Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 2, Episode 14 - Virgin Skin - full transcript

Severide feels sidelined as he leaves Detective Lindsay and the Intelligence Unit to do their job and locate his sister Katie. Shay gets an unusual tip from Chicago Blackhawk players Brent ...


- Hey, how you feeling?

- This is the first day
I felt 100%.

- She said tonight's the night.

- Jones, dawson, go.

- I saw her cheating.

- Apparently one
of your guys

Went toe to toe
with vince keeler.

- He's not gonna play fair.

- [gasps, screams]

- Hey, kelly severide.

- Where's katie?
- Who?

- Where is she?
- What?

- Hey!
Where the hell is she?

I know you know something.
- Kelly!

- Huh? Where is she?
- Come on, let him go!

- Where's my sister?

- Kelly!

Come on.

- Relax.

- She's been missing
a day and a half, erin.

What the hell is that guy
doing walking around free?

- I know.
Come here.

Look, you didn't
hear this from me,

But we're tracking
his phone, his car,

Every move that's
gonna lead us to katie.

If you push, he pushes back,
and we never see her again.

[engine turns]

- Memory loss, dizziness,
bleeding from the ear--

That's all to be expected
with a cracked skull.

- So, uh...I'm good?

- No.

Your skull and brain
are severely compromised,

And they could be
for the rest of your life.

- I feel fine.

- Until you get hit again.

This doesn't just go away.

If you were
a football player,

They'd be talking to you
about retirement.

- [panicked wheezing]

- Let's go, dawson.
You're falling behind.

[timer beeps]

- 7:20.

You got to break
seven minutes on test day

Or you don't pass.

- Hey, you shaved
a few seconds off.

That's great.
- Stellar.

- Dawson, what's going on?

- Nothing, we're good.
- Really?

- Look, beat me up and down
this course, jones.

Just know I'll never cheat.

Don't worry,
I'm not ratting you out.

You just keep riding
your dad's coattails.

[siren wailing]

[horn honks]

- Pallets collapsed on marty,
our operator.

We tried to get to him,
but his shirt got caught.

- You okay?
- Yeah.

- No matter what,
we need you with us right now.

- [grunting]

- Casey, recon and secure him.

- Got it.
- Squad, assist truck.

- I'm with casey.

Mills, capp,
rig a stokes basket.

- Yeah, on it.

- [grunting]

- Where are the controls?
- There.

- Mouch, get a handle on that.
- Copy.

Herrmann, otis,
give me a hand!

[machinery whining]

- [screaming]

- Shut down that belt!

- Stay with us, marty.

- Watch your head.

Not enough leverage.

- His shoulder's gonna separate
if that thing starts up again.

- I'm trying
to disconnect it.

- Please, I don't want
to lose my arm.

- If I loosen
the roller assembly,

We can slide him out.

- [screams]

- Casey!


Grab it with your free hand.
Come on.

- Mouch, stop that belt now.
- I almost got it.

- One, two, three.


[power down hum]

- His skin's turning gray.

We can get him out,
but it'll take time.

- Sounds like crush syndrome.

- Mouch, you sure you
got control of that thing?

- Clarke, casey, we're gonna
back him out nice and easy.

- All right, marty,
this is gonna hurt like hell,

But we got to do it.
- Backing up on three!

One, two...

- [groans]

- We got ya.

- Thanks.

- I'm just glad your head
wasn't in it.

- Cpd's on to something,
but until katie's found,

I'd like--
- not another word.

You do what you got to do.

Clarke has this
under control.

- Appreciate it, chief.
Thank you.

- Kelly.

We're gonna get her back.

- I should've been there.

I'm sorry, kelly.

- Hey...

This isn't on you, otis...

Let's just find her, okay?

- Kelly.
What are you doing?

- Nothing, I'm--I'm good.

- Well, you look like a man
on a mission to me.

What's up?

- I'm gonna find my sister.
I have an idea.

- Call the cops.
Let them handle it.

- Shay, if you were missing,

Would you want me to sit around
here waiting for...

- No, I'd...

I'd want you out there.
I-I just--

Be careful, would you?

- Hey.
- Hey.

How's he doing?

- Like us all.

Wishing he could do more,
and feeling useless.

- Listen, I know we made
dinner plans

So you can meet my friends,
but it can wait.

- [chuckles]

No, let's keep it.

I could use something normal.
- Yeah?

- Yeah.

- So you're not nervous
to meet my friends?

- Not until just now.

- Why would anybody target
a firefighter's sister?

I mean, we're the good guys.

- Sometimes the world
is upside down

And there's no reason why.

- Big dog's out today.

Deputy district chief
lionel jones,

Rebecca jones's dad.

- That right?

- All her brothers
are lieutenants too.

Cfd runs in her blood.

Probably explains why
she's aced every test.

- Huh, yeah.
I'm sure that's it.

- Tommy.
- Yeah, hey.

Oh, the fireman.

- I need your help.

- I'm sorry, I ca--
- come here.

I need your help
like you needed help

When keeler was beating your ass
before I jumped in.

My sister went missing
after that.

- What?
- Keeler came by the next day,

And he took her.
- Dude--

- Hey!

My sister is gone.
- He will kill me, man!

You have my word, tommy.
Nothing came from you.

Who do I see?

- Jack gatens was there
that night for keeler.

So the cops
might not know him.

But keeler can't scratch
himself without jack, okay?

He'd know.

- Where's he stay?
- Next to a money store.

Polk and western.

- Gatens.

Where's katie?

- Oh!

- You want me to ask again?

- Ask away, boy scout.

[grunts, groans]

- I can do this all morning,
but this ends now.

Where is she?

Next one doesn't miss.

[line dialing]

I know where she is.


- It was keeler,
the guy from the blackout.

- You're sure?

- Mm-hmm.

I could see under his hood

When he was...

- When he was what?

- Kelly, can I talk to her
alone for a minute?

- I love you, katie, okay?

Mrs. Nolan, she's--
she's okay.

- Her life was going along just
fine until you came into it,

Just like benny,
wrecking everything that's good.

- Maybe if you'd paid
your daughter a tenth

As much attention as you did
the volleyball twins,

You'd actually know her.

What'd he do to her?

- [sighs]

It's bad.

- Is she...

- She's okay.

She's banged up,
but she's okay.

You should go see her.

- Yeah.

She, uh...Probably needs
some time, so...

Maybe later.

- How's it going?

- Seven minutes.

I just got to get through
this damn test

In seven minutes, right?
How hard can that be?

I mean, it's not like
I've actually ever

Made it before.

- Stop.
Hey, hey.

Look, you can do this.

- Thank you.

Oh, hey,
how was your check-up?

- Everything's perfect.

You just have to concentrate
on what you have to do

At the academy.

- Yeah.

- So I come running out,
stripping my gear off,

And I mean all of it,

And as I'm standing there
buck naked

Getting hosed down,
I look over,

And there is a live news camera
looking right at me.

- Oh, no.

- They blurred out
all the important parts

For the 10:00 broadcast,
but you get the picture.

- 10 bucks says that
that raw footage

Is still on the internet,

- All I need is for my boy jimmy
to see that.

- You have kids, wallace?

- Yes, a stepson,
previous marriage.

- You were married before?

- Yeah, I was.

Twice, actually.

- Hmm.

- Um, can you imagine
the trouble that we would've

Gotten into if we had
camera phones when we were kids?

- Girl, don't even start.

- Hey, clarke, another drink?

- No, I'm good.
Thank you.

- How about you boys?
Some more milk?

- Yeah, if you don't mind.

- You know, this is a bar.

It's not a chuck e. Cheese.

- Jeff's had enough.
We should go.

- No. Tonight's on me.

- All right, I got the tip.

This is a small tab.

- Baseball tickets,

- Hockey.

- You know, some people tip
with actual money

So that other people
can pay for things, like rent.

- Okay, let's go, guys.

See you on shift.

- Yeah, thanks a lot.

- Hey, do you have any idea
who those guys were?

- Clarke's boy scout buddies?

- That was brent seabrook
and duncan keith

From the blackhawks!

- Great.
So they're cheap too.

- Are you--they--

- We are all relieved
that katie is safe,

But this keeler,
long as he's out there,

We need to stay vigilant,

So be aware
of your surroundings.

[alarm blares]

- Ambulance 61,
person in distress,

2200 west franklin.

- So I heard you're thinking
about having

A lesbo night at molly's.

- Eh. Yeah, I'm having
second thoughts.

I mean, lesbians are notoriously
light drinkers.

You really got to pack 'em in
to break even.

- Hmm, I did not know that.


- You just seem
unusually interested.

- I am not interested.

- Are you thinking about
coming out to me, rafferty?

Because if you are--
- just drive.

- Over here, quick.

- What is your name, sir?
- His name's jacob.

- All right, jacob, do you have
a history of asthma,

Copd, medication, inhalers?
- No...No...No.

- None of that.

- All right.
- No.

- Whoa.

We're just trying
to help you, okay?

- I told you no--
no 911.

- No what?
- [muttering]

- He's praying.

He prays a lot.

- Jacob, are you
declining treatment

For religious reasons?

Okay, I understand,
all right?

And I respect your beliefs.

I do, but, look, the law says
that if we're called,

We've got to check
your vitals.

You don't want us
to get written up, do you?

Okay, all right.

- All right, jacob,
just let us do this,

And we'll get out
of your hair, all right?

Breathe slow, slow.

All right, I'm hearing rales.
He's filling with liquid.

- Okay, jacob, jacob, you're
experience pulmonary edema.

Do you know what that means?

If you don't let us help you,
you will die.

- [gasping]
it's his--it's his will.

- Do something!

- We can't, okay?
We don't have consent.

- Jacob, look at me.
This is what's happening, okay?

Your lungs, they are filling
with fluid, all right?

You're drowning
from the inside,

And in one minute,
your heart's gonna stop.

Do you get me?

This is the last minute
of your life.

Let us save you.

All I need is a nod.

Okay, okay, that's a nod.
Get a line in.

- No, rafferty, I don't think--
- he wants to survive.

Ma'am, we just need you
to hold him down for us, okay?

- All right, line's in.
- Great.

Draw 80 milligrams
of furosemide.

I can't get the nitro in.

[monitor beeping]

He's going into v-tach.
We got to get him down.

Help me lower him?
- Yup.

- One, two, three.

Now, get that pillow
under his head.

Ready, push it now.

- All right.

- [gasping]

- Okay, let's
get you some air, sir.

Some people need help,

Even when they don't
realize it.

- Uh, not so fast,

This just in from headquarters
for you.

- For me?

- Says "christopher herrmann"
on the front, doesn't it?

- That it does.

- Hey, just wanted to say
how happy I am katie's okay.

- Yeah.

- Say, um...

Gabby said she's been
struggling with the timed test.

- Didn't you at some point
or another?

- No, I set
the course record.

- Actually,
pretty sure that was me.

- Yeah, yeah, right.

- No, she's--
she's holding her own.

You'd be proud.
- All right, good.

- How you feeling,
by the way?

- Doc said I'm 100%.

[alarm blares]

- Truck 81, squad 3,
ambulance 61.

[horn honks]

- Please, my daughter's
trapped in there!

- All right, we got one in
the back, possible neck trauma.

- All right, backup ambulance
on its way.

- Otis, stabilize her.

Truck, get all
extinguishers ready.

- On it, chief.

- Hi, what's your name?

- Nicole.
- Nicole, I'm brian.

Nicole, I'm gonna wrap this
around your neck, okay?

It'll keep you safe.

Okay, good.
Careful, careful.

Now, nicole, if you don't
mind me saying,

Your hat looks a lot
like a snowmobile.

How about we remove it
for you, okay?

[metal warping]
[both grunt, shout]


- Uh, we gotta move
this thing now.

- Mills, grab the chains.

- Yeah, on it.

- Hey. Hey.

I'm not going anywhere,


chief, we got fuel in here.

- Mouch, herrmann,
cover otis.

- Here.

- Come on, let's get
this thing moving.

- All right, we're hooked!

- Hey, you ready, otis?

- All right, nicole,
this party's getting

A little boring.

What do you say
we blow this joint?

All right, nice and slow!


- Otis, get out of there!

- Here we go.

You're okay.

Careful with her.

[knock at door]

- Chief.

- Hell of a job
out there today.

I know the last few days
have not been easy.

- About that...

I think I need
a couple hours.

- Yeah.


- Hey, you wanted
to see me, chief?

- Hey, yeah, come on in.

Um...It's safety day
over at the elementary.

You ready for that?
- Yeah, yeah, set up.

Ready to go.

- Good.
That is a good thing.

- It is.

- I, um...

Saw donna earlier.

Things okay?
- Yeah.

Too okay.

- [laughs]
too okay?

- Relationships...

Always end up
screwing that stuff up.

It's in my dna, I guess.

I haven't even spoken
to jimmy in months.

- So call him.

I'm sure he'd love
to hear from you.

- Thanks.

Yeah, jimmy.

How you doing?

Yeah, I know, I know.

I know I been pretty...

Pretty out of touch.

We'll talk.

- Oh, shay, I almost forgot.

How was your first night
holding down the bar?

- [chuckles]

- Okay, new rule:
Cash tips only,

Not things like tickets
to outdoor hockey games

- Oh, these are
for the nhl stadium series

At soldier field, center ice.

- Not so fast.
The tip was left at molly's.

Partners get first crack.

- Those sell for like
800 bucks apiece.

- Okay.

Bidding starts there.
Who wants them?

This lady needs
a new pair of shoes.

- Too rich for my blood.

- Fine.
I'll just sell them online.

Then I'll make a date
with jimmy choo.

- Jimmy who?

- Who tips with tickets
like those?

- Oh, clarke's buddies,
duncan keith

And brent seabrook,
that's who.

- Wow, aren't you full
of mysteries?

- Yup.

- Hmph.

- Hey, what's going on?

- I'm under review.

Jacob, our devout friend,
he just filed a complaint.

- You saved his life.

- Yeah, well, that detail
doesn't really seem to matter.

- Well, we're gonna appeal.

- Shay...
- No!

I'll shout it from
the rooftops if I have to.

- Let's just see
how this plays out.

- Final time trial
starts now.

[overlapping shouting]

[timer beeps]

- Next obstacle.

- [grunting]

Uhh! Stuck!

Damn it!
- Here, I got it.

- Thanks.
- Go!


- yeah, good job, jones!

- Let's go, dawson.
You lost time.

Move it.
- Come on! Go! Go!

You got it, dawson!
- [grunts]

- Come on, dawson, let's go!
- Dawson.

- Come on! Go! Go!

You got it, dawson.

- [panting]

- I'm sorry.


- Dad, this is
gabriela dawson.

- Chief.
- Don't get up.

I'm sorry to see
you didn't pass.

- Thank you, sir.

- Well, cfd's not right
for everyone.

Best you know now
what you're capable of.

That's what I've been trying
to teach my daughter.

- I'm sorry about that.

He didn't want me
to pass either.

He thinks that the only thing
female firefighters

Are fit to handle
are male firefighters.

- [scoffs]

What an asshole.

- Tell me about it.

That's why I cheated.

I can't let him win.

- Hey.

- You're up early.
- [laughs]

Fourth grade progress reports
know no master.

- Ha.

- Listen, I don't want
to pile it on,

But my parents
are in town Sunday.

- Donna...
- I just thought

Things were going so well,
why not?

- Things are going well.
They are.

- Yeah.
- That's because

I'm really good at this part,

The beginnings
of relationships,

But eventually I always
find a way to...

Destroy them.

- The past is the past,

- Yeah, 10, 20 years ago,
I'd have told myself that too,

But I've seen
the pain I've caused.

Two marriages, a stepson
who barely wants anything

To do with me.

I got a lot
of baggage, donna,

And I can't put you
through that.

I won't.

- Don't you think
I can decide that for myself?

- I'm sorry.

- Three-month suspension.

- Wait, what?

Did--did you tell them
the whole story?

- I told them what happened,
that I didn't wait for consent.

- But it was more complicated
than that.

- No, it wasn't.

Anyway, it's done.

- Okay, what about an appeal?

- I requested dawson
to replace me as p.I.C.


I've spent the last
six months trying to bring

My fiance back from the grave.

I need some time.

- Okay, but there are better
ways than getting

Your ass suspended,
you know?

- Yeah.

But you and me would have
eventually gotten into

A huge fight sooner or later,
you know,

Ending in an ugly divorce,
and the whole thing.

- True.
You're probably right.

Okay, well,
I'm gonna give you a hug now.

- Eh...

all right.

- Hello?
- Kelly.

You're gonna want to
see this.

- Where?

- I'm moving into position.

- How is your sister?

- She's hanging in there.

- What happened
to your hands?

- Training.

- Car's pulling in.

- Here we go.

- We'll wait
for your move, erin.

- Go, go, go!
[siren whoops]

- Hands on the dash!

- Chicago pd!

- Get 'em out!
On the dash!

- Let's see your hands.

- Driver and passenger,
open your doors!

Open 'em!
Hands out!

- Slowly!

- Passenger, open the door!

Put your hands out
where I can see 'em. Up!


- Turn around!

- Ugh!

- That was for katie.
- Ahh.

[chatter on police radio]

- I'm just here
for a few minutes.

- It's okay.

I owe you an apology.

The other day, I was the mother
of a very badly hurt

21-year-old daughter.

- No, I understand,
and I'm sorry too.

What I said...

- Was right.

I have not always been
the most attentive mother,

But that is gonna change.

- That's good to hear.

- Kelly, before you go
in there...

There's something else
you should know.

- Hey!
- Hey, sis.


Heard they're
busting you loose tomorrow.

- Yeah, all the way
to colorado.

It's good, really.

Like, my mom was sincere.

Every time I close my eyes
or I try to read a magazine

Or just do anything it all,

It all comes flooding back.

Time away
is the right thing, kelly.

- You tell otis?

- Yeah.

Take care of him for me,

[electricity crackles]
- yah!

- Whoa!
You got that?

- Yeah, I'm all right.



- Hey, buddy,
look who's joined us.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- Glad you made it.

Grab a hammer.

[overlapping chatter]

- You're gonna retake it.

- I don't know.

Maybe it just wasn't
meant to be.

- Listen, you're disappointed.

That's gonna pass.

Deep down, are you
a firefighter or not?

- You're a firefighter?

- [clears throat]

Not yet, but just wait.

- What's up, bud?
Here you go, nathan.

- Thanks for coming, kelly.

- Yeah, are you kidding me?

I wouldn't miss it
for the world.

- So where are those
supposed to go?

- We got a surprise for you.
Come on.

- What is it?

- You'll see.

- Hey.

All right, everybody,
gather 'round.

Hey, guys, come on down here.

How y'all doing?

All: Good.
- Hey!

- A few weeks ago,

Our firehouse was in danger
of being shut down,

And it would've been

If this little man hadn't
come by armed with nothing

But a thermos of soup
and an idea.

When we found out that your
school had lost its library,

It was our honor
to build you a new one.

[cheers and applause]

- You did this for us?

- Yeah, we all did.

- That's awesome.

- Well, come on!
Come in and have a look.

- Hey, that library's
gonna need new books, you know.

- Yup.
Bye-bye, jimmy.

- A couple beers, please.

- Beers, huh?

Ooh, the boy scouts
are really stepping out.

All right, all right.

Here we go.
Raffle time!

Okay, here we go.

And the hockey tickets
go to 1-2...

- Uh-huh.

- 2!
- 9!

- Aw!
- [cheers]

Yeah, yeah.
- 1-2-9.

- Oh, well.
- Well, okay.

Well, I want
to thank you all for coming

And raising money to buy books
for the new library.

You know, sometimes people
need a little help,

Whether they know it or not,


- Hear, hear.
- Yeah. Oh!

A little bird told me

That herrmann's lieutenant test
results came back.

Care to share, christopher?

Oh, okay.

- All right, um...

I got a 70...

Which means I passed!

[cheers and applause]


Hey, yeah, oh!

- Well done, man.
- Kind of. "c," c-plus.

[phone vibrates]
[overlapping chatter]

- That's right.
Good enough.

- Thanks for your enthusiasm.

- Congratulations, brother.

- Oh, yeah.

- Okay.

- So jeff's filled us in
on everything

You've been doing
for the school.

- Hmm.
- We talked about it,

And we think
you deserve another tip.

Now, don't go selling
those ones.

We'd like you guys
to be our guests at the game.

- Thank you, guys.

Seriously, thank you.
That's so sweet.

- You bet.

- Hey.

I just had
to get off my foot.

- You okay?

- Yeah, more than ever.

I'm ready to do this.

- Listen, um...

After the fight
with keeler's guy,

My ear started bleeding.

There was some swelling
around the first injury.

Doc cleared me for work,

But she said next time
I might not be so lucky.

- Why didn't you tell me?

- I didn't want to take away
from your focus

On the academy.
- Matt...

This is just a job.

What we have is everything.

- I know.

Never again.

- Gabriela, lieutenant casey?

Lieutenant casey,
I'm rebecca jones.

- Hi.

- We just got
our assignments,

And I'm the new candidate
on truck 81.

- Oh!
Great, welcome.

- Kelly, listen,
I don't know the whole story,

But keeler's got a hook
in somebody

Higher up the food chain.

- So what?

- So they're telling us
to cut him loose.

- Tell them
they can go to hell.

- I did.

But he's still walking.

- You do something, erin,
or I will.