Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 2, Episode 17 - When Things Got Rough - full transcript

Lt. Severide (Taylor Kinney) is reminded of his own past by a man he saves from a car accident (guest star W. Earl Brown) and feels compelled to help him. Elsewhere, Lt. Casey (Jesse ...


- There's, like,
this circle of trust,

And you are way
on the outside of it.

- Lieutenant, send me down.

- You look like the kind of
firefighter we want here at 51.

- Keeler's still
out there somewhere.

- He ain't out there
anymore, otis.

- Gabriela dawson.

I'm dispatcher ramsey.

I'm here for
that beer you owe me.

- Would you want
your only daughter

To be a firefighter?

Give her the boot. She's moving
over to headquarters.

- Seriously, it'll be great.

- Oh, yeah. Great.
Just great.

- What's up?

- Mouch got a dear john letter
from mari in japan.

It's over.

- [whispers]
they were still together?

- Serves me right,
thinking I could make it work

When we were 6,200 miles apart.

new guy's a game show host.

How am I supposed to
compete with that?

- Hey.

You'll rally, mouch.

I know you will.

- Even I could've done
better than that.

- It was good advice.

- Thank you.
[phone rings]

It's not mine.

That detective chick?

- Yeah.

Maybe she's calling
about keeler's disappearance.

- Well, maybe she's calling
on a more social level.

I like that girl for you.

She's got swagger,
that husky voice.

Are you gonna call her back?

- I don't know, maybe.
If she plays her cards right.

- Listen to you.

- [howling]

Come on, pouch.

come on. Come on.

Come on.

- Oh, I was--
I was letting that finish.

- Oh, it's almost done.
Hey, I've been meaning to ask.

Are you gonna retake
the firefighter test

- Yeah, just actually signed up
for a couple training sessions

At the academy, to get ready
for the next physical.

- Good luck.

- Thanks.

- You two warming up?

- No.

But I still think it's wrong

That she has no idea
you're gonna sideline her.

- I wish there was something
I could do about that,

But I told you, her dad
is too far up the food chain.

- Mm-hmm.

- What does that mean?

- It means you are
the most amazing man I know...

- Hmm.

- And I've seen you handle
far tougher obstacles

Than a man in a white shirt.

- He switched out a few shifts
for some army buddy's wedding.

He'll be back in a week.

- A week?

That seems like
a long time to sub out.

- Jones.

Look, clarke is a great guy,

And I say this from experience.

You don't want to get involved
with someone in house.

Especially when you're new.

- Who said anything
about getting involved?

- I'm just trying to help.

- Yeah, well, give me a little
more credit than that, okay?

[alarm sounds]

- Engine 51, truck 81,
squad 3, ambulance 61,

House fire at 6200 47th street.

[alarm blares]

- Main to 61.

- Victor ramsey on dispatch.

- Go ahead main.

- State's backed up
this morning.

I'd take racine down to 47th.

- Thanks, ramsey.

You've been working the same
shifts we have lately, huh?

- Yep.

Great to see you at molly's
the other night.

We should do it again soon.

- Let's keep it professional,
okay ramsey?

- Just trying to help you,

- Appreciate that.
Thanks for the traffic tip.

Something is not right
with that guy.

[sirens blaring]

- Two-story residence,
fully involved.

- Hurry.
You gotta help 'em.

The brookers live
on the second floor.

They have three little kids.
I heard 'em calling out.

- Okay, we have a report
of three children

In the second-floor apartment.

Looks like the parents
are likely with 'em.

- Cruz, otis,
up the aerial to vent!

Herrmann and mouch,
primary search with me.

- Five possible victims.

Mills and me will go with you
on the search.

Capp, grab a second line
from the engine,

Inch and 3/4 through
the front door, let's go.

- Herrmann, set the bar.

[metal clangs]

[metal clangs]

- Capp, casey,
we'll take the east side.

- Copy. We'll take
the west side of the hall.

- Hey, capp, get a line down
this hall and cover us.

- Fire department, call out!

I got one!

I think I got 'em all.

Need backup in the living room

At the west end
of the hall, now.

- Let's roll it.

Oh, my god.
They're all here.

- [coughing]

- They're all moving!

[children coughing]

- Unh.

- Hold on, buddy.

- Right here.

[overlapping chatter]

- Hey.

- Let's go.

- Come on.

Watch it.
Watch it.

Come on.

- He hasn't moved.

- I can't get a pulse.
Let's put him on the monitor.

- He piled up his whole family
in that corner bedroom, chief.

Laid on top of 'em.

- [coughing]

- Where's my daddy?

- All right.

[machine beeping]

[flatline tone]

He's asystole.

- [grunting]

- Casey--
- let him try.

Let him try, shay.

- Come on!


Come on!


- Let's call it.

Anyone disagree?

I'm callin' it.


- I could really
use a beer right now.

- Or something stronger.

- Ever seen anything
like that before?

A guy lying on top of his family

Like a shield.

- No.

- Hey, who wants
to play some spit?



- Mm-mm.
- Ah, great. Just great.

- Now you're going to get upset

Every time you see
an asian lady?

- Excuse me for having
a broken heart.

- I'm in for spit if you can
do it without cheating.

- I don't know what
you're talking about.

- Oh, yeah.
- Yeah.

- Mm-hmm.

- Hey, you okay?

- Fine, yeah.

- Hey, babe.
Check it out.

Great apartment, outdoor space.

Cool. We could put the grill,
like, right here.

- I think we just found
our place.

- Hey, we really got to get a
move on on this apartment thing.

We've been talkin'
about it for months.

If we could find a place
like that, I would jump.

Must be nice. Lieutenant's
salary. Two bedrooms.

- Wait.

You thought we were gonna
live in a one-bedroom apartment?

- Yeah.

- Dude, are you insane?

- I got a favor to ask.

- Mm-hmm. Sure. Shoot.

- I recently overheard you

Helping clarke out
with his romantic life...

- Mm. Mm-hmm.

- And I was wondering
if you could

Help me in that department.

- Let me put
some thought into it.

But I got to get
the rig cleaned up.

- Okay.

- Ah.

So if I ask you
how you're doing,

I mean, just give me a heads up.
I don't want to waste my breath.

- Just trying to bury it.

That's what we do, right?

Make jokes. Get over it.

- Uh...

- You know, I spent my whole
life watching my dad,

Dreaming about what
it would be like fighting fires.

Saving people.

I mean,
I don't mean to wallow.

I hate wallowers.

- Look, jones, I've been there.

Those first few calls,

When it hits you that you're
not gonna save everyone,

That someone's gonna die on your
watch no matter what you do...

I didn't take it easy, either.

Trust me.

- Yeah. Maybe I'm just not
cut out for this.

- Maybe not.

I'm not saying that I know,

But it's not about
how you feel right now.

It's about how you move on.

- Make jokes, get over it.

- Whatever it takes.

Look, we got two great
lieutenants here at 51,

And my advice is that
you should follow their lead.

- Jones was pretty shaken up
on that call this morning, huh?

- Yeah. Maybe she's not
the ice queen I thought she was.

- I wouldn't go that far.

- What the hell?
What is that?

Do not tell me that's a mouse.

- Ugh, let me see.

It's not alive, whatever it is.
- Oh, god.

Be careful.

- The little girl
that herrmann carried,

She was holding this when they
brought her over to our rig.

- She must've dropped it.

- Main to 61.

Main to 61.

- This is 61.
What's up main?

- Took a while
for 61 to get back

After you dropped the girl
at chicago med.

- [whispers] how does he know
how long it took us?

- Ramsey, I said I wanted to
keep it focused on work.

Not comfortable
with the personal questions.

- Copy that. My bad.

- Good for you.
That'll teach him to shut up.

[phone rings]

It's not for me.
It's never for me anymore.

- It could be
my academy trainer.


- Gabby, how could you
do that to me?

- Ramsey?

- You and me, we're connected
in ways you don't understand.

- That was creepy.

"calling from inside the house"

- Okay, you guys are
not gonna believe this.

- We found the little girl's
stuffed animal from 47th street.

Thought maybe we could
clean it up

And send it over
to the hospital.

- Yeah. I can do a run,
see how they're doing.

- Great.

- I'll come with.

- All right.
I'll clean it.

- Why didn't you tell casey what
happened with the dispatcher?

So I'm just gonna file
a complaint with the o.E.M.C.

That should take care of it.

- Sounds good.

- Yeah. Yeah, no, no, no.
It's not a big deal.

To do that whole
protective boyfriend thing.

You know?
- Oh, yeah. Okay.

- You know what would be great

Is if we did that girls' weekend
we talked about.

Just you and me,
a few days from all this.

- Yes.

Yeah, absolutely.

Let's do it.

- How's the family doing now?
- Physically they're fine.

Mrs. Brooker
was released last night.

She stayed here with the kids.

Their co2 levels are stable,

So they're gonna be going home
before the end of today.

- Doctor willhite, orthopedics
posted the campbell x-rays.

- Thanks.

- We won't take up
any more of your time.

Medics found this
in the back of the ambulance.

It belongs to the little girl.

- Caroline.
- Caroline.

- Let me tell
mrs. Brooker you're here.

Maybe you can
bring it back to her.

- Yeah, sure.

- I'm sorry,
but mrs. Brooker feels--

- Are you the ones
who were there?

- Yeah.

- How can you come here?

If you'd gotten us out sooner,

- Ma'am, we're very sorry
for your loss.

- I'll bring this to caroline.

I don't want you near her.

But the mother's pretty shaken.

- Understandable.

- Listen,
if you have a sec, chief,

I wanted to talk
to you about jones.

- What's on your mind?

- Are we really gonna ding her
because her father wants us to?

I'm having a hard time
with this.

- Chief jones put us
in an untenable position,

And I really wish he hadn't.

- Hello.

- Mouch, hi.

- You avoided me all last shift.

- I wasn't avoiding you.
- Yes, you were.

You think I'm a lost cause
when it comes to women.

- What? Not at all.

I--honestly, I don't think
I'd do a very good job at it.

You know?

We don't even, like, really
know each other that well.

- Okay, well, ask away.

I'm an open book.

- Um...

What's your prototype?

You know,
like your perfect woman.

- Oh, that's easy.

I mean, I know
she's currently involved

So I would never
act on this, but dawson.

- Dawson.

- Yes.

[alarm sounds]

- Truck 81, squad 3,
ambulance 61.

[siren wailing]

- Thank god you're here.
- Are you hurt?

- No, I got a flat tire
and I pulled over.

But then this van came speeding
by and smashed into his truck.

The driver just took off.

- And where's the guy
that stopped to help you?

- There.

- Squad, let's get airbags
and cribbing under there, now.

We need to stabilize that car
before that jack gives way.

- My arm's stuck in the wheel

We're gonna get this car stable
and get you out.

What's your name?
- Bloom. Dave bloom.

You a lieutenant?

- Yes, sir, I am.

- Well, I'm in good hands.

- Truck,
get a co2 extinguisher ready

Just in case this thing
decides to go up.

- You okay?

- Yeah.

- You're a brave man,
dave bloom.

- All right,
car's stabilized.

I can take the tire with my pry
axe, but it'll jerk the car.

- I'll hold him steady.

We can get a line in him
to ease the pain.

- No.

I'm already on painkillers.
It might not interact well.

- You sure? What are you on?

- Oxycodone.
It's prescription.

I was injured on the job.

I used to be denver
fire department.

Go ahead with the tire.
- Will do.

- Go.

[air hisses]

- [groans]

- Hang on, bud.

[metal creaking]

- [groans]

- Your arm's gonna be okay.
You got blood flow.

- I owe you one, lieutenants.

- Hey, chief.

- I just got off the phone

With chuck ewing at o.E.M.C.

You filed a report against
one of their dispatchers?

- [exhales]
yes, sir.

- Why would you not
mention that to me?

- Uh, I wanted to keep
the situation private.

- Well, next time,
you go through me.

- Because right now you are in
a he-said, she-said situation

With this victor ramsey.

- What does that mean?

- Apparently,
he's one of their top men,

And he is denying harassment.

I'm told the tapes
don't indicate

Much more than
a few personal hellos,

Which he's been told to stop,
by the way.

- He was calling me
on my cell phone.

- He claims it was
a social call,

That he met up with you for a
beer last week at your request.

Is that true?

- [sighs]


- Did he threaten you?

Well, he has gotten a warning,

But that is the best
that we can do right now.

- Yes, sir.

I get it.

I don't get it.

So he's good at his job,
so he's allowed to get away with

Being personal and crazy
with female emts?

- It's just stalker behavior.

To actually hurt somebody before
they do anything about it?

It's ridiculous.
- Exactly.

- Who's stalking?

- Uh, this wack-a-doo
dispatcher ramsey.

He got all weird with dawson,
and they're not gonna

Do anything about it
over at o.E.M.C.

- [sighs]

- Do you want me
to talk to my dad?

There's no reason to pull any
favors from your dad on this.

I'm sure it'll just
work itself out.

- Right. But thank you.
That's nice.

- Yeah, thanks.

- Okay.

Let me know
if you change your mind.

- Hey, how was that firefighter?
The good samaritan guy?

- He had mobility in the arm

When we dropped him off,
looked good.

But that injury
he was talking about

That knocked him off the job,
that was four years ago.

- So the painkillers he's on?

- He's been on those
a long time.

- Severide, shay.
Will you gather everyone up?

Tell 'em meet me
in the common room.


Uh, look, I know it's the end
of shift and you're all anxious

To get home, but I wanted you
all to hear this from me.

Unfortunately, mrs. Brooker,
the woman who lost her husband

At the 47th street fire...

She's charging the c.F.D.
With wrongful death.

- What does that mean?

- It means she's
pinning his death on us.

- Okay.

- [knocks]

- What?
- Hey.

- Bloom, right?

- Yeah.

Oh, you're the squad lieutenant

Pulled me out
from underneath that car.

- Yeah, kelly severide.

- This is temporary.

- Oh, vintage airstreams,
these things are nice.

- Yeah, well,
this one could use refurbishing.

I'm only drawing
a partial severance,

So I can't really afford
to put any money in it.

Hey, thanks for saving my arm.
- Yeah.

- My chances of getting back
on the job would've been zero

If I'd been left
with a stump, so...

- Seeing what you did
to help that lady,

Being able to get you out,
it meant a lot to us.

It's been a--
it's been a rough week.

Fellow firefighter is a brother,
no matter what the city.

You ever want to come by 51,
we'd be glad to have you.

- You know, I got a--
I got a pot on the stove,

And I need to get back to it,
so you take care.

- Yeah, sure.

You too.

- So chief boden
says we have to go in

For the deposition tomorrow.

- That's pretty quick.

- It's a preliminary meeting.

- Does anybody mind if I use one
of these lawyers as a latrine?

'cause that's what they deserve.
- Herrmann, I'm eating.

- All right, sorry.

- Hey, mouch.

So let's talk about
potential prospects for you.

Yeah, 'cause that
ain't gonna happen.

- I realize that.

Like I said,
she's currently involved.

- Kendra has a friend who met
this great guy on this website,

And they're engaged, and I
thought you should check it out.

This is for
the nursing home set.

- Hmm? No. No, it's not.

Kendra's friend's 60.

- You think I'm 60?

- No. Uh-uh, no way.

How old are you?

- Golden oldeez.


- Hey.
Hey, how old is mouch?

- My age.

- Hmm.
[cell phone beeps]

- Hey, apartment's ours.

- That's fantastic!
- Yeah.

We just have to meet
the landlord tomorrow at 3:00.

Show him we're not
serial killers.

I'm meeting the trainer
tomorrow at the academy.

- Just push it to next week.
- I can't.

I got to get
as much time as I can get

From this guy before the test.

- I'll help you
work out this weekend.

- It's not the same. It's drills
with other candidates.

- All right.

- This is when lee henry
starts shouting,

"are you getting divorced?
Can I live with mom?" [chuckles]

[alarm sounds]

- Ambulance 61, man down,
chicago and rush.

- Hey, bloom.

- Oh, hey.
Hey, is it a good time?

If not, I can come back later.
- No, it's a perfect time.

You--come on,
I'll show you around.

[siren wails]

- Main to 61,
correction on the cross street.

Pearson, not chicago.

- Copy that, main.

- No more ramsey.

[siren bloops]

- That horse almost killed me!
You should put him down!

Look at him! He's crazy!
My leg is broken!

- What took you so long?

Time is money on my job!
I cannot just sit here!

- Ma'am we got here
quickly as possible, okay?

Isn't that what
she does all day?


- Brady always stops when he
sees somebody in front of him.

- What?
That thing just charged at me.

Maybe it has rabies
or something.

- Oh, please.
- Okay.

Sir, why don't you show me
your leg hurts?

- It's right there,
where it's all messed up! Look.

- How long is this gonna take?

'cause I need to pick up a fare.

- This contusion's
at least three weeks old.

- Push there.
Push right there! It's broken!

- Okay. Okay.

We are here to help you.

That is our job, and we are
just thrilled to be doing it.

So we will do everything we can
to treat your injury.

- Yes.

And while we do so,

We hope that you'll
refrain from yelling at us.

- Or suing us.

- Oh, yeah.
- Mm-hmm. Yeah.

- Yeah, that would be good.

- Okay,
you're all wrapped up there,

And it's a pleasure
doing business with you.

- Best of luck.
- Yeah.

- Good day,
and take care.

- Eh!
[horse nickers]

- So what brought you
to chicago?

- Recovering from a back injury,
believe it or not.

Had some rehab here.

- How's your back?
- Well, it was gettin' better.

- You can get
back to work soon, then.

- Hope so, yeah.

- Hey, bloom, grab some chow.

Our candidate's food almost
passes as edible these days.

- Nah, I'm good.

- You got lady firefighters
in denver, bloom?

- Yeah, a few, sure.

- You miss being on the job?

- Yeah.

- Some things
I bet you don't miss.

We just got hit with
a wrongful death lawsuit

For a guy who was dead
way before we got there.

- It was a sad situation,

The father laid down
on his whole family

And ended up
saving their lives.

- That guy was pretty bad shape
by the time we got him out.

- Thanks for the welcome,

But I just noticed the time.

I got a--I got a doctor's

Why don't you stop by

- Oh, no, it's all the way
across town. Thanks, though.

- Guy hasn't been
to a firehouse in four years.

Why the hell you gotta
bring up the lawsuit, mouch?

- I didn't realize the topic
was off limits, lieutenant.

Next time I'll talk pros and
cons of portable extinguishers.

- Oh, sorry.
- My bad. [chuckles]

- Hey, I saw you
talking to jones earlier.

Is she okay?
- Yeah, she'll be fine.

Where you headed?

Night jog?

- No, I left my gym bag
in the car.

I'm gonna go grab it.

- What are you--what are you
doing here, ramsey?

- I just want
to talk to you in private.

I knew you wouldn't
take my calls.

- I barely know you.
Why are you calling me?

- Well, the thing is, when
I started working your district,

And I saw you a couple times
on the street cam, and--

You reminded me
of a good friend.

And she died a while back.

So I guess it was
nice to be reminded.

- I'm sorry.

- I wanted to help her,
and I couldn't.

So I tried to help you.

That's her.

That's lila.

She was a go-getter.

Tough, fearless.
Like you.

She thought about
medical school for a while,

But she didn't have the money.

I bet she would've been
a good medic.

Maybe you two
would've been friends.

- Yeah, maybe we would've.

- I-I should've
told you right away.

I wish I had.

Rather than freak you out
and get myself fired.

- You were fired?

- Little on the snug side.

- It's fine.

- She looks a lot better
in a suit than all you do.

- Okay.

Let's do this.

- And I ordered my men
directly to the second floor,

Where the witness
heard the children.

- Lieutenant casey,

I understand you were
the first inside.

Can you tell us what happened
after you went in?

- [clears throat]

Three members of my unit,

As well as two
from lieutenant severide's,

Entered the main floor
and proceeded

Immediately up the stairs
to the second floor.

The door was locked,
so we had to take it down.

- And how long did that take?

- About ten seconds, I'd say.
It was pretty quick.

- And once you got inside?

- We were at zero visibility,

Yelling for anyone to call out,
but no one did.

So we split up,
and I went directly

Into the bedroom
at the west end of the hall.

- And what happened
when you entered?

- I got low and moved
into the room.

And I was sweeping my arm out
when I felt something.

- [cries]

- Go ahead, lieutenant.

- Uh, I'm not sure
mrs. Brooker wants to hear this.

- I'm not going anywhere.

- Go ahead.

- I moved closer,
and, um...

I felt a man's arm.

I could tell it was
burned pretty badly,

And then I reached out

And we felt several
small bodies just beneath him.

I called
into the radio for help.

When we rolled the man
off of his family,

We felt the children moving.

And we were
extremely relieved.

[clears throat]

- Lieutenant casey handed
the children off

To the firefighters one by one,
then the mother,

Then he and I lifted
mr. Brooker together.

- Mrs. Brooker,

I'm lucky enough to work

With some of the best, bravest
firefighters in the world.

What your husband did
to save his family...

That was the bravest thing
I've ever seen.

- [sobbing]

- Ah...

- Evening, lieutenant.

- Hey.

Damn cold out tonight.
Can I come in?

- Nope.

Look, I appreciate the invite
down to the station house, I do.

But I'm not the social type.

So you take care of yourself.

- Look, bloom, I know what
you're going through.

I've been there myself.

- You don't know
anything about me.

I know something
about you, though.

I knew it the first time
that you pulled up here.

See you are looking
for an easy save.

Oh, yeah, something to make you
feel better about yourself.

You need to be
the knight in shining armor.

Well, do I look like
a damsel in distress?


Then go look for your redemption
someplace else.

- So she's dropping the suit?

- Yeah, forget gratitude
and appreciation.

Maybe not gettin' sued is
as good as it gets these days.

- I just don't understand
any of it.

- People need to find meaning
when someone they love dies.

I get it.

- Hey!
Both: Oh!

- Me and cruz--
[casey and dawson laugh]

- Me and cruz just signed
a lease on that great apartment.

- Yeah, we went to that meeting
with the landlord

Since you guys couldn't
make it.

So it's still in the family!
- Yeah.

- Oh, and you guys
can come over anytime.

- Anytime.

- Thanks, guys.
- Yeah.

- Lieutenant, you did us proud
in that hearing.

- Thanks, mouch.

- And I wanted to thank you

For the good advice
the other day, about mari.

You were right.

I need to rally.

- Good advice.
- Good advice? Come on!

- You heard him.

- Hey, look who's here!

- Chief! Come here.
- [laughs]

- Wow. To what do we owe
this honor?

- Feeling some familial pride.
Decided to raise a glass to 51.

- Then it's time
for another round.


- Hey, um...

Jones borrowed
some equipment off shift

To practice her swings
or something.

Anyway, she forgot
to sign it out.

You give me the word, I'll sign
the papers and have her d.Q.'d,

Leave it on your desk
in the morning.

- Deputy district chief jones

Does not like
to be disrespected.

He's gonna make our lives
a living hell.

[glasses clink]

- Hey.

Listen, I just wanted
to thank you

For reaching out to your dad.
- Hey, no problem.

Honestly, kicking into action
felt good.

And besides,
I told you at academy.

Us ladies, we got to have
each other's backs.

I meant that.

- Well...

[laughs] there's another
favor I have to ask.

But I really need to get
that guy his job back.

It's a long story.

- No problem.

You know, my dad has been
surprisingly helpful lately.

Nicest he's been to me
in years.

- He's trying
to get you d.Q.'d.

- What?

- [sighs]
he wants you off the job,

And he's doing
everything he can to make sure

You get stuck behind a desk.

- Yo.


Jones, slow down!
Come on!


Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hey. Slow down.

What's up?

Hold on. Okay, just--
- come on.

Come on, come back to my place.

- Jones, I can't do that.
Just slow down and talk to me.

Okay? What's up?

- Screw you.
- What?

- Taxi!

- [exhales]