Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 2, Episode 21 - One More Shot - full transcript

With everyone's support, Dawson (Monica Raymund) makes final preparations to retake the fireman's exam, but a call to the field may throw a major wrench into her plans. Elsewhere, Lt. Casey (Jesse Spencer) has an important matter to discuss with Antonio (guest star Jon Seda, "Chicago P.D."). Meanwhile, Lt. Severide (Taylor Kinney) and the firehouse welcome Rick Newhouse (guest star Edwin Hodge), the latest addition to the squad, Shay (Lauren German) gets an uninvited surprise guest and Chief Boden (Eamonn Walker) makes a bold move.

Listen, when you pulled the
plug on our relationship,

I had to assume that
I'd never see you again.

I need you to imagine how tough
it's been ever since I found out...

that I'm carrying your baby.

Talk to me.

- I'm scared.
- Of what?

- The future.
- I am moving a little fast.

That's why I want to let
her know this is real.

I should be allowed to retake
the challenge test.

And believe me,
I will not fail.

Jones's spot is not
an option for you.

Doesn't 81
need a new candidate?

You can't serve under Casey.

Hey, what are you
thinking about going out

two weeks from Saturday
on one of those dinner cruises?

- This is a disaster.
- What?

My firefighter test
is on Friday,

and I just found out that shay
and I are scheduled

for a payback shift
the day before

for the girls' weekend
that we subbed out.

I'm not gonna... I'm not gonna
make it to the test.

Just talk to Chief.

Tell him you need
to leave early that day.

He'll make it work.

- What if he can't?
- He will.

Deep breath, Gabby.

You're gonna make it
to the test.

You're gonna kick
the test's ass.


If that actually happens...

I'm leaving 51.


I can't imagine that.

Neither can I.

But it's you and me,

no matter what.

It's pretty ironic.

Not being able to get pregnant
is part of what broke up

my marriage years ago.

Ah, but, you know,
that was for the best.

It wasn't a good situation.

Yeah. Sorry. I'm just rambling,
but, uh, you know,

I just accepted that motherhood
wasn't gonna happen for me.

So this was a really big shock.


The truth is, I can't stop
feeling like this is a gift.

I understand that it is complicated

and that we're coming at it from
two completely different places.

Not that different.

I didn't expect to be a father
at this age either.

It's a lot to think about.

And I want to give you time

to consider how you want to be
involved or even if...


I want to be a part
of this child's life.

I have no questions
about that.

Then you will be, of course.

New union bylaws?

No, this is a list of the
items that will be available

at my yard sale this Saturday.

Deals aplenty.

What is a "makiyakinabe"?

A rectangular pan, used for
cooking Japanese omelets,

in good to egg-celent
condition. [laughs]

Hey, everybody,
this is Rick Newhouse.

He'll be joining us on squad
to replace Clarke.

- Good to meet you guys.
- Hi, Newhouse. Where you from?

Last job was Squad 6,
South Side.

But I'm real happy to be here.

Heard some great things
about this crew.


Do we tell him the
"new guy at 51" job is jinxed?

Maybe he'll be the one
to break the streak.

Test is in five days, huh?

Must have blocked it out.

One second I feel 100% ready,
and the next I'm panicking.

Well, here's
a possible solution.

You could just not take it.

- Sorry.
- You know I support you.

I just... What am I going to do
without you?

It's one thing
to go a few shifts,

but you're my lead,
my P.I.C.

Look, you don't need me around
telling you what to do.

And even if I do take the test,
it's not like I'm gonna leave your life.

I know that, but with
the new job, the new hub...

Bub, all the new hubbub around
you becoming a firefighter,

you know, the excitement,
you know?

I'll just still be here...

Same old same old.

Stop jinxing me, okay?
I haven't passed the test yet.

[on P.A.] Truck 81,
squad 3, ambulance 61...

Man injured,
4107 Logan Drive.

[siren wailing, horns blasting]


Big branch got caught
in the chipper.

Ross tried to kick it loose, but
it snagged his pants and pulled him in.

How far?

I tried to turn it off,
when you guys showed up, but...


Please get me out of here.

Chicago Fire S02E21
"One More Shot"

- [man scream]
- Hold it!

You sure this thing
is shut down?

Turned off
the ignition myself.

That's not good enough.

disconnect the battery.

- Don't need any more surprises.
- Got it, Chief.

We need to remove the housing
to access the feed roller.

- Newhouse!
- Got 'em.

Let's get to work.

Power's off, Chief.

Okay, you take
the lead on this.

Ross, I know that this hurts,

but you're gonna have to
try to stay still.

Just tell me...
Am I gonna lose my legs?

Ross, Ross, we're gonna
get you out, okay?

We need you to take
long, deep breaths.

- What do you think?
- One leg's bleeding out.

I'm gonna place a
tourniquet, get a line in and

I need you to go to the ambo,
hang two bags of fluid

and put blood tubing
on one of them.

- Copy that.
- The feed wheel is hydraulic.

We're gonna need
to power this on to lift it.

No, we can't risk
starting the motor again.

It could pull
his leg farther in.

If we take out the motor and
disconnect the bearing guides,

- we can move him manually.
- Let's do it.


- Fluids are good to go.
- Great, thanks.

Ross, you're doing great.

- How we doing, Kelly?
- We're almost there.

- Ready, Casey?
- Yeah.

Got it.
Ready, on three.

One, two, three.


All right, on three.

One, two, three.

[Ross grunting, yelling]

You took the lead on this one.
I'll drive.

It's the crew from Austin.

Hey, how's it going, 51?
Trimming trees?

It was a crazy call,

Guy was stuck halfway
through a wood chipper.

You get him out alive?

Damn straight we did.

- Hey, Welch.
- Hey, Casey.

Hey, I was sorry to hear
about your candidate,

Chief Jones's daughter, man.

That's... It's a terrible thing.

Yeah. It was.

Speaking of candidates,
I heard your paramedic Dawson

was near the top
of her academy class.

You know, she might be headed
our way if she passes the test.

Dawson's the best.
You'd be lucky to get her.

Oh, yeah, you think?

Even after what you went through
with Jones's daughter?

- What does that mean?
- Oh, nothing, man.

Just tends to be a lot of drama.
That's all.

[dispatch] Traffic accident,
North Damen...

Hey, lieu, we're back in.
Accident on Damen.

Hey, let's grab a beer soon,
all right?


[engine turning over]

Guy's the scourge
on the C.F.D.

That whole house is.

Yard sale, this Saturday...

Deals aplenty.

I'll take a look.

Those all incident reports?

Nah, it's for my other gig.

What do you do?

I work for my cousin
doing skip tracing...

Uh, finding people.

Process serving
and judgment recovery mostly,

but sometimes it get jazzy.

Jazzy, huh?

[door opens]

This is that tea
I was telling you about.

Has a nice kick of ginger.

Ooh. Oh, yeah.
Like it already.

Thank you, Connie.

My pleasure. [chuckles]

You know Connie?

Yeah. Well, I met her
this morning.


I've never seen that woman
smile in my life.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Hey, uh, when are you
gonna propose?

Because I've almost let
the cat

out of the bag,
like, once already.

- Shh.
- I'm terrible with secrets.

Well, you might
have mentioned that

before I made you my wingman.

- Wing... Wingwoman, whatever.
- Whatever.

- It's too late now.
- Come here.

[whispering] I was thinking
about doing it

two weeks from Saturday.

I was thinking about one
of those river cruises.

Could be the perfect setup.

She's so distracted
with the firefighter test.

- River cruise.
- Shh.

[normal voice] What is wrong
with a river cruise?

Nothing... much.

Anyhow, did you get a chance
to talk to her father?

No. Her parents are
in the Dominican Republic

for the next few months.

Her family is important to her. I can't
ask for their blessing on a phone call. [scoffs]

[scoffs] What are you gonna do?

Because you got to figure it out.

Shay, remain calm,
but you're never gonna believe

who's outside asking for you.


Stay right there.
I'm calling the police.

You want me to talk to Devon?
I have plenty to say.

No, I got it.

I don't blame you
for being furious,

- and if you call the cops...
- Look, you're gonna pay me

and my roommates back
every dime you stole.

I can get you back
some of the stuff,

and I'll pay what I can.

There's no excuse
for what I did, Les.

You need to return
what you stole, Devon.

Can we meet up later
and talk?

When you have something
to return.

Okay, that's fair.

So you're not
gonna call the cops?

Look, if she goes to jail,
we'll never get anything back.

- [woman moaning]
- [male voice] For the father,

bonding can begin
right at birth.


Hey, Chief. This, uh...

- [woman moaning]
- Ohh...



- What do you want, Mills?
- Uh, just...

I wanted to hand over squad
time sheets and...

Uh, sorry to interrupt.

Uh, you want me
to close the blinds?

It's not like that, Mills.

Okay. Sure. [chuckles]


[watch ticking]


There you are.




Is there any chance
you might want to lie still

and let me drag you
across the apparatus floor?

I think you're, like,
just about dummy weight.

No. I'd rather not.

Wouldn't be good
for my tough-lieutenant rep.

- [chuckles] Is that your rep?
- Mm-hmm.

I thought
it was hot lieutenant.

- Hey, I'm not playing dummy.
- Darn it.

Listen, um, I ran
into Tommy Welch from Austin

after you guys left
the wood chipper run.

- Uh, who's that?
- Truck Lieutenant.

I guess Austin is looking
for a candidate.

Oh, yeah?
What's Welch like?

- He's a little tough.
- [Gabriela chuckles]

Babe, I can handle tough.

Of course you can.
The thing is...

Austin got their first female
firefighter last year,

and she barely lasted
two weeks.

Filed some grievance
against the guys in the house.

Well, we both know that there
can be two sides to that story.

True enough.
[alarm blaring]

[on P.A.] Truck 81,
squad 3, ambulance 61.

Boat accident,
Michigan Avenue Bridge

and Riverwalk.

I hear diving's
your specialty.

Check it out and let me know.

Battalion 25 to main.
I'm gonna need additional

ambo units dispatched
to Riverwalk Pier.

- Yeah.
- I was guiding her in.

All of a sudden the Captain just
accelerated, took out the dock.

- Hey! You all right?
- Hurry!

We don't know how much longer
we can hold him.

Are there any more
in the water?

Just Dennis,
but his leg is stuck.

We can't pull him up.

charge a four-inch line.

Cruz, let's get the aerial
across to the boat.

Herrmann and Mouch, get aboard
and help the victims.

Guys, it's 25 feet deep here.
Let's get a ladder,

secure it to the wall, and have tools
ready to bring down to us, all right?

Let's go.

[background announcement,
overlapping chatter]

His leg must be caught
on something.

We tried to pull him up,
but we can't.

We got him now.

Okay, guys,
we're gonna bring you in, okay?

[woman whimpering]

Paramedic's on their way.

Broken leg!

You see the Captain around?

Maybe he abandoned ship.

Captain's always
the last one off.

Hey, I'm gonna go down
and have a look.

I don't see anybody.


Fire department.
Open up!

Hey! Fire department!
Can you hear us?


Taking a little midday
booze cruise, are you?

Let's go, pal.

I see the problem!

His leg is wedged between
the bracing and the piling.

We're gonna need an extra set
of hands and a Halligan.


We need you to hang on to Dennis
when we go back under,

- all right?
- Yeah, copy that.

He's showing signs
of hypothermia.

You got five minutes.

Got it.

- All right!
- Pull him up.

Give me your hand, Tony.

Pull him up!

We're good.

[rescue radio chatter]
[background noise]

Methinks the jolly captain
here needs a breathalyzer test.

The hell I do.

- Casey.
- Yeah.

How fast can you tie
a handcuff knot?

About 2 1/2 seconds, Chief.

Do it.

Hey, you guys
ever find that Captain?

Do the honors.

He's all yours.

Get up.

See ya.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Nice job getting
that guy out of the water.

You and newhouse
worked well together.


What are you gonna do
about Devon?


I told you.
I'm gonna get our stuff back.

Trust me, I'm not carrying a
torch for this girl, all right?

If she doesn't get our stuff
back soon,

I'm gonna call the cops.

Just don't let her use this
to get close to you again.

I won't.

I got to go. I told Dawson
I'd run a quick errand with her.

Hey, thanks for doing this.

Yeah, you know I love
a good detour.

Hey, guys. Hi.

Hey, we're from 51.
I'm Dawson, Shay.

How's it going? [clears throat]

You ladies need something?

Um, well, we were just
on our way back from an errand,

and I wanted to introduce myself
because I'm about to

take the firefighter test.

And, uh, I guess
Lieutenant Welch

heard I might land
at the house if I pass,

which would be cool.

Deal me out of this hand.
I'll go get the Lieutenant.

Okay, I mean,
only if he's not busy...

So which one of you
is Dawson?

That'd be me.
Nice to meet you, Lieutenant.

Friendly place
you got here, Lieutenant.

You know,
as you probably heard,

our past experience
with a female firefighter

wasn't real positive.

So I'm sure you can understand
if we're not thrilled

about the Chief forcing
another one down our throat.

Didn't realize
it was against your will.


for the warm welcome, guys.

But, uh, it's time for us
to go start our periods.

If I'm lucky enough
to pass the test

and I do wind up here
at Austin,

I hope I'll change your mind.

Anybody got any big plans
over the next 48?

Nah, Cindy just called
and said Lee Henry came home

with head lice,
so there's that.

You guys hear Newhouse is
a skip tracer in his off hours?

Sounds kind of like
a private investigator.

- He does some real jazzy stuff.
- Yeah?

Why is everybody falling all
over themselves with this guy?

Whatever happened
to proving yourself?

[chuckles] You're jealous.

[laughs] It's
new-kid-in-town syndrome.

Even Connie's walking around
mooning over this guy,

and you, sir, are jealous.

Get out of here.

Now you're going
on a date with her?

Give me a break.
She's not good for you.

Why can't you see that?


You have to know
Devon's playing you.

She said she has some
of our stuff to return.

I told her I'd meet her
for a drink at Molly's.

You know?
What's wrong with that?

You're meeting up
with Devon?

- Devon, the hoodlum, Devon?
- Yes.

She showed up.

She says she wants to make
things right.

- I'm just trying...
- Does she still have my viper helmet?

Because that is the only way
things will ever be right again.

Look, I am doing my best.

I am trying to get back what she
stole from all of us, okay?

So can you just give me
a little credit

that I'm not a complete dupe?


How did that just
get turned around on us?

[sighs] Check your
phone again.

I did two seconds ago.
No message.

I gave a hoodlum a second shot.
I'm an idiot, and I know it.

Feel free to tell me
anyhow, though.

Hey, not gonna happen, lady.

My favorite part about you
is that under your crusty,

bitter exterior lies
an eternal optimist.

You give all us fools second
chances when we screw up,

and that is why we love you.

Seriously, what am I gonna do
without you?

[laughs] You'll be fine.
I promise.

You cannot work at Austin.

[sighs] What if
I don't have a choice?

No, there's got to be
another place.

Hey, we've been working with
guys since we started in C.F.D.

Yeah, we had to prove ourselves
every day

and let plenty of stuff
roll off our backs,

but I can handle that.

This place is different.
I know you felt it too.

It's stone age.


You just say the word,
and I will kick her ass.

Looks like somebody else
already did.

My truck broke down
for the umpteenth time,

and they towed it off
with my cell phone inside.

You brought it back.

The guys I gave it to
couldn't sell it.

Turns out it's a knockoff,
only worth a few bucks.

It's not much,
but it's a start.

I'm not trying to make excuses,

but I want you to know
why I did what I did.


I got a call my dad was
in jail in San Antonio,

and I panicked.

I mean, maybe the guy drinks
too much, but he's a decent man.

And he saved my ass
more times than I can count

when I was a kid.

I knew I needed to get him out,

so I did the stupidest thing
I have ever done.

So I took that stuff from you
and your roommates

and put together bail.

You're my witness.

I'm swearing
right here right now,

I will get every bit
of the money I owe

back to Leslie
and her roommates.

If I'm your witness,
you better make good.

I will.

I promise.

That was so much fun.

Hey, Wallace.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Is everything okay?

I was just wondering
if you had a minute to talk,

but I can... I can see
that you're busy, so...

- No.
- It can wait.


Hey, you guys.
I'll meet you at Terry's, okay?

- See you there.
- [Donna chuckles]

So what's on your mind?

I just wanted to say...

Of course,
I've been thinking a lot...

about all this.
And, uh...

- [Wallace sighs]
- [laughs] Yeah.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

I believe
the best thing for the...

I believe the best thing
for this baby would be

if you and I got married.

If you and I were husband and
wife, I could support you

and the child, both of you,

financially without
any additional...


I also believe that it would be
a much more stable environment

for the child, so...


Was... that a proposal?

Yes, it is.

Then, uh, my answer is no.

No way.

[footsteps departing]

Hey, morning, Chief.

Hey, what's up?

Uh, I don't want to bug you,

but you said you'd check
on bringing relief in early

tomorrow since the firefighter's
test is tomorrow.

Uh, sorry, I meant
to let you know.

Connie's already lined it up.
You're good to go.

Oh, great.

Hey, any chance you know
Laura Chiapetta over at 77?

Because I heard
that she was on truck there

and dated the Lieutenant,
kind of under the radar.

- And so I was thinking maybe...
- Yes, I know Laura.

She and Lieutenant Kent started
fighting during calls.

Relationship went south.
He got kicked to another house.

You want to know
who took the heat for all of it?

The Chief who let it happen.

You become
a firefighter, Dawson,

you cannot stay at 51.

I thought it was worth
one more shot.


I wish Laura had told me
the end of that story.


[sighs] Are you ready
for your test?

Yes, sir.
I believe I am.


That boat accident
just kind of turned me off

to the whole
proposal-on-a-cruise idea.

- Really?
- Yeah.

Didn't realize you were
the one proposing.

Hey, Smokey.

It's just that I have to hear
about it all the time,

so I got skin in the game.

What about a hot-air balloon
ride over the lake?

I don't know.

All right, never mind
on the hot-air balloon idea.

I got a lot more
where that came from.

[phone chimes]

Hey, did you figure out what
to do with Dawson's dad?


I did.

Hey, thanks
for coming by, Antonio.

You didn't have
to rush over here.

Yeah, I did.

When you said
this was on the sly,

I figured out right away
what you're up to.

- You did?
- Sure.

We're talking
surprise party, right,

if Gabby passes the test?

Uh, that's a great idea,

but, uh, no, actually.

Um... [exhales sharply]

I know your parents
are out of town,

so I'm coming to you,

because I think your sister

is the most amazing woman
I've ever met,

and I... I'd like to ask
for her hand in marriage,

but, uh, I wanted to get
your blessing first.

[exhales sharply]

Seriously, bro?

You couldn't do this
the right way

and wait for my father
to get back?

Because I can tell you now,
in my culture, if someone...

I'm messing with you, man.
Of course you got my blessing.

Damn, Antonio! [laughs]

Hey, you know me. I hit them
when they're on the ropes.

I'm gonna get you back.

No holds barred
when we're family.

- That's how the Dawsons play.
- Yeah, I've noticed.

Look at this. I'm thrilled
for the both of you, man.

[both laughing]

So he kissed
his wife good-bye,

heads off to work,
and vanished, right?

Police have no leads. But his wife
tells us that he likes old cars,

specifically Mustangs.

So me and my cousin. We start
looking through classifieds

in neighboring States.

Sure enough,
that's how we found him,

buying a stripped-down,
candy-apple red

1967 Shelby in Iowa City.


Yeah, the guy moved there,
changed his last name,

and even married another woman.

- You're kidding.
- No.

Oh, great move, though,
getting him with the car.

Seems pretty
common sense to me.


You, uh, need help
finding something?

Oh, no, man, just scoping out
the snack situation here.

Well, let me know if you have
any questions

about anything here at 51.

I'm happy to help.

Cool. Will do.

Where you from, Mills?

Mount Greenwood.
My dad was on squad out there.

Nice neighborhood.

Yeah, my mom is from
Humboldt Park,

so I spent a lot of time
there too.

- Right.
- How about you?

I grew up in Roseland.

Wow. That is
a tough part of town.

- You go back there often?
- All the time.

I mean, people hear that name,
they react like it's a war zone.

But it's a neighborhood...
filled with good people.

Your second job...

How much do you need to know
about someone to find them?

You got a case for us?

No, no, just, uh...

it sounds like
interesting work.

All right.

Got something for you.

Oh, my gods.

Ah, your viper helmet.

How did she get it back?

I can't believe any collector
would just buy this

- and then let it go.
- Hmm. She found a way.

Thank you.

500 bucks from Devon.

It's just a down payment
on what she owes.

Did she put this money together, or did you
take it out of your savings to cover for her?

She was helping out
her dad, okay?

She feels really bad.

She's gonna get us back
all the money.

You think this
is about the money?

It's not about that.

It's about her being a liar
and stepping on you...


T-minus 12 hours
till the big test, huh?

- [Peter chuckles]
- 11 1/2, but who's counting?

I felt fine
until, like, an hour ago.

You're gonna be great.

Hey, thanks
for being so supportive

through this whole thing.

Hey, Mills, fancy
joining me out back for a cigar?


- Congratulations, Chief.
- Ah.

- Becoming a dad.
- [Wallace chuckles]

I don't understand
her reaction to my proposal.

I mean, I may have sent
the relationship way off track,


I care for this woman.

Did you tell her that?

Of course.

In so many words, I...

That's why
I don't do relationships.

- [Peter laughs]
- I mean I tell her

I want to provide support,

for the child under the law.


She gets mad?

Don't make no damn sense.


- Can I be honest?
- Yeah.

The way that you
just said it right now

made it sound like a whole bunch
of legal talk about the kid.

If you really care about this
woman the way that you say,

then you're gonna have
to put yourself out there.

- What does that mean?
- That means dropping

all this formal stuff
and telling her like it is.

What if she pushes me away...


make myself
look like an ass?

That can definitely happen.


Hey, need a hand?

No, this isn't actually
work related.

It's a lawn ornament I'm hoping
to unload at the yard sale.

Any interest in a Tachi-gata
style stone lantern?

Has a built in rain gauge.

I got kid junk
all over my lawn.

I got no room.

You know how I signed up
for a bunch of singles websites,

went on all those dates?

Oh, yeah.
How's that going?

Not good.

Nothing worked out, and the whole
thing just got me more depressed.

Then I had this epiphany.

I never really let go of Mari.

I'm holding on
to all these things

that remind me of her,
and no wonder I can't move on.

Look, Herrmann,

I know the last few
new additions to 51

have led
to some pretty rough seas,

but Newhouse seems like
a good guy.


I should have a yard sale.


That's what I was thinking.

[alarm blaring]

[on P.A.] Ambulance 61.
Woman in distress,

1916 Pearl Street.

[siren wailing]


Hey, dispatch,
we have an apartment number?

Negative, 61.

Up here, please!

Where are you, ma'am?

Fifth floor!

[breathing heavily]

My name's Gabriela.
This is Leslie.

- What's your name, ma'am?
- Grace. Grace Seitzman.

What's going on, Grace?

It started to hurt really bad
near my stomach,

but it can't be
contractions yet.

Okay, how pregnant are you, Grace?

I'm only eight months. It's
too soon for the baby to come.

- Is this your first pregnancy?
- Yes. Oh!

Okay, breathe through this
for me, Grace.

Can we get her down
the stairs in the chair?

No, the stairs are too steep.

Do you think you can walk?

No, I don't think I can.

Grace, you're gonna
have to try.

[breathing heavily]

- Okay.
- Come on. All right.

[Grace whimpering]

Oh, my God!
Oh, why does it hurt like this?

Hang in there, Grace.

Strong contractions
don't mean anything's wrong.

- They just hurt like hell.
- Here we go.

But it's too soon
for the baby to come.

Oh, oh...

Her contractions are coming
pretty quick.

Yeah, we're gonna
need to take a look

to see if the baby's getting
close, okay, Grace?

- Oh! Oh!
- Grace, we're gonna need you

to sit down
and relax for us, all right?

The baby is not coming!

The baby is coming, Grace.

Get me a blanket, clamp,
and suction bulb.

On it.


Mouch, Cindy's birthday's
coming up.

Anything at that yard sale,
you know, that she might go for?

Uh, I got a nice donabe,

and a practically new bottle
of Tsubaki Tsubaki.

That stuff's pretty hard
to come by.

What is it?

I believe it's a hair oil
of some kind.

So you're gonna buy
your wife a birthday gift

at Mouch's yard sale?

Any chance it kills lice?

What's up, Newhouse?

Hey, uh, Newhouse.
You might not know this,

but, uh, me
and some of the guys here.

We, uh...
We own the best bar in Chicago.

So maybe you could come by
after shift.

First round...

15% off.

I'll be there.

Ambo's still out
at that call?

Whoa. If Dawson is gonna
report for this test,

she needs to be
en route in an hour.


I see the baby,
but it's not coming.

Let's try and get her
down these stairs.

Maybe we can get her
to the hospital in time.

[screams] Oh, I can feel it!

I can feel it! You were right.
The baby's coming now.

- Okay, let's do this here.
- [Grace screams]

Grace, we're gonna
lie you down.

Here we go.

Dawson, you got to get going.

I'm not going anywhere.

[groans] I can feel his head!

Oh, he's coming out!

You're right, Grace.
The baby's crowning.

Dispatch, let Chicago Med know
we're gonna deliver on-site

- and then transport.
- Copy that.

Second watch will be here
in about 20 minutes.

There's no rig.

By the time they're suited up
and ready to go,

Dawson could be en route
to the hospital.

She'll never leave
a victim's side without backup.


Okay, Grace,
give it another go.

Keep pushing.

[grunting] Gah!

- What is happening?
- I see the baby's head.

It's shoulder dystocia.

Okay, Grace,
the shoulder's a little stuck

right above the pelvic bone.

What does that mean?
Is the baby going to be okay?

The baby will be fine if you
just keep breathing. Stay calm.

Dawson, can we do a McRoberts?

- Yeah, let's try it.
- Okay.

Grace, grab your leg.

We got to get your knees
as far back as possible, okay?

This is gonna widen your pelvis
and help the baby come out.

- Okay?
- Okay.

- Ready?
- Mm-hmm.

On three. Here we go.

One, two, three.

- [Grace grunting]
- Push, push, push, push, push!

- [Grace screams]
- Okay, one more time.

One more time, Grace.

Again, one, two, three.

Push, push, push, push!

- [Grace grunting]
- Push, push, push, push!


- We got him.
- [Grace gasps]

Her! It's a her.

[baby crying]

Congratulations, mama.

Yeah, I know.
I'm gonna miss the test.


- Hey, go.
- Mills.

Look, I'm a certified E.M.T.
I can take over for you.

Casey's waiting downstairs.
Come on.

No, that doesn't feel right.

I'll be all right
without you, I promise.


Come on.

All right.
Kick butt.

Come on.
Let's go!

All right!
[overlapping shouting]

What do you think this is,
a game?

- On the double!
- Let's make you a fireman!

All right!
Hit it, Joe!

[siren wailing]

[horn blaring]

How you feeling?
You ready?

- Uh-huh.
- Get your coat on.

[horn blaring]

Okay, please stay
in two straight lines

until you guys
get into the yard, okay?

Come on, let's go.
Two straight lines, please.

Thank you.

Looking good. Thank you.
Thank you very much.

[chuckles] Wallace.


I know I made
some mistakes in the past,

some pretty big ones...

and I let them get
in the way and...

stop me from just
being honest with you.

But the truth is,

I believe
that when you love somebody,

there is only one thing to do.


my aunt... She's had this
family ring for years.

When I called her today,
she didn't let me finish.

She just...
"I can hear it in your voice.

You're finally ready."


[kids gasping, murmuring]

Ms. Donna Robbins...

will you...

marry me?

Well, I don't have
much choice.

I can't crush the hearts
of my entire class, right?

[all cheering]

Yes, I will.


Oh, Donna.

[siren wailing]

Go get 'em.

Go get 'em!

[banging on truck]

Go to it, Dawson!

Get up here, candidate!

Get up here!


[breathing heavily] I'm sorry
I'm late.

You better be ready.


Up there.

Hustle, hustle, honey.
Hustle, hustle!