Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 11, Episode 8 - A Beautiful Life - full transcript

Detective Pryma asks for Severide's help on a case involving explosives; Gallo and Carver clash after Gallo improvises on a call; Violet encourages Brett to start dating again.

- It's a tricky thing,
bringing down a dirty cop.

If he has information,
that makes him an asset.

- An asset?

The guy almost got
Stella and me killed!

I want his head on a pike!

- You just cost me a useful CI.

Danny Kavanaugh.

- Got what he deserved.

- Did you watch the
game last night?

- Uh, no, I...

I was working, you
know, the bar we co-own.

- Too bad. Hell of
a fourth quarter.

- Whoa, jeez! Hey,
are you blind, pal?

- What?

- The guy, he just blasted
through this stop sign

like it wasn't even there.

- Kids these days

learn their driving skills
from "Grand Theft Auto."

- I got a half a mind
to start, you know,

making citizen's arrests.

This is happening way too often.

- So it's next weekend?

- Yeah, I'm just gonna
drive up for the day.

- Oh.

In my head, these CFD
leadership conferences

are just a bunch of
guys smoking cigars,

drinking scotch, patting
themselves on the back.

- Not exactly.

But you'll find out soon enough.

You have a year of being a
lieutenant under your belt,

and I'm sure you'll get
an invite next year.

- Oh, I will practice
my cigar puffing.

- All units, vehicle
fire, Chicago and LaSalle.

- Let's move!

- The exits are blocked.

- All right, let's evacuate
this bus and douse that fire.

Deal with the
compressed natural gas.

- There's enough fuel up
there to level a building.

- Hey, hey, Herrmann.

Let's get some water
on those tanks.

- Hey, Ritter, two lines.

You cool the tanks,

I'll hit the fire.
- Copy that.

- Hey, back up.
You're not gonna fit.

Hey, back up, man!

- Hey, hey!

That relieve valve's
gonna go! Watch out!

- Squad!

Let's get that
windshield out. Hey.

Get those people back, okay?

If that tank goes,
the whole block goes.

Let's move.

Carver, get me a head
count in the bus.

- Okay.

- I count six plus the driver.

- Come on!

- Herrmann, let's
get those hose lines!

- On it!

- Hurry up with that windshield!

- Right from the bottom.

- Push. Push it up.

- We're not getting enough
water on those tanks.

Mouch, give me a ladder.
- Copy.

- Careful, guys. It's heavy.

- Right behind ya.
Okay, I'll push up.

- Come on. Come on, I got you.

- Is there anyone else in there?

- One more. Way in back.

- All right, Gallo,
Carver, you're going in.

Mask up.
- Copy.

- Fire's coming
through the back wall.

- Hey, clear out the victim.

We'll get a line in there.
- Copy.

- Ready, Lieutenant.

- Fire department, call out!

- Hose line.

- I got him!

- We've located the victim.

Male, 40s, unconscious.

- Get in there!

- We're gonna do
a webbing sling,

drag him back the way we came.

You watch his limbs to
make sure he doesn't

get caught on anything.
- That'll take too long.

- What?
- Let's go out the window.

You need a hand?

- Give him a hand!

- You got him?

- Get it now!

- Hose line!

- Okay, we're good!

- Oh, looks worse than it
is, but you can never be

too careful with a head injury.

- Could you take him
to Children's Hospital?

It just would make
me feel a lot better.

- Yeah, sure, we can do that.

- Hell of a move, Gallo.

It was quick thinking.

- I just wanted to get far
away as fast as possible.

- Why do I feel like
we just defused a bomb?

- Because we basically did.

- Calls like that are
why I joined the CFD.

- Look who it is.
- How are you, Kelly?

- I'm all right.

I never know if it's
good news or bad news

when I see your face.

Say, listen, you, uh...

You have anything
going on after shift?

- I don't know, why?

- You were pretty helpful
in that safe cracker case.

It was a nice assist.


My recollection is,
I solved it for you.

- We got another situation
that could use your expertise.

- Fire scene?

- Not exactly.

Meet me there if
you got the time.

- Hey, Gallo, can I talk to you?

- Yeah, sure.

What's up, Carver?

- I just want to know if
you're gonna make a habit

of winging it out there
and leaving the rest

of us to play catch-up.

- What are you talking about?

- I had my webbing out.

I was telling you the plan.

- But I had a better plan.

- And lucky for us, it worked.

But what if that window held

and you're messing around
with it instead of following

the instructions I
already gave you?

- Am I supposed to
take orders from you?

You're not my lieutenant.

- I got more years
on the job than you.

- Well, I got more years than
you on Truck 81, by a lot.

Kidd is my third
officer on the same rig,

so I'm gonna take
my orders from her,

if that's... If
that's cool with you.

- Gallo, this is
a dangerous job,

not some extreme sport
for you to get your kicks.

I don't mind working
alongside some excitable kid,

but you need to know when
to quit playing superhero

and maybe listen to
someone who's seen

a lot worse stuff than you.

- You know, Carver, I did
nothing but welcome you

to 51 with open arms.

Tried everything I could
to get to know you better.

What a waste of time that was.

- Listen, I want in, but I'm
not doing the clown thing.

How about I dress
up like a magician?

I could pull lots of
scarves out of my mouth.

- Why can't you make things easy

and get in the clown
costume with the rest

of the volunteers?

- I have a legitimate condition.

It's in the medical
books. Cowlrophobia.

- Uh, coulrophobia, actually.

- Yeah. It's real.

- It's very, very real.

- Fine, be a magician.

Here you go, guys.

- I got this.

- People always think
I'm making it up.

I had a clown walk into
my bar a few weeks ago,

which I realize
sounds like the set-up

to a really bad joke,
but it was Halloween,

and I had to hide

in the storage
room until he left.

- You think that's
bad, how about

an entire kindergarten
class of clowns

showing up at my firehouse?
- No.

- Yes.
- Wow.

- What firehouse
do you work out of?

- 51 over on Blue Island.

- Did you say that
you own a bar?

- Yeah.

Yeah, Foreman's in Logan Square.

You guys should
come by sometime.

- And you volunteer here?

- Coming up on my
third year, yeah.

The nurses are still mean to me.

- Do you...

Did you know Evan Hawkins?

- I did.

I did, yeah.

Are you Violet?

- This is the guy that Evan
wanted to set you up with,

Brett, you remember?

He owns a bar, and
he volunteers here.

- Oh, wow.

- Dylan, Barbara
said they're starting

reading time upstairs.

- Okay, thanks.

Well, it was really
nice to meet you guys.

And I'm so sorry about
Evan. It's such a huge loss.

- Thank you, Dylan.

- All right, let's wrap it up.

Mouch, you help me
with these ropes.

Gallo, Carver, put
the ladder away.

- You got it, Lieutenant.

- Shoulder carry or suitcase?

- I don't care.

- Suitcase then.

We're going maybe 20 feet.

- There something going
on with those two?

- Not that I'm aware of.

- Hey. Hey!

What are you doing?

You see? You see?

- Uh, Herrmann has a
new bee in his bonnet.

Apparently, there's
an uptick in people

ignoring the stop sign.
- Ha!

No, it's nothing short
of the breaking down

of society, boys, all right?

Let me tell you, Generation Z...

- Okay, where is this going?

- They have no respect
for safety, stop signs,

or basic common decency.

- Okay, so exactly where
I thought this was going.

- I didn't mean you, all right?

You know what I'm saying.

- I don't, actually.

- Doesn't matter.

The point is, I'm
gonna do something

to restore order around here.

I mean, that is a stop sign.

Has one simple
instruction on it... stop.

People are gonna
start respecting it.

- And how exactly are
you going to make them?

- I'm kicking around
a couple ideas.

- Pryma?

- Over here.

- Nice place you got here.

- Yeah, right.

A few nights ago,
CPD got a report

of repeated loud explosions
coming from this address.

They rolled out a squad
car, but it was a ghost town

by the time they arrived.

- It was probably just some
kids screwing with M80s

or detonating Tannerite.

- Yeah?

What do you think about this?

- I don't know.

- But can you figure it out?

- Maybe, but you must know
someone more qualified.

- I'm trying to
chase down the lead

without making too much fuss.

Start getting certain
people involved,

the next thing you
know, ATF is swooping in

and taking over the case.

- The ATF?

What is this lead
you're chasing down?

- There's a certain
individual we've

had our eye on for a while.

POD cameras picked up his
car just up the street

at Pulaski and 31st on
the night in question.

This guy had anything
to do with this,

we need to know about it.

- Okay, well, I'll take a look.
See if I can figure it out.

- I appreciate it.

- Dylan is really
cute, isn't he?

The way you guys connected
over the clown thing,

and the way he smiled
when you were leaving?

- I think he was
smiling at both of us.

- Mm-mm, no.

It really did feel like the
two of you had a connection.

- Oh, I don't know about that,

but he does seem
like a good guy.

- It was the strangest
feeling realizing who he was.

Honestly, for a second,
I kind of felt like Evan

was in the room with us.

- Yeah, I know what you mean.

It was a crazy coincidence.

- You should call Dylan.

- I don't know. That
seems a little aggressive.

I mean, I didn't
pick up on any vibe.

He did invite us to
the bar, so we could...

We could go there sometime.

- Yeah. Okay. Maybe.

- I thought Carver
was spending more time

at Molly's these days.

So where is he?

- Who cares?

- Scarecrow.

- Cowardly Lion.

- What?
- Why'd you say Scarecrow?

You okay, buddy?

- I need to borrow
your motorcycle.

- Okay.

- Hey, Gallo.

Can you meet me at the end
of the bar for a second?

- Sure thing.
- Cool.

What's going on
with you and Carver?

- Ask him.

- He's not here,
so I'm asking you.

- Well, that's kind of
the problem, I guess.

- What is that supposed to mean?

- Carver always
gets a free pass.

I don't know.

He comes out of nowhere
with the big seal

of approval from Boden.

You don't ask me or Mouch
what we think of him.

You just hire him on the spot.

Hell, you don't even bring
the hammer down on him

when he ends up
in the drunk tank.

You bail him out and
chauffeur him home.

No wonder he struts around
like he owns the place,

because he basically does.

- He wasn't wrong about
a lot of that stuff.

I mean, Boden foisted
Carver onto me,

and then I foisted him
onto Gallo and Mouch.

- That's how it works.

Gallo and Mouch
don't get a vote.

- I could have maybe
handled it better, though.

I don't want Gallo
feeling resentful.

- Who cares?

Gallo can feel however he wants,

so long as he shows up
on time and does his job.

- That is quite the management
philosophy you got there.

- It works for me.

- You getting
anywhere with this?

- I got some ideas.

It's taking a lot of legwork.

- Well, doesn't Pryma
have somebody who's

supposed to know this stuff?

- He came to me trying
to fly under the radar.

Or so he says.

I mean, there's definitely
something he's not telling me.

- Why work with him then?

- Eh, it's interesting stuff.

- Must be. It's
gonna make us late.


- Sylvie.

- Dylan, hey.

Are you here to see Violet?

- No, no, actually,
I'm here to see you.

- Oh.

- Hi.

You mentioned you worked
here, so I figured I'd stop by

and make sure those
little clown kids

aren't still lurking around.

- No, they're probably at
a group therapy session

'cause as soon as I saw them,

I screamed in their
faces and ran away.

that'll teach them.

- Yeah.

- I hope it's not weird,
me just showing up,

but I wanted to ask,

do you want to grab
a drink sometime?

Or lunch?

Or coffee?

But that's as low as I'll go.


Yeah. Yeah.

Coffee sometime
would be nice. Sure.

Here, you can put your
number in my phone,

and I'll give you a call.

- Sounds great. Cool.

- Great. Yeah.

Oh, wow.

- Well, I told you that smile
wasn't for the both of us.

You're gonna call him, right?

- Yeah. Yeah, I think so.

- Oh, so that's
what you're doing.

- Oh, hey.

Well, you know, when ancient
farmers weren't around

to shoo the crows
out of the fields,

ancestors of ours made
a brilliant invention.

You know, to keep
the pests away.


The scarecrow.

Or the scarecop, if you will.

- Huh.

- You see?

Well, I'll be.

I tell you, you know,
when it comes to the game,

mind over matter.

It is the mind...
Well, mainly my mind.

Where are the real
cops, Mouch, huh?

- Trudy says they come
by on a regular basis,

but they don't have the manpower

to park a unit here full time

based on one person's complaint.

- But... two people!
- Whoa.

This is not my crusade.

- This... you gotta talk
to her, Mouch, okay?

If you don't care about
wanton lawlessness,

then do it for me.

Do it for my sanity.

- Kylie said you
were looking for me?

- Yeah. Come on in.

What's the beef
between you and Gallo?

- Beef?

- You two were barely
able to move a ladder

together the other day.

I mean, I've seen
better teamwork

from the Three Stooges.

- That was just a

- It was zero communication.

What is going on?

- There's no beef.

We had a conversation
last shift,

at the end of which we came
to a mutual understanding.

- Which is?

- Look, Lieutenant,
Gallo and I don't need

to be best friends
to work together.

We're professionals.

But we'll step up
the communication.

You won't see any
more hiccups there.

- Truck 81, person
trapped, 3445 Rush.

- Thanks. We'll
pick this up later.

- Tenant told me there's
someone trapped on the roof.

The access door's jammed,
and I can't get out there.

- Lieutenant.

- Carver, go ahead and grab
the rabbit tool off the rig.

- Got it.

- You got a service
elevator up there?

- Yeah, I'll take you guys up.

- Access to the roof
is on this floor?

- Staircase is just
around the corner.

Lady lieutenant, huh?

Good for you.

- Thank you.

All right, Carver,
you lead the way.

- Yep.

- Going in with the rabbit tool.

- All right.
- There a rooftop deck up here?

- No, but people still
like to go up there

and just take in the view.

I mean, I don't know how this
guy could have gotten trapped.

- Latch is popped,
but the door's

still not going anywhere.

Solid core... We'd have
to mangle this thing

with the Halligan pretty
good to get out there.

- Any of those penthouse
apartments have balconies?

- Yeah, Mrs. Katz does.

A nice one.

- Watch out for
the clay planters.

- I don't see any fire escape
ladders up to the roof,

even though it's code.
- Lieutenant.

I can climb the
trellis, get a foothold,

and pull myself onto the roof.

- What the hell?

Let's give it a shot.

- All right.

- Yep.

- All right.

We'll meet you at the roof door.

- Copy that.


Lieutenant, our
victim isn't trapped.

- What are you doing here?

Get away from me!

- Gallo, we didn't
catch the end of that.

- Hey, it's okay.

We just got a report
that there was

someone trapped on the roof.

I'm here to help.

- I'm not trapped.

Get the hell out of here!

- 81 to Main, we need
a crisis negotiator

to 3445 Rush right away.

We have a potential
suicide in progress.

- What's your name?

- None of your business.

- Mine's Blake.

And if there's anything
you want to talk out,

I'm here, and I
want to help, okay?

- There's nothing to talk out.

- Well, something
got you up here.

- Made mistakes that
are gonna hurt people.

A lot of us did, but
the buck stops with me.

- It sounds like you're being
pretty rough on yourself.

- You don't know what
you're talking about, okay?

- Okay.

So... tell me?

- Tomorrow, my company's
going to announce

we're closing more
than half our stores.

Hundreds of people
will lose their jobs.

- That's rough. I'm sorry.

I've been hearing
that a lot these days.

Economy shifting, inflation.

There's a lot out there
you can't control.

Can I sit down?

Promise, I'm not
gonna touch you.

People can handle
losing their jobs.

What's a lot harder is
losing the ones you love.

I bet you have a bunch of those.

- I got a few, yeah.

I'm gonna
be an embarrassment to them.

After this news comes out.

- Say that's true,
worst case scenario.

Even so, time passes.

Sooner than you think,

it'll be in the
rear view mirror.

You'll still be here.

That's all they want.

Every day, that's all I wish,
that my family was still here.

- Crisis team is
two blocks away.

- Copy that.

- I appreciate you saying that.

- It's the truth.

That's all.

People can make it
through really hard times

and still live a beautiful life.

- I'm sorry about all this.

- It happens.

All that matters is that the...

- You didn't lie to him, right?

Didn't make any promises
you couldn't keep?

Anything like that?

That's important.
Something I teach our guys.

We don't lie to a
person in distress.

You did a great job
keeping him talking.

That's huge. That's
the main thing.

I mean, you followed
the protocol

without it even being
drilled into you.

You should be proud.

Look, sometimes a person steps
on a ledge and their mind

is already made up by
the time you get there.

You can do and say
all the right things

and still not be
able to change them.

The important thing
is, you didn't give up.

I tell all my guys, we
do not give up, ever.

- For all of Gallo's bravado,

he's one of the most
empathetic people I know.

- He's gonna have a hard
time shaking it off.

- I hope he doesn't
blame himself.

- We just got to keep
a close eye on him.

That's all.

- He's a good friend.

- Yeah.

Speaking of good
friends, um, I messed up.

- Messed up how?

- I have been pushy about Dylan

without being sensitive
to the fact that you

might not be ready to date yet.

- Well, I don't think
I'll ever be ready,

but it doesn't mean
I shouldn't try.

To be honest, that's not the
reason I haven't called Dylan.

- What do you mean?

- It's... it's the connection
between Dylan and Evan

and the way he gets so
happy talking about him.

What if things go badly,
and it would be like

I'm taking that away?
- No, no, Sylvie.

Forget all of that.

Yes, it... it brought me a
wave of Evan to meet Dylan,

but so does pretty much
everything that Evan has

ever touched or been around.

Sometimes it makes me happy.

Sometimes it just hurts,

and there's nothing that you or
anyone else can do to fix that.

Do you get a good
vibe off Dylan or not?

- He's adorable.

- Well, then you
have to go for it.

- I've talked to Trudy.

She said, "I'll
see what I can do."

- Well, it's better
than nothing.

- Told her how important
this was to you.

- Not to me.

To society, Mouch!

To society.

- What are we looking at?

- All right, this blast pattern

and the hole that was
torn through the plywood

is indicative of a
high order explosion.

- Caused by?
- Well, that's the question.

Whatever caused this was
due to a commercial grade

or most likely a
military grade explosive.

- Military?

- Military munitions
convert as much material

as possible to kinetic energy.

That's what makes them
predictable, efficient.

So I started looking
for military devices

that cause this pattern.

I think it was a 40-millimeter
door breaching round

from a grenade launcher.

- Door-breaching?

- It's a low velocity grenade
that uses blast pressure

to bust a door down
from a distance

and kill whoever is
on the other side.

It's highly specialized stuff.

So why is someone running around

shooting this thing for fun

in an abandoned
warehouse on Pulaski?

- I don't think it was for fun.

I think it was a demonstration.

- By who?

- By a seller showing a
buyer what his goods can do.

- So this individual that
you mentioned the other day,

the guy you had your eye on,

you're telling me that he's
selling military weapons

inside Chicago?

- No, that's what
you're telling me.

- Can you stop him?

- I'm gonna try, but I'm
gonna need more help from you.

- What kind of help?

- I got to talk to
some people first.

I'll keep you posted.

Thanks, Kelly.
- Yeah.

- Can I keep this?
- Yes.


The boy's gonna hurt himself.

- What's that?

- So, Molly's later?

- Yeah, sure.

- Or I come over with
some beer, some pizza,

my controller, and
we kill zombies

in co-op mode until dawn.

- Sounds good.

Or just, you know,
maybe just Molly's.

Either way.

- Look, no pressure.

You decide you want to
do anything, I'm there.

- Cool.

- Killing zombies
isn't gonna cut it.

What you need is to
get comfortably numb.

Let me buy you a beer or ten.

- With all due respect, Carver,
you have no idea what I need.

- Sure, I do.
- No, you don't.

You don't know the
first thing about me.

I'm just an excitable kid
who just did it for kicks.

I'm playing superhero.

And you, you've...

You've seen so
much worse than me.

- I didn't mean... I
shouldn't have said all that.

I'm sorry.

Look, I...

I heard you over the radio.

And family stuff, that's tricky.

I know how hard it can be.

Let's hit up Carol's Pub
and close the place down.

- No offense, but
I've seen what happens

when you hit a dive bar.

- A good time is what happens.

You're coming out with me.

That's that.

All right.

Hey, Mouch.

- You left your duffel sitting
on the locker room bench.

- I did?

- You want me to
bring it to Molly's?

- No, I'll circle
back and get it.

Thanks, buddy.

Are you kidding me?

- I understand there's
been a lot of infractions

at this intersection.

- No, it... yeah.

There are actual
hoodlums, you know,

driving right through
the stop sign.

- Like you just did.

- No.

I left my bag in the
firehouse, and I... really?


Come on, Trudy.

- You drag me out here
to write citations,

then I'm writing citations.

You can pay this online.

Hey, oh, look at me.

Tell Cindy I'll see
her at book club.

I have got a recipe for her.

- It's kind of an
overpowering nausea.

Like, maybe I should
turn around and go home.

- No. Do not do that.

This is gonna be fun.

- Oh, I hope so.

- And you look beautiful.

- Oh, do I?

Or is this outfit way too
much for a coffee date?

- No, no, it's
perfect. Seriously.

I just fell in love with you.

- What's happening?

What's that smile on your face?

- Um, I just saw
him. I'm here.

- Okay, I'm hanging
up. Have fun. Bye.

- Okay.

- Gallo's resilient.

Nothing keeps him down.

- I know that it seems
that way, you know,

his peppy disposition, but
he really feels things.

And I just...

I wish that I knew how
to help him through this.

- He'll... he'll figure it
out in his own timeline.

That's all.

- Hey.

- This a bad time?

Yeah, it is.

- Nah. Come in.

You eat yet?

- No, I'm good. Thanks.

I'll get out of
here in a minute.

- All right. What's up?

- Well.

This is our friend who's
hawking military weapons

on the streets of Chicago.

His name is Vin Martucci.

- You pick him up?
- Not yet.

I don't have the goods on him.

But he does have a relationship
with Danny Kavanagh.

You remember that name?

- You mean the
dirty cop who almost

got me and Stella killed?

Yeah, kind of hard to forget.

- Well, when you went over my
head and got Danny arrested,

this is one of several ongoing
cases that you compromised.

Fortunately for us, Kavanagh's
still willing to negotiate.

Tell us what he knows, help get
those weapons off the street.

- Such a good guy.

What does that
have to do with me?

- State's attorney's not
willing to strike a deal

with Kavanagh unless his
victims sign off on it.

- His victims?

- You and Stella.

- What kind of a deal
are we talking about?

Kavanagh helps
us take down Martucci,

he gets time served.
- He walks?

- Martucci's a bad dude, Kelly.

- So is Kavanagh. No deal.

- I need Kavanagh's cooperation.

- Find another way.
- Look, be reasonable.

- Dragging me out to that
warehouse, tapping me

for my expertise,
you were just trying

to get me invested in this thing

because you knew
you'd end up having

to ask me the unthinkable.

- It wasn't like that.
- Get out.

- Come on, Kelly.
- Get out!

- We don't do this
deal, a lot of people

are gonna get hurt.

And that's on you too.

- He didn't mean
to break it, sir.

It was an accident.

- I'm sorry.

He was mad.


Okay, all right.

All right, next stop.
What's the next stop?

- I'm sorry to say,
but I think it's...

I think that's the
end of the line.

It's almost 4:00.
- What? Come on!

You know the phrase,
you can't go home,

but you can't stay here.

- Eh...
- Yeah, I know. I know.

Um, Old Town Ale
House is open late.

- Oh, man.

- Aw.

It closes at 4:00.


- I'll get us an Uber.

- I thought I had him.

- I know.

- I was absolutely sure.

- There was nothing more
you could have done.

- Maybe if someone
else got there first.

- But you got there, Gallo.

And you gave him the best
chance he could have had.

- You don't know that.

- Yeah, I do.

You got about the coolest head
in a crisis I have ever seen.

Keeping your wits when there's
20,000 cubic feet of fuel

overhead ready to
blow us all to hell?

You'll do whatever it
takes to save a life.

Sometimes even
that isn't enough.

That's the job.

Sometimes people just...

Look, I know it hurts.

Believe me, I do.

So let it hurt.

You feel like you need
to cry about it, do it.

You feel like you want to
scream or punch someone,

scream at me, punch me.

Do whatever you need to do.

But do not let that change
the kind of firefighter

you are, Gallo.

'Cause I'll tell you something.

If I'm ever in a tight spot,

there's no other
kind of smoke eater

I'd rather have on my side.

- Yeah.

- Come on.

Mike's Cop Bar is
open till 5:00.

- Ah.

I broke that...

- I know you broke that, man!

- Well, when the
guy got so mad, I...