Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 2, Episode 10 - Not Like This - full transcript

All seems lost with firehouse 51 on the verge of closing its' doors, thanks in no small part to Gail McLeod, but Chief Boden and the rest of the house refuse to allow themselves to sit by and let it happen. An emergency call to an apartment structure fire tests everyone's limits and puts the squad in harm's way. Meanwhile, Dawson receives some life-changing news and union president Greg Sullivan makes headlines, which has an immediate impact on Mouch.

You seem a little distracted.

I'm kind of facing a
difficult career decision.

Smile, Mills.

You're gonna be a cop.

Previously on Chicago Fire...

As far as I'm concerned, it's our time now.


This is the man who saved me.

Lisa and I still have unfinished business.

I loaned her some money
when we were together.

Get the hell out.

These are the new
assignments for your people.

You all have one more shift together,

and Firehouse 51 will be closing.

- 5 bucks, right?
- No.


5 bucks!

Oh, man.

All right, you know what?

I can't believe they're closing us down.


51 saved my life, man.

Yeah, she said you'd be here.


Turn around. Go.

2 grand, Clarke.

That's what I gave your wife.

So either I get it back, or
we just call it what it was:

A transaction between a man and a whore.

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.

Get the hell out of here, Hayes!

You hear me?

Next time I see you, I'll kill you!

- I will kill you!
- Get back!

You're not gonna pay?

I'll just have to collect it myself.

Leave. Now.

You know, this is our last shift.

Once we're at separate houses,
there's no need to hide.

That'd be nice.

Hey, why don't we just
tell everybody today?

I mean, they're our friends.

Yeah, we should.

Let's do it at the end.



I just can't believe that Zoya up and left.

It's for the best, trust me.

I mean, you guys were
racing the clock to do this.

That's never a recipe for success.

I really dug her.

She liked you too.

And just when I felt things
were falling into place

with my brother, and now he's gone too.

Look, Zoya did ask me
to give you this, okay?

She said, "please don't be mad at me."

Or at least she said...

Which roughly translates to that.

Mix CD.

I hear you, Jim. Trust me.

We have done everything we
can to try and save this house.

Where's the next closest one?

Five miles away?

What's that do to response times?

It doesn't help, that's for sure.

So how do they justify it?

Like most things, it comes down to money.


Hey, Nathan.

How you doin', buddy?

The arm's great.

I made the basketball team.

That's great. That's amazing.

All of you, I want you to know

we share your concerns
about the neighborhood.

We have always been a neighborhood house,

and we...

we're sorry.

Thank you.

I'm sure you've done everything you could.

Stay safe, all of you.

He put his name on the
line for us, his career.

You got any ideas?

Nothing we haven't talked about 100 times.

I'm not ready to quit.

No, I hear that.

We got one more shift.

These are our new firehouse assignments

starting next shift.

Some of you will be floating

until they can find a permanent home.

Others, this is it.

You know what?

One thing I learned during my campaign

is that I should've fought till the end.

I regret that I didn't put
my foot on Sullivan's throat

when I had the chance.

Mouch is right.

We still have 24 hours.

What did they say at the academy?

"One shift can change someone's life"?

Let's change ours.

We rally the troops.

Reach out to everyone know.

And go after McLeod.

Truck 81, Squad 3,
Ambulance 61, Battalion 25.

Vehicle accident, 88 West Loomis Street.

I hear the sirens. It's gonna be okay.

Just... just hang on.

They're here.

It's okay.

We're gonna get you out.

It's my fault.

I should've double-checked the chain.

Show me.

He was in a hurry to off-load,

so I released the locking system,

but the chains should've held.

Okay, we have seconds
here, people, not minutes.

So let's go, go, go.

Mills, Mouch,

two chain bags to the top deck.

- Yeah.
- On it.

Can you hear me, sir?

Are you hurt?

I don't know. I don't know.

Guys, get me the jaws, cutters, and a ram.

Let's move. What's your name?


Try and stay calm, sir.

Oh, please, help me. Please!

We need to stabilize him.

Wait till we secure the car.

Chief, it won't take long.

I said no.

Please. Help me, please.

Mouch, talk to me.

We're locked down.

Car secured.

Okay, Cruz, let it out nice and easy.


Hey, hey, hey, stay awake, Isaac.

That's it. Eyes on me.

Clarke, cutters.

Okay, Isaac, we're almost there.

All right, ram's in position.

What's happening?

I can't feel it.

I can't feel anything.

You're fine.

We're just gonna move you.

- All right, on three.
- Watch his legs.

One, two, three, up.

All right, let's go.

Hey, Nathan.

What are you doing?

Last year, they closed our school's library

to add classrooms.

No one fought back or did anything.

I thought they should've done more.

So this time, I'm fighting back.

That's great. How many do you have?

Two. Me and my mom.

But don't worry. I'll get more.


Hey, you get cold, come inside, all right?

I got soup.

- I'll be fine.
- Okay.

At the home of Greg Sullivan,
who is the current...

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. What's this?

He was caught last night
in a sting operation

from the C.P.D. where it turns out

he's been embezzling union
money to fund a lavish lifestyle

of trips to the Bahamas and jet skis.

I have no comment at this time.

Please leave me and my family alone.

Sir, how do you respond
to those allegations?

- Excuse me.
- Wait! Wait! Wait!

Can you believe that?

Wait, so who's in charge?

This is your chance, Mouch.

It is signed from above.

This is a course correction.

This is a chance to fly up to Phoenix

and spread your wings.

"Like a Phoenix," not "to Phoenix."


The difference between winners and losers

is not who's the strongest,

but who can recognize
the strongest opportunity.

Yeah, I know.

I hear you.

But can we meet?

As soon as possible.


I'll be here.


Arranging a rendezvous
with one of your babes?

How many do you think I have?

I don't know. It better be one.

It is.

I'll introduce you to her sometime.

She's hot.

That was your brother.

I'm gonna talk to him about McLeod.

Mm, dirty pool.

I love it.


Well, it's a dangerous job.

Yo, you had something sent
over from headquarters.

- Thanks.
- Yeah.

Your shirt's untucked.

Hey, Chief.

You wanted to see me?

Yeah, man, um...

McLeod is coming over
later for a walkthrough,

go over some final logistics, and, well,

I'd like to think I'd take
the high road on this one,

but right now, I'm not so sure.

We'll handle it.


It's my fault.

I let this woman get under my skin,

and I thought I could outmuscle her.

I keep playing it back in my mind.

If I'd just kept my mouth shut.


The only thing you did was stand up

for the firefighters in your house.

Same thing you've been doing
since you put on those bugles.

This isn't over.

Thank you.

This is our problem.

We are gonna get in more trouble.

You got a better idea than that?

- I'm just saying.
- I don't think it's coming.

We got to think about what happened.

What do you want, McHolland?

It doesn't matter.

He doesn't have a say.

Nope, Wyck, that's not true.

I have every right to speak,
and I'm going to speak,

and when I'm done,

you can then decide what you want to do.


So Greg Sullivan turned out to
be not such a great idea, huh?

Let's talk about how we, as a union,

are letting the state come in here,

and mandate manpower, and
worse, close firehouses.

It's time we rise, ladies and gentlemen,

like a Phoenix.

We're getting run over,

and we should be the
ones doing the running...


Okay, fine.

We've been pulling everything we could

regarding Gail McLeod's mandate.

Was able to access some documentation

as to what authority
McLeod does or doesn't have.


It's not a smoking gun, but it's something.

What do you got?

McLeod doesn't technically
have to close another house,

but she does receive a bonus of $200,000

if she gets the budget down 10%.

She's doing this to make herself rich.

I bet the Sun-Times
would like to hear that.

What's up?


when I first applied to be an EMT,

I took the firefighters test,

and I'd honestly forgotten about it.

It was, like, six years ago.


And today...

I was accepted to be a firefighter.

Oh, my God.

This is... this is huge.

Is it... is that what you want?

I don't know. Should it be?

- Yes, of course.
- Yeah?

I mean, this is your
chance to be a firefighter.

We need women who kick ass
on these trucks, you know?

And Dawson, if there's
anything I know about you,

it's that you kick ass.


I do, don't I?


But, wait. What about Casey?

I mean, do I... do I ask his opinion,

or do I just tell him I'm doing this?

No, definitely talk to him.

Secrets suck, you know?

He'll be happy for you.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

This is amazing.

Come here.

I got your back.

You're the best.

Hey, keep it going, guys.

Severide, here for a refresher?

Oh, here we go.

Another 20 minutes about
how there hasn't been

a real firefighter in
this city since the '70s.

How's the class?

Lumps of clay, but I'll get 'em molded.

Hey, I need a favor.


You know they're closing 51?

Yup, it's a load of crap.

So we're rallying the troops.

I need every warm body we can get.

Anything you want...

as long as you come in next month

to teach a basic training class.

You need an answer now?

You want my help now?

All right, I'm in.

- I'll get on the phone.
- Thanks.

All right, you humps, break's over.

Back up the ladders with your gear on.

Eh, that was nice at least.

She made him that mix CD.

I made him that mix CD.

I figured he could use the pick-me-up.



How's he doing?

Says he wants to stay out there.

He's got, like, maybe ten signatures.

Heard about Zoya.

Yeah, I don't want to talk about it.


Neither do I.

It's just that I really liked her.

And I thought maybe we had a chance.

She just... she would've seen

that it wasn't just 'cause
she was leaving the country,

but because we had a connection...

a real connection.

Could've grown that into something.

How are you and Lisa doing?

She and I are fine.

Just, uh, things are a
little messy with her ex.

Last shift, huh?


It's what I wanted to talk about.

Not about you and my sister?

Don't sweat it.

She tells me everything,

and I always liked you.

Tell that to your mother, please.

Oh, yeah?

I will. I will.

But that's not what you called me about.

No, it's this Gail McLeod.

Ah, the thorn in your firehouse's side.


Listen, the thing is

there's got to be something on her.

Something criminal.

Okay, well...

there's two roads you can take here, Matt.

The high road, I'll look into her, or...

No, keep Voight out of this.

Of course.


- I'll see what I can do.
- All right.


The beaver doesn't care.

He just pulls his stick

and puts it by the river to build his dam.

Hey, guys?

Question for the group.

And for the record, you
know, this is a safe room.

Just honest opinions, and
no one's gonna be judged.

Oh, just spit it out.

What do you guys think
about female firefighters?

- Honest answer?
- Yep.

- I'm fine with 'em.
- Yeah.

Everyone says Meg over at
85 is worth three of the men.

Well, I have worked with a woman,

and let me just say it
wasn't a favorable experience.

It's no secret that they
lowered the standards of the test

to be more inclusive, isn't that right,

Mr. Soon-to-be union president?

Not entirely.

All right, well, all I know

is that this female
firefighter over at Firehouse 17

couldn't physically lift
some debris off her partner,

and they both nearly died.

And it was a nothing house fire.

It comes down to simple physics.

A woman's body is different than a man's.

What if you need someone
to get into a tighter space?

What if you need someone
to crawl into an area

that you can't reach?

I'm content to be with my boys on 81.

No offense.

A female saved your life

when you fell three stories, remember?

Look, and I'm glad that you
were there as a paramedic,

but I'm also glad that you didn't fall

through the floor with me.

They'd have dug both our bodies out.

- Unbelievable.
- What?

You said this was a safe room.

Why is she bitin' my head off?

Because you have your head stuck up your...

you know what?

I am gonna chalk this up to
the high tensions of the day.

Fine with me.

So this letter arriving
today was a complete shock.

What happened to med school?

I'm on... I'm on year six of
my three-year plan to get in,

and I realize that I am fooling myself.

But this falling into my lap?

I mean, I'm honestly
asking. What should I do?

It feels right to me.

It... it feels like perfect timing.

My honest opinion is that...

you tend to leap before you look sometimes.

No more than you.

Fair enough.

All I'm saying is just...
just talk to some other

female firefighters,
gather some information,

understand better what
you're getting yourself into.

Make an informed decision.

Ambo 61, man injured from unknown causes.

2119 Kinzie.

That is good advice.

Thank you.

He said what?

I don't think he's on board.

Um, did someone call an ambulance?


Would you... would you mind
putting some clothes on?

We're not ashamed of our bodies.

It's our friend, Jared.

He hurt his arm.


Uh, why don't you guys,
uh, lead the way then?

Help! Help!

We've done this a million
times and it's never broken.

Oh oh, God. Oh, my God.

Please get me down from here. Please.

Well, this is weird.

Um, how do you usually get him down?

There's a pulley system, but it's broke.

Yeah, I told her not to tie it so tight.

You like it tight.

I think it... I think it cut me.

Oh, God! It cut me!

- Okay, okay, all right.
- Okay.

Hey, Scott, get your ass
over here and lift him please.

Honey, go to the kitchen,
and get me a knife.


Oh, Dawson, how could you
ever want to leave this?

Screw Herrmann.

It's not about what you can or can't carry.

You didn't panic,

and you ordered someone else
to do the lifting for you.

Not too many people
would've thought to do that.

You'd make a great firefighter.

End of story.

Hey, Otis, so I was thinking.

- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.

With you having to move in with your mom,

and Leon having moved out
on me, what if we were to,

um, find a place together?

- Really?
- Yeah.

I mean, look, I know we won't
be as cool as "Shay-Veride,"

but if you think about it, "Crotis... "

could be epic.

- Does have a nifty ring to it.
- Yeah, I know.

And we've never really had a
chance to come into our own.

You know what? Let's do it.


- Absolutely.
- Yeah!

Oh, yeah!

How's it goin', Nathan?


I think I need a bigger sign

or a way to get people's attention.

How 'bout some hot chocolate instead?

What you're doing, it means a lot to us.

So thank you.

Who decides this kind of stuff anyways?


Guess so.


Hey, Antonio.

What's up?

Hey, fellas.

Tell me you got something.

McLeod stole a pack of gum when she was 14.

Otherwise, not even a speeding ticket.

She probably paid 'em off.

- Hey, is Jeff Clarke around?
- That's me.

Mind if I talk to you for a minute?

Severide, you too.

I have to ask if you saw a Brian Hayes

last night at Molly's.

- I did.
- What's up?

His friends said you threatened him.

Said you wanted to kill him.

It was an argument.

Mm. You seen him since?


I went home to bed, and
I've been here all day.

- Why?
- He's dead.

Hey, this Hayes guy came bustin' in,

he called Clarke's wife a whore,

and then he was going on
and on about some money.

Hey, I get it.

But these guys have a history.

You gonna arrest him?

Not yet.

I'll do what I can on my end to
make this as fair as possible,

but I'm not making any promises.

Hey, does he need a lawyer?

Not if he's innocent.

You and your wife are our priority, Jeff,

so whatever you need.

I didn't do it, Chief.

Didn't need to be said,
but I appreciate that.

Chief, Ms. McLeod is here.

Really, Chief, there
is something to be said

for a gracious exit.

State is not happy with you.

What are you talking about?

Okay, fine.

Let's play it your way.

Your little stunt notwithstanding,

as soon as this shift is
over, inspectors will be here

to make sure that all of
your employees exit timely.

Not a jacket, not a pen,

not a souvenir is to leave this house.

- Do I make myself clear?
- Tell me something.

Was closing firehouses a dream
of yours when you were a kid?

Oh, it was at the top of my bucket list.

Along with $200,000?

Excuse me?

Hey, guys, you got to see this.

Save 51!

Save 51!

Save 51!

Save 51!

Save 51!

Save 51!

Save 51!

Save 51!

Save 51!

Save 51!

Save 51!

Save 51!

Save 51!

Save 51!

- Yeah.
- Save 51!

Save 51!

Save 51!

Save 51!

Save 51!

Save 51!

Save 51!

Save 51!

Save 51!

Save 51!

Save 51!

Save 51!

Save 51!

Save 51!



Your presence is being requested,

and yours too, Ms. McLeod.

Thank you.

- They'll see you now.
- Thank you.

You have my word.

Thank you, sir.

Ms. McLeod, I'm Quenton Wheeler.

Yes, of course, I know
who you are, Senator.

How's the national office campaign?

It must be so...

How many calls have we had?

Nearly 1,000.

Local politician works
to save a local firehouse.

Who doesn't love that story?

Well, I've... I don't... I don't know...

Isabella here is going
to handle all the details.

It was great meeting you.

- Ms. McLeod.
- Yes.

On this table here is a piece of paper

awaiting your signature.

Since it has been brought
to the Senator's attention

you don't have a mandate to
close any more firehouses,

we'd like you to sign it.

I don't... I don't think you understand...

I understand this.

You may be able to bully your way around

the state fire marshal's office,

but you're swimming in
different waters now, Gail.

You're gonna sign that paper,
or you're gonna have microphones

stuck in your face asking why your salary's

a big chunk of the
money you saved the city.

If you would just stop to think a moment...

if you don't sign it, I
will nail you to a cross

so hard you won't get a government contract

as a meter maid.

You missed one.

And don't come back, Gail.

Sushi tonight?

Oh, yes. We are gonna order in.

Mmm, perfect.

See you, Chief.

- Thank you.
- My pleasure.

You did a great thing today, Peter.

No, Chief.

It was all because of you.

Ding fricking-dong, the witch is dead!

- Oh, no, no, no.
- Oh, no, no.

Guys, it's not me.


it's Nathan.

It's all you guys showing Isabella

what this house is really about.

Hear, hear.


Guys, um, on that happy note,

Dawson has an announcement to make.

I do?

Yeah, you do.

Um, today, I found out that I was

officially accepted to the fire academy

to become a firefighter.

You'll make a great firefighter, Dawson.

- That's great, really.
- Yeah.

What happened to taking
some time to think about it?

What? You don't support me on this?

No, I do. I do.

I just thought, as I suggested, that you...

you talk to some other people,
consider all your options.

Well, this is happening.

I can see that.

Truck 81, Squad 3,
Ambulance 61, Battalion 25.

Apartment fire, 5021 Quincy.

Cruz, Herrmann, Mills, with me.

Primary search on the top floor.

Counting one, two, three, four.

16 apartments.

- Mouch, check the rear.
- Right!

Otis, stand by.

We're taking the top floor.

We'll start right below you.

51, cover us, two lines in the front door.

We're on it!

How we lookin' in there?

It's rollin', Chief.

Fire department!

Call out!

Ah, this is an oven!

Search quickly, guys.

Fire department!

Call out!

- Anyone here?
- Help!

- Hey! I got one!
- In here!

Engine 51, looks like we're losing.

Hold it back a little longer
till we clear the building,

then we're gonna back out and go defensive.

Watch those stairs!

Herrmann, stay with me.

Count on it.

Truck 81, I need an update.

Chief, we're halfway
through the fourth floor.

Still more to search.

Hey! I got victims in here!

We need a ladder on the northwest window.

Hey, come on, guys. We're
gonna get you out of here.

Stay low. You're okay.

You're okay. We'll get you out.

Hey, you two, follow me.

We need some help.

Otis, you go to the front.

Ready? Go!

Okay. You're okay, you're okay.

Come on, come on, come on.

Clear right here!

Put it down. Careful.

Could collapse. We better go.

Nice and slow. You got it.

Steady, ma'am. You're okay.

Damn it.

The smoke is turning black.

Casey, you got one minute.

I mean it.

Couple more rooms, Chief.

Squad 3 coming out!

All right, I'm calling it.

Evacuate the building.

Evacuate the building right now.

Copy. On our way.

My baby! Please!

My baby!

Please, help me!

Herrmann! Herrmann!

Help me, please.

My baby, please, help me.

My baby, she's in... she's in her crib.

She's in the back bedroom.

Take her. Get her out of here.

- I'm going after the baby.
- No, Casey!

You take her! I'll get the kid!

Herrmann, you have a family!

I'll get the baby!

That's an order!

Lieutenant, no!

- Casey!
- Let's go!

Let's go! No!

- Come on, ma'am, please!
- My baby!

- Let's go!
- No!

Please! No!

Hold on, sweetie.

Hold on.

I got you.

Casey, I need an update.

Almost there.

Come on. Come on.

Structural collapse!

Mayday! Help Casey!

Help Casey! Copy.

We have a structural
collapse. Firefighter down.

Casey, call out!


Call out!


Casey, we got you.

Come on, come on.


Come on, pull harder.

Get him! Get him!

Pull him out!

We got you, Casey!

Okay. Put it down. Put it down.

Oh, God.

I got her.


Hey, get it off.

- We're clear.
- Clear.

Come on, buddy. Come on, buddy.

Come on, buddy.

One, two, three, go.

All right.

- Go.
- Come on, let's go!

Come on.

Damn it, Matt, come on!

Come on.

Come on, Matt! Not like this!

Come on.

Come on.

I'm a firefighter.

I just want to let you guys all know that,

that I am a firefighter,

and I will always be a firefighter.

Hey, guys, the baby's doing fine

and is out of intensive care.


I heard. What do you know?

Head trauma's all.

Be strong.

The two rounds in Hayes'
chest are from a .45 caliber

marine standard-issued sidearm.

Jeff, if we search your house,
we gonna find a gun like that?

You're gonna have to come with me.

He has an epidural hematoma
and is in emergency surgery,

but that's all I can say.

Just be patient.

It might be a while.


Let's get a second line going.