Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 2, Episode 7 - No Regrets - full transcript

When a tanker collides into a commuter train that subsequently crashes into a warehouse, the firehouse is called to the horrific scene that tests everyone to the limits as life and death hangs in the balance. With the ultimatum in place for him or the firehouse, Boden (Eamonn Walker) is tasked with making life-changing decisions regarding his future. Severide (Taylor Kinney) learns more about Katie (guest star Brittany Curran), the young woman he saw with his father (guest star Treat Williams). Meanwhile, Shay (Lauren German) and Dawson (Monica Raymund) are still at odds and Casey's (Jesse Spencer) responsibility of being a surrogate father takes a sharp turn.

I need to be assured that this
means that 51 is safe.

Yes, it does.

Previously on
"Chicago Fire"

I didn't campaign
for your job, Wally.

I'm giving up my job
to save 51.

I'm Benny's wife.
The boys miss him.

He hasn't been home in months.

They need to see their father.

I saw your name
on the applicant list.

I was in a bad place, man.

You'd make a hell of a cop

My wife moved out
back in August.

- I'm sorry to hear that.
- Yeah, what are you gonna do?

This is torture.

The point is, they talk about
you all the time.

They miss you.

I think I know what
you're going through.

You can twist yourself up in
knots trying to understand it,

but ultimately I don't think
it's for us to figure out.

There's a protein in our blood
called osteopontin.

Your levels are higher
than expected.

Meaning what?

Sometimes it's an indicator
for asbestos poisoning.

[machine thrumming]

The scans will be read
by a radiologist,

and they'll get back to you
with the results.

I thought the results
were instant.

Let's see, you're being
screened for lung cancer.

I'm sure someone will let you
know by tomorrow.

[laughing, chattering]

Go long, go long.

- Oh!
- Oh!


[all cheer]

[thud, clatter]

[object shatters]

Broken glass, flag on play.

Hey, no way.
That was a touchdown.

Of course it was.


Should I come back later,

Nope, we were just, uh,

Yeah, just dusting.

Why do you need a football
to help you clean?

Ooh, busted.

Hey, my house.

I decide who's busted,
all right?

Oh, Ben, I'm sorry.

Wait, hold on.

Give me a look.

Maybe it's time G.I. Joe
goes into retirement.

- No!
- Wait, wait, okay, okay.

Um, listen, Gabby sees this kind
of thing every day.

If you guys can do the dishes,

then she'll get him back
into fighting shape.

What do you say?



- Hey, excuse me.
- Yeah?

Weren't you here before
with Benny Severide?

Uh, yeah, I was.

I... I just wanted to know
if you were aware

that he has a wife and kids.

Yeah, of course I do.
I... Who are you?

So it doesn't bother you
breaking up a family and...

Wait, wait, wait, do you think
I'm dating Benny?

To be generous, yeah.

I'm his daughter, Katie.

You three make quite a crew.


Which reminds me...

a cabin on lake Carroll,

two days pulling large-mouth
out of crystal clear water.

Oh, man,
they're going to love that.

So will you.

Yes, I will.

[cell phone rings]


Matt, I have some news.

Boys, I'm coming home.

- What, really?
- Mom's coming home!

Because of overcrowding,
they're letting me out early.

I told you she'd come back.

- Mom's coming home!
- Mom's coming home!

- Whoo!
- Mom's coming home!

Mom's coming home!

Mom's coming home! Whoo!

I told you she'd come back.

Your wife Beth
came to see me.

Yeah, well, she's got a flair
for the dramatic, that woman.

Now you understand why it's best
I give her some space.

Always the martyr.

Hold on, you don't know
the whole story.

And I never do.

It's like I didn't know
the story

of my 21-year-old sister.

Yeah, I talked to her.

21 years old,
which is exactly how long ago

you left me and mom
to fend for ourselves.

Tell me this.
Do you even know who her mom is?

Of course I do.

And have you been taking
care of her all these years?

How could I? I just met Katie
when I got to town.

You're unbelievable.

Yeah, well, alert the press.

I had some issues
when I was younger.

But don't forget, I'm coming
out of a happy retirement

to save your
dysfunctional firehouse.

That's an excuse!

You're just running from
another family,

leaving the kids
with the bill.

Chicago Fire S02E07
"No Regrets"

Sync and corrected by Gianluca Belfiglio

Hey, Herrmann, Lieutenant
tests are coming up.

How many times
you take that thing?

- Capp, really?
- Ha ha.

You mean how many times
did I fail it?


The answer is three,
but not since the '90s.

Five kids is all the aggravation
that I need.

I know my place.

Hey, lady in the house.

Hey, hey.


Oh, now here's a sight
I love to see.

- What, me or the groceries?
- Oh...

There's more in the car.

- You got it.
- Hey, guys.

Hey, baby, how are you?

Wallace, hi.

I will help with the rest
of the groceries.

Ah, Chief, you have a call.

I'm no foodie per se,

but having two millses
in the kitchen

- bodes well for lunch, huh?
- Hmm.

I thought McLeod burned
all of our old logbooks

in the town square.

What year you got there?


I don't suppose you're just
cruising memory Lane.

Factory fire on Haskell,

high heat,

asbestos falling like snow.

No masks back then.

Three of these men are dead.

Lung cancer.

Hey, Severide,
roll call's in five minutes.

Where's Shay?

I don't know, Dawson.
I'm not her babysitter.

Yeah, well,
someone needs to be.

Looks like the engine
is losing water.

A couple of seals are cracked.

We put in a request,

and the wizard said it's going
to be a couple of weeks.

You sure we've got that long?

Excuse me.

- I'm looking for Jeff Clarke.
- Sure.

- Who should I say is, uh...
- His wife.


Something wrong?

Just slow down for a second.

I'm here in peace.

- What do you want, Lisa?
- To talk to you.

I've been going to a group.

Good for you.

It's a place to hear
other people's stories,

to connect and find out
what's going on in your head.

Here's what's going on
inside my head.

A month after I got back,

you were sleeping
at your sister's house.

When I needed you most,
you left.

Jeff, you treated me
like the day's garbage.


Is that what they tell you
in that group?

You left me, Lisa.

I did.

And I'm sorry, okay?

I'm here to say I'm sorry.

- Wish it was that easy.
- It could be if you'd let it.

Let's just spend
some time together.

I got to get back.

Okay, see you later.

Look, before you start

with the heavy breathing,
I know.

I'm more than happy
to get a reliever.

I'm good. I'm good.
I just got a lot going on.

Yeah, I see you got
your hands full.


Our house has been under
the microscope lately.

Everyone in this room has
handled the various intrusions

like the professionals
I know you to be,

and that is why 51
is still going strong.

It's your commitment
to the house

that allows me
in good conscience

to announce my retirement
from the C.F.D.

It's been an honor to serve
with every single one of you.


[buzzer blares]

Let's go to work.

[over P.A.] Engine 51, truck 81, squad 3,
ambulance 61, battalion 25.

Railroad incident.
South Homan and 75th.

[sirens, horns honking]

Did you know?

been pressuring him.

We just got to get this call
over with

and talk him out of it.

This will be quick.

Five bucks says just another
cell phone on the tracks.

50 says it's not.

What the hell?

Chief, I'm seeing multiple
commuter cars derailed,

at least a hundred
fleeing passengers

and several fires,
including cars and a building.

Did that train
go into that building?

We're gonna need
more alarms, Chief.

45 and main.

We got multiple commuter
trains derailed

and at least
a hundred victims.

I need a 2-11 alarm
and an E.M.S. plan 2,

the rail corridor on 75th.

Chief, we'll take
the passenger car.

Recon the tanker and get
a handle on the car fires.

- Copy that.
- Shay, Dawson.

- Yep.
- Set up triage.

- Call it as you see it.
- You got it.

That thing
just plowed right into us.

- Come with me.
- There's more guys in the warehouse.

Check the cars for victims.
We got more in the warehouse.

Liquid propane.
Liquid propane, Chief.

All companies be aware
that the overturned tanker

is filled with propane.
Work quickly,

and let's get those people
out of those train cars.

[screaming] Help, please!

Let's go.
Get that plug open.

Engine 51, water's flowing.

Come on.
Come on, come.

- Where's the water?
- Pump's not working.

Come on.

All right.
All right, here we go.

water coming your way.

- It's coming.
- Here it comes.

25, be advised
closest units

are currently responding
to a high-rise fire.

Relief companies are en route
from battalion 32.

32 is across town.

Yeah, McLeod's cutbacks
at work.


[shouting] This one's empty too.

That propane tanker's
too close for comfort.

Knock those fires down!

Sir, you're hurt.

- Let's get you out of here.
- My daughter.

She just went to the rear
to get her backpack.

If you didn't see her inside,
she's on her way to triage.

We'll take you.

All the doors are jammed.

Get 'em open. Tony and I are gonna
clear the warehouse.

- Tony!
- All right.

[people coughing, moaning]

- Hello?
- This way.

Right there.

Step back.
We're gonna get you out.

- In here! Get us out!
- Hang on, guys.

- We need more triage tags.
- We need more everything.

You okay?


Yeah, I'm fine.

There's a... There's more tags
in the ambo.

I... I'm gonna get those.
Finish bandaging her.


Dawson, leg wound.
He's losing blood.

My daughter, Anna,
is she here?

She's ten, she's wearing
a striped sweater.

No, sir, but I'll let you know

as soon as we see her,
all right?

- What's your name?
- Marcus.


Marcus, there are a lot of
others who are in worse shape.

Can you hang on?

Find my daughter!

[yelling] Striped sweater.

Here you go.

What are the different
colors for?

Just be glad you're not
wearing a black one.

Remind me to thank this guy
for topping off his tank.

Just keep the wet stuff
on the hot stuff.

- Hey, you okay?
- Got it!

You okay?

come here, come here.

All right, hey,
stick with me.

Here we go.
Watch your step.

- Hold, one second, stop...
- That's all right.


Careful, ma'am.
Go slow, watch your step.

Keep walking, keep moving.

[woman sobbing]

Sir, what the hell
are you doing?

Her eye.
An epidermal hemorrhage

Is pushing on her brain.

I have to release the pressure.

A wine opener isn't ideal,
but when is life ideal, right?

She should be okay.

Wow, thanks. You can exit
the way we came in.

We'll take it from here.

No, there are at least
ten more back there. Let me help.

I've got some medical

What's your name?


All right, Westin,
I appreciate the hand.

Capp, let this guy go first.

Typical, huh?

We ask for more ambos
and they send us police cars.

- Mills, need a hand?
- Yeah.

I saw you signed up for
another C.P.D. ride-along.

Might as well get yourself
fitted for a uniform.

Just help me get him
to the tarp, man.


She's got a hole
in her head.

Red. Chief,
we need some more hands here.

45 to main, we can't wait
for those ambos.

Activate the emergency response
team from Lakeshore.

Okay, there you go.
Can you walk?

- Come on.
- You got him, Tone?


Capp, there's still two
in the back.

All right, sir, you're gonna
have to keep pressure on it.

I'll be right back.

Hand me that strip of cloth
over there.

It lets the paramedics know
he's got a tourniquet.

Combat medic, huh?

You coming or going?


Heading home for a week
to see the family.

What about you, Marine?
When did they cut you loose?

Hey, come on, man, I can
smell jarhead a mile away.

First recon.

So basically you're
working on your golf game?

[chuckles] Brought my handicap
down five strokes.

- I'll be right back.
- Yes, sir.

- Okay.
- Easy, all right.


Hey, Marcus.

- I told you to stay...
- Anna's not in triage.

I won't go back
until I find her.

- Ugh!
- Marcus!

You're not gonna be much good
on that leg.

She lost her mother
to breast cancer last year.

She's got to be so scared.

Are you a father, Lieutenant?


So you know how I feel.

Where were you guys sitting?


All right, I'll find her

as long as you don't
bleed out on me.

Back to triage.

[people screaming]

Redirect the lines, 81!
We got to get water on that tanker now!

Herrmann, you got this?

Got it, Lieutenant.

Let's go, move those lines!

Cool that propane!

Give me one line on the fire
with two sheeting off the top.

We got to keep this rig cool!



how many still trapped?

There's less than ten
still in the warehouse

but a bunch more
still in the passenger car.

Hey, sir, you need to get back
in your car and drive away.

It's tempting, but you look
to be about ten hands short

of what you need.

David Arata,
Chief of Trauma Lakeshore.

Okay, yeah, you'll do.

What's your head count?

Uh, we're at 30 so far,

but we got more coming in.

Sir, move that man
to the black tarp.

No, wait.
We haven't assessed him yet.

Unless you have plasma,
which you don't, he's dead.

I need any injured who can still
walk to keep walking.

We need space to work.

Let's go.

[yelling] Sheet off the top.

Hit it from the other side!

[high-pitched whistle]

- You okay?
- I'm okay.

What the hell is that?

The pressure relief valve's

Without it,
this thing's blowing sky high!

You better get these attack
lines back.

We're going defensive!
Go back.

Come on!

Back here.
Something's wrong.

He was wrapping my leg
then he just fell back.

Come on, Westin.

[grunting] Ugh.

What's wrong, marine?

You've never seen
a little bruise before?

You, of all people, should
know how serious this is.

You, of all people,
know that no Army medic

walks out on the wounded.

Severide, help me out.

Okay, hold on.
You're gonna be okay.

Damn it.

Something wrong?

- No.
- Good.

Head down, task at hand.



This candle
ever gonna go out?

That propane's
got to go someplace.

If it goes out,
then we got to worry.

Chief, pressure's
falling on the pumper.

- Floor it.
- I think the seal's going bad.

We're losing pressure.

Son of a bitch.

Seals just popped,
so we've lost pressure.

set up an ariel pipe.

We got to squeeze every drop of
water onto that tanker

or it'll blow.

Got it, let's go!
Get out of here!

25 to main,
where's that backup?

Delay, 25.
Still 15 minutes out.

Let's go!

Internal bleeding.
I'm not sure how bad.

- Let me help.
- I got it, Shay.

Right here.

All right.


We need the space.

- No.
- Dawson.

You take care of him.

It's okay.


Okay, fine.

Hey, you all right?



Hey, you can do this.

Just get through the day,
all right?

Breathe in for me.

Line's charged.

Here comes the water,

Let's hope it lasts.


Finished the primary search
for warehouse workers.

- How many?
- 22.

There were 24 cars
in the lot by my count.

Today's payday.

Our two bookkeepers
use the back office.

Hey, Chief, there's possibly
two workers

still in the back office.

Mills, grab your irons.

Let's go, go!

Fire department!

If you can hear me,
call out!

Chief, warehouse guy
said the bookkeepers

work in the third office
towards the back.

Chicago Fire Department.

Call out if you can hear me.

Up ahead on the left.

[yelling] Chief, wait!
[rubble clattering]

[rubble clattering]

[coughs] Mills?

Yeah, here, here.

You okay?

Yeah, yeah, I think so.


I'm good, I'm just...
I'm just trapped.

Me too. Um...

Let me try and... Ugh.

No, no!

There could be a few tons
above us.

Let's just not push our luck,

[coughs] Yeah.

This is Boden.
I'm with Mills.

We're in the north end
of the warehouse.

There's been a collapse.

On our way, Chief.

That's it on the water.

Engine's fried.
Watch that tanker!

Hey, Chief, the heat destroyed
the pressure release valve.

What do you want us to do?

The tanker's gonna blow

and it's gonna take the block
with it.

This is battalion 25 to all fire
and police personnel.

Evacuate the area
to a 1/4-mile perimeter.

Evacuate the area.

It's the right thing to do.

I'm gonna need confirmation

that all first responders have
pulled back to a safe distance.

I got a job to finish.

We're on the tanker.

Chief ain't going out
like this.

Let's move.

All right everybody,
let's go.

People, if you can move,
let's do it.

We need to evacuate.
Sir, let's go.

Not a chance.

Uh, negative on that
confirmation, Chief.

Herrmann, you listen to me...

Chief, you know
they aren't going anywhere.

- Hey, where'd you come from?
- Back office.

- How'd you get out?
- Around back.

But everything came down
right behind us.

- Let's go.
- [man coughing]

We got to release and divert
the gas flow.

Will that coupling fit
one of our hoses?

Yeah, let's try it.


[clattering and clanging]

Anna, can you hear me?

Hey, guys, secure
the end of this hose.

Got it.

Let's attach it
to the track.

Move, guys.
Let's move.

I need a chain.

Coming in.

[chain clanging]

- [Westin gasps]
- Hey, Westin?

Westin, stay with me.

Stay with me, buddy.

We have more incoming.

You need to ration
your supplies.

His vitals are 80 over 50.
He needs a second line.

Hey, keep moving.

I'll handle this one.

Well, I guess this isn't
a good time to ask

If you're claustrophobic.


I spent the better part of
yesterday trapped in an M.R.I.

All I could think of
when I was in that machine

is what I was gonna do
when I got out.

This wasn't on the list.

So you got
your test results in?

No, not yet.

Maybe it's better I stay
in here, not knowing.

But if the results
are clear, and...

you don't have to retire.

Men who usually stay on the
job longer than they should

Live to regret that choice.

You have any regrets?

I'm done talking about me.

Let's talk about you and P.D.


- Oh, no.
- I'm not giving up.

Is there someplace else
she could be?

Our meal vouchers
were in her backpack.

She wanted to see if they
were good for lunch.

Where do they sell food
on the train?

I know you think that I walked
into police academy

because I got pushed over
for squad.

It's not the reason why.

I wanted out because I found out
about you and my mom.

[wood creaking]

[loud thudding]

Ah! Come on, quit lying around
and get out of there

before this whole thing
blows to smithereens.

Hose secure.

Opening the valve.

Coming out
with the Chief and Mills.

how's that valve?

Son of a bitch.

Hey, I need a vice grips
up here.

- Chief.
- Go.

Damn it!



Mills, how's your arm?



I need a backboard over here.


Can you hear me?

My dad.

He's waiting for you.

Hey, hey, why aren't you
treating him?

- What?
- He saved lives in there,

and you're gonna let him die
in the dirt?

Even if I had an ambulance,

he wouldn't make it
to the hospital alive.

I'm sorry.

Hey, jarhead.

You get the rest?

Yeah, man, I did.

Could have got you too
if you'd told me earlier.


And let you be the hero?


Go to hell.

All passengers alive and dead
have been accounted for.

You disobeyed orders.


I suppose you taught us that.

Chief, just know
if it were up to me,

you wouldn't be going


Dawson, Shay,

I remember you were doing
rounds with Hallie Thomas

over at Lakeshore, right,
designs on being a surgeon?

Yeah, that's right.

You were extraordinary today,

both of you.

Call me anytime.

I'm always willing to
help out good people.

I understand
you had quite a day today.

It's calls like that that
reflect very well on this house.

I don't give a damn
how it reflects.

We can't operate without
the support that we need.

But you did today,
didn't you?

You worked with what you had,
and you saved lives.

So whether you like it or not,
Chief, the system works.

But that's not your problem

This is for your
exit interview tomorrow.

Please fill it out and remember
to bring your badge.

I actually missed this place.


Why didn't you call?
I would have picked you up.

I wasn't gonna stay there
a minute longer than necessary.

I was hoping
I could get the keys

so I can be there
when the boys wake up.

Sure, yeah.

They are going to lose their
minds when they see you.

Matt, this whole thing...

has made me realize

I need to make some changes
in my life.

Whatever you need.

I know that. I do.

But I also know that
when I wake up tomorrow,

everything I see,
everywhere I go,

will remind me of losing
Andy and Jen.

I've got this old friend
in Florida.

She owns an apartment building
and needs a manager.

It's rent free,
and it's a steady job.


take a little time.

I've cleared it with
the probation department.

Hey, Shay.
Can you give me a minute?

We really need to talk.

Not now, I... I'm fine.

[woman giggling]

- Hey.
- Hi.

Lover's quarrel?

Ugh, just go.

Mr. Boden,
this is Dr. Kerry.

Your test results
came back negative.

I'd still like to
get you tested every year,

but there's no reason you
shouldn't get out and celebrate.

[knock at door]

You sure picked a hell of
a call to go out on.

Sure did.


we should talk.


I was so mad at you,
I could barely look at you.

And day after day
I've watched you

put yourself on the line
for this house,

for me.

And now you're leaving,

I realize what a waste of time
it was to be so mad.

I regret that,

and I wish I had
that time back.

What's up?

You were right.

Let's face it,
when it comes to women

I'm a world class screw-up.

Something goes wrong for me,

and I make sure I scorch
the earth as I leave town.

I did that to your mother.

I did it to Katie's mom.

And now I'm doing it again
to Beth.

She's probably gonna
divorce me,

but at least I can be around
for the boys.

I'm sorry I wasn't around
for you.

Anyway, they got soccer,

if I hit the road now, I should
be able to make the game.

That's good.



Do me a favor, will you?

Would you tell Wally,
Chief Boden,

that... 51 is his house.

Oh, one last thing.

Your sister Katie...

I haven't spent
much time with her, but...

she seems like
a nice person.

No promises.

I'll see you, Kelly.

It's difficult for me
to accept

that the department
I've always known is changing.

That makes me somewhat
of a dinosaur.

But as difficult as those
changes are...

letting go of a lifetime's work,
that isn't easy.


[crying] I'm sorry.

I am so sorry.

There isn't a single man
I've served with

who hasn't been brought
to his knees

because of what he's seen
on the job.

Different endeavors in life
change people.

Only the strongest
are up for that.

What makes them exceptional?

No matter how hard they fall,

they never give up when there's
something worth fighting for.

You'd make a great lieutenant.

Yeah, I don't know if I can
handle waiting by the mailbox

for another rejection letter.

I'm pretty sure it'd come by
email nowadays.

Yeah, thanks so much,

When I was buried under
two tons of rubble,

my men risked their lives
to pull me out.

Even an extinct old dinosaur
like me.

So to think about saddling them
with a broken system

that strips away the essentials

so they can barely do
their job,

a broken system that might keep
one of my men and women

from going home to their

I will not... allow that.

And I don't give a damn.

I will have no regrets.


are not taking my house.

Not without a fight.

Do me a favor and take care of
your mom and brother, okay?

You know...

Your dad
always used to tell me

that we didn't become men
until we got our badges.

His original badge will always
hang on the academy wall,

but... made this one for you.

Is this his number?


I was in line right after him,

so our badges are only
one number apart, see?

Can I keep yours too?



This is for you
so you don't forget us.

Not a chance.

Sync and corrected by Gianluca Belfiglio