Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 2, Episode 15 - Keep Your Mouth Shut - full transcript

Severide is getting impatient with the police as Vince Keeler walks free. Meanwhile, the house pulls out all the stops to save a girl trapped inside a donation bin, Mouch learns that Boden's secretary Connie is not someone to mess with and the squad and truck are called to a serious high rise fire inside a 20-story downtown office building.

Listen, you didn't
hear this from me.

I don't know the whole story,
but Keeler's got a hook

in somebody
higher up the food chain.

They're telling us
to cut him loose.

You do something,
Erin, or I will.

Let's go, Dawson.
You're falling behind.

I just gotta get through
this damn test in seven minutes.

I'm sorry.

Maybe it just
wasn't meant to be.

Deep down, are you
a firefighter or not?

- Three-month suspension.
- What?

Did you tell them
the whole story?

I requested
Dawson to replace me.

Lieutenant Casey,
I'm Rebecca Jones.

I'm the new candidate
on truck 81.

What's the prognosis?
Can we take you off the injured list?

[chuckles] Yeah.

Just don't expect me to break
any pass receiving records.

- [Gabriela sighs]
- Look on the bright side.

You're going
back home to 51.

It's a stroke of luck
your old spot opened up.


Going back to my old house
with my tail between my legs?

Come on.
Nobody's looking at it that way.

I am.

Look, I want to be
a firefighter, Matt.

I got a taste of it,
and I liked it.

I get it.

I do,
but Chicago is damn lucky

to have you
on board that ambulance.

Is this about Jones
joining truck?

Not even remotely.

She busted her ass
to get where she is.

Good on her.

[door opens]

Hey, Dawson.
Back in the saddle, huh?

Eh, it's temporary.

Aw, damn straight, mama.

You're gonna show 'em
how it's done next time.


Hey, good morning, Lieutenant.

Oh, please.
He passed the test.

All right, let's wait and see
if the promotion ever comes through.

Ha ha ha.

I'd be more worried
about this new candidate.

Hey, is she ever gonna grace us
with her presence today?

Yeah, I'm sure that this chick
is awesome and all,

but having a woman around
is really gonna change things.

- Oh, Gee, thanks.
- You know what I mean.

Having a woman
in the truck?

You don't know what goes in there.

- The jokes we crack...
- The smells we produce.

- I can imagine.
- Nope.

- No, you can't.
- [Joe laughing]

- You can't.


Hey, you want
to go do inventory?

I bet you miss that.

Oh, how I missed it.

Truck 81?

I'm your new candidate.

Jones. Rebecca.
Either one's fine.

- Welcome aboard, Jones.
- Thanks.

Listen, I know
what you guys are thinking.

A woman on truck?

What is the world
coming to, right?

- That's not at all what we're...
- Yes, you are.

And I don't blame you.

Women can be
[whispers] a pain in the ass.


I have three brothers.

I'm no delicate flower.

I'm not expecting
special treatment.

And just to show you
I can be one of the guys,

I brought doughnuts
this morning.


They were delicious. [sighs]



So there are no doughnuts?


You want to go fill the tank
before we get any calls?

Good idea.

Be safe out there, babe.

You too.

Candidate Jones.

Good morning,
Lieutenant Casey.

Ready to meet the Chief?

Hey, have you spoken
to Detective Lindsay?

- Yeah.
- So?

They nail Keeler yet?

Turns out
Vince Keeler is cooperating

in some big-joint investigation

between ATF, FBI,
Smokey the Bear.

What does that
have to do with Katie?

Bureau Chief won't let
Voight's unit touch Keeler

without rock-solid evidence.

Doesn't sound
like anything short

of a confession's
gonna do it.

- So, he...
- I know, Otis.

He just gets away
with kidnapping and assault?


Lindsay assures me
CPD is not giving up.

They're doing everything they can. In the
meantime, I think it's best we just move past it.

- You know?
- Yeah.



I'm gonna need
a little help with something.

- Personal favor.
- Name it.

I'm not talking about moving
furniture or building decks.

And with
your recent legal troubles...

Spit it out.

Vince Keeler's
gonna make a clean getaway,

and I can't live with that.

I'm free tomorrow night.

As a candidate,
you're here to learn.

That means
keep your eyes and ears open

and your mouth shut.

We're gonna spend some time
today drilling various tools,

show you
where things are stored.

When we go to an incident,
I want you glued to my hip.

I stop walking,
I want you bumping into my ass.


Yes, Lieutenant.

Ms. Jones, I know
I speak for the entire house

when I say that 51 is proud
to welcome a female firefighter.

I will see to it
that you are treated

with the dignity and respect
that you deserve.

Thank you, Chief.

In return,
you will treat this job

with the dignity and respect
that it deserves.

Of course.

You impressed a lot of people
at the academy, Ms. Jones.

But out there,

that's real life.

It's not a training exercise.

It's not a pop quiz.

There are no shortcuts here.

Meaning, sir?

Just what I said, candidate.

If you learn nothing else today,
know this.

You can always
take my word at face value.

[alarm sounds]

[over P.A] Truck 81,
Squad 3, ambulance 61.

- That's us.
- Person trapped.

- Shake a leg, guys.
- You're in my seat.

That's my seat.

Out of my seat.

[siren wails]

Hey, does Main
know 61 isn't here?

They'll catch
the call over the radio,

probably beat us
to the scene.

[siren wails]

- Did you call an ambulance?
- Yeah.

There's somebody stuck
in the clothing drop.

I heard 'em calling for help.
I think it's a kid.

- Hello?
- Hello?

Fire department.
You okay in there?

They were in there
a few minutes ago.

Well, maybe they climbed out
when you weren't looking.

I don't know.


Hey, anybody home?

Okay, get your skinny ass
up there.



I don't see anybody in here.

Let's call off Squad and 81,

save them the trouble
of coming out here.

I don't know.

I don't like
the feel of this.

Let me take a look.

Dawson, what are you doing?


- I got her!
- What?

She's not breathing!

Chicago Fire S02E15
"Keep Your Mouth Shut"

Sync and corrected by Gianluca Belfiglio

[sirens wailing]

Dawson, hot packs
coming your way.

Any respiration at all?

Agonal breathing.

All right, the guys are gonna
get you out of here in no time, okay?


What happened, hon?

You climb in here
looking for some warm clothes?

- Where's Dawson?
- I'm in here!

Start warming up
that IV just in case.

This was all her idea.
I had nothing to do with it.

Guys, we've got
to get this girl outta here.

- We got this.
- Herrmann.

Let's get the saw.

Where's she going?


It's a lot heavier
than the ones we trained on.

is your name Herrmann?

I was just
trying to help, sir.

Blade's all jacked up.

Clarke, grab our saw.


[metallic clang]

Jones! Stand over here
and don't touch a damn thing!

It's gonna be
another minute, Dawson.


Shay, where's that IV?

Here's the IV!

[saw motor revving]


I need blankets
and a backboard right now.

- Let's move!
- On it.

So I'm thinking
tomorrow night.

And listen,
I... I know it's a lot to ask you.

You shouldn't feel obligated,
but we could use you.

What about Mills?
You gonna ask him?

No boy scouts.

I guess 30 days in the lockup
wasn't enough for you?

Let's just not get caught.

Lieutenant Severide,
how's it going?

Welcome to 51, Jones.

- Thanks, I...
- Candidate.

I believe the kitchen trash
is getting full.

I'll take
care of it, sir.

What am
I dealing with here?

- Jones?
- Yeah.

She's smart,
she's aggressive,

she's talented,


she also has a truly
massive chip on her shoulder.

She might make
a great firefighter someday,

but it'll take
more patience than I had.

I... I tried to bounce her
from the academy,

but her big-shot daddy
put the kibosh on that one.

You're telling me this now?

You just asked now.

Oh, hey, Connie.

The union is sending
over some paperwork for me.

I'm gonna need you
to sign for that.


[tv in background]

[someone snickers]

You're poking
the bear, Mouch.

We've warned you about that.

Get outta here.
Connie loves me.

Oh, hey, Jonesie.
Just a heads up.

If lunch isn't
on the table at 12:00 sharp,

the natives
start to get restless.

And by natives,
he means himself.

Duly noted.

In the meantime,
Lieutenant Casey said

I'd be running drills today.

I'd love to get
started on that.

Don't all jump at once.


Got a lot
on my mind right now.

Okay, so who's
gonna drill me?


I'm not touching that
with a 10-foot pole.

10? I heard
it was more like 4 1/2.


That is inappropriate.

Seriously, guys,
I thought this was

supposed to be
a busy house.

It's called "downtime."

Well, I don't feel
like sitting on my ass.

Could someone at least show me
where the weight room is?

You got energy to burn?

Right this way.

Here you go.
All right.

Showers haven't been
scrubbed since Mills made squad.

Should be quite the workout.


That was a nice save,
Dawson, seriously.

I was ready
to cancel the alarm.

That girl wouldn't
have been discovered for days

if you hadn't
have been there.

- Stop patronizing me.
- I'm serious.

- Seriously patronizing.
- Uh-uh.




How'd your... How'd your
first call on truck go?

[chuckles] You're funny.

Your boyfriend tell you
about me dropping the saw?

Uh... [chuckles]

I don't know
what you're talking about.

Right. [laughs]

Look, I'm really sorry

that you didn't
make the cut, Dawson.

I am,
but that's not my fault.

No, I never
said it was.

So I hope
you're not using your sexy time

with Lieutenant Casey
to talk trash about me.

Because if you are,

you and me,
we're gonna have a problem.

[clatter, splash]

Why didn't you tell me
you were studying?

I'm offended by that.

I didn't want
to make a big deal out of it.

Besides, I figured
I was just gonna fail again.

I guess I underestimated
the power of negative thinking.


Well, it is
a big step forward.


- You ready?
- I'm not eager to leave 51.

But then again,
it's feeling a little crowded

on truck,
if you know what I mean.

Well, your promotion
may not come through

for a few months.

Can you wait?

I've waited this long,
haven't I?

Yes, you have.

Good job.

- Go on, get outta here.
- Yeah.

Smells good.

What... What is that?

It's salsa, sort of.

Uh, you know, usually,
you cut the tomatoes

into more than three chunks.

But, hey, you know what?

I'm sure
it's gonna be great.

Yeah, we'll see.

Is there
any chili powder around?

Yeah, in the cabinet
behind you,

but go easy on it.

Some of the guys
have sensitive stomachs.

- Chief Boden.
- Got it. Thank you.

I smell Mexican food.


Where... My couch.

Our couch.

Where's our couch?

You poked the bear, Mouch.

Come on.

She said Boden needs a waiting
area outside his office.

So she appropriated
my couch?

Our couch?

This is a violation.

She stepped
way over the line here.


You should say something.

I'm going to.


Chow time!

After lunch?

I'll do it after lunch.

Guys, you don't need
to spare my feelings.

Well, it's, uh...
it's not bad.

- No, it's not bad at all.
- But it's not good.

I don't know
what to tell you.

I was always
a tomboy growing up.

I barely knew
where the kitchen was.

Cruz, you drive truck.
It's an important job.

- I can do both.
- Not necessary.

Jones graduated
at the top of her academy class.

I'm sure she can figure out
a little basic home ec.

Am I gonna be judged
for my efforts

on the job
or behind the stove?

It's all
part of the job, Jones.


Jones, when you're
finished up in here,

the showers need cleaning.

No, they don't.

Excuse me?

No, they don't, sir.

[mouthing no]

What I meant
was that Herrmann

already asked me
to scrub the showers, so...

I'm asking you
to scrub them again, candidate.

Lieutenant, I think
I have a little problem here.

I didn't know that Gabby Dawson
was dating Lieutenant Casey.


Nothing against her or anything,

but for whatever reason,
she's got it in for me,

and now
he's riding my ass.

And I know that you and I

haven't always
seen eye to eye, but...

- Jones.
- I know.

I shouldn't go
outside the chain of command,

but I really
don't have a chance here.

Could you maybe
talk to Lieutenant Casey?

you're at the squad table.

Hey, Severide.

Your dad's here.

I need to know

exactly what
these guys did to her.

It was bad.

So, that's it. This Vince Keeler scumbag
just gets away with it?

No, he's not
gonna get away with it.

But if CPD's
afraid to move on it...

No, I'm... I'm not gonna let
them wash their hands of this.

There's a detective
in Hank Voight's unit

that's been helping.

One way or another,
trust me, he's gonna pay.

- I can make some calls.
- I got it, pop.

- Go back to Kenosha.
- Kelly, I want to help.

I... I... I don't
want your help.

Could've used it a week ago
when... when Katie went missing.

But, you know,
you... you mosey on

down here a day late
and a dollar short...

Her mother
asked me to stay away!

I had to respect that!


Now it's been a few days,
and I want to see Katie.

Katie's gone.

What do you mean "gone"?

She left town.
She needed to get away.


There's... There's... There's
nothing more to do here, pop.


go back to Kenosha.

She gave me this
the last time I was with her.

- St. Christopher's medal?
- Yeah.

Keep me safe
when I drive down to see her.

After all I've done,

she's the one
looking after me.

[alarm sounds]

[over P.A.] Truck 81, ambulance 61.

Person stabbed.
California and West 26th.

[sirens wailing]

Sounds like
we're here for crowd control,

so all hands on deck.

Protect the medics.

Jones, where you gonna be?

Glued to your hip, Lieutenant.

That's right.

Let's go.

[overlapping chatter]
Take a step back.

Let the firemen through.
Please, no pushing.

Crowd control.

[elevator bell dings]

This way,
courtroom number four.

[crowd murmuring]

We're in the middle
of a murder trial.

Victim's father
snuck a knife through security

and stabbed the defendant.

He's bleeding out.

I told you.
Cut me loose.

- Cruz, get a hold of him.
- [defendant groaning]

- [defendant screams]
- All right, his lung's hit.

Could develop
into a pneumothorax.

Get me
an occlusive dressing.

We've got
to get him out now.

- Oh, man.
- What?

The key.
It broke off in the lock.

[defendant gasping]
[chain clangs]

There's cops
all over the place.

got to have a key.

These are maximum-security cuffs.
A standard key won't fit.

- I'll call over to the jail. They'll have a key.
- No time. He's losing too much blood.

Otis, get
the bolt cutters from the truck.

- Hurry.
- On it.

get me an IV and oxygen.

give me the Halligan.


Hold him.


Guys, we're losing him.

If he dies
on our watch...


Herrmann, Jones,
search the halls

for a CO2 extinguisher.

Fast as you can.

I'll go this way.
You go that way.

Yeah, aye, aye.

Hey, look out!
Look out!

Excuse me.


Look out! Look out!

Excuse me.

Excuse me!


Hit the eyebolt.

That's enough.


Okay, let's do it!

On three.
One, two, three.

Make a hole!

Comin' through!

Oh, yeah, Otis,
we don't need 'em anymore.

Oh, okay.

Yes, you got there faster.

Big deal.
I didn't realize it was a race.

You don't have
to make excuses, Herrmann.

I have a long stride,

and I've been doing
a lot of training recently.

There's really no reason
to get defensive about this.

- I'm not getting defensive.
- Good.

'Cause it's not like I'm going around
telling people you got schooled by a chick.

- That wouldn't be cool.
- Yeah.

You saved the life
of a homicidal maniac.

- Congratulations!
- Alleged homicidal maniac.

Jones, can I have
a word with you?

Jones, I'm gonna
give you some friendly advice.

There's only two things
you need to know

In order to succeed here:

do your job,
keep your mouth shut.

I was just
busting balls, Lieutenant.

I'll repeat number two.
Keep your mouth shut.

The guys
bust balls all the time,

- but a woman can't join in?
- Not a woman candidate.

I can't afford to be a wallflower...

- You're talking.
- Look, I've been unfairly...

- You're still talking.
- Lieutenant, I...

Why are you still talking?

Atta girl.

You need
to see the Chief?

Ah. Well, I...

Have a seat.



She's barely
on shift for ten minutes

before she breaks
a $40 saw blade.

Can't cook
to save her life.

So I should tell her father
that she's doing great?


Tell him
she's the bee's knees.


Thank you
for the update, Casey.

All right.

Oh, hey, I...

I heard you and Donna
hit a bump in the road.

Forget I brought it up.

You know, when...

when I woke up in the hospital,

saw what
a close call I had,

I started to realize
how much of my life

I wasted fretting over
all the stupid little stuff.

Y... You can't see
beyond the horizon.

You don't know
how much road

you've still got
lying ahead of you.

Sorry, Casey.
Chief, you got a minute?

What's up, Mouch?

She is really
off the reservation this time.

I mean, a waiting area?

You don't need
a waiting area.

Unless it was your idea.

- I had nothing to do with it.
- Of course not.

What are you, a dentist?

You're a firefighter.

Chief, you gotta
say something to her.

We need that couch back.

The guys are
really worked up over this.

Mouch, my entire
relationship with Connie

is based on asking her
for as little as possible.

But... But she's your assistant.


Anything else?

I guess not.


[back-up beeping]

What's up?

- What's up?
- You've been quiet today.

- Thinking dark thoughts?
- Nope.

Puppies and unicorns.

Hey, guys.
He's not moving.

Oh, yeah, there's some guy
half-blocking the driveway.

- That's Vince Keeler's car.
- Hey, Severide.

Hey, there's a cat
stuck up in a tree.

I thought you might
want to check it out.

Hey, why don't
you come out?

I want in.

What's up?

I love that girl, Kelly.

You took her out
for a milkshake.


She's a sweet
and beautiful person,

and that son of a bitch
took something from her.

So whatever
your plan is, I'm in.

Leave it alone, Otis.
There is no plan.

So let's make one
'cause he's walking around free,

and he's rubbing
our faces in it.

So I'll be damned...

- Kelly.
- Hey.

What's up, Erin? [clears throat]

Just wanted
to bring you an update.

- Did you get Keeler?
- Sorry, no big news yet.

But I told you we wouldn't
give up, and we haven't.

Voight's been
softening up the Bureau Chief,

and I'm figuring out
who the hook is

that Keeler has
in the department.

Okay, well,
let me know if anything changes.

I appreciate you stopping by.

Kelly, do I need
to put a tail on you?

Get something straight.

I will haul your ass in
and lock you in the drunk tank

if I catch
even a whiff of revenge.

Erin, I don't...
I don't know what you think

I'm... I'm gonna do
or are doing...

I get it,
but as bad as things are

for your sister right now,
you think they're gonna get better

if her brother gets brought up
on assault or worse?


Can I help you guys?

It's about Jones.

- What about her?
- She ain't a good fit, Casey.

- She's cocky.
- And entitled.

A foxy gal,
I'll grant you that.

She breaks balls
with her superiors,

and she thinks she's untouchable
because of who her dad is.

We just want
to let you know if you decide

you want to do something,
we got your back.

Her dad tries
to pull rank,

we'll bring the full force
of the union to bear.


It's her first day.

Longest day of my career.

She's a handful.

She's just trying to hold her
own in an old boys' club.

Give her a chance.

You guys holdin'
a book club meeting in there?

The boys are
a little resentful of Jones.

I told them they need
to give her a fair shake.


if she were a man,

they probably wouldn't
be throwing around words

like "cocky" and "entitled"
half a day into his first shift.

[chuckles] And in this
little hypothetical,

does the man also cheat
his way through the academy?

I figured
you'd be on my side here.

'Cause I'm a woman?

Matt, the guys are right.

She is entitled and cocky.

I thought you didn't harbor
any resentment toward her.

I don't. I'm just saying
that the facts are the facts,

and I assumed
that you understood

what kind
of recruit she was.

Look, I wasn't
gonna say anything,

but she came at me
this morning

because she thinks
I ratted her out to you,

which, granted, I...
I sort of did...

But I didn't know that you were
gonna be her Lieutenant.

W... Wait, what do you mean
she came at you?

She... She threatened you?

Don't worry about it.
I can handle myself, okay?

The important thing
is that you make sure

she gets a fair shake.

Gabby, take a deep breath.

Don't condescend to me.

Why are you taking
this out on me?

I... I'm just trying
to make the best

of a situation
that I didn't create.

I didn't request jones
for truck 81.

I certainly don't
want the responsibility

of sending a woman
into harm's way.

Oh, so she can't
take care of herself?

- Now you're defending her.
- What about me?

Would you worry about me
if I were on truck?

I worry about you

every time
you get on that ambulance.

All right?
So, yeah.

A truck was gonna
be that times ten.

So you're relieved
I didn't make the cut?


You don't want me
to be a firefighter.

You know what? I give up.

Whatever I say, you're just
gonna take it the wrong way.

Then don't say anything.


I tried
to get flowers, but...


I owe you an apology.

You have your hands full

taking care of Chief Boden
and this firehouse,

and I piled
even more on your plate.

The truth is, Connie,

I think I bit off
more than I can chew

with this union gig.

I am drowning in it.

Most guys don't try
and stay on the job

when they take office.

I don't know
what I was thinkin'.

Things were goin'
just fine for me.

Why did I have
to ruin my life?

Man up, honey.
You're a firefighter.

[alarm sounds]
[on P.A] Engine 51.

Truck 81,
Squad 3, ambulance 61.

High-rise fire.
Michigan and Huron.

[sirens wailing]

So they rolled out
squad right away.

Does that mean
this is a working fire?

Don't know yet.

But any call in a high-rise,
we have to take seriously.

If it is a fire and it gets
out of hand, that's bad.

[sighs] I guess 'cause
I'm a woman,

I couldn't possibly

be objective
about a female candidate.

I'm just supposed to say,
"You go, girl",

even though
I know for a fact

that she is a cocky,
entitled cheater.

Did she seriously
threaten you?

- Damn right she did.
- Okay, sweetheart,

tonight, you and I are gonna
unscrew the legs on her bunk.

[chuckles] See?

You understand me.

This is a real party.

[overlapping chatter, commotion]

People are
reporting smoke on 18.

- That's a law firm.
- Anyone workin' late?

I don't know,
but I got bad news for you.

Elevators have been acting up.

I put in
a work order on Monday.

Otis, recall these elevators.

Lock 'em off.
We're takin' the stairs.

North stairwell, fire attack.
South, evacuation.

Engine 51, truck 81, squad,

fire attack and search
on 18.

Engine 67, lobby control.

Truck 63,
rapid ascent team and evac.

Jones, get
a spare bottle for yourself.

- I'm coming up?
- You and I are gonna help engine.

Grab a high-rise pack.

You wanted
to be a firefighter...


[breathing hard]

Come on, buddy.
Let's go.

Hose pack and air bottles.

[dull roaring]

Mask up.

Come on, move!
Come on!


You're gonna be fine, Jones!
Just stick with me!

Go where I go, okay?

You take the left!

Casey, you go right!
I'll go deep!

Herrmann! With Severide!

Fire department!
Call out!

Get him outta here.

- I'll find the others.
- Okay.


Hey! I got him!
I got him, I got him!

I'll get him from here!

What do we do?
Do we get him oxygen?

Yeah, he don't
look too good!

But I'm gonna
get him outta here!


Hey, hey, hey!
Hey, look at me!

You're doing great,
all right?

You're fine!
Keep doing it!

Get back with the Lieutenant!


Give me a hand.

[woman coughing]


Here, I got her.

- [woman coughing]
- You're all right.

You're all right.
You're all right.

Hey, is the Bulls game
still on?

I think so.

You like basketball, Jones?

That's the one with
the little orange bouncy ball.

And just like that,

all is right
with the world.


If I go
back to my desk,

are you gonna run
and tell your father on me?


Nothing like a little
baptism by fire, huh?

You acquitted yourself
very nicely back there.

- Thank you, sir.
- Yeah.

You looked like
the kind of firefighter

we want here at 51.

Of course, you need
to perform in the kitchen,

so I asked
Mills to compile

some of his easier recipes.

- Okay, thanks.
- Yeah.

Hopefully, his handwriting
isn't too sloppy.

I understand
you have dyslexia?

You're gonna do just fine.


Somehow, I think it's gonna
take more than jalapeno poppers.


How about a two-bedroom
in Wicker Park?

New kitchen, whirlpool tub,
two parking spaces.

Huh, not bad.

See if we can
look at it.


Are we good?


We're good.

[background chatter, music]

And then, get,
you know, punched in the face.

It just got to be...



Vince Keeler's car
was found outside his gym,

keys in the ignition.

His cell phone was dumped
in a nearby storm sewer.

Nobody's heard
from keeler since last night.

It seems he's gone missing.

Sync and corrected by Gianluca Belfiglio