Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 11, Episode 9 - Nemesis - full transcript

Severide struggles with the cost of helping Det. Pryma with the Martucci case. Gallo campaigns for Herrmann to represent 51 at the National Firefighter's Association's Winter Conference. A familiar face makes a shocking return.

- I sure could use some help

down at Molly's tomorrow night.

And Tracy'll be glad
to have the help.

- I have been hooking up
with Herrmann's niece.

Herrmann's gonna murder me.

- Can I start calling you Dad?

- Yeah, Javi.

- The adoption's going through.

- This is Vin Martucci.

He's hawking military weapons
on the streets of Chicago.

Fortunately for us,

Kavanagh's still
willing to negotiate.

- The dirty cop who almost
got me and Stella killed?

No way.

- We don't do this deal,

a lot of people
are gonna get hurt.

And that's on you too.

- Hey. Where you going?

- I'm gonna get a
jump on the day...

Couldn't sleep.

- Oh.

So this is a thing, huh?

- I don't know about a thing.

- Did Pryma reach
out to you again?

- I think I was pretty
clear about where I stood.

- Yes, you were.

But here you are out the
door at 4:00 a.m. again.

Are you having second thoughts?

- Are you?

- I don't know.

Kelly, if this
Martucci guy is as bad

as Pryma says he is,

and the Kavanagh deal
will help nail him...

- We don't know that it will.

If it doesn't,

we're putting a dirty cop back
on the streets for nothing.

- Yeah.

There's no easy
answers on this one.

- I'll see you at the firehouse.

- Javi, two minutes, papi.

- He'll be out in a minute.

He's fixing his hair
with a lot of mousse.

- Ugh, why did no one warn us

that the teenage
years started at ten?

- It's not the court date.

Jeanie said it could take

four to eight weeks
to get it scheduled.

You did hear that part of
the conversation, right?

- Right. Yes. I need to relax.

- Yeah, we both know
that's not gonna happen.

- Maybe you should
put this energy

into the adoption party.

We need to order a cake.

We got to figure out food.

Javi still needs a new suit.

You know, maybe you could get
one, too, while you're at it.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- Tell me nothing's
gonna go wrong.

- Nothing is gonna go wrong.

We're good.

- Hey, Gallo, just the
man I wanted to see.

Hey, I don't know if you heard,
but Tracy moved back home.

She left yesterday.

- No, uh...

- She told me to say goodbye.

I know you two, you
know, didn't spend

a lot of time
together, but, hey,

you must have made
a big impact on her.

When my brother told me that
he was sending Tracy here,

I was terrified that
she was gonna run amok,

and he was gonna blame me.

You know, but I'll be damned

if she didn't actually
get her act together.

And I will bet

that it's because she
surrounded herself

with good, solid
people like you, Gallo.

So, hey, thank you.



- Uh...

what the hell was that?

- That was a great
and decent man

pouring his heart out
to the jerk who's been

lying to his face for months.

I... yeah, I have to
tell him. I have to.

- Whoa. Hey. Hey. Hey.

Are you insane?

- Yeah, don't be
an idiot, Gallo.

There's nothing to
be gained from this.

- Hey, look, if you
guys haven't noticed,

I've had kind of a rough week.

And it felt pretty damn good
to hear Herrmann tell me

what a great person I am,
until I remembered I'm not.

- Truck 81, Squad 3, Ambo 61.

Person trapped,
Loomis Street Bridge.

- Help, please!

- Cruz, rope bag and webbing.
- Yeah, on it.

- Tony, Capp, let's get a
20-foot ladder over here now.

- Let's tell the bridge
tender to lower the bridge.

- No, not yet. I need
to get a closer look.

Make sure the vibration
doesn't shake the bike loose.

I'm going up the ped railing.

We need to make sure
that bike is stabilized.

If it comes down, it's
bringing the guy with it.

- We can get the
bike with the aerial.

You focus on the victim.
- Yeah, copy that.

- 81, raise the aerial.
- On it.

- Help!

- Hang on, bud.

- Carver!
- Yeah.

- Stand by at the bridge house.
- On it.

- Capp, Tony, let's move.
- On it.

- Hurry! Please!

- Hey.

You saw we got a guy
trapped up there?

- That son of a
bitch ran the gate.

- We're going up for him, but
I need you at the controls.

Be ready to feather
the bridge on my order.

- Negative, I got an
emergency protocol

I got to follow...
Can't do nothing

till my supervisor gets here.
- Seriously?

That man could
fall at any second.

- I don't work for you, pal.

I got to make sure
that bridge is stable

or we got bigger
problems than that biker,

who got himself into this mess,

in case you didn't
hear me the first time.

- Hurry, please!

- I'm coming!

- I can't hang on much longer.

- All right, just nice
and easy, all right?

Slow breaths.

Gonna get you out of here.

- Hold, hold on!
- Oh, God, hurry!

- Whoa!

- Whoa!
- Oh, no.

- Hey!

Lower the bridge!

- Lower the bridge!

- I can't. DOT has
a strict policy.

You are not
authorized to do that.

- Hold the bridge!
- Hold the bridge!

- All right, hey, let go.

Come on. Stand up and go.

I'm coming down, Cruz.

- Copy that!

All right, you're
good now, all right?

One step at a time. You got it.

All right, watch your step.

Look over your left shoulder.

Okay, now you put
your foot on the rung.

Watch it, watch it, watch it.

You good?
- Yeah.

- Now lean up.


Come on.

Good job.

- Yo.

I heard that bridge call was...

Dude, no.

- I have to.

My conscience is killing me.

I mean, look at him.

He's such a decent man.

- Hey, not now.

Just trust me on this.

He's my lieutenant.

You got to pick your moments
when you give him bad news.

Wait until he's in
a very good mood.

- When is he ever
in a good mood?

- Never. That's my point.

- What the hell kind
of advice is that?

- Hey, settle down.

As you might have heard,

the NFA are holding
their winter conference

in Miami this year.

- Oh!
- Oh, Miami, baby.

- The conference is
right around the corner.

We need to decide who is gonna
represent 51 by next shift.

- I'll go, Chief.
- Whoa, I...

- This year, we're gonna
do it by secret ballot.

Anyone interested in tossing
their hat into the ring,

let Kylie know.

Oh yeah, don't vote
for yourselves, people.

A seven-way tie completely
defeats the purpose.

Okay. That'll be all.

- Copy that.
- Thanks, Chief.

Me and Cindy,

we have not been
on a real vacation

in ten years.

- I don't know what that has
to do anything with anything.

- I haven't taken a
shower in two days.

- So you're not interested
in going to Miami, huh?

- Uh, I did the winter
conference five years ago,

so I guess, technically,
I'm eligible again.

But if you must know,
Dylan invited me to go

see the Killers that weekend.

- Oh.

An event date.

Thought you were keeping
things in the slow lane.

- Yeah, I know a concert
seems like a big move,

but he got the tickets for
free from one of his regulars.

And, of course,
I'm gonna suggest

that we meet outside the venue,

and you don't have to
talk much at a concert,

so it's kind of the
perfect slow lane date.

- Yeah, well, at least
you're not overthinking it.

- Hey. Carver,
finish that later.

Boden needs to see us.

- Come on in, you two.

Close the door and have a seat.

So you want to tell
me what happened

with the bridge tender
today on your call?

- The guy refused to comply
with my directions, Chief.

So I had to take
the controls myself.

And there wasn't time
to be polite about it.

- I was planning on noting
it in my incident report.

It didn't seem like a
big thing to me, Chief.

- Well, apparently, the
other guy disagrees.

He's filed a formal complaint

alleging a lot more
than impoliteness.

He says Carver put hands on him.

- If Carver hadn't done it,

you all would be having
this meeting without me.

- Well, unfortunately, it
has moved beyond me now.

Internal Affairs Division is
sending someone over today

to take his statement.

- Are you kidding me?

IAD's involved already?

- That's what happens
when a city employee

files a complaint.

- We saved the damn man's life.

- Hey.

Can you hold up a minute?

- What's up?

- I don't know. You tell me.

What's going on with you?
- What do you mean?

- You were pretty
fired up in there.

You've been on edge for days.

Look, I know the
whole Pryma thing

really threw you for a loop.
- The Pryma thing is over.

I'm done thinking about it.

- Are you?

It doesn't seem like it.

It feels to me like it's
still weighing on you.

And I know that I said there
are no easy answers there.

I'm not sure that's really true.

I mean, if someone
is in trouble,

you don't sit and ask
what happened and why.

You get in there,
and you do whatever

you got to do to
help them, right?

That's what you
did on the bridge.

That's just who you are.

- But on a call, I have some
control over the situation.

With Pryma and
Kavanagh, I got none.

I'm totally at their mercy.

- So talk to Pryma then.

And maybe it's time you
took control of this thing.

- I'm looking for
Detective Pryma.

Yeah, I did that already.

Can you just tell him
Kelly Severide called?

It's about the Martucci case.

- I know, a tough call, right?

I think I'm gonna
go with Herrmann.

I mean, who else needs a
vacation as much as him?

He's got five kids.

And he runs Molly's,
which we all benefit from.

The guy works like a beast.

He probably hasn't had a good
night's sleep in ten years.

- Hmm.

That is a lot.

- I bet this trip would make
him feel really appreciated.

- Hmm.

You know what?

- Seriously?

- I'm trying to make amends.

- You're harassing voters.

- It's called campaigning.

- It's called
electioneering, actually.

- Potato, po-tah-to.

- No.

- Hey.

I just want to make sure you got

all your ducks in a row for IAD.

- Don't worry, Lieutenant.

I know how to clean it up
for the pencil pushers.

- Well, I'm sure it's fine.

It's the interview you
need to worry about.

You got to be ready for this
guy to push your buttons,

to see if you change your story,

or worse, lose your temper.

- Me? Never.

- Look, rumor has it
you can be charming

when you want to be, Carver.

So charm this guy.

Kiss his ass a little
if you have to.

Just don't screw this up.

We need you here...

To make us all feel better
about our drinking habits.

- All right?

- We've come a long way, huh?

You actually seem
concerned about me.

- Hell, yeah, I am concerned.

Listen, these
low-level IAD people,

they're not just pencil pushers.

They can refer
things up the chain,

turn this into a
full-blown investigation.

Then all bets are off.

- Plus, he was your best man.

And when the arrow
was malfunctioning,

you were getting blamed.

Who saved your ass on that?


- You make a solid case, Gallo.

I'll give you that...
Very persuasive.

Have you ever considered
running for union rep?

- So do you think
you'll vote for him?

- Oh, no. I already voted.

- What? For who?
- Myself.

- That's against the rules.

- I think it was
more of a suggestion.

- It was literally
the only rule.

- Yes!

I just got the call.

It's official. It's
really happening.

- What's happening?
- The adoption ceremony.

We thought that it
was gonna take months

to get the court date,
but no, it's next shift.

- Nice.
- That's great news, Joe.

- And, uh, the big
adoption party?

- Oh, man, uh, I don't know.

We don't have any
time to plan anything.

I guess we're gonna have
to do it down the line.

I... you know what?
It doesn't matter.

The important thing is,
it's really happening.

- Whoo.

- Oh, uh, boss, I'm gonna
need next shift off.

- Got you covered.

- Whoo! Thank you.

- What's so urgent, Lieutenant?

- I want to talk to
him, face to face.

- To who?
- Kavanagh.

- What the hell
for? No, that's...

- I need to look him in the eye
before I agree to let him walk.

- Look, handling informants
is a delicate business.

All right, you go at
them the wrong way,

you could spook them,
make them clam up.

You could blow the
whole Martucci...

- You let me talk
to him or I'm out.

- Two months... I'll cover
your shifts at Molly's

for two months, at any
time, for any reason,

at a moment's notice,
no questions asked.

All right, three months.

- Gallo, why the hell
do you care so much

if Herrmann wins this thing?

- Why do I care?
- Mm-hmm.

- Why wouldn't I care?

Herrmann's... He's
like a father to me.

- Since when?

- Lieutenant, we
might have a problem.

IAD's here in the briefing room.

- Okay.

You let Carver know?

- He's on his way, but I think

you're gonna want to see this.

- Okay.

- But I assure you, if there
was any physical contact,

it was totally incidental.

- Incidental?

And what does
incidental mean to you?

- Unintentional, I guess.

- So there was contact then?

- I mean, it was sort of a...

It was a gesture as
much as anything,

like get out of the way.

- I assume you know there are

security cameras all
over that bridge?

So was there any contact?

- Like I said, there might
have been slight contact,

but it was incidental.

- Is that it?

- Yes.

Actually, no, I just
want to say that

we saved that biker's life.

I hope that gets
factored into this.

- How'd you end up at 51?

- Oh, uh, Chief
Boden recommended me.

- The Deputy District Chief.

That's quite the endorsement.

- Yeah, I guess. Is
this a part of...

- And, uh, how are
you liking it here?

I know 51 isn't always the
most welcoming with new people.

It can be a little...

I don't want to say
cliquey, but, well, cliquey.

Has that been your experience?

- I just don't get how
someone could flame out

as badly as her and
still end up in IAD.

- Well, at least
we know she can't

hide her true colors for long.

IAD will figure it
out sooner or later.

- Yeah, but what kind of damage

is she gonna do in the meantime?

That's what I worry about.

- I swear to God, I am gonna
claw that bitch's eyes out

if she thinks that she
can just come back and...

- I know that it's hard, but
we cannot confront her now.

It can only make things
worse for Carver.

- So what happened?

- Is she gonna
recommend charges?

- Uh, she said we'd
know by next shift.

Did she used to work
here or something?

- Yeah, when I was
gone last spring.

- That explains a lot.

I got the feeling that she
has a little baggage here.

- Oh, there's a
whole luggage rack.

- She tried to
blackmail Hawkins...

And get Violet fired.

- Almost pulled it off too.

- Yeah, until she
totally disgraced herself

in the line of duty and
got transferred out.

We all figured she'd be
riding a desk somewhere.

None of us would have thought...

- That this sociopath
would wind up in a position

to end my career?

- What about Uncle Leon?

- Oh, he was named
after our grandfather,

who is your great grandfather
now, Abuelito Leonel.

- He's one who played baseball.

- Yeah, but he didn't
just play baseball.

He was a legend.

He pitched for the
Tigres del Licey

when they won the
Pro Dominican title.

But then he tore
his rotator cuff,

and that was the
end of his career.

- That's so sad.

- Ah, it's a, you know,
blessing in disguise,

if you think about it.

If he hadn't gotten injured,

he never would have
met my grandmother.

And I wouldn't be
here right now.

- And neither would I.

- What about this one?


That's... that's nice.

But, listen to me, Javi,
you are a Cruz now.

And Cruzes are known
for three things...

Food, baseball,

and a lot of people
don't know this,

but a great sense of style.

- Mm.
- Mm, ah!

Mm? How about that?

Pretty snazzy, right?

Hey, the pinstripe,
it's timeless.

- It's nice.

- I'm telling you now,
this better not be

some revenge fantasy you're
looking to play out here.

- Just let me in.

- So?

- Did Pryma tell you who I am?

Did you know what Campbell
was planning on doing

with the information
you slipped him?

On my wedding night?

- Not exactly.

Did I think he was looking
to take you out for a drink?

No, of course, not.

To be honest with you,

I didn't give a rat's ass what
he did with the information,

as long as he paid me.

I'm not saying that's right.

I'm not saying I
feel good about it.

- He almost killed my wife.

- I know.

What can I say?

I betrayed my oath as a cop.

I dishonored myself, my family,

for a little bit
of pocket change,

is what it was in the end.

And I got to live with that
for the rest of my life.

So whatever you
came here to say...

it ain't gonna be any
worse than that, pal.

- Nice speech.

Now I get how you
almost convinced Pryma.

- What the hell did
you even come here for?

- To see if you were
really the linchpin

to the Martucci investigation.

And I ain't buying it.

- Come on, man.

You're... you're gonna
send a cop to prison?

I mean, you know
what that means.

- I do.

That's why I think you'd
say anything to avoid it.


Hey, get me out of here.
I'm done with this guy.

This was a mistake.

- Hey, Martucci knows
you're gonna bug his cell.

He's planning a decoy operation.

- There you go.

Make your deal now.

- What is that?
- Unofficial polling.

I think I have four solid
votes for Herrmann...

You, me, Brett, and Violet.

Severide and Cruz
won't talk to me,

but they're gonna vote
for Capp or Tony, right?

Mouch is the one
I'm worried about.

He could have Kidd, Carver,
Herrmann, and himself.

Man, this is coming
right down to the wire.

- Dude, this election is
really stressing you out.

- I know. I know. I'm crazy.

But I just... I just
got to do this, okay?

I'll be right back.
- Okay.

- Hey, what are
you guys drinking?

- If this is about the election,

me and Tony agreed to
vote for each other.

- We got a system.
- All right, look.

You have no idea what
I'm up against here.

I'm not exaggerating when I say

this is a life-or-death

No, I'm serious.

If Herrmann doesn't win this...

I can't get into
the whole thing,

but bottom line, I'm a dead man.

- That's a shame, Gallo.
- Been nice knowing you.

- This is not a joke.

- Someone call dibs
on your locker?

- Okay. What do you want?

Do you want me
to beg? I'll beg.

- Come on, Gallo.

We're talking a free
trip to Miami in January.

- Beers for a month.

- Yeah.

All you can drink, on me.

- We've been doing some
unofficial polling,

and uh, I'd take the bird
in the hand if I were you.

- Right.

- Okay. Herrmann it is.

- Thank you, gentlemen.

- Oh.

I see we're
double-fisting, as usual.

- One's for you, actually.

Mind if I sit?

- You all right?

- Yeah.

I just, you know...

Wanted to say thanks
for having my back.

And not just on this IAD thing,

but no matter how
this all shakes out.

- Oh, come on, Carver.

It's not time for the
goodbye speech yet.

- Yeah, well,

with 51's arch-nemesis
on my case,

it doesn't feel so
far away, either.

- What's this?


It's in here somewhere.


Here we go.

So I've had the
opportunity to review

all of the case materials,
statements, incident reports,

and security footage
from the bridge.

And the bottom line is,

I don't see sufficient cause

to recommend disciplinary action

or to refer the matter
to any other agency.

- I'm glad to hear that.

- Just so I'm extra clear...

- As long as you agree
to send the bridge tender

a written apology and
51 pays for the door,

then I'm comfortable closing
the book on this matter.

Any questions?

- Mm-mm.
- Okay, then.

This has been fun.

All right.

- Thank you.
- Of course.

And um, just a word of
advice, you should be

a little more mindful of
your temper moving forward.

One incident like this in your
personnel file is a bad day.

Two can really start
to look like a pattern.

- Understood.

- Hey.

Hey, just so you know,
um, your friend Carver,

he's in the clear.

It's all good.

I'm sure you guys
were worried about it,

but I'm just happy that
I was in a position

to help 51 on this one.

Okay, then. Bye, girl.

- Hey.
- Huh?

- Don't pretend like
you just did 51 a favor.

We know you.

And you may have
IAD fooled for now,

but we know exactly who you are.

- Okay, Violet, relax.

All I'm saying is that

it's not the worst thing
to have a friend in IAD.

You never know when it
might come in handy.

- And did Pryma say when they
plan to move on Martucci?

- I didn't ask.
He didn't tell.

But whatever happens, um,

I'm fine putting
it in the rearview.

- Yeah, me too.

- Okay, people, gather around.

It is the moment of truth.

- Uh, I just have to say,

given the lax election
security on display here,

I think we should all be

a little skeptical
of these results.

- Okay.

It's a landslide, people.

And the person representing 51

at the NFA winter
conference will be...

Christopher Herrmann.

- Oh!
- Whoo!

Congratulations, Herrmann.

- Good on you.

- You deserve it, Herrmann.

- I really do.

- Congratulations.

No one deserves this more.

I mean, you're such a
great guy, the best.

Which is why it's so hard for me

to say this to you.

- Miami of Ohio?

You didn't say Miami of Ohio.

You never said that.

- Pretty sure I did.

- I know what this
is. It's a con.

I got conned.

Classic... The old
bait and switch.

Huh? Who else is in on this?

Mouch, you were in on it?

All right, hey, did
you know, too, huh?

Is this what you were
about to tell me?

- No, I didn't know.
- Yeah, ha, ha, ha.

- Okay, peo... okay!
The election is over.

Time to turn the page.

We have much more important
things to attend to.

Now, I was able to
buy just enough time.

All units out of service
for the next 30 minutes.

Come on. Let's go,
let's go, let's go.

- This isn't over yet.

I'm gonna get to
the bottom of this!

- You were right.

He's literally never
in a good mood.

- Of all my duties that I'm
responsible for as an officer

of this court, none
gives me more joy

or feels more important
than when I have the honor

to unite a child,
legally and irrevocably,

to his forever family.

And it gives me extra comfort
to see that, in this case,

it would seem, family means
more than mom and dad.

It's a cliché,
but I do sincerely

believe it takes a village.

So thank you all for being here.

- Wouldn't miss it for
the world, Your Honor.

- Cruz!

- Not yet. Almost.

Mom and Dad, let's have
you sign and date here,

which says that you are
now legally, financially,

and emotionally responsible
for this young man

exactly as if he were
your natural-born child.

And that's it.

It's my honor to announce
that you will be known

from this day forward
by the legal name

Javier Alejandro Cruz.

- Welcome to the family, papi.

- Mr. Cruz.

Chief Boden.

- Hey, Herrmann.

- Hey.

Isn't this beautiful?

It's family.

It is really the
most important thing.

- It is. It really, really is.

Herrmann, by the way, I
slept with your niece.

- What?

- I slept with
Tracy. I'm sorry.

- Main to Truck 81, Ambo 61.

Police assist at
827 West Bishop.

They have a barricaded suspect.

- Whoa.

- All this for one
barricaded suspect?

- Hey.

What's going on?

- That's above my pay grade,

but it's got to be
something major.

I've never seen
anything like this.

- You have 30 more
seconds. Come out.

This doesn't get
any better for you

if anyone gets hurt, Martucci.

- You ever been to
anything like this?

- Nope.

- Kelly, it's Martucci.

Yeah, they're
taking him down now.

- What? Pryma's there?

- Yeah.

It's a huge operation.

- On my way.
- Copy.

- Time's up, Martucci.
We're coming in.

- Shh. Tuck in tight.

Come on.

- Prepare to breach.


- And we're clear!

We're clear!

- Medic!
- We need the medic!

- They're calling
for a medic up there.

- Let's go. Stay low.

Stay alert.

- Come on. Let's
go. Let's move it.

- All clear.
Medics, over here.

Where the hell is my Bomb Squad?

- What's going on?

- Thing's still in his
leg. It didn't detonate.

I don't know how.

- What's in his...

- Rocket propelled grenade.

- Is it Pryma?

- He's bleeding like
a stuck pig in there.

And we can't move him... We
could set off the grenade

and level the whole damn house.
- So what's the plan?

- I'm sending in the
Bomb Squad to deal

with the unexploded ordnance.

But Pryma needs medical
attention immediately.

We need get two of you suited
up and in there right now.

- I'll go. I'll do it.
- Let me go, Lieutenant.

It should always be the
oldest in this situation.

- Ma'am?

- Okay. It's me and...

- I know how to start an IV,
apply a tourniquet, just...

- Okay, Carver, you're with me.

The rest of you stand by
for search and rescue,

in case things don't go our way.

- All right, when you
fix the tourniquet,

run the fluid wide open.

- Copy.

- T, right here.

- Hey. What's happening?

Where's Stella?

What is it? Where is she?

- Stay behind me.

Step where I step.

- Get the hell out
of here, Lieutenant.

You don't need to be here.

- We're not going anywhere.

All right.

- Sorry.
- We are getting out of this.

All right?

- Chief's here.

- Chief.
- My guys are inside, right?

- Yeah, two of yours,
one Bomb Squad.

- Why... why didn't
it explode on impact?

- It has an arming
range of 5 to 10 meters.

It was fired in close quarters.
- So it didn't arm itself?

- Not yet... But
moving it could trigger

a self-destruct action
within five seconds.

- Pushing saline.
- Here.

- Screw this. I'm going in.
- Oh, the hell you are.

- Hey, hey, hey, hey!
- Severide, stand down!

- We're sitting
on our hands here.

- I said stand down.

- Here. Hold this.

- You got it.

- Stop moving.

Stop moving.

- Doing my best, Ed.

- He's losing too much blood.
We got to speed this up.

- Any sudden movement
could arm the warhead

and cause it to self detonate.

That's the last piece.

- All right, get the gauze
ready and the scissors.

His pressure's dropping.
We're losing him.

- Okay, Seth, hold him still.

On three, two, one.

- We got you.

- Coming out with the ordnance.

- Take cover!
- Cover him!