Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 11, Episode 6 - All-Out Mystery - full transcript

- We appreciate all
you two have done,

but if this situation with Javi

isn't going to
work out long-term,

I need to know that now

so we can start
looking for a new home.

- So how's everything going?

- He's a great kid.

Me and Chloe are
getting pretty attached.

- He was picked up on
a drunk and disorderly.

- Evening, Lieutenant.

- Do you have any friends at all

that you could've called
to come and bail you out?

Or are you just some
kind of train wreck?

- For all 24 hours
of every shift,

you own my ass.

But when I punch
out, that's my time.

- You know Faye, the
paramedicine patient

I always talk about?

- Uh, yeah, she plays gin rummy
and makes a mean jerk chicken.

- That's the one.
- Mm-hmm.

- She just got the all-clear
with her cancer scan.

- That's awesome!
- Yeah, it is.

The only downside
is that, I mean,

she's off the
paramedicine roster,

so I'll have to clear
my social calendar

for a gin rummy night.

- Hey, morning.

- Morning.
- Hey.

- Hey, it was good to see you
last night at Molly's, Vi.

- Yeah, it's been nice
having you around more often.

- Except when you
kicked my ass at darts.

- Well, I can't help my
natural skill, Gallo.

You know that.

- Carver, why aren't
you ever at Molly's?

- I'm there now and then.

I like to mix it up, that's all.

Different night,
different adventure.

- Three months in, Carver's
still an all-out mystery.

- Hey, look.

- Uh, don't do that!
Invasion of privacy.

Come on,
there's no privacy anymore.

- He's not wrong.

- I don't like this.

- Ooh, does he have any
pictures taped up in there?

- Oh, I didn't see any.

- I see deodorant, change
of clothes, no pictures.

- Hmm.
- That's it?

- Man could be a serial
killer, for all we know.

- Engine 51, Truck 81,
Squad 3, Ambulance 61.

Explosion reported.
Wabash and...

- That's Jewelers Row, isn't it?

- Hey, let's move it!
- Let's go!

- Move back! It's not safe!

Hey, let's go! Move it back!

What are you people doing?

What the hell?
Come on. Get up.

Come on, move it!

Capp, Tony!

Get these people the
hell out of here!

Let's move!
- Across the street, let's go!

- Get up! Leave it!

- Looks like the
place was bombed.

- Looks like there was
an explosion deep inside.

Doesn't look like it moved
up to the second floor.

- Well, store wasn't open,
so that's a good sign.

- Let's get a primary
search down here,

send some guys up to
evacuate upstairs.

Hey, Herrmann, 51, let's
get a hose line inside!

- All right, working on it!

- All right, Bruce!
Mask up! We're going in!

- Gallo, you're with me!
- Yep.

- Mouch, Carver, get upstairs.
Clear the rest of the building.

- On it, Lieutenant.
- Copy, copy!

- Let's go.

Hey, drop that stuff
and move back now.

That's an order.
- Let's move!

Truck, left side!

- Gallo, this way!

- Cruz, on my end!

Fire department, call out!

- It's cooking in there!

- Fire department! Call out!

- Fire department, call out!

- Looks like the origin
of the blast right here!

- Cruz! Gimme a hand with this!

- Copy!

- Cruz!

- Help!

- One male victim, coming out!

Let's get him up!

- One in the deck, right here!

- Whoa!

- What's your name?

I'm Sylvie.


- Found him in the back near
where the blast was centered.

- Seriously? You're
one lucky man.

- The security door protected
him from most of it.

- Oh.

- What happened?

- Your ultrasonic
cleaning tank blew up.

- But... but...

I wasn't even using it!

- Okay, okay. Just relax.

We're gonna get
you to the hospital

and get those burns
taken care of.

- Yeah, okay.

Here you go.

- Squad 3 to 51,
Herrmann, progress report.

- We're ready to
knock down the fire!

- Thank you.

- We're gonna need this
area cordoned off...

The entire debris field.
- Are you kidding me?

We're finding bits of glass
halfway to Willis Tower.

- What do you want
me to tell you?

Any clues to how this started

would have been blown out the
window with everything else.

OFI's gonna want to collect it.

- Oh, my God, oh, my
God. Look at this.

- Hey, hey-oh!
- Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa!

Sir, sir!
- That's my store!

- I understand, but it's
an active fire scene.

- What happened?
- There was an explosion.

And an employee of
yours, an older guy,

was transported to Chicago
Med with second-degree burns.

- But those windows
were full of jewelry.

- Looters got here
before we could.

- No. No, come on.

Hey... hey, enough
with the water already!

- Fine, if you don't
mind the fire reigniting!

- Officer, I want these
firefighters out of my store!

They're trampling
all over the place.

- All right. Take
a breath, sir.

Let's go.
- You have to stop them.

- I'm sorry, there's
nothing I can do.

- I tell ya, no good deed.

- Hey, look who's here!

- Hi, guys!

- Hey, Chloe.
- Hey.

- Hi.
- What are you doing here?

I thought you had a busy day.
- Yeah, I... I do.

You... you got a second?

- Yeah, yeah, sure.

Hey, is everything okay?
- Yeah, yeah.

Okay, so I talked to Eddie
this morning from the foster...

- Yeah, yeah, Eddie, sure, yeah.

- You remember that endless
list of obstacles standing

in our way of being able to...
- Yeah, yeah.

- Well, Eddie has been on
it like a dog with a bone.

- Great.

- And he's been working with
some contacts in Honduras,

and they finally got a hold
of Javi's uncle, Roberto.

- Okay.

- Roberto was able to
provide documentation

showing that Javi's
mom is deceased

and his dad was
never in the picture.

He has no interest in parenting,

and he has relinquished
his rights to guardianship.

- Which means?

- We can proceed with our
application to adoption him.


- Some of the jewels I
saw looked like they'd

pay off my mortgage.
- Yeah.

And the guy is screaming at us
like it's our fault somehow.

We saved half of his store.

Hey, man. What's up?

Yeah, I figured I'd hit up
F&T Lounge tomorrow night.

Sounds good. See you.


- We couldn't help but overhear.

What's F&T Lounge?

- Bar in Hyde Park.

- What kind of place?
Like, what's the vibe?

- Loud, rowdy, and fun.

Doesn't really get
going till late.

- No, thank you.

I'll take Molly's any day.

- Amen.

- Oh, did you
apologize to Carver

for going through his locker?

- Damn, Brett!

- I wasn't going through it.

Yeah, you left it
open, and I just...

I glanced inside.

- I guess if my
deodorant is missing,

I'll know who to
talk to about it.

- Honesty is the best policy,
especially amongst housemates.

- Glad I didn't sit next
to you in high school.

- Narc.

- Severide.

- Van Meter.

- She's not with me.

- Who's not?

- Seager.

She's at a fire science
conference in Baltimore.

I guess she didn't think
I was shorthanded enough.

- You take a look at
the jewelry store?

- Yeah, only a quick one.

For now, I just sealed it up,
posted a squad car outside.

Any gut instincts?

- It looks like the
blast was centered

in the industrial
ultrasonic cleaning tank.

Most kinds, you can't
use a flammable solvent

or the high voltage
ignites the vapors,

and it causes an explosion.

That could be what
happened here.

- Yeah, maybe.

I don't know. I don't
think it's that simple.

That's high-grade
laminated security glass.

A tank full of solvent
might put on a real

fireworks display, but
it's a low-pressure

deflagration-type explosion.

To shatter half a dozen
sheets of this stuff,

that takes a full-on detonation.

Supersonic shockwave.

- So what are you thinking?

- I don't know, but...

I mean, a solvent might
have kicked off the blast,

but it had to be a chain
reaction with some kind

of high explosive device.

Yeah, this wasn't somebody
misreading the label

on a bottle of
cleaning solution.

This blast was intentional.

- So you were the only one
in the store at the time.

- That's right.

I usually come in about an
hour before the retail staff.

- Are you the store manager?

- I'm the jewelry maker.

I craft new pieces,
restore old ones.

Engagement rings
are my specialty.

- And you clean these pieces
in an ultrasonic tank?

- You said on the
scene that you weren't

using the tank this morning?
- That's right.

But you got me worrying.
Maybe I left it on last night?

I don't think I did.

Oh, I hope I didn't.

But it's been hectic
around the shop,

so maybe I... I got distracted.

- Why has it been so hectic?

- Mr. Demarco brought
in a big shipment

of diamonds last week...

The biggest I've ever seen,

and I've been with
the store ten years.

It's up to me to sort them,
grade them, document them

for the insurance company.

Did you find the stones?
- The diamonds?

No, but the safe is intact.

- They weren't in the safe.

First thing every morning,
I pull out the gem trays

and lay them out
on the workbench.

- That's standard procedure?

Just leave them out all day?

- The workshop's pretty secure.

At least, it used to be.

- So you just left them,
the diamonds, in the trays.

- Yes, sir.

Well, I didn't lift
the lids to check,

but they were in there
last night when I left.

- Were you the last one out?

- Uh, no, that would
be Mr. Demarco.

- Some pretty dodgy
timing, right?

- Big shipment of
diamonds arrives

right before a
mysterious explosion

sends jewels flying onto Wabash?

Yeah, we'd better look
into the store owner.

- When does Seager get back?

- Not soon enough.

Can you step in on this one?

- Yeah, you bet.

- Hey! Herrmann,
you got a sec?

- Who drinks the
last cup of coffee

without brewing a fresh pot?

What kind of human?

- My money's on Capp.
- Yeah.


What's all that?

- Adoption application.

- For...

I thought that was a
whole tangled mess.

- It just untangled.

- Oh!

- Yeah, t is.

It is, it is.

I, uh... I just can't
believe how much

information I have to provide.

But I need a big favor.

- Anything.

- Will you write me a
character reference?

- Are you sure
that I'm your guy?

Um, writing isn't exactly
my strong suit, Joe.

- Who cares?

Listen, you're the
one that convinced me

that I would love
being a father.

And you were right.

And you're the best that I know.

- A freak explosion right
after this big shipment

of diamonds gets insured.

Tell me that doesn't
smell like a scam.

- No doubt.
- Yeah.

- What's your plan?

- Start by questioning
Demarco, then I'll head over

to the jewelry store
and comb the scene.

- "I'll head over," not "we'll"?

- Uh, Seager's out of town,

so I'm gonna tackle
this one solo.

- Oh.

Well, I can give you a hand.

- You?

- Yeah.

I'm really good at
this kind of thing.

- At fire investigations?

- Yeah. Sure.

- All right, well, I
guess it couldn't hurt

to have a second set of eyes.

- Really?

This is gonna be great.

- Sorry.

Boden wants to see everyone
in the briefing room.

- What's going on?

- The owner of the jewelry
store, Robert Demarco.

He's coming after the
CFD with his lawyers.

- What the hell for?

- Gross negligence,
dereliction of duty.

- He claims, between the
looters we failed to stop

and our bull-in-a-china-shop
actions at the scene,

that we are responsible
for the loss of jewels.

Potentially totaling
in the millions.

- Oh, what?

- That's a bunch of BS, Chief!

- Chief, we drove those
looters off the best we could.

We had a fire to deal with.

- The guy's a cementhead, Chief!

He didn't want us
putting water in a fire!

- Look, I'm confident you
all did great work out there,

but this nonsense doesn't
go away on its own.

So I need detailed statements
from each one of you.

- Yeah, you got it, Chief.

- He's just trying to muddy the
waters with this legal threat.

- Yeah, well, I
hope you're right.

Because you are a
target of this lawsuit.

No missteps while you're
moonlighting for OFI.

- Ambo 61, person down,
Hermitage and 35th Street.

- Does anyone know
what happened?

- I was walking a
block or so behind him

when I saw him go down.

No idea why.

- All right, let's C-collar him.

- Yep.

- Does anyone know this man?

- Only by sight.

He lives around here.

Always says hello.
A real sweetie.

- BP is 110. He's

- Let's get him to Med.
- Yeah.

- I hope he's okay.

- One, two, three.

- Thank you.

- What happened?

- You had a fall
and hurt your head.

Can you tell me your name, sir?

- I'm in an ambulance!

- Yeah, we're getting you to
Chicago Med so we can get...

Whoa, whoa, wait. Sir,
your neck or back...

- I don't need to
go to the hospital.

Pull over and let me out.
- Okay, you're all right.

Just stay calm for me, okay?
We're here to help you, okay?

- I can't be here!
Pull this thing over!

- You good, Violet?

- No, for your safety,
we can't do that.

Now, I need to ask
you a few questions,

so I know that you're okay.


- What happened?
- He just jumped.

- Was he violent?

- No, honestly, he
just seemed scared.

But I'm not sure he
even knows where he is.

- All right, well,
I'll over here.

You want to check
the next street?

- Yeah, I got it.


Look, we're not gonna take you
anywhere you don't want to go!

We just want to make
sure you're okay!

- It fell off.

- That's okay.

I can fix it.

Hey, I found our friend.
He's just inside the alley.

Bring the jump bag.
- Copy that.

- Um, here.

Have a seat.

Let me take a look at that cut.

Can I ask your name?

- You must think I'm crazy.

- I don't know about that.

You're obviously not
a fan of my driving.

I'm Vince.

- Let's get that cleaned up
and get a new bandage on it.

Vince, this is
Violet. I'm Sylvie.

- Oh, what happened
there, Vince?

You could've really
hurt yourself.

- I had a seizure
about a month ago.

I woke up in an
ambulance like that,

got brought to the
hospital where they ran

a bunch of tests.

$20,000 later... A
chunk of it, the ride...

I was diagnosed
with an infection

that had traveled to my brain.

Caused a cyst there.

- Yeah, it sounds like
a parasitic infection.

I wish I could say those
numbers surprise me.

No insurance to help?

- I'm between jobs.

Still not close
to paying it off.

And the medication they
prescribed is 90 bucks a pill.

Who can afford that?

- Yeah, but with those
seizures you're having,

they won't go away
without medication.

They'll just keep getting worse.

- You jumped out of the
right ambulance today, Vince.

'Cause I run a
paramedicine program,

and a spot just opened up.

If I enroll you today,

your medication will be covered.

- What's the catch?

- You just have to get a
follow-up with a doctor,

and you have to let me and
my paramedicine ambulance

drive you there...
Without jumping out,

no matter how hard
a left I take.

- I think I can do that.

- I understand how
it looks, ma'am,

but when you read
these statements,

you'll see that my people
did top-notch work out there.

They did nothing wrong.

- Tell her Demarco is under
investigation, all right?

The CFD needs to be
on the offensive here.

- Yes, ma'am.

I will call him right now.

- Kylie.

Put me through to the
commissioner's office.

Will you, please?

- Chief, we have a solid
working theory here.

- Robert Demarco bought this
big shipment of diamonds, okay?

He stages a big explosion
to fake their disappearance

to bilk the insurance company.

- And he didn't give
a damn if he killed

a faithful employee
in the process.

- This lawsuit is a smokescreen.

He's just a guy playing
the part of someone

who lost everything.

- Line two, Chief.

- Look.

I can't go accusing
a man of a crime

without the evidence
to back it up.

So go get the evidence.

- That is the plan.

- Commissioner, Wallace Boden.

- Man, I hope Boden
can keep this lawsuit

from barreling forward.

It sounds like it could be
bad for all our lieutenants.

- I was thinking the same thing,

but Severide is on the
case, and that's good.

- You know, we expect Carver
to come to us at Molly's,

but maybe we should
make a gesture,

go where he hangs out.

- I don't like that plan.

I have a regular
haunt for a reason.

I know just the level of
eejits I'll be dealing with.

- And let's not forget, you
partly own the place, Mouch.

But I agree with him.

It's not like Carver invited us.

- Guys, come on. Look
at us. We eat together.

We hang out at Molly's together.

We finish each
other's sentences.

No wonder Carver feels
like odd man out.

- I have never in my life

finished one of your sentences.

- My point is, Carver
might feel like

we don't really want him around.

And how much could it
hurt to make the effort?

Let's go to F&T lounge tonight.

- Hola, familia!


Otis just crashed.

Oh, sorry.

- How was your shift?

A little bananas.

We had to write all of
these statements for Boden,

so I didn't get to finish
my part of the application.

Look at this.

Hi, baby.
- Hi.

- What were the statements for?

- Oh, boring stuff.

How's everything here?

- We're good.

Javi's got a question for you.

- Oh. Give me, papi.

- Go ahead.

- Is it okay if...

Can I start calling you Dad?

- Yeah, Javi.

Yeah, you sure can.

- Hey, remember what Boden said?

Hey, no missteps.

We're not here to argue or
accuse him of anything, okay?

We're just here to
gather information.

- I gotcha.

- Hey, Mr. Demarco.

I'm not sure if you remember us.

Lieutenant Kelly Severide.

This is Lieutenant Stella
Kidd, with the CFD.

- Oh, yeah, you're
the firefighters

who made a mess of my store.

- You mean, saved it
from total destruction?

- Your oafs came
trampling through my shop

and flushed who knows how many
gems into the Chicago River.

- Mr. Demarco, we're not
here to argue with you.

We were detailed by the
Office of Fire Investigation.

We just have a few questions.
- Fine.

- Do you have any idea
what caused the explosion?

- Isn't that your job?

- We think it was an
ultrasonic cleaner.

Did you notice anything
unusual about it?

When was the last
time you used it?

- I don't know. Two,
maybe three times a week?

- Okay, I understand you were
the last person in the store

the evening before
the explosion.

- You understand that?
What does that mean?

- Were you the last
person in the store?

- I think maybe
you should address

these questions to my lawyer.

- Sir, we're just...

- No, I don't appreciate
your veiled accusations.

Goodbye now.

- What are you so
scared of, Mr. Demarco?

- Look, I had nothing to do
with that explosion, okay?

I was at the dentist's office

halfway across town
when it happened...

Dr. Bigelow, if
you care to check.

- Okay. Dr. Bigelow.

- I get what's going on
here. This is retaliation.

You're trying to pin
this whole thing on me

because of my lawsuit.

Well, let's add harassment
to my list of complaints.

Get off my property.

- Pieces of loose
jewelry everywhere,

but no loose stones.

What are the odds that
every single one of them

was looted or washed away?

- Zero.

- Demarco was pretty worked up.

I mean, genuinely.

- Because he knows
that we're onto him.

And I know how he
rigged this to blow.

Yeah, I found the
shards of steel

from a cylinder that
blasted through this case.

I think it came from that
acetylene rig over there.

- So what does
this all add up to?

- Well, he put the
cylinder inside the tank.

Then he has a flammable solvent,

and he turns the machine on.

It vaporizes the solvent,
which gets pressurized,

ignites the vapor.

It explodes. Boom.

I mean, it's crude, but
it's an effective bomb.

- Nice work.

- Well, problem is, Demarco
had to turn the machine on,

drive all the way across
town to the dentist

to establish an alibi.

We have to prove that
he had enough time

to set off that chain reaction.

What kind of solvent
would he use?

How much vapor is needed
in order to explode?

The tensile strength
of the cylinder?

- Hey.

This is something.

It looks like one of
those cheap timers

that you plug a lamp into
when you go out of town

so your lights go on and off.

So maybe this is what
gave him enough time

to go to Dr. Bigelow's office.

- I think it was
destroyed in the blast.

Look for other pieces.
- Yeah.


- Heh. Look at you.

- Look at that.

Who needs Seager, anyway?

Too many people!

But at least it's
not a hipster joint!

- What?
- Did you say something?

- I said, too many people!

- Yeah! Let's find Carver!

Excuse me!

- Oh, over there, at
the end of the bar!

- Wait, he's with someone!

- Oh, no, I think we're
crashing his date!

- Let's get out of here!

- No, no, no, we've
come this far!

Shouldn't we at
least get a beer?

- Hey!

- Excuse me.


- What are you guys doing here?

- We thought we'd come to one
of your hangouts, you know?

Make a gesture.

- Yeah, but you're on a date,
so we'll just have one beer

and be on our way!
- I'm not on a date!

Come over here and
meet my buddies!

- That's the second time
I've seen you talking

to my girlfriend tonight.

She didn't say a thing about
having a boyfriend, dude,

so I think that's your
problem, not mine.

- Whoa!
- Whoa, whoa!

- Well, this is certainly
one of the best-looking

applications I've
seen in a long time.

- Chloe's a wizard
with paperwork.

Upside of
being a perfectionist.

- And that's a great letter
from your friend, Christopher.

He said some very
lovely things about you.

- Oh, yeah. He's a good liar.

Uh, that was a joke.

That's a... that's a bad joke.

He's... he's a terrible
liar, actually.

- I just have a few
questions I need to ask.

- Yeah, of course,
whatever you need.

- Joe, your brother, Leon...
Tell me a little bit about him.

- He's the best.
- Total sweetheart.

Javi loves him.
- So he's around?

He's part of the family?

- Yeah.
- Yeah. Huge part.

- Absolutely. Uncle Leon.
- Yeah.

- Okay.

Because Leon Cruz turned
up in a CPD database

of individuals with
known gang affiliations.

- Uh, what? No,
that's a mistake.

- Okay. Good.

So the Leon Cruz who lived at
3443 West Evergreen in 2012...

That's not your brother?

that's him, but...

Yeah, okay, uh, Leon

was in a gang for a short
time when he was a kid.

But I turned him around,
and I got him out of there.

It was a few weeks, at most.

- The database has him listed
as active through 2014.

- That isn't... That
can't be right, is it?

- Okay, I see.

That's because he did go
back into the gang, but...

But it was to help the
police with an investigation.

The cops pressured him into it.

It sounds like I'm
making this up.

Look, I promise
this is all true.

- It is.
- Joe.

This sounds like a
pretty complicated story.

- Yeah, but actually no,

no, it's really very simple.

- Joe, don't say
any more about it.

I'm going to give you
back your application.

I want you to revise your
personal bio, and this time,

include Leon's
involvement with the gang,

with the cops, everything.

Just take your time
and step it all out.

- Okay.
- Okay. Okay.

- Because we can't
approve adoptive parents

who might put Javi in close
contact with a gang member.

- Yeah, no, of course not.

- CPD pulled footage
off the PODs on Wabash.

Those cameras cover
both the front

and rear entrances
to Demarco Jewelers.

They show Robert Demarco leaving

at 8:35 the night before,

and he doesn't return
until well after the blast

the next morning.

- He's the last
one out that night?

- Correct.

And he was alone there
for a good half-hour.

- Plenty of time
to rig up the tank,

clear out with the diamonds.

- And the timer delays
the blast until morning.

Once Gene shows up,

takes the trays out of the safe.

- And Demarco
doesn't give a damn

what happens to Gene after that.

- Nice.

- Boss, you got a sec?
- What'd you find, Dustin?

- Haven't been able to pull any
fingerprints off this thing,

but once we reassembled it,
it's kind of interesting.

The heat from the
fire fused most

of the moving parts in place.

- And what does that tell us?

- We can see exactly
how it was programmed.

Funny thing is, the way
these little colored tabs

are positioned...

Timer couldn't have been
set more than five minutes

before the blast.

- So there's no way
Demarco could have set

the timer the night before.

- Who else entered the
store that morning?

- Only Gene.

- Gene, the victim?

So he set the timer?

- And then hung around
for the explosion.

So our only suspect is an
old jewelry maker, Gene.

But it doesn't make any sense.

Was he trying to
blow himself up?

- Don't need a timer for that.

- What was he trying
to accomplish?

- Maybe he's a
disgruntled worker.

He was trying to destroy
his boss's store,

take himself out in the process.

- I don't know.

He doesn't seem
like the angry type.

- Where'd you find
him in the store?

- In the office, just
off the workshop.

I found him huddled up by
this big steel safe in there.

- Kind of like a bomb shelter?

- A man with a technical
job, familiar with tools...

That isn't a stretch to think

that he could cobble
together a makeshift bomb

in a way that might make
it look like an accident.

Bold move to stay inside,
but if he survives,

ends up looking like
an innocent victim.

- And it's an
elaborate cover story

for how the diamonds
went missing,

when he had them all along.

- He couldn't have
had the diamonds.

Demarco was the last
one out that night.

And Gene was the
first one in the shop,

and he never left that morning
until we carried him out.

So where did they go?

- Could have had
them hidden on them.

- I'll call over to Med.

But they would have cut his
clothes off and sedated him.

So if there was a fortune
of diamonds on him,

they would have found them.
- Right.

I don't like this.

I want answers, not
open-ended questions.

- Welcome to OFI.

- I can't believe Trudy told
you this kind of thing's

happened with Carver before,
and you still let us go.

- Oh, no, no, no, I am
not taking the fall.

This was all your idea.

- Stop shouting.

- Good morning.

- Yeah.
- Sup?

- What time are
you guys meeting up

at Molly's tomorrow night?

- Oh, uh...


- Cool. I'll be there.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- Ow!

- Mmm! Breakfast smells good!

- Why hasn't anyone
made a bacon room spray?

I'd fill my house with that.

- You three look like you've
been hanging out with Carver.

- Hey, you guys.

Your victim from the
jewelry store fire,

Gene... he just called.

He's been released from Med,

and he's coming by
to say thank you.

- Oh, that's sweet.

- That's not why he's coming by.

Is this how the
stretcher was set

when you took Gene
to the hospital?

- Uh, yeah. I had
him sitting up a bit.


Was he acting funny on the ride?

Suspicious, cagey?

- No, not that I remember.

But I was busy
doing other things,

like calling ahead to
the ED and jotting down

some patient information.

- Yeah, I was shouting a
bunch of questions at her

from the front.

- Right under our noses.

- Too late, Gene.

- Huh?

- Hey, there, Gene.

- Explosion was bigger
than you expected, huh?

You weren't planning on
a trip to the hospital.

- Hiding the diamonds
in the ambulance

was a desperate move,
but it almost worked.

- Almost.

- Admit it.

I'm a better
partner than Seager.

- You're a great partner.

- I'm better. I'm
a better partner.

- You're an amazing partner.

You're the best partner.

- Damn right.


Javi's done brushing his teeth.

- Oh. Okay. Hey!

You ready for bed, amigo?

- No, but she says I am.

- Ha, that's right,
because it's bedtime.

- Ah, well, you'd
better listen to her.

- Okay.

- Oh!

Good night, Javi.

- Good night, Dad.