Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 2, Episode 8 - Rhymes with Shout - full transcript

When the shooting of a young girl happens in their neighborhood, Cruz and his brother Leon are forced to think about the gang they have tried to escape. The battle between Chief Boden and ...

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You are not taking
my house,

not without a fight.

You think I'm dating Benny?

I'm his daughter Katie.

When I needed you most,
you left.

I'm here to say
I'm sorry.

Hop in the back.

With all the eyes
on this house,

you really think
it's a good idea

to bring people
on ride-alongs?

What, I can't have
a friend here?

Help me.

- Please!
- Flaco's dead.

We'll take this to the grave,
just me and you.

You've always been there
for me.

Yeah, that'll never change.

I promised Heather
I'd have this stuff

boxed up and shipped
by Friday.

You did a good job taking care
of those kids, Matt.

I'm gonna miss coming by
and hanging out with those guys.

You can still come by.

I may not be as good
at charades,

but I can be
decent company.


Um, all right,

I think that's the last
of it.

I'm serious.
You should still come by.



I... [sighs]

I just feel like

we've already been
down this road, you know?


- I'll see you at work.
- Sure.


Kind of unfair
that I have to pay rent

and she doesn't.

Life is unfair, Otis.

There you go.


Is that
a viper helmet?

Yeah, yeah, yeah...
yes, yes, it is.

- You're a "Battlestar" fan?
- Uh-huh.

This the dual
signature edition,

both Hatch and Benedict?

Yeah, I bought it for like
350 a few years back,

but it's worth way more
than that now.

Better investment than stocks
any day.

That's exactly
what I told my mom.


Hey. Morning.

We blowing off
work today?


I put in a transfer
to another house.

You... You put in
a transfer?

What... What do
you mean?

I just wanted...

I want a change
of scenery.

It's... It's getting
stagnant there.


For how long?


I'm... I'm not coming back
to 51.

The tech professor
was telling me

about some jobs
in heating and cooling repair

that pay
real good money.

Good. As soon as you get
your degree, you can look into it.

- Yes, boss.
- [Joe chuckles]

[bycycle bell rings]
Hey, Leon.

Yvette, be careful.
Drive that thing like a kamikaze.

[laughs] Girl hasn't
listened to us

since we baby-sat her.

Yo, I'ma call you
after I get out of class.



Go, go, go!

[tires screeching]


Oh, no, no, no.

- No, come on.
- Joe, she's breathing?

Come on.
Come on, baby.

- Joe?
- [Joe panting]

Come on!

Chicago Fire S02E08
"Rhymes With Shout"

Sync and corrected by Gianluca Belfiglio

I've got a gunshot wound to
the back of her neck.

I got her pulse back.

Get her into the ambulance,
get her on a monitor.

- She's hanging on.
- Aw, hell no.

I don't need
no damn doctors, man.

- Get the hell up off me!
- Yo, that's Dom.

The Insane Kings been
after him for a while.

[siren whoops]

- Get out of here.
- Why? Who's that?

Just go.

Recognized you
from Firehouse 51.


Hank Voight.
Detective Lindsay.

- Joe Cruz.
- Hey, did you see what happened?

I was around the corner
when the shots were fired.

Shooter's car was gone
by the time I ran up.

Yvette, the victim... She...

I know her and her mom.

They're neighbors.

It's a terrible thing.
I hope she's all right.

Yeah, we'll see if we can get any I.D.
on the shooter from witnesses.

I know where
to find you.

- Sorry, man.
- Sorry.

Excuse me, are you
a real-life firefighter?

[laughs] Isabella.

Is this
your coffee spot?

I remember you used
to get coffee here.

I was hoping
to run into you.

- Okay.
- I have to go

to this black-tie event
tomorrow night for work.

Any chance
you wanna join me?

I'm dateless.

I mean, I'd... I'd love to,
but I don't have a tux.

I can get you one.

Come on, it'll be fun.
I promise.



Benny sent me
Christmas presents

almost every years,
so I'll give him that.

Same here.

- Express mail.
- [Katie laughs]

So what's
your real family like?

My mom got married
when I was four,

and I have
two stepsisters,

twins, volleyball champions
of the world.

- Cool.
- Oh, yeah.

A lot of travel, though.

My mom and stepdad are at
their tournaments every weekend.

I'm sure
they're proud of you too.


I don't plan on...
on working here forever.

I'm hoping to start my own
catering company someday.

- That's great.
- Yeah.

So what got you
into cooking?

Who knows?

I better get back
to work, though.


It's been a really weird thing
seeing Benny again

and finding out
about a half-sibling.

Little weird.

Well, it was...
it was

really nice
meeting you, Kelly.

Hey, any chance
you'd want

to come by the firehouse
and cook for us?

We'd supply
all the ingredients.

- Oh...
- And it would be

good practice
for the catering gig.


- That'd be great.
- Yeah?

- Yeah.
- 6:00?

- That's perfect.
- Okay.

All right,
I'll see you then.

And of course, you know,
my mother's blaming me,

saying that as
her employers,

we should have
figured out a way

to keep her
in the country.

No offense,
but Zoya's english

was a little
no bueno.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Hey, it might
boost sales

if we got a bartender
who could

actually communicate
with the customers.

- Zoya's leaving?
- Yeah.

Back to Mother Russia.


Heard Sergeant Voight
called here looking for you.

What's that about?

He's working a drive-by
went down

in my neighborhood
this morning.

I was nearby
when it happened.


Morning, everybody.

I have a quick announcement
to make.

Shay has transferred
out of 51.

Transferred as in...
as in like past tense?

As in not coming back?

Correct, and it is
her prerogative.

Look, Shay served
this house well.

This here is Alan Choot.

He's gonna be working with us
this shift.

Chout, actually.

Rhymes with shout.
Great to meet you guys.

I am sure you will give him
a warm 51 welcome.

Hey, you're Dawson, right?


Heard great things
about you.

Glad to be here.
Looking forward to seeing some action.


Hey, did...
did you know about this?

I found out at 7:15
this morning.

Hello, Wallace.

You reneged on a deal.

I changed my mind.

It's within my rights
to do so.


You and I, we... we...
we've had some disagreements

in the past,
but that's to be expected.

And I think
we played fair

and were respectful
of each other.

And I like my job
when I'm working

in a situation
like that.

But when someone
crosses me

or underestimates me,

I like it even more

because it gives me
an opportunity

to show exactly
what I'm capable of.

Make no mistake.

I'm going
to shut down 51.

And when I'm done
doing that,

I'm gonna bury you.

[door closes]

Hey, Pouch,
get back here.

Sorry about the busybody.

No problem.
Nice to meet you.

this is my wife Lisa.

This is Herrmann, Otis,
and Mouch.

- Great to meet you, Lisa.
- Yeah, same here.

- Hey, Ryan.
- Hey.

- [both] Nice to meet you.
- Pleasure.

- Come here.
- I'll see you later, baby.

All right.

So you and the wife
are making another go of it.


We went through a rough spot
when I got back from Iraq,

and she was with this other guy
for a while.

But put all that
behind us,

and so far, so good.

Glad to hear it.

Why is Voight
looking for you?

Don't worry. He's just looking
into a shooting in my hood.

That's it.

[alarm blares]

[over P.A.] Ambulance 61,
engine 51,

truck 81, squad 3.

Accident at
Broad and Wacker.

[sirens wailing]

Three-car accident
with multiple victims.

I need two more ambulances.

Copy that.

Chief, we got
the minivan.

Squad, check out
the second car.

You grab the passenger.

Tony, Clarke,
you guys grab the pickup.

On it.

Casey, we got
two booster seats!

Check for kids.

I'll get in to
the driver.

51, drop two lines
and charge 'em.

- I smell gas.
- Right away, Chief.

No kids!
All clear in the back!

Hey, there.
My name's Matt.

We're gonna get
you out of here... Hang tight.

Dawson, could use your help
in the minivan.

On my way.
Go help squad.

She's pinned in
pretty good.

- I need the small ram.
- Got it.

- Hang on, guys.
- I'm here.

Hey, we got two
in the car.

Both are bleeding.
Passenger's unconscious.

[engine revving]

Hey, bud, what the hell
are you doing?

Get your foot off the pedal.
[tires screeching]

Get your foot off the...
[tires screeching]

Capp, get over here!
[tires screeching]

[groans] Get out.

That guy caused
the whole thing.

Was driving like a lunatic.

Let's get you checked out
in the ambo, come on.

No! [groaning]


Hey, get something
to knock him out.


Now, choot!

Let's go.


Chest laceration.
Shortness of breath.

Legs pinned,
but seems pretty alert.

Just breathe nice and easy
for us, okay?

We're gonna take
good care of you.

- Casey?
- Yep.

I'm gonna put
a c-collar on you.

And then you'll be on your way
to the hospital

where you can see
your family.

She'll be free in a sec.
Almost ready?


Back board?

[fire whoosing]

Dawson! [gasps]

I'm good.
I'm good.

You okay?

I'm good.


Get back.

Hit it!

As soon as the flames
took over the car,

I was gonna jump in
the back window myself.

I do a lot of spelunking,
so I'm good with diving

into small spaces,
but I wasn't wearing

my fire protective gear.

Well, it's probably best
if you...

Stayed outside?
Yeah, that's what I figured.

My buddy that I go spelunking with,

he throws these crazy parties
on the weekend, and we always...

Hey, Choot? No offense, but I could really
use some quiet right now.

My head's killing me.

It's Chout, actually.


Hey, Lisa?

I picked up some...

Hey, baby.

What are
you doing here?

Well, heard about
the two of you

gettin' back together.

Wanted to offer
my heartfelt congratulations.

But Lisa and I still
have unfinished business.

I loaned her some money
when we were together...

You're a real piece
of work, Hayes.

I said
I'd pay you back.

Get the hell out.

I know all about you.

Lord knows I've heard
enough about it from this one.

- I want my money.
- Hayes.

I'm not gonna tell you again.
Get out.

I swear to God I didn't know
he was coming over.

He just showed up.

But I'll take care of it.


That didn't go well.

That's how
he always looks.

- Everything all right?
- It's fine.

Hey, who was that guy
who walked out right before...

It's none
of your business, Capp.

Drop it.

Hit it.

Some cities have gone
as far as to sue

to stop cutbacks in essential
emergency services.

Miami, Omaha, Stamford...

You're thinking about
a lawsuit?

Well, it's not
a permanent solution,

but these closures
that McLeod is implementing,

they're in breach
of firefighters' contract

with the city.

We could talk to Sullivan,
President of the Union.

We get him
to file an injunction

- against firehouse closures.
- I don't know, Chief.

Greg Sullivan
is more about

getting his picture taken
than standing up

for his fellow firefighters.


You don't think
it's worth a try

considering we are kind of
fightin' for our lives here?

Hey, Lieutenant, is Shay
serious about quitting 51?

She transferred
to another house.

So yeah, I'd say
she's pretty serious.

It's gonna be strange
not having her around.

I think this is just
her feminine side

kicking in,
meaning temporary dramatics.

10 bucks says
she's back here next shift.


Well, you didn't return
my messages.

Figured I'd pop by.

Sorry about that.
I've been out on calls all day.

Somewhere we can talk?


Insane Kings
have been trying

to take over
that turf again.

Yeah, it's been pretty rough
in my neighborhood lately.

I'll bet.

I noticed your brother Leon
was in the Kings.

He was. I'm proud to say
he broke out of that life.

He's on the straight path,
going to community college now.

Well, congrats on that.

Pretty tough
getting out of the gang

once you've jumped in.

It's lucky thing
his boss Flaco

was killed in
that Humboldt Park fire.

And that little
twist of fate

made a big difference,
I bet.

See, I was thinking

maybe Leon
could help us.

Our best shot,

maybe our only shot,

is to put someone
on the inside.

Shooter's bound to start running
his mouth at some point.

Oh, whoa, whoa,
you want Leon

to go back
into the gang?

They'll sniff that out
right away.

- They'll kill him.
- Not if he plays it right.


We need
his help, Joe,

and I'm hoping
we get it

because as long as I'm focused
on bringing down the Kings,

I won't have time
to take a closer look

at what happened
at that Flaco fire.


I don't know
what you're talking about.

As far as I remember,
that place burned to the ground.

You have a decision
to make.

[knocks at door]

Come on in.

It's weird
not having Shay here.

Did you talk to her
at all?

No. I left
another message, though.

That suicide call's
what started all this,

and I... I keep thinking

that if I had
just handled it differently,

maybe she wouldn't have
bailed on 51.

You can't
second-guess yourself.

Shay made the choice
to switch houses.

That's on her.

- But I was hard on her.
- You're the P.I.C.

Buck stops with you.

When you're in charge
of people,

you... you can't always be
best friends.

Don't beat yourself up.


Not to get all schmaltzy
or anything, but...

thanks for saving
my life today too.



You've done that for me
like a million times

in the last few months.

I've been thinking
about it...

and the truth is...

I don't know
where I'd be without you.

[knock at door]

Hey, I had some questions
about stocking the rig.

You guys go through
like ten times

the amount of supplies
I'm used to.

Yeah, sure.
Okay, yeah.

- I can... I can...
- Help me out?

- Yeah. [chuckles]
- Cool.

Ready? Lift.



Ok. Take it down.

[men groaning]


We're goin' again.
Mouch, sit down.

Herrmann, take my place.
Mills, Otis.

What the hell
is goin' on?

Looks like Casey's got
some serious steam to blow off.

Extreme physical exertion,

food deprivation.

Are we in some kind of
CIA training program

I'm unaware of?

Oh, stop it.
She'll be here any minute.

Who is this she
you keep talking about?

She's just a chef
at a restaurant near here.

This long a wait?

Well, she'd better be
a stripper-chef

popping out of a vat
of pasta marinara.

Maybe I oughta just throw
something together really quick.

If she shows up,
I'll get out of her way.

Go ahead.
She ain't coming.

Everything go okay
with Voight?


Then why do you look
like hell?

It's just been a rough day,
that's all.

[dinner music playing]
[background chatter]

Have you ever worn
a tux before?

Uh, prom.

Well, you rock it.

You are looking
pretty damn good yourself.

Thank you.

I think I got a plan
of what we're doing tonight.

Oh, do you?

- Damn straight.
- God, not here.


Oh, thank you.

Thank you.

- Cheers.
- Cheers.

So who's
this Wheeler guy?

State Senator.
Rising star.

I would love to run
his next campaign.

You got a shot
at the job?

I've been told I'm on his radar.


- [Peter chuckles]
- Oh, come on.

I see him.
I want to introduce you.

Senator Wheeler.

- Isabella, good to see you.
- Good to see you too.

I'd like to introduce you
to my boyfriend, Peter Mills.

- Very nice to meet you.
- Yeah, same here.


I had some thoughts

I wanted to run by you
when you have time.

- Of course, anytime.
- Perfect.

Me and Leon
talked about it,

and he doesn't
want to do it.

So if you've got any dirt
that you got to dig up,

go ahead.

That how you feel
about it, Leon?

Want to let your brother
roll the dice on this?


Would you give us
a second here?

Leon getting himself killed
doesn't help anybody. And if he...

They took Yvette off
life support an hour ago.

She's gone.

I'm sorry, guys.

We're talking about the murder
of a 10-year-old girl here.

You knew her.

It's obvious
that you both cared about her.

I want you to help us
stop all of this, Leon.

Help us put away
whoever did this.

We will be with you.

We will be with him
every step of the way.

I promise you that.

So will you help us?

It wasn't so bad, right?


So what was this plan

you had for later, huh?

Uh, um,

I gotta ask you
a question.

Mm, the answer is yes.

[chuckles] Um...

Did you bring me
here tonight

because you thought
having a black boyfriend

would help you get
the job?

Absolutely not.

It's just,

you know, yesterday,
we were reconnecting.

Tonight, I'm your boyfriend.

It's... It's
a quick promotion.

It seemed like
the simplest way

to introduce you,
I guess.

Pete, I like you.

That's why I invited
you here tonight.


I'm gonna grab
a cab home.


Thank you.


I have to make
this quick, McHolland.

Have two meetings
to get to.

I understand.
I gotta get to work, too.

Did you have a chance to look at
Chief Boden's proposal?

- I did.
- Then you know

we've got a good case,

but the union
has to spearhead it

or we can't
push it through.

[laughs] Problem is
I can't do it.

Why not?

It'd be a pretty
dumb move of me

to piss off
state officials

my first month
into the job.

You can understand that.

Let's be honest.
This isn't my fight.

It's 51's.


I was handed
a lot of dirt

about you
during the election,

and I kept it
under wraps

because I didn't think
it was right for me

to personally benefit
from airing it out.

But to protect
my Chief,

and my brothers
and sisters on the job,

I will shout it
from the rooftops.

I assume you're referring
to my ex

trying to chisel me
for more child support.

Yeah, that probably
would have done some damage,

but the election's
over, pal.

Go ahead.
Climb up on that rooftop.

No one will care,
and you'll come across

like a bitter loser.

Lucy Hofnagle.

She's in my book club.

You broke her heart,

something your current wife

would probably be surprised
to discover.

Oh, no.

Voight threatened
to look into

what happened
with the Flaco fire

if Leon wouldn't go back
into the gang undercover.



But Leon,

he's gonna do it,

Our neighbor,

this young girl...


She died.

He wants to help,
and I can't stop him.

After everything I did
to get him out,

now he's going
back in,

and it was all
for nothing.


Getting him out of there
wasn't for nothing.

It was all right,
it steered that kid straight.

You've done everything
you could for him, all right?

Now, you have
to trust

that he'll make it out
on his own this time.

All right?


Chout's back.

I am going
to kill this guy

if I have to sit next to him
one more second.

You need to talk
to Shay.

I've tried, Dawson.

Maybe you should go
by the apartment,

- talk to her.
- No, I've reached out.

I've left messages.

She shuts me down
every time.

She'd rather ride around
with that Devon chick

than talk to me.

I don't know what else
I can do.

[alarm wails, buzzes]

[over P.A.] Ambulance 61,
injury at 2909 North Hudson.

Let's rock and roll.

- [Chout] Whoo!
- [Kelly sighs]

Oh, thank God.
This way.

I heard someone coming in
the back door.

I thought
it was an intruder,

so I went at him
before I realized

it was just
my neighbor Luis.

You went at him?

- [Luis groaning]
- Whoa.

Look, it's pulsating.

- It's directly in the...
- Heart.

Oh, my God.

If it moves much,
we could lose him.

We have
to stabilize it completely.

Grab a two-inch tape.
We gotta secure the fork.

Do you bake, ma'am?

- I'm sorry?
- I need a bundt cake pan,

the kind with a... a hole
in the center.

Yeah, I... I got
one of those.

Chout, I can't do
this without you.

Let's rock and roll.
Come on.


This should stop anything
from knocking into it

or sending it in
any deeper.


Hold that there for me,
nice and firm.


Okay, let's get him
on the backboard nice and slow.

Did you see how impressed
that attending was

when he saw
the setup?

Yeah. [chuckles]

What happened with you
and your old partner, Shay?

Sometimes partners go
their separate ways.

- Happens.
- Maybe she was intimidated.

You gotta bring the A-game
to be your partner.

You're... You're amazing.

Well, Shay's pretty
amazing too.

Hey, you know my buddy Blair,
the one I spelunk with?

His lake house party
is this weekend.

You and me,
we should go.


Chout, you're
a really nice guy,

but the thing is...

I'm taken.


Hey, it's Betty Crocker.

Those home EC classes
finally paid off, huh?

Hey, Choot wants me
to tell your cake pan story

on my next podcast.

Apparently, he's a big fan
of the show.


- Sorry.
- No problem.

Hey, come on,
let's go.

Change at the bar.
We're late for deliveries.

[clears throat]

You wanted
to see me, Chief?


I just got a call
from Commissioner's Office.

An injunction against McLeod
and her bosses is in the works.

Glad to hear it.


It's just been
really crazy.

I'm sorry.

You were never planning
on coming, were you?


I was ten

when I met Benny
for the first time.

He held me
really tight,

and said how sorry
he was

and how he was gonna be
in my life...

how I was
his daughter.

And I mean,

I can't tell you
how much that meant to me.


The next time
I saw him

was two weeks ago.

I'm sorry he disappeared
on you, Katie.

[sighs] I'm really happy

with my life right now,

and I just...

I don't want to spend
anymore of it

worrying about another trapdoor
that might open,

so I just really hope
that you can understand that.

I can.


I'm not Benny.

I'm proud of you.


Hey, Clarke!

I thought you were heading
home tonight.

Decided it'd be better
to come here.

All right.

Sometimes you need
to step away from a situation

before it goes bad,
you know what I mean?

Yeah, sure.

- I'm glad you came then.
- Thanks.

I can't have you
stepping out of line.

You got an IPA
on tap?

- Can you help this jarhead out?
- Coming right up.

You drink too fast.

Not fast enough.

If I was drinking now,
I'd drink fast too.


Because you're going back
to Russia.


I'm gonna miss you,
Joe Cruz.

You know, maybe there's
a solution

to both our problems

besides drinking too fast.

I say
you marry me.


You say this
because you are sad.

In Russian, this is
"koleno reaktsii ryvokl".

I have no idea
what those words mean.


I do know
that I can't risk

losing someone else
I care about,

and I think
that we could have something

really great together.

Marry me, Zoya.



Okay, Joe.

Zoya and I are
getting married!


Hey, wow!
Hey, that's great!

Good for you, buddy.

Hey, let's have a drink
to that.

Damn right we should.

- Congratulations.
- Thank you.

Come here, you guys.


Hey, congrats, buddy.

That's really great.


They'll probably be married
50 years

and have a bunch
of kids, and...

Oh, this is insanity.
My mom's gonna be ecstatic.

I mean, over the moon,
but this is insanity.

It's kind of...

What the hell?

Dude, the TV's gone.


My viper helmet.

- Hey, are you okay?
- [Shay cries]


What the hell is going on?

I gave Devon a key.


[keys jingle]

[keys jingle on floor]

[soft moaning]

Sync and corrected by Gianluca Belfiglio