Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 2, Episode 2 - Prove It - full transcript

The threat of an arsonist with a vendetta against the firehouse looms and Casey struggles with the repercussions of Heather Darden's accident.

- What is it?
- 1751.

That's my badge number.

We have reason to believe

that Kelly Severide has gotten
the attention of an arsonist.

Previously on Chicago Fire...

I am going to have
to close down two more houses.

Your house is on the short list.

- You must be the new guys.
- Jeff Clarke, sir.

I was hoping that you could be
my eyes and ears over there.

I would like to announce

that I am running
for union president,

and I would appreciate
your support.

Casey, move!


You said the baby's coming
on Thanksgiving.

When was the last time
you guys...

For you to imply that it's...
it's not mine?

- How you doing?
- I'm doing just great.

- Be safe.
- Yes, sir.

- D.U.I.
- Where's the driver?

- Heather?
- The kids...

The kids are
at the babysitter.

I got it!

[crying] I'm so sorry.

[siren wails]

Hey. [chuckles]

You're back early.

Yeah, two weeks

of my mom's "natural birthing"
lectures was enough.

Come here.
Feel this.

Crazy kicking
for the last two days.

The baby missed you,
I think.

I... I'm gonna be late,
so I better get going,

but, um, we'll catch up
after shift?

- Sounds good.
- Okay.


Yeah, I'm just looking
for any kind of an update.

I don't have one.

Everything is
up in the air right now.

Okay, well,
I still have the kids here.

Where do you keep
the cereal?

Uh, call me back
as soon as you hear anything.

[phone beeps]

Uh, yeah. All right.

I'm gonna make you guys
some lunch for school.

- What about breakfast?
- Yes. Good point.

When's my mom coming back
from her trip?

Soon, really soon.

Ben, just... here, put that stuff
back, buddy.

You guys need to get dressed.
We're late.

Well, when you talk to mom,

tell her we're ready
to go home, okay?

Evie will pick you up
from school today.

[glass shatters]

Okay. [grunts]

I got this.

Don't worry. [sighs]

[doorbell rings]
I'll get it!

Thanks, Ben.

- You missed some.
- Thanks, Griffin.


- Gabby.
- Hey.

I figured I'd stop by
on my way to work,

see how everyone's doing.

- I'm starving.
- All right.

Whoever runs
to the bedroom first

and gets dressed in under
two minutes gets one of these.

I'm timing you.
Go! I'm timing you!

Get on it!

- [Gabby chuckles]
- Impressive.

Did you talk to Antonio?

I'm not getting anything
from the attorney.

Yeah, he says that Heather
has a good chance

of getting out
on probation soon.

First offense,
single mother...

Cut it out!
Stop it, Ben!

- Aah!
- Guys!

[shouting continues]
I hope he's right.


These arsons
we've been fighting...

M.O. matches up
with John Westminster.

That's a guy that my dad helped
put away a few years back.

Yeah, yeah. "Big John."
I remember. So?

So I called D.O.C.,
and it turns out

he was released
from prison a month ago,

right before
the fires started.

So you think he's looking

to settle the score with Benny
by coming after you?

I think it's worth
looking into.


for Benny Severide's kid.

[sighs] I... I don't think
you understand

the seriousness
of this situation, Chief.

Oh, I can assure you I do.

Then explain
why you have yet

To input any data
into the wizard.

I will, Ms. McLeod,
as soon as I get five minutes.

No, today, this shift...

unless you'd like me to get

a relief battalion chief
to come in to do it for you.


I'll get it done.


Thank you, Chief.

- Hey.
- Hey.

So the management company
called to remind us

that the new tenants
are gonna move in on the 16th.

Yeah, Renee and I can
finish packing up this weekend.

So does that mean you
talked to her about the baby?

She just got back to town
a few hours ago.

Give me a break, okay?

51 has the best food
in town.

- Where'd you learn how to cook?
- My family owns a restaurant.

Been behind a grill
since I was a kid.

Any update
on Heather's friend Jen?

Still in critical condition.

Casey, how are the boys?

As far as they know,
mom's on a trip.

they'll be home soon.

If it hadn't been for her,
they'd have shown up

to school an hour late
wearing pajamas.

that smelled like beer.

[alarm blaring]
[over P.A.] Truck 81,

squad 3, engine 51,
ambulance 61.

Multi-vehicle accident, Interstate 90
at the Eisenhower Expressway.

[sirens wailing]

Hey! Hey, over here!
Over here! Hey.

Just before the house
went over,

I saw a motorcycle
passing on the right.



I can feel his leg,
just not a pulse.

All right, get me
some cribbing and air bags.

We need to lift
and stabilize this home.

- You got it.
- [man groans]

you hear that?

Otis, mouch, grab me a ladder.
There's someone else inside.


where do you want it?

Guys, right there.

Clarke, follow me.

Located the victim.
Send me up a line.

Can you hear me?

Airway's clear.
She's breathing.

All right, I'm on line.

All right, going down.

- Dawson.
- Yeah?

Back door's open.

We got a missing kid.

- Ran from the car.
- Got it.

- What have you got, Severide?
- He's in bad shape.

We need to find a way
to get him out of here quick.

From the size of the seat,
the kid could be anywhere

from, like,
three to six years old.


send me down a sawzall,
then bring the stokes basket.

Got it.
Send up a sawzall.

Got it.

[saw whirring]

Up on green.

- [man coughs]
- Found the owner of the boot.

The other victim's trapped
beneath 'em.

We need
those air bags now!



Air bags are up.

Motorcyclist's legs
should be free, Lieutenant.

- [man groans]
- One, two, three, up!


There we go.

All right, guys,
get ready to lift him up.

Hey, buddy.

It's okay.

I'm Matt.

What's your name?


Come on out.

Come on.

Let's get you
safe and sound.

[siren blares]

Chicago Fire S02E02
"Prove It"

Sync and corrected by
Gianluca Belfiglio

This Wizard program
is the most convoluted...

Yeah, we should record this.

Use it to show how ineffective
McLeod's systems are.

This crazy budget tightening has
nothing to do with saving lives.

Now you're talking
like a union president.

You will not record this.

Yeah, you know what?
You need to get out there,

you know,
and start your campaign.

Greg Sullivan's
already in high gear.

I got one of his flyers
in the mail yesterday.

Me too.

Nice, high-gloss paper.

- Guy's got campaign funds.
- Nah, forget the funds.

You know what,
the most valuable commodity

in any election
is the candidate themselves.

Visit the firehouses,
present ideas,

take questions...

Town hall-style.


It's not a bad idea, Herrmann.

Will the two of you kindly
take your business elsewhere?

He's right there.


Mr. Casey,
I'm so sorry to bother you.

- Where are Griffin and Ben?
- Outside.

My daughter has a sore throat,
could be strep.

I need to take her
to the doctor.

I tried to get them
to come inside,

but there's a problem
with Griffin.

Griffin, come inside.

We'll give you guys
a vip tour.

He can go in.
I'm staying outside.

- Hey, Dawson!
- Hey, guys.


I'll take Ben inside.


- Ben Darden's in the house!
- Hey, you little rug rat!

Look at you! [laughs]

How you doing?
You're getting so big.

Come on, we'll show you
around the joint.

How about that, huh?

Is that all of Chicago?
Is my house on there?

Yep, it is.

It shows us every street
and address in the city.

Right there, that's
the "dangerous buildings" list.

Every station has one.

It shows us all the buildings

that are really tricky
to fight fires in.

Yo, you want to come
check out the truck?

Yeah. Yeah.


Ben's an idiot for acting
like this place is so cool.

Your father loved it here.

I just want
to go home, okay?

I know.

How about this?

I'll cancel
my construction job.

After shift,
we'll go down to the Pier.

You can grab
whatever you want for lunch.

Can I go up on the ladder?

Uh, I... I think we're gonna have
to check on that one, partner.

Rules say no visitors
in the aerial...

but then again, you're not
just any visitor, huh?

Chief, what do you say?

Ah, go ahead.

[all cheering]

Come on.
[indistinct chatter]

[knock at door]

[chuckles] Hey.

We barely got a chance
to say hello this morning,

and you seem so stressed,

so I thought I'd come
and cheer you up.

Now, my parents
are a little too excited

about becoming

Look at this.

Aw, come on!

Isn't this the sweetest?


What's going on with you?

Look, you know that I love you
no matter what,


When you moved to Spain,
we said that we'd keep in touch

but that we wouldn't
be exclusive.


Is there any chance
that this baby...

[door closes]

[knock at door, door opens]

Arson just called.

Wanted to let you know
that the cops

have Big John in custody.



Hey, detectives
are talking to him now.

The bastard's even twitchier
than I remember.

You got anything solid
tying him to the fires?


Hey, look.
It's the arson guy's son.

- Two buildings up in flames?
- Ooh!

Do you know how many people
you almost killed?

Huh, how many
of my own men, huh?

- Kelly!
- Get away from me!

- Kelly! Kelly!
- Get him away!

- Get him away from me!
- Get him out of here!

Get him out of here!

Hey, I looped you in
out of respect for your father,

as a courtesy.
You understand?

[water running]

I'm telling you.

Renee looked pissed
running out of here!

What if I was wrong
about the due date?

That would be bad, Shay.

I don't think I was, but
I'm not a frickin' obstetrician.

Taking too long!

Remember, as McLeod said,

"Only 42 ounces of potable
water per employee per week."

[Cruz chuckles]

Sounds like
you saved the day

with Griffin and Ben
this morning.

[chuckles] Yeah.

I love those boys,
but hanging there with Casey?

It's not exactly
helping me move on.

You know what?

I have been traveling
in too small a circle,

if you know
what I'm saying.

The world does not start
and end at Firehouse 51.

- That is so damn true.
- [Otis knocking] Let's go!

[Otis] I have seen you both
naked a hundred times!

Just open the door,
so I can take a shower!

We really need
to get out more.

Yes. Yes, we do.

- Hey.
- Hey!

- Thanks for coming down.
- Thanks for calling.

- It's good to see you.
- You too.

[chair thuds]

Could I get one of those too,

- [waitress] Coming right up.
- Thank you.

Well, did you...

did you talk
to the guys at arson?

Yeah... As soon as Big John was
on their radar, Rome called me.

Did you know
they had him in custody?

- They let him walk?
- Yeah.

I heard that. The thing is,
I'm not so sure he's the guy.

M.O. Might be similar, but
I could tell him pretty well.

I don't see him
having the balls

to set a car on fire
right outside a station house.

You're wrong.

All due respect,
I think you're wrong.

The guy, he... he knew me
the minute he saw me.

I... He knew I was your son.


Well, let me
get in it with arson.

- See what I can find out.
- Yeah.

It's good?

- Perfection.
- [Zoya giggles]

Hey, you know Cruz is making
a move on your cousin, right?


I would kick him out,

but he's the only
regular customer we have.

Well, if it isn't
Mr. Long Island Iced Tea.

Mock all you want,
but that drink suits this place.

So you're saying
this place is outdated,

and we only exist
to get you drunk quick?

[laughs] No.

More that you're fun and sweet
and unpretentious.

Nice recovery.

[clears throat] There's a scotch
tasting happening Friday night

at a place in Wicker Park.

Would you want to join me?

I'd love to.

There was a definite
hesitation before he said yes.

But point being
he said yes.

You should come
to the tasting too.

- You could bring someone.
- [sighs] Calm down.

I'm gonna be packing
all weekend. I can't.

[cell phone vibrates]

Who's Amy R?

Oh, the real estate agent

I'm meeting with tomorrow
to see apartments,

and I think she's hitting on me,
but I can't tell.

[laughs] It's kind of amazing

how bad you are
at sussing out lesbians.

I know, right?

[siren wails]

She's in here!
She's in here!

I was in the other room,
and I heard a thump.

She must have
fallen down the stairs.

She's breathing.

Let's get a C-collar on her
and get her on the backboard.

Did you...
Did you move her at all?

No. She was right there
when I found her.

Oh, my God, Phoebe.

What did you do
to my sister?

I didn't do anything.
She fell. Tell him! She fell!

- He did this to her.
- Okay, sir.

- We gotta...
- Hey! Hey!


This is ambulance 61.
We need immediate police assistance.

[fighting gasp and grunting]

Hey, buddy?

We can't get your sister
to the hospital

unless you stop that and move
out of the way, all right?

He's gonna kill him!

[sirens wailing]

[siren stops wailing]

Oh, God.


- [man grunts]
- Move it.

I told you cops he'd kill her
if you didn't stop him.

[Cries] Nobody listened!

Dispatch, we need
a second ambo at 4042 Larrabee.

Please don't let
my baby sister die!

You think that woman
knew her husband

was a total scumbag
before or after she married him?

He could have pretended to be
Prince Charming for years,

and she wakes up too late next
to a monster under the bridge.


No, you know you are
backing me into a corner here.

- What happens when that...
- Oh, sorry to interrupt.

Hold on.

Hang on a second.
I have to go in the other room.

Hey, you catch any of that?

Clarke was lighting
somebody up on the phone.

Personal business,
I guess.

I guess.

Something seems off
about that guy.

Something besides him
taking your spot on squad?

it's not a speech.

It's a town hall,
so you have to be comfortable

and conversational to hold
the audience's interest,

and that's where
these come in.

They're called "key cards."

They're used by some of the most
successful public speakers

in the world.

Key cards.

It's stuff that we've all

heard you spout
time and time again,

you know, when you're getting
yourself all worked up.

I'd be more comfortable and
conversational if I was sitting.

Oh, well,
then let's get you a stool.


The town hall seat
of choice.

I can work with this.

Give it a shot.

Three-man trucks.


What are your feelings
about that?

W... only a
pencil-pushing bureaucrat

would think a three-man truck
is a good idea.

You know, every study
they've done shows

search and rescue times
go right down the toilet

whenever you have
fewer than five guys on a truck.

It's common sense.

"Fitness bonuses,"
"reduced benefits."

All stuff I have
very strong opinions about.

My brains, your face.

We can take this campaign
all the way.


Thanks for coming over.
I really appreciate the help.

Yeah. No problem.
They're great kids.

Griffin barely ate.

Well, I don't blame him.

He's old enough to know
when grown-ups

are hiding something
from him.

He'll be happy to get home.

Good chance
Friday's my last night with him.

You want to come over
for dinner?

They're a lot happier
when you're around.

We could order Chinese food,
get a movie.

I can't. [laughs]

I can't stay for a movie.

I have a dinner thing.

Oh, well...

- somebody has a hot date.
- Mm, no.

It's just a thing.

[doorbell rings]



I just got some bad news.

Heather's friend Jen...
She didn't make it.

That's terrible.

and it changes everything.

Heather's looking
at a manslaughter charge now.

Jen, uh... [chuckles]

She taught me
how to roller-skate.

I've known her since...

It was an accident.

[quivering] The lawyer
said I'd spend

the next five to ten years
in here

unless I made a plea deal.

They don't know that
for sure.

It was a first offense,
and you're a single mom.

I took the deal.


I can't risk being away
from my boys

for their entire childhood.

[cries] I can't.

I pled guilty
to D.U.I. manslaughter,

which is 15 months.

You know
that before Andy died,

we put you in our wills
as the boys' guardian

if something happened
to us both.


Can you take care of Griffin
and Ben while I'm in here?


[indistinct chattering]

[clears throat] Guys.


I, uh... I just wanted
to give everybody

an update on the Darden boys.

Turns out
they're gonna be living with me

for the next 15 months
or so, and..

the thing is
I'm gonna need some help.

- I, uh...
- Say no more.

We're there.

Whatever you need.

They're our boys too.


You got this, buddy.
You're no Greg Sullivan.

You're a fireman's fireman.

Where's the stool?

Hey, you guys
got any stools?

I'm not comfortable,

Hey, take a deep breath.

- [both take a deep breath]
- You're gonna be great.

Guys... Uh, can we get
your attention over here?

Just for a minute.

Come on.

Yeah, thanks. Uh...

I'm Randall McHolland, and I
am running for union president.

I'm here for, uh...

To talk about some issues.

Three-man trucks.

[soda can opens]

Three-man trucks?

Which studies show
are far more dangerous

than five
or six-man trucks.

Uh, wellness programs

dos and don'ts.

Uh, dos...

and don'ts.

Here, here.

Try... Try...

[both murmuring]

[alarm blares]
Oh, thank God.

[over P.A.] Truck 65, engine 118...

- Sorry about that.
- See ya.

[over P.A.] Ambulance 97.
Multiple injuries.

Don't worry about it.

I mean, this is just one
of 98 houses in the city.

Oh, actually now that McLeod

has dropped her ax,
it's 97 and counting.

I mean, who knows
how many more before she's...

[siren wails]

Now you're gonna get
all worked up?

[siren wails]

Bedroom has
southern exposure,

so it's really light
in the mornings,

which is not so great
for hangovers.

True, also not something

the average realtor
would mention.

Guess I'm not
the average realtor.

Here, come check this out.

Built-in wine fridge.

Wow. Nice.

I have an ex-girlfriend
who would have loved that.

Sounds like a girl
with good taste.

Not really.

She ended up dumping me
and going back to her husband.

Ugh, I'm gonna bet she's
regretted it every day since.

Oh, God.
I hope so.

- [Amy laughs]
- Yeah.

You don't have
one of those, do you?

A husband?

Hell, no.

Not in this lifetime. [laughs]


Hey, you're back.

What are you doing?

I went
and got a test done.

That's why I've been gone.

I had a one-night stand

with a guy in Spain.

I thought
it would help me get over you.

It didn't.

You were right.

This baby's not yours.

[sighs] I know
how crazy this sounds,

but I... I wasn't
lying to you.

And I actually convinced
myself that it was yours.

It was ours.

Kelly, you'll make
a great father someday.




Good-bye, Kelly.


Is there anything I can do?

Honestly, I just need
a place to live.

Our place is gone, right?

Yeah, but I've got an "in"

with a great realtor
and a lead on a one-bedroom

and a sweet three-bedroom.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

We could take
the three-bedroom and...

find a roommate later
if we need.

- Sound good?
- Yeah.

That sounds good.

All right.
I'm sorry, babe.

[alarm blares]

[over P.A.] Truck 81. Squad 3.
Engine 51. Ambulance 61.

Building fire.
2939 Cortland Street.

That's my restaurant.

[siren wailing, horn honking]


Ma? Ma!

- You okay?
- I'm okay.

We all got out, but Peter...
everything's gone.

No. No, we're
gonna save it, okay?

Hey, everybody's out,
but we got to get in there.

No. All occupants
are out of the building.

The fire is in the roof trusses.

We are gonna go defensive
with master streams.

Nobody enters the building.

Let's get those
water cannons working.

Cruz and Otis,
raise the aerial.

[under breath] Come on...

[aerial whirring and clanging]

[fire whooshing]

[radio beeps]

Send the water!

[breathing heavily]

- Mills.
- Mills!

Mills, I want you
out of that building right now.

Do you understand me?

Why... Why is Peter
in there alone?

Wallace, you get my boy
out of there!

You get him out of there!



We'll get him.

Mayday, mayday.

We have a man inside.
Squad 3. Go get him!

Come on.
[radio chatter]

Otis, Mouch.

Charge the line and back us up.
Herrmann, with me.

What the hell
were you thinking?

Dad's medals.

I do not need
any damn medals.

- I need you.
- Ma, come on.

You freelance like that,
you will get yourself

and anyone else who was willing
to go in after you killed!

Do you understand me?

Wasn't a kitchen fire,

Ms. McLeod.
What brings you here?

Chief boden, I will be
making weekly check-ins

with all of the houses
under my aegis,

so I would like to speak to
everyone, if that's all right.

It'll just take a minute.

Common room,
ladies and gentlemen.

Thank you.


We'll get the guy
who set these fires.

This won't take long.

I just want to make sure

that we're all
on the same page, yeah?

Allowing visitors,
especially children,

to ride on any of the apparatus
is a serious violation

of C.F.D. policy and a potential
liability for the department.

- How does she know that?
- Now...

There's a snitch in the house.

You can call me
a killjoy if you'd like,

but the severity of this
cannot be overstated.

We've got bigger problems.

First your car.
Now my restaurant.

It doesn't make sense.

Mills wasn't even on the job

when Big John
set those first fires.

No, my pop's right.

It ain't him.
It's a firefighter.

What makes you so sure?

When I was looking
at the dangerous building's map

it hit me that
all the arsonist's targets

were on there
and in our district.

Except for the car
and the diner.

So it's a firefighter who's
got beef with all of us at 51?

- Why can't we go home?
- I don't know.

I think... I don't know.

Where's mom?

- What will happen?
- I told you. I don't know.


Hey, guys.


It looks like
you're gonna be

living here for a while...
with me.

You promised
we were going home soon.

That's right,
and I thought you were,

but things changed and, um,

it's gonna be
this way for a while.

Why can't we go home?

Because your mom
isn't there.

The kids at school
said she's in jail.

She is.

And I should have
told you that sooner.

I want to live
in jail with her. [cries]

I want to see my mom.

Buddy, listen.

You can't live there,
but, um, you can visit.

You guys can handle this.


Those firefighters
and paramedics at 51?

Well, they're your family too

and they're gonna help me
take good care of you guys.

- Okay?
- [Ben sniffling]

Come here, buddy.

It's pretty cool

being able to drink in a bar
after it's closed.

Grab a couple glasses,
'cause I have a champagne cognac

in the back
we are gonna crack open.

Sounds great.

- Found it.
- I can't wait to try it.

[background chatter, music playing]




- How are you, buddy?
- I'm okay.

Can't complain.


- Can I get you a beer?
- Oh, no. I'm good.

I'm good right now.

So what brings you
around my stomping grounds?

Well, I was looking
for you, actually.

- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.

I was just thinking about some
of the fires we fought together.

String of arsons
on the Westside, barbershop,

couple garages, that old
Italian restaurant on Diversey.

- You remember?
- Vaguely, yeah.

You sure you don't want one?

- I'm gonna order another round.
- Nah.

I'm good,
but I'll tell you what.

I got your next round.

So you came all the way out
here just to, uh, reminisce?

There's been
a bunch of similar fires

the last couple weeks.

That's what brought
back the memories.

Reminded me you're
a damn good firefighter.


I appreciate that.
I do. [laughs]

But I got to tell you...

steady work has been
pretty hard to come by

since I got pushed out of 51.

Look at me.

Is that why
you're setting the fires?

You think
I'm setting the fires?


I guess you better prove it.

I'm going to.

Sync and corrected by
Gianluca Belfiglio