Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 11, Episode 7 - Angry is Easier - full transcript

Herrmann is tasked with fulfilling a man's dying wish. Kidd reflects on her Girls on Fire program after one of her students graduates from the Fire Academy. A heckler harasses Firehouse 51.

- What's all that?
- Adoption application.

- Fantastic!

- Your brother Leon turned
up in a CPD database.

Leon wasin a gang.

But I got him out there.

- I'm going to give you
back your application.

- We can't approve
adoptive parents

who might put Javi in close
contact with a gang member.

- Good hustle, Macy!

- I'm gonna apply for
the next CFD test.

- You're my first
official recruit.

- Girls on Fire makes
girls like me and Macy

feel like becoming a firefighter

could really happen.

- I see you, Kylie.

Get that foot behind the line.

- All right, first to
open up their nozzle,

and knock our ballerina
off her throne, wins.

Stay low, and keep
your weight forward.

Ready, set, go.

Go, Kylie!

- All right.
- Yeah, let's go!

- Focus, focus. You got it.

You got it.

- Look's like Lieutenant
Carr's course.

- Ah.
- Minus the ball.

- Yeah, Macy set it up,

so she must have gotten
it from his class.

Jess is holding
her hose too high.

- Hold the hose tight to
your body, weight forward.

That's it.

- Making my job easy.

Thanks, babe.

- Good, good.

Keep going.
- Whoo!

- Get up in there.
Get up in there.

Oh, Kylie!

- Yeah!
- Yeah!

- We have a winner!

- All right,
everyone, bring it in.

Bring it in, bring it in,
bring it in, bring it in.

All right, how do
we think she did?

Because I think Macy's
ready to be the newest

firefighter in the CFD.

Listen, when I
started this program,

I thought maybe someday
I'd see one of you

go all the way
through the academy.

And it is crazy that
that day is already here.

Our first Girls on Fire grad.

I'm so frickin' proud of you.

All right, graduation.

11:00 AM, Saturday,
at the Fire Academy.

I expect to see every
single one of you there.

All right?
- Uh-huh.

- Now get out of here before
you're late for homeroom.

Go! Go! Go!

Great job.

- Congratulations are in
order for you too, you know?

This is a great achievement.

- Thank you, Chief.


Cruz, I think it's done.

- Huh? Oh, damn it.

Oh, sorry.

- Hey, it's fine.

No worries.

It adds flavor.

Everything OK, Joe?

- They put the adoption
application on hold.

- What?


- Leon's name came up
in a gang database.

- But that's not right.

He was working undercover.

- Yeah, I tried to
explain that in writing.

I stepped out every detail.

I even referred them
to Sergeant Voight,

but ever since then, crickets.

- They'll call.

- All units, multiple
vehicle accident.

I-55 inbound, mile marker 82.

- Hey!

Hey! Hey, get back!

Squad, let's get airbags
underneath this I-beam truck.

Get cribbing ready.

Engine, cover us
with a hose line.

Get extinguishers on that semi.

Let's move.

- All right, Carver, get
the scene locked down!

Mouch, Gallo, we're
gonna pull that car out

as soon as it clears
squad's air bags.

- On it.

- Hey, you two OK?

- I think so.

I had to lay my bike down.

I went right under that thing.

- I'm good, but that
guy's in bad shape.

- We'll get him out of there.

In the meantime, let's
have a look at you.

- Sir?

Sir, can you hear me?

- Hey, Kidd?
- Yeah?

- I'll get in there and
try and stop the bleeding.

- Copy.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- There you go.

There you are.

Let's get you some more room.

- OK.
- Oh, man.

That's a load off.

- Hey, what's your name?
- John.

- John? Christopher.

- Hey, man, you got to
get behind the line.

- Yeah, OK.

- I said back up.

- You're playing around
with tape while there's

people over there in danger.

You're a real hero, huh?

- Get back. I'm not
asking you again.

- OK.


Yeah, nice and easy.

- Good for you wearing a helmet,

looks like you
dodged a concussion.

- Might want to get a
second opinion, buddy.

Just saying.

- Keep moving, pal.

- I'm behind the tape.
- Hey! Lieutenant!


No, no, stop!


- Damn.

- Lost pressure!

Herrmann, stay down!

- Herrmann, you
guys okay in there?

- Yeah!

Where we at?

- The hoses are shot.

We got replacements in
the truck, Lieutenant.

- No time.

Let's grab two sets of jaws.

We'll raise it that way.
- That'll work.

- Yeah.
- Copy.

- Hermann, we lost
pressure in the air bag.

We're gonna raise the
I-beam with the jaws.

- Copy.

Hey, John?
- Yeah?

- Let's take a look
at this shoulder.


Oh, man, it's crazy the
things racing through my head

right now.

It's like they say, your whole
life passing before your eyes.

- Hey, John?

We're going to get
you out of here.

Keep going.

That's it.

Mouch, get the chain ready.

- All right.

- Ah, Katherine Harden,
now there's a memory.

- Easy.

Hey, who is Katherine?

- This girl I knew at Loyola.
- Yeah?

- I couldn't take
my eyes off her.

- Gather now.

Easy, Gallo.

That's it. Keep it level.

- So what happened?

- We-we became friends.

She's way out of my
league, I knew that.

And I couldn't tell her
how I really felt because

I was scared I'd lose her.

I did anyway.

She met another guy,
and they got married.

Her life kept going.

Haven't heard her
voice for 17 years.

- Let's get that cribbing
in there, Ritter.

- Yeah.

- How's that chain
coming, Mouch?

- Set!

- All right, Mouch, get
ready to pull them out.

- It's not a bad way to go
out, thinking of Katherine.

- Hey, like I told you, John,

we're going to get you
out of here, so, okay?

- Hey, Hermann, here we go.

- Grab him slow, Mouch.

- That's it.



Okay, we're good!

- Okay, Gallo, you're on.

- Now, Carver, open it wide.

- You'll be fine.

49 years old, lost
a lot of blood.

Starting to look
a little shocky.

- Copy. C collar.
- Here you go.

- All right. Easy.

- I got his head.
- All right.

- One, two, three.

- Hey, you see?

Hey, you made it out!

- No, radial pulse.

His carotid is weak.
Must be crashing.

- OK, let's go.

- Nice bike.

Gotta love a V-Twin, right?

- I'm going to miss it.

- It's not as bad as it looks.

Some new pipes, new cam cover.

Back on the road in no time.

- Not me.

I'm never getting
back on that thing.

This was just a... An
expensive midlife crisis.

Time for a minivan.

- BP 70 over 40.

We got to move.
- All right, hang blood tubing.

I'll call the Med and let
them know to have blood ready.

- Copy.

- You got to tell her.

- What?
- Find her.

- Who?
- Katherine Harden.

- John, come on.

- I need her to know how
much she meant to me.


- OK.

I'll tell her, OK?

- Gallo, sorry about that
rogue SUV back there.

You good?

- Yeah, that bottle went
after you like a missile.

- Yeah, no sweat.
Nobody's fault. I'm good.

- I won't lose control of
the scene again, Lieutenant.

That's a promise.

- What was the
distraction there?

Was that guy giving you trouble?

- Me, the medics, guy
just seemed to have

a beef with first responders.

- Was he involved
in the accident?

- I don't think so.

- So he just stopped by to offer

his critique of our work?

- Huh.

Weirdo of the week.

- Right.

Hypothetically, would
you want to know

if a friend from your past
were in love with you,

even if you were married?

- Ooh, that's a fun one.

- And the friend,
which maybe dying.

- And not fun anymore.

- He could pull
through. It's possible.

- What kind of
hypothetical is this?

- I told John, our
victim from the pinnin',

that I would track down
his long lost friend,

and declare his love for her.

But she's married,
and it seems...

- Tricky?
- And also,

he was in a bad way, and maybe
he wasn't thinking straight.

You know, and maybe he's going
to get better, and realize

that he doesn't want to get
in the middle of her life

like that.

- Well...

- Hey, Brett?

What's the latest on John?

Did you get a chance
to check in on him?

- I did.

Yeah, the doctors put him
on a ventilator in the ICU.

They don't think he has long.

- Damn it.

- Hey, you said this woman that
he knew, they were friends?

- Yeah, from 20 years ago.

- But she'd still
probably want to know

about his condition, right?

- I would if I was her.

No matter how long
it'd been. Yeah.

- Yeah.

I'll try and track her down.

- Are you trying to rub a hole
through your equipment, Cruz?

- It's called cleanin', Cap.

You should try it sometime.




I swear, man, there's a special
place in hell for those guys.

- Cruz, put it out of your mind.

- Is that the bike
from this morning?

- Whoa, Severide,
did you swoop in

and buy it off that poor
guy in his moment of doubt?

- Ha, you think I'm
some kind of vulture?

- There she is.

There we go.

What's the matter?
- You bought a motorcycle?

- I told the guy, why mess
around with insurance,

take a hit on your premium?

Skip the headache,
and sell it to me.

Got it for a song.

- Do you know how
to ride a bike?

- More importantly, do
you know how to fix one?

- Eh, I'll manage.

Hoping to get some help from...

- Uh, why'd you have it
towed to the firehouse

instead of your place?

- Because Trudy cannot
know about this.


Not a word.

- Did you see
Mouch's new project?

- Ugh, yeah, he's getting
himself killed on that thing.

If the bike
doesn't do it, Trudy will.


- Is that dude
watching the house?

- Gallo, I think that's the
guy from the highway incident,

the one that was
messing with us.

- For real?

- All right, all right.

One, two... wait, where's Lucy?

I don't see her.

Oh, there we go.

All right.

- Wait, Lieutenant,
you got to be in this.

Mom, can you take one for us?
- Sure.

- Thank you.

- All right.
- OK.

One, two, three.

- Thank you.
- Look at this uniform.

Like, damn girl!

Lieutenant Kidd?


- Hi, you're Macy's mom, right?

So good to meet you.

Your daughter, she's amazing.

- She is.

And she's everything to me.

Do you have children?

- I don't, no.

- Then you might
not understand this,

but I'ma say it anyway.

These days, every
time I hear a siren,

I think that is going to
be Macy risking her life.

All because of a flyer she
saw in our neighborhood

three years ago.

A flyer you put there, right?

- Yes.

Yes, ma'am.

- If anything happens to her,

if I lose my daughter,

just know that's on you.

- There are 19 different

Katherine Hardens in
the United States.

It is gonna take me days
to find the right one.

- You just googled the name?

- Yeah, that's what you're
supposed to do these days.

It used to be that you dial 411,

or look in the White Pages.

But now if you want to
try and find someone,

you go to 15 websites, and they
try to sell you a phone number

that might not even be theirs.

- Found her.
- What?

You're lying. How?

- I searched her name
and a couple of keywords.

Found a wedding notice,
checked that against LinkedIn,

and there you go...
Katherine Harden,

now Katherine Joyce,
graduated from Loyola...

- Loyola. Yeah,
that's what John said.

That's got to be her.

- She's a high
school music teacher,

and she lives right
here in Chicago.

- Herrmann, her Facebook page
says she's got a daughter,

and she's divorced.

- Divorced?

Ah, damn, John didn't
know that part.

He probably would have
reached out if he had.

- Now you can do it for him.

- Hey, Severide, quick question.

Sorry, guys, motorcycle talk.

When I pulled the pipes off,

these little metal
rings fell out.

- Exhaust gaskets.

Don't reuse them. You
got to buy new ones.

- Gotcha.

And that bent fork, can that
be straightened, do you think?

Or do I have to replace it?

- I thought you
said quick question?

- All right, a few
quick questions.

Let me buy you a beer,
and pick your brain.

- Use that money to
buy a Haynes manual.

- A what?

- Then a car comes
screeching through the scene

and goes over the hoses,
which makes the air bottle...

Pressurized at 4,500 PSI...

Come flying right at me
like a cruise missile.

- Dangerous.

- It could have put a
hole right through me.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- I'm sorry I'm late,
post-graduation celebrations.

- No worries.

- How'd it go?

- Graduation was great.

I met Macy's mom.

She's not too happy with me.

She says if anything happens
to Macy, I'm the one to blame.

And that's just... that's
got me thinking about Kylie

and all the other girls, and...

- We can't control what
happens on the job.

That's why I'm so
tough on my cadets,

so they're ready
when things get ugly.

- Yes, but your
cadets came to you.

I recruited these girls
into Girls on Fire,

and I did it to inspire
and empower them,

but Macy's mom isn't wrong.

I'm putting them on
track for a job where

their lives are on the line.

- It's the best
job in the world.

You've given them the
ability to be a part of it.

You have inspired
and empowered them.

The rest is out of your hands.

- Hey, try not to let
anyone die out there today.

- What?
- You heard me.

- Hey. Is that the
guy, the heckler?

- Yeah.
- Careful, miss.

You could hurt a load of
incompetent firefighters

that show up and make it worse.

- Ignore him, ma'am.
- Hey, buddy,

why don't you hit the road?

- There a problem here?

- This is a public sidewalk,
you can't kick me off it.

- No, sir, I cannot.

But if you threaten
my firefighters

or any of our neighbors,
that's a crime.

- I didn't threaten anybody.

- It's the same
guy from that call,

and he was here last shift too.

- No idea what his problem
is. It's so strange.

- Well,

hopefully that's the end of it.

- 25% left in the tank, how
many minutes of air is that?

- Working five, at rest seven.

- Great.

What is the collapse radius
for a five-story building?

- That's not in that
flash card deck.

- It's still important.

- 60 feet?
- 90.

Kylie, you gotta know
this stuff inside and out.

And if you don't,

you don't have to take
the exam in six months.

- Hold on, what?

- There's no rush. You know?

- I'm confused.

We always said I would
take it when I turned 21.

- I know, but maybe you
don't take it right away.

You have so much time,

and you could explore
all your options.

- My options?

Wait, do you think
I'm not ready?

- I think there is
no harm in waiting,

that's all.

Just think about it.

- Hi, this is Katherine.

- Hi.

Hi, Katherine, my name is...

- I'm not available right now,
but please leave me a message,

and I'll get right back to you.

- Oh.
- Thanks.

- Katherine, this is
Christopher Herrmann,

and I'm calling on behalf
of a friend of mine.

Well, he's not a friend exactly,

but you knew him in college,

and his name is John Millard.

And he wanted me to
reach out to you,

and tell you some things.


Could they possibly make
this bolt harder to reach?

Ah, got it.

Nope, stripped it. Son of a...

- Mouch!

You're killing me, man.

- Here, get away from
there. Let me get it.

- Truck 81, ambo 61...
- Be gentle with it.

- Person in distress,
2800 South Sacramento Ave.

- What's wrong?
- I'm not sure, but...

Yep, we got a problem.

- Permission to brake check him?

- Negative.

81 to Main, we need
police on scene.

We have at individual

with our emergency response.

- Copy that, 81.

- It's like he's getting bolder.

- Hey, do not engage.

Let the cops handle it.

- Over here!

Over here!

- Hey!

- I told him that
rail needed wax.

Didn't listen.
- Oh, man.

- All right, hang in there.

OK, Gallo, grab the grinder.

- Copy.
- Get the stretcher.

I'll pack the wound.
- Copy that.

- OK.

- Be ready to support the fence
when Gallo makes his cuts.

- All right.

- Sir?

Sir, please stay back.

- Hey, you might want to get
your phone out and film this.

Good to have evidence
if anything goes wrong.

- Why would anything go wrong?

- On account of
incompetence, that's why.

- Dude, why are you saying that?

- Take it easy.

- Hey, shake a leg, man.

Can't you see he's in pain?

- You're done
here, pal. Leave.

- Carver!

- I got this, Lieutenant.

- This is a public park, I
have every right to be here.

- Keep moving.

- Don't touch me.

- Back it up.

Yeah, they're here for you.

- Good, I have
plenty to tell them.

Officer, this fireman's
threatening me.

- OK, come on over here
and tell me all about it.

- Why me?

- Come on, let's go.
- I didn't do anything.

- Let's go.
- He's the problem.

- Forward.
- He's the problem.

- Forward.

- Herrmann, I was just at Med.
John's off the ventilator.

He's doing a lot better.

- Uh-oh.
- Uh-oh?

- I left Katherine
a long message.

I'm talking cut off
by the beep long.

I told her that he probably
wasn't going to make it.

I went into the whole rigmarole.

I mean, it is great
news, of course,

but what am I going to do now?

Call her back and say, eh,

never mind everything
I just said?

- Yes?
- No.

No, I knew I
shouldn't go messing

in other people's lives.

All right, I gotta...

I gotta talk to John first.

- OK.

- I'm going to
give a call to Med,

and see if I can swing by
after shift and see him.

- Hey, Lieutenant.

- Hey.

- You got a sec?

- Of course, yeah.

What's up?

- If, uh...

If I'm out of
line, just tell me,

but I heard you quizzing
Kylie this morning,

and it reminded me of when I
was fresh out of the academy.

Have I told you much
about my parents?

- I don't think so, no.

- Well, they didn't want
me to go to the academy.

They thought I'd
get myself hurt.

I remember my mom saying,

"Leave all that
to the real men."

- Seriously?

- Yeah.

We had our issues,
to say the least.

So I had to show them
that I could be as tough

as my Uncle Anthony,
the firefighter.

I studied hard.

I worked my ass off in
the gym, and graduated.

But their words, they stuck,

and the doubt kept creeping in.

That's why Mouch found me
in that stairwell, frozen.

- And I just put that seed
of doubt in Kylie's mind.

- My uncle was my hero,

and Kylie's hero is you.

What you think means a lot.

- Hey, I hope your
parents know now

you're a hell of a firefighter.

- Thanks to being here,

I don't really worry about
what they think anymore.

I know I am.


- Thank you, Ritter.

- Yeah.

Okay, that's it.

- Done.

She's got new forks, new
pipes, gave her a tune up.

- She looks incredible.
Cherry, even.

- Oh, yeah. Come on,
let's hear that motor.

- Ah.


- Everybody out
of the blast zone.

- It's cool, Mouch,
tell her it's my bike.

- The hell you will.

- What's going on here?


I don't even know what
to say to you right now.

You look like Marlon Brando!

- Hop on, baby.

She's always been a hog fan.

See you, boys!

- Oh, okay.
- Whoo!


- Whoo-hoo!
- Whoo-hoo!

- Hey, have you guys seen Kylie?

- I think she just
went to the commissary,

she should be back soon.

- Uh, hey, police called.

They got the name of our
heckler, Edgar Weston.

On a hunch, I checked the
name against our call logs,

and it looks like
his father died

at that wedding fire that we
responded to a while back.

- The tent fire.

The guy that Mouch
and me pulled out?

- Yeah, I remember him.

He had some of the worst
burns I've ever seen.

- So this Edgar isn't
just some random crazy.

- He's coming after us
because he blames us

for his father's death.

- This man, his son,

he's obviously going
through something

that is driven by that loss.

- Cops arrest him?

- No, he hasn't done
anything illegal.


So if he shows up again,
we keep our distance,

let the police handle it.

- You got it chief.

- Yes, sir.

- Be safe.

- Hey.

- You don't... you
don't have to do that.

- Hey.

It is no problem.

I owe you an apology.

You are more than ready
for that entrance exam.

If you could take it tomorrow,
I'd tell you to do it.

- But you said that...

- I was doing a lot
of overthinking.

You may have noticed it's
a small problem I have.

No way.

Listen, just know this.

The more I care, the
more I overthink.

- Chief?

- OK, heads up, people.

Ritter, radio CPD.

- Yep.

- You think you could sic
the cops on me, scare me off?

I have rights.

- Hey, hey, back it up. Hey.

You wanna get physical,
you will end up in jail.

Now calm down, Edgar.

- He's gone!

And you just go about your
lives like nothing happened,

like you had nothing
to do with it!

- OK, everyone.

Everyone go inside now. Go.

- Violet, what are you...
- You think you're the only

person who lost someone?
- Violet...

- The only person who has had
someone ripped away from them?

It is a living
hell, and I know it.

Feels like you're
drowning because

every day since he died, you
haven't been able to breathe.

It doesn't make any sense,
but every day you wake up,

and you realize that he's
still not there, right?

It was an accident,

a tragic accident.

And looking for someone to blame

isn't going to make the
pain go away, Edgar.

- It would have been their
40th anniversary last week.

My mom
won't get out of bed.

It's ruined us.

- I'm sorry. I am.

That's awful.

- I don't know how
to make it better.

- You can't.

I think...

maybe only time can do that.

- I was just real relieved

when I heard that you
were doing better.

- Like you said,
you'd get me out,

and you did.

- I also told you that

I'd track your friend
Katherine down,

and I did that, too.

- What?

- Yeah, she lives
here in Chicago.

Oh, God.

I wasn't thinking straight.

- Oh, I knew it!
- Well, no, no.

It's just, she's
married, and I really...

- Actually, she's divorced.

- God, OK. So that'll
make it even worse.

Now she's going to think I'm...

I'm some kind of creep

that's going to be
taking advantage of her.

That is not...
- John, let me...

Let me say this.

Shake off those nerves.

See, if you're lucky
enough to have the chance

to be with someone that
you really care about,

you gotta go for it.

'Cause you never know

when that chance will just...

disappear, right?

- She's here.

And she
looks the same.

- John?

- Hey, Katie.

- What happened?
Are you all right?

- Yeah, I'll be fine,
just scratched up.

- Hey, I'm Christopher Herrmann.

Hey, please.
- Thanks.

- Uh, I'm the guy that
left a very long message.

- My heart stopped when you
said John was in the hospital.

I hadn't heard your
name in so many years,

but as soon as I did,
all I could think was

"Play the Spice Girls!"

- But you never would.
- No.

- Hey, you guys, I
gotta go, but, um,

it was really good to
meet you, Katherine.

- Same.

- Thanks, Lieutenant.

- So this guy's yelling at us,

and all I'm thinking is,

it's just like Macy's mom.

Like all of us, really.

If there's someone to blame,

you can be angry instead of sad.

Angry is easier.

- Lieutenant Morgan?

- Two big shot lieutenants
visiting my firehouse

at the same time?

- How's it going, Morgan?
- Hey.

- Pretty damn good. To what
do I owe this pleasure?

- Hey.

You got a new firefighter
joining next shift.

Macy Vasquez.

Will you keep an
eye on her for me?

She's one of my girls.

- You bet.

- So what's the occasion?

It doesn't look like
you need seat fillers.

- No. No occasion.

I just wanted to spend
some time with my girl.

You know,

I've been thinking
about the first time

that I asked you out.

I never told you this,

but I almost didn't do it.

You were outside the cafeteria
looking through your backpack,

and I started
walking towards you,

and I just froze.

I lost all my nerve.
- Yeah?

- Yeah.

Then I yelled at myself
for a minute, and I said,

what, are you crazy?

Get your ass over there

and talk to her.

Thank God I did.

Because asking you out...

was the best
decision of my life.

You're damn right it was.

So the next round better
have top-shelf tequila.

- Oh.

- What you said made a
difference to him, Vi.

That was brave.

- Yeah, I feel for
him, seems like

he's going through it alone.

Meanwhile, I have
my whole 51 family

to keep me in one piece.

- It's her.

It's her! It's her,
guys, it's her.


This is Joe.




Yeah, I understand.

Thank you.

The adoption's going through.

- Ah.

Javi's gonna be my son.
- Let's go!

- Congratulations.