Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 2, Episode 3 - Defcon 1 - full transcript

Severide is convinced he knows the arsonist's identity.

- Mills!
- Previously on Chicago fire...

Wasn't a kitchen fire, Chief.

When I was looking at the
dangerous buildings map,

it hit me that all the arsonist's targets

were on there. It's a fire fighter.

Steady work has been
pretty hard to come by.

Is that why you're setting the fires?

I guess you better prove it.

You get 1% all for doing nothing

but walking away from our bar.

There is a scotch tasting happening

Friday night.

Would you want to join me?

I'd love to.

Allowing visitors to ride
on any of the apparatus

is a serious violation.

How does she know that?

There is a snitch in the house.

Fire's comin'!

I pled guilty to D.U.I. manslaughter.

Can you take care of Griffin and Ben?

I think you've outgrown these sneakers.

Griffin, please don't kick your backpack.

You're gonna smash your lunch.

You guys know the drill, right?

My sister Christie
is gonna pick you up

from school today

and you'll stay at her house tonight

- while I'm on shift.

Tomorrow's our big day,

so I'm going to pick
you up from school early.

Try not to get too dirty at lunch.

I told you, I'm not going.

I know, Griffin.

But you have to.


I'm picking you up
early tomorrow,

and that's the end of it.

Now let's get going.

I'm already late.


Where was it?

Right where you said.
In the console.

Thank you so much
for driving it over.

- Thank you.
- No worries.

Are you rushing
to get away from me again?


Look, I was just in a relationship

that... that fell apart.


So I guess
this is good-bye forever?



I owe you one.

A marker. I like that.

What's it good for?

Come to Molly's tomorrow
night and find out.


Severide, hey.

- Hey, what's up, Otis?
- Nothing.

I was just talking to
Shay, told me the good news.

- Good news?
- Your new apartment.

Sounds tight.

- Oh. Yeah, thanks.
- Yeah, no, problem.

She did say
it was a three-bedroom,

and you guys might be looking
for a third roommate to, uh...

[clicks tongue] defray the costs.

- She said that?
- Hey! Yo, Otis!

We agreed
we were gonna to him together.

Why do you
even need a new place, Cruz?

Your apartment isn't bad.

You spend a night
in my neighborhood,

lulled to sleep by gunfire!

You try living two doors
down from my mother.

Now, Severide,

this is exactly
the kind of drama

you won't have to deal with

if you choose a mellow,
mature roommate.

[scoffs] Guys,
it's just an apartment.

You haven't even seen the place.

I can come by right after shift.

Me too.

this isn't cheerleader tryouts.

You guys need to work this
out amongst yourselves.

Chief! Hey!

- You got a minute?
- Just the one.


I know who our arsonist is.



No way. I'm not buying it.

Look, I don't want
to believe it myself,

but I got a real bad feeling about this.


My old man,
he wants to take it arson,

but... he'd like to
get your blessing first.

You got any proof?

- No, but I...
- Look.

I had my issues with the man,

but he's a fire fighter
and a good one.

So you want to accuse
him of starting fires,

you'd better have more
than a bad feeling.

[alarm wails]

[over P.A.] Squad 3, ambulance 61.

Car in water.

330 West Lower Wacker.

Driver lost control and barreled

right through the guard rail.

- Anyone come up?
- Not since I got here.

- How many in the vehicle?
- No idea.

[water splashing]

[water bubbling]

[metal creaking]

[pounding, muffled yelling]

[indistinct police radio chatter]

[muffled yelling]

[metal creaking continues]

[muffled groans]

Chicago Fire S02E03
"Defcon 1"

Sync and corrected by
Gianluca Belfiglio

Give him a tug.

Something's wrong.
Try him again.

Rope's caught on something.

He's off line. Damn it!

Shay, grab me the monitor.

What happened
down there? You okay?

Yeah. I'm fine.

Why are you two
so eager to move in

with Shay and
Severide, anyway?

For the residual tail, Mouch.

The... The what now?

Okay, between
Severide and Shay,

think how many
beautiful women

are going to be parading
through the apartment.

Imagine it:
Severide is out at the bar,

he's chatting up some babe.

- She's got a friend.
- Uh-oh.

The fun doesn't
have to stop there.

All he has to say is,

"Hey, let's take
this back to my place

where we can hang out with
my awesome roommate, Joe."

- "Brian."
- Pathetic.

Okay, Mouch, why do you
want to be their roommate?

I've been lonely since Mari left.

Oh, yeah.
That's not pathetic at all.

Great news, Otis.

I just got our beer distributor

to comp us two kegs
for the promotion.

Way to hustle, Herrmann.

Good beer or cheap beer?

Free beer.

I still need 200 signatures

to secure my nomination.

Relax, all right?
We'll get there.

Hey, you know, Mouch,

you should meet
my friend, Isabella.

She spent
the last two years in D.C.

working for some congressman.

And she's back home
now trying to start up

her own political consulting firm.

That's overkill, don't you think?

It's not like
he's running for POTUS.

Thank you, Gabriela.

I would very much like
to meet your friend.

Wait, hold on. Is she hot?

She's straight.

Hey, Mills, um, you got a sec?

Yeah. What's up, Lieutenant?

My pop's out on the apron.

He wants to come in

but doesn't want
to disrespect you.

So, if you want him
to stay outside...

Yeah, tell him he can stay outside.

He's here to help out with
the arson investigation.



Where I come from,
you get in a fight,

you shake each other's
hands afterwards...

and you put it behind you.

I can do that if you can.

I like you, kid.
You remind me of...

This doesn't make us buddies.

Just find the son of a bitch
who torched my mom's diner.


Just tell me why you think
I should give you my blessing

to investigate Kevin Hadley.

There's a well-established
psychological profile

for fire fighter arsonists,

and Hadley fits it to a tee.

They tend to be white and male.

They come from broken homes.

Hadley's father abandoned
them when he was 13.

They're usually unmarried.

They lack stable
interpersonal relationships.

I mean, Chief, you saw the way

he blew
everything up around here.

Benny, you're talking about

half the fire fighters
I know, including you.

Chief, it's Hadley
right down the list.

So you think
he's motivated by anger

over getting kicked out of 51?

You told him he wasn't
worthy of this house,

so he's trying
to prove you wrong...

Show you that
he's smarter than you are.

And he isn't going to
stop until someone's dead.

Chief, you should know that I...

I confronted Hadley about this.


What'd he say?

He said, "Prove it."

- Hey, Pete.
- Yeah.

- How's your mom doing?
- Okay.

Trying to decide
if she should rebuild

or just call it quits.

Tell her we're going to
take this arsonist down.

She knows.

We draw straws
for the third bedroom.


No, there is no
way I am leaving this

up to random chance.

It ought
to be about who wants it most.

We should have a contest.


The "Cinnamon challenge."

Where you try
to eat a spoonful of cinnamon

- in under 60 seconds?
- Exactly.

You mean the Internet
craze that lands people

in the hospital
with a collapsed lung?

- Yeah, that's the one.
- What are we,

a bunch of frat boys
all of a sudden?

It's cool.

Benny's got a
solid reason to be here.

They told you about Hadley?

What about Hadley?


Kelly thinks
Hadley's the one responsible

for the arson fires.


Shay, are you serious?

[objects clatter]


[cell phone vibrates]
I'll talk to him.

This is Matt.

Yeah, why?

Chief, need a big favor.

I got to run out
for half an hour.

After you were late this morning?

Yeah, I know, Chief,

but can Herrmann cover

as acting officer
while I'm gone?

You need a
Lieutenant to cover for you.

I need that
paperwork on my desk.

Chief, it's half an hour.

There better be
a damn good reason.

There is.


[school bell rings]

Believe me,

Griffin and I are gonna
have a long talk

the minute I get off shift.
This won't happen again.

I have to say, Matt, this
whole child care situation

doesn't exactly instill me
with confidence.

We're making the best of it.

There are other options.

Not for me.

I... I have an obligation to
Heather and her late husband.

Matt, your only obligation
is to Griffin and Ben.

You need to make sure

they have constant
and proper guidance.

And if I feel like
you can't provide that

while you're working
24-hour shifts,

well, then I have to share
my concerns with DCFS.

[door opens]


- Hi.
- I'm sorry. You are?

I'm Gabby Dawson. I'm with Matt.

[police radio chatter, static]


I'm sorry about that.

I'm sorry. I'm still on duty.


- Hey.
- Hey.


This isn't like Griffin at all.

Obviously, he's acting out.

In a span of a year,
he's lost his father,

and his mother's
been taken away.

But he'll get there.

He'll get there.

He just needs
to know that we're here

and that we love him

and it's okay to feel whatever
he's feeling right now.

Thank you.

That's, uh...

that's just what
I was about to tell Matt.

[school bell rings]

Boden's got a big mouth.
You didn't have to come.

But you're so glad I did.

Griffin, what are you doing?

You can't just
go around hitting kids.

All right, we'll talk later.

I'm gonna pick you up
early tomorrow.

You can't. I have detention.

Griffin, it's not like I'm
trying to drag you along

to pick up my dry cleaning.

This is a big deal.


Matt, if you're gonna engage

in a battle of wills with an 11-year-old,

you're gonna lose.

So what?
I'm supposed to back down?

No. No, just back off a little.

Let him come to you.

Oh, good afternoon, Chief.

[both chuckle]

Ms. McLeod.

Come right in.


Um, listen.

A Kevin Hadley was
dismissed from your house

earlier this year.

Is that correct?

Why is arson discussing
ongoing investigations

with an outside consultant?

The reasons
for his transfer are vague.

Why'd you force him out?

I don't believe that's your business.

Chief, all due respect,

if one of your former
men is now setting fires

all over this city,

it doesn't exactly cast
your leadership abilities

in the most flattering light.

Kevin Hadley exhibited
unacceptable behavior

toward another fire fighter.

He couldn't
remain in the house.

I showed him the door.

Without filing a grievance
with human resources?

I opted not to report his behavior.

My aim was to get
the man out of the house,

not to ruin his career.

So you let
his unacceptable behavior

go unreported,

and now he's targeting 51
with arson fires.


Well, thank you, Chief.

I just needed to get some
clarification on that.

You have a good day.


How's it going, Clarke?


So a bunch of us are
going to Molly's tomorrow.

- You should join us.
- Yeah.

Sure, tip back a few beers,
get to know us all a bit better.

What's a movie from 1985 starring Cher?

Four letters.

I don't know. Addams Family?

Anyhow, maybe
we'll see you at Molly's.

Your wife too.

Bring her along.

Hey, Capp.

Can I borrow you for a second?

Brian, just go slow.

If I feel a pinch, I'll speak up.

You're sure about this.

It's gonna destroy the ring.

Or maybe we can
get it off with olive oil.

My wife moved out,
back in August.

So I don't need the ring anymore.

Sorry to hear that.

Yeah, what are you gonna do?

[alarm wails]

Keep that under your hat, huh?

- [over P.A.] Ambulance 61...
- Yeah, sure.

2051 West Potomac.


I just pretended
to be Casey's girlfriend.

Um, anyway,
it's kind of a long story.

But the point is,
it wasn't a big deal.

I mean, I wasn't, like,
nervous or awkward or anything.

I'm content just being his friend.


You're really into this
Jay guy, aren't you?

Yeah, I think I am.


Here we go.

What are we looking at?

Over here. My buddy Chris.

He's got a little... problem.

Yep, that's a problem.

Okay, one nail I get. But four?

He disabled
the safety on his nail gun

so it'll shoot rapid fire.

- A real time saver.
- They're in pretty tight.

Hey, Dawson,
should we call a truck?

I don't know. He's
already going into shock.

Do you have a saw?

- We need to cut this board free.
- Yeah, here.

Whoa! Oh!


Deep breaths,
deep breaths. There you go.

Cut it as short as you can.

Ooh, ooh, ooh...

[saw grating]
Oh! It's vibrating!

Sorry, man! Are you okay?

He won't be okay until
we get him to a hospital.

- Keep cutting.
- I can't. I can't!

We're not amputating an
arm. It's a piece of wood!

Give it to me. Cover his eyes.

[saw grating]

[man screaming]



Can you stand up?

Nice and easy.

Here you go.
Stay close to me.

Oh, and you guys should
be wearing eye protection.

All right, this is an I.P.A.

It's a little hoppier
than the last one.

Give it a taste.

It's not bad, right?

We got a whole
slew of different...

I'm telling you, girl,
you'd love Daft Punk.

"Get lucky." Oh, you're kidding me!

The guys with the crazy helmets!

[foreign accent] Oh! Is
that the horsey-riding song?

The... [galloping]

- [Cruz giggles]
- No?

God, no. No. You know what, girl?

You're about to have
your horizons broadened.

I am gonna make you a
mix CD. Just you wait.

Hey, Cruz. Mouch is here.

Time for the cinnamon challenge.

We're not really gonna
do this thing, are we?

Are you kidding me?

I've been promoting it
on my podcast.

I mean,
people came out here to watch.

You know what? I don't
need the apartment that bad.

I'm out.

Looks like it is down
to you and me, Cruz.

May the best man win.

Dude, this is ground cumin.

[container thuds]
Oh, shoot.

Hey, they're right next
to each other on the shelf!

Hey, Mouch.

I want you to meet my girl Isabella.

- Ah, the kingmaker, huh?
- [Isabella laughs]

I've heard a lot about you.

And I about you.

Sounds like you could
use some campaign help.

Nice. Firm grip.

Nobody ever won an
election with clammy hands.

The secret is:
I wipe my palm on my pants.

So talk to me about
your campaign strategy.

Uh, we just started talking
about what I should...

Oh, cute.


- [Peter scoffs and laughs]
- Here, try this one.

Who is this guy?

Oh, that? That's Jay.
He's sort of a regular now.

They're... They're just friends.

It's cool, Otis.

I can handle it.

[low conversation]

She looks happy.

[police siren whooping]

Who's in charge here?

He is.

Hey, how ya doin', officers?

Come back after shift
and try the autumn ale.

We got a complaint from
one of your neighbors.

You're kidding me. Who complained?

You know I can't tell you that.

Look, I'm afraid you're gonna
have to shut this booth down.

No, no, no, no...

I cleared this with the city, see?

I got a permit that says we
can hold an outdoor event, see?

[paper rustles]
We're on the up and up.

This isn't about permits.

"Unlimited beer tasting, $10."

It's a violation
of happy hour laws.

Can't serve unlimited
alcohol for a set price.

Shut it down or get fined.


Game day.

Sorry, folks.
Gotta shut it down.

You wanna go to Defcon 5, Game Day?

I can go to Defcon 5.

Defcon 5
is actually the lowest level.

Shut up, Otis.


What does that mean exactly,

"They put him on their list of suspects"?

Means that they're taking
our suspicions seriously.

They'll dig
into Hadley's background,

maybe bring
him in for questioning.

What they ought to do is
keep an eye on him 24/7.

They need to catch him in the act.

Arson investigation
doesn't have the manpower

- for that kind of surveillance.
- Hell, I got time on my hands.

I'll stake out his place.

Kelly, you start meddling
with the investigation,

and you could put their case on
very shaky procedural grounds.

Please, just let A.I. handle it, okay?

Wow. Hey.

This is a nice place
you found here, Leslie.

Thank you. And thanks
so much for helping out.

I... I feel bad.
You probably want to

get back to Beth and the kids.

No, no, it's okay.

Anyway, Kelly needs me.

Well, come on.
Between these arson fires

and Renee pulling the
rug out from under you...

You're having trouble
at home, aren't you?

Well, Beth and I are taking
a little break right now.

- Oh, boy.
- No, no, it's gonna be fine.

I'm driving back
to Kenosha every weekend.

It'll work out, okay?

Hey, can you give me a
hand with the coffee table?

[Shay mutters]

We were doing pretty good there

until officer friendly showed up.

After expenses,
we cleared 62 bucks.

And remember, Arthur's gonna
show up at the end of the week

to collect his share of that.

Thanks for reminding me.

Arthur's this wannabe mobster

who weaseled his way
into a silent partnership.

Total leech.

[drawer bangs]

Hey, go home, Herrmann.

You've been
on your feet all day.

- I'll finish cleaning up.
- Thanks, Dawson.

Maybe I'll go pour myself

a nice, big, tall glass of antifreeze.

[keys jingle]

Good night.


Do you want
a hand with the glasses?

[keys jingle]

we could wash the glasses.

Or we could...

let them soak awhile.

[keys clatter]

You need anything, Gabby?

Sorry, what?

You want
some toast or something?

Oh, no.

Sorry, I'm great. Thanks.

- See, you just got re-tweeted.
- Amazing.

I owe you big-time.

Isabella's a real find.
What's going on?

I set Randy up with
a social media presence

so he can reach out to
the online CFD community.

Now he can gather
endorsements electronically.

I only need 120 more signatures,

and I'm on the ballot.

That's great.

Where's Herrmann?

He should see this. [laughs]

- Thanks so much for doing this.
- Yeah, it's great practice.

And if I can get Randy
elected union president

that'll really help me
establish myself in Chicago.


Plus it's no chore
hanging around a firehouse,

if you know what I mean.

I think Pete
over there has a thing for me.

Oh, he's your ex?

Gabby, I didn't realize.

Don't worry, he's off-limits.

No, no.


you know what?

He's fair game.

- Yeah?
- Mm-hmm.

Can I have
your attention, please?

As per discussion
I have just had

with our consultant
friend Ms. McLeod,

from here on out,

anyone who must leave a
shift for personal reasons,

you need to submit a request

and allow enough time for
a relief to be brought in.

Absolutely no exceptions.

By the way...


Cinnamon challenge.

Are you out of your mind?

Oh, it's cool, Chief.

We're gonna have
a paramedic present.

You are a fire fighter
with the city of Chicago,

and you are promoting
a dangerous stunt

that has filled emergency rooms

with victims who are
stupid enough to try it!

Cinnamon challenge?
What cinnamon challenge?

We're not doing
a cinnamon challenge.

I didn't think so.

How is she finding out all this stuff?

I know she doesn't
subscribe to your podcast.

Can I have your attention, please?

I got an announcement
to make too!

Just a heads up.

Lately we've been finding
rat turds all over the house.

Seems that we have an infestation.

Finkus backstabberus...

better known
as the common snitch.

Not to fear, though.

These disgusting vermin don't
typically last long at 51.

Something you wanna
say to me, Herrmann?

Just puttin' it out there, Clarke.

A general warning.

Well, maybe I should give
you a very specific warning.

Come on. Come on!


Enough. Enough!

Enough of this.

You gotta be kidding me.

- Old 51. I miss this place.
- Easy, Mills.

How's everyone been?

What are you doing here?

Just wanna buy a T-shirt.

Got to support
the local firehouse, right?

Get out.

Before I carry you out.

Why? So you can keep
spreading lies about me?

What can we help you with, Hadley?

That's a laugh.

If I ever need help with anything,

this is the last place
I'll come looking for it.

Hey, buddy? New guy.

Watch your back around here.

Word to the wise.

[alarm wails]

[over P.A.] Engine 51, truck 81,

squad 3,
ambulance 61, battalion 25.

House fire.
South California and Madison.

[sirens whooping]

[horn blasting]

It's a condemned house.
Structurally unsound.

He's setting another trap for us, Chief.

Yeah, no doubt.

I'm gonna hold off.

Truck 81, Squad 3, stand down.

Engine 51,
hit it with your water cannon.

Nobody goes inside.

We gonna let this one burn
to the ground if we have to.

[glass shatters]

[man groans]

- Dawson, Shay!
- Hey, buddy.

Hey, buddy.

Hold still!
Hold still! Don't move.

My girlfriend's inside.

I can't find her.

Send me and Capp in.

That fire's in the structure.

We'll do one
rapid primary search,

and we'll get out.

You got one minute.

Capp! Come on, let's move.

Herrmann! Mills!
Get 'em a straight ladder.

Got it.

Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Take it easy.

- My girlfriend is...
- Take it easy!

They're looking for her
right now, okay?

If she's still up there,
they'll find her.

No! She's not...
She's not upstairs!

- What?
- She woke me up.

Said she smelled something
funny coming from the basement.

I think she went back down there!

Chief! We got a problem!

Severide, get out of there.

She is not upstairs.
Get outta there now.

Copy that! Capp!

get a crew in the back door

with a 1 3/4-inch hose.

Clear a path for truck
to get into the basement.

- On it, chief.
- Mills!

- Yeah.
- With me.

Fire department! Call out!

[instrument blipping]


We got her!


Chief! We're cut off!

We're gonna need help

getting out of the side
window in sector four!

51! Bring a ladder to sector four!

[glass shattering]

Move! They don't have long!

All right, ready? Go!

Got her?

- She's breathing.
- Lift her up.

Mills, you first.

[low chatter]

On "three." One, two, three.

We need saline and an IO drill

and burn sheets... lot's of 'em.


Take it easy, Severide!

You almost killed that
girl, you son of a bitch!

She could spend the next
six months in the burn unit

- 'cause of you!
- Now, this is insanity.

Just followed you over
here to watch you work.

- We know you started this fire!
- How could I?

I was at 51 when
it happened. You saw me.

Severide! Severide.

You know what?

Keep your lousy T-shirt.

Let's go! We got a fire to fight.

We're gonna go inside and sign us in.

Then we'll walk through a metal detector,

just like at the airport.

They'll take us
to a visiting room,

then the guards
will bring your mom in

to sit and talk.

She'll be wearing
kind of a funny jumpsuit

and maybe
she won't have on any makeup.

But she's still your mom.

- She still loves you.
- Can we just get on with it?


Listen to me,
I've been where you are.

I know it's not easy to
see your mom this way,

but you have no idea

what a great thing it
is you're doing for her.

You two are all she has right now.

So keep being brave.

For her.


All right.



Okay, let's do it.

[baby crying]



[machinery beeping, buzzing, low chatter]



Mama! Mom!


I missed you.

So I gotta sit there

and listen
to this guy Rome from arson

and my old man lecture me

about how I'm playing
right into Hadley's hands.

That I'm giving him
the attention he craves.

- What do they expect you to do?
- They want me to ignore him.

So he gets bolder, I guess...
I don't know... and slips up.

- What, or kill someone?
- That's... yes.

That's what I said.

I mean...

Hadley worked under me
for two years.

I should have seen this coming.

Whoa. Look, Kelly.

Don't put yourself through
that. It's not your fault.

I'm just sick and tired of waiting

for bells to go off.

We need to stop reacting
and start anticipating.

That's what we need to do.

No, what we need to do
is let arson handle this.

And you and I need to go
somewhere and get drunk.

Come on, I'm buying.

- Yeah?
- Yeah! Come on.

[both laugh]

God, you cheap-ass!

Come on.

Come on, Otis,
we got drinks to serve.

This'll only take a minute.

And you're gonna love it.

Trust me.

[clicks tongue]

[police radio chatter]

- Otis.
- Yes?

Did you call the fire marshal

to report an over-capacity
crowd at Game Day?

I don't know what you're
talking about, Christopher.

What are you guys doing?

I think Otis
just took us to Defcon 1.

Right this way, folks!
We got half-price drinks!

- Come on in and party!
- [both laugh]

Go get 'em!

- I'm getting outta here.
- [Joe chucking]

- Hey.
- Joe.

You burned me a CD? Aw.

You are adorable.



What's up, Cruz?

[engine revving]

[distant voices]

Everything all right?

He wants you
to promise you won't go away.

Like mom and dad.

I'm right here, guys.

I'm not going anywhere.

[loud overlapping chatter]

- Where's Zoya?
- No idea.

Okay, so...

due to liability concerns,

we had to Ixnay the cinnamon challenge.

But... But fear not.

For Joe Cruz and I...

are going to attempt the
saltine cracker challenge:

where we will attempt
to eat six crackers

in under a minute
with not a drop of water.

[Random groans]
No, no, no, no.

It's gonna be awesome.
Trust me.

Okay, here we go.

[timer beeps]



You can take
the third bedroom.

- I'm out.
- Reawy?




[unimpressed comments]

- Ha ha ha!
- All I ask

is that you don't sit idly by

while Greg Sullivan
runs unopposed.

Your signature will help
put me on the ballot,

make sure we have a real
choice at the voting booth.

Thank you, Tony.


He's like a new man.

Give me a lump of clay,

and I'll mold it
into a masterpiece.

- Oof!
- [both chuckle]

We're about to get
our last two signatures.

Um, do you want to celebrate later?

Yeah, it sounds like fun.

Uh, do you realize
that Gabby and I...

Gabby and I talked.

She's cool with it.

- Really?
- Mm-hmm.


We did it!

200 signatures.
We made the deadline.

I am on the ballot!

[cheers and applause]

Hey, you and me, buddy!

We're going
all the way! Wow!

Well, well, well.

How about this crowd, huh?

Things are really looking
up around here, huh?


Hey, Dawson,
get Arthur his dough...

so he can be on his way.

Some kinda joke?

That's 1%,
per our agreement.

What? You want an audit?

No, tough guy.
I don't want an audit.

I want a new deal.

See, my man Jay here...

he's been
assessing your business.

We'll talk numbers soon, huh?


when you said that you were...

you were working construction,

you meant
you were working for Arthur?


And you came here to spy on us?

Get outta my bar.


Sync and corrected by
Gianluca Belfiglio