Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 2, Episode 6 - Joyriding - full transcript

While out on a jog, Severide comes across a secluded and empty construction site and encounters a young boy who has been trapped in a backhoe loader and is in dire need of assistance. Boden...

- Evening.
- Been slow the last few weeks.

Previously on
"Chicago Fire"

Come up short again,

and you'll be serving beer
out of a tent.

If Arthur finds out
I'm a cop,

then I'm a dead cop.

Can I come back
to the firehouse?

Anytime you want.

Maybe there's
a way to get her

into a minimum-security

I have some friends at
the State's Attorney's Office.

The official
Randall McHolland

for union president
campaign poster.

[all cheering]

We're taking Sullivan down.

Why don't we
clear the air, Shay?

There's nothing
to talk about.

Well, there is if you're
still pissed at me.

How'd you get mixed up
with these gossipy bitches?

The State believes that
Firehouse 51 is worth saving.

It's your leadership
that we're unhappy with.

I'll do whatever
it takes to save 51.

My resignation.

I'm taking over 51.



This thing's broke.

What? Hey.

That's not helping.

What's going on?

Someone doesn't know
how to make coffee.

Guys, does anybody
have any advil on them?

Man, you got to have
something better

than Munter's brown roast.

- Yeah, we got Starbucks.
- Where?

About two blocks down

on the north side
of the street.


I'm going running.

- Kelly?
- Yeah?

I don't know
if you remember... I'm Beth...

- Benny's wife.
- Yeah. Yeah, of course.

I know Benny's been
hanging out with you.

And he won't return
my phone calls.

The boys miss him.

They need
to see their father.

I'm a little confused.

He told me he was going back
to Kenosha every weekend.

He hasn't been home
in months.

Look, I'm sorry
to dump all this on you.

No, it's... it's...
it's... I'll...

I'll talk to him.

Thank you.

Hey, Chief. It's Kelly.

Listen, I got to stop by O.F.I.
and see my old man.

I might be a few minutes late
to shift.

I'll explain everything

to you when I get there.

I'm sorry about this.

Have clarke cover for me.


Right. So I will need
your signature just here

and one more just here.

I need to be assured that
this means that 51 is safe.

Yes, it does.


You're doing
the right thing, Chief.

Now, I figure
it'll take a few weeks

to put it all together.

I understand.

In the meantime,
I would appreciate it

if you would help us make this
transition as efficient as possible.

I'll help any way I can.

You're gonna walk away
with a very nice pension.

[engine revving]

Whoa... What...




[truck door handle clicking]
[boy screaming]

Chicago Fire S02E06

Sync and corrected by Gianluca Belfiglio

[boy groaning]

Ah! Hey, brother.
What's your name?


Nathan, I need you
to close your eyes

and cover your face.
Can you do that for me?

[glass shattering]

You can open
your eyes now, Nathan.

- Can you wiggle your toes?
- I think so, yeah.

- Good, good, good.
- But my arm...

Listen, just stay tough
for me, okay?

All right, hold on.
I'm gonna get you out of here.

[dog barks]
Come on. Good girl.

- Good morning, Lieutenant.
- That was Lasky down at headquarters.

It looks like McLeod is making
her final decision today

about which house
she's gonna close next.

He thinks it's
between us and firehouse 17.

Oh, man.

This has got to be weighing
pretty heavy on the Chief.

I just wanted
to remind everyone,

today is election day
for the union presidency.

Polls will be open all evening
starting at 5:00 p.m.,

so I urge you all
to exercise your right to vote,

unless you plan on
voting for Greg Sullivan,

in which case,
forget what I just said.


Listen, Otis and I
have been going over this

and going over this, and we think
that we need to involve the cops

at this point, you know,
in an official capacity.

I told you guys
I'd take care of it.

- Antonio is...
- Okay, no offense,

but I feel like we need to go
beyond Antonio at this point.

Reach out to the higher-ups,
get somebody with a little bit more juice.

I think maybe you guys
just might be overreacting a tiny bit.

If we just stick to the plan
and pay what he wants...

Overreacting. Did you have
something in your eye,

or did you see game day
explode into smithereens?

Listen, if Arthur's willing
to go that far with them,

you don't think he would
do the same to Molly's?

Has anyone seen Severide?

- No.
- Nope.

So messed up.
I had to take the bus here.

One, two, three.

- I can't!
- Pull!

I can... Stop! Stop!
My leg!

- I can't!
- Okay.

Okay, okay.

All right.


All right, okay.

Let's take a look
at this arm.

Ow. [groans]

Nathan, I'm not gonna
be able to get you out

unless I try
and pull this out.

It's gonna be just like
ripping a band-aid off, okay?

It's gonna hurt at first,
and then it'll feel much better.




All right. Okay.

Damn it. Damn it.

I think the rebar
nicked an artery in your arm.

Listen, bud,
I got to do something

to get this bleeding
under control.

You got to stay tough
for me, okay?

I gotta pinch off
this artery.


I... I got it.

All right, there we go.
It's done.

It's done.
It's done.

There we go.


Somebody help us!


Hey, there he is.

How you feeling champ, huh?

- Okay, okay.
- Okay, all right.

I was just trying
to be supportive.

I know. I'm just...

I'm nervous
about this debate.

There's not, like, a chance

that more than five people are
ever gonna hear this thing.

I'll have you know
that more than 600 firefighters

have preregistered
to hear this debate.

That is the biggest audience
I've ever had.

Hey, that's great.

- Just be yourself.
- Be better than yourself.

I've got some great news.

Let's hear it.

I just found out a little

something interesting
about Sullivan.

His ex-wife is taking him
to family court

for failure
to pay his child support.


And it isn't the first time.

- Are you serious?
- Mm-hmm.

We got to hit him
with this hard, Randy.

Yeah, I don't know.

Randy, I know
you're all about maintaining

your integrity throughout
this process, but trust me,

we've got to hit him
with everything we've got.

She's got a point, buddy.

[knock at door]

- Yeah?
- Detective Helling...

Area North.

How can I help you?

I need to have a word
with a few of your firefighters.

What about?

Wait. So you're saying
we're suspects in this?

[scoffs] Unbelievable.

Is it?

An old bar goes
up in flames,

you three buy the place
at a great discount,

I'm sure, fix it up.

Then game day comes along.

business ain't so good.

They call the cops on you.

You call the fire marshal
on them.

That's what we call
an escalation.

- From there...
- Did we have a professional

rivalry with game day?

But would we ever consider

in a million years
torching the place?

Absolutely not!

We're good
"salt of the earth" people.

- You ask anyone.
- Okay.

Just wanted to let you know
where we stand.

I'll come back
with some follow-up questions

if I have any.

Hey, Clarke,
have you seen Severide?

Chief said he had some family
business and to cover for him.


So I talked to my friend.

He said he's reviewing
Heather Darden's case personally.

He said minimum security's
a real possibility.

That's great.
Thank you.

- Mm, no worries.
- All right.

- Hey, buddy.
- Hi.

Thanks for coming.

- Ready to do a shift?
- Are you sure that's okay?

[scoffs] Are you kidding?

We're lucky to have you.

Somebody blow the bells.
We got a V.I.P. Here.

[all] Hey!

Before you say anything,

- you're not suspects, okay?
- Oh, no?

'Cause someone forgot to tell
that to Detective Helling.

He thinks we
burnt down the competition.

I'll make sure
he's set straight.

I'm on this, Gabby.

Yeah, tell that to Game Day.

- I was with Arthur when game day went up.
- [Gabriela sighs]

Now, whether he gave
that order ahead of time,

I don't know... I didn't see it.

We are so close here.

I just need him provoked.

What... What are you asking?

The next time
he comes to collect,

tell him no dice.

What are you gonna do?

Just tell him no dice.

I hope you know
what you're doing.

This is it.

- Is this where you sleep?
- Sometimes, yeah.

He's the lucky one.

I got to sleep out here
with the riff-raff.

You should try catching a couple
of Winks next to Mouch.

It's like the foghorns
of Bar Harbor all going off...

[alarm blaring]
[over P.A.] 71, squad 3...

- Catch you later, kid.
- I got to go.

We'll do something fun
when I get back, I promise.

[siren blaring]

Please, my wife!

You got to help her!

We just need you to back up
so we can do our work, okay?

She's still alive.

She won't be for long
if that steel moves.

It's like a house of cards.

The bike is the only thing
stopping it from crushing her.

We got to stabilize
this truck.

- Can't move an inch.
- Got it.

Mouch, chalk the wheels.

Otis, kill the engine.

Capp, bring the jaws.
Tony, I need some cribbing.

Herrmann, I need
that other set of jaws.

On it!

Hey, let's take
a look at you.

Come on.

[jaws whirring]

Okay, that should
hold it in one piece.

Hop in, Capp.

- Go nice and easy.
- [Capp gives indistinct order]

All right, now.

- Now! Now!
- Slide.

It's going, it's going!


[woman gasping]

On my count.

One, two, three.

Wow. Right?

Hey, Nathan, do...
do you got a phone?

It's in my backpack.

- Where?
- I put it down.

Um, listen, Nathan,
you've been incredible so far.

Okay? Superhero.

But I got
to ask you to dig

just a little deeper, okay?

I need you to pinch
this artery tight yourself,

just for a few seconds.

Okay, just think about it
like you're

holding a piece
of spaghetti.

I use a fork
for spaghetti.

[chuckles] Okay.

You got me there.

Here, just use your hand.

Use your hand there.

- Aah!
- Pinch.

There you go.
Pinch that.

I know, I know,
I know, I know.

- It hurts so bad.
- I know it does.

Just hold your hand
as still as possible, okay?

I'll be right back.

You're doing great.
You're doing great.

Hi. This is Kelly Severide.
Leave a message.

Hey, Kelly.
Chief Boden.

Just checking to see
how much longer

you think you're gonna be.

Probably gonna get
a relief Lieutenant here

if whatever you got going's
gonna take much longer,

So just, uh...

let me know.



How we doing, bud?

I don't know how much longer
I can hold this.

Okay. Hold on.

Ah, damn it.

Hey, oh, hey, hey.

- I'm sorry.
- No, no, no.

You... You're doing great.

Hang in there.
Stay tough for me.

There you are.

I was gonna show you
how to dry the hoses.

Is someone else
wearing my dad's coat now?

Uh, no.

Nobody else is wearing it.

It was, um...

It was damaged
in the fire.

That's what I figured.

He's still a very big part
of this house.

Yeah, everyone
keeps saying that.

Hey, that was
some quick thinking out there

with the jaws, man.

Yeah, how'd you know
to do that?

- Had to improvise.
- Huh.

In Iraq we were under-equipped
most of the time,

so we had to make do
with what we had.

Yeah, I... I read about some
of the "MacGuyvering"

You guys did
to upgrade gear.

Last thing you want,

get caught
with your pants down.

I guess that's the reason
I like what we do.

A firefighter needs
three things to survive...

water, common sense,
and balls.


Hello, there.

Greg Sullivan.
Appreciate your support.

Greg Sullivan,
running for union president.

Looking forward
to your vote tonight.

Mr. Sullivan.

I'm Isabella Thompson.
We spoke on the phone.

And aren't you
even prettier in person?

If you'll follow me
into the briefing room,

we can get started.

Into the lion's den
I go, huh?

an undercover cop?

How long have you known
about this?

Not long. And I'm... I'm sorry
that I didn't tell you guys.

It's just, he wanted me
to protect his cover.

He needs us to provoke Arthur
so that he can make a case.

It's showtime.

Hey. Greg Sullivan.

Next question
goes to Mr. Sullivan.

Mr. Sullivan,
if elected union president,

what would you do
to better the lives

of the firefighters
in this city?

Well, that's
a great question, Brian.

I'm glad you asked it.

As your union president,
my first order of business

would be to put an end
to the crippling interference

by State Officials
and do away with policies,

like the mandatory
wellness program.

That's actually
a pretty good answer.

And on to you,
Mr. McHolland.

I would have to say

that I am in agreement
with, uh, Mr. Sullivan here.

All right,
um, I'm gonna

throw a little curveball
at you guys.

Uh, Mr. Sullivan, um,

if you could be
any kind of animal,

any kind at all,
what would you be?

Well, I know what
I wouldn't want to be.

I wouldn't want
to be a Mouch.

I'm... I'm sorry.

Oh, a Mouch.

You know, half man,
half couch.

It's Mr. McHolland's nickname
at this firehouse, am I right?

I don't see how
that's remotely...

You must admit that nickname
does not inspire leadership.

In fact, it implies
the opposite...

Laziness, slovenliness.

Do you care to respond
to that, Mouch?

Uh, Mr. McHolland?

I don't feel the need

to dignify
Mr. Sullivan's remarks

except to say
that the nickname

that he's referring to
is a term of endearment

given to me
by my coworkers

out of friendship
and respect.

Well, I guess that's to be
expected from Firehouse 51.

- Excuse me?
- Well, isn't it true

this firehouse
has had its share

of scandal in recent years?

Sexual harassment lawsuit,

a questionable
on-duty death,

not to mention the fostering

of a serial arsonist
within its ranks.

I don't know
who you think you are,

coming in here
and badmouthing our house.

Just being honest.

Well, you want
some honesty?

How about your own personal...


You know what?
Never mind.

I've said
what I need to say.

And we're out of time.

I'd like to thank
our two candidates

and remind everyone
that polls open

promptly at 5:00 p.m.

We're gonna need
an act of God now.

Hey, help!

Over here!

Hey, Nathan.
Nathan, hey.

You with me?

- Yeah.
- Yeah?

I need you to pinch
this tight again for me, okay?

Come on,
you can do this.

You got it.
A little more.

There you go.

I'll be...
I'll be right back.

Hey, I need help!
Hey, help!

Hey, over here!

Hey! Hey!




Hey, Nathan!

Hey. Wake up, buddy.

Wake up, buddy.
You got to wake up.





Thanks for meeting me.

- Have you told the house yet?
- No, I have not.

I'm telling everyone
next shift.

You want me to come by
and introduce myself

as the new Chief after?


I didn't campaign
for your job, Wally.



But I want my son
to stay safe.

So, when it was offered to me,
I took it.

I'm giving up my job
to save 51.

I know.

And you've accomplished
your mission.

They're closing 17.

Can I have
your attention, please?

Word just came to me...

they're closing
Firehouse 17.

I don't mean
to be insensitive, Chief,

but does that mean
we're safe?

I've been told we are.



I had no say
over my replacement.

Yeah, but Benny...

Will you please just wait
until I announce it next shift?

I don't need to disrupt
the union vote.


It's Mouch's night.

I'll tell you
what I do need...

for you to be a leader...

now more than ever.


How we doing, Nathan?

You hanging in there?

- Hey, buddy, you still with me?
- I'm here.

Don't give up on me, okay?
I want you to promise me.

I've seen guys a lot bigger and
a lot stronger than you give up,

and once they do, you're done.
You're gone.

There's nothing
I can do for you.

So I want you
to promise me, kid.

I promise.

Yeah, good... good man.



What is it?

Why didn't you...
look at this.


So what were you doing
joyriding this thing, anyway?

My father...
He's in construction.

He promised me
over and over again,

ever since I was little,

that he'd teach me
how to drive a loader.

That was before he left.

So I figured I'd teach myself
so if he ever came back,

I could show him
that I didn't need him.

I know the feeling, bud.

My dad was a firefighter,
and now I am too.

But I did it
without his help.

Is it hard?

No, it's the best job
in the world.

Look, I'll tell you what.

As soon as we get out of here,

I'll take you
down to the firehouse,

and we'll go for a ride
in the truck. How's that sound?

- Cool.
- [Kelly laughs]


Last chance.

I can call the union secretary
right now

and send out an email blast
to the entire C.F.D.

I'm sorry, but no.

I don't understand.

This is the one-yard line.

The last thing anybody heard
is that podcast.

I always said
I was gonna run this campaign

on the issues
that affect firefighters.

Personal business
is off-limits.

Now, if that means I lose...

Yeah, it does.

I mean, what have
we been working for here?

Look, if you want,
I'll take the hit.

The email doesn't have to come
from you.

This isn't Washington,

I think he means it.

Fair enough.

I'm gonna go home
and get some rest.

Thanks, Randy.
I've enjoyed it.

- Best of luck tonight.
- Thanks.


I sure do love me
a woman in uniform.

What you doing here?

Oh, I was in the area.

I thought I'd swing by
and check out your digs.

- Oh, you did, did you?
- Mm-hmm.


That's my partner, Gabby.

This is Devon.

We got a lot
of inventory here, so...

- Mm-hmm.
- When can you get out of here?

My shift goes
until tomorrow morning.

Well, you get a break
or something?

Mm, not officially, but...

[alarm blaring]
[over P.A.] Ambulance 61...

Woman in distress...

Hey, why don't you come
on a ride-along?

- For real?
- Yeah. We do ride-alongs all the time.

Hop in back.

Hey, with all the eyes
on this house,

you really think
it's a good idea

to bring people
on ride-alongs?

What, I can't have
a friend here?

[scoffs] You know what, Shay?

Whatever you want to do.

[siren blaring]

She showed up here
about 20 minutes ago,

acting all kinds of crazy...

Slapping her own face,
chewing on her hair.

[shouting indistinctly]

I can try... Aah!
Ah! Ah! Ah!

I want to be the boom.

Oh, you have to feel the weather
to be the boom.

Think it's bath salts?

You better prep
2 milligrams of Midazolam.

People smoke bath salts
like amphetamines these days.

I want to be the boom.

Hey, ma'am. Hi.

Hey, there.

We're here to help you,
all right?

Just calm down.
Tell me your name.

You want to take it from me?
Take the boom in me?

- [woman moaning]
- No, just want to help.

You fingerprint me?

And you want
to take it off me.

[laughing] Oh, my God.

This chick
is flat whacked.

Don't laugh at me!

You wait...
and you take it!

Easy, all right?

gonna be all right?

Hold on, hold on.

It's gonna be all right...
[clattering, glass shattering]

[clattering, glass shattering]

- [woman screming]
- It's okay! It's okay!

[moaning, grunting]

Shh, shh.

You're okay.


[woman muttering]

Okay, let's get her
on the backboard.

That was wild, man.


Hey, Nathan.

How'd you
start this thing, buddy?

There's no key.

Nathan. Hey.

It's easy.

You span the two contacts
with something metal.

- What'd you use to do it?
- Screwdriver.



What's up?

I thought only cops
had badges.

We do too.

Wear 'em
on our dress uniforms.

- Really?
- Mm-hmm.

What happened
to my dad's?

Your mom never took you
to see it?

Come on, I'll give you
the nickel tour.


[giggling, chattering]

Um, I don't know if you
ever spoke to Kelly today?

No, I haven't.

Well, you tell him
when you see him...

missing today's shift
was unacceptable.

I expect a phone call
and an explanation.

Of course, Chief.

Carry on.


Rise and shine, Griffin.
Shift's over.

- We gonna eat breakfast?
- After we run an errand.


Kelly, you here?


[door opens]

No, it's just me.

Have you heard from Severide
at all since yesterday?

No, not since
he went jogging.

Give me your car keys.

Thanks, buddy.

I'll be back.


No, come on.



Good morning.

No one was here,
so I figured

I'd just serve myself.

Well, you have to leave...

Right now.

I want my money.

What if I can't pay?

You know,
all things considered,

I like to think of myself
as a fair man.

I believe in taking people
at their word,

offering second chances,
that kind of thing.

Now, you take the owners
of Game Day...

I gave them
a chance to pay.

They refused.

I gave them
a second chance,

qnd once again,
they refused.

[bottle shatters]


they had that bad luck.

Hey, Arthur,
there's no need to...

Shut up!




Drop the gun.
You're under arrest.

Son of a bitch.

Put the gun down,

I swear to God,
I'll make you eat it.


Don't move.

Were you shot?

Would you mind taking
my cell phone out of my pocket

and putting it to my ear?

You got to dial 911.

This is
Detective Jay Halstead,

badge number 51163.




Answer me, damn it.
Wake up, bud.

[engine cranking]

[engine turning over]


Brachial artery bleed.

I don't know how much longer
he can hold out.

We've been at it all night.
Hang on, buddy.

We're almost there,
all right?

Don't give up on me, okay?

Got it.

[cell phone vibrating]

This is Randy.





Okay. Thanks.


I, uh, lost.

Was it even close?

- We ran a good campaign.
- You really did, Mouch.

And who the hell cares
what the numbers were?

You got every vote
where it counts...

Firehouse 51.

And I know that
I'm sure as hell proud of you.

We all are.

Thanks, guys.

[sighs] You lucked out, cowboy.

It's pretty much
a through-and-through.

You'll need some stitches,
but otherwise you're fine.


- You two okay?
- Yeah.

I got to say,
this didn't turn out the way

I thought it would,
but you got the job done.

Yeah, and I caught a bullet
in the process.

You say that
like it's a bad thing.

You know,
since you were shot on a job,

that pretty much means you get
to choose your next detail.

I want intelligence.

Yeah, well, we'll see
what we can do about that.

You know...

this doesn't have
to change things for us.

I wish that were true.

What do you mean?

I mean
that when we first met...

I didn't sign up for this.

My brother and sister-in-law
have the best relationship

I've ever seen...

Except for when he goes

It changes people.

Maybe if the circumstances
were different.

Maybe one day they will be.


What the hell happened?

I saved our damn bar.
That's what happened.

That she did.

There is no greater love

than to lay down one's life
for another.

This badge case
stands as a memorial

to our fallen firefighters
and paramedics,

who gave their lives
in service

to the citizens
of Chicago.

It's okay to cry here.

I have.


Kelly. Kelly.

Mom, this is him.

This is the man
who saved me.

Sync and corrected by Gianluca Belfiglio