Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 2, Episode 1 - A Problem House - full transcript

An arsonist takes notice of Severide as new red tape causes big changes in the department in the Season Two Premiere.


Previously onchicago fire...

Nothing makes sense.

I know it's been a tough
couple of shifts for everybody.

But that is why this place
is gonna rock.

- To molly's.
- To molly's.

you did not make squad

This time around.

I'd like an application,


Andy was one
of my best friends.

And he was your husband.

Why can't we be happy?

So, lesbian, huh?

Pop, what the hell?

I've been searching
for the perfect guy

To be the father of my baby.

Kelly, I wanna know
if you'd like

To have a baby with me.

I'm in.

She's goin'!

Was that the doctor?

It didn't take.

Just tell me honestly

That you don't
have feelings for casey.

I can't tell you
what you need to hear.

It wouldn't be the truth.

I'm sorry.

You want to stay.

I can't go with you.



What's up?

- Hey.
- Hey.

Uh, these are the last
of the bills

We need to split up.

Aw, that's sad.

So how's the hunt
for new digs going?

Good, good. I mean, it will be.

I haven't really
officially started yet.

Shay, we have to be
out of there by the 15th.

I know. I'll make it work.

Did you and renee
find a place yet?

Closing in on one.

It's got a perfect baby room,
right next to the master.


Can I ask you something?

You said the baby's
coming on thanksgiving, yeah?


Well, it's just that, um,

Renee left February 9th.

So when was the last time
you guys...

February 9th.

Exactly. So the due date
should be

The first week in November,
at the latest.

Shay, look, look, look.

You wanted to have a baby,
and I have one without you.

- No, it's not about that.
- I get it.

But it's not renee's fault
or mine.

And for you to imply
that it's not mine...

Tell you what,
I'll handle these.

See you back at the house.

How's the apartment hunt going?

Oh, you know,
better than telling kelly

I didn't think renee's
due date added up.


Yeah. You can imagine
how he took it.

And this has nothing to do with

You and a baby
and her and a baby?

I'm past all that, all right?

Good to be back?

Better than good.

Hey, we have a 21/2 story
fully involved.

If you wanna get
a line in that basement,

Let's get a primary search
started immediately.

Someone's inside.

We'll vent the roof
and start in the basement.

We've got the main floor.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Do you smell...


Cruz, herrmann, otis,
up the aerial to vent.

we're in the basement.

Hey, 51, follow us in
with the light.

Herrmann, otis, a little help?

That smell's still here.

- Yeah. Diesel?
- Yeah.

There's no one down here.

It's an inferno, chief.

We're heading back
the way we came.

Copy that.

Come on, let's go, go.

Anybody in here?

Hey, I got nothing.

Where is she?

Check the hallway.

Fire department. Call out!

Anybody here? Call out!

Mayday, mayday!

I'm trapped in the basement.

Mouch, let's move.

The stairs are gone.

I need a charge,
13/4 at the stairs.


- Severide!
- Down there!

Okay. Lower it down!

All right, on!

One, two, three, pull!



Let's get him down. You okay?

Yeah, I'm okay, I'm okay.

Are you sure you're okay?

Yeah, yeah.


There's no one in there, chief.

What is it?


That's my badge number.

Sorry, mari.

We got a call.

Oh, this is mari!

What took you so long, mouch?

Mouch... it's a nickname.

Welcome. We're so glad
to have you.

Thank you.

Uh, this is otis.

And this is mills, herrmann.

That's joe cruz
and lieutenant casey.

This man has had a smile
on his face

Since the day you arrived.

Come on, I'll show you around.

Oh, uh, mills,

Mari and I are gonna
make lunch today.

Say what?

We're making butajiru.

- Bu-butu what?
- Okay.

Hey, I'm not eating
any raw fish.

Yeah, some royals
have started tagging.

The numbers could
just be a coincidence.

It has to be, right?

We'll keep an eye out.

Hey, how was fishing?

It was good.

Jumpin' in the boat.

Got my head cleared, so, uh...

- That's good, man.
- Yeah.

Said he got called
to headquarters.

Coffee or some water?

I'm sure I can get some...

Oh, here we go. Sorry I'm late.

Please have a seat.

I wanna thank you all
for coming, chiefs.

I know you're anxious
to get back

To your firehouses,
so I will keep this

As brief as I can.

And I've been hired by
the state fire marshal's office

To rein in the disbursement
of state money

To the chicago fire department.

Now, I have been charged
with creating

A more streamlined
and automated cfd,

And reducing expenditures
by 10%.

So, first we will be installing
and training you

On a system that we're calling,
"the wizard."

The wizard?

I know, great name, right?

But the wizard
will monitor things like

Apparatus fuel efficiency,

Man power distribution,
overtime approval.

That alone will
save this department

Nearly 4% a year.

Yeah, we save 4%,
but we lose the ability

To make the best decisions
for our men.

What makes you think

That you make
the best decisions, chief?

Have you ever run into
a burning building, ms. Mcleod?

'Cause I was in one
less than an hour ago,

Where we barely saved
one of our own.

In fact, have you ever
grabbed a burn victim?

Tried to pull him to safety,
but had the skin of his arm

Come off in your own glove?

'Cause I have.

We all have.

No, chief.

I've never done any of that.

But I do have to make
very, very difficult decisions.

Like this morning
when I told firehouse 33

That it was closed,

Now, to cover the additional 6%
that we do need to cut,

I am going to have to close down
two more houses.

You're here because

Your house
is on the short list.

Okay, um, sign ups for training

On the new software...

- Hey.
- Hey.

- You okay?
- Yeah.

Um, herrmann and otis
are driving me crazy

With this whole game day thing,

And it would be really nice
to not talk about

How we're all going down
in flames, so...

Tomorrow night? I'll buy.

That'd be great.

It's really good
to have you back.

Smells good.

Wow. That is amazing.

I've never eaten so good.

I come in, there's noodles,

There's rice, there's little
chopped up fish.

Holy mother, it's good.


Okay, everybody, listen up.

The state of illinois,
in all its wisdom,

Has brought in a consultant

To make recommendations
on firehouse closures.


51 is on that list.

To be certain that
it doesn't happen here,

We are gonna tighten up,
not give 'em a reason

To even look in our direction.

Does everybody understand?

Meaning that the trucks
and the gas will be monitored.

So no more side trips to go
and get ice cream.

You will also be required
to join a wellness program,

Or you will
pay higher premiums.

This is insanity, chief.

Yeah, according to these
wellness doctors,

I'm technically obese.

The union's not gonna
stand for this.

Actually, I heard
douchebag greg sullivan

Is running for union president.

- Who?
- Ugh...

I know him from bowling league.

And let me tell you,
he's no fireman's fireman.

He's a climber.

Regardless, we lock it down
starting now.

You got it, chief.

You're gonna have
some new faces soon,

From the house that's
already been closed.

Everybody keep an eye out.

How's casey?

Um, first I saw him
was this morning,

But he looked better.




And he needs a friend.

He needs something, all right.



Multiple gunshot wounds.

Get off me.

Don't leave me here!


Stop! Stop the car!

Hey, hey,
need some some help here!

On the ground!
Get on the ground!

Don't you move! He's circling.

One, two, three,
four bullet holes.

- Freeze!
- Over there!

Try to get a line in.


He's not breathing.
I'm gonna tube him.

I'm losing him. Starting cpr.

Come on... Damn it.

Damn it!

All right, call it in.

You couldn't have walked him
into the e.R.?

Dawson, don't.

Come on in.

How you doing, peter?

- Fine, chief.
- Good.

Well, I just wanna
make you aware,

One of the new fire fighters
coming over from 33...

He's gonna be joining
rescue squad.

Sounds good.

Anything else?


That'll be all.

So what happened?

Drive-by drop-off,
gurney completely destroyed.


How do you replace a gurney?

Uh, we took one from lakeshore.

- Oh.
- Yeah.

Hey, renee, it's kelly.

Listen, um...

Give me a call
when you get a chance.

All right, love you, bye.

Transfers from a closed house
is never good.

They were closed for a reason.

Do you really think
51 is in danger?

We just gotta keep
doing our jobs.

We'll be fine.

Will you look at this?

- Who's running against him?
- Unopposed.

We deserve what we get then.

- Come in.
- Hey, heather.


Just wanted to get
a jump on these.

- Oh, here.
- Thanks.


How you doing?

- Ready for normalcy.
- Good.

That's all you can hope for
right now.

By the way, Thursday...

Yeah, I know.

I can't believe
it's been a year.


Sylvie and shylah
are taking me out to happy hour,

Just to get my mind off of it.

We're going to mcintyre's
on michigan,

If you wanna come.

They already said to plan on
closing it down.

I'm on shift.

But I'll definitely
try to drop by.

Thanks, matt. For everything.

Andy would've done
the same for me.

Hey, breakfast is almost ready.

Ben, how you doing?

Hey, griffin, how you doing?

I'm not hungry.

Griffin darden...

I'm not hungry!

Ah, it's the shirt.

Anything related
to the fire department...

I'm sorry.
I didn't realize you...

I'm telling you guys,

We're going to get crushed.

Your optimism
is always inspiring.

You know, my aunt,
she used to be

This secret shopper
for her company.

She'd go in,
completely anonymously,

Check on the customer service,
and report back.

We need a secret shopper
to go check out game day.

Yeah, good by me.

Don't try to big dog it.

Just go over there
like a normal customer.

I know how to walk into a bar.


I'm not going
out of pocket on this.


I want an itemized receipt.

Excuse me, do you guys
accept game day coupons?

Keep your elbows up,
you'll get into a better flow.

Hey, what's happening, antonio?

You know,
staying out of trouble.

Good man.

Hey, we're good, right?

You know, it didn't work out
between gabi and I.

Yeah, we're good.

A little battle of the badges
is coming up.

We'd be a good match.

Unless you're fighting
for the cpd, of course.

What's that mean?

I saw your name
on the applicant list.

Yeah, that...

I was in a bad place, man.


It stays between us.

You'd make
a hell of a cop though.

So... How was it?

Fish were biting. It was, uh...

Thank you. It was a great idea.

That was my dad's
favorite spot.

Hey, matt...

You know... you know there
are no expectations here,


We're friends. Great friends.

And I'm happy
being in your life

As a friend.

You've always been there
for me.

Yeah. That'll never change.


I just want you to know,
I have had the best time.

Best time.

And I'll come to osaka
as soon as I have furlough.

In my culture,
men with narrow eyes

Are destined to do
great things.

You are destined for greatness.

Hey, uh, can I please send
a couple long island ice teas

To the ladies in the corner?

Long island ice teas?

What do you think this is,

Spring break at jersey shore?

15-year scotch is the answer.

Is that right?

I mean, admittedly,
I don't know

About those girls,
but most women

Prefer a man
who knows what to pour.

- Yeah?
- Mm-hmm.

What are they drinking now?


Sea breezes.
That's what I thought.

Three long island ice teas,

Coming right up.

We're open till 2:00.



On me.

No discount on that.

You got nothin' to worry about.

What do you mean?

It's stale and bland
and corporate.

They put on a big show tonight,
but tomorrow

Game days is gonna
look like another

Bad date with a hangover.

- Yes!
- Yeah.

Yes, we're gonna be fine.

Here. I forgot a receipt.

Chop, chop, guys.

Severide, we got trouble!

Get out here!


Your car!

What the hell?


You smell that?

Same chemical.

Yeah, now we know.


You guys make your own fires
around here, or...

You must be the new guys.

I'm lieutenant spellman,
this is clarke.

Wish it were under
better circumstances.

I'm casey. This is severide.

Nice to meet you.

Jeff clarke, sir.


We both smelled
the same thing there

And at the camaro.

Come on in, clarke.

Pardon the interruption, sir.

But, um, I found this
on the car.

What is it?

That coil holds a styrofoam cup

Filled with something like
brake fluid,

Sitting on an oxidizer.

It's a homemade accelerant.

How do you know all this?

I've seen it before.


We bring in arson investigation
and cpd.

Who put these up?

First watch?

They should be ashamed
of themselves.

Why don't you just run,

I don't think that
I'm the electable type.

Everyone come with me, please.

Okay. Step one
of the cutbacks...

Overtime pay
has been suspended.

Here we go.

And we are gonna start
doubling up on lockers.

They're gonna take out
that whole section

And use it to store
some of the equipment

From the closed firehouse 33.

Please don't ask me why.

This has reached a new level
of absurdity.

So now, you get to choose
who you wanna share with.

Anyone but cruz,
I'm begging you.

I'll take otis.

He didn't mean that.

On a more serious note,

We have to reason to believe
that kelly severide

Has gotten the attention
of an arsonist.

I have been assured by cpd
and arson investigation

That they are into it.

But I expect extra vigilance
in the coming shifts

From all of you.

And finally,
today marks one year

Since we lost andy darden.

Everyone hold a thought for him

And the family
that he left behind.

We are all a little less
without him in our lives.

I'll leave you to it.

You need something?

No. No, I'm good.

If anyone asks,
we saw a cat in a tree.

You got it.

Looks like your wrecking crew
right here.

Matt. Thanks for coming.

- Ah. I only have a second.
- Right.

Well, this is silvie
shylah, and jenn.

Hi, nice to meet you.

Thanks for taking this one out.

Oh, she deserves it.

Yeah. How you doing?

I'm doing just great.

- Good.
- Here you go, ladies.

And I'm about to be doing
a whole lot better.

Looks like you're
in excellent hands.

He's on duty,
or else I'd make him

Do shots with us.

Next round's on me.

Make sure it's a celebration.

Thank you.

All right, be safe.

- Okay?
- Yes, sir.

See you, guys.


See, no one will
even know we were gone.

Still and box alarm,
building fire.

Truck 81, squad 3, engine 51.

My mother's
on the fourth floor.

She says her chest is hurting.

- Where?
- There.

- We'll get her.
- Go.

Ma'am, please.

I got one.

Hey, take the staircase up!

Get attack lines in here.

Let's clear it!

Let's get you outta here.

I got him.

Hey, rooms are clear
back there.

- Let's go upstairs.
- Let's go!

All right,
let's send the water.

That wind isn't good.

Fire's jumpin', chief.

Damn it.

Shay, dawson, get out of there.

Evacuate the building
right now.

Pull her in, pull her in!

I got her.

No way we're going
down the stairs we came up.

Fourth floor.

Hang tight. We're coming.

Severide, casey,

Shay and dawson are trapped
in building two.

Can you see 'em?

We've got
an incapacitated woman

On a stair chair.

She can't move.

Fire's out
in building one, chief.

Casey, we can't get
the aerial in there

To pull 'em out.

Mills, otis,
run a straight ladder up.

Bring 'em across.


We gotta go.

Here we go. Steady, otis.

Got it.

Fire's coming in the room.

Come to the window.

We'll get you.

- Dawson.
- Yeah.

You're up.

Come on.

You got it, gabi.

Give me your hand.

Okay, nice and easy, shay.

Fire's coming!

Get me off this thing.

All right.

Tie her to the line.

Here comes the victim.

Keep the slack out of the line.

Engine 51
moving into building two.

There you go.

Casey, move!

Now! Come on, casey!

Let's go!



Otis, mills, pull!


We gotcha.

I'm okay.

I'm okay.

Okay, everyone out, now.

You two okay?

A little well done,
but we're all right, chief.

Here, hop on.

Found two of these
in the basement.

An arsonist? What the hell?

Are you okay?

Yeah, we'll find him.

We'll... we'll find him.

All right.

Look, kelly, um,

I'm sorry about
the renee thing.

And I'm sure everything's
on the up and up.

Renee's visiting her parents.

It's the last time she can fly
before the baby.

I don't wanna get into it
with her on the phone, but...

Okay. Okay, good.

All right, cool.

Who's on pouch poop duty?

'Cause there's a few bombs
in the back.

Oh, don't you dare look at me.

Oh... My... God.



Yeah! Whoo!


That's what I'm
talking about, baby!

Thanks a million, judas.

Guys, what do you
want me to say?

Game day's incredible.

It's the best bar in chicago.

No, it's the single greatest
place on earth.

- You asked to see me, ma'am?
- Oh, yes.

Come in, come in.
Please, have a seat.

Hi, you are jeff clarke, yes?

Yes, ma'am.

And how are you liking
the fit at 51, jeff?

Uh, I think
it's a real good fit, ma'am.

Good, good.

Well, listen, I, um...

I pushed to get you promoted
from relief at 33

To a permanent place
on squad at 51,

Because I know you're a fireman

That a superior can count on.

I'm sorry...

II was hoping that you could be

My eyes and ears over there.

There are prescription drugs
missing off of an ambulance,

There's a sexual
harassment claim,

All of which are massive
liability risks.

I don't know anything
about that, ma'am..

No, no, no.

I-I didn't expect you to.

But it would be very helpful

If you could just check in
with me once a week

And let me know
what's happening.

In light of the fact
that it would

Be incredibly easy
to put you back

Into a relief rotation,

I would think that
you'd wanna help me out.

So, like I said,
as a former military man

Who understands
chain of command,

I'm hoping I can count on you.



Can I ask you something?

Do I have narrow eyes?

What answer do you wanna hear?

- You were just in there!
- I tried to bring

People over to the other bar.

Hey, guys.


That I, randy mcholland,
am running for union president,

And I would appreciate
your support.

Attaboy, mouch.

That's the best news
I heard all day.

- Yeah!
- Hear, hear!

Truck 81, ambulance 61,
single car accident,

87 south illinois.

Affirmative, central.
Cfd's on scene.

in pretty bad shape.

Head trauma, losing blood.

We gotta move fast.

They don't have
a father anymore...

Please let me
tell someone, please, god.

- Heather?
- Matt?

- Oh, god.
- What happened?

Oh, god, the kids.

The kids are at the babysitter.

- I'll take care of...
- can you get them, please?

I got it. I got it!

Thank you.