Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 2, Episode 16 - A Rocket Blasting Off - full transcript

Lt. Severide (Taylor Kinney) hits the top of the list as Det. Lindsay (guest star Sophia Bush) starts calling in suspects with the clearest motives to make the guy who kidnapped Katie disappear. Meanwhile, Jones (guest star Daisy Betts) is still having trouble fitting in as word of her disruptions reach the fire department's headquarters. Elsewhere, Herrmann (David Eigenberg) celebrates his twentieth anniversary with his wife, but no one supports his idea on the gift he intends to give.


- She ain't a good fit,

She thinks she's untouchable
because of who her dad is.

- C.F.D.'s not right
for everyone.

That's what I've been trying
to teach my daughter.

- I want to be a firefighter.

- I worry about you every time
you get on that ambulance.

A truck was gonna be that
times ten.

- Vince keeler's gonna make
a clean getaway,

And I can't live with that.

- I want in.

- Nobody's heard from keeler
since last night.

Seems he's gone missing.

[police radio chatter]

- Thanks for coming in.

We gotta follow up on this
when there's still a chance

To find keeler alive so--
- you warned me

Not to do anything to keeler.
I took your advice.

- I've warned people before.

- Fine, great.
Where are we doin' this?

- I won't be doing
the interview.

- Hey, kelly.

Wednesday night.

- I was home.
- The whole time?

- That's right.

- What about your roommate,
leslie shay?

- Out with friends.
- She your girlfriend?

- Probably would be
if she wasn't a lesbian.

- Anyone come over to visit?

- No, no one came over to visit
'cause the scumbag

Who hurt my sister was out
on the streets free as a bird.

I wasn't in a very social mood.

- I gotta ask the questions.

- Why don't you talk to the cop
who sprang keeler from jail?

Or maybe it was you.

- It's unforgivable
what keeler did...

But unless you come up
with a better alibi,

You're a suspect.

- Okay, the suggestion box
on what I should get cindy

For our 20th anniversary
is now closed,

'cause I figured out
the perfect gift all on my own.

A vasectomy.

- [laughs]

- Has she been after you
to get one?

- Nah, it never came up.
It's gonna be a surprise.

- Mazel tov.
- Thanks, chief.

- You're seriously going to
surprise her with the fact

That you got snipped without her
knowing about it first?

- Yeah, 'cause
we're soul mates, jackass,

And that's what soul mates do.

- Have you met your wife?

She's that very catholic lady
that sleeps next to you.

- She was in labor for 18 hours
with kid number 5.

She'd be doin' backflips
over this if she,

You know, hadn't put on
a little extra baby weight.

- Bad idea.
- [laughs]

- Shut it, mouch.

- What do you think
of jefferson park?

- Um, I don't really
get out there much. Why?

- I got a great lead
on a townhouse.

2 bedrooms, 1 1/2 baths,
hardwood floors,

Parking in back,
killer pub on the corner.

On the nights we don't
support molly's, of course.

- [chuckles] baby.
- Yeah?

- There were two things
I said I didn't want:

To be more than 30 minutes
from work

And live in a townhouse.
We talked about this.

- Right, right, right.
Yeah, of course.

I'll come up
with some more options.

We're gonna find a great place.

- Okay.

Well, I'm pretty free

I just have to stop by
the academy

And register
for the next physical.

- You'll have to wait till they
announce the next academy class.

It could be a while.

- You know I'm still planning
on being a firefighter.

- I know that you are,
and I totally support it.

- Clarke.

You too.

- Anyone from c.P.D.
Talk to you?

- No.
- No.

- The whole keeler thing--
we never had that conversation.

We don't talk about it again.
- Okay.

- Hey, were you just
over at the district?

- Yeah.
- Something happening

With the keeler case?
Did he turn up?

- Well, what'd they say?
Do they have any theories?

- Otis, I don't know.
They don't cc me on the memos.

- Let me know
if you hear anything.

[alarm sounding]

- Truck 81,
squad 3, ambo 61,

Car accident,
19th and ashland avenue.

[sirens blaring]

Truck 81, put that fire out and
get a chain on the other car.

Squad 3, make sure
no one's in the basement

- All right, cruz and jones,
help me stabilize the car.

Herrmann and mouch,
get co2 on that fire.

- Mills, you're
in the basement with me.

- Right.

- Fire department!

Anybody here, call out!

- [indistinct yelling]

- Help! In here!

[baby crying]

- Severide,
there's a female victim

And a baby in the basement.

- In here!
- I hear a man,

But I don't see anybody else.
- Help! Quick!

[baby crying]
- hey, we got him. We got--

- Get them out of here!
- I got the baby.

- She's stuck under debris.
- Unh!

- Casey! Unh!


- This is my fault.
I swerved to avoid a dog,

And I hit this car.

- You need to get out now,

- Take him.
- [grunting]

- All right.
- [grunting]

- You got it?
- Yeah.

- Whoa!

- You got it, guys?
- Got it, yeah.

- Whoa, watch out!

Look out!

- Whoa, whoa, whoa!

- The wall's giving!
- Cruz, go get the chain.

- Ahh!

- Comin' in!

- You guys, go!
Hook it up!

- Hurry!
[backup alert beeping]

- Unh!

I got ya.
All right.

- That's okay.
A little bit harder.

- Coming out, all clear.

- Watch your step.

- She's gonna make it.

- [sighs] best denver omelet
I have ever had.

- It's your recipe.

- Like I said, best
denver omelet I've ever had.


Hey, you're doing
a good job,

And I don't just mean
the cooking.

- Thanks.

You know, I know I didn't make
a great first impression

Around here.

- Trust me,
I know how these guys are.

I was in your shoes
not too long ago,

And there's, like,
this circle of trust,

And you are way
on the outside of it.

- So how do I get
on the inside?

- Don't wait to be invited.

Make the first move,
break the ice.

- I gotta do a grocery run.
Thanks for the advice.

[both mouthing words]

- Spit it out, cruz.

- Okay.
Herrmann, look.

All due respect,

A lot of your
big ideas go south.

The discount phone cards,
the energy water,

The limo service.
- Yeah, your point?

- Well, we just--
- we? Who's we?

- He didn't--
not me. Not me.

- Me and mouch.

Maybe the whole surprise
vasectomy thing

Is a little...Not good.

- Are we laying everybody's
bad ideas on the table?

Is that what we're doing?
Oh, okay. All right, hang on.

you do anything stupid like,

I don't know,
wear some red panties

- Oh. All right, all right.
Keep it clean, herrmann.

- You can do what you want.
- You're damn right I will,

And you know what?
I got the whole extended family

Coming to molly's Saturday night
for the anniversary party.

- I already have Saturday

- What? You are--
you didn't tell me.

- I posted it
on the molly's website.

I have this whole tapas party
I'm gonna throw

For my extended family.
- Nice.

- Molly's has a website?
[phone ringing]

- Hello?

- Hey, you got a second?

- Hey, so detective lindsay
just called.

She wants me
to come in for questioning.

- Okay.

- She's cool, right?
She's a friend of yours?

- Otis, is there something
you want to tell me?

'cause if so, don't tell me.

- Look, I-I just--
- hey, chief.

- Hey. Detective lindsay
get a hold of you?

- Yeah, yeah, she got through.
Thanks, chief.

- This regarding vince keeler?

- Uh, yeah.

[alarm sounding]

- Ambulance 61,
person down from unknown cause.

- That's ambo.
- Ah.

- Something going on here
I need to know about?

- They're interviewing everybody
who had any contact with keeler

Before he went missing.

- Okay.

- I just, uh--



- Move out of the way, people.
Let 'em through.

I came out to throw out
my trash, and I found him

Stumbling around,
all shot up like that.

Then he just fell down.
- [strained breathing]

- Agonal breathing.
Pulse is weak and thready.

- Let's get him in the ambo.

[indistinct chatter]

- 61 to main.
- Go ahead, 61.

- Our patient's
a gunshot victim.

We're gonna need a beat car
assigned a.S.A.P.

- Copy that, 61.

- Looks like they grazed
his ear.

- Yeah, he's lucky
it wasn't worse.

- Main to 61, do you copy?

- What's up, main?
We're busy here.

- You need to leave the scene

But you can let chicago med know
that we're on our way.

- Now, dawson.
I've got you on the street cam.

You guys have company.

[indistinct chatter]

- Main, where's our backup?

- Open the door.

I'm activating a 10-1 response
to all available c.P.D.

In your area.
- Get that punk up out of there!

- Now!
- Open the door, bitch!

[pounding on door]


- Open the door!
Open the damn door!

- Pulse is fading fast.

- How long till the cops
get here?

- Dawson, listen to me.
You can't wait for the cops.

You need to get out of there.
- Open the door, bitch!

To keep our patient from going
into cardiac arrest.

50 yards west of you, the street
dead ends into karlov avenue.

Dawson, take the rig
and make a left. Go now.

[pounding at the door]

- Open up!

- Hey, listen, okay?

Listen, this guy's
in really bad shape, okay?

Just let us get him bandaged
to stop the bleeding,

And we'll let him go.

Then we'll be on our way,
no questions asked.

- Let him out the ambulance

- Okay, whatever you say!
Just relax.

- Open the door!
[engine starts]

- Open up!
- Open the damn door!

- Open up!
- Come on!

- Open up! Unh!

- Get in the car!

[tires screeching]

[tires screeching]

- Dawson!
- Yeah, I see 'em.

- Okay, you're approaching
an alley.

Take the first left
before you get there.

- Wait, wait, wait.
No, no, no.

That's not a street.
That leads into a warehouse.

There's nowhere to go.
- Trust me.

Go to the loading dock.

- Main,
are you sure about this?

- Thugs'll be there
in five seconds. Move!

- You take the head.
I'll grab an I.V.

- Got it.

Now I know why
this guy's so popular.

- Lung sounds diminished.
He's circling.

- Okay, I'm gonna use
an I.O. Drill.

That's the only way
we're gonna buy enough time

To get him to the e.R. Alive.

- Dawson, they're coming back.

- They're coming.


- Okay, line's in!
Let's get out of here!

- Yo!

[siren blaring]

- [screams]


[sirens blaring]

- Drop the weapon!

Drop the weapon!
Do it now!

- Hands out the car!
Out the car! Don't move!

- Turn around! Turn around!
- Get 'em out, both of 'em!

- Turn around!

- Face down on the hood!
Spread 'em!

[engine accelerating,
more sirens approaching]

- Gabriela dawson,
ninja paramedic.

- We owe you a beer.

- Hey, we heard.
You guys okay?

- Just when I thought
I'd seen it all.

- Oh, hey.
- Oh.

- I'm so glad
you're all right.

- Thanks.

- Yeah.
Hey, so listen,

On Saturday night,
it's not like I can switch

My anniversary date,
so could you move

The sangria night or, you know,
whatever you call it?

- Tapas,
and no, man, I can't.

- Okay.
- I've got family coming in

From new york specifically
for this tasting.

- All right, then you know what?
We'll make it a combo party.

- This is a joke, right?

- No. I'm getting
a surprise vasectomy

For my 20th anniversary.

- And you want to announce this
at molly's

On Saturday when my friends
and family are there?

- Correct.
- Not in a million years.

- Everybody,
I need you in the kitchen.

- [mouthing words]

- Uh, what's going on here?

- Jones has an announcement
to make.

- Yes, could I have the guest
of honor right here, please?

To commemorate herrmann's
last day producing sperm--

- It'll keep producing sperm,
it's just not gonna make it

To my--oh, boy.

- [laughs]


- Wow.

- Is that a rocket
blasting off?

- Nnnn-ope!
- Aw!


- So I guess the
20th anniversary gift is wood?


- Uh, you know,
I think we're good here,

And everybody should
just get back to work.

[pats christopher on the back]
come on.

[indistinct chatter]

- Chief, I'm heading
down to the 21st district.

I notified casey.

- Well, as shakespeare
reminds us,

"brevity is the soul of wit."

- Thank you, chief.

I'm a little unclear
on that one.

- Don't get too chatty, otis.

- The night that katie
that was abducted,

Her phone records show
that her last call was to you.

- That's right, yeah.
- What was the call about?

- We were gonna
meet up later.

- So you were dating?

- Yeah. Yes.

- Have you seen vince keeler
since the blackout?

- Yes.

- Where did you see him?
- It was in front of his house.

Uh, I drove by.

- Did you talk to him?
- No.

I just drove by.

- He went missing
later that night.

- I know. I know.

- Where were you
later that night?

- I grabbed a beer,
and I, um,

I went and I sat on a bench
overlooking the lake.

- In March?

- I was upset.

- Give me a minute.

What do you want to do?

- I want to know
what happened.

- All right,
I'll kick him for now,

And then I'll do
a full work-up on him.

- Yes, jones,
shut the door.

A formal complaint
has been lodged against you.

- What'd I do?

- Three guesses.

- The cake?
- There you go.

- [scoffs]
that was a joke.

A joke that I paid for
with my own money, by the way,

And herrmann loved it.
- We love a good prank,

Believe me.
That's not the issue.

- So what's the issue?

- It's about what's appropriate
in the workplace.

- You thought it was funny,

You're the one who made
the wood comment.

- Good point.
All yours, chief.

- Technically, you've been
accused of creating

A hostile work environment.

- A hostile--
where is this coming from?

- It's an anonymous complaint.

Unfortunately, I have to
write up an incident report

And put it in your union file.

That'll be all.

- Does her dad know?

- Yeah, and he wants
to see us after shift.

- Have a nice day, rebecca.

- [scoffs]

- Got any big plans today?

- Nope.

- You need anything,

'cause if you do,
just let me know.

- Actually, uh,
I-I-I do need something.

- Yeah, name it.

- I need you to tell the cops
we were hanging out

Last Wednesday night.
- What?

- Look, I had nothing to do
with keeler disappearing, okay?

Nothing, but there's just--

There's no one to vouch
for where I was.

Would you, uh,
would you do that for me, joe?

- Whatever you need.

- Uh, hello, hi.

I'm looking to talk to somebody
about the firefighter test.

- Gabriela dawson, right?

- Yeah.

- I thought you quit.

- No, didn't quit.

Just didn't finish
the physical test.

- No, I heard you quit.

- Okay, look,
I just need to retake the test.

I heard there was gonna
be one next month.

- Yeah,
that class is closed.

You're gonna have to wait
till they announce a new class

And apply with them.

- But that could--
that could take a year.

Dennis fackler.

- Pardon?
- Three years ago,

Dennis fackler
was allowed to recover

From a bronchial infection,
and he took the test again

Six weeks later.

- I don't know anything
about that.

- But chief tiberg does,
because it was under his watch.


These are all my certifications.

I've completed all the required
firefighter practicals,

Which means that I completed
my academy training,

Except for the physical,
so according to the precedent

Set by dennis fackler,
I should be allowed

To retake the challenge test
with the current class,

And believe me,
I will not fail.

- Fill this out.

- So no pain?

- It's kind of a tingle.

But it's permanent.
It's the nuclear option.

No sane person could blame you
for not wantin' another kid.

- I'd love to have another kid,

But I love the five we got
so much

That I can't imagine
takin' any more time

Away from them
to give to someone else.

My heart is full, mouch.

- You're a lucky guy,

- Yeah.

There's nothin' like
being a dad.

Nothin' like it, mouch.

- I heard about rebecca's stunt

I wish I could say
I was surprised.

- She's new, just trying
to fit in with the guys.

We get where this is
coming from.

- That's very charitable.

- If this is about the I.R.
Against her,

We didn't have a choice.
When the complaint's filed--

- Yeah, yeah, yeah. Look,
our p.R. Director is leaving.

When he's gone, rebecca'll have
a nice job waiting for her here.

- Chief,
she's no problem at 51.

We're all really glad
that she's there.

- Would you want
your only daughter

To be a firefighter?

She wanted to go to the academy,
get on a truck.

She's been to the academy.
She's been on a truck.

But we're done now.

- When is she being transferred?
- Next month.

And I need your help.
You need to d.Q. Her.

Use the cake, use whatever,
but give her the boot.

She won't transfer
if it comes from me.

- Isn't this a decision
that she should make?

- Not really.
- I really think

If you give her some time--
- look, I'll say it

One more time.

She's moving
over to headquarters.

- Here.

- No, no!
No, no, no, not on the table.

If I spill anything
on one of these forms,

I'm screwed.
- Okay.

- Mm-mm.
- This okay, or farther?

- That's fine.

- You have to write an essay?
- [clears throat]

Uh, yeah,
my second one so far.

- I can get you
into this physical

With one phone call.
- How?

- I got an in with jones's dad.

- Why?

- Okay.

This did not come from me.

Wow, look at you. Gossip.
- [laughs]

- "give me the gossip."
- shut up, tell me. Tell me.

- He wants her out.

He's got
some p.R. Gig lined up.

- Does she want that?
- Who knows?

Me and boden have to find
a way to ding her.

- Will you?

- I'm not going
down this road again.

I thought you'd be happy

- What, by forcing her
behind a desk?

- Do not tell her.
This is between her and her dad.

- did you?

let me see.

Do you?
- Yeah, I do. Seriously.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- Hey, pop.
- Hi.

- You've got to try this.
It's craziness.

It's a fish called crappie,

- [chuckles]
- and I've already made

All the jokes.

- Any more on the keeler
of it all?

- I'm good...But now
they're looking at otis.

- What?
Give me a break with that.

Otis, seriously?
I mean,

In a multiplayer video game
maybe he'd kill someone.

It's ridiculous.
- Yeah, well, still,

He ain't tellin' 'em anything
they want to hear, apparently.

- Just tell him to keep
his mouth shut from here on out.

- Oh, this fish is unbelievable.
Is that for real?

Like, you actually go out
on a lake and you cut a hole

And you fish?
Like, what's the--[laughs]

What's the trick? You just
dress warm and don't get bored?

- Never go out alone.

Bad things can happen if you get
caught out in the wild alone.


- I need a pillow.

- Here you go, sweetie.
- Hey.

- Right there.
- You're the best.

- [laughs]

Cindy must have
noticed something.

- Eh, I told her
I got hit in the nuts

By some kid
at a safety demonstration.

- [laughs]
I thought it was pain-free.

- Yeah, you know, in doing
a little internet research

Last night, I guess there is
a significant percentage

Of vasectomy patients
who experience pain.

- You got to tell her.
Right now.

Don't wait for Saturday.
- Nah.

I come this far.

- Herrmann,
I am asking you nicely.

Please let me have molly's.

- I'm telling you,
unexpected combo party.

You bring the peanut butter,
I got the chocolate--

Boom, peanut butter cups.

- [snickers]

- Okay. All right, well,
what am I in for exactly?

Did the urologist
record the procedure

And you're gonna, like,
put it up on the flat screens?

- I got it all worked out.
It's gonna be fine.

- Bad idea.

- Shut it, mouch.

- Two shifts and I've already
got a stain on my record.

- Did you go back in?
- To boden?

No, I'm waiting for--
- no. No, don't wait.

Okay, this is what
you got to do,

And I'm gonna be very specific,
'cause I think

I was a little too vague
last time,

And that went
a little south on us.

- Okay.
- Okay.

Stand there,
look him in the eye,

Take full responsibility,

And tell him that it will
never happen again.

Okay? No excuses, no nothing.
Just take the hit.

I've been on that carpet,
and believe me,

This is what he responds to.

- Thanks.
- Sure.

- What can I do for you?

- Is sergeant voight here?
- No, he's out.

- May I borrow your pen,

Would you please tell him
that benny severide

Would like to talk to him

And that he can reach me
at this number?

- You got it.

[sirens blaring]

- Hey! Up here!
We're stuck!

- Jones, herrmann,
otis, cruz, with me.

- Severide, check
the bottom floor for damage.

- Thank god you're here.
The stairwell just fell apart.

- We'll get you down.
- There's another guy.

He was in the stairwell
when it collapsed.

- Down there.

- Hey, can you hear me?

We gotta work fast.

There's a victim trapped on
column that looks pretty weak.

- All right, should we
get the rope system up?

- No time.
There's no anchor point.

Lower one of you down,

And we'll secure him
with webbing.

- Lieutenant, send me down.

That's at least 30 pounds less
you have to bear.

- All right.

Herrmann, otis,
take these guys down the aerial.

[wood creaking]

- Okay, stop.
Hold it there.

Casey, a little more.

Okay, hold it there.

- Be ready when this guy
comes down.

Clear a path
to get him out.

Okay, I've transferred
the victim to your rope,

When I cut his clothes free,

You can lower him down.
- Jones, stay on the rope.

It's too dangerous.

- Look, this guy's
circling the drain.

He can go first.

I'll hang around
for the next ride.

Okay, casey,
bring him down.

he's coming your way.

- Watch him.

Watch his head.

All right, we got him.

- Ah!
- Jones!


- Jones. Status.

- I'm okay, chief.

Building's a little wobbly.
It's still coming apart.

- Okay,
hold your position.

We're gonna
send in the r.I.T. Team.

- Okay. Stop it there.
I can reach it.

Ah! Oh!
- Jones, you all right?

- Yeah.

- Steady, jones.

Take your time.

- I'm back on the rope.
- Whew.

- All right, casey,
get me out of here.

- Easy.

Watch it.

There you go.

We got her.
- Whew.

- I grew up wanting nothing else
in my life but this job,

And now that I'm actually
doing it, it's...

Better than I imagined.

I don't want to compromise
my future here.

So I hope that you will both
accept my sincere apology

For my inappropriate behavior.

It won't happen again.

- Very good, jones.

- [sighs]

Are we really gonna do this?

- Her father
is deputy district chief.

He could make me work in p.R.
If he wanted to.

- It's gonna be
like killing bambi.

- You have his office number.

You are welcome to give him
a call if you like.

[indistinct tv sports announcer]

- So what now?

- Go home.

[money rustles]

Just do me a favor.

Stay out of chicago
for a while, okay?

- Okay.

- You're a good dad, benny.

[soft guitar music playing]

♪ ♪

- Okay, thank--thank you.

Hey, I got in.

I'm gonna take the physical
with the current class.

- Congrats, babe.
- Thanks, babe.

Oh, I turned
those request forms in

Just in time, right?

- Hell, yeah, you did.

- Did--did you call
jones's dad?

- I did.

- Why?

- Because you're my girl.

I love you and I didn't want you
to get boned on this

Over some red tape.

- That's hot.

- Close your eyes.

Come on. Don't peek.

Happy anniversary! [laughs]
[all cheering]

[cheers and applause]

- Okay.

- Oh, no, no, no, no.
Not the cake.

Not the cake.
- D-d-d--train has already

- Hey, ladies, gents, can I
have your attention for a sec?

thanks for the 20 best years

A guy could ever ask for.

All: Aww.

- Thank you, sweetheart.

- And to mark this day,

I wanted to do something special
for you and for us, so...

I got a vasectomy!

[crowd murmuring]

- [laughs]


How did I get so lucky?

- Ah! [laughs]

- [mouthing]

- Never a doubt.
Never a doubt!


[latin dance music playing]

♪ ♪

- What part of the cake
did you get?

- Mm, I think the epididymis.

- Corpus spongiosum.
- Oh.

- [chuckles] first time
I've ever had that in my mouth.

- Oh, yeah? How is it?
- Eh.

- Gabriela dawson.

- Hmm.
- Ninja paramedic.

- Oh, you--you must be main.

- Ramsey, victor ramsey.
- Uh--

- [chuckles]
- uh--

- Mmm. Mmm.

- [laughs] wow.

It's nice to put a face
to the voice.

- I'm here for that beer
you owe me.

- Oh, right.
- Right.

- Yeah, I'll get it for ya.

- Never got a chance to say
"welcome back to ambo."

Didn't see you for a while.

- Uh, you know what?
I'm sorry. [laughs]

We're really swamped tonight.

So nice to meet you.

We'll talk later.
[laughs] bye.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- So good news.
Um, lindsay called.

I guess both of our alibis
checked out,

And they've exhausted
all of the leads,

So it's now
a missing persons case.

- Cool.

- Is it?
'cause, you know,

That means keeler's
still out there somewhere.

- He ain't out there
anymore, otis.

[bottles clink]