Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 2, Episode 19 - A Heavy Weight - full transcript

A suicide note is delivered to a surprised Dawson (Monica Raymund) and Lt. Severide (Taylor Kinney) digs deeper into Bloom's (guest star W. Earl Brown) dark past. Elsewhere, Chief Boden (Eamonn Walker) learns shocking news, and with the help of Shay (Lauren German), Lt. Casey (Jesse Spencer) goes on the search for a life-changing item.

Took a couple of pills.
Had a flare-up in my back.

You need to get into rehab.

I will go to rehab.

We're gonna find
a great place.

Maybe we should stop looking.

You and Casey?

I got a lot of baggage,

The past is the past,

I can't
put you through that.

C.F.D.'s not right
for everyone.

It's the one thing
that I wanted my whole life,

and he's taking it
away from me.

You tell Dawson I stopped by.


They just found her body.

We work a dangerous job.

We all knew that
when we signed up.

A firefighter dies in the line
of duty, we are shocked.

Our hearts are broken.
But in some dark corner of our mind,

we are bracing ourself
for that possibility.

But a firefighter
takes her own life?

That is not a contingency
that we can prepare for.

We can't change
what happened.

But we can learn from it.

We all missed the signs here.

And we can never
let it happen again.

So you reach out to each other.

You be there for each other.

Not just for today,
or this week... Always.

I never want to see
another member of this family

slip through the cracks.

Let's go to work.

Let's go for a ride.

This place isn't so bad.
How's it working out for him?

I don't know.
I haven't checked up on him yet.

I've been too busy.
Boden's speech got me thinking.

Bloom could use
some more encouragement

right about now.



Cheer him up.

Come on, Mills.

No, I'll pass.


All right. [clears throat]

Room service!


He was supposed to be in 109.

Well, I'm sorry
to have to tell you this,

but Mr. Bloom
checked himself out.

How long did he last?

About 12 hours
into a 28-day program.

I've seen worse.

- Thanks for coming, Shay.
- Yeah.

Listen, before
you say anything, I know.

- I am moving a little fast.
- It's not that...

Things with Gabby and I
haven't been perfect.

She's trying to make
a big career shift,

and she thinks
I'm on the fence about it.

That's why I want to
let her know this is real.

And, in light of recent events,
why wait?

Tomorrow isn't guaranteed
for anybody.


- You want to see 'em?
- Yeah.

Oh, this one.

- That's Dawson right there.
- That was my pick.

Back me up.

- That was my pick.
- That was his pick.

It's really pretty.

- I'm gonna do it.
- I'll get one in her size.

- What is it?
- Uh...

I'm on the case.

Hey, Roomie.

Cable bill's due.

Make with the cheddar.


Yeah. That includes
the setup fee.

And your NFL package.

Your half is $70.

I haven't seen Clarke
this morning.

He still subbing over at 25?

Clarke's not subbing out.
He transferred.

What, just like that?
No explanation?

No good-bye?

What a jerk.

- That's her.
- Gabriela Dawson?

Oh, God,
what'd you do this time?


This note
was left behind for you

in Rebecca Jones' apartment.


I wouldn't know.

Why would
she leave me a note?

Only one way to find out.

[alarm bells ringing]

[female voice over p.a.] Engine 51,
truck 81, squad 3, ambulance 61.

Grand and ashland.

You okay?


No, I'm not.

I want some answers.

I mean, how does someone
like Jones, who's so driven,

so determined,
how does she just...

give up on herself?

I don't know.

What's it say?


Oh, wow.


Chicago Fire S02E19
"A Heavy Weight"

Otis, make sure
the pumps are shut down!

Everyone, get in there
with extinguishers!

Don't wait for 51!

You gotta get my wife!
She's in the car!

We'll take care of her.
Get out of here!


Got him, Herrmann.

Okay, okay.
Let's get you out of there!

I can't!
I can't!

All right, all right.

Just stay put!
Stay put!

All right, listen!
She can't get out of here!

She's in a full leg brace!
Let's get this fire out!

Come on!
Come with me!


I got you, Janice!

- I got you!
- Sir, wait!


- Hey!
- Oh... [whimpering]


What are you doing!

[tires squeal]


Hey, get under
the pickup!

It's okay.
We got you.

- You're okay.
- We've got you.

- Get out of there, numbnuts!
- Hermann!

Sir, please
step out of the vehicle,

if you'd be so kind.

That was the dumbest move
I've seen in a long time.

Yeah, Darwin-Award thinkin'
right there.

What a call.

Hey, what do you guys
suppose Jones said

in that note to Dawson?

I'm just curious.

The other night...

Jones stopped by Molly's.

She was looking for Dawson.


What for?

No idea.

But she apparently
went straight home and...

you know the rest.

Okay, you guys, pony up.

I talked to Bloom's
old battalion chief in Denver,

and I got an idea
how to help him out.

First step,
we fill up this boot.



Okay, do you guys know
the warehouse fire

that derailed Bloom's career?

Yeah, ten guys got killed.

Because of a tough call
he had to make.

He was the incident commander?

That's right.

Fire was in the structure.

He had to give an order.
No one else goes in.

He made those guys stand there

and listen to their brothers
dying over the radio.

They spit in his face,
tried to go around him.

He wrestled a few of them
to the ground,

and that's how he hurt his back.

He was trying to protect them,
but the way they saw it...

he abandoned all those guys
inside and got 'em all killed.

That is a heavy weight
for a man to carry around,

don't you think?

We can stop by the ATM.

Hey, I know
why you're doing this,

but this guy's
gonna keep letting you down.

- You know that, right?
- Uh-huh.

But you're gonna try anyway.

When Jones
first arrived at 51,

I made it clear
that I wasn't someone

that she could come to for help.

I thought she needed
a little tough love.

You can't put that
on yourself, Kelly.

I'm not. I... I didn't know
where her head was at.

But if Bloom
goes into a tailspin,

I can't claim
that I didn't see it coming.

Look, you guys,
you got to agree

that that's
a pretty heavy weight

for a man to carry around.

Look, personally, I would love
to give to the cause,

but I have to subsidize
Cruz's need to see

every single televised
sporting event known to man.

Come on, man.

We agreed we were gonna
split everything 50/50.

Can we just focus for, like,
two sec...

You know, you could watch

every single game at Molly's
for free.

Oh, yeah. And then all my beer
money goes into your pocket.

- You'd like that, I bet.
- Yeah, as if you ever pay a tab anyway.

- What did you say?
- Otis.

I need you
to clear out Jones' locker.

Why me?

you're the one with the box.

[scoffs] Great.

What is the big deal?

- Hey, Shay?
- Hmm?

I got a favor to ask.

[sighs] No.

It has to do with Jones.

We need to clear out her locker,

but in the interest of
"gender sensitivity",

would you mind?

God forbid you guys
have to touch a box of tampons.

I owe you so much.

You're going to hell.
You know that?

- It's worth it.
- You guys just don't think

that you owe Jones
at least that much?

What do you mean,
we owe Jones?



I'm gonna leave this here
for a while.

You guys do
what you think is right, okay?


I just...

I wish she left behind
some clue as to why she did it.

Oh, you mean, like a note?

That note
did not answer any questions.

Trust me.


She was in the class of 300.

A lot older than she looked.

I wonder what this ring
would look like on a person.

What are you doing? Stop!

Okay, I'm just
goofing around. Gosh.

what do you expect to find?

I just want to know
how a girl as tough as Jones

could let her father
push her to the breaking point.

So it's all her dad's fault?

Don't go down that rabbit hole,

Trying to find
a rational explanation

for an irrational act.


I made that mistake once.

You know how it is, chief.

Bunch of hard-ass firefighters

avoiding real emotion
at all costs.

How are you holding up?

Not too bad.

It helps
to have someone to lean on.

[quietly] Yeah.

Have you reconnected
with Donna?

We are supposed to be
talking about you.

[knock on door]


Uh... Ah. Sorry.
I can wait.

No, no, no.
It's fine.

We're all done here.

- Good to see you.
- Good to see you, sir.


I'm real sorry
about your candidate.

The commissioner sent me over
to check up on your house.

I got it covered, Bill.
Or at least I'm trying.

Look, Chief,
I can go if you want me to.

But your people
have suffered a loss,

and they may need help

getting through
this rough patch.

Peter Mills
is one of my people now.

Did you know that?

I did.

So don't botch it

the way you did
with his father.

[murmurs] Okay.

Hey, Chaplain Orlovsky's
in the house!

- How ya doin', Padre?
- Ah, real good, Christopher, thanks for asking.


How's everybody?

- Good.
- Hey, Chaplain.

I need one of you guys
to take this stuff

over to Chief Jones' office
after shift.

Can't be me.
I gotta get my mother-in-law

over to the podiatrist.

[all talking at once]
Guys. Guys.

I don't care who does it.
Just make sure it gets done.

Hey, Chaplain Orlovsky.

Peter, good to see you, buddy.

You too. [chuckles]

My recipe book.



She needed a little help
in that department.


[metallic clattering]

- Whoa.
- Whoa.

Nice catch, Padre.

She was a bowler.

Who, Jones?

This is a 300 ring.

- She bowled a perfect game.
- Whoa!

She was a serious bowler.

That is not how I would have
guessed she spent her time.

Hey, here's an idea.

How about after shift we all
go out and bowl a couple of games,

you know, in honor of Jones.

Yeah, maybe.

Man, you guys are cold.

Why, 'cause we're not
in a bowling mood?

No. You should've been
nicer to her.


Excuse me?

I'm just saying
that I know what it's like

to be a candidate
in this house,

and that girl,
she tried like hell.

You guys wouldn't let her
sit with the cool kids.

Hey, Mills,

you trying
to pin this on us?

No. No, that's
not what I'm saying.

Then what are you saying?


Severide wants to
take another field trip.



Go on back
to your squad buddies!

Hey, Bloom, you in there?

It's me, Kelly.
I'm coming in.

[teapot whistle blowing]

[fire truck horn honking]


What the hell?
You just sit there

and watch him
give me the slip?

I honked!

[teapot whistle continues blowing]


Right here.

Hey, Chief, what's up?

Come on in.
Close the door.

You okay to take your
firefighter's test next week?


My paperwork's in order.

No, I mean, are you...

are you okay?

What with the... Jones' thing
and all?


Well, I'm pissed off, Chief.

At who?

I don't know. [chuckles, sniffs]

I'll be fine.

No, no, no.
Don't you bottle that up.

I'm right here.
You can talk to me anytime.

[clears throat] Okay.


Have you given
any more thought

to where it is
that you might want to land

when you pass your test?

I'm more than willing to make
some calls on your behalf.

I don't mean to sound like

a vulture circling overhead,

but doesn't 81
need a new candidate?

Jones' spot
is not an option for you.

You must know that you
have to find another company.

You can't serve under Casey.

You mean
because we're involved.

Give it some more thought.


How are you holding up?

Why is everyone
so worried about me?

I'm sorry.
I mean, I'm good.


I got us into RPM.

They're booked, like,
two months out

but I charmed our way in
two weeks from Saturday.

So keep it free.


We can raise
a glass to Jones.


[alarm bells ringing]

[female voice over p.a.] Ambulance 61.

Sick person.
705 South Oakley.

[siren wails]

In here.
She's in here!

I don't know
what happened to her.

My beautiful girl.

Look at her!

What's the matter, honey?

Show them, Ella.
Let them see.

She insisted on going
to this sleepover last night.

I knew it was a bad idea,
and now she's sick!

- Dad.
- Sir, if you could just

Give us some space, please?

She's running a fever.

- Meningitis?
- Meningitis?

Oh! Oh, that's perfect.

With these lesions?
I don't know.


does your head hurt,
or your neck?

Ella, you see, this is why
I didn't want you to go.

- Sir...
- But you don't want to

listen to me!
No, of course not!

Sir, if you could just
let us examine your daughter...

She never wants to listen

not to me, not to her mother.

Hey! Your little girl needs exactly
one thing from you right now,

and that is
your unwavering support.

You understand?


Did any of the other girls
at the sleepover

have these symptoms?

I... I don't think so.

- When did this come on?
- Just this morning.

I mean, she had strep throat
last week,

- but she got over that.
- Strep throat?

Yeah, that's why
I didn't want her to go.

I figured her
immune system was...

- Was she on antibiotics?
- Uh, yeah.


You ever heard of
Stevens-Johnson Syndrome?

- No.
- Let's get the fluids ready.

We need to load and go.

Your daughter's having
a reaction to the Amoxicillin.

She needs to get to the E.R.
right now.

Oh, I'm sorry, sweetheart.


It's okay.
Oh, my God.

I'm so sorry.

So what else can you guys
tell me about Rebecca?

I never had the pleasure
of meeting her.

She was tall.

Kind of funny sometimes.

Funny, like a...

good sense of humor?


So, Peter,

you were teaching Rebecca
how to cook?

I was trying to.

So you two were friends?

Yeah, we were.

They were bestest buddies.

Let it go, Herrmann.

He apologizes
for what he said,

I'll let it go.

You know,
I see a lot of your dad in you.

He was a pretty caring guy too.

Did you know him well?

Not as well as I wish I had.

Hey, what's the matter,
Clarke, you lost?

Don't be like that.

I had to transfer out.

- I had no choice.
- Why?

You made Lieutenant.

I didn't even know
you took the test.

You son of a gun!

Why didn't you say anything?

You're waiting for
your promotion to come through.

Things with you
are always awkward.

I'm happy for you, buddy.
Come here.

Yeah, I don't like people
touching me.

Yeah, see?


[background chatter]

Look who it is.

To what do we owe the honor?

Just checkin' in on you guys.

This whole thing with Jones,
you know...

It's unbelievable, right?


I'm working with
her oldest brother now, Brandon.

And this poor guy's
beside himself.

That reminds me.

From the guys at 25.


Thank you, Clarke.

I hope Jones' brothers

don't let their dad off
too easy.


No, I don't care
if it's inappropriate.

I'm not gonna
keep my mouth shut.

Please tell me
someone's taking him to task

for what he did to Jones.

Dawson, we were ready
to go to bat for her.

But it was up to her
to stand up to him...

He wore her down!

All she wanted out of life
was to be a firefighter,

and she did it

his constant discouragement

and... and interference.

But he still
had to take that away from her.


all Brandon said about it

was that she had depression
her whole life.


she tried this once before,

when she was 16.

And knowing that,

he still bullied her?

He still berated her,
pushed her to the brink?


we're talking about
a Deputy District Chief.

Well, you'd better keep
that man far away from me

because if I see him,
he's getting both barrels.




Here's the thing.

I run into burning buildings
for a living,

but I run away
from relationships.

And I guess I just...

I got scared, Donna.

And, uh...

you were the best thing
to happen to me.

I can't get into this
right now.

I have a meeting
with the administration.

I can come back later...

after my shift.

I'll think about it.

[tv in background]

- Hey!
- Shh!

What are you doing?



[whispers] You're in business.

Oh, so I should just paint
a little white line

down the middle of the fridge.
His side/my side?

I didn't freak out when
he drank all the orange juice.

It was a really, really
nice piece of walleye, Cruz...

Just call it fish!

And you left the dishes
for me to clean up!

Come on, man!

That maybe you've been roommates
for too long?

Oh, we just moved in

[clears throat]

You want to
pick this back up later?

You know, I don't need
judge judy in my firehouse.

- Wallace...
- I need someone who can be there for my people.

Offer them support,
spiritual guidance,

actually get them to open up.

I can't order your men
to open up, chief.

They have to find their own way.

You left Henry Mills
to find his own way.

As I recall,
he never quite found it.

Wallace, you've been holding
that against me for a long time.

He was trying to repair
a broken marriage,

needed someone to lean on.

It couldn't be me,
obvious reasons.

Which is why I asked you
to talk to him.

And I had every intention
of doing so.

If he hadn't walked into that
fire carrying so much anger,

he just might have
walked back out again.

You know what I think?

I think you lost a good man
that day.

He was a friend.

And, uh...

I wonder
if losing Rebecca Jones

has brought back
some of the guilt

that you felt
about Henry Mills' death.

if you can't help my people,

get out of my firehouse.

Hey, chief, you okay?

Chief Jones?

I brought Rebecca's things.

I just wanted to offer
our deepest condolences,

on behalf of everyone at 51.

And also to say...

she would have made
a great firefighter.

I was trying to protect her.

I didn't think she could handle
the stress of the job.

I was only trying
to protect her.



[female voice over p.a.] Ambulance 61,
take in a traffic accident at...

I'm very sorry, Chief.

[sirens wailing]

We got a driver pinned
in the car, hurt but conscious.

What about the bus?

Ah, kids on their way
to the prom,

banged up,
but nothing too serious.

Casey, Severide, we have
a pin-in in the gray car.

- Get 'em out.
- Copy that.

Dawson, check on the victim.

Shay, assess these kids.

On it.

All right, whoever's injured,
I want to take a look at you.

Hang in there, sir,

we're going to get you out,

Casey? We're good.

All right,
let's move this car.

Ready? Lift!
[car clanging]

- I don't know where paige is.
- Huh?

You guys, where's Paige?

- Mouch, Otis, check the bus.
- Yep.

Sweetie, have a seat here.

- Where was she sitting?
- I don't know.

We were all goofing around,

and... we hit something,
and the bus started swerving,

and that's when I hit my head.

There's nobody else in here.

- Why is this window open?
- Oh, no.


I think somebody was ejected!

Oh, my God.

The girl could've fallen out

wherever the bus first lost control.

We are gonna shut down
the road, run a search.

My guys have been
up and down this road.

- They didn't see anything.
- We should have some firefighters take a look.

Look, be my guest,
but I can't close this road.

You do realize you have a girl
that is unaccounted for.

Yes, I do. But my guess is
that she got out with the others,

- and she wandered off.
- You have

an open emergency exit!
Somebody was ejected!

- Chief, let me talk to him.
- I'm shutting down this road!

I can't let you do that.

Truck 81, block off this road.

Last warning, Chief.

Go ahead, Cruz.

[horn blasting]

Mouch, Herrmann, Otis,

fan out,
search back along the road.

This is my scene, Chief.

Are you really
gonna make me arrest you?

You know what?
You're just gonna have to do

What the hell you need to do.


You gotta be kidding me.

You picked the wrong cop
to piss off.

Oh, I haven't even
started on you.

- You seeing this?
- Yes, I am, Chief.

[background chatter]

I got her!

We need a backboard,
a black bag.

Yeah, I'm on it.

Is she okay?

She's in good hands.
Just hold tight.

Officer Woodall?

Is this really the hill
you want to die on?

[background chatter, shouting]

Watch her arm.

I got it.
Stay out of my way.

Come on.
Come on.


I'm okay.


No harm, no foul.

After you.
I insist.

Hey, whatever's
going on between you two,

can you drop it?

I'll drop it
when he apologizes.

Apologize for what?
For speaking the truth?

Knock it off,
both of you.


He's saying
that we made Jones suicidal,

and I'm supposed to
swallow that?

No! No!

Just own up to your behavior

and admit that you could have
handled things better!

How dare you!

- Herrmann!
- Hey!

I was the last one
to see her alive!

You think I didn't wonder
over and over again

what I might have done

What else I might have said

what would have
changed her mind?

Is this what you all took
from what I said this morning?

Is this really how we're gonna
get through this thing?


Bloom is inside.

Sorry, Chief.

Got one more save
to make tonight.


See where those guys are.

Well, I guess
I'm gonna get a lecture

about skipping out on rehab.

- Let's get it over with.
- No, Bloom.

I got no more lectures
for you.

Then give me my wallet.

Just relax.

Capp's getting it
from my locker.

What are you all lookin' at?

What, you need an audience?

You ruined my white board.

That was permanent ink.

I'll get you another one.

What is this?

I know, I'm not staying.

Severide asked me to pick up
these two up at O'Hare.

- Chaplain.
- Lieutenant.

This is Damien,
and this is Aaron.

Screw this.

just give me one second.

You are a son of a bitch.

Hey, it's not like that,

Oh, Captain!

Aren't you cute?

You can mail me my wallet.

We didn't know
what happened to you, Bloom.

Now you do.

We're sorry.

That's what we came
to tell you.

The way we treated you
back in Denver...

Well, you gotta understand,
we were upset.

Oh, you were upset?

You were upset?

I was the Captain.

Those were my men in there!

They were my men!

We said a lot of awful things
in the heat of the moment.

But we had a lot of time
to think about it.

We were wrong.

You made the right call.

If you would have
let us inside,

we would've still been in there
when the roof came down.

There's no question,
you saved our lives.

Your boy could only afford
two plane tickets.

Otherwise there would have been
a dozen of us here.

We all feel the same way.

This is my daughter, Lily.

She wouldn't exist if
you hadn't tackled me that day.

'Cause I was going in, Captain.

I was going in.

It's not easy
losing a firefighter.

I've lost my fair share.

81 alone.
Andy Darden, Rebecca Jones...

[sighs] I can't imagine.

You came here today to help,

and I gave you a hard time.

I get it, Chief.

You're just looking out
for your house.

They are all that I got.

Talk to me.

I'm scared.

Of what?


The future.

I don't know
what's going to happen, Matt.

Yeah, that's why
they call it the future.

But one thing I know
will happen for sure...

You and I
are gonna face it together.


I owe you an explanation.

No, no, no.

I owe you an explanation.

Please, just listen.

You need to understand
where my head's at.

When you pulled the plug
on our relationship,

I had to assume
that I'd never see you again.

So, um...
I need you to imagine

how tough it's been
this past week,

ever since I found out that

I'm carrying your baby.

[bottles clink]

To Jones.

[pins clattering]

[locker lock clicks]