Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 2, Episode 5 - A Power Move - full transcript

The future is uncertain for more than just Boden and Firehouse 51.

Whoa, Darryl.
Just give me the gun.

Previously on
"Chicago Fire"

If you had stepped back,
like I asked,

Darryl might still be alive.

Do not talk to me.

You're the rat. You have been
feeding information

to McLeod
this entire time.

Miss McLeod has been
making insinuations

about me and how
I run my firehouse,

which is not her job.

It's about house 51

Is it a problem house,
or is there a problem chief?

Get back!


You two are all
she has right now,

so keep being brave,
for her.


- You okay?
- Yeah, I'm fine.

[tense music]

Gabi, will you
just listen?

You've wasted
enough of my time.

You wanna keep calling me,
I'm calling the cops.

There's something you need
to know about this Jay guy.

You're a cop?


- Good morning.
- I'll say.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

What are you doing?

Putting on a shirt.

No, you're not.

We got to be really careful
going forward.


Oh, yeah.

I'm, like, a...
hostile witness now?

Or what's the deal?


I'm just saying,
don't tell anyone,

all right,
until we make the pinch,

because if Arthur
finds out I'm a cop,

I'm a dead cop.

Do you have a handle
on this?


Then that's
all I need to hear.

[phone vibrates]


Hey, Amy.

What party?

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah,
I... I remember that.

Yeah, I'll be there.

Yeah, me too.

Okay, bye.


What are you doing?

I live here.

- [Leslie sighs]
- Town lounge.

That's right.

Yeah. We did a lot
of tequila shots.


There was a cab ride.

What's with the camera?


I'm a photographer.

I'm just gonna
grab my stuff here.

Um, yeah...

Well, I just... You know,

it was nice meeting you.



Hey, sorry I'm late.

Decided to walk.

Oh, yeah?

Could I get a coffee,

Black, no sugar.

[clears throat]

So, what ever happened
between you and Beth?

You never told me.

Oh, well,
she heard all my stories

and I heard all hers,

basic seven-year itch
type thing.

But look, I'm not here
for that, okay?

When Boden and I
were on squad together

over at the 35,
we used to have this chief

who liked to help himself

to certain keepsakes
on some of the calls we went on.

So, of course,
Dwyer gets investigated,

and everybody
at the house,

we didn't know what to do.

And it was Boden,
the old Navy man,

who said, "Don't go down
with the captain.

Stay with the ship."

And he was right.

Why are you
telling me this?

I'm hearing from
a lot of sources

That Boden's got one foot
on a banana peel.

You're gonna need
to make a choice.

[knock at door]

Chief, please come in,
have a seat.

The financial ramifications

of the Hadley arsons
are an embarrassment.

Not to mention the fact

that you are the only Chief
so far

who has yet to implement
the wellness program

into your house.

And as far as our interaction
is concerned, I mean,

we're basically
at the broken record stage,

aren't we?

So, why don't we
get solution-minded, yeah?

I was able to cobble together
a very attractive

early retirement package
for you.

The State believes that
Firehouse 51 is worth saving.

Sadly, it's your leadership
that we're unhappy with.

So my offer would save
a stain on your record

and allow you
to work private sector.

We will need your decision
by Friday.

I have one now.

Kiss my ass.

Chicago Fire S02E05
"A Power Move"

Sync and corrected by Gianluca Belfiglio

I haven't seen Boden like that
since shonda left him.

Yeah, he's dealing
with a lot right now.

He'll get through it,

He was asking me
about Boden last week.

"What happened
with him and Benny?"

And do we ever socialize,
just crap like that.

Of course,
I was chatting him up,

which really pisses me off.

Do I still have to cook
for him?

Good time last night?

I had a blast.

I texted you
a couple times.

I'm sorry.
I... I was at Amy's.

I was... I was...
I was a little drunk.

Shay, you can
do your thing.

That's rule number one,
if I'm not mistaken.

But I don't want
to wake up wondering

if you wrapped your car
around a tree.

I get it.

I wouldn't mind hearing
a compelling reason

why you've been reporting
back to McLeod

on this house.

To the extent that
you're due one,

I was instructed to.

Under threat of what?

What does she have
over you?

If there's something,
tell me.

How about because
they felt

there was a problem
with this house,

and they needed help
in determining

what that problem was?

How about because
I take my job seriously?

See, I'm thinking more
it's because

you're a soft-ass fireman

who has to pull magic tricks
to survive on this job.

I'm done talking to you.

- You need to find a new house.
- Oh, man.

Just like you did
with Hadley, right?

Bounce the guy out
who doesn't

fit into
the cool kids' club.

Well, too bad.

We're the same rank, Matt.

I'm not some ham and egger
you can just kick to the curb.

I'm not going anywhere.

And you better keep your men
in line,

or McLeod
will hear about it.

Arthur's been shaking down

all over the city,
but they're close

- to making a, uh...
- Pinch.

Right. Meantime,

we just got to keep
paying Arthur money,

act like we
don't know anything.

- For how long?
- I don't know.

Until they make the pinch.

This is coming from who?

I saw him this morning.

I thought you said
he and Laura and the kids

were at her parents' house
in Wisconsin.

Yeah, we... we skyped.

Okay. So Antonio's

got a handle on this,
is what you're saying.


[alarm sounds]

[over P.A.] Truck 81, squad 3,
ambulance 61,

a tree collapse,
537 Aberdeen Street.

[sirens blaring]



Up here, guys,
up here.

We got at least one victim
on the top floor.

The tree has collapsed
two of the main beams.

We need to limit the amount
of impact load.

Two recon teams,

- keep 'em small?
- Go.

Clarke and Otis,
we go up the 35-foot ladder

to the attic apartment.

- Herrmann and Cruz...
- My baby...

He's in his crib
in the second floor apartment.

- Anybody with him?
- No.

No. The tree came
right through our wall.

- Oh, my God.
- Okay, listen.

Wait here, wait here.
We're gonna get him.

Mills, 20-foot ladder
to the second floor.

We got a baby
trapped up there.

Chief, we're gonna
need a medic.

Structure's not gonna
last too long.

Go. Dawson, Shay,

we have a baby trapped
on the second floor.

- You take it.
- I'm good.

I got the second floor.
You do the attic.

- Need a medic in the attic.
- On my way, Casey.

Please, help my wife.

Stand back.

Stay out of the way.

- What's her name?
- Emily.


[chainsaws whirring]

[baby crying]

I got eyes on him.

There's about, uh,

four feet between the tree
and his crib.

Careful with that debris.

Emily, can you breathe
through your nose okay?

Squeeze my hand once for yes,
twice for no.


All right, sweetie,
I think your jaw's broken,

so don't try to talk.

And plus, you kind of got this
tree in the way.


[chainsaw whirring]


Mouch, Otis, we got to get
the husband out of here.

This floor's gonna give.

All right, come on, sir.

- Here we go.
- All right, sweetie,

are you allergic to any meds?

Okay, give me this arm.

All right,
I'm gonna give you this

to help with the pain.

it's also gonna make you higher
than a frickin' kite.

Last one.

Watch your eyes.

Take cover!

I got you.

[baby crying]

Shh, shh, shh, shh.

Baby's okay, Chief.

Let's get out of here.

Close your eyes.

You're gonna be okay.

[siren blaring]

Hey, plans Friday night?

Just firing off
some campaign tweets.

Why, what do you got?

A little surprise shindig
at the crib.

You know, for Shay,
cheer her up a little bit.

Me and her,
we've gotten kind of tight.

And I got to look out
for my girl.

- Yeah, huh?
- Yeah.

But don't tell anybody,

Let's keep this intimate,
all right?


Listen up, everybody.

We have put off
the mandated wellness program

for long enough.

Each member of the house
is required

to have a physical examination
by the end of shift.

Might that be considered
a risk, Chief,

in light of the scrutiny
on our house?

Speak for yourself,

I'm just saying,
a fitness test?

Does C.P.D.
get a driving test?

It's offensive.

First thing I do away with
when I'm elected...

It needs to be done today!



I am sure you will all
pass with flying colors.

- [all murmuring]
- Good.

Um, so I'll start
with Cruz.

- You do Dawson?
- You know what?

Why don't you do Dawson,
and I'll do Cruz?


Wait. I...


[knock at door]

She's coming for me, guys.

Then we dig our heels in,

This is not your fight.

The hell it isn't.

First thing, we gotta
get Spellman out of here.

You run him out,
you'll be doing

the same thing that
she's trying to do to me.

he's ratting you out.

Don't roll over
for these clowns.

This is your house.
Defend it.

Mm. Relax your grip.

So, uh, blood draw, B.P.,

height, weight...
That's it?

And a stool sample.

Oh, no, they're out
of their minds if they think

I'm actually gonna give...

Are you messing with me?

[laughs] Yes.

You are such
a sly dog, Mills.

- Am I?
- Yeah.

You come in here with, like,
this whole Clark Kent thing,

and behind all that's
just a pure rascal.

I miss that.

How are things
with Isabella?

Good. Fun.

I'm glad.

You know,
two people break up,

walk away from each other,
it's normal.

But you and I...

were friends first.

We'll get back there
one day.

I'd like that.

- Wait, so what kind of party?
- Shh.

We'll cook up some apps,
throw back some brewskies,

and that courtyard area
is really awesome at night.

Just keep it on the Q.T.

Severide gonna bring Zoya?


I am humbled
and really jazzed

as I unveil to you the official
Randall McHolland

for union president
campaign poster.

[cheers and applause]

Now, is that a face
of a winner or what?

Man, you can do anything
with a computer these days.

- You're a genius.
- All I ask...

no curly mustaches, please,

or the blacked-out tooth.

And thank you, Isabella,

for all of your vision
and the tweeting.

We're taking Sullivan down.

- Yeah!
- Buddy!

[cheers and applause]

So are we on for tonight?


do you have a sec?

Heather took the plea deal
right away,

so the whole thing
got fast-tracked.

She didn't fight it
because she completely

took responsibility
for what she did,

and she didn't want to risk

being away from her boys
for, like, ten years.

- How long did she get?
- 15 months.

And she's serving it
at M.C.C.

but I'm not sure her lawyer
took into account

that Heather's husband,
he was a fireman

here in this house...

He died on the job.

And maybe there's a way
to present that to the court

and get her into
a minimum-security facility

so she can spend more time
with the kids.

I'm just trying
all my options here.

No, no, no, I hear you.

Tell you what,
let me make some calls.

I have some friends at
the State's Attorney's Office.

Anything you can do.

Thank you.

Hold that.

You already
took my blood pressure.


Well, you're done.

[alarm blaring]

[over P.A.] Truck 81,
squad 3, ambulance 61,

an impalement
at 514 Sandborne Street.

[man yelling]

What happened?

He slipped pushing a rototiller,

and he got his leg
stuck inside.

All right,
give us some room.


You got to get it out.

Please, get me out.

If we pull the blades,
he'll bleed out.

Let's disassemble it.

Guys, grab us a tool bag.

Pulse is weak.
We got to stabilize him.

- You're gonna be okay.
- We need to get a...

There's a mask
in my ambo bag.

Push to 15 liters.

Starting an I.V.

Heart rate's stable.

Chief, he's missing
four toes.

I can't find them anywhere.

Get a thermal imaging camera.
Grab some baggies.

- He's crashing.
- Pass me the intubation kit.

I got it.

[camera blipping]

Push the epi.

Okay, stop compressions.

We got a pulse.

All right, backward.

You don't want
to forget these.

[siren blaring]

120 over 80.
Healthy as a horse.

I remember
your first shift, Mills.

I also remember thinking,

"There's no way this kid's
as good as his dad.

Job's changed too much."

But you are as good.

If not better.

And that's encouraging to...
to a man like me.

C.F.D.'s in good hands.

Why don't we
clear the air, Shay?

There's nothing
to talk about.

Well, there is if
you're still pissed at me.

Well, I'm over it, so...

[horn honking]

Did you see that?


- [woman gasps]
- What?

Shouldn't have cut me off.


What's up?

There aren't many things
I hate more

than unsolicited advice...

- Oh, no.
- Just give me one minute.

You can
set your watch by it.

Okay, literally a minute.

I had a very good friend
named Gil.

We were in the same unit
in Iraq,

second tour for both of us.

Gil was a real character,
big motor mouth,

very good soldier.

And, uh, he was always
talking about

how everyone
has this hourglass

and the top of it
is obscured,

so you don't know
how much sand you have left.

And he'd be like,
"Hey, Clarke,

"how much sand you
think we got left?

How much sand?"

Anyway, we get back,
and he started to slip.

His mom was worried about him,
like the rest of us,

and she asked me
to keep an eye on him.

And I did.
I tried.

Uh, I was outside Wrigley.

And Gil is supposed
to meet me there.

And I get a text from him,

"There's no more sand."

I go racing over there.

I didn't make it.

I know what you saw
when that guy shot himself.

And I think I know
what you're going through.

You can twist yourself up
in knots

trying to understand it
or second-guess your actions.

But ultimately,
I don't think

it's for us to figure out.

Or carry.


Did you do this?

- You got something to say?
- No.

Nothing I haven't already said
to your face.

Transfer forms?

Anybody man enough
to say it to my face?

I signed it personally,
so there's no confusion.

I'd like you to leave 51.

Aren't you in the middle
of an election, Randall?

You really think
this is a good idea?

Beat it.


this how you
lead your men?

Are you aware of this?

I am.


Well, I'm willing
to forget it happened,

only if you go back in...

Say hi to McLeod for me.


[crushes paper]

How do you say
"you're amazing" in Russian?

Te klasnoy.

You're pretty damn
te klasnoy, Zoya.

Only for special person.

Me too.

I'm a little bit sad.



I have to go back
to Russia soon.

Well, that sucks.

You can come back
and visit, though, right?


I hope.

I wish I could live here.

I hear you.


House party in the house!

Oh, that's tonight? [sighs]

Oh, nice move, Mouch.

That's some next-level
type skills, yo.

Is it just gonna be us?

Is that a problem?

No. I'm just asking.

- [Otis laughs]
- Your turn, Shay.

Oh, Shay
with the power move.

Oh, yeah.


Oh, hey, guys,
perfect timing.

Come down, grab a beer,
join us.

- Hey, Jo-Jo.
- Hey.

You know what?
I'm gonna get out of here.

My brother
wants to catch a movie.

See you, guys.

All right,
I'm gonna go to bed.

- Drive you home?
- Thank you.

[blues playing in background]


Living here sucks, dude.
I got to get out.


How was your shift?

We saved somebody's life.

- That's so hot.
- Mm.

Well, we save lives, like...
like, every day, so...


I deal with lobbyists
and policy wonks all day.

What's a policy wonk?

Be glad you don't know.

God, being around you,
around the house,

people actually doing something
meaningful with their lives...

Oh, come on,
you do too.

God, you're adorable.

Seriously, Gabby...

I'm sorry.

I don't know
why I said that.

Don't sweat it.

I'll open some wine.

Yeah, sure.


Then move out.
It's a free country.

I can't.
Not with Shay

going through whatever
she's going through.

Dawson knows.
Right, Dawson?


Old mother Hubbard here.
Game day killed us.


All right,
we're short 250.

Been slow
the last few weeks.

So that bar down the street's

been really
taking a chunk out of us.

You know,
if you just made me

an equal partner
in this place,

like I so kindly offered,

there wouldn't be a Game Day
down the street.

You want to knock me down
to a flat fee, fine.

But you damn well better come up
with that flat fee.

You'll have it, Friday.

[glass shatters]


You come up short again,

and you'll be serving beer
out of a tent.

So this is Antonio's plan,

to let this guy
destroy our bar?

- Herrmann, I said I'd talk to him.
- Okay, you know what?

You tell Antonio
that I got a plan now.

I'm gonna keep a sawed-off .410
behind the bar,

and the next time Arthur
and Jay come in here,

it's sayonara, baby.

[phone ringing]
Is that him?

- Is that Antonio?
- I'll be right back.

Article seven of
the Illinois Criminal Code.

Unlawful entry into,
or attack on one's dwelling,

- you can use force.
- Yeah.

Or we could just
sell the place.

What the hell is going on?

Look, I've told my superiors.
Everyone's aware.

We just don't have enough
to take him down yet.

Look, you got to know
that it killed me

not to defend you
back there.

It's the hardest thing
about this,

is having to play a role.

Are you playing a role
right now?

Of course not.


Yeah, they've stopped by
a couple times.

But Griffin,
he's still not comfortable

- coming in the firehouse.
- I know.

- I warned you about that.
- Yeah.

- How's Ben?
- He's great.

He's more focused in school.

Good, good.

Yeah, they're both
doing better.

Heather, they talk about you

all the time, all right?

They miss you.



I mean... [crying]

This is torture.

Listen, I was talking
to someone yesterday

about getting help,

getting you
into minimum security

so you can spend more time
with the boys.


you got to stay strong.

All right?

- Hey.
- Hey, Zoya.


- How's everything?
- Good.

I just want to talk to you.

Okay. About?

Well, I was thinking...

if I go back
to Saint Petersburg,

it is sad for you
and for me.

- Okay.
- Maybe there is way

I don't have to go.

I think this sound crazy...

and I ask you as friend...

but if I were to be married,
I could stay.

- Oh.
- If you would want that too.

Yeah, I...

Listen, I'd love to.
And I'd do it in a second, but I... I can't.

For a lot of reasons that,
you know, I, uh...

Trust me.

I understand.

I sorry to ask.

I think
I don't come by anymore,

before my heart
goes more for you.


Hey, I'm... I'm sorry.

I really am.



Thank you so much for meeting me
on such short notice.

Not a problem.

How's your son doing?


I told him what I know...
There might be a change.

You know, I've been
doing this for a while,

and I always
envision the endgame,

what it's gonna be.

But how I get there?

I gave up trying
to anticipate that,

because things never quite
go down the way you think.


I like your style, Benny.

You care.

But first and foremost,
you're a pragmatist.


I'm trying
to save Firehouse 51.

I believe you.

If I were to save it... If...

I need somebody in place
that I can trust.

I want you to replace Boden.

[sighs] Wow.

So these are
your exam results.

Now, nobody
shoot the messenger.

"Cholesterol, on par.

Pulse rate, great.

Muscle mass only
slightly below normal."

Even my body fat
is spitting distance

to the classification of fit.

All that seaweed and rice paper
does a body good.

Greg Sullivan
can kiss my able-bodied ass.

Hold up,
this can't be right.

Herrmann has
1% less body fat than me?

Why are you so mystified?

'Cause I got
a couple years on you?

[scoffs] A couple?

- Whoa.
- You know what?

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Suck on this.

- Yeah!
- No!


Good, Hermie.

[indistinct chatter]

Put your clothes on,
man. [laughter]


[knock at door]

Come on in.

Chief, I know that

you're dealing
with a lot right now,

but I need
to talk to you about

- something in your test.
- Okay.

There is a protein
in our blood

called osteopontin.

Your levels are higher
than expected.

Meaning what?

Sometimes it's an indicator
for asbestos poisoning.

But it could be nothing.

Still, I strongly recommend
that you go

and get an MRI done
on your lungs.

I haven't been around
asbestos in 15 years.

it can remain latent.

20 years, 10 years,
5, or not all.

Look, the key
is an early diagnosis.

I can look into
some specialists.

Mills, leave the report
on the desk, please.

[door shuts]

The thing about
interest rates,

if they rise during
your lock-in period,

it won't affect you.

You'll still pay
the lower rate

you took in the first place.

Hide the silverware.
Devon's here.

Devon-eleven, open 24/7.


[groans] She is so shady.

[dance music in background]


Um, I'm, uh...
I'm gonna...

I'll be right back.


How'd you get mixed up
with these gossipy bitches?

♪ Over ♪

♪ Over, over now ♪

♪ Over now ♪

- I'm building up my position.
- Yes, I can see that.

What is that, 15 troops?

Is Gabby coming by?

Uh, not tonight, no.

Is she your girlfriend?

She is not.

Why isn't she?

Will you
roll the dice already?

- No!
- Dead.

If you want to go out tonight,
I can babysit Ben.

I don't want to go out.

I want to hang
with you guys.

I want to defeat you
over here in Chicagoland.

Can I come back
to the firehouse?

Yeah, anytime you want.


- For Chicago.
- Chicago.

Full security cameras
with database,

plus 24-hour armed response.

And how much
is this gonna cost?

Nothing up front.
No payments for three months.

Can we just talk about reality
here for a minute?

Game Day
isn't going anywhere.

It's getting
more and more popular,

and we're
serving tumbleweeds, man.

Let's just walk away.

There's no shame in that.

Sure, there is.

Losing is for losers.

It is all for best.

He's an idiot.

That's not very nice,
but thank you.

All I know is,
if it were me,

I'd be proud
to be your boyfriend.

You're a good man, Jo-Jo.

[alarm ringing]

[distant screaming]

Can I help you
with something?

I love 51.

I'll do whatever it takes
to save it.

My resignation.

Look how far
you've come, huh?

You're a Lieutenant.

I have some news.

I'm taking over 51.

Sync and corrected by Gianluca Belfiglio