Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 2, Episode 4 - A Nuisance Call - full transcript

Internal issues threaten to derail Engine Company 51.

- Previously on chicago fire...

- Seems that we have
an infestation

- Something you want to say
to me, herrmann?

- I want you to meet
my girl, isabella.

- Sounds like you could use
some campaign help.

Do you want to celebrate later?
- Yeah. Sounds like fun.

- He wants you to promise you
won't away, like mom and dad.

- I'm right here, guys.

I'm not going anywhere.

- You're really into
this jay guy, aren't you?

- I want a new deal.
See, my man, jay here.

He's been assessing
your business.

- You came here to spy on us?

- I know who our arsonist is.
- Hadley?

- If one of your former men
is now setting fires it doesn't

Exactly cast your leadership
in the most flattering light.

- We know you
started this fire!

I want to know
why arson investigation

Is wasting their time
checking hadley's alibis.

He uses timing devices.

He could set a fire downtown

And be in skokie
before the first bell.

- He craves attention.

That's what this is about.

If he thinks nobody's
watching maybe that'll

Throw him off his game
and he could get sloppy.

- So sit around and wait
for him to start another fire?

Provoke him?

Whatever. This is--

- Wallace really screwed
the pooch on this, huh?

How do you let a guy
like hadley just--

- Wait, pop.
No one saw this coming.

It's only you and the fire
marshall's office that seemed

To think he had a red flag
pinned to his chest.

- Oh, boy.

- Can I borrow you a sec?
Hey, benny.

Please tell me we're not
making a huge mistake here.

- What's up, roomies?

- What's up, otis?
Hey, do you need a hand?

- Oh, no. My brother's
unloading the u-haul outside.

He's fine.

what's up, bro?

hey, pal.

- Hey.
- Oh, man.

How awesome is this, huh?

Oh, uh, you know, I figured
there's three walls.

We each get one, right?

- I love it.

- [laughs]
I knew you would.

- What's vodka in russian?
- Vodka.

- Hey, you guys
got your cut last week.

What, do you want
to turn me upside down

And shake another dime
out of my pocket?

- I'm just here to see gabby.

- She don't want
to see you, buddy.

Get lost.

You got a problem, pal?

- This doesn't involve you,
all right?

- When a dirt bag like you
comes sniffin' around

For a friend of mine,
I'm involved.

I don't care who you work for

Or how many kneecaps
you break every week.

You don't scare me.

Stay the hell away from her.

- Uh, careful, griffin,

No flipping off the bars,
'kay, buddy?

- You're a natural.
You're gonna be a great dad.

- One day.

- Hey, you still need me to
watch them after next shift?

I've got a couple of repair jobs
I got to get to.

- Okay.
[phone vibrates]

- Is everything all right?

- [sighs]

I really stepped
into it with this guy jay.

Complete loser,
and I'm trying to end it,

And he [laughs] won't--
he won't let it go.

- I'd be more than happy
to have a conversation with him.

- No, no.
It's nothing I can't handle.

Thanks, though.

I'm gonna need a couple
of volunteers to help me

With the new wellness program
for this house.

It involves workshops,
physical exams.

I believe we all have to have
some new kind of fitness diary.

[all groaning]

- So, volunteers?

I don't have all day.


You are now
the new wellness reps.

[all clapping]

- [laughs]

- Ambulance 61.
Person in distress.

398 wells street.

- That's darryl.

- Our favorite frequent flyer.

- Dismissed.
- Hey, chief?

This call, he's a nice guy
but he just wants company.

It's a nuisance call.

- There's nothing
we can do about that

Because we can't refuse a call.

- Here we go.

- [laughs]

- How you been, buddy?

- Oh, I missed you.

You're lookin'
as beautiful as ever.

- Oh, aren't you the charmer?
- Sit up, bud. Come on.

There we go.

- [laughs]

- Can I see your finger?

'kay, your blood sugar is 43.

Why's it so low, darryl?

Look, I know you like it
when we come visit you

But you have to check
your levels, okay?

And eat after you
take your insulin.

- All right. I'm gonna check
what's in the fridge.

- Aw, you always take
such good care of me.

- We talked about this, darryl.

This is a lot of time
and expense for a glucose shot,

And we have other things to do.

- Okay.

Baloney and cheese,
and no chips?

What's up with that, darryl?

- You know I can't live
without my girl.

- Well, may I suggest
joining a chat room

And let us do our jobs?

- Yeah. She's right, darryl.
I mean, this has got to stop.

- You know,

You have no idea
what you mean to me, leslie.

- Oh, well that's sweet.

Whoa, darryl.

Darryl, uh--

- Put the gun away
right now, darryl.

- You know I can't live
without you.

- You--

You don't have to
live without me, darryl.

- I've got this, shay.

I'm not kidding, darryl.
Put the gun on the floor now.

- Darryl.

Look, uh, just--

Just give me the gun,
okay, and, uh,

And we can go to vegas tomorrow

And get hitched, okay?

Just give me the gun.

Okay, sweetheart? Just--just--
just give me the gun.


- [gasping]

- The two of you should
head to the lakeshore.

Get checked out
for blood exposure.

I'll notify medical.

Meet you there
with the paperwork.

Look, take whatever time
you need to deal with this.

Anything I can do for you
just let me know.

- Hey, you all right?

- Fine, thanks.

- Yeah, you know.
We're okay.

- Not even close.
A lot of ground to make up.

- You're gonna walk
all over sullivan.

It's gonna be like
the harlem globetrotters

Against those white dudes!

- The washington generals.
- That's them!

- Isabella says I got to
campaign like an underdog.

Politics 101.

- Rat.

- The, uh, ambo sound
okay to you?

- Thought I heard a weird sound
in the engine on the way back.

- I didn't hear anything.

- It was like a grinding sound.

Yeah, I'm gonna--I'm gonna have
the fleet come take a look at it

'cause last thing I need is for
it to break down on me on a run.

- Here. Give me your shirt.
I'll wash it with mine.

- No, I'm good.



- You okay?

- Yeah.

I'm fine.

- If there's anything I can do
on my end, name it.

- Actually, being here
in the house helps.

I'll be fine.

- Listen, you got to
take care of yourself.

Forget about watching the boys.
I'll call my sister--

- No. No, no, no.

spending time with them

Is kind of exactly
what I need right now.

- Okay.

- Okay.

- What was that about?

- I need you to write up
a full report

Of all interactions between
hadley and everybody

In this house since we let him
go, and it's per mcleod.

- What does that got to do
with saving money?

Hey, why doesn't she
have her in-house rat,

Clarke, write up the report?

He's been informing
on us anyway.

- Hey, hey, hey.

We have just got to
deal with it, okay?


- There she is!

- You'd never catch me up there.
I'm terrified of heights.

- Great view, though.

Hey, uh, you staying for lunch?
I'm making chicken adobo.

- I might take you up on that.

I'm gonna be shadowing
my candidate

For the next couple shifts.

We're getting some
day-in-the-life pics

Of randy to use
in his campaign.

- I've been told I posses
an "everyman" quality.

- Oh, yeah.

I can see my uncle luis
right there around the gut.

- So, I set up
a meet-and-greet

At the rec center
down the block.

Friendly crowd,
local firefighters.

It's a great photo op.

- Fantastic.

- And we have a little time

To get some shots
around the house first.

- Sure.

- Ed?

We've got to talk
about gail mcleod.

- Chief, believe me.

Nobody's happy about
making budget cuts.

- Look, I understand.

Ms. Mcleod has a budget
to worry about,

But she's crossed a line.

It's gettin' personal.

She's making all kinds
of insinuations about me,

How I run my firehouse,
how I dealt with hadley,

Which is not her job.

Look, if she wants
to crunch her numbers,

Let her crunch
her damn numbers,

But you have got
to get her off my ass.

- I'll see what I can do.

- You get that email
from mcleod

About the new inventory
request forms?

- Yeah. I got it.

- I wish you would have
let me handle darryl.

- Thanks, dawson.

That's exactly what I need
to hear to start my day.

- I'm not blaming you, shay.

- Good 'cause I was
doing just fine

Without your berating
the man with a gun in his hand.

- Well, somebody needed
to defuse the situation.

- Maybe he just needed to know
that somebody cared, you know?

Then again maybe you didn't.

I don't know.
I couldn't tell.

- What?
Of course I cared.

I just--I don't need
to lead him on to show him.

- Come on.

We were just having fun
with each other.

- And look where it led.

- I didn't pull the trigger.

- Let me remind you

That I'm the paramedic-in-charge
on ambulance 61.

If you had stepped back
like I asked,

Darryl might still be
alive right now.


I'm sorry, okay?
I didn't mean to--

- Sure you did,
and by all means,

Blame me for what happened.

Call in a report
with the paramedic chief.

Whatever you need to do
to feel better,

But do not talk to me.

We will work together.
That's it.

- There he is.
- Hey, buddy.

- Appreciate you coming out.
- Buddy!

- Go get 'em, tiger.
- [whistles]

- Did you make
this little spread out here?

- Would it impress you if I did?
- Damn.

- Tsk.

Who's paying for all
the signage and snacks?

- You are.

- Then can we just keep it
to chips and salsa next time?

- Go. Mingle.
Remember, no talking points.

No pressure.
Just have fun.

- Good to see you, martinez.
I'm countin' on your vote.

- Hey, mouch!

If you're such
a great union rep,

Why did you turn your back
on a union brother?


- This guy?

This guy was supposed to
represent me

When I was being
forced out of my job.

- Why don't you go home?
- Because it's my union, too.

I never lied
about what happened.

I apologized.

I did everything right.

What did you do?

This guy was afraid
to stand up to the brass.

You call that leadership?

I call it a damn joke.

- Your side of the story,

- [snickers]

You still the one
feeding pouch?

- Get out.

In the change-out room,
bangin' another secretary?

- I said get out!

- Don't forget to vote.

- I heard what happened with
your paramedics this morning.

How are they holding up?
Are they all right?

- They're working through it.

- I understand
you spoke to ed yates

Over at c.F.D. Headquarters.

- I did.

More than happy to tell you
exactly what I told him.

- No, no. Thank you.
He's brought me up to speed.


Ed has been informed that
I'm accountable to the state,

Not to the city of chicago
and not to the c.F.D.,

So your concerns, they're not
really his department.

- Well, thank you
for coming all this way

Just to inform me of that.

Anything I can do for you?

- What gets you up
in the morning,

Wanting to be
a battalion chief?

Why do you still
want to do it?

- You know, I am not
going to stand here,

Be insulted by somebody
who has no idea

Of the concept about
what it is to be a firefighter.

You want to know how I do my job
and why I do it?

You know what you can do?

Ask around.

- He showed up
at a union meeting?

Are you kidding me?
- You're surprised?

He's unhinged.
I'm telling you.

He's gonna kill somebody.

- Who's the broad with boden?

- Hm, mcleod.

She's a consultant that the
state sent to close firehouses.

- That's right, wally.

Take on the state.

Good strategy.

- All right, you'll be
hearing from me.

- So, basically [clears throat]
everybody has to keep track

Of their calorie count
and report 'em to me

So that I can put 'em
in my special binder.

- Better not.

- Mcleod can't force us
to participate.

We have a contract.

- Mouch is right.

If you prefer to pay
the higher insurance premium.

- All right.

So, next thing is they're
trying to encourage us

To be more active, so they're
giving out fitness bonuses

To anybody who can
pass a fitness test.

- Yeah? Cash bonuses?

- No.
Gift certificates to...

Salad king.

- [gasps]
- ooh!

- Good enough.
What's the test?

- Uh, push-ups for men
of your age-range.

- My age-range?

Start countin'.
[all cheering]

- No. You got to schedule
an appointment--

[all speaking at once]

- No, no. Guys.

Guys, you got to schedule a--
[all speaking at once]

- Truck 81. Squad 3.
Ambulance 61. Car accident.

[sirens whirring]

- That car was trying
to beat somebody to a spot.

He just plowed
right through the wall.

- She's barely breathing.
- To the right, move!

- Everybody get back!

- Somebody get us out of here!
- Watch it!

- Oh, god. What do I do?

She's my best friend.

- Stay calm, ma'am.
We'll get you both out.

Casey, get that car
out the drop area.

- Got it.
Mills, get the chain.

- Severide, get up there.
Stabilize that car.

- There's not enough clearance
to get the rig in.

We'll take the aerial up.
- There's no time.

Get what you need
from the squad.

Load it in a buggy.
I'll drive you up.

- All right, come on.

- Driver's losing
a lot of blood.

Be ready. Doesn't look like
she's got a lot of time.

- Hey, ma'am?
Ma'am, can you hear me?

- Uh-huh.

- Let's go, let's go,
let's go!


I want you to take your scarf
and see if you can tie it around

The upper part of her arm to
stop the bleeding, okay?

A little higher up,
right under her shoulder.

- Is it safe
to get out of the car?

- Relax, pal.
We're gonna get you out.

We don't have time
to stabilize this car.

- Chief, I'll go on line

And pull the victim out
through the back.

Clarke, you secure the rope.

- Yes, sir.

- Tight as you can.

- Those cables aren't gonna
hold much longer.

Tony, the chains.
Come on!

- On line!

- You're good to go.
- One, two, three, go.

- Help me!

I can feel the card sliding!

- You gotta sit still.
Don't move.

I'm coming in.

- Chain's hooked up.

- Cover your face!

- Ahh!

- You're doing great.
- She's getting so pale.

I don't know
if it's tight enough.

- Please, just get me
out of this thing.

- How we doing on that chain?
- It's almost there.

- Let's get going.
- Come on.

[metal warping]

- Don't let me fall.

- I got you.

- Cruz, hit it!
- Everybody get back.

Get back!

- One, two, three, go!

- Watch out!


- Cruz,
crab the hurst.

- It's in.

- Put it there.
Let's get these doors off.

- Got it.
- Right behind you, mills.

- We need to get
a c-collar on her.

- Unh.
- [groans]

- Watch her shoulder.
- She's clear.

- One, two, three.

- [gasps]
did it work?

I don't even know
if she's still alive.

- You saved her life.

- Dude.
Dude, dude, dude.

So this new apartment
is working out great.

Last night we opened up this

18-year-old bottle of whiskey
severide's dad got him.

[pops] freakin' awesome.

- Good for you.

- What's up your ass?

- Nothing, otis.

Is this about
the third bedroom?

- I just think it might
get a little crowded

With severide datin' zoya.

- Severide and zoya?
Get out of here.

- I saw him
pick her up from molly's.

- Zoya doesn't drive.

He was giving her a lift.

Dude, kelly's my boy,
all right?

Boys don't do that
to their boys.

- Wait, is that mousse
in your hair?

- Ah-ah.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.

- No, seriously.
- No!

[tsking] no.

- [sighs]
oh, man.


- Mills.

- Oh.
- I saw you left this behind.

- Thanks.
- I scooped it up for you.

- Hey, clarke.

You shoot pool?

- A little.

- How about eight-ball?

You know?
We meet there after shift.

I'll take all your money.

- Hey, griffin.
Griffin, careful.


- Gabby, is uncle matt
your boyfriend?

- No.

No, we're just
really good friends.

- Told you!

[phone rings]

- I told you not
to ask her that.

- Hey, quit callin' me, okay?
We don't have any money.

- It's not about that.

- Well, then there's
nothing to talk about.

- Gabby, will you just listen?

- I've heard plenty, thanks.

You want to keep callin' me
I'm callin' the cops.

- Gabby!

Griffin fell off
the monkey bars!

- [groans]
- oh, god.

Hey, griffin?

Where does it hurt?
- On my side.

- It's okay. Just take nice,
slow breaths, all right?

You're gonna be all right.

Yeah, I need an ambulance

For a possible rib fracture
at adams park.


Um, he's got a-a cracked rib
but nothing serious.

They're doing some
routine tests.

- What happened?

- Um, I-I had to take a call
and I-I stepped away

In the middle of this flip
and--[sighs] I had to call--

- Hey, it's all right.

It's okay.

- [sighs]
- where is he?

[knock on door]

- Ms. Mcleod?
My name is benny severide.

- Yes. I know the name.

You have quite
the sterling reputation.

It's a privilege.

- Thank you.

- Please. Come in. Have a seat.
- Thanks.

I, uh--I'm sorry
to drop in like this

But I-I felt that it was
important to see you.

- Oh, no.
It's not a problem at all.

How can I help you?

- It's about house 51.
- Yes.

We are working out
a few problems over there.

- So I understand.

- Your son's at 51,
isn't he?

- Yeah. Yeah.

I'm very proud of him, which is
part of the reason I'm here.

I know the guys in that house.

They're good firefighters in a
community that depends on them.

My question to you is,

Is it a problem house

Or is there a problem chief?

- That him?
- Mm-hmm.

- Something on your mind?

- Just...

You gotta know
what they're sayin'

About you in the house.

- I'm not an idiot.

- So why don't
you say something?

Tell your side of it.

- No one asked.

- Well, I'm askin'.

- Mcleod asked me
to report on house 51.

I said "no."

- So then who's the rat
in our house?

- I don't know, man.
I mind my own business.

- I don't even know that the--
- okay, stop. Stop.

I mean, it's so cheesy.

I mean, klingons?

- Cylon--you-you haven't
even seen the show!

We are gonna do an old-school
battlestar marathon

And you are gonna thank me.

- Oh, my god.


Oh, I'm glad
you moved in with us.

- Me too. This is great.

- [laughs] it's great.
It's really great, right?

- Yeah.

- And I need this!

You know, I need--
I need to have more fun!

- Yeah, yeah. Oh, yeah.
- Fun.

- Yeah.
- In my life.

Just in general.
- Yeah.

- And I--[sighs] and this face.

[laughs] I mean,
you're such a cutie-pie!


- [laughs]


- Shay?

- Don't tell kelly
about this, okay?



- Hey.

33rd and bell.

That's on the dangerous
buildings list.

Let's take a ride.

- What's up, herrmann?

- Eh, you know.

I got snack duty.
- Nice.

- Yeah.

All right, so listen.

Has gabby talked to you
about molly's at all?

- Just that you guys
are gettin' soaked

By that new bar
down the street.

You been inside that place?

- Of course not.

- No.

Well, once.
For a birthday party.

It would have been rude
not to show up.

- Well, we got another problem
besides game day.

- Okay?

- The old coot
who we bought molly's from,

We kind of inherited
this hanger-on type guy.

We agreed to give him 1%,
but he's been gettin'

More aggressive and showing up
with some real knuckle-draggers.

Now, she'd kill me
for telling you this,

But dawson got mixed up
with one of those guys.

She cut him loose,

But he ain't going away easy.

- I want a name.

- Hey, check it out.

- Squad three to main.

- Hey, you want some?
- Thanks.

You enjoying all that extra
streaks I made you wash?

- [chuckles] yeah.

You guys know
he was in iraq, right?

- Yeah? As a spy?

- No.
First battalion, eighth marines.

He was in one of the bloodiest
battles of the war.

- Yeah, well I wouldn't believe
everything this guy tells you.

[alarm sounds]

- Truck 81. Squad 3.
Engine 51.

Ambulance 61.
Structure fire.

[sirens whirring]

- Chief, it's hadley.

The only way in or out
is through the front.

It's a death trap.

- This building is known
to have squatters.

We've got to get inside
to do a search. No choice.

Everybody proceed
with extreme caution.

Floors and stairs
might be weak.

Truck, squad, get in there.

Clear a path for engine
to get their attack lines in.

- Got it, chief.
Everybody mask up.

Let's get that door open.

Through this door.
Spread out.

Truck go left,
squad go right.

- Fire department,
call out!

Anybody see anything?

- No, but there's
that smell again.

- This floor's clear.
Let's move up to the fifth.

Everybody watch yourselves.

- Fire department!
Call out!

- Let's clear a path
for engine.

- Check every square inch.

Squatters could be
hiding anywhere.

- Engine 51, you're clear
to bring in the attack lines.

- On our way.

Take cover!

Fire device just went off!

Keep down, there's more!

- We gotta get off
this floor!

- Exit's blocked!

Chief, fire's
accelerating fast.

In the 2-3 corner,
40 feet due west.

- This way!

- Flames are closing in.

- Where the hell is it?

- Unh!

- It's locked.
Got to force it. Cruz!

- Go!

- Hey! In there!

I'm going after hadley,
everybody else finish searching

The lower levels
and get the hell out!

- Let's start on three
and work our way down.

- Hadley!

Hadley's close, chief.
I'm gonna bring him out.






- All I have to do
is drop this bottle.

Flatten the whole block
and everybody on it.


- Kevin.

- It's kevin now?

- None of this
is worth it, man.

You can still
walk out of here alive.

- Or we can all
go out together.

- Hey, hey! Hey!

- [groaning]

- Severide!
- In here!


Watch it, watch it.

- Get him on the gurney.

- Lift.

- You're still here?

- This is the one.

- [laughs]

Damn, man.
You scared me.

- You're the snitch.

- What did you just call me?

- You heard what I said.

- Watch your mouth,

- You have been
feeding information

To mcleod this entire time.

You're the rat.

- There's two kinds
of people in the world.

Predators and prey.

You'll drive yourself crazy

Trying to understand
cases like hadley.

All you got to do is make sure
that you're never the prey.

- Thanks for being here, pop.
It means a lot.

- Don't mention it, kid.

- I miss my mom.

- I know you do, buddy.

She misses you guys.

She'll be out soon.
- A year.

- It'll go by fast.
I promise.

See you in the morning.

- Can you stay with me
till I fall asleep?

- Of course.

Here, I'll tuck you in.

- I can't believe herrmann
opened his big mouth.

- I'm glad he did!

You're mixed up with some
heavy stuff, gabby.

- Don't--don't worry
about it, okay?

It's not a big deal.

- No, it is, and you're
trying to downplay it

'cause you're embarrassed you
got mixed up with a deadbeat.

- [grunts]

Yeah. Maybe a little.

- All right,
but here's the deal,

And this does not get repeated,
you hear me?

- [sighs]

- There's something you need
to know about this jay guy.

- [knocking]

- Hey.

- You're a cop?

[laughter in background]