Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 11, Episode 5 - Haunted House - full transcript

Mayday, Mayday!

Move, move, move!

Come on, Evan.
Talk to me, Evan.

Please, God, please!

How do you live with that hole
in your heart?

I knew that if I started
to drift, I had my

crew at 51.

I'm so glad
you feel ready to be back.

I think I am,
or at least I hope so.

That girl is F-U-N, fun.

Yeah, well,
maybe Herrmann doesn't care

if you two are dating.

Keep your distance.

What are you supposed
to do when a girl

sends you a message like that?

Say no, Tracy,
don't come over wearing that?

Uh, yeah.

If you really wanted
to phase out this little fling.

I'm only human.

Wait, I... I know,
and I really do feel guilty

about hiding this
from Herrmann.

Ah, not guilty enough
to stop, though.

Not guilty enough
have to stop what?


- Nothing.
- It's stupid.

Uh, more important question,

How are you doing?

Sleeping any better?

Yeah, did you try
the meditation app?

Yeah, I don't think
I'm a meditation person.

Me, neither.
I hate meditation.

I think Carver's making
breakfast burritos.

Yeah. They go fast.

Right behind you.

And last but not least,

after six months
and a whole lot of red tape,

the brass are finally
giving us the go-ahead

to host the Halloween
open house next shift.

And hopefully, we can keep
some teenagers off the streets,

maybe prevent some mayhem out
there and have a little fun.

Brett has volunteered to chair
the planning committee.

So I will turn it over to her.

Time is short, people.

She's gonna need
plenty of help.


Thanks, everybody, for staying.

So before we get started,
I just want to go over

a few really important things.

All right, the first,
most important rule

is absolutely,
positively no clowns.

Hey! What?

No one wants to participate?

It's nothing
against you, Brett.

I just...

I don't think you realize
what you signed up for.

You know, Boden's
love of Halloween is...

- Legendary.
- That's what makes it fun.

Sure, if meeting
impossibly high expectations

sounds like fun.

It'll be fine.

It'll be great.

And consider yourselves

All units, apartment fire,
905 West Miller.

Official members of
the Halloween committee,

all of you.

You got the right address?

This is the one they gave us.

All right,
we'll go check it out.

You guys can hang back.

Yeah, copy that.
Hey, squad, stand by.

Gallo, Mouch,
you guys go around back.

Carver, you're with me.

Copy that.


Fire department,
we're coming in.

- Whoa!
- Get off me, Mom!

- Hey! Whoa, whoa, whoa!
- Let go!

- Whoa, whoa, whoa!
- Stop it!

What the hell
are you doing here?

We were called
to this address.


What did you do now?

I didn't do anything.

- I didn't do anything!
- Okay.

Both of you need
to calm down now.

Do we need to call the police?

Just get her out
of here, please.

You think I really want
to be here with you, bitch?

Then go.

- Get out of my sight.
- Hey, hey.

Let's go outside
for just a minute.

Both of you could use
some space right now.

I'm Stella.

What's your name?

You guys
can't arrest me, right?

You're just firefighters?

What's your name?

- Jenny.
- Jenny, how old are you?

Where are you taking me?

To get checked out
by the paramedics,

make sure you're not hurt.

I'm totally fine.

Well, people don't call 911

because they're totally fine,

The neighbor called,
said they were inside

- screaming bloody murder.
- Yeah.

My uncle, he was a firefighter,

always said you need help fast,
report it as a fire.

Jenny, this is Sylvie
and Violet.

Oh, God, I don't need
to go to the hospital.

That's fine.
We can just check you out here

if that's what you want.

Feel any pain in your head
or your neck?

Does this happen a lot,
you and your mom

getting physical like that?

You mean does she beat me?

She's crazy, but not like that.

Well, like what then?

Look, she's not like that.

She's just been on my ass 24/7,
and I just...

I can't deal with her any more.

She's not gonna
let me back in, is she?

- She's still pretty fired up.
- Whatever.

I don't want to stay
with her, anyway, so.

Well, we can't let you
stay out here by yourself.

I'm 15.
I don't need a babysitter.

Yeah, I know,
but it's a legal thing.

So we have to leave you
with an adult.

Do you have a relative
that lives nearby

or any friend's parents
who will

let you stay at their house
while this all blows over?

I don't have any relatives
in Chicago.

And my friends, they're more
like in-school friends, so.


The other option is,
we call child services.

What if I called my dad?


You two in touch?

He's from Decatur.
I mean, that's where he lives.

I know he'd come get me
if I needed him to.

I can text him right now.

We still can't leave you
staying out here alone.

What if you came back
to the firehouse with us

and wait there?

Her dad lives in Decatur,
but she said

he'd be up here in a few hours.

I figured that was a better
option than calling DCFS.


They're already stretched
past their limit as it is.

She's safe here.

- Keep me posted.
- Will do.

Sounds like her and her mom

were really going
at each other.

Big time.

Yeah, mothers and daughters,

That's next-level stuff.

So first order of business
is coming up

with plenty of activities to
keep those teens entertained.

I was thinking
bobbing for apples.

- Ooh.
- That's a classic.

Pumpkin carving.

We have to have
a costume contest with prizes,

you know, for scariest,
most creative... what?

No offense, but these ideas,
they just...

- They sound a little...
- Young.

- Lame.
- Yeah.

I mean, teenagers these days

torch cars on Halloween
for fun.

I don't think that bobbing
for apples is gonna cut it.

Well, I'm open to suggestions.

How about a haunted house?

- Now we're talking.
- Really?

That sounds complicated.

My neighbor built a haunted
maze on his driveway

with PVC pipe
and black plastic sheets.

- It didn't look so hard.
- We can build it on the apron.

- That'll draw them in.
- That's not a bad idea.

Teenagers flock to those
horror movies, the sickos.

Yeah, all we need
is some strobe lights

and black lights,
some costumes.

- Boom.
- Boom.

- Boom.
- Boom.

Hey, Jenny.
You had lunch yet?

I'm fine.

We feed all our guests.

That's just a rule here.

Yo, Gallo,
Herrmann's looking for you.

For me? For what?

He's all worked up
about something.

- What's wrong?
- Oh, you're a dead man.

Nothing, I just, uh...

I just totally forgot
I have a...

- Hey! There you are.
- Oh, hey. I didn't see you.

We got to talk.
I heard rumors.

You're holding out on me.

Listen, Herrmann, I...

You did some bar tending
back in the day?

- Yeah, I did.
- Yeah?

I worked...
I worked a couple summers.

That's great.

I sure could use some help
down at Molly's tomorrow night.

Oh, uh...

- yeah, I don't know if I can...
- Come on, Gallo.

Cindy's on my ass about
going to this

book club lady's house
for dinner.

Kidd's been cutting her hours.

I don't know if
I've ever even seen

Mouch set foot behind a bar.

Okay, sure.

You're the best.

It should be a big night,
the night before Halloween.

And Tracy will be glad
to have the help.

You gonna explain
why you were

freaking out a minute ago?

Ah, you have way too much
on your hands

to be dealing
with my stupid drama.

Truck 81, Ambulance 61,

person trapped,
3346 North Lexington.


If the dad shows while we're
out, you'll suss him out?

You bet.

Over here. Hurry!

He can't breathe.

I tried to tell him
how dangerous it was,

but he just had to prove
that it was safe.


Sir, we are gonna get you out

of here as soon as we can,

- Can you talk?
- Yeah.

Okay, that's a good sign.

Just do your best to relax
and breathe normally.

Gallo, Mouch, bring me the
Sawzall and the rabbit tool.


There's another laceration
on the other side.

Pretty damn close
to the carotid too.

Okay, Gallo, let's see
if we can lift this piece

to try to release
the pressure off his neck.

- Ah, it's jammed.
- Hurry. He can't breathe.

Ma'am, it's okay.
He's getting enough air.

The important thing
is to keep him calm.

Can you help me do that?

Marty, you're gonna be okay.

Carver, you're gonna
do the cut here, here.

Mouch, have that rabbit tool
standing by.

- Cutting.
- No, no.

Don't wreck it.

It's from "A Tale of
Two Cities" the musical.

- A little room.
- Yep.



Yeah. Ah, okay.

All right, do you feel pain
when I do that?

- No.
- All right, C-spine's clear.

Worst of it's over, sir.


- Lift your legs.
- Let's get him to Med.

Marty, I'm getting rid
of that stupid thing today.

Are you?

Heard from your dad yet?

Yep. Traffic.

He should be here soon.

Did all these people
die in fires?

- Some of them, yeah.
- Damn.

I heard that's, like,
the worst way to go.

These people
meant a lot to us.

Every one of them was family.

I don't know why I said that.

I'm so stupid.

Death sucks,
no matter how you go.

Hey. Still here?

Yeah, dad's in traffic.

- Hey, have you noticed the...
- Oh.

Backpack thing?

No. What... what do you mean?

She never takes it off.

She's been wearing it all day,
everywhere she goes.

I know we don't throw the
word "hero" around casually,

but when the story of this
haunted house is written...

Who died?

The haunted house, maybe.

Every party store in the city
has been picked over.

We got the dregs.

We got a guillotine.

Cheap, generic costume.

Oh, bunch of plastic bats
and spiders.

And a guillotine.

And the last one of these.

- Rule number one!
- It's just a nose.

No clowns!

There's no
Halloween stuff left.

- I got us a guillotine.
- Ah.

Can't believe I let you guys
talk me into a haunted house.

Boden is gonna kill us.

Hey, what are you guys
working on?

Sorry, nosy neighbor
over here.

Not at all.
This is our haunted maze.

We're doing
a Halloween open house

to give the neighborhood kids
something fun and safe to do.

Oh, my God.
It's such a great idea.

The parents are always
looking for stuff like this.

You guys are gonna
have a huge turnout.

- You watch.
- Hmm.

- I'll spread the word.
- Uh, yeah, yeah.

- Please do.
- Yeah. Great.

Ritter, is it time to count
the air tanks again?

Hey, take your time.

It's a big job.

Hey, Darren.

Oh, hey.

DJ, good to see you.

Good to see you too.

So any big Halloween plans?

Nah. I wish.

I'm a big Halloween guy,
but I'm working, so.

You know, there should be
lots of fun stuff happening

the night before this year.

Because it's a Saturday, right?

Ooh, I might get to wear my
sexy fireman outfit after all.

Well, it's good
to see you, man.

Yeah, you too.

Next time, Gallo. You'll see.

Isn't that what you said?

"You watch, I'm gonna walk
straight up to him."

- Yeah, yeah, okay.
- Do you have a thing for DJ?

What? No.

Not... I mean,
it's not really a thing.

It's nothing.

I mean, come on,
you don't really need

to hear about
my things right now.

Okay. That's it.

Come with me. You too.

Let's go.


Here's the deal.

I really, really need
my friends right now.

Of course.
Yeah, we're here for you.

Whatever you need.

What I need is for you guys
to stop treating me

like Old Widow Mikami.

You don't have to tiptoe around
me about your love lives.

Nothing you're gonna tell me is
gonna make me feel any worse.

But maybe, just maybe, if you
guys act a little more normal,

it might make me feel
just a tiny bit more normal.

- I'm so sorry.
- Yeah, I feel terrible.

You don't have
to feel terrible.

You just have to spill, okay?

Yes, now.


I've been trying to work up
the nerve to ask DJ out.

But I don't know,
I can't tell if he's into me,

or if he's just
one of those guys

that flirts with everybody,
so that's it.

I have been

hooking up...

With Herrmann's niece.

- That's awesome.
- Is it?

'Cause Herrmann's
gonna murder me.

And now I am supposed to spend
all night at Molly's with her

trying not to...

Okay, you're being
ridiculous, both of you.

Being in your 20s is
supposed to be about having fun

and making dumb mistakes.

I'm pretty sure you guys can
play it cool for one night.

It'll be fine.
It might even be kind of hot.

And you, what's the worst
that could happen?

He says no? Big deal.

You know what?

- You're right.
- Mm-hmm.

- I'm gonna ask him out.
- Do it.

You're right.

I can not do something.
I'm good at that.


Still no dad?

She's been saying an hour
for four hours now.

The guy is not coming.


Jenny was talking
about the memorial wall before

in a way that made me think

maybe she's lost someone close.


I'll go talk to her,
try and figure something out.

What are you doing?

Why are you looking
through my stuff?


The zipper was open.

Jenny, what are you doing
with all that money?

None of your business.

Okay, you're right,
but, Jenny,

if your dad isn't coming,

then it is my business.

So talk to me, all right?

Listen to me. I got your back.

Yeah, right.
I'm out of here.


Jenny! Jenny!

Just wait. Hey.

Look, it's too late for you
to be out here by yourself.

He's not coming back, okay?

My dad died four months ago.


So just stay here.

We'll figure this out together.

You don't even
seem surprised.

So what, my mom told you?

And then you let me make
a total ass out of myself?

I don't need anyone's help.


So I called the police.

I reported it as soon
as she left,

but who knows where she went?

I mean, maybe...
I mean, with any luck,

maybe she decided to go home,

but I will track down
the mom and see.

We are ready for you
on the apron, Chief.

What are you supposed to be?

The package said
"video game murderer."

Let me know when
you get a hold of the mom.


I should have gone after her.

If she wanted to go,
she was gonna go.

You couldn't force her to stay.

We'll find her.

Okay, now, it's still
a work in progress, Chief,

- especially the zombie attack.
- Zombie attack?

I thought that was
the Incredible Hulk.

You know, I thought
the same thing.

We'll work on that.

And the timing
with the guillotine?

Yes, we will tweak that
to make sure

that the head does not fall
until the blade drops.

But overall, Chief,
what do you think?


you might be the least scary
witch I have ever seen.


I am taking over
this operation,

effective immediately.

What are you?

It was this or
sexy firefighter.

No, no. Stop, stop, stop.


Oh, hey, Darren.

What's up, man?


I just came by
to drop this off.

- I think it needs a new O-ring.
- Oh, okay.

Here, I can take that from you.

Hey, wait.


if you're not doing
anything later,

there is this craft cocktails
bar over on Milwaukee

I've been dying to check out.

- Oh, Mother's Ruin?
- Yeah.

Yo, I love that place, man.

What time are you thinking?

I don't know. 8:00-ish.

Okay, done.
I'll see you there.

Yeah, see you there.

Got them.

Oh, thanks.

So I figured out
why it's so dead.

Oh, yeah?

You know there's a Halloween
block party thing

happening on Damen?

- No.
- Yeah.

They got it
completely blocked off,

North Avenue to Armitage.

20 bucks, all you can drink.

What are we supposed
to do all night then?

Oh, I have a few ideas.

Tracy, if your uncle
stops by...

I happen to know
that he'll be stuck

at that dinner
till at least 9:00.

And after, he'll go home
to put to the kids to bed.

- And you're sure?
- Mm-hmm.

Like... like a...

What are you doing here?

After you left yesterday,
we took Jenny

back to the firehouse
with us to wait for her dad.

I know, she came clean
about it last night,

right before she took off.

Unfortunately, I don't
know where she went,

but I called the police,
I reported it,

and I would have called you
if I had your number, but...

She's in DCFS custody.

The social worker
called me this morning.

Oh, I'm...

I'm glad to hear she's okay.

Was that it?

Look, I don't mean to pry,
but whenever we get a call

for a domestic situation,

there's usually some kind
of neglect or abuse.

And yet, I'm just not
getting any of that here.


Jenny's dad was...

He was a good man
when he was clean,

but he couldn't stay that way,

and I couldn't
handle it anymore.

So we split up.

He died of an overdose
not long after.

I am so sorry.

Yeah, and, of course,
Jenny blames me.

You know, that's why
she's lashing out.

She's... she's completely
out of control.

But things never got violent
until yesterday.

And I tried to look
in her backpack,

and she just lost it.

I made the same mistake.

I guess you know
about the money then.

What money?

She's got... I don't know...

$2,000, $3,000 in her backpack.

Look, I...

I don't know about any money,

and I'm done talking
about it, okay?

If Jenny wants to go find
a new family, let her.

I don't think that that's
what she wants at all.

I'm not doing this
with you, lady.

I'm sure you got
good intentions,

but you don't know what
you're talking about, okay?

So just stay out
of our business.


That is... no, I hear you.

Great. Thank you.

She's at Levitt Street
Girls' Home.

It could be worse.

Yeah, but the craziest part
about it,

she checked herself in there.

The woman I was
talking to at DCFS,

she said she has never seen
that happen in 20 years.

That's weird, right?


We don't know the whole story,

and people always hide
the ugliest parts.

I know I didn't tell anyone how
bad it really was in my house.

Did you?


You talk about
mothers and daughters,

but fathers and sons, that...
That ain't no picnic, either.


my senior year?


Benny and I went at it
about him cheating on my mom.

And I snapped, attacked him.

I'll never forget looking
at him down on the ground,

and both of us suddenly
realizing that

I was the stronger one now.

What did he do?

Called his cop buddies on me,

had me thrown in jail

After that, I got the
hell out of there,

and I moved in
with April's family,

never went back.


How come you turned out
so damn good, Kelly Severide?


Because of you.

Ah, well, yeah.

That was a rhetorical question.

I think we need to put
more weight on the blade.

It needs to be sanded down.

So that's how it happened.

Okay, listen up.

We've got a lot of work
to do and not a lot of time.

The good news is,
I was just at Firehouse 22.

- Your first house?
- Yep.

Back when I was
a candidate there,

we started a Halloween event.

It became a pretty big deal
over the years,

until the budget crisis
of 2008.

And that killed all the fun.

Fortunately for us,
my friends at 22

kept a few odds and ends
from the good old days.


The motherlode.

- Oh.
- Chief!

Oh, yeah.

What's her status now?

Well, DCFS will assign
a caseworker,

but who knows when?

A 15-year-old with no signs
of abuse in the home

isn't a high priority,
and kids her age

are just difficult to place,

no matter what
the circumstances, so.

Thank you.

You mind if I sit?


I got to tell you.

This is the last place most
teens would go in your shoes.

Teenagers running away
happens a lot.

You know,
you could have ran away

when you were at the firehouse
or after you left,

but you didn't.
You came here.

So I'm a weirdo.

Mystery solved.

Anyway, it's not like
I can go home.

She doesn't want me,
and I don't want to be there.

It didn't sound like that
when I talked to her.

It sounded like your mom
wants to make things better.

She just doesn't know how.

Did she tell you
what she did to my dad?

You can't control someone
else's addiction, Jenny.

That's not on her.


He was a druggie, but he
didn't deserve to die.

She's acting like she's
not even sad about it.

She's just mad.

I guess that's why I took it.

Why you took,
what, the money?

The ring.

He gave it to her.

It was my grandmother's,

and it was worth
a lot of money.

So I took it and sold it
to a pawn shop,

and it's probably gone now.

And she'll never forgive me.


You know, your mom could have
called the cops,

gotten you in deep trouble.

But she didn't even tell me

when I showed up
to talk to her.

So she was trying
to protect you,

take care of you,

no matter how angry
she might have been.

Tell me about this ring.

Modern technology.

- What's the matter, Herrmann?
- Ah.

Well, we put up
these new security cameras

over at Molly's.

You guys got security cameras
at Molly's?

Oh, yeah.

We put them up everywhere,
you know,

after Pete's Tavern
got robbed at gunpoint

a couple of, you know,
weeks ago.


Yeah, and I was supposed
to be able to access

all the footage
through this stupid app.

I linked it
three times already.

Hey, can you give me a hand
with this, Gallo, please?

Oh, uh...

Sorry, Kidd...
Kidd asked me to just...

I'll take a look
at it, Herrmann.

You are a lifesaver, Carver.

What are you doing in here?

Did you know Molly's
had security cameras?

No. Why?

Wait, I know why.
You didn't?

Yeah, yeah, I did,

and you were right;
I'm a dead man.

Yeah, well, I wish I was.

Why? What happened to you?

My date with DJ
was one of the worst

experiences of my life.

Engine 51, Truck 81,
Squad 3,

Ambo 61, structure fire
at 1800 East Blue Island.

Good to see you.

Okay, we got
a truss construction

with a high collapse

We'll be dealing
with embalming chemicals,

which is toxic
and highly explosive.

Okay, Herrmann, lead out.

- Squad, you got primary search.
- Copy, Chief!

Truck, vent the roof.
Open this place up.

- All right!
- We do not have a lot of time.

Let's go, let's go, let's go!

Mouch, go up
and vent the roof.

Gallo, Carver, let's go inside,
open up the walls and ceiling.


Hey, hey, hey.
How many are inside?

Just the owner.

He was in the prep room
way in back.

All right, all right.
We'll find him.

Tony, Capp, see if you can
find a second egress.

- Copy.
- Cruz, you're with me.

Fire department, call out!

Fire department, call out!

Open up the walls
and the ceiling.

We gotta make sure
the fire's not in the trusses.

- I'm gonna do a quick sweep.
- Copy.

Fire department, call out.

Fire department, call out!

Fire department, call out!

Which one's the owner?


We gotta move.

Copy that.


- You all right?
- Yeah, I'm good.

Chief, we got gas pockets
in the walls.

All right. Emergency!

Everybody out.
Right now.

Severide, do you copy?

Evacuate now.

Hey, Cruz. Let's move it.

- We gotta go.
- Yeah, copy that.

Severide and Cruz,
do you copy?

That's my boss
with the beard.

Got a pulse.

- Yeah.
- Okay.

One, two, three.

Let's get him some oxygen.
Let Med know we're on the way.

No, hey, it's okay.

Those are all clients.

Thank you for saving them.

The families
will be so grateful.

Okay, we're going to Bunsen.

Open 'em up.

Thanks, Gallo.

You saved my ass back there.

Yeah, you would've
done the same.

Yeah, well, still,
I owe you one.

You know, there is one way
you can repay the favor.


- Hi.
- Hi.

Looking for something special?

Actually, I am.

Do you still have it?

Gorgeous piece, isn't it?

Yeah, I need it back.

Priced at $7,500.

You got $7,500 there?


You got the paperwork
for that ring?

That ring was bought...

You bought it from a minor,

which is illegal
in the state of Illinois,

but I'm pretty sure
you already knew that.

Look, the kid was desperate.

I was trying to do her
a favor, you know?

You're a real hero.

Can I get the ring back
for what you paid for it,

or do I need to call
one of my buddies

down at the 21st District?

I'm sure they'd be happy
to come down here

and take a look
at your inventory.

You're telling me
that a whole night

can get deleted,
poof, just like that?

These systems can be
pretty glitchy.

It cost me 900 bucks!

It's supposed to be

What a rip off.

Okay, time to spill the tea.

How did everything go?

Oh, um,

good, I guess.

Yeah, it was fine.

- Really?
- No, not good at all.

Yeah, not even close.

What's the worst
that can happen?

You get all dressed up
to go to the bar,

and your date shows up
with his girlfriend

because he didn't know
that it was a date.

That's a thousand times worse
than him saying no.

You really got to stop
giving people advice

before you ruin someone's life.

you can't just go around...

Oh, sorry.
We shouldn't be yelling at you.

Yeah, uncalled for.

What's happening?

Uh, it's just...

Getting yelled at by you
guys is the, um,

yeah, it's the most normal
I've felt in weeks, so...

Thank you.

That was terrifying, truly.

I may not sleep for a week.

Well done.

These teenagers have no idea
what they're in for.

Excuse me, ma'am?
Can we help you?

Hi. Remember me?

Of course. Nice to see you.

She offered to help
spread the word for us.

I told everyone
at school about it.

I'm a kindergarten teacher,

figured I'd bring my class
over early and beat the rush.

They're outside.

Is it okay if we go
through the maze?

Yes, sure.

Just let us deal
with a few finishing touches.

The kids are gonna freak.

This is amazing, by the way.


Mouch, take down
the severed body parts

- from the butcher shop.
- Yeah.

Cruz, let's lose the strobe
lighting and the chainsaw.

Capp, Tony, reroute the maze
around the bloodbath

'cause there's just no way
to clean that up.

Brett, you are the one thing
that we know

will not scare the kids.

- Get out there and stall them.
- Copy that, Chief.

- Ah!
- So cute, right?

We did a big top
theme this year.

You okay?

I just...

I mean, are you sure my mom
even really wants me there?

Yeah, I am.


You got this.