder on the side.

It's too close to the wall.

Capp, torch!

I don't hear him anymore.

- Mills!
- I'm trying!

Gimme the ax.



This is gonna be
a disaster...

Worst call of the year,
mark my words.

McAuley, enough!

Hydraulic pressure

is putting a lot of strain
on that door.

All right, heads up!

Look out!

What the hell
was that about, Herrmann?

Just looking out
for you, Clarke.

Everybody okay?

- I'm good.
- Let's go, then.

Time to get our hands dirty.

I got him! I got him!

We got a broken femur.

Hey, he's still breathing.

All right, get this under him
to stabilize his spine.

- Okay, he's up.
- Got him?


Oh, boy.

Here comes
a MRSA infection.

McAuley, knock it off!

Why don't you watch
where you're going?

[inhaling and exhaling]


[sobbing and crying]

Hey, guys. Look what I got.

A magical talisman
to keep women away?

No. It's called a djembe.

I, uh, got it
from my buddy Kevin over at 66,

'cause I always wanted
to learn how to play.

[playing djembe off-rhythm]

- Do you mind?
- Oh, don't worry.

I'm only gonna practice

in the privacy
of my own apartment.


[sighs] Are you sure
this is gonna work?

I guarantee it.
My old roommate...

I annoyed him so much,

he actually punched me
in the face.

Wow. Okay.

[phone vibrates]

Oh, man.

Hey, Pete.

Do you know about Gabby
and the Lieutenant?

[whistles, clicks tongue]

- [McAuley whistles]
- Yeah, yeah.

I got it.


You look like you were having
a good time out there,

but I have a better idea.

I like it already.

[zipper opens]

[both breathing heavily]

Hey, Herrmann.

"Tactics for
the fire officer," huh?

A little light reading?

I'm studying
for the Lieutenant's exam

so I can fail it
for the fourth time.

"How much of pressure
do you get

from a smooth bore
master stream nozzle?"

- Uh, 100 psi?
- 80.

You'd get 100 from a fog
master stream nozzle, I think.



You want to take
the exam for me?

Thanks for saving
my ass back there.

I shouldn't have chewed
your head off.

Ah, don't sweat it.

There's this guy,

some douche my wife
shacked up with

when we were on the outs.

He's trying to elbow his way
back in the picture.

Oh, brother.

- Guy can't take a hint?
- That's the thing.

I think my wife is sending
mixed signals.

That's too bad.

I don't know
why I'm telling you this.


Sometimes, man,
I get so worked up.

It's like when
you first walk into a fire

and everything goes black...

and you don't know
what's gonna happen next.

Yeah, but, Clarke,
if the fire gets bad enough

and if you know you're too late
to make a save,

you bail out, right?

No shame in that.

[door opens]

Yo, Clarke, Severide wants
to jump in the squad

and go for a ride.

Come on, let's go.

[knock at door]

Chief, uh,
I'm getting out of here.

- You need anything before I go?
- Oh, no.

Um, did Ms. McLeod
ever call here today?

Did you want her to?


You have a nice night, Connie.

[door closes]

Shay, you here?

Damn it.


Hey, Dawson.
Great shift today.

You're very cool
under pressure.

I like that in a P.I.C.

In fact, I put in a request
to be your partner.

I feel pretty good
about my chances.

See that?

Fingers crossed.

Shay's in the wind.


I've been dragging my guys
around all night

looking for her.

I'm worried, Dawson.

- You should've reached out.
- I told you, Kelly.

I made my overture.
She chose Devon.

She doesn't have
Devon anymore.

Devon has her TV.

You know, you have everything
you need...

Your brother, your parents.

Shay's family is far away.

She has you and me,

and right now
it's not me that she needs.

- Okay?
- Okay, okay.


I... I have some ideas
where she might be, all right?

I... I'll take it from here.

- I'll find her.
- You better...

'cause I'm sick and tired
of watching you

float through life
while your best friend

is down for the count.

Look, whatever happened
between the two of you...

and I don't care
who's right or wrong...

just fix it.


Oh, sorry, man.

I was in the groove.

You haven't heard
from Shay, have you?

You still haven't found her?

No. Dawson's looking
for her now.

If she shows up,
get in touch, okay?

Sure thing.


- No luck?
- She comes here every day,

but they said that they haven't
seen her since Tuesday.

I don't know.
I'm running out of ideas.

I promised Severide
that I'd find her, but...

- what if I can't?
- You will.

I'll help you.

- You sure?
- Just tell me where to go.

Nobody knows Shay like you.

doesn't take reservations,

so we must wait in line.

Um, and marriage license
cost $60.

No problem.

Maybe Saturday for ceremony?

They're open in the mornings.

Uh, Saturday works.


you're not happy?

We're to be married. [chuckles]

Uh, hey, Zoya.

Uh, can you hang on
for a second?

It's my little brother.

I'll be right back, okay?


what are you doing here?

Antonio said
you was worried about me.

I heard it didn't go so well
with Doc.

It's okay.

But, um...

part of my initiation...

he wants me to come
along on a hit.

Look, get out.

You don't have
to do this anymore.

Whatever heat Voight wants
to bring on me, I'll take it.

I know you would, Joe.

But this is our best shot
at nailing Doc

for what he did to Yvette.

- We can make him pay.
- I can't let you do this.

You have to, Joe.

We got to think
about that little girl.


- Hey.
- Hey.

Your dishes, as promised.


- Honey, who's that?
- Oh.

This is my mom.
Mom, this is...

Benny Severide's boy.

Um, guilty.

I'm sorry.

It's just that you look
so much like he did

back when...
when I met him.

Okay, mom, this is
getting really weird.

It's nice to meet you.

Are you going?

We feel awful
we can't make it.

Am I going where?


Katie's graduation
from cooking school.

Thanks, mom.

Well, we would go, of course,

but the twins have a volleyball
tournament in South Bend.

Oh, um, I didn't...

Oh, it's just
a dumb little ceremony

with the...
with the chef hats and the...

thank you for my stuff.

I'll see you.

You having
an okay time, Pete?

You just seem
a little distracted.

Oh. Nah, I'm good.
I just...

I got a lot of stuff going on.
It's just, uh...

I'm kind of facing
a difficult career decision

and feeling
a little disloyal about.

But I realize that it's...

[background chatter]


- Okay, I know how this looks.
- Yeah!

Like you're parading me
in front of Wheeler again.

I didn't know
he was gonna be here.

You had to know
that there was some chance.

What do I have to do
to convince you?

You want to leave?
Let's leave.

I know a terrific steak house
right down the street.

I'm serious.

I came here to hang out
with you, not Wheeler.

Let's go.

I'll grab our coats.

Peter Mills, my favorite
Chicago firefighter.

you remembered my name.

I'm a politician.
That's what I do.

It's actually all I do,
if I'm gonna be honest.

- [Peter laughs]
- Hey, did you hear?

I had a great conversation
with Isabella this morning

about maybe coming on board
to run my campaign.

I hope you don't mind
if I take her

on the road with me
for a while.

No. No.
[scoffs] Sorry.

The fact is, we've only been
on a couple dates.

Oh, that's interesting,

because my wife has a theory
that Isabella only brought you

to the fund-raiser
to curry favor with me.

I've known you since
you was a shorty.

I never thought you was hard.

I'm coming around, Leon.

I'm coming around.

- I won't let you down, Doc.
- That's good. That's good.

So who we hitting?

You ain't got to worry
about that.

- Just do what I say.
- Is it the Mobstaz?

Yo, son, you got
a hearing problem?

Don't push it, kid.

Just curious, Doc.
Just trying to learn.

What's he doing?

He's trying to get Doc
to incriminate himself

in Yvette's death.

He just needs to sit tight
and shut up

till they get
to the weapons stash.

We'll have 'em on intent.

How are you gonna bust Doc
without outing Leon?

Listen, Cruz,

you're only here because
your brother insisted.

- Enough with the questions.
- These Mobstaz clowns...

They been trying to chip away
at my territory.

I been sending 'em messages,
but they ain't listening.

That's it.
Come on, dirtbag, keep talking.

'cause they don't hear you.

Oh, they heard.

Popped one of 'em
two weeks back

and clipped another one
over on Augusta.

You just clipped him?

Dumb kid got in the way.
What are you gonna do?

We got him on murder one.

He did it.

[tires squeal]

What the hell was that?

[tires squeal]




Get down!
Get your ass down!

Let me see your hands!

Hands where I can see 'em!
Get down on the ground!

All the way down!
Right now!


- Leon!
- Get your ass down.

Ugh! I'm hit!

Yeah, you want
to get hit again?

Keep talking.

- Leon! Leon!
- Hey.

I'm okay, Joe.
I'm okay.

Yo, it ain't my blood.

These guys aren't going

You're dead, shorty.

You're a dead little snitch.

Shots fired
by the 18th Street Bridge.

Plainclothes Officers
on the scene.

Late '70s Blue Lincoln...

I should've known
to check here first.

I've been looking
all over for you.

But then I remembered how much
you like to drive the ambo

across this bridge,

even when it takes us
way off route.

You think I don't notice
this stuff, but I do.

Look, Dawson, if this
is gonna be a lecture...

No lecture, Shay.

Look, I came to apologize.

You asked for my help,
and I didn't show up.

I didn't ask for your help.

No, you basically told me
to go to hell.

But when two friends
have gone through

what we've been through, you can't just say
something like that and really mean it,

and I knew that.

But I pretended like I didn't.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, Shay.

Let me make it up to you.

Let me be your friend again.


Michael Couture.

Did I get that right?

[cheers and applause]

Valerie Aguilera.

- Whoo!
- Yay!




Katie Nolan.




[engine turns off]

That was really sweet
of you, Kelly.

You didn't have to do that.

Well, you have
a big brother now.

And he wants to buy you
a beer to celebrate.


Pretty... Pretty weird.

[door closes]

[all] Surprise!


[overlapping comments]


Good for you!




Come here. [laughs]

I'm proud of you.

Come on!
It's a celebration!

Get over here!
I'll buy you a beer!

- Chop-chop!
- Congratulations.

- Hi.
- Hey. How are you?

- Hey, guys.
- Hey!


I don't know what you said
to Senator Wheeler,

but I just got the job.


How can I thank you?

Isabella, that was all you.

No, Pete.

I'm asking for specifics.

What can I do to thank you?

[rockabilly plays in background]

- Let's get out of here.
- Okay.


Did you get my message?

Yeah. Dawson found Shay.
That's great.

- Yeah. She's okay.
- Yeah.

Or she will be until she sees
that damn bongo drum.

Listen, uh...

the thing is...

I got to...
I got to move out, man.

Um, listen, I'm sorry.

It's nothing personal. It's just...

- I got to find my own space.
- No sweat.

It's cool. I get it.

O... Okay.

Where's Joe Cruz?

I don't know.
Is everything okay?

I need favor of you.

Sure, anything.

Joe Cruz is a good man,
a very good man.

Yes, yes, he is.

I cannot marry him.

It is me using him,
and that is not right to do.

Well, that's very big
of you, Zoya.

Have you discussed
this with Joe?

No, I cannot.

He would hurt too bad.

That's why you have
to hurt him for me.

- No.
- Yes.

- No!
- Yes.

You will hurt him for me.

Thank you, Otis.

I'm telling you...

it's as strong a case
against Doc and the Kings

as we could hope to get...
He's going down.

- You're sure?
- He's going down.

But he'll always have reach,
so we got to protect Leon.

Meaning what?

Cruz, he's got to get
out of town.


How long?

For a long time...

like, maybe forever.

No. Mm-mm.

What other options we got?

This is the kind of thing
you want to do right.

That means getting Leon
out of town tonight, for good.

Now, he says you got
an uncle in Tampa...


- You son of a bitch.
- No, it's okay.

- This is on you.
- You're the one who outed him.

You put him in that position!

It could've been a lot worse,
right, Joe?

It's okay.
I can go live with uncle Jorge.

You can visit me there.


We did a good thing here.

We did a good thing.


Look who's back.

- [all] Hey!
- There she is.

Hey. [laughter, chatter]

Now, if you have any problems
or any issues or questions,

please don't hesitate to call
me or anyone in my office.

- These are things beyond our...
- What the hell is this?

These are the new assignments
for your people.

- New assignments?
- Yes.

As I understand it,

truck 81 and squad 3
hacked their way

into a $40,000 trash compactor,
rendering it inoperable.

Yeah, in the course
of saving a man's life.

Yes, all the same...
The property owner

is now holding
the department responsible.

That's not gonna fly,
and you know it.

Whether or not
this case goes forward, Chief,

that liability risk
was everything I needed

to convince my bosses, so...

you all have
one more shift together.

And Firehouse 51
will be closing.

Sync and corrected by Gianluca Belfiglio