Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 2, Episode 12 - Out with a Bang - full transcript

Lieutenant Casey tries to convince himself and everyone around him that he is one hundred percent healthy following his near-death incident in the line of duty. Shay, not wanting to delve into the emotionally traumatic incident, continues to elude a lawyer who wants to speak with her about Darryl's suicide. Meanwhile, Otis and Katie bond over board games, Boden helps out a woman with a negligent landlord and Dawson notices fellow recruit Rebecca Jones undertaking some interesting test-taking techniques at the Academy.

You good? No after-effects?

How do you walk away from
abuilding collapse like that?

You'd tell me if
something was wrong, right?

I'd like you all to give a nice warm welcome

to our new paramedic in
charge, Miss Alison Rafferty.

- Hi, I'm Gabriela Dawson.
- Rebecca Jones.

Her father is Deputy
District Chief Lionel Jones.

He's very keen on having his
daughter get through the academy.

- I don't care whose kid she is.
- Make it work.

Ok, guys. You can't pas this test...

you won't pass the firefighter 2 exam,
given at the end of academy training.

Which means that you will
not become a firefighter.

Simple as that. You have one hour.

Starting now.

[Conversing quietly in front of classroom]

- Hey, Chief.
- I see you haven't submitted

the accident report
for the Quincy fire yet.

Yeah. I'm sorry about that.

I'll get on it.

Everything going okay?

- You feel good?
- I feel great.

Just went to the doctor, he said
everything checks out, so yeah.

Exactly what I want to hear.

So get that report done
and let's put it behind us.

Will do. Thanks, Chief.

Ah, will you look at this?

Could they at least get you

- a T-shirt that fit you?
- [Wolf whistles]

You will still sit with us, won't you?

Okay, I know the traditions.

You guys have some sort
of prank planned for me?

Well, good luck, because I'm
keeping my eyes wide open.

Hey, Casey, how's Dawson
doing at the academy?

I miss my partner.

Way to make the new girl feel welcome.

Look, it's going to take
more than just homophobia

and too much eye shadow to
win my affections, Rafferty.

Hey, is Dawson coming by here?

'Cause the bank is stepping in now,

and they need us to come up with
10% of Molly's assessed value.

And since we don't have
50,000 bucks laying around,

we're looking to get an extension.

Yes, she'll be here.

Hey, did you pick up
lumber at the salvage place?

I did, but there's too
much to fit in my truck.

We need a transport.

Hey, any of you guys have a
contact with a trucking company

who can haul lumber on the cheap,

or, better yet, for free?

Yes, Mouch, you know someone?

No, I... I have a question.

Even though he's no longer the candidate,

Mills can still do the cooking, right?

Oh, no, no, no, no, no. Forget it.

I already tossed my pots and pans.

Okay, starting next week, we draw straws.

In the meantime,

I'll call Katie and see if she can

cook up something for us today.


I want you to picture something, all right?

You, Katie, hanging out, having fun,

getting all hetero on each other,

and then, like most
relationships, it ends badly,

and then Katie goes to Severide,

and she's like, "[Crying] No!

Otis broke my heart,
Kelly. He broke my heart."


That's how that'll end, all right?

Let me guess... you're in
charge of hardware store runs

for the big construction project.


Damn it.

Are you Leslie Shay?

No, I'm... Leslie Shay, yeah.

Ms. Shay, I've been trying
to track you down this week

because I'm the successor
trustee for Darryl Bell,

and you're the trust beneficiary.

The... the what?

Mr. Bell designated that, upon his death,

all of his assets be transferred to you.

The keys to his apartment,
which now belongs to you,

- as does everything in it.
- Whoa.

Here's all the relevant paperwork.

- But I don't want it.
- Under the law, it's yours,

whether you want it or not.


Truck 81, Squad 3, Ambulance 61...

Squad-man to the rescue!

[Horns blasting, sirens]

Looks like we got a small fire on one.

51, get a line in there.

Truck, Squad, give me a
primary search on both floors.

Clarke, Capp, second floor.

Mills, grab a silver bullet

and stay with me. We'll take the first.

Cruz, raise the aerial.

Otis and Mouch, check the basement.

Herrmann, with me.

Fire department! Everyone
evacuate the building!

Sir, we need you to head on outside.

This is my home. I can't
leave my belongings.

Get out of here before you get hurt!

Don't touch me!

Mills, hit that.


Herrmann, right here!

On three! One, two, three!

Lieutenant, we got a
barbecue grill over here!

It's propane! Everybody
out, it's gonna blow!

[Boden grunts, crowd shouting]

- Mills! You all right?
- I'm good.

Severide, status, now!

We're all okay. Got the victim out.

Propane grill exploded. One room fire.

51, get a line on it.

B.P. is 112 over 74.

Let's keep her at 15 liters,
and we'll go from there.

All right, take some nice,
deep breaths for me, okay?

You know how dangerous it is
to use a propane grill inside?

You're a very lucky young lady.

Don't you yell at her! She was just doing

what she could to keep
from freezing to death.

The problem is our cheapskate landlord.

He won't fix the damn heat,

so we're all doing whatever
we can to stay alive in there.

Just heard two more recruits dropped out.

Stevenson and the short guy

who threw up after the
hose drill yesterday.

You know, I can handle the physical stuff,

but... I have dyslexia,

so the memorizing and writing stuff down,

it's always been tough for me.

You're not the only person to come through

the academy with dyslexia.

Talk to the instructors.

Instructor Severide's
already gunning for me.

I don't want to give him more ammo.

[Clears throat] Yeah, I have to study.

I thought I'd put the
Darryl stuff behind me,

which wasn't easy,

but why would he leave everything to me?

- Who knows?
- I don't want any of it.

It just feels like blood money, somehow.

What kind of blood money we talking here?

Get out of here.

Hey, Clarke, what's this insignia mean?

Darryl Bell was a Navy man.

Boatswain mate, third class.

I gotta deal with this?

Hey, Mills?

There's some guy in the
tower looking for you.

Kenny Bloomfeld with
the Chicago Sun-Times.

I'm writing an article
on you for the paper.

- On me?
- Yeah.

You're one of the youngest guys ever

to make Rescue Squad for the C.F.D.

That's quite an achievement.

You have a minute to talk?

Yeah, sure. Let's talk.

Most guys are on the job for many years

before they make Squad, if
they ever make it at all.

So what do you think
makes you so exceptional?

Well, I'm good-looking,

which I think is the most important part,

honestly, 'cause C.F.D.
loves a camera-ready face,

and experience is really
irrelevant when all you do

is eat, and sleep, and
eat, and sleep, you know.

Come on.

No, really, we... we don't do much.

I guess there's a reason
why they say Squad is

the last to the fire, first
to the dinner table, huh?

[Pats belly, laughs]

This yard's perfect. Great get.

- Listen, I have a favor to ask.
- Sure.

Uh, the Chief asked me to fill out

the accident report from my injury.

The doc said I checked out,

but that there might be some
concussion-related memory issues

for a while, since I got
my bell rung pretty good.

The thing is,

I don't remember the two days
leading up to the accident.


Sounds like you got more
than just your bell rung.

It's fine, trust me.

But if I tell Boden,

red flags go up, and suddenly
everything becomes a big deal.

I just need a hand with the report.

You tell Dawson about all this?

Eh. I don't want her to worry.

Sure, yeah, I'll... I'll
help with the report.


[Knock at door]

Jim Giovannetti?

[Sighs] That's right.

[Clears throat] Who are you?

Wallace Boden, Battalion Chief

with the Chicago Fire Department.

We put out a fire yesterday

at the building you own, 1100 Grant Place.

Right. [Laughs] Right.

Well, thank you for doing your job.

While we were at the location,

we noticed that your tenants
were jerry-rigging heaters

to compensate for the fact
that there was no working heat.

That's a very dangerous situation,

not to mention illegal.

Well, I'll just have to go ahead

and talk to them about that.

The heat works... works just fine,

as far as I know.

I find that very hard to believe,

so I have some advice
for you, Mr. Giovannetti.

Make sure your tenants have
working heat immediately,

or the fire inspectors,

they will swarm all over your properties.

The building department,
they'll condemn them.

When we're done with you, you
won't be able to afford the rent

on one of your own apartments.

Do we understand each other?

I'm happy to check on the
heat again... like I said.

You do that.


[Breathing hard]

[Echoes] Darryl...


Sorry if I scared you.


I'm Jed, Darryl's brother.

I'm... I'm guessing you're the
paramedic he left everything to.

Yeah. I'm Leslie Shay.

- I, uh...
- Hi.

Hi. I feel terrible about all this.

I don't know why he left it to me, I...

My brother was going through a rough time,

obviously, the last six months.

He was angry at the
world 'cause he was sick.

[Sighs] Angry at me

'cause I didn't do enough to help.

But I tried. I really did.

I'm so sorry.

Look, I don't want the money,
so you can have it, and...



That... that means so
much to me and my family,

I can't even tell you. Thank you.

Of course, yeah.

What if I can't do it?

Every time I put the mask
on, I get claustrophobic.

Yeah, everyone does at first.


I feel like I'm trapped in a fishbowl!

All right, just size it up,

and wear it when you study, cook,

watch TV, for as long as you can.

- All right?
- I'll try, thanks.

Who pissed you off?

What do you mean?

- You've got that look.
- [Sighs]

Rebecca Jones, the other woman in my class?

I saw her cheating.

Do you think I should tell Severide?

No. Absolutely not.

Just keep your head down,
focus on your own work.

Her colors will show
without you stepping in.



Your turn.

Oh, oh!

Yes! [Laughter]

You guys get one of those,
then we're coming for you.

Oh, come on, that was a classic.

The fake reporter wasn't enough?

You guys had to add a lame
chair gag on top of it?

What reporter?

Oh, very funny.

Hey, guys!

Chow's up!

Hey, let me... let me help you with that.


- Hey.
- Hey.

I, uh, I feel really uncomfortable

going behind Severide's back

- with this.
- With what?

We haven't done anything
except play Settlers of Catan

and make out.

Yeah, that's the part I'm referring to.

Then let's talk to him.
We can do it together.

No. No, I'll do it.

What are you gonna tell him?

That I really like you,

and that I want to see more of you.

That is so sweet.

Hey, Lieutenant, do you have a second?

Yeah, what's up?

I would like to ask Katie out on a date,

and I was hoping for your blessing.

[Chainsaw revving]

Just checking the spark arrestor.

Wanted to make sure the
motor was running good.

- That makes sense.
- Um... [Clears throat]

What were we talking about?

I don't... [Mutters]

I'm gonna go check and
see if lunch is ready.

[Clears throat]

I want to ask your sister out, okay?

I have nothing but the best of intentions.

Do I have your permission?



I... 'cause I'm telling
you, I am the ultimate...

Take "yes" as an answer, Otis.


- Chicago Sun-Times.
- Hey, you happen to have

a reporter on staff named Kenny Bloomfeld?

Please hold for that extension.


Hello, this is Kenny. I'm
not available right now.

Please leave a message,
and I will return your call.

[Beep] This mailbox is full.


So I called the lawyer and
figured out the best way

- to hand everything over to Jed.
- Oh, good.

- So you're done with it?
- Mm-hmm.

Just out of curiosity,

how much you think it's all worth?

Well, it's the apartment
and a couple of bonds.

And the military pension.

I didn't see anything
about that in the paperwork.

But, all in all, the
whole thing's about 40,000.



Ambulance 61, injured person.

Bendon Shopping Plaza,
8350 North Michigan...

[Casey chuckles]

The escalator just stopped out of nowhere.

Lady up top is stuck.

I need help! [Crying]

- I can't move.
- Okay.

All right. We're gonna
get you out of here, okay?

You're gonna be all right.

What's your name?

Ella. [Crying]

Aah! [Crying]

Okay, Ella, we might need
to give you a little haircut.

- Oh, my God!
- Get the shears.


- [Screaming]
- Okay, it's okay, calm down.

It's okay. It's all right, don't move.

- Just don't move.
- [Crying] Oh, my...

[crying] Oh, my God.

Nice work.



I hate it when Lakeshore is backed up.

What's wrong with Chicago
Med? I like this place.

Hey, Raff.

You saved my life.

How can I thank you?

Oh, sweetie, there's no need.


"Ella Sterling, owner." That's awesome.

- Leslie!
- Kendra!

Oh, don't freak out.

Big lesbian hug about to go down.

I'll avert my eyes.

Hey, um, can you get the paperwork?

I'm gonna head back to the rig.

Yeah, sure.

How's Allison doing?


She's fine. Why?

No reason.

Kendra, how do you know Rafferty?

She was a resident here until last year.

Her fianc? got Hodgkin's.

She dropped out of the
program to take care of him.

He died about six months ago.

[Door opens]

What took you so long?

Asking her advice on the latest Subaru?


Chief Boden.

Donna Robbins, from
the fire a few days ago.

Yeah, yeah, of course. I remember.

That landlord has never fixed a thing.

My cupboard doors are
broken, the faucet drips.

It's... [Chuckles]

But I came home to a warm apartment

last night for the first time in months.

I have a feeling you had
something to do with it.

Yeah, I had a chat with him.

Well, I made you some of my
special butternut squash puree.

Well, that wasn't necessary,
but very kind of you.

I live alone, so I enjoy
making it for other people.

Well, I'm gonna let you get back to work.

Thanks again for all that you did.

You're welcome.

Nice lady.


And you just let her
walk right out of here?

What was I supposed to do?

- Ask her out.
- What?

Chief, you didn't notice that
she was flirting with you?

Dropping the fact that she lives alone?

You really think so?


- Hey.
- Hey.

So I called some of my buddies
down at Veteran Affairs,

and, um, it turns out that
Darryl's brother is diverting

that military pension to himself.

For a long time now.

- Thought you'd want to know.
- Yeah.


That's pretty low.

Hey, look, I know how
terrible this whole experience

has been for you, but it seems to me

like something good could come out of this.

- Okay.
- Look...

We're not grave robbers,
you know, and I say this

with great respect for all
that you've been through

and what you clearly meant to the guy.

Things happen for a reason.

Meaning what?

Meaning you could convert this
money into something positive,

like helping me, Herrmann,
and Dawson hold onto Molly's.

I'm not keeping the money, guys.

But I just heard Clarke tell you

that the brother was stealing
from Darryl's pension.

The guy's a common criminal.

I mean, it's no surprise
that Darryl stiffed him.

I don't want the money.

I don't want it.

- The lamb looks good.
- Ugh.

- Who could eat a baby sheep?
- Not me.


Veal looks amazing, though.


Hey, what is that guy's problem?

He keeps looking over here.


I'm sure it's no big deal.

Should we get appetizers?


Can I help you with something?

Just looking out at my car. It's new.

Don't like parking it on the street.

Got it.

A simple apology would be nice.

- Would it?
- What's your problem?

It sounds like, to me,
you're the one with a problem.


Matt, it's no big deal. Come on.

Listen to your girl, pal.

Hey! Matt! Matt, stop!

This guy's a psycho!

- It's fine. It's fine.
- I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

- It's cool.
- No, you need to leave. Now.

Sorry. I'm sorry.

It's cool. He's cool.

Come on. Come on.

Come on.

We should start looking at
apartments this week-end,

if you want.


- Baby?
- Hmm?

That was not you last night.

I've never seen you
act that way in my life.


I can't say "sorry" enough times.

I'll make it up to you.

You know, I'm not... I'm
not worried about the dinner.

I'm worried about you.

If we're gonna do this, you
need to be honest with me.

I'm fine.

I haven't been sleeping great.

That's just part of getting
back on the work schedule.

I'm better every day.

I promise.


Hey, Kenny! Kenny, hey!

There you are, man.

Look, I don't know if you got

any of my emails, but
I just want you to know,

I was completely kidding in that interview.

I thought the whole thing was a prank.

You said what you said.

No. No, Kenny.

Kenny, listen, the guys,
we do this whole thing.

They play pranks...

Kenny! No!


All right, listen up. Once we get the smoke

up and started, I'll
send you in two by two.

You'll make your way through the tower

and then back out the other side.

Some of the spaces are tight,
but they're all manageable,

so no excuses. And mask up at the door.

Reiger, Price, you're up.

We got this, Dawson. No sweat.

Jones, Dawson, go.

It's a low bridge!

Go for it!



[Gasping, coughing]

- You good?
- [Breath slowing]

It's okay. Come on, Dawson.


[Clears throat]


No points for speed,

but you two made it. Go on inside.

[Breathing heavily] Thanks.

No worries. I owed you one.

Is that, uh, the Sunday paper, Chief?


It's the Friday paper,
because today is Friday.

Yeah, right. That makes sense.

What can I do for you, Mills?

I wanted to give you a heads-up.

A reporter came by.

Uh, I thought the guys had set it up,

messing with me because
of the Squad promotion.

I said some things that
I probably shouldn't have.


Yeah, some really stupid things, Chief.

Possibly embarrassing
to the department things.

You know what, Mills?

I'm gonna take your advice.

All right?

I'm gonna go see that woman.

Glad I got my washing in

before your flannel
shirts broke the machine.

Look, Rafferty, um,

I just want to say that,

you know, I went through
a really rough time

a little while back,

and I... I didn't reach out to anyone.

I didn't talk to anybody.

I held on to it,

and it almost swallowed me up.

So... you know,

if you ever want to talk to anybody,

I'm here.



Accident report.

Thank you.

All right.

No, I understand.

Thank you for your time.

[Sighs] The bank.

What'd they say?

Loan extension was denied.

All that hard work.

All the love and money that you

and me and Dawson poured into Molly's

was for nothing.

Oh, hey, man, it wasn't for nothing.

Molly's was like a second home to us

since you guys fixed it up.

- I got engaged there, huh?
- And then unengaged.

- Thanks, Mouch.
- Cruz is right.

Dawson was just saying
how Molly's pulled her

through some rough times.
Got all of us through.

It wasn't for nothing, Herrmann.

It was a great ride, and in honor of that,

we should send Molly's out with a bang.

Yeah, huh?

Why not throw one last, big,
ass-kicker of a party, huh?

Herrmann, you gave it a good shot.

It's gonna be okay, buddy.

[Alarm] Truck 81, Squad 3,

Ambulance 61, man trapped.


A photographer went up on the roof

to get some skyline pictures,

but a guest saw him climb onto
the smokestack and fall in.

He wasn't supposed to go up there.

Get your facility manager.

Shut the heat plant down immediately.

Get it to blow only air.

Okay, everybody, all the way up. Let's go!

Severide, head up that
chimney ladder, get a look in.

Casey, it looks like the bend

in the shaft hits at the 25th floor.

See if you can find a
way in from that level.

Should be at the center stairwell.

Copy that, Chief.

I got him.

He's jammed in there pretty good

at the break off point about 20 feet down.

Is he breathing?

I can't tell.

Is there any way in from the inside?

Two layers of steel and brick down here.

It'll take us hours to get close.

Then we go in from above.

Re-rig the roof ladder.

We'll set it up as an
overhead anchor point.

- Copy that.
- You ready to go down there

- and get him?
- I'm all over it.

All right.

Listen, it's too narrow for a backboard.

When you get down to him,
wrap him up in webbing,

- we'll muscle both of you up.
- Okay.

Make sure he's secure before you move him.

If he slides any further down that angle,

it's a 30-story drop to the bottom.

- I got it.
- Okay. Let's go!

Tension in the line.


He's in. Going down.

Hey. Hey, can you hear me?

- [Groans]
- Hey, he's alive.

Get that webbing around him.

Don't move.

I'm gonna hook you onto
our pulley system, okay?


Mills? Mills?

[Grunts] Yeah, we're almost there.

Almost there.


Hey, I got him.

Let's go!


Hold him right there.

Go ahead.

Got his feet.

- You got him?
- I got his head.


Ready? One, two, three.

You said the lawyer would call!

Yeah, and he will.

You're playing games, aren't you?

But that's what you did
with my brother, too.

Wonder what you promised
him that you didn't deliver.


Are you gonna transfer
his assets to me or not?

Did you take your
brother's military pension?

That's my business.

Answer the question.

Lady, I don't think you
know who you're messing with.

Everything okay out here?


This is, uh... this is
Darryl's brother, Jed.

He was just leaving.

Start moving in that direction.

[Saw whirrs, cuts]

- There's a miter saw here.
- This is working fine.

There's a miter saw right here.


Look, I'm not one to preach to anybody,

but last year, after my
injury, when things went South,

the reason I made it through
is because I went to Dawson

and asked for help.

The doctor was sure it's a temporary thing.

The cobwebs are gonna clear up.

You hear what I said?

I need to know you heard what I said.

I did, yeah.

It kind of comes and goes.

What does?

Chunks of time. Where I remember.

We talking before or after the accident?


[Door unlocking]

Chief Boden.

Oh, no, no. Please call me Wallace.

Um, I heard you had a
cabinet needed fixing.

[Laughs] Oh, yes, I do.

And by a happy coincidence,
you're just in time for dinner.

Oh, is that so?

Come on in. [Laughs]

- It's good to see you.
- You, too.

I loved this place!

Me, too.

You know, I had sex on that bar once.

Oh, my God, me, t... didn't.

Did... did not.

To Molly's.

Just one more failed business venture

on the scrap heap of Christopher
Herrmann, incorporated.

- Hello, Professor.
- Somebody's had a few.

Yes, and does that mean that you'll tell me

how I did on my exam?

Well, I might as well.
You'll find out tomorrow.

You got an 87.

- Yeah?
- Nice job, Dawson!

- Pretty good for a girl, right?
- Yeah!

Hey, uh... what did,
uh... what did Jones get?

- Come on.
- Come on.

I'm losing my bar. It's been a rough night.

Throw a scrap my way?


Wow. That's impressive.

C.F.D. Brass is gonna be
all over her come graduation.

- Hey.
- Hey!

Don't make fun of me.

It's a Tahitian tingle, and I
know it's dorky, but I love it.

I love that drink, too.

I was thinking maybe
after the party tonight

you can come over?

- To your place?
- Yes.

No one else is there tonight.

I might even let you go to second base.

Are we talking about your
second base, or my second base?

Is there a second base for guys?

You know what it is?

I'm probably confusing
second base for third base.

Oh, my God. I do that, too.

Mills, I think you know Kenny.


I... I called the Sun-Times.

I... I am a reporter there,

but I do the home and garden beat.

Okay. Who... who put you up to it?

Wally Boden.

He's my next-door neighbor.

I'm in! Oh!

If Boden is busting my balls,
then I have finally made it!

I am in! Yes!

Drinks are on me!

[Cheering] Guys, guys, guys!

We just poured cement mix down the toilets.

Yeah, let the banks try
flushing those babies!


Guys! [Laughter]


Um, the money's for you.

It's yours. For Molly's.


Yeah, whoo!

- All right, all right.
- [Laughter]

Yes! Oh!

Oh, I love you!

Oh, my God!

Hey, hey, hey!

To Shay, and Molly's, back in business!