Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 11, Episode 3 - Completely Shattered - full transcript

Kidd recruits Carver, Capp and Tony to help prepare her new lieutenant's quarters. Severide and Detective Pryma reluctantly pair up to work a police investigation. Firehouse 51 comes together to fight a movie theater fire.

My wife almost got killed

because of some cop
on the take.

- We're on top of it.
- Well, what's the hold-up?

Hey, it's a police matter,
let the police handle it.

- You're not!
- Stay in your lane.

You just lost yourself
a valuable friend.

How come you're going along
with me in all of this?

You don't even like me.

Chief Boden sees something
in you.

This has been a chance
for me to see it for myself.

It's you I'm worried about.

You haven't slowed down
even for a breath.

Casey and I broke up.

So can you help me?

- Yeah.
- Great.

Listen, and I get that,

but I've been a lieutenant
for a while,

and it seems a little off that
I don't have my own quarters.

What are you talking about?

I waited five years.

Like Minnesota Fats said,
"Them's the breaks."


It's a seniority issue.

You're third in line.

You really don't
understand marriage, do you?

Always support your wife.

You were agreeing with me!

Listen, I cannot
keep using this room

as my temporary workspace.

It's not right.

How's your partner doing?

Between Casey
and the paramedicine incident,

not good.

That was one hell
of a one-two punch.


I got to take her out
or something,

get her mind off of
everything going on.

Okay, people,
I got a lot to go over,

so let's get to it.

First off...

gutter duty.

Okay, get your griping
out the way.

You got ten seconds.

Evan's gonna spend more time
commuting in his car

than out doing his job.

Busted down to District 6.

- That blows.
- Yeah.

Guess I shouldn't complain.

At least we don't have to
sneak around like a couple...


Uh, what am I talking about?

You don't want to hear
about my nonsense

when you're going through
what you're...

No, Violet, no walking
on eggshells around me.

I mean it.
Just because...

Brett, can I grab
you for a second?

Richardson at dispatch
has the inside track

on some new radios
for our ambulance.


Hey, Chief, just grabbing
a maintenance request form.

You in a hurry?

No, no. What's up?

Well, you've been with us
for a few shifts now.

I just want to check in
with you,

see how you're liking it.

Very much so.

It's a great house.

Best group of people I've come
across in the CFD, hands down.

I certainly think so.

And you and Kidd,
how's it working?


Sorry. I cut you off.


I just wanted to ask how
you and Kidd are getting along.

Yeah, great.

We're alone, you know.

Speak your mind.

She's an outstanding

As for our personalities, sure,
we're a little different,

but that just makes the job
more of a thrill ride, right?


- Hey, don't mind me.
- Okay.

Did you agree with the
incident report format

that Boden was talking about
this morning?

I hadn't thought about it.

Well, it seems like if we
have been filing the reports

in a certain way
for literally forever,

we don't need a new system
for uploading the files.

You know, so what, headquarters
can not review them sooner?

What are you doing?

I am talking
about incident reports.


Okay, best I can eyeball it,

your office is about
80 square feet?

- Sure.
- Well, that's perfect.

There's plenty of room in the...

Truck 81,
Engine 51, Ambulance 61.

Pin in accident.

To be continued.

We got two injured drivers.

One is pinned.

All right, let's get
a line ready on this sedan!

Brett, we need C-collars,
a second ambulance.

Gallo, Mouch,
get the jaws and cutter.

- Copy that.
- Copy, copy!

Uh, Lieutenant?

Gallo, Carver, grab flares.

- Go to the end of that street.
- Copy.

I don't want any animals hit.

Copy that.

- Mouch, you got the jaws?
- Yeah.

All right, take it easy.
Try not to move, ma'am.

We're gonna get you
out of there.

Good. Let's go.

You doing all right, sir?


You doing all right, Ellis?

How is she?

She is conscious,
so that's good.

But you sit tight until
we can have some paramedics

come and take a look at you,

Nah. Nah.

Oh, hell's bells.

Got her open, Lieutenant.

Ma'am, tell me what hurts.

I just looked down
at the radio for a second.

Yeah, we get that a lot.

All right, can you follow
my finger with your eyes?

Okay, that's good.
No concussion.

How about the rest of you?

My side, it really hurts.

Cracked rib?

I don't hear stridor
or diminished lungs.

Okay, we're gonna get you
to Med and have

- a doctor check you out, okay?
- Mm-hmm.

Okay, easy.

Come on, easy.
Just lay on your back.

That's it.

Well, that's... thank you.

Ellis, we got
a second ambulance on the way.

I really want you to take it.

You should at least get
your head looked at.

I really don't need
all of that stuff.

What I do need is to get
my goats out of the road

so some fool
don't run them over.

Give me a second.

- Hey, Hermann.
- Yeah.

How's about a little wager?

What you got in mind?

Well, Ellis here needs
his goats corralled.


So how about
the one of us who

gets the most goats back
in the animal carrier...

gets your office?

I already got my office.

That's not how a bet works.

Okay, if you win, I'll work
in Molly's for a month for...

You're on!


All right, all right,
all right.


- Number seven!
- Whoo! 51, baby!

And that is how you do it.

I may not have thought
this one through.

I'm Chicago born and raised.

But every summer,
I go to Wisconsin

to my uncle Leslie's goat farm.

Of course you did.

51, pack it up.

Lunch is on me
when we get back.

I'm sorry again for
chattering on about Evan.

I know what you're
going through.

Dispatch, we're going down
in order to restock equipment.

Copy that, 61.

What are we restocking?

Our stomachs.

Listen, I'm gonna give it
to you straight.

I like hearing
about you and Evan.

I like seeing you two together.

In fact, because he's going
to be leaving the district soon

and your chances
of seeing him during shift

are gonna be remote,
I thought it'd be nice

if we all grabbed lunch



Come on.
I'm starving.

- Chief.
- Stella, what's on your mind?

Well, I am glad
you asked, Chief,

because I'm just gonna
come right out and say it.

I need my own
lieutenant's quarters.

Stella, I've been down
this road many times.

This is a firehouse
with three apparatus

and only two officers'

Here's the thing, Chief.
I've thought about that.

The laundry room is more
than spacious enough.

The laundry room?

It's right next
to the bunk room,

so I'd be close to my men.

And it can easily be
cleaned up and refitted

to accommodate a desk.

Also, let's be honest.

It is a little off that I am
the only female officer

at 51 and...


Laundry room's all yours.

Someone looks happy.

- Someone is happy.
- Hmm.


- You wanted to see me, Chief?
- Ah, yes.

Just had a phone call
from Chicago PD.

They have a crime scene
around the corner.

And they have asked
for your help.

Me specifically?

Well, the detective
says Trudy Platt told them

that you have a nose
for these types of things,

- whatever that means.
- Intriguing.


Get Cruz to cover squad
while you're out.

Will do, Chief.

You Severide?

Come take a look at something
for us, will you?


This who was
carted out of here?


Best we can figure,
he's the homeowner

who was supposed
to be out of town

with his family on vacation

but had to cut his trip short
for work.

Surprised the guy
breaking into his safe,

gets a bullet in his head
for his trouble.

And you called me because...?

Well, the safe is
supposed to be fireproof.

And what we need
to know is what

the killer used to open it.

The desk sergeant at 21st
said you might be

the man who would know.

If we could figure
out what the perp used

to put a hole in
the fireproof safe,

maybe it'll give us
a clue to the killer.

What's he doing here?

Oh, easy, Detective.
I got his name from over...

Forget it.
I want him out of here.

Look, you clear it with me

before you invite in
an outsider, Luke.

Sergeant Platt said he
could be here to help...

Is she in charge
of this scene, or am I?


You don't want me here,
no problem.

But Pryma, you should know

there's no such thing
as fireproof.

If you get any metal hot
enough, it turns to liquid.

Could have been done
with an acetylene torch

or an Arcair torch.

Could have been punched with
nitroglycerin or C4 or RDX.

But I won't be able to tell you

because you have
a personal beef.

You want to take some pictures?

Send us your thoughts.
The city thanks you.

I was gonna
pick up the check.

No way.
Are you kidding me?

You made my whole day
when you called.

Well, thank you.

Violet's lucky to have
friends like you.


Speaking of friends, I know
it might be a little soon,

and feel free to yell at me,

Evan, I don't know.

I have a good buddy
who I play hockey with.

He's a great guy.

He runs a bar in Logan Square,

volunteers a ton
at Lurie Children's Hospital.

And I just thought
you two might hit it off.

Oh, that's so sweet of you,
but yeah, a little soon.

Told you.

No, no, it's awesome
of you to think of me.

I really do appreciate it.


And you didn't yell at me,
so there's that.

Thanks again
for setting this up.

And I will see you tomorrow
after your shift.

Can't wait.

- I love you.
- Love you too.

Sorry about that.

Aw, he is a
ridiculously good guy.

And that lunch idea
was ridiculously

thoughtful of you.

Well, I was, and always
will be, a hopeless romantic.

It makes me happy
to see you happy.



Your construction gigs,
were you more of a hammer

and saw guy, or would
you map out renovations,

that kind of thing?

I've done a few fixer uppers.

Flipped a house
down in South Shore.

Great... come help me
convert the laundry room

into my office.

Doesn't facilities do that?


Yeah, this is more of a,

"I am not gonna wait
six months for facilities

to approve the paperwork"
kind of thing.



It just seems like
you're asking for my help.


But you didn't ask.

You more like gave an order.

Or you know what?
No problem.

Lieutenant, team player.

I'll take a look.

Okay, lots of space
to work with.

So what I'm thinking is,
Coke machine, gone.

Washer-dryer, gone.

Desk goes right here.

Floating shelves
on this wall.

Even into this brick?

Hammer drill with a carbide
tip, zhoop-zhoop, two seconds.

- Really?
- Mm-hmm.

Okay, then.

And you've got plenty
of power and light.

That's what I'm saying.

Hey, Kelly.

Can you help me find a new home
for the washer-dryer here?

Help Kidd find a new home
for the washer and dryer.

We're getting ready to...

Or you could run drills
on the roof

till the sun goes down.


- Thank you, gentlemen.
- Hmm.

We're gonna have
to run temporary hoses

and accordion ventilation.

I'm sure you can
figure it all out.

Come with me.

What are you guys doing?

We have to move these out
of Kidd's new office.

Oh, well, finally a job
that suits your talents.

Something that doesn't
require thinking.

Hey, Chief.

I just... I just wanted
to say thank you

for letting Javi
play candidate last week.

Oh, always great to see him,
which got me thinking

that you might want
to bring him over,

and then Terrance and he,

they could just toss
the football and talk.

Yeah, yeah, yeah,
that would be great.

Excuse me.

Hey. What are you doing?

Relocating the washer and
dryer into the briefing room.

No, you're not.

Find somewhere else.

Let's take this in my office.

Knock, knock.

Van Meter!

Hey, I just wanted you
to email me your thoughts

on the photos I sent.

I was heading over
to the academy anyway.

These are all the old
safe cracking/arson files

I could pull
from the OFI archives.

They go back about ten years.

- That's more than I thought.
- Yeah.

7,000 robbery-burglaries
a year in Chicago, my friend.

These represent oh but
a tiny portion of the troubles

that ail our fair city.

Did you look at these?


If I figure out
what device was used

to burn through this safe,
CBD says they can

narrow the suspect list.

I'm gonna guess
an Arcair torch,

but dig through these,

see if there are any
that look similar.

A bunch of them were solved,
so they probably

have the methods detailed.

Yeah, will do. Thank you.

On that note,
I got to get to the academy.

- Good luck.
- Yeah.

Hey, Chief.

You remember that fire
about two weeks ago

in North Erie, the one
with the fire-resistant safe

up in the bedroom?

I do.
I pass by it on my way to work.

It's still boarded up.

Yes, you can go check it out.

I'll let Cruz know.

Thanks, Chief.

What the hell
are you doing here?

This is a fire scene, Pryma.

The better question is,

what the hell are you
doing here?

I was looking over
suspicious cases in the area,

and this house stuck out...
Bedroom on fire.

With a floor safe nearby.


I was doing the same thing.

Our detective
working the case

said the safe was never opened.

Fire investigation
said the same thing.

Ruled it arson.

Yeah, but CPD couldn't
figure out a motive.


Spends half the
time in Florida,

wasn't in Chicago
when this happened.

Interviewed him remotely,
but we didn't

get a bad hit off of him.

I looked through both addresses
to see if there's

any connection, but I'm
pulling zeros right now.

This is a similar model
to the cracked safe

this morning, which drew
both our attention,

only this wasn't opened.

That's correct.

The fire started here...


And here.

Meaning someone lit the drapes
or curtains on fire.


Okay, what if
our safe cracker,

he comes in,
he moves over to the safe,

he tries to torch his way in,

but he doesn't know
what he's doing yet.

He gets spooked or pissed
or whatever and he gives up.

Then he decides to...

Light the room on fire
out of frustration.

Or to cover his tracks.

So you're saying this safe
was his first attempt?

Well, most
arsonists start small.

They work their way up.

Partly a mental compulsion.

It's also practice.

Maybe safe crackers
do the same thing.

So he fails here,
waits a few weeks,

and then cracks the safe
on West Hersh.


All right, it seems like
if we find

a connection
between the two houses,

- we land on a suspect.
- We?

Experience tells me
you're gonna see this through

whether I want you to or not.

So you share anything
you find in your files.

I'll do the same thing.


That's why I called
equipment and supplies.

I don't have the hoses
you promised me in August.

I'm looking at my
calendar, Larry.

What do you think it says?

It says October.

Hang on a sec.


- Chief, we thought...
- No.


Yeah, Lieutenant?

You work construction, yeah?

I did.

I still do, apparently.

These are from a fire scene
a couple of weeks ago.

These studs here and here,
they're different, right?

Yeah, you can see them here.

This house had
some renovations done.

Behind this sheet rock,
old studs that are pre-1964,

actual 2x4s.

And over here,
that's newer construction.

Those studs are...


Go on.

Those studs are modern
3 1/2x1 1/2s.

And light and color.

I'm saying this is recent work,

like in the last couple
of months.

Thanks, Carver.

You got it.

What's this?

Here you are,
going through it,

and all you think about
is making my day better.

So I made you a failed attempt
at Asiago cheesy bread.

Do I eat it or...?

No, you can
throw that right away.

But I wanted you
to see my effort

and to say thank you again
for lunch today.

Look, Violet, I really
appreciate you saying that

and baking me this,

but I'm fine.


I've been thinking
a lot about the fact

that I had this call
a few years ago.

This woman had been
stabbed by her neighbor

in her bedroom,

and I got there too late,
and she died in front of me.

At the time,
it really got to me.

And I ended up bawling
my eyes out in my car later,

completely shattered.

But this job, this life...

It forges you in steel.

I'm a lot stronger now.

And when I was attacked
on that paramedicine run,

my mind wasn't saying,
get out of here, run, get help.

It was saying, stay cool
and handle this, Sylvie.

And with Matt,

I can either bawl my eyes out,

or I can get back to work

and get better at living
every day.

That's what I choose to do.

Hey, Detective Pryma.

So I have an idea of what
ties the two houses together.

Both were recently remodeled,
and I'm gonna guess

by the same contractor who knew
where the safe was

and when the owners
would be away.

There's a sign in the yard
of the first house

that says Big T Construction,
which is located

about a mile from here.

I'm gonna go poke around.

- Help you?
- Yeah.

I'm Kelly Severide with the
Chicago Fire Department.

I was hoping to talk
to somebody from Big T.

I'm Tom, the owner.
How can I help?

Hear anything about
a robbery at 5317 West Hersh?

Yeah, I did, actually.

I'm doing the bathrooms
over there.

When I showed up this morning,
the police said

it was a crime scene
and to keep away.

That's all they told you?


You do the renovations
at 2221 North Erie?


You know, we did bid on that
job, and they turned us down.

But the plumber
we work with, Jack Howard,

- he did both those renos.
- Really?

Yeah, he's here.
We share a space.

You want to talk to him?

I would, actually.

I got your message.

Yeah, the guy was just
telling me about it.

There he is now.
Hey, hey, Jack.

These guys are looking for you.


This is Detective Prima.

Send me two squads
and an SI unit

to Big T's Construction
on South Campbell.

We've got the guy.

- Hey.
- Hey.

There something
you want to say to me?

Lots of things, yeah.

I mean about the shelves
I put up.

You saw them, right?

I did. They're good.

Thank you.

Good or really good?

in that range, yeah.

You know,
if you give me a compliment

or say "great job,"
you won't turn to dust.

You should try it sometime.

You're very needy.

Do you know that?

Hey. Where you been?

I've been out with the CPD.

You look like you've
been rolling in dirt.

Yeah, I had to climb
under a house

where a little kid
thought it'd be a great idea

to play hide and seek
and got himself stuck.

You look like Pigpen.


I'm gonna hit the shower.

What'd I miss?


With you playing fire cop
and Tony and Capp

moving that washer and dryer
all over the house,

I've had the squad table
all to myself.

It's been pretty nice,

Looky here.

- Right?
- Coming together.

I stole a desk
out of the blue office.

- These are cool.
- Yeah.


Yeah, he puts up
perfect shelves.

I still want to punch him, but.

Well, you made it happen.

You had an idea,
you got it done.

What I love about you.


Where'd the washer
and dryer end up?


Squad 3, Truck 81,
Engine 51, Ambulance 61.

Structure fire,
3447 South Damen Avenue.

I don't know what happened.
It sprang up out of nowhere.

How many people inside?

I don't know.

I saw some people
trapped by the screen.

And Brady and Ivy are down
in the storage room.

Severide, we got two
trapped downstairs.

Kidd, primary search
inside the theater.


get two lines in there.

Got it.

You hold it back
as long as you can.

Copy that. Let's go, boys.

Guys, we got
two minutes in here, not ten.

- How many in there?
- Two.

Truck, primary search
inside the theater.

Brett, set up triage
outside of the collab zone.

I've already called in
EMS Plan One,

so cavalry's on its way.

- Okay.
- But you keep them back.

This building isn't
gonna last much longer.

You got it, Chief.

Everyone come to me
so we can get you on oxygen

and make sure you're okay.

Be patient. We will get to you.

Let's go, let's go, let's go.

Ready, Truck?
Let's move our asses!

Stand by to charge the line.

All right.

- Come on. Keep moving!
- This way!

- Keep moving!
- This way!

Come on!

Keep moving. Keep moving!

Okay, everyone, stay calm!

Walk, don't run
to the nearest exit!

Okay, spread out!

Get as many people out
as you can.

Come on out! This way!

- Come on! This way!
- You too! Let's go!

Chief, we need hose lines
ion the theater.

It's cooking in here.
Come on.

51, get in there
with that hose line.

Copy that, Chief!

Smoke inhalation to the left,
burn victims to the right.

Got it.

Hey, Chief.

I'll take over
directing triage.

Thank you, Chief Hawkins.


One more minute, and I want
everybody out of there.

I do not like the way
that this looks.

The door is jammed!

Help us!

Cruz, Halligan!


Please hurry!

Here we go.

Run out that way!

Right this way. Sir.

Go all the way down.
You got him?

- Stay low.
- Stay low, stay low.

Come on, man.

Coming through. Coming through!

Keep it going.
There you go.

Here we go.

- Hey!
- This way! Come on!


Over... hey, hey!

- No, not that way.
- Gallo!


Mayday! Mayday!
Chief, it's Gallo!

Gallo's down! Gallo's down!

Stay focused.
They'll get him.

- Gallo!
- Gallo!


Got 'em, got 'em!


Capp! Tony!

Come on! Let's go!


Here we go. This way!

Come on.



Come on!


- Carver, you see Gallo?
- Negative, Lieutenant!

I don't have him.


Hey, where's Kidd and Gallo?

Okay, Kidd,
need a report on Gallo.

We got Gallo, Chief.

We're coming out.

Primary search is complete.

PAR is all good.

All firefighters are clear.

Okay, let's go defensive.
Bring out the water cannon.

You got it, Chief.

Hey. Hey, hey, hey.
Come on.

Come on.

What's your name?


Okay, Gabriel. Gabriel.

Let's go.

Chief Boden, looks like
Hawkins needs help

with a victim over here.

That's it. That's it.


Mayday! North side!

We got two!
Hawkins and a victim!

Come on!

Get in there.

Easy, easy.

Watch it, watch it, watch it!
Watch it.

Got him!



- Coming in!
- C-collar!


- Lift him.
- Oh, God. Oh, God.

Okay, easy, easy.

One, two, three.

- Easy, easy.
- One, two, three.

Back, back!

Got him!

Keep working, guys!

Watch your step.

- Keep working!
- Got to get him clear!

Sliding down.

Gotta get
these doors out of here.

Don't press!

Watch it, watch it, watch it!

Watch it! Careful!

Get out, get out, get out!
Move, move! Go!

Come on, Evan.
Come on, Evan.

Talk to me, Evan.
Come on. Talk to me.

Just talk to me.
Talk to me, Evan.

Talk to me.
Please, please, please.


Please, please, come on, Evan.

Evan, talk to me.
Come on. Talk to me.

Come on.

Please, God, please!

Please, Evan, please!

Please, no! No!

- I can do it!
- Let them work.

I can save him, please.

Let them work.

Let them work.

- No, Evan!
- Let them work.


One, two, three.


No. No. No!

He was just looking at me.

- Please, Chief, let me try.
- I got you.

- Let me try.
- I got you.

No! No, no!


No, no, no, no, no.