Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 2, Episode 18 - Until Your Feet Leave the Ground - full transcript

Lt. Severide sticks his neck out for Dave Bloom, a fellow firefighter from Denver who is troubled by addiction. Elsewhere, Dawson and Shay leave town for a "girl's weekend" at a cabin in the woods. Meanwhile, Jones struggles with the knowledge that her father is pressuring Chief Boden about her career path and Mouch's Internet dating profile gets an upgrade with the help of Mills and the guys.

I used to be Denver Fire Department.

- I was injured on the job.
- That injury

- was four years ago.
- So the pain killers he's on...

He's been on those
a long time.

You are looking for
an easy save.

Would you want your only

to be a firefighter?
Give her the boot.

Her father is Deputy District Chief.

- Her father is Deputy District Chief.
- He's doing everything he can

to make sure you get
stuck behind a desk.


- Is everything okay with Casey?
- Yeah.

You don't want me
to be a firefighter.

- Gabby, take a deep breath.
- Don't condescend to me.

Whatever I say, you're just
gonna take it the wrong way.

Then don't say anything.

Is it Shay's birthday
or something?

No, no, it's just
a girls weekend.

- You're cool with that, right?
- Yeah.

Of course.

Does this hat
make me look silly?

My mom gave it to me.

No, I like it.

Hey, I'm sorry I told Jones
what her dad was up to.

I really am.

- I thought she deserved to know.
- I do too.

We were gonna tell her.

I wish
you'd come to me first.

Yeah, I should have.
You're right.

Apartment listings...

When I get home
for the weekend,

we're gonna find
a great place.

Maybe we should stop looking.


We've been saying
we'd do this for months.

It still hasn't happened.
It shouldn't be this hard.

[horn honks]

That's Shay.

- I'm gonna miss you.
- Yeah.

Miss you too.


If I wanted to be healthy
and miserable,

I would have stayed home.

- Jonesy's dropping the ball.
- Yeah, well, Jones is late.

Capp made that.

Yeah, that explains it then.

Damn, Mouch, you haven't
even touched the stuff.

No appetite.

Not one reply
to my Golden Oldeez profile.

Not even a bite?

but no follow-ups or whatever.

- What the hell is that, Mouch?
- What?


Yeah, that's private,

- by the way.
- No, no, no.

Why would you put this photo
on your profile?

I asked Shay
and she said,

"Women like a bad boy."

So you basically asked
a lesbian

what she looks for
in a man?

Fair point.

I'll tell you
what women like.

Firemen, you knucklehead.

- I like where you're going with this.
- Yeah, look, we are deleting this profile picture

and putting up a new one.

- When? How?
- Right now.

Come on.

Ah, right there.

And smile.

Okay, let's try it.

Oh, no, that's who's subbing
for Shay and Dawson?

Howdy doody ain't that bad, but the
other guy's bad luck Schleprock.

He's what?

- Hey, Chout.
- Hey, McAuley.

Hey, guys, glad to be back
at the old 51.

Welcome back, guys.

The oatmeal's
in the crock-pot.

Help yourself.

Is it gluten-free?

I don't even know
what that means.

It's not gluten-free,

So when are you
bouncing me from 51?

I'm not.
Have a seat.

Look, I don't know
what's going on

between you
and your father.

It's none of my business.

But as far
as I'm concerned,

you're one
of my firefighters,

and my job
is to protect your job.

He'll come after you.
I know him.

And I will deal with that
when and if that happens.

It's the one thing
that I wanted my whole life,

and he's taking it
away from me.

Jones, if you don't want him
transferring you to P.R.,

then don't go.

Put your foot down,
or go and make your dad happy.

But you got
to figure it out.

It's all gonna work out,

Well, at least I know
you guys have my back.

You know, I'd like to take
a personal day

and settle this
once and for all.

Sounds like a good idea.
See you next shift.

There's something else
going on there.

You make sure
you check in on her.


[alarm buzzes]

[female voice over p.a.] Engine 51,
truck 81, ambulance 61.

Apartment fire.

[sirens wailing]

[horn blasts]

Get that extinguisher
up here.

- On my way up.
- Think we got a grease fire.

Move your ass,

or we're gonna lose
the whole kitchen.

Coming in!

Let's go!

Come on.
Give it to me.

Put some Lake Michigan
on that.

Mm, found the culprit.

What idiot leaves a pan
full of grease

on a stove unattended?
[tv chatter]

Oh, my god.
Is Gavin okay?

- Who are you?
- I live across the hallway.

Tv's playing.
Stove's on.

Is he around here

I saw him yelling in the
hallway about an hour ago.

- Who was he fighting with?
- Well, he was on his cell,

but we get horrible
cell reception in the building,

so we usually go up
to the roof.

Gavin! Fire department.
Call out!

Gavin, call out.

Gavin, you up here?

Nothing on the south side.

Nothing on the east side.

There's nothing
on the west side.


You hear that?

Fire department.
Call out!

Over here!

Fire department.
Call out!

- Down here!
- Where is this guy?

I'm stuck down here.

Get squad here now.

Chicago Fire S02E18
"Until Your Feet Leave the Ground"

Herrmann, talk to me.

He's ass down,
head and feet up.

Give me a measurement
from the end of the building.

He's 27 feet, 8 inches
from the back corner.

Copy that.

Lower down
an open radio and a mask.

Gavin, I'm lowering you down
a radio and a mask.

Put the mask on
so you don't breathe the dust

from the drilling.

Wait... What drilling?

Gavin, this is
Lieutenant Severide.

We can't climb down
to get you,

so we're gonna have to drill
through the wall.

Capp, use a 3/4
on the hammer drill.

I want 3 feet
from the side of the x.

Casey, how's he doing?

- [Gavin wheezing]
- Fading.

- Go to channel three for me.
- Copy.

- Casey.
- Smiling death?

Yeah, he's been compressed
for so long,

when we cut him out,
he's gonna have a 50/50 chance.

You want family here?


- Give me five minutes.
- Copy.

- Back to one.
- Mills, air chisel two bricks out on the top

of the x for me.

I'm getting kind of tired
in here.

Hey, Gavin,
I hear you're big UFC fan.

- Who's your favorite fighter?
- Johny Hendricks.

Yeah, too bad he got
his ass kicked by St-Pierre.

Look, obviously,
you didn't see that fight.

Everybody knows
Hendricks got robbed.

Stick to badminton, pal.

Dude, I'm gonna kick your ass
for saying that.

- I'm not even joking.
- Uh-huh.

All right, I'm through.

All right, guys,
get in there, get in there.

Ah, give me a 14-gauge
and spike a bag.

- Gonna feel a little prick.
- [Gavin groans]

Hang in there, Gavin.

I'm gonna give you
some sodium bicarb.

- Bicarb's in.
- All right.

- Good to go.
- Mills, Capp, finish it off.

Stay with us, Gavin.

Come on, come on.
Come on, come on.

All right, we're good.

All right, guys,
get in there.

- Got it?
- Yeah.


One, two, three.

[both grunt]




Now, what do you got to say
to my face?

Oh, I was just messing
with you

to keep
your heart rate up, Gavin.


- Ready?
- Two, three, up.

[cell phone rings]
You got it?


This is Severide.

Hey, I'm Kelly Severide.

Oh, yeah.

A guy claiming to be
a fireman

dropped your name on a D.U.I.,

and I wanted to make sure
he wasn't lying

before I booked him.

You know him?

Anyone hurt?

Nah, just veered off
into a ditch.


Hey, it's my bad.
It's totally my fault.

Took a couple of pills.

I had a flare-up
in my back.

And then buddy calls me.

He's going through a divorce,
wants to meet for a few drinks.

You need to get in rehab.

I hear you,
but there's no need.

I mean,
I got a handle on this.

What I need is help
with this D.U.I. charge,

'cause if it sticks,
I won't get into CFD.

Good luck.

All right, all right.
All right, okay.

- Okay, what?
- I'll go.

Look at me.

I will go to rehab.

There, you happy?

Any way
we can let this slide?

I mean, he was a fireman
in Denver.

He's just looking
for another shot here.

He's just had a tough go
at it lately.

So you're vouching for him?

Yes, I'm vouching for him.

- I'll see what I can do.
- Thank you.

Appreciate it.
I owe you one.


Oh, I'm just messing
with you.

You wouldn't be able
to handle me anyway.

Snap you right in half.

[laughs] Um...

Yeah, so beat it.
I got work to do.

- You sit tight.
- All right.

Where are
the seven dwarfs, right?

Ha. Yeah, it's awesome.

Do you smell that?

It's like one of those
pine-scented air thingies

you get at the carwash.

Welcome to paradise
at Baileys Harbor.

[man chuckling] You must be Leslie.

Hi, yeah.
This is my friend Gabby.

Hi, I'm Margie Cavanaugh.

- This is my husband, Thomas.
- Pleasure to meet you.

Anything you need,
just ask.

- We're right next door.
- Thanks.

Enjoy that fireplace.

[both chuckle]

Ah. This is gonna be great.


Yeah, so after reading
the website,

I guess they worked
the board of trade

in Chicago for 15 years,

then cashed out,
bought this place.

- Awesome.
- Yeah.

That's gonna be you and Casey
in 20 years.

Matching sweaters,

perfect little kids
running around

playing lacrosse.


You okay?

What's wrong?

You and Casey?

What the hell's going on?


The worst part is,
he's not wrong.

I mean, we've been looking
for apartments for two months.

You know how many apartments
are available

in Chicago right now?

- A lot.
- A lot.

But I'm dragging my feet and...

and is it because he lied to me
about the extent of his injury

or 'cause he almost lost it
on that guy at the restaurant

who he thought
was looking at me?

I mean, it was a big deal
at the time,

and now it's not,
so I don't...

I don't understand
why I'm feeling like this.


I'm here to help.
Whatever you need.


- Okay, I have to rally.
- Yes, absolutely.

Did you bring alcohol?

Girl, get to know me already.

I'll grab some glasses.

So our girls are out
in the boondocks, huh?

Yeah. I guess they've
had it planned for a while

and kept pushing it.

Bet you anything
one of 'em comes back

with a rescue squirrel.


How's everything
with you and Dawson?


I was about to ask you
for relationship advice,

but that'd be like fitness tips
from Mouch.

I have been in a lot
of meaningful relationships.

Oh, yeah?
What was meaningful about them?

Chivalry prevents me
from going any further into it.


What's the matter?

Getting cold feet?

I'm not sure.

Maybe we're moving too fast.

Look, there's no such thing
as moving too fast.

You just jump in,

and either luck's on your side,
or it ain't.

Any word
from Dawson and Shay?

No cell phone reception.

- What are they doing anyway?
- Girls weekend.

- What?
- It seems odd.

- Why?
- I don't know.

It just seems odd.

That is not
a girls weekend.

That is a future bride
and a future maid of honor

scoping out wedding spots
for you two.

You got it all figured out,
huh, Cruz?

Mark my words, Lieutenant.

I don't know.
He's probably right, Casey.

In fact, you should
start enjoying

your last bits of freedom
while you can,

aka poker night
with the boys.

Hey, now you're talking.

- Just keep a lid on it.
- Poker night?

I'll move some stuff around,

see if I can make it.
When and where?

Nothing's been firmed up yet.

Tomorrow night.
Cruz and I'll host.

Break in
our new apartment.

- Boom, boom.
- I got a hit?


Nursing home provider
from Gurnee.

Yeah, buddy.

She's cute.

Nursing home workers
have the highest rate

of depression
in any field.

They have to care for people
who are oftentimes incapable

of expressing gratitude
or appreciation.

Takes a real toll,

- D.U.I.?
- Yeah.

I mean,
the guy's hit rock bottom.

Are you sure?

I tried calling over
to the Denver Fire Department

to look into any benefits
he might have

in terms of insurance
for rehab,

but they gave me
the runaround,

so I was hoping
you would call over there.


You really are sticking
your neck out for this guy.

I was in his shoes
not too long ago.

I needed help getting
on the other side of it, Chief.

What if he doesn't
want your help?

What if he's just agreeing
with you

so he can beat
this D.U.I. charge

and you got left
holding the bag?

I don't wake up every morning
with the expectation

that I'm gonna
bat a thousand, Chief.

All right.

So you'll do it?
You'll call Denver?

I'm gonna call Guildhaus
over in Blue Island.

They have a live-in facility
for firefighters

and their families.
They take care of our people.

They never turn anyone away.

Thank you.

Kelly, do you know
what this Bloom guy

is really running away from?

Back injury on the job.

- And that's all?
- I don't know.

He's not the sharing type.

I just figured it'd be best
to try and get him clean first.


I'll make the call.

Hey, Jones,
it's Lieutenant Casey.

Just checking in.

Yeah, let me know
what's going on

or if there's anything
I can do on my end.

All right.

[alarm buzzes]

[female voice over p.a.] Engine 51, truck 81,
squad 3, ambulance 61.

[sirens wailing]

The whole situation's
under control.

We've created
a tight perimeter.

He wouldn't listen to me.
Told me to back off.

Casey, are you and Herrmann
on Juno lines?

In position.
Ready to go.

you in position?

Yeah, one minute away, Chief.



What's your name, pal?

Now, leave me alone.

What's the problem here?

What do you care?

Just curious...
When your parents ask.

My girl left me.

Come on,
you're a good-looking kid.

- You'll find another one.
- Not like her!

All right, I'm climbing
out here next to you,

and we can talk this out.

Stay away from me.
No tricks!

I just want to die.

Jerry, listen to me.
You don't want to do this.

People who take
their own lives,

and I've seen a few,
they have a plan, man.

You got your heart broke

and came up here
in the heat of it.

[engines power up]

Come on,
come on, come on.

Jerry, Jerry, you do not
want to kill yourself.

Watch me.

[sobs] Tell her I loved her.


Please don't drop me! [whimpering]

It always seems like
a good idea until your feet

leave the ground, huh?


Hey, I think also you've been
under a lot of stress.

- Another excellent point.
- Fire academy's stressful to begin with,

- I'm assuming.
- Extremely.

Then you get injured,
have to see Jones take your spot,

and she's a pill
on top of it all.

I have no beef
with Jones.

We were the only two females
at the academy

with a bunch of guys
staring at us

because they didn't think
we belonged,

waiting for us to fail.

And anything she did
that I didn't like at the time,

looking back on it now,

it's just 'cause she was scared,
like I was.

Eh, still a bit
of a pill.


Well, Casey doesn't want me
to be a firefighter.

- Oh, that's crazy.
- It's not.

Didn't he pull strings

so that you could
retake the test?

Yeah, only after he found out
I was gonna retake it anyway.

[Margie] Ask me a question,
and I will!

[Thomas mocking] Ask me
a question, and I will!

Is that the perfect couple
that owns this place?

[Thomas] I ask you what time it is, and you tell me how to build a watch.

[Thomas] Yeah, I should've
listened to my brother

and married Erin
from Highland Park.

[Margie] And I should have listened
to your brother

- and married him.
- [Thomas] Don't you even dare!

[both laughing] I love hearing
couples argue.

- So good.
- [Margie] You are an idiot, Thomas.

A total moron.

[Thomas] Which is why
I married you, Margie!

Anybody heard from Jones?

- Not yet.
- See, simple as that.

- So it's a date?
- Yeah.

Tomorrow night. Congrats.

Well, it looks like
mouch is out for poker night.

- Who's in?
- Me.

Hey, what kind of poker
we talking about?

Draw, Stud, hold 'em?

Yeah, whatever.
You know what's a hoot?

Did you guys
ever play Indian poker?

What is this, summer camp?

You just sprout
your pubes there, Otis?

So you guys are hosting.
I need an address.

Yeah, look,
Otis and I can host,

but there ain't no cigars,
all right?

Landlord won't allow it.

All right, I'll host, but everybody's
got to bring snacks and beer.

I'm not getting chiseled
on this deal.


Herrmann, you in?


You know,
I would come to poker night,

but it sounds so fun,

I'm afraid it would ruin me
from ever wanting to do

anything else other than
hanging out with the guys.

- Aww.
- I get that.

I'm getting ribs from Carson's
for dinner.

All right,
maybe a few hands.

That's the spirit.

I got to duck out.

I'll have my radio on.

I am issuing him
an I-Bond.

Conditions are as follows:

do not get rearrested,

and complete
a substance abuse program.

The pills we found
in the car will be inventoried,

but he won't be charged.

- I got a prescription.
- Shut up.

I'm not gonna impound the car,
although I should.

He'll get a ticket
for reckless driving,

which can always be upgraded
if the bond is violated.

I don't want him in a vehicle
unless it's got checkers on it,

and I'm telling you all this

because it's your ass
if I get played.

Is that understood?

Got it.
Thank you.

Let's go.

All right,
so here's the deal.

But I got some loose ends
to wrap up,

you know,
important family matters

that I got to deal with.

Hey, listen, I'm not
Florence Nightingale, all right?

I got better things to do
than to run around

trying to convince you
to get your life straight.

If you don't want my help,

just get your ass back
in that district

and hash it out
with Sergeant Platt.

All right.
Where do I got to be?

The place is called
the Guildhaus.

I'll meet you there

I'll text you
all the info.


Is this just about
your back injury?

Is there anything else
I should know?

You just text me
where and when,

and I'll be there.

Chief Jones,
Lieutenant Casey.

- Oh, I remember.
- Hi.

I'm not sure
if you heard or not,

but your daughter...
She's hip to the fact

you want her in P.R.

- I heard.
- Okay. Um...

Look, it's none
of my business,

but Rebecca is taking
this pretty hard,

and I just wanted
to take another run

at the possibility

that maybe you let her stay
on truck for...

Do me a favor.

Start that first sentence
over again.

It's none
of my business, but...

There you go.

[Thomas] You made me this way,
you know that?

I never raised my voice
before I met you!

I don't know
how they're not hoarse by now.

- I don't know.
- [Margie] Go to the store,

[screaming] and get a new toilet!

[laughing] Oh, my God.

You never know
what couples are like

behind closed doors, right?

I gotta do everything
around here!

I'm kicking myself.
You know why?


What happened
to our game plan?

- You're absolutely right.
- Come on.

Let's get into that tequila
and play some boggle already.


[metal crashes]

[Margie] Aah! Oh, my God! Help!

Somebody help!

Oh, my God, Thomas!

Go call 911 now!


911 said the soonest they
can be here is in 30 minutes.

What?! Isn't there an
ambulance in this town?

We're unincorporated.

- Is he gonna die?
- Not if we can help it.

3 to 4-inch laceration.

No crepitus,
pupils are equal.

Margie, grab towels, sheets,
and duct tape.

Do you know
what you're doing?

We're paramedics!

Hey, Thomas, you got
a real serious cut on your head.

- Okay?
- My wife is right.

I'm an idiot.

I should have called
a plumber.

Hey, hey,
everybody makes mistakes.

I got it.


Hang in there.

Breathe deep.
Breathe deep.

All right,
bleeding stopped.

- Is he gonna be okay?
- We got him stabilized.

My leg!


Pulse is weak and tachy.

I feel a deformity
to the thigh.

His femur's broken.

Margie, do you have
any crutches on the property?


- Hey, traction splint.
- On it.

[moaning] Please make it stop.

Hey, Thomas,
we're gonna get some wood

and make a traction splint.

I know
you're in a lot of pain.

I need you to find a way
to calm down, okay?

Where's my wife?

watch your head.

He's lost a lot of blood.

I'm not sure
how much longer he has.

Well, what if we put him
in your car

and drive him
toward the ambulance?

There's a possibility
of a spinal injury.

If we move him
with the wrong equipment,

he'll die for sure.

Please forgive me.

I'm so sorry.
It all seems so stupid now.

Of course
I forgive you.

Do you forgive me?


Thomas! Thomas!

He's crashing!

Oh, don't leave me!

Thomas, I need you!

Stay with us, Thomas.

Hey, what's up, Chief?

Hey, Herrmann.

Do you still have a connection with the
Illinois Female Firefighters Association?

Yeah, I help 'em run drills
for their seminars twice a year.

Anyone strike you there
as mentor material?

Marylou Monzella.
She's a great gal.

Do me a favor.

Hook her up with Jones,
will you?

Maybe her and Marylou...
They can go and have a coffee or something.

Yeah, no sweat.

I think she's out of town
this week,

but I'll give her a call.

- Everything all right with Jones?
- Oh, yeah.

No, she just needs someone
to talk to, is all.

All right, got it.

Chief Donaldson from Denver
Fire Department on line one.

Okay, I got to take this.

Why do I have to be
the girl?

Just do it, Cruz,
and stop your whining.

- Fine.
- Sit.

Okay, all right.
Ready, Mouch.


[feminine voice] Hi, Randy,
nice to meet you.

You too.

Okay, hold on.
Mouch, what are you doing?

- Reading the menu.
- Why?

To see
what they serve for dinner.

Why so soon,
I guess is my question.

- Um...
- Can I jump in here?

Yeah, please.

When you walk in
to meet a blind date...

Look like you?
Well, that ain't happening,

So she can take me or leave me,
warts and all.

Can I finish?

- Sorry.
- Okay.

Engage in conversation.
Ask her something.

Okay, okay.

- Walk back in again?
- Just start from there.

You got it.

- Hello.
- Hello.

- Where're you from?
- Mm.

Can I jump in real quick?

You should already know
where she's from

because she has a profile
on the website.

- Just like you do.
- Yup, good point, good point.

So if you ask a question
that's already on the profile,

she's gonna think you didn't
actually bother to read it.

- That's right.
- Okay?

- So just branch out a little.
- Uh-huh.


Name five things
you're scared of.


Being here with you
on this date

just became number one
for me right now.


- She wouldn't say that.
- Mouch.


Come with me, please.

[rescue radio chatter]

Fractured femur.
We made a traction splint.

He lost a lot of blood.

His pulse is weak,
barely palpable.

- He needs a fluid bolus.
- Thanks.

We'll take it from here.

I'm going with.

Ma'am, you can follow us
in another vehicle.

No, I'm riding
in the back.

Will you listen to the lady?
I think she knows what she's doing.

You're right, honey.
I'm sorry.

I miss Matt.

So I called over to Denver
on your friend.

Yeah, his insurance
is gonna kick in?

It is.

I appreciate it, Chief.

You should know this.

He was injured
in the Tadisco warehouse fire.

That was one of the worst fires
Denver's had

in the last 100 years.

Ten firefighters died.

I've been doing this
for 20 years.

I was a junkie
10 before that.

All that living
and learning

is telling me one thing
right now.

He's not coming, is he?

Recovery is for people
who want it,

not for people
who need it.

[can clatters]

Where we doing this?

You ever try riesling?
It's amazing.

No, this is
a special occasion for me.

I usually drink beer,
Miller lite mostly,

sometimes Budweiser
or Schlitz.

Remember Hamm's?

So tell me what it's like
to be a fireman.

It has to be so exciting.

Ah, it's a lot of adventures,
you know?

Fire, a great group of guys,
women too, of course.

- Mm-hmm.
- A lot of homely ones.

Well, Dawson's pretty cute
in a totally professional,

like, "I'm not even looking"
kind of way.

But I just work with them,
so you don't have to worry.


But why would you worry?

This is our first date.

I'm not really good
at first dates.

[laughing] Me neither.

Oh, you kidding me?

No, you're doing great.

My ex-husband always told me
that I talk too much,

so I'm a little
self-conscious about it.

So what drew you
to Golden Oldeez?

Well, I'm very happy
by myself,

but I just moved here
from Pittsburgh.

And I was reading this article
about prisons,

and the author made a point
that the most severe punishment

in any culture
is solitary confinement.

I mean,
we're social animals, you know?

We need to be around others.

And if it doesn't come easily,
well, then, gosh, darn it,

just get on a website
and make an effort.

So that's what I did.

I like you.

- There you go, ladies.
- Thank you.

Hey, there she is.

Hey, Herrmann.

Skinny margarita, right?

Um... I'll just have
a club soda.


Is Dawson around?

- I've been trying her cell.
- Nah, she's in the sticks.

Her and Shay had
some girls getaway planned.

You know what?

Me, my wife, she wants
to go to a cabin

with a hot lesbian
for a few days,

she's gonna get an unexpected
visit from you know who.

You're a trip.
You know that?


Hey, you get everything
straightened out

with your old man?


I got one more shift at 51,

and then
I'm transferred to P.R.

At least that's what
his secretary told me.

My dad won't call me back.

Is that what you want?

You know,
I don't really know anymore.

It's just not worth it...

trying to fight with him.

Why do you have to?

I mean, why is your old man
just a jag-off?

Well, when I was ten,

I was in a car accident
with my mother.

She died.

The only thing
that reminds my father

of that day is me.

I really don't know
what to say about that, kid,

except I'm sorry.


Hey, just remember, though,
you got a family at 51 who really loves you.

Yeah, I'm gonna miss
you guys.

- Do me a favor, okay?
- Yeah.

- Tell dawson I stopped by.
- Yeah, you got it.

Hey, Rebecca.

if you need to talk,

I got club soda
up the Ying-Yang.

You just come
and park it here.

We'll solve the mysteries
of the world.

I got it worked out.

Thanks, Herrmann.


- This is a blast.
- You lost almost $200, Chout.

It's the fun of it.

Hanging out,
telling stories, you know?

I love playing poker
with guys like you.

- So, uh, Oxford stud?
- What?

Come on, you keep
changing the game up

just when we get the hang
of the last one you wanted to play.

Five card draw.

- Hello.
- In here, sweetie.

- You're married?
- Yes, indeedy.

- Hey, honey.
- Hi, kitten.

- How's it going?
- I'm cleaning up.

These are the guys.

- Hello.
- Ma'am.

- Carson's ribs?
- Yeah.

Can I get anybody
a beer or anything?

I... I... I'm good.
Thank you.

Where are the cigars
and strippers?

It's poker night.

Have fun.

That's your wife?

You, McAuley,
Dr. Doom and Gloom

snagged that earth angel
over there?

That's correct.

How many?

You know what?
I fold.

Hey, Gabby.

I know you're not getting
any reception up there,

but I just, uh...

Yeah, I don't know.

It's poker night
with the guys,

and all I want to do
is cash in my chips

and go home to you,
except you're not there.

So I guess I'll just
have to stay here

and take all of Cruz's money.

Anyway, I hope you guys
are having a great time

and drive safe, and..

oh, a bunch of new listings
came out this morning.

There's a few places
I think you'll like,

though I've obviously
been wrong about that before.

But we can look at them
when you get home.

Um, I'm sorry
about how we left it.

Anyway, I love you.

Okay, bye.






- I love you.
- I love you too.

I'm gonna get showered up,

and then I'm gonna need
about ten minutes

to put on a little outfit
I've been meaning to break out

and then tell you
to come in.


Uh, yes, yes, and...



- Go get a couple beers.
- Done.

[phone ringing]


What's the matter?

Baby, what happened?

- Jones.
- What?

They... They just found
her body.