Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 2, Episode 22 - Real Never Waits - full transcript

A fire at a boarding school shakes up Lt. Severide; Lt. Casey tries to help Dawson; Mills looks into his father's past.

If you really care about this woman,

you're going to have
to put yourself out there.

[all cheering]

- Leslie.
- Stay right there.

I'm calling the police.

It's about her being a liar
and stepping on you.

I'd like to ask

for your sister's hand
in marriage.

Are you ready
for your test?

Yes, sir.


[all shouting encouragement]


How do you feel?

Like I can do anything.

Because you can.

- Oh, I can.
- Mm-hmm.

I can do this.

Whatever it takes.

[tv drones in background]


Are they out?

I don't know.

This is weird.

Yeah, it kind of...

- Way to go, Dawson!
- Yeah!

[cheers and applause]


Mmm, I've never been
so turned on.


Okay, you two,
let's talk in my office.


I saw Devon
stayed over last night.

Yeah. Yeah.

You know, it's temporary
until she finds a place.

You're not really gonna
do this again, are you?

I got it.

I promise.

So, good news,
and, well...


They found you a home.

You'll be going
to 105 in Austin.

Tommy Welch
will be your Lieutenant.

It will be a challenge,
no doubt...


But they have no idea
of the tornado that is coming.

Thank you, Chief, truly.

Two shifts left.


I'm gonna miss you here.

We all are.

Nothing we can do
about her placement?

You want me to do something?

They're setting her up
to fail.

And they will lose at that.

Guys, we're going for a ride.

Let's go.

Herrmann, just the man
I'm looking for.

Nothing good ever comes
out of that opening.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, well,
you can judge it once I ask you.



Donna and I are getting married
on Saturday.

Just a small ceremony.

I would like it very much
if you were to stand with me.

That's just...
That's great.

Of course I will.

[both laugh]

- Okay, come on. Come on now.
- All right, all right.

- Aren't we on shift on Saturday?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Would you mind taking
a personal day?


It's just that her parents
were married on that day,

and we think it's destiny.

Of course.

She wanted a church wedding,

but it's all
so last minute, so...

Say no more.

You're getting married
at St. Ignatius in the big cathedral.

I mean, I've had five kids
christened there.

Father Dan loves me.

I'll take care of everything.

Thank you, Chris.



[rap music playing]

[radio chatter]

[rap music pounding
in background]

Hey, fellas.


What's up?

Is Lieutenant Welch around?

Thanks for the help.


Hey, Matt Casey.

So, uh... it's official.

- Dawson's coming here.
- I heard.

Don't worry,
we got the streamers on order.

Cake is on its way too.

[clears throat]

Listen, there's something
you should know.

Gabriela and I are together.


Well, that's just perfect,
isn't it?

I just want to make sure
she gets the respect

that she deserves.

Well, then we promise to take
really good care of her.

I appreciate that.

I assume she can cook
and clean, right,

along with all the other
requisite female skills?

I mean, you should know.

Listen to me, Welch.

She's not some load who snaked
her way through the academy.

She fought for this.

[laughs] You're not
at 51, Casey.

I don't need to hear
any more speeches.

No, no. What you need
is to get your ass whipped.

- That's what you need.
- Hey.

Lieutenant, we got a call.

[siren wailing, horn honking]

Oh, man.

What is it?

St. Mary's.

It's a boarding school.

[sirens wailing, horns honking]

Otis and Herrmann are with me.

Cruz and Mouch around back.

Clock's ticking.
Let's go.

Battalion 25 to main,
I need a box alarm.

We have a fire, fully involved.

Me and Mills
will take the top floor.

Tony, Capp, Newhouse,
you guys take the second.

Let's go.

Got everyone accounted for?

I'm not sure.

Some kids had free time
and weren't on campus.

[people yelling]

Chicago Fire S02E22
"Real Never Waits"

[sirens, radio chatter]

[flame whooshing]


Hey! You okay?

They're trapped
in the common room.

All right.
Get out of here.

Fire department.
Call out!

[students coughing]


Stay low and close.

Stay low!
Get low! Go on!

- Go!
- Stay low!

- Got another one.
- Go, go, go!

- I'm right behind you.
- What about chris?

- Take him!
- I got him.

Come on.
Come on!

Let's go.
Stay low.

You have one minute.
One minute.

Copy that, Chief.

- Last hallway, let's go!
- Right!

Fire department!


West wing's clear.

[all coughing]

Fire department!
Call out!

Anyone here, call out!

Hey, I'm all clear.

- I'm clear too.
- Last one.

Okay, I'm calling it.
Everybody out.

Pull back.
Everybody out.

I got one more, Chief.

I got you, buddy.
Easy! Easy.

All right, we're gonna
get you out of here.


Second floor's all clear.

Severide, what's your status?

Hey, you hear that?


Get down!

Severide, talk to me.

Severide, Mills.

Talk to me now.

Severide, talk to me.

Severide, talk to me now!

Top floor's all clear, Chief!

Okay, everybody, fall back.

Let's go defensive.

Lacerations to the abdomen.

Glass is still
inside the wound.

Fire up the water cannons.

[siren wailing]

Few more minutes,
then I'm gonna want

A secondary search
for any fire lurking

in the walls.

You got it, Chief.

I don't know. I had one date
I liked, but then I guess I blew it.

She hasn't called me in weeks.

One date's not that bad.

Maybe I just won't find what
I had with Mari again, you know?

Maybe that's just
one of those

type things.


What's up, Herrmann?

I can't tell you.


Okay, but it goes no further.


Boden's getting married
to Donna on Saturday...

- What?
- And I just promised him my church.

Boden's marrying Donna?


Well, good for him.

You've already screwed
this up.

Yeah, okay?

And I just heard Father Dan
use the word "impossible"

when I asked him if I could use
the cathedral on Saturday.

Did you ever hear
a priest use that word?

Actually, I have.

I ask the tough questions.

Hey, Newhouse,
I got a question for you.


Well, my dad died
when I was little...

in a building fire
like this one, actually.

- I'm sorry to hear that.
- No, hey, it was a long time ago,

but my mom sort of kept me
from that side of the family.

From what she says, they
weren't all too nice to her.

My dad's side, it's always
been this black hole to me.

Look, I do this type of thing
all the time, man.

It's more legwork
than keystrokes,

- if you know what I mean.
- I mean, I'll pay you for your time.

No, man,
just buy me a few beers,

and know I'm a hell
of a drinker.


Fire's out, Chief.

Shut down the water cannons.

Okay, men,
look for anything smoldering

in the walls or the ceilings.

Come on. Let's go.

Is there some sort of trick
to this?



All right,
start pulling.

Check everything.



He's alive.

We got him.

I... I swept that room, Chief.

I remember the bicycle.
I was...

Kelly, let it go.

[siren wailing]

What's this?

It's as-is.

I don't want any confusion
about that.

No confusion.

Bought it cheap.


I'd hope so.

[starter clicking rapidly]

Did you tell Boden
you can't get the church yet?


Who told you that?

I haven't played
all my angles.

I'm working on it.

- Tick, tick, tick, tick.
- [Joe chuckles]

I'm working on it.

I just have to go back
to Father Dan, and, you know,

make a donation to
the annex fund or something.

[both laugh]

Dude, you don't mess
with a bride and groom

on their wedding day.

You have to tell him now

so that he can make
other arrangements,

unless you want
a "Game of Thrones" red wedding.

What does that mean?

Blood on the floor.

No one survives.


Hey, Chief,
you got a minute?


How you doing?

Worried about Severide.

Yeah. Um...

I am so grateful.
What you're doing for me

with this church hookup.

It's one less thing for me
to worry about.

Of course, Chief.

That's what best men are for.


What did you want
to talk to me about?

Uh, nothing.

Nothing, really. I just, you know,
wanted to thank you

for trusting me with this.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.



- Hey.
- Hey.

I called, uh, I called
to check on the kid

- from the school.
- Don't. Don't.

his name's Cory Jefferson.

You want to go see him?


There's nothing I can do.


- Did you buy a bike?
- I did.

See, I'm okay.

So maybe, since you're okay,

we can talk
about Devon later.

I'm not sure I'm ever
gonna be that okay.

Copy that.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Two more shifts
till I turn my jump bag in.


You're gonna miss
that jump bag.

I'm not going to miss
picking up vomiting kids

on rush,
I'll tell you that.


But this house...

this shift, Shay...

Yeah, I'm gonna miss that.

[alarm blares, buzzes]

I'm even going to miss
those damn bells.

[sirens wailing]

I know.

Every call feels like
it could be the last.

I'm going to put my picture

right above the steering wheel
so you don't forget me.

You know, for when Chout's
your partner.


[sirens wailing]

- Over here!
- This way!

- Hey, guys? Grab three backboards.
- Got it!

Looks like a drug deal
gone bad.

Main, we're going to need
two additional ambos.

Copy that, 61.

More ambos on route
to your location.

[grunts] Through
and through over here.

- Pulse is weak.
- There had to be a fourth guy here.

You guys see anyone?

There were a couple
of skaters over there.

I think they called it in.

There he is.

Stop! CPD!

Bullet to the upper abdomen.




[fabric stretching]

No exit wound.

Left side's diminished.
Bullet must have traveled up to his lungs.

All right,
let's decompress him now

or he's dead.

Got it.


Yep, I'll owe you one
for sure.

Can you hold that
for a day?

Yeah, that's all I need.


[knock at door]


What can I do for you, Matt?

Firehouse 87
at Logan Square.

There's an opening.
It's Dawson's if you say yes.

She's asked for this?

Not exactly.

She deserves better
than serving under Welch

as her first assignment.

I'm okay with this
if she is too.

Thanks, Chief.

My sister asked if we wanted
to visit next week.

She said she's got
a new pizza oven or something.

She wants to try it out on us.

Sounds great.

[cell phone vibrating]

[shower water running]
Hey, babe, your phone's buzzing.

No caller I.D.

Can you answer it
and take a message?

- Yeah.
- Thanks, babe.


My ring?

Yeah, I will...
I will tell him.

Thank you.

[shower turns off]

Was it some
guy named Mazin?

I got to do an estimate
on some garage repairs for him.

No, I didn't get
to it in time.

We'll bring dessert.


[brushing teeth]

How you feeling, Kelly?

Be a hell of a lot better
when people stop asking me that.

[engine sputtering]

[engine dies]


Excuse me.

Any word on this patient?

I was one of the firemen.

He's critical.

We're not hopeful.


Do you know...
Do you know how old he is?


Looking for the beer?

Yeah, I'm sorry,
I finished the last one

and meant to go
get some more,

but then I got a call
from my dad's attorney...

Yeah, yeah.

Of course you did.

You don't have to be
a dick about it.

I'm not getting into it
with you.

There's nothing to get into.

I admitted I made a mistake,
and you treated me rudely.

I treated you rudely?

You left here like a coward
in the middle of the night.

- I...
- Shut it!

Not to mention you rolled us
for about 5 grand,

so excuse me if my fuse
is about this short

since you slinked
your way back in here.

You don't know anything
about me,

so you can save
your big man routine.

I know that you're a thief.

I know you're a loser.

I know you're bad news for Shay.

So why don't you just
take your stuff...

Your stuff...

And crawl back to wherever
the hell you came from?


[door closes]

What's going on?

[door clicks open and closed]

He just blew up like that.

- Thanks.
- Thanks.

You okay?


What's going on, Kelly?

Just one of those days.

Come on.

I gave an all-clear
at a school fire today...

and when we went to do
the secondary search,

we found a kid...

badly burned.

I'm so sorry.

I was moving too fast.

Too many rooms,

not enough time.

He's ten.

The kid's only ten.

It's not your fault.

I don't know that.

I'll never know that.

So my first week in uniform,

I walk into a 7-eleven,

and I walk right up behind
this kid stealing a candy bar.

He turned around, and
he just froze when he saw me,

and then he reached in
his pocket real slow,

put it back.

No harm, no foul, right?

So I didn't say anything,
and he took off.

And I got whatever stupid thing
I was getting,

and then I heard gunshots.

I run outside and I see
two bangers driving away,

and there's the kid.

He's just laying dead
in the alley.

And I've thought about it
a thousand times.

Why didn't I stop him,
talk to him,

arrest him even?

You know,
he'd still be alive today.

And even though
it wasn't my fault...

It doesn't make it
hurt any less.

What's up with you?

Ugh, Severide blew up at Devon
and took off.


Is he okay?

Yeah. It's Kelly.

How's anybody to know?


Yes, go on.

Okay, I picked up
Casey's phone,

and a jewelry store said,
and I quote,

"The ring is ready."


You knew about this?

Don't... Don't you lie to me.

He asked me about it.

Don't make me say anything more.

Oh, God.

Are you not happy?

No, yeah, of course I am.

I think.

All right, listen up,

Hey! Hey!


When I first met
Gabriela Dawson,

I thought to myself,
"What's wrong with this chick?"

And now she's a candidate
to be a firefighter,

and I figured it out.

To Dawson!

Worst toast ever.


To Dawson.

- Give 'em hell, candidate.
- [all] Yeah!

[all cheering]

Cheers, babe.

Come here.


[clears throat]

I have some news.

- News?
- Mm-hmm.

Not a question?

Well, a question too, yeah.

[laughs] Okay.

How much do you love me?



A lot?


Expect to love me more.

I want you...

to think about this.

This is a transfer request

which has already
been approved.

I want you to consider
not going to Austin

and go to Logan Square instead.

- Matt.
- Just hear me out.

Starting at any new place
is difficult,

- and you deserve...
- To be treated like every other candidate.

Gabby, I...

He's not gonna break me, Matt.

I can promise you that.

You want a drink?

Yeah, just a beer.

Hey, this is the file
I was telling you about.

It's just a couple of pictures,

my birth certificate,

a letter
that my dad wrote once.

So this is your father, huh?

Yeah, that's him.

All right.

Just don't kill the messenger
if the news ain't rainbows.

Not at all.


You look peaked.

You still haven't told Boden
that you've ruined his wedding?

Who told you?


What the hell
am I gonna do, Mouch?

You're married
to an amazing woman, Herrmann.

Yeah, so?

Let's come to grips
with the fact

that this is not a job
for a mortal man,

but for a wife.

[engine sputtering]

[engine revving]


You're the firefighter, right?


He made a turn for the better.

Parents have been crying
with joy for ten minutes.

Here we go.

Hey, Chief,
I got to tell you something.

Oh, no.

The cathedral fell through.

I tried to strong-arm
Father Dan,

but they got
this AA meeting over there,

and they pay rent.

Why didn't you tell me?

I tried, but, you know,
you were so excited and all, and...

[cell phone ringing]

[sputtering angrily]

Hey, Donna.

No, I was just getting
the lowdown from Christopher.

No, I know you're upset.

I'm upset.

No, Donna, please,
listen, where are you?

Why are you there?

Okay, look,
just stay there,

and I am coming to you, okay?

She's at the firehouse.

Why would she go
to the firehouse?

I don't know.

[both yelling indistinctly]

[both yelling indistinctly]

How come you
always know a guy?

Christopher, today, of all days.

It'll be really easy.

They got folding chairs.

I'm done with you.

Did you really think
that I was gonna

let you get married without 51?

Hurry up, Chief!

She ain't waiting forever!

- Let's go!
- Come on!


[cheers and applause]

You all knew?

You didn't tell me, huh?

Ahh! Ooh!

You can do this?

certified online yesterday.


[drum and bagpipe music playing]

[bagpipes playing]

[no audio]

[cheers and applause]

Yeah, Chief!

[soft rock music playing]

There you go.

[cheers and applause]

[indistinct chatter]

- Oh, oops.
- I'm sorry.

Sorry, my bad.

I'm sorry.

Uh, no, you first.


You've got a little...
Do you mind if...


Get it?



You're welcome.

So you're a fire-fire...
firefighter here?

33 years.


Trudy Platt.

Randy Mcholland.

Nice to meet you.

- [Trudy sighs]
- [Randy chuckles]

[indistinct chatter]

Gabriela Dawson,

you are the strongest,
most single-minded woman

I've ever known.

I'm a lucky man
to have you in my life,

and I want to make sure
that we're together forever.



Will you marry me?

[alarm blares, buzzes]

[over P.A.] Truck 81,
ambo 61, engine 51...

Don't answer like this.


Real never waits, does it?

Oh, go.

Are you sure?

Husband and a hero,
best wedding story ever.

Love you.

Kenny, can I ride with you?

Let's go!

[sirens wailing, horn honks]

Engine's five minutes out.

Probably just a rubbish fire,
but let's keep it in check.

Truck 81, Recon, knock it out
with some silver bullets.

Squad, search and rescue.

All right, you heard him.

Let's move.


I'm sorry.

I love you, you know?

I know.
I love you, too.

We'll figure this out?

Yeah, always.

- Men, huh?
- I know.


Being a gay woman, you'd think
I'd be done with them.


Casey asked me to marry him.


And duty called.

You guys are gonna be
great together.

Yeah, we are.

Hitting floor two now.

Little more fire here.

Got a victim
on the first floor,

fell down some stairs.

Possible spinal injury.

We're on it.

Mouch and Cruz
are on the roof,

starting to vent.

Second floor is clear.

[garbled] Squad's
heading to assist.

Say that again, Severide?


rescue squad, report back.

We can't hear you out here.

[garbled] Squad's heading...

Could be heavy concrete
affecting the radios.

Truck 81, Casey.

What do you see?

House 51, anyone, report.

I don't like this, Kenny.

I'll go check it out.

[garbled] Pull back...
It's flammable...

Fire closing in!

Out! Out! Now!


[glass shattering]

[rubble clattering]


Oh, God.


Severide, report!

Casey, report!

Truck 81, Squad 3, report!

Battalion 25 to main,

Mayday emergency!
Mayday emergency!

Anyone from house 51, report!